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We only need each other - We only want each other

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Takatora was getting dressed again after a quick shower. He had gotten home late after his tour of the city - the first time he’d seen it, seen all the damage and destruction from up close after getting discharged from the hospital. There was a lot of work waiting for him. A lot of things he needed to fix, ties he needed to mend.

A pair of warm hands stopped his as he was about to button his pyjama shirt. They pulled the fabric back down so it slid off his shoulders and pooled around his elbows instead.

Warm lips pressed themselves against his skin, gently and carefully caressed the large, ugly scar they found there between his collarbone and shoulder. Slender arms came around his waist to wrap him into a loose embrace and another body was pressed against his back. He could feel that the other was naked - or at least shirtless.

Closing his eyes, Takatora suppressed a shiver. This was something else he needed to fix, another tie, another bond he needed to mend. Something, no, someone he needed to take care of. Probably before he took care of everything and everyone else. This had priority. This was the reason why he had come back in the first place.

He hadn’t come back to save the world. He hadn’t come back to rebuild Zawame.

He’d come back for…

“Mitsuzane, what are you doing?” He asked, despite knowing very well what the other was doing. The hands splayed across his abdomen and the lips on his skin didn’t leave much for the imagination. And yet he couldn’t help but ask.

“I need you, nii-san.” Mitsuzane’s voice was quiet but Takatora had no trouble hearing it.

Turning around in the other’s arms, Takatora let his pyjama top drop onto the ground. He cupped his brother’s cheek with one of his hands and stroked Mitsuzane’s cheek with his thumb gently. Takatora wanted to say so many things to the other. He should say so many things to the other right now but nothing came out. Nothing but a soft “Mitsuzane”.

His brother didn’t seem as indecisive and grabbed two fistfuls of Takatora’s hair to yank him down and crush their lips together.

The kiss was just shy of being demanding, rather than that it was willing and coaxing Takatora into action. Mitsuzane was inviting him, asking him, maybe even begging. And before he knew it, Takatora gave in.

People had always told him that he was too soft when it came to Mitsuzane. That his younger brother was his weakness and that this would be his doom. Well, they had been right and yet wrong at the same time. Just like Mitsuzane had been and still was Takatora’s reason to live and had been his reason to die.

Placing his hands onto Mitsuzane’s shoulders, Takatora pushed the other down onto his bed.

Once Mitsuzane’s back hit the mattress, Takatora climbed on top of him and continued where they had left off.

He wanted this, Takatora thought when he sucked on Mitsuzane’s lower lip and drew a soft whimper from his brother. He wanted this just as much as the other. He kissed a trail down Mitsuzane’s jaw and neck, lingered at a spot just below the ear.

This was the real reason behind everything. Takatora himself wanted it.

Just like he had wanted Mitsuzane to pursue a good education. Just like he had wanted the other to somehow rebel against him and by doing so, to grow. He had wanted Mitsuzane to become a respectable man, someone who could fight his own battles and not merely be the younger brother to forever remain in Takatora’s shadow.

He had wanted that ever since Mitsuzane had been left in his care. He had wanted to give the other the attention and possibilities that their parents had never given Mitsuzane.

Takatora had wanted to be a good example but he had failed. And Mitsuzane had gone spiraled down the wrong path. Just like Takatora had.

They had both been left to pick up the pieces, to fix themselves again after crashing and burning. Takatora had lost Mitsuzane once, he wasn’t going to lose him again. And he would prevent his brother from losing any more people he cared about as well. This time, he would be a better example. Or at least, he would try. And if he failed again, he would start anew. He wouldn’t give up. That had been the promise he’d made.

“Nii-san,” Mitsuzane’s moan pulled him out of his thoughts and back to the here and now.

A dark red spot decorated Mitsuzane’s pale skin now, where Takatora must have bitten him by accident. Takatora caressed it carefully with one of his fingers, drawing out another soft sound from the younger male.

Nimble fingers tangled themselves in his hair and pulled Takatora back up.

There they were again, those coaxing, inviting kisses; those soft, pliant lips against his own, the mouth that was asking him things without uttering a word.

