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Break The Routine

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It was always the same.

One punch and the monster had fallen, guts spilling everywhere and surrounding the hero with a rain of gore. It wasn't even all that gross anymore; just something he had gotten used to. Saitama would go home, wash his clothes, take a shower, and forget about all of this. It was the same shit every day, and it had gone on for a good year now.

Was he getting tired of it?

Yeah, probably. But what else could he do? He was the strongest person alive, and by god, there were only so many powerful monsters available. It was not like he could order an exciting fight to happen instantly, and damn, even those were hardly ever fought with much effort either.

Three years he had trained for this, had worked so hard to become the powerful man he was today. He had sacrificed so much, his hair, his emotions...They were all gone now, lost to the power he had attained. But...

Saitama had become too strong. Nothing was exciting him anymore.

That was a lie. There was occasional few moments, like when his favorite series updated, or when there was an amazing sale close by. Those moments were the highlights of his day, and they were what made him get through the week. The hero could plan around them, give his schedule some meaning, rather than just run and mope around in his apartment.

Today was not one of those days.

Saitama sighed, turning on his heel and starting his way back home. There were no sales scheduled nearby, but maybe he could still catch some place open for dinner if he hurried. It was getting late, and even though it was a summer, he didn't want to walk home late at night. He had to take a shower first, get today’s grime off, and then he could start arranging plans from there.

It was not like there was a problem with walking home alone in the dark, but it left Saitama with a slight hollow feeling, one that lingered a little too long for his liking. It made him think about his life, made him too aware of the static routine he had built for himself.

His life may be boring, but at least it was quiet.


A noise under the rubble caught his attention, and then it started shaking. Saitama’s musings about his own situation quickly forgotten, as another thought formed:

Were there any victims?

The monster had attacked City D and rampaged through the outskirts of town at a slow pace. It was not really a big deal, but the citizens had evacuated anyway. Saitama had shown up to beat the thing in record time, spending more time trying to catch the darn monster than actually punching it. Nothing really too bad had happened. There had been a few heroes taken out of commission, but overall, no least that’s what he thought.

The rubble kept moving, piquing the hero’s curiosity. He walked over to it, squatted down and watched the heavy chunk of steel and rock rumbling in spot. It was actually a little comical, watching the boulder twitch like that, as if trying to move away, but ultimately not going anywhere.

Saitama was going to sit there for longer and watch it, but then the realization dawned on him, that there was a very good chance that someone was trapped under the heavy thing. The bald man promptly got a good grip on the debris and chucked it off into the distance.

The impact of the rock hurtling into a building created a large crashing sound, making the hero wince. He really should have paid more attention to where he was throwing things, huh? Oh well, too late to worry about that now. Anyways, what had caused the thing to move?

Well, that something was in fact a human...or at least it that looked like one.

A small bit of panic coursed through him, eyes finally settling on the form. It was a young man, and he looked damaged, his chest crushed in due to the heavy boulder. There were sparks flying all over the place, broken pieces of metal and cables scattered around the victim.

The teen looked to be a blend of human and machine, a cyborg or some sort? There were frayed wires sticking out from between metal plates that adorned a large muscular frame. His short black hair was mussed and covered in dust, his pale porcelain face had hairline cracks running along his cheeks and he was clad in a (now tattered) red and black outfit.

This kid looked like a hero, and a paid one at that. Not many people had access to fully functioning mechanical bodies to live their everyday lives in. Because they took a lot of money to build, and also weren't sold by just any mechanic. Yah, he must have been a hero, because it looked like he would have had no problem getting out of harm’s way, had he actually tried to escape. No, this dude had stayed, probably one of the heroes trying to fight the monster.

...Stayed and lost. Poor boy.

The cyborg seemed to still be alive, his glowing red eyes wide, intently watching Saitama. No words were ushered, but the boy seemed to be cataloging everything about the bald man, eyes zipping all along his body.

