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Cassie is shocked.

So she stands.

And thinks.

Just stares into his eyes for a moment and--


"I love you, Cassie."

His voice runs over her like melted chocolate, and she adores it.

Cassie takes a deep breath.

And continues to think.

To stare at her beloved and just think.

To remember his soft hands holding hers.

His laugh, sweet as honey, engulfing her.

'Just think, Cassie. Think', she says to herself.

So she thinks more. Lets his words sink in.

"I'm Other, but I'm also human."

How could that be?

Maybe she shouldn't have to understand it.

She just had to believe in him.

She takes another deep breath and thinks some more.

How? Why?

'Because… I love him? Yes, because I love him.'

She brings her chin up and looks into his calm, chocolate eyes and mutters a small word: “Okay.”

He just stares back and says, not expressing his relief, “I’m not lying. I do love you. I do. I always will.”

She smiles. “I know. And I love you, too.”

No need to think anymore, not in Evan's Arms.

Not yet.

They stand up, hand in hand, and begin the long trek to Sammy.