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100 Ways to Say "I Love You"

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They have been driving for hours. South had received a text message at two in the morning from her twin brother North saying he, York and Wash were drunk and needed her to come pick them up. Her plan was to leave silently and let Kaikaina continue sleeping, but as soon as South moved off the bed, Kai was up and questioning immediately.

“I have to go get my stupid brother and his friends from the bar they’re at. It won’t take long, go back to sleep.” She explained, waiting for her significant other to lay back down.

“No, it’s late. I’ll go with you in case something happens.” It wasn’t much of an excuse, but Kai knew she wouldn’t go back to sleep until South returned home anyway.

South’s phone buzzed in her hand, North had sent her the location of the bar they were at. She groaned loudly in annoyance upon realizing the bar was about two hours away. She questioned how they even got there in the first place, but decided she would rather not know. Considering the explanations she has received in the past from her younger twin, she didn’t want to know. She reluctantly dragged herself to the front door and pulled on her coat and shoes, Kai doing the same seconds after. They both walked out to South’s sleek black car.

“This is going to be a long drive; about five hours in total.” South said in a last ditch effort to get Kai to stay home. It proved useless when Kai shook her head and sat in the passenger seat of the car.

The trip there was uneventful, Kai’s head was slowly drooping down, but she would pick it back up instantly in an attempt to stay awake with South. South just grabbed her hand and told her it was okay if she wanted to sleep while they drove to the bar, she just shook her head claiming she was okay to stay awake.

When they finally arrived at the bar, North and his friends clamber into the backseat of the small car. South momentarily thought it would have been a better idea to take Kai’s more spacious car, but it was too late now. The three fell asleep about ten minutes into the two hour car ride home, leaving South and Kai to be the only ones awake- if you could even say the state their in was awake. Kai fell asleep an hour into the car ride, only to be woken up by the three idiots that now lie asleep in the cramped backseat.

South started falling asleep an hour into the ride home. Her eyes were closing, only for her to painfully pry them back open, and the car was swerving slightly on the empty road. Kai hadn’t noticed at first as she was in her own world humming along to the music on the radio, but when South almost crashed her beloved car, she took notice.
“Pull over, Let me drive for a while. You get some rest, you obviously need it more than I do.”

“No, I got it, there is only an hour left anyway.”

“Which is exactly why I’m going to drive while you get some sleep.” Kai got opened the car door, letting all of the frigid air enter the car. It woke up Washington, but he was fast asleep again a moment later. She walked over to the driver side of the car and pulled South out of the seat. South walked over to the passenger side, they both sat down in their new seats. South leaned over and kissed Kai’s cheek, whispering a small “thank you” before leaning against the car door and falling asleep. Kaikaina drove the rest of the way home and when they get there she woke everyone but South up. Instead, she walked over and carried her inside the house and up to their room, leaving the three boys to lock up the car and house. After lying south down under the blankets, Kai shut the curtains letting in the light of the rising sun, and joined South under the covers.