“Thank you.” The teen's voice was broken, sharp, distorted noise fizzling with every word.

“Uhm. No problem...” Saitama stood back up, giving the fallen hero a good glance over. The raven didn't seem to mind his ripped off limbs situation, and there was no indication that he was in any sort of pain, so the hero was unsure if he should do anything to assist the guy.

“Do you need...uh, any help?” The younger man just kept scanning him, face pressed in a determined scowl.


“I asked if you needed any help, like with walking or stuff.” the kids face eased up, completely washing over with disbelief. Was it something the hero had said? Heroes usually helped other heroes, right? Not that Saitama was a good hero, but man, he could at least pretend to be one.

An eerie silence eased over the duo, and Saitama could feel himself get hungry pretty quick. If the kid didn't need his help here, then he was free to go, right? Without further ado, the hero turned on his heel, making his way towards City Z again, maybe to get changed into more casual clothes.

“Hey!” Saitama turned to the fallen teen again, eyebrows rising up high.

The teen was still looking at him, eyes roaming the bald man's body at a fast pace. The teen looked like he wanted to say so much, mouth opening and closing with no sound coming out. The kid didn't look like he was too badly damaged, so what did he need?

“So do you need help, or not?”

“What is your name, hero?” Oh, was this kid going to complain about him once he got back? Ah man, that's how it usually went. He really didn’t like giving his name out, but then again, he had also kind of saved this young man’s life, so what was the worst that could happen?

“It's Saitama.”

It had been weeks after that incident, and time had passed just as slowly for the hero. He had thought of the teen a few more times, wondered if the brat would tell others about the weird bald man that had saved him. Saitama wasn't a certified hero, and he was definitely treated as such. People didn't like him, and he was oddly okay with it. He didn't care if they wanted him to help them or not, he was just out to defeat monsters. It was kind of his thing...

He fought things, that was really all he ever did.

Kind of like today, when he had to defeat a stupid gang of bone monsters. They had been a really cocky bunch, trying to vandalize City Z with their super powered skeletal bodies, but Saitama swiftly ended them. The city had even been evacuated cause of the little threat, and it pissed Saitama off. A sale he was really looking forward to had been canceled...for this? The Hero Association needed to get a better grip on what was really a threat.

Yeah, sure, nothing was ever a threat to Saitama, but this could have easily been handled by other heroes. There really was no need to shut down his favorite supermarket, let alone evacuate an entire city! The monsters had been defeated in a matter of minutes, and as usual, it had been a real let down.

Saitama kept grumbling to himself, feeling very annoyed as he continued on his way to his new destination. It just wasn't his day, okay? Now he had to run all the way over to City K if he wanted some shrimp half off, and that thought made him want to punch something.

“I was hoping to find you here...”

The hero heard the footsteps from behind him, turning towards the newcomer. Wasn't this city supposed to be evacuated?

Oh! It was the brat from the other day, but this time, the kid was fully repaired. The cyborg stood a little taller than Saitama, black titanium arms protruding out of from a clean sleeveless white high-collar shirt. The kid's clothes contrasted nicely with his dark neck and metal body, and Saitama was now positive that he kid was paid. Man, did all certified heroes have more style than the bald man? They could probably afford it, since the pay was good.

“Ah! You! Good to see that you're okay.” The teen looked completely immaculate, and that was a good sign. Saitama wasn't so sure how much of the kid was mechanical, but getting crushed by a boulder was never a good thing. Sure, heroes had to live with the constant fear of being rendered useless in battle, but that didn't seem to be the case here. “All fixed up after the fight?”

The cyborg looked taken aback for a second, eyes going wide at the question, shooting the bald man an incredulous look. Those red irises were zipping wildly up and down his form, lingering all over his body, and there seemed to be a lot going on in the teens mind. It had Saitama visibly squirm a little, not used to people really ...uh...scanning him? Was there something on his face?

“You...uh...alright?” This kid sure was strange.