Closing his eyes for a moment, Takatora lost himself in the sensations. The simple action seemed to edge Mitsuzane on, encourage him to push forward for more. His tongue was sliding against Takatora’s with more purpose now.

Breaking away, Takatora opened his eyes again and took a moment to breathe, to take in the sight in front of him. Mitsuzane’s jet black hair was spread out around him, a stark contrast to the light pillows and his cheeks were flushed with heat. He was equally breathless and his dark brown eyes were staring up into Takatora’s own and in them Takatora could see the want and need that he felt.


One word was enough to break the last barrier. There was no going back now, there was no stopping this now. They both knew that.

Getting rid of all of the remaining clothes he was wearing, Takatora moved to grab the towel he’d tossed over his chair earlier as well as something from inside the bedside drawer.

Mitsuzane lifted his hips so Takatora could slide the towel underneath.

Takatora slicked his fingers with the lube and looked at them intently for a moment, caught up in another memory. This had been a present from Ryoma. One given in jest or maybe in earnest, Takatora couldn’t be sure when it came to the other.


‘Helheim Fruit Flavour. It will turn you into a real monster in bed. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Don’t look at me like that. It’s plain old pineapple.’

‘Why are you giving me this? What makes you think I’d ever have some use for it?’

‘Tsk, Takatora! You can’t fool me. I have all the data on you.’


Well, he hadn’t disagreed with Ryoma straight out and hadn’t said anything against it. Maybe because somewhere deep down, Takatora had known that the other was right.

Not just about his preferences but also the other part. Takatora thought that the monster part wasn’t so far fetched really. He had to be a monster to be doing what he was doing right now. To be doing what he was about to do. To sully the body of his own kin.

His eyes followed the movements of Mitsuzane’s graceful form when he pushed a finger inside his brother and the other’s body arched up in response. Long fingers dug themselves into the pillows next to his head. The grip tightened ever so slightly when Takatora moved his finger inside of Mitsuzane, pulled it out and pushed it back in again.

Breathy moans and whimpers mixed with the occasional soft plea of “nii-san, more” when Takatora increased the number of digits from one to two.

Even a man with Takatora’s patience and restraint couldn’t bear listening to something like that for long and be unaffected by it. His cock was hard and throbbing, begging for attention. Attention that Takatora had denied himself until now.

He let out a soft sound of pleasure, somewhere between a hiss and a sigh, when he pulled his fingers out from inside Mitsuzane and wrapped them around himself, stroking and slicking. Takatora felt Mitsuzane’s eyes on him, caught his brother swallowing hard before licking his lips from the corner of his eye. He wouldn’t let him wait for long.

Wiping his fingers, he crawled up to hover over Mitsuzane again. Without a word, he pulled his brother’s hands away from the pillow and laced his fingers together with Mitsuzane’s.

His lips and mouth muffled the other’s sounds as he pushed the tip of his cock inside slowly.

Mitsuzane accidentally bit Takatora’s lip harder than he probably wanted to, drawing a bit of blood. He drew back instantly. “I’m so-”

“Shh.” Takatora silenced Mitsuzane again and then shook his head to say he was okay.

For a moment, Mitsuzane looked like he wanted to protest but then gave up on it. Instead he leaned in to lick at the small cut, sucked on it gently until it closed again.

With Mitsuzane otherwise occupied, Takatora used the moment to rock his hips forward again and push in deeper. His brother’s tight heat engulfed him, accepted him readily after the earlier preparation. Sighing softly, he gave his brother and himself another moment to adjust before he repeated the action.

Once he was buried inside Mitsuzane completely, Takatora needed a moment to sort himself out again before he continued. They continued.

Letting go of Mitsuzane’s hands, he planted his hands firmly onto the mattress for better leverage and support. His body wasn’t quite back to what it used to be, so he wasn’t going to take too many risks.

When they were free to move, Mitsuzane’s arms came around Takatora and his brother pulled himself even closer. He could feel Mitsuzane’s breath hot on his skin. And another part of Mitsuzane against his abdomen. A part that probably deserved some attention. But maybe later. Since Mitsuzane hadn’t taken things into his own hands yet - literally - Takatora decided he could focus on something else first.

