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1,095 Days of Temptation

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"Kakarot," Vegeta groaned aloud in the darkness of his canopy bed, "I need you."

The throbbing hardness between his legs fought against the fabric of his underwear. He wasn't sure how long he'd been asleep, but his racing heart successfully tore him away from the respite his dreams offered him.

Sweat glued him to his bedsheets. He lifted his right arm. The sheets clung to his elbow before peeling away from his skin with a sickening crunch. He didn't need to touch himself to know he'd betrayed himself during the night, but he did so anyway: lightly, he grazed his fingers across his crotch and felt moisture.

I already came once and I'm still hard. Desperate to find his rival, he raked his fingers against the curtains around his bed; the cloth tore easily in his hands and white light seeped through every hole he made. As he tumbled forward, bedsheets clung to his waist and ensnared him during his slow descent to the floor. Once he oriented himself, he crawled toward the kitchen with his sheets trailing behind like the train on a gown.

Kakarot's musky scent invaded his nostrils. He blinked and his vision cleared: his rival stood only a few feet away with a concerned look on his face.

"Are you okay, Vegeta?" Eying him as more of a curiosity than a comrade, Kakarot stared down at Vegeta while chewing on the piece of toast in his hand. "You're acting funny."

Vegeta ripped away all of the cloth imprisoning him, including his own underwear. Finally free of all constraint, his dick swung freely between his legs.

Kakarot's eyes darted across the Prince's naked body. Without breaking eye contact he set his toast down on the kitchen counter. "Whatcha doin', Vegeta?"

A primal urge waged war against the rational part of Vegeta's brain: he wanted to growl and hiss at Kakarot, but he'd be damned if he had an inkling as to why. He barked, the sound loud and sharp as it pierced the air around them. Even from his position on the floor Vegeta could see Kakarot's eyes dilate as if he were filled with sudden anxiety from understanding.

Taking advantage of his rival's distraction, Vegeta sized Kakarot up. The fool wore only a pair of boxer shorts. In one fluid movement, he slid the shorts down to Kakarot's ankles and buried his face in the exposed crotch awaiting him.

"Hey!" Kakarot combed his fingers through Vegeta's hair and tugged weakly in protest. The Prince licked up and down his shaft with lazy laps, culling a content purr from his victim. "Ah, Vegeta—why are you so horny all of a sudden?"

The pleasure coursing through Vegeta's body nearly made him seize up in shock. He couldn't begin answering Kakarot's question, but he knew the only way to alleviate himself. "I need you to fuck me," he said in a half-whisper, sliding his mouth down Kakarot's hardening dick to his balls.

Kakarot teased his fingertips across Vegeta's scalp. "Do you mean in your butt?"

Why does he have to be so childish? Suckling on Kakarot's right ball gave Vegeta his intended effect: his rival purred again. With half-lidded eyes he looked up. "Yes, Kakarot. I need you to fuck me in the ass."

Kakarot grunted in a mixture of frustration and excitement. "Okay! Let's do it!"

"Be patient." It hurt Vegeta to say the words, but even in his lustful haze he knew better than to get fucked raw by the strongest man on the planet.

Kakarot whimpered in protest as Vegeta licked slow circles around his weeping head. While the Prince gradually sucked his rival's full length in his mouth, his hands gently stroked the skin across Kakarot's balls until they quivered and tightened under his touch. The idea of the huge cock in his mouth filling another part of his body forced Vegeta to shut his eyes and ruminate in silence. If Kakarot fucked half as well as he fought, Vegeta was in for a world of bliss. And for whatever reason, any misgivings he held about the idea were nowhere to be found. Even residual guilt about his cheating had been scrubbed from his conscious.

Hungrier than he'd ever been for food, he immediately put his mouth to work. While he considered his enthused blow job to be prep work, Vegeta could easily suck Kakarot off several times a day and be a happy man. Something about the combination of soft and hardness in his mouth drove him off the precipice of sanity and toward a heaven he'd only recently become acquainted with. Still bobbing his head up and down, he spread his legs while on all fours and arched his back so Kakarot could see how much he enjoyed himself in the act.

"You look hot like that, 'Geta," Kakarot hissed. All of his previous gentleness was gone. He grasped Vegeta's skull between his hands and thrust forward into the hot mouth around him; Vegeta gurgled and saliva oozed past his bottom lip. Kakarot increased his pace and grunted a few times before speaking again. "Do you like how I taste?"