“I am fine, Saitama.” The strange kid announced as he bowed, confusing the heck out of the bald man. People never were this formal with him, bowing and stuff. And they certainly never used his real name. The other hero had also pronounced it weird; each syllable was accentuated with a strange breathy quality. Maybe it was because he was a cyborg? Eh, that was really none of Saitama's business.

“That's good, uh...who are you again?” He should really make it a point to ask these things.

“My name is Genos and I have been looking for you, Saitama.” There was that weird ring to his name again. And he was looking for the bald man? Why on earth would he do that?

Without another word, the kid leaned forward, taking Saitama's hand in his and giving the hero an intense stare, eyes wide with determination. “I wanted to thank you for rescuing me the other day. If it had not been for your help, I would have had immense troubles getting out of the position I was in. Thanks to you, my body was repaired before any of my vital components where damaged. Your grace and strength saved me, and I am very grateful for your help. The way you defeated those monsters just now... You truly are a formidable man! I have never seen such immense power displayed from anybody before and you didn't even break a sweat! You took them down with only one punch and that alone is worthy of so much pra-”

“Whoa there, ki- Genos! Too much!” That was entirely too much for the bald man to have to listen to. He wasn't good with flattery on a good day, and the way the kid praised him was just a little too overwhelming. He could feel the slight blush spread on his flustered face, and he retracted his hand out of the cyborgs grip. “You can't just compliment me like that!”

Genos went very still, red eyes glued to Saitama. His pale face was washed over in confusion, and his pupils kept dilating and shrinking at an alarming rate, probably scanning the hero again. It was a little unnerving, especial after the kid's outburst just now.

“But you are a magnificent man! How can I no-”

“Stop! I get it, you're grateful! No need to get mushy about it!” Saitama could feel his face heat up even more, eyebrows knotting together in annoyance and embarrassment.

The kid was thinking about something, pretty hard too. His eyebrows mirrored the bald man's, eyes roaming over his body again. “Hero, are you not used to be praised like this?”

“What? No?” Of course he wasn't. There was nothing spectacular about how he took down monsters; all it took was one simple punch. People never commented on his actions before.

The teen looked speechless; his mouth slightly agape, as if this was news to him. “Saitama, you are truly a fantastic man! People should be worshi-”

“Nope! Stop.” Saitama had heard enough, hands coming up to signal the end of the conversation. He was not built for this kind of stuff, and the kid would need to understand. It made him feel hot in the face, flustered all the way down to the bone, and the hero would rather live without the embarrassing sentiment.

Genos was taken aback by the interruption, and Saitama turned around, face beet red. He was done for the day, had missed a good sale and was being buttered up by this kid. Gah! He really needed a break from this shit.

The hero quickly made his way back home, not noticing the wicked grin that spread on the lone teen's lips as he retreated, evil intentions formulating within his mind.

“Well, then. Let me worship you properly, my hero...”

Saitama was in for a ride.

A few days had passed since the incident, and Saitama's life was already back at square one. He was back at fighting monsters, and the black haired teen was almost forgotten.

Saitama tried to brush off a blob of slime that had landed on his shoulder, disintegrating his already tattered suit with its acid. The monster he had fought had been some sort of giant gelatinous ooze, and one punch had scattered the creature all over the town. It was super gross, pink caustic slime eating away at all the buildings around him, but the hero could really only care about his yellow suit. The people would rebuild this city, probably even better than before, but there was only a certain amount of times one could fix this gaudy costume of his. Acid burned away at the fibers, and for the first time, Saitama actually considered getting a new one.

A new hero costume might be able to give the bald man a slightly better image, but that was not really what he was after. Saitama quickly dismissed the idea, his uniform had definitely grown on him, and seeing it getting damaged was definitely making him a little upset. Maybe he could fix the holes himself, or find the good old tailor from before. It shouldn't be too expensive to repair.