Lips and teeth closing in on the pulse point on his neck got Takatora going again.

He moved his hips slowly at first but gradually increased the pace. His brother’s legs wrapped themselves around him - tight enough to pull but not tight enough to aggravate any of his injuries or cause discomfort. Although Takatora doubted that he would have felt any pain or discomfort with all the endorphins coursing through his bloodstream right now.

“Mitsuzane,” he sighed his brother’s name softly, followed by a soft groan when the other tightened around him in response.

A gentle hand caressed his cheek, traced an almost invisible scar there before pulling him towards a waiting pair of lips once more. The kiss was interrupted by gasps and moans every so often, growing more erratic with every thrust of Takatora’s hips. In the end if felt more like they were haphazardly licking at each other than kissing.

The soft tremor of Mitsuzane’s body was Takatora’s sign that the other was close now. That he shouldn’t draw things out too much longer. Not that he felt he could really.

Shifting slightly to support himself on one arm only, Takatora reached down between them to wrap his fingers around Mitsuzane’s cock and stroked it. The moment his fingers closed around it Mitsuzane threw his head back and mewled softly while his fingernails dug into Takatora’s back. He hissed softly at the sudden, sharp pain but it was gone before it could register properly, dissolving in the feelings of pleasure.

Or maybe it had mixed with them. Takatora wouldn’t go as far as to say that he enjoyed the pain but he’d certainly come to appreciate it a little bit. Pain was proof that you were alive. That you could still feel. That you were human.

Shifting his weight forward more, Takatora changed the angle of his thrusts and was rewarded by a strangled moan from Mitsuzane.

When his brother kissed him again, it seemed as if the other was sharing the newfound feeling of pleasure with Takatora. The kiss was almost electrifying and sent hot and cold shivers down his spine, through his entire body.

Takatora knew that neither of them would last much longer like this.

For a brief moment, Takatora considered pulling out of Mitsuzane before it was too late but it occurred to him that at this point, there really was no use thinking about not wanting to taint his brother any further. It was too late for that. Far too late. So those thoughts went out of the window again quickly.

Especially because Mitsuzane chose that moment to contract around him suddenly. His younger brother seemed to have reached his limit.

Unable to pull his eyes away, Takatora watched. He watched a multitude of emotions flicker across Mitsuzane’s face as his orgasm washed over him. The expression on Mitsuzane’s face was one of pure bliss. It was the expression of someone who was, albeit just for a brief moment, completely at peace. Takatora hoped he would be able to bring that expression back onto his brother’s face outside of the bedroom as well. One day.

A hand reached up to caress his cheek again. It was trembling a little with the aftershocks of the orgasm still. Takatora leaned into it instinctively.

Mitsuzane tried to form words a few times and failed, his breathing still not back under his control. After a few attempts, he finally managed a breathy, “You can come, too” followed by an even softer, “Takatora-niisan.” The words were the last push Takatora had needed and he reached his climax with a low, guttural growl.

How long had it been since Mitsuzane had addressed him like that? How long since the other had used his name? Way too long.

Takatora was careful not to crush his brother underneath him when his arms gave out slightly. He pulled out of Mitsuzane and rolled onto his side before letting himself fall onto the mattress with a soft grunt. Closing his eyes he enjoyed the little aftershocks of his orgasm.

Once the little shivers had dissipated, Takatora opened his eyes again to find himself looking straight into Mitsuzane’s. He smiled. And received a small smile in return.

Using the towel, Takatora cleaned them to the best of his abilities. After he had discarded the dirty cloth, Takatora made a grab for the blanket. Mitsuzane seemed unsure of whether to stay or not, so Takatora wrapped his arm around his brother’s midriff and pulled him close, spooning him with his slightly larger body. “Stay. Please.”

Mitsuzane made no move to object. His body relaxed and soon went completely slack as he drifted off. Takatora followed soon, falling asleep without much trouble for once.