Vegeta nodded as much as he could in Kakarot's vice grip.


All of the wondrous salt and wetness in Vegeta's mouth was taken away from him. Kakarot easily pulled him away from his dick and turned him around on the floor. Now it was the Prince's turn to whimper as his rival pushed his head down to the ground so his ass rose in the air like an offering.

"Please," Vegeta moaned, wagging his hips in the air.

A burning sensation rose between his thighs and he groaned in relief—but after a few seconds of adjustment he realized Kakarot was only fingering his ass.

"'Geta," he panted, "this is gonna hurt if I don't use something better than spit."

Vegeta clawed his nails against the ground. He'd be dead by the time Kakarot found anything even resembling lube in the time chamber. "Just fuck me already!"

Kakarot squeezed both of his buttocks, sending pleasant tendrils of pain across Vegeta's lower back and thighs. "Would it be weird if I licked you?"


Kakarot slid his tongue up and down Vegeta's crack. Mewling in appreciation, Vegeta spread his legs even further apart and took pride in the fact Kakarot didn't have to ease his way into eating ass. For someone so naive about sex, he sure was eager to do any dirty thing imaginable with Vegeta.

A rough, but warm hand stroked Vegeta's dick in time with Kakarot's licks. The sensation was too perfect and addicting, so Vegeta rocked his hips back against his rival to deepen the touch. Once Kakarot's tongue breached his entrance and slipped inside of him, Vegeta withdrew a sharp breath of air. Behind him Kakarot mumbled something incoherent between his ass cheeks—something having to do with how Vegeta tasted—then he stroked Vegeta even harder in his hand.

Every muscle in the Prince's body tightened as he came on the floor. Kakarot's warm hands moved to massage the back of his thighs and his tongue did likewise to his hole, heightening the pleasure of his orgasm until he was left a quivering mess. In his vulnerable position he wondered if Kakarot admired all of the flaws and perfections of his body as Vegeta had done to him the day before. No one else in Vegeta's life had seen him bent over and splayed out like this.

A pathetic mewl passed through Kakarot's lips. "Fuck, Vegeta. I'm sorry!"

Still in a daze, Vegeta lazily glanced over shoulder. The words his rival spoke had a slow effect on him. "What's the matter?"

"I already, um…"

Confused, Vegeta rose and turned around to get a closer look at what the problem was. Come painted the inside of Kakarot's legs and the floor beneath him.

Kakarot licked his lips. He crossed his legs and made himself comfortable on the floor. He laughed with a nervous titter. "Are you mad at me now?"

Tightness constricted Vegeta's chest. Was he upset? Or disappointed? No…it went beyond that. Now that he'd finally come, his sanity was slowly returning to him. Had he seriously crawled up to Kakarot like a starving animal and begged for sex?

Kakarot scratched the back of his head. They stared at each other for a few moments. Kakarot blushed and rubbed Vegeta's knee to comfort him. "I'm sorry, 'Geta!"

Ashamed, Vegeta drew his knees to his chest and gave Kakarot a pleading look. But what he wanted his rival to do, he wasn't sure. It wasn't like Kakarot could absolve him of his humiliation.

"Umm." Kakarot smiled, but his eyebrows furrowed with hesitation. Even he knew Vegeta's silence was a bad sign of things to come. "If I ate more breakfast I could, you know..." He vaguely gestured at his crotch. "I'll have more energy again. Then I can stick it in your butt."

Horrified at Kakarot's awkward phrasing, Vegeta scrunched up his nose. "Don't worry about it."

Kakarot frowned. "I'll eat fast, I promise!"

"I don't care what you do." Mustering up the dignity he did have left, Vegeta crawled up from the floor and beelined for the bathroom.

Kakarot caught up to Vegeta and hobbled beside him with boxer shorts still around his ankles. "You don't care? What do you mean?"

"Will you pull your pants up while we're talking?"

"But you're not even wearing any pants."

Vegeta hissed. "Don't get smart with me!"

"I didn't say anything smart!" Kakarot grinned. "By the way, I really liked that thing you did earlier."

"What thing?" Vegeta asked. He was far too embarrassed to tell Kakarot to fuck off.

"When you were crawling across the floor all horny like you wanted me real bad. It was sexy."