The hero let out a deep long sigh as he opened the suit. Sliding the top half down, letting it hang from his waist as the belt held the fabric in place. His skin was unharmed from the monsters remains, as expected. Saitama picked up his cape that now had holes littering he was definitely upset.

Saitama glanced around, taking in the sight of some buildings slowly liquefying wherever the gunk hit. Luckily, the citizens were evacuated again, and this time Saitama was glad for it. With civilians meddling in his business, things could have gotten ugly.

Saitama could feel the sun beating down on his skin, a slight sheen of sweat forming as he started on his way back. He would have to wash this suit immediately, try to salvage what was left from the harsh chemicals, and then probably take a shower. He was a dirty cocktail of gross and sticky, and even for a careless man like him, that didn't sit well.

Maybe he could take a nice, cold bath?

Saitama was imagining the cold water running along his skin, but when a metal hand gently touched his shoulder and slid down his spine, the day dream was quickly forgotten, a loud gasp escaping the hero's lips. He shuddered, skin immediately prickling with unease, and he whipped around to see what in the hell was touching him.

And it was that cyborg kid, wow.

“What was that for?” Saitama tried to calm his flushed face, feeling the last few chills sweeping out of his body, and fixed the teen with an angry glare. People didn't just touch others like that! What was this kid thinking?

“Did I hurt you?” Genos didn't seem fazed at all by the hero’s outburst, a sly smirk spreading across his immaculate face. The strange cyborg looked playful, a dark glint in those piercing red eyes. Saitama felt like he was being sized up, and when Genos's eyes started trailing down his sweaty form, he couldn't help a slight shudder. He already had too much attention for one day, and the hero very much wanted to go home. “Wow...”

“Wow? Huh?”

“You are truly...stunning.” The cyborg reached out to him again, hand trailing along his pectoral muscles, fingertips feeling cool against Saitama's warm skin. The hero couldn't hold back the sudden jolt, skin tingling as those metal digits ran down towards his abdominals. He quickly took a step back, face reddening darker in the process.

He had to get out of here.

Saitama could not explain the feeling that was coursing through him, skin feeling weirdly electric. Dammit, he had been touched before, and it had never felt like this! The hero had to get a grip on himself, calm down his elevated heartbeat. He didn't have time to mess around with this hero here, and dammit, he didn't like how the kid was eying him either! The others gaze were still roaming his naked chest, grin perfectly in place. The kid was looking entirely too smug to be talking to the caped baldy.

“Oi, cut it out!” Saitama wanted to put his suit back on, but he knew that it wouldn't cover much. There were rips and burns all over the yellow fabric, and it would hardly hide any skin. Shit, why was the kid popping up like this again? He had saved the brat once, and now the cyborg had shown up twice already! It was quite alarming, especially for a hero that worked all over the place. This brat was not native to here.

The teen just kept staring at him, that stupid cocky smile still spread on his face. His red eyes bore deep into Saitama's mind, and it was not helping his situation. Genos was eying him like a piece of meat, and it was the first time that Saitama really was truly regarded in that manner. He was never the center of attention, hell, he actively avoided it most of the time, but here this guy was treating him like he was the hottest stuff on the market. It sent some more shivers down his spine, making the hair on the back of his neck stand u-

Oh wait. He had no hair there.

Saitama grumbled at his own train of thought, turning on his heel. He wanted to go home; this was getting too much for him! He could feel the cyborg's eyes roam his backside. It was doing things to the hero, making him feel all hot and flustered, sharp predatory eyes burned into his memory probably for the few days to come. “You need to go home, Genos. I have shit to do.”

There was a chuckle behind him, and before Saitama could question the teen’s sanity, soft lips were pressed to nape of his neck, cold hands came up to grip his hips roughly. Saitama immediately froze, unmoving as the feeling of a wet tongue licked its way up his neck towards the area behind his ear, and gliding back down, stopping where the kiss had been placed moments ago. It was one of his most sensitive spots, and it was obvious to Genos as goosebumps prickled around the area.

