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Halfway through her sketch, Miyuki Hoshizora looked up, and instantly a huge smile broke out on her face.

"It finally stopped raining!" Miyuki exclaimed, laying down her colored pencil, and scooting her chair back. Since it had been pouring down rain since this morning, Miyuki had decided she was going to spend the day working on her picture book. But when bright beams of sunlight began to fall on her desk, it had snatched her attention away almost instantly.

Hopping up from her chair, Miyuki scurried over towards her window, throwing the blinds wide open- and the moment she did, her eyes began to shine brightly. "A rainbow!" She cried out, leaning forward, standing on her tiptoes in order to get a better view. "Amazing! A real one!"

"I wonder what's at the end of the it~." She said to herself in a slightly sing-song tone of voice, pivoting on one heel- which was a mistake, as she promptly let out a yelp and fell flat on her face.

"I'm okay!" She announced to no one in particular, as she pushed herself up, rubbing her nose a little. As she got to her feet, as if sparked by the knock on her head, an idea suddenly popped into her mind, her work on her picture book almost completely forgotten.

Instead of just wondering what as at the end of the rainbow, she should go and find out herself!

Now that the idea was in her head, Miyuki decided to act on it instantly. After all, the rainbow wouldn't be around forever! Quickly grabbing her house keys and phone, she stuck them in her little purse, and headed out the door. She was so excited, she nearly forgot her shoes, and so she had to backtrack back into her house and tuck them on.

"I'm going out!" Miyuki called out, running in place for a bit, before she headed back out the front door. Turning her eyes towards the rainbow, she jogged in place for a moment, before she nodded eagerly to herself, deciding in a direction to go.

"Miyuki, where are you off to in such a hurry?"

"Oh, Akane-chan!" Miyuki exclaimed while jogging in place, having been so focused on the rainbow, she hadn't even realized that she had been near Akane's family restaurant. "You see that rainbow? I'm going to see what's at the end of it!"

"Oh, there's a rainbow? I hadn't noticed!" Akane said, glancing in the direction Miyuki pointed. "You're right!"

"Do you want to come with me, Akane-chan?" Miyuki asked, excited at the prospect of pursuing what was at the end of the rainbow with one of her friends.

"I would love to at any other time, but today we're the hosting neighborhood association again. Apparently they loved my okonomiyaki so much last time, they asked me to make it for them again!" Akane reported brightly to her friend, seeming quite pleased with herself. "So I'm helping set up shop now."

"I see! That's great news! You're one step closer to your dream, aren't you?" Miyuki grinned, clearly quite pleased for her friend. It was a little disappointing that she couldn't come... but these things happened! "Good luck, Akane-chan! I'm rooting for you!"

"Yeah! Good luck with your rainbow, Miyuki! I hope you find something great!"

As Akane waved her goodbye, Miyuki headed back down the street, hurrying towards what she thought was the rainbow's end.

"Ah, Yayoi-chan!" She called out as she headed past the park, spotting a familiar looking blonde girl. She had placed a dry towel on one of the benches, and had her sketchbook in her lap. "Are you drawing outdoors today?"

"Miyuki!" Yayoi looked somewhat startled to be suddenly called out to, but smiled brightly when she saw that it was her friend. "Yeah! It was feeling a little cooped up inside after all the rain... but what about, Miyuki? You look like you're in something a hurry."

"I'm following the rainbow!" Miyuki reported happily. "Do you want to come with me, Yayoi-chan?"

"Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to. I can't just leave a sketch unfinished." Yayoi apologized, shaking her head. "Sorry, Miyuki."

"No, that's fine! Yayoi-chan, you want to become a manga artist, right? Then, focusing on your art is super important!" Miyuki grinned a little. "I'll call you later! I had something I wanted to ask you about colored pencils... although I might forget." She admitted after a moment.

"I'll call you later if I don't hear from you." Yayoi offered, waving her hand, as Miyuki nodded her head and headed on down the sidewalk.

She wondered what kind of picture Yayoi was drawing today~. She should have remembered to ask! Well, she could see the finished product later, so it was okay~!

"Ah, it's one of nee-chan's friends!"

"Oh, Keita-kun!" Miyuki grinned, her cornets perking up when she heard the familiar voice. And if Keita was here... "Nao-chan too!" She grinned, her gaze falling on the green haired girl. "Are you going to play soccer?"

"That's right!" Nao beamed, nodding her head. "They were all starting to get a little stir crazy because of the rain, so I thought it would help them work off some energy. What about you, Miyuki? You sure seemed to be heading somewhere fast."

"The rainbow!" Miyuki reported, beaming widely. "I'm looking for the treasure at the end of it!"

"Eh, that sounds interesting!" Nao smiled back. "And it's just