Vegeta wanted to deny he ever did such a thing. Instead, he yanked the bathroom door open and rushed inside. "I need to brush my teeth."

"C'mon Vegeta, please don't be mad at me!" Kakarot shoved his arm through the door before Vegeta could slam it shut. He winced at the pain. "We can try again in a few minutes, I promise!"

"No!" Vegeta shoved the door harder against Kakarot's outstretched arm. "I'm not upset about that!"

"Then what did I do wrong?"

"You didn't do anything wrong!"

"Then why are you acting so weird?"

"It's hard to explain!" Vegeta shoved Kakarot's invading arm back through the door and successfully got it to shut.

"Vegeeeta," Kakarot whined from the other side of the door, "please tell me what to do to make you not be mad at me anymore."

A tinge of pity convinced Vegeta to crack the door open a fraction of an inch. Kakarot's sad eyes peered back at him. He sighed. "What I did earlier was a mistake, alright? I don't want your dick up my ass."

"You don't?" Kakarot pressed his face even closer against the crack in the door. "Why not?"

Every reason Vegeta could think of to not ride Kakarot's dick into the sunset failed his personal, gay litmus test. He enjoyed getting fingered by Kakarot immensely, so it wasn't as if he disliked anal play. He wasn't such a pussy that he was afraid to take all of Kakarot's cock, either. And yesterday Kakarot proved he didn't think any less of Vegeta for enjoying the sex they had.

So why am I so upset?

Nervous, Vegeta looked away from Kakarot's doe eyes and focused on a random tile on the bathroom floor. "The way you make me feel scares me, Kakarot."

"Scared?" Kakarot echoed. "How?"

"A man has never made me feel this way before."

Kakarot fell silent for a few seconds. He coughed. "How do I make you feel?"

Vegeta's cheeks burned. "I don't want to get into it right now."

"Okay." Kakarot's voice lowered. "I think I know how you feel."

"How could you possibly know?"

"I don't tell you everything I feel, either!"

Vegeta hadn't expected that response. He'd always assumed Kakarot was an open book. Until recently. "Are you hiding something from me?"

"You're always so paranoid, 'Geta." Kakarot pressed his nose through the crack and Vegeta almost laughed at how ridiculous he looked. "I'm just trying to say it's okay if you're confused about something. You don't have to feel bad about it."

As vague as the advice was, Vegeta took it and immediately felt at ease he wouldn't be badgered any longer. "Thank you."

"Do you still want to go camping with me?"

"Of course." Vegeta winced at how eager he sounded. "I mean, yes."

"Yay!" Kakarot pulled away from the door. "Don't worry, I'll get everything packed for us both."

"Don't go rifling through my belongings."

"Whatever. I'll clean up the mess you made all over the floor too." He sped away from the door.

Relief washed over Vegeta. Hopefully their little camping trip would put his mind at ease.

After they both bathed (separately, at Vegeta's insistence) and ate breakfast, the duo left their home to trek the path that lead deep into the forest.

The warmth of the sun on their backs combined with the gentle breeze rushing through the trees filled Vegeta with a rare tranquility. He was grateful the world around them appeared to be normal. There were no more birds flying into hearts, or animals randomly fucking each other in plain view. Kakarot walked beside him while utterly silent, his eyes busy drinking in the beauty of the forest. Vegeta didn't believe in benevolent gods, but he nevertheless gave thanks to whichever one made Kakarot shut up for so long.

Except…why was Kakarot so quiet? Beside him, the grinning idiot carried a giant backpack he'd stuffed with supplies earlier. He'd forgone his gi for an orange and black leather jacket that suited his frame nicely. His cargo pants also clung to him in all the right places…

Welcome for any sort of reprieve from the gay thoughts that assaulted him, Vegeta broke the silence. "What are you thinking about, Kakarot?"


Vegeta blinked. "Excuse me?"

Kakarot stuttered. "I meant to say the…birds. And the trees. It's really pretty out here, right? And hot. It's really, really hot."

"I don't think it's hot out here at all."

Kakarot gulped. "Okay."

Vegeta rubbed his temples. "You're the one who wanted to go camping. If you want to go back—"

"No, that's not what I meant either." Flustered, Kakarot poked his index fingers together. The silence between them lengthened. "I mean, I'm just a little embarrassed."

"About what?" Vegeta knew he was blushing now, and he hated himself for it.