Saitama was having a hard time controlling his body, unable to squelch the electricity surging straight to his groin. This brat was doing something to him, something that he could not explain but could definitely feel, something that he had forgotten so long ago. He barely knew the guy, and yet here he was, unraveling fast at the hands of this cyborg.

This had to stop.

Saitama was about to turn around, push the kid away, but his arm was grabbed and he was manhandled against the raven’s hard chest. There were hands on his hips again, and before the flushed hero could even issue a sound of displeasure, his lips were claimed, last thoughts forgotten as his body froze up again.

And it didn't stop there.

The hand on his hips sunk lower, dipping into his suit, underneath his belt and into his underwear. He could feel his awakening arousal press up against hard steel, and with a firm squeeze on his rear by those cool hands, he let out a gasp.

He really should have kept himself in check. Gasping had left him wide open. A tongue now invading his mouth, sliding vigorously against his own, trying to elicit a response. Genos tasted sweet, and Saitama's mind was racing too fast to process the severity of the situation. The inside of his body felt like it was on fire, and his hard-on was painfully pressing against the others body, large hands kneading the hero's ass. He was losing himself to whatever this was, and he could do nothing but hold on, dropping his tattered cape as his sweaty palms came up to rest on the younger man’s shoulders for a semblance of stability.

There were so many things wrong with this, so many things he should have said to the teen, but for once, he was unable to muster the strength. He felt weak, and when one of those fingertips dipped down between the crack of his ass to gently graze at his opening, he let out an embarrassing whimper.

Genos growled into his mouth, tightening the grip on his rear and pressing him flush against the others metal frame. The raven was downright ferocious, tongue trying to dominate and take as much as he could from Saitama.

The bald man let himself get manhandled, raging emotions crashing through him with such force that he could not process what was exactly happening. He had never been this...this...what? Never been treated this way? Saitama couldn't even describe the damn feeling, and when that sweet tongue retreated back into that scorching mouth, he could make out a sharp sting on his own lips, flesh slightly bitten by the teen's perfect teeth.

He let out a slight moan as metal hands withdrew from his uniform. His mind slowly starting to regain itself. Once Genos’s passionate hold devolved into the gentle touch of fingers on the small of his back, Saitama was finally able to think again, the situation starting to dawn on him in a mortifyingly fast rate.

The first thing he felt was embarrassment, knowing fully well that he had become putty in the others arms, even if only for a moment. His whole body flushed, turning beat red from the realization.

“You're cute like this, Saitama,” The cyborg's predatory grin was back, and those red eyes seemed to burn into him with renew hunger. The look both terrified and excited the hero, sending waves of heat back down to his groin again. He didn't want to admit it, but the teen had made him painfully hard, his ass still tingling from the rough treatment.

Wait, had the brat just called him cute?

Saitama raised his arm, readying his body to lash out from humiliation, but before he could, the teen jumped up high, his agile body landing a good ten feet away from the flustered hero. Genos’s mechanical arms glowing brilliantly. There were engines turning on, and the teen gave Saitama one last sultry grin.

“You're my hero now, Saitama. No one else gets to have you. I won't allow it.”

Before the bald man could protest, immense power was released from the teens back, shoulders firing out a blazing flame that lifted the metal body into the air. It was all happening so fast, and next thing the hero knew, was that he was alone again.

At last.

Saitama sunk to the ground, cursing the teen all the way to hell. His dick was still rock hard, and he didn’t want to admit it, but he could feel the opening of his ass twitching with anticipation. He cursed his body for betraying him, losing itself to the feeling that he didn’t want to name, because if he did, it would make the gravity of what was happening become so real. He had been too emotionally dead for so long that he couldn't even begin to fathom what was happening. He had wanted the teen to continue, to feel those hands on his skin again, but no amount of torture in the world could get him to confess to it.


The next few weeks had been agony.

