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I don’t think I can make it tonight. Apologies, Jane.

What, why not? I was looking forward to teaching you more about baseball.

Jane sent, with a smile on her face fond of the memory from the last time she had tried to teach Maura about her beloved Sox.

I’m sorry, I really don’t think I can.

Jane hadn’t seen Maura since before her shift that morning at the café in the lobby. She didn’t think much of it, as she had work to do, but figured they’d be able to talk tonight. Jane was suddenly quite concerned though that Maura was cancelling so late.

Maur, you okay?

She didn’t receive a reply for over five minutes, and her original level of concern shifted from minimal to off the charts. Without even thinking she grabbed her keys and drove to Maura’s house, practically pounding at the door. “Maura! Maura, you home?” At no point during her words did she stop banging her knuckles at the door.

About a minute later a dishevelled Maura Isles opened the door slowly, quite hazy about what was going on. Rubbing her eyes as she winced away from the early dusk light, she was surprised to see Jane. “Hi” she said without much motivation, “what are you doing here?” she says beginning to focus. She steps back and raises her arm slightly, gesturing to her friend to enter.

Still not sure how worried she should be, Jane runs her fingers through her hair and takes a few steps inside, gathering her thoughts. “Well…” She pauses, “you bailed, and that’s not like you. And then you didn’t reply, so I got worried.”

Even through her practically closed eyes, it was clear that Maura was beginning to feel rather upset.

Immediately, she responded, “No, Maura, it’s fine. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” She says with a kind voice.

She raises a hand to her head and rubs her fingers on her forehead before trying to mumble with the utmost clarity; “Sorry Jane, really. I put my phone down and went to lay in bed for a while. I’m just not feeling well. I left work early today, which I hated.”

“You went home today? Why didn’t you tell me, I would have driven you!” Jane abruptly interrupted.

“I didn’t want to bother you. You had work to do, and I was perfectly capable of getting back safely.” By now Maura is sitting back on the lounge, practically sunken into it.

Jane took a deep breath and decided that reprimanding her friend for not asking for help could be done once she was healthy. Instead, she walked quietly over to the lounge and sat down next to Maura as gently as she could. After lifting her hand to Maura’s head and brushing it through her hair, she placed it back on the lounge between them and softly said, “So, what’s wrong? Can I get you something?”

Maura knew Jane wasn’t always so good at sitting still or quietly, so she answered. “I could feel a migraine coming on this morning, and it has just been worsening as the day went on,” she said with a soundless sigh. “And, since you insist on staying,” she nudged gently, “would you mind making me some tea?” Her lips smiled ever so slightly.

Jane looked over to her friend, with mixed feelings, and her motherly instincts took over. “Of course,” she said turning to kiss her on the forehead before heading to the kitchen. “Oh,” she said stopping herself quietly. Jane looked to behind the lounge and draped a like blanket over Maura. She smiled softly, before tiptoeing away to get the tea.




So, this was just a silly little one shot I wrote when I wasn’t feeling well.

Hope you liked it.

Thanks for reading. Love to hear any feedback you’ve got.


Hope you’re happy and well.

Thank you again,