"That I came so fast earlier." Kakarot exhaled and gave Vegeta a pleading look. "I don't want you thinking I'm a minute man or something."

"What the hell is a 'minute man'?"

"You know, a guy who can only last a minute long."

Vegeta laughed. "Oh?"

"Yeah. I'm not like that!" Kakarot cracked his knuckles together, then rolled his shoulders. "I can last a really long time."

"Are you trying to come off as tough right now?"

"No!" Kakarot poked out his bottom lip. "It's just—you're really good at those blowie jobs and I'm not used to that kind of stimulation—"

"What the fuck's a 'blowie job'?"

"Let me finish, Vegeta!"

Again, Vegeta laughed. "Alright. Finish what you were going to say."

"I was saying I'm not used to being touched like that. You're really good at it. That's why I came so fast both times."

"I never saw that as a problem, Kakarot." If Vegeta could roll his eyes any harder, he'd be staring at the inside of his head. "And I never knew you were so sensitive about…impotence."

"I don't know what that word means, but it sounds rude!"

Something about the change of pitch in Kakarot's voice soothed him. His rival was very cute when upset. Vegeta grabbed Kakarot's hand. "I liked you better when you were quiet."

Confused by the gesture, Kakarot stuck out his tongue while simultaneously lacing his fingers together with Vegeta's. "I'll only be quiet because you're being nice now."

"Whatever." Kakarot's palm was heavy and warm in his own. "Just shut-up and enjoy the scenery."

Basking in the serenity washing over him, Vegeta closed his eyes. Maybe this camping thing isn't so bad after all. He had no idea when they'd stop walking and set up their tents. Probably whenever nighttime came. It wouldn't be so bad spending a day next to Kakarot, even if they did have to hold hands.

"Vegeta? Did you hear something?"

"No. Why?"

A wet tongue lapped against Vegeta's ear. He screamed, and leapt a good ten feet ahead of them in surprise. He wiped the side of his head with the back of his sleeve. "What the fuck, Kakarot!"

"Huh? What's wrong?"

Vegeta spun around and glared at Kakarot. "You fucking licked me!"

Kakarot tilted his head to the side. "I did? I don't remember doing that."

Pull yourself together. Vegeta straightened his back, glad no one else had witnessed his outburst. The true perpetrator of the crime was a young doe standing a few feet behind Kakarot. Crowded around the bottom of its slender legs sat several rabbits and squirrels, all staring their huge black eyes into Vegeta's soul.

He rubbed his face. So much for the serenity. "What the hell are those creatures doing here?"

"Huh?" Kakarot peered over his shoulder. The delighted squeak that came from his mouth filled Vegeta with despair. This was going to be a long day. "Vegeta, look at all of the animals!"

"I don't want to."

"They look so cute!" Kakarot turned toward the doe and gently pet its head. It leaned its entire body against the idiot's chest and rubbed its head against him like a cat. Kakarot giggled. "Aww, this one likes me!"

"It molested me," Vegeta said in a rush, ready to continue their hike and abandon the animals.

The doe licked its long tongue against Kakarot's chin. He laughed harder. "Hehe. Why do you think they're following us?"

"I have no idea. But if we run away we'll probably lose them." As if they understood Vegeta's words, all of the rabbits hopped over to Vegeta and trapped him in a circle.

"Aww. They want to play with you, Vegeta."

"I'd rather eat them."

One of the rabbits clamored up the side of Vegeta's boot and nipped at the back of his knee.

"You little fuck! That hurt!" Growling, he plucked the creature from his body and dropped it back onto the forest path. "Kakarot!"

"What?" Cooing, Kakarot pet the doe's head again. "What's wrong?"

"I want to leave!"

"But I want to play with them. Don't you think they seem nice?"

"Not at all. They're creepy."


"Let's leave. Now." Carefully, Vegeta stepped over the circle of rabbits and jogged farther down the forest path.

Kakarot abandoned his animal friends and followed Vegeta's lead. "W-wait for me!"

Still paranoid, Vegeta looked over his shoulder. Several yards behind them the animals galloped toward them, the doe leading the pack. "Shit!"

"If you're really afraid of them—"

"I'm not afraid! It's just weird, is all!"

Perplexed by Vegeta's behavior, Kakarot shrugged. "Okay…If you want to get away from them we could probably hide behind those trees over there."