Saitama had an uneasy feeling at all times, expecting to find Genos around every corner. He even had started to refrain from fighting monsters, only going after Demon level threats and higher. More populated areas were safer, since he didn't really peg the kid to molest him in the broad view of thousands of civilians, but even then he really didn't feel safe.


Saitama could feel the shudders wrack through him, his body unable to forget the feeling that had him weak and aching. Even in in his dreams, scorching red eyes haunted him, watched him, as metallic hands ran over his skin leaving a burning trail within its wake. It left him restless at night and with a hard-on to match. He was slowly going insane, his body once so used to feeling empty that this new found source of pleasure really shook him down to his core.

He wanted more...

...and he hated Genos for it.

The bald man grumbled all the way to his fights, opponents not getting a chance to respond to his punches, not that they had a chance before. He got the job done as quickly as possible, and took no detours to get back home quickly.

But today was different.

The monster had been a pain to track down, and once Saitama had caught him, the fight had taken longer than usual to finish. The civilians were scattering quickly, and it was putting the hero on edge, punches missing the high speed lizard by a hair of an inch each time.

He would have had no problem winning this fight, but Saitama could feel a familiar burn against his back, eyes seemingly boring through his skull. He was being watched, and it was making him uncomfortable. He almost didn't want to defeat the monster, wanted to nope out of this fight and hurry home, but that was not a possibility.

Saitama was a hero for god's sakes, and he should act like one. Genos was probably watching him, eyes glued to his back as manic fascination coursed through the brat's head, but that should not keep him from doing his job.

The bald man took the lizard down after that short mental break, collecting himself and looking around. He was on edge, but he could keep his cool if he tried.

Saitama was in the center of a crater, buildings smashed and laid to ruin around him. There were no more people left here, and for the first time since their awkward encounter, he could think clearly again. Genos was not going to keep the hero on edge anymore; he would have to take the cold, hard tru-

“Hello, Saitama.”

Saitama jumped in his skin, hearing his name roll out so seductively off of the others tongue. He whipped back, putting a little more distance between himself and Genos. It was sad, really. The bald man could take the kid out with one punch, but that would never happen. He really shouldn't attack another hero. That was considered an ultimate taboo, and he could be labeled a villain if he got caught.

“Genos, listen. You need to stop this.” Saitama could feel himself getting little flustered again, warmth spreading across his face as he remembered those cool hands roaming all over him. Angry at himself that his body was behaving this way.

Genos seemed to be picking up on his desires as well, the dark smirk taking over more of the others face. “You seem a little, distressed... Would you require some assistance with that?”

Before Saitama could protest, the younger man came towards him, lustful glint evident in his eyes. It made the hero backtrack, but not escaping the approaching man fast enough. Genos shot forward like a missile, catching up with Saitama before the other could even leave the crater. The teen swept the hero up in his strong metal arms, pressing Saitama's chest against the cyborg's. The kid wasn't so cold anymore, gentle warmth radiating against his clothed self, arms fully powered and vibrating against his body.

“I’ve been thinking about you.” Genos's lowered his face, resting his head in the crock of the hero's neck. The teen's lips began playing with the skin, gently nibbling along his collar bone. It was shutting Saitama's brain off, mind slowly filling with static noise. He desperately wanted this, but at the same time, wanted to push the kid off and head back as fast as he could. There was a war going on inside, and it was tearing him apart at the seams.

Genos didn't give him enough time to decide, hands leaving the heroes shoulders and traveling down south. A firm grip was placed on the bald man's hips, strong palms keeping him in place as he fought against the urge to lean into the touch.

“...Dreaming about this...” Saitama was about to ask what the teen meant, but one of the hands found its way to his crotch, and he abruptly shut up. The fingers felt him up, gently stoking against his hardening member with a tenderness that Saitama had never felt before. The brat was just playing with him at this point, but it was becoming near impossible to come up with the needed willpower to resist. There was a gentle shift, and soon the teen was cupping him through the thin fabric of the hero suit, slight chuckle against his flushed neck. “You respond so well.”

Saitama melted into the touch, letting the mysterious teen feel him up and telling himself that this was all just another one of his weird dreams. He had had plenty of these, similar setting and definitely the same situation. He let out a silent moan, feeling the cyborg's durable fingers roll him around in the others palm.

“G-Genos, you need to stop.” That was the understatement of the century. This should have never happened, and Saitama still couldn't admit to himself that he desperately wanted it. He could easily push back, could run away at the blinding speed of a true coward, but at what cost? Would that stop the teen? Would it stop the dreams? Saitama knew that neither of the two would cease, and he silently didn't want them to, either.

“Let me take care of you, hero.” Oh god, did that not sound tantalizing. The hands were almost hot against his clothed skin, making him harder by the second. Genos released his neck, kissing his way up to Saitama's ear with breathless moans. “I want to make you feel good...”

The bald man let out a gasp as the teen's grip tightened, but a loud bang close by ripped him back out of his daze.

Someone was close. They would be seen.

Saitama pushed Genos off of him, immediately focusing towards the direction of the noise. He would not be caught dead like this, molested by a cyborg in the middle of the wreckage.

“Is something wrong?”

“Someone is coming.” Saitama could feel his lust fade, but he was promptly gripped tightly by the rear and lifted up against the cyborg. “Whoa!”

“We're not done here.” The cyborg looked outright malicious, eyes narrowing with dark intent.

“Dude, you need to stop this... Can't you just leave me alone?”

Genos paused and gave the hero a shocked look, which caused Saitama's gut to clench. Here the other male had been giving the hero the time of his life, and he was brushing the kid off like he was a nuisance...which he was, no questions asked, but that was beside the point.

Saitama had let him, had wanted the others touch too, and that was something he couldn't blame on Genos.

“Do you really want me to stop all this?” The teen look deflated, eyes full of an emotion that Saitama could not pinpoint.

“It would be better that way.” and that was the truth. Saitama was scared that this new desire had the power to consume him, drive him crazy with the strange warmth that pulsed through his body, making him imagining all these wicked things.

Genos sighed and looked deep into the hero’s eyes, red irises boring into his soul. There was something going on in the teen mind, and it was making Saitama uneasy. This kid had a strange way of expressing himself, that much was clear, and so far that usually meant making Saitama uncomfortable.

“I will let you be if...” A hand ran up the hero's spine, fingertips resting on the bald man’s neck, holding him in place. Saitama's heart was beating faster, heat rising in his cheeks. The way that voice turned husky had him feeling hot all over again.

“'ll be mine for one night.”


Saitama could feel his heart starting to skip a few beats as scarlet eyes watched him intently. The hand on his hip moved lower, playfully grabbing Saitama's ass, sending jolts of pleasure back down to his groin and fogging up his mind.

“I'll let you be after that...I promise.” that sounded too good to be true. Just a one-night stand and the bald man would have his freedom?

Saitama was mostly shocked that he didn't seem to mind the idea. Maybe releasing some tension was all he needed. Get this terrible burning desire out of his system and finally forget the teen, get back to his boring life again.

Was that really what he wanted?

Saitama groused as he considered the request. Wow, when had it really come to this? He was getting turned on more and more. The hand on his ass massaging him promisingly, etching dangerously closer to his crack with each move.

The touch was stopping him from thinking clearly, the idea sounding better with every passing second.

“And you'll really leave me alone after this?” Saitama was still a little unsure, not used to the idea of being wanted in this way. 'Being someone's for a night' meant sex, right? That was not something the hero was really all too familiar with, but it could be the key to getting rid of these urges that kept bothering him at night. Genos gave him a slow nod. “...Deal.”

Genos's mouth broke out in a sly, ice cold grin, making Saitama's gut drop. The cyborgs hands came up to his face, cupping the bald man between them and stoking over the man's heated cheeks with a foreign tenderness.

What’s the worst that could happen?

“You won't regret hero.”