Vegeta scanned the area. Farther west into the forest, and away from the worn path below them, stood an oak tree with a knothole big enough to hold two Saiyans. Vegeta figured the animals would be too dumb to go searching for them once they were out of view.

"…Or we could fly away. Or we could just outrun them on the path," Kakarot continued. "Or we could—"

"Just shut your mouth and follow me." Vegeta trudged away from the path until he was knee-deep in a thick patch of yellow flowers. Once he reached the oak he stuffed his rival through the hole, then crammed himself into the small space left for him.

"I never knew you liked playing around so much, Vegeta!"

"Be quiet!" Staying deathly still, Vegeta kept his eyes trained on the empty forest trail. A few minutes later the animals that pursued them walked into view. The animal parade slowed to a crawl: the squirrels squeaked loudly as if confused, and the rabbits quickly dispersed in all directions. The doe sniffed the air, grunted, then barreled farther down the path with his head extended as if it intended to batter the first obstacle it encountered.

"Whoa. That thing looked mad," Kakarot breathed into Vegeta's ear, being much too close for comfort.

Vegeta shimmied outside of the knothole. A strange scent assaulted his nose. He looked down and saw he'd landed right on top of a large flower, now dead and crushed beneath his boot. Whatever smell it emitted made him feel…

"This spot is nice," Kakarot said aloud. He tossed his camping bag across the ground. "We should rest here."

Vegeta's natural inclination to disagree almost made him yell at Kakarot for even suggesting they stop. But something about the smell around them put him at ease. The point of their trip was to relax, right? Or at least that's what he'd assumed the whole time. "Fine by me," he muttered as he fell backwards on his ass into the flowers.

How long had they been hiking anyway? A few hours? Vegeta watched Kakarot pull his boots off and toss them over his shoulder. "Why are you taking your clothes off?"

"I was just taking my shoes off."

"Oh. I see."

Kakarot sat down and wiggled his toes through the soft earth below them. "Do you ever wonder why the forest is so perfect?"

Without thinking much of it, Vegeta slid the top of his armor above his head and tossed it aside. Kakarot was right when he said it was hot earlier. Unsatisfied with only being shirtless, he removed his boots too. "I don't think it's perfect at all."

Kakarot copied Vegeta and slid off his jacket and shirt. "What's wrong with it?"

"Too many animals trying to fuck each other. Or follow us. It's weird." His hands gained a mind of their own, and soon he was unbuckling Kakarot's pants for him.

"I like the animals."

"That's because you might as well be a wild animal yourself."

In wordless understanding, Kakarot lifted his hips up from the ground and allowed Vegeta to tug off his pants and underwear. Vegeta marveled at how easily Kakarot ended up naked in the few minutes they'd spent in the flower patch.

Eyes wide and innocent, Kakarot clambered forward and pushed Vegeta backwards until ended on his back. "My nose doesn't hurt that much anymore."

Vegeta bit his lip. "I forgot about it. I'm sorry."

Kakarot pulled away the lower part of Vegeta's armor until he, too, lay naked on the ground. Enjoying the soft touch of petals against his bare skin, Vegeta stretched all of his limbs across the ground and purred. Months ago while training under Beerus, Kakarot had told Vegeta he spent most of his youth roaming the forest while naked. At the time Vegeta turned his nose up at him—but now that it was the second time he was completely nude out in the open, he realized how much he'd underestimated how freeing it would be.

Above him, Kakarot narrowed his eyes. A warmth touched the inside of Vegeta's thigh and he gasped. Kakarot caressed the skin there, alternating between using the flat of his palm and the tips of his fingers. "You look really good, Vegeta."

Not one to miss the opportunity to have his ego stroked, Vegeta spread his thighs wider to welcome Kakarot's touch and smirked up at him. "How so?"

Kakarot drew a line across Vegeta's flesh until he reached the crevice where his thigh and crotch met. "Your body's perfect."

"So is yours."

The look in Kakarot's eyes wasn't his own—or at least it was a look Vegeta wasn't familiar with. He climbed on top of Vegeta and sat so his hardness brushed against Vegeta's. "I want to ride you, 'Geta."

"I'm not going to stop you."

Kakarot's mouth parted. "What's your favorite position?"

"Doggy style," Vegeta said automatically.

"Do you want to fuck me like that?" Kakarot rolled his hips against him, a low purr of his own building in his chest. "While I'm on my hands and knees?"

Vegeta nodded fervently. "I want to see you spread open like I was this morning."

Kakarot leaned down and kissed him. "Vegeta, do you think I'm in love with you?"


Kakarot drew him into another deep kiss. The warm tongue invading every inch of his mouth made him moan out loud. Somehow, Kakarot knew the perfect way to kiss him that left his head swimming every time.

"Do you love me back, Vegeta?"

"I think so."

"What should we do about it?"

Vegeta looked up into the sky. "I want you to sit on my face."

The slide of Kakarot's warm skin as he adjusted himself sent a shiver down Vegeta's spine. Soon, Kakarot sat backwards with his legs on either side of Vegeta's chest and his rear near his face. Eager to taste him, Vegeta pulled backwards on Kakarot's hips until a familiar scent made his mouth water. Back here Kakarot was soft and vulnerable. Without a moment's hesitation, Vegeta licked against the rosebud presented to him until Kakarot's thighs quivered against him.

"Vegeta," Kakarot whispered, spurring him on, "please don't stop."

Vegeta licked a slow circled around Kakarot's hole, earning himself a loud moan from his rival. He took Kakarot's ass between his fingers and massaged the muscle; in his hands Kakarot was firm but pliant, just as contradictory as his temperament.

"Oh, Vegeta, you feel so—" All of Kakarot's muscles tensed as he swallowed his words.

Is he about to come? Perhaps Kakarot really was a "minute man." But if that was the case, Vegeta didn't mind. He continued to lavish Kakarot with his tongue.

"Vegeta. Uh…do you feel like we're being watched?"

It was the Prince's turn to freeze. He pulled his mouth away from Kakarot's perfect ass and leaned his head back. Upside-down he saw all of the animals from earlier staring back at him from the forest path.

"What the fuck?!" The fog over his mind immediately lifted. He shoved Kakarot to the side and immediately covered his naked crotch. "Get the fuck out of here, you stupid animals!"

Several squirrels squeaked back at him in response.

"Are they laughing at us?" Kakarot asked. He scrambled across the ground to get his clothes back on.

"They're spying on us. I knew they were up to no good!" Vegeta picked up one of his boots and chucked it at the doe. It jumped out of the way right as the boot collided with the ground and drilled dozens of feet below the surface. A spray of dirt filled the air and all of the animals scattered.

"Fucking hell!" Vegeta crawled across the ground while gathering all of his clothes. "I blame you for this, Kakarot!"

"What did I do?" Kakarot put his shirt on backwards and quickly zipped his jacket back on. "I didn't ask them to come back!"

"I don't know—this whole goddamn place is trying to get us to fuck!" Once his pants were back on, Vegeta hobbled on one leg to tug on his boot, but he fell backwards onto the ground. "Shit!"

Fully clothed, Kakarot pulled his camping pack back over his shoulders and avoided Vegeta's gaze. "Um, should we talk about earlier?"

"What do you mean?" Vegeta's armor refused to slide back over his hair, which was now a frazzled mess. He gave up on getting dressed and marched shirtless over to the crater his boot had made in the path. Good thing the stupid animals were gone, or else he would have blasted them straight to hell for getting on his nerves. He fished his boot out from the earth and tipped it over so all of dirt inside of it poured out.

Cautious, Kakarot walked up beside Vegeta with his hands in his pockets. "We said all of that stuff about—"

"The stupid flowers drugged us or something," Vegeta mumbled. He made a big show of sliding his boot back on, which necessitated he avoid looking Kakarot in the eye.

"That's what you think happened?" Kakarot's voice was suddenly hollow.

"Of course." Vegeta stole one look at Kakarot's face. He looked pale. "Don't be like that, Kakarot."

"Like what?"

"All the weird love talk. It didn't mean anything. Don't take it so seriously."


"Besides, we're just friends. You said so yourself." Vegeta sniffed, then rose into the air. "You see that mountain ridge over there? I'm curious to know what's behind it. Let's just skip the walking bullshit and fly to the top."

Kakarot grabbed the back of his neck. "That sounds good to me."

"We'll also be less likely to run into any more flower patches."

"Right. We wouldn't want that."

Vegeta kicked off the ground and sped toward the mountain that loomed in the distance. If he flew fast enough and kept Kakarot occupied with mindless chit-chat, maybe he'd have a chance of forgetting everything that happened since the moment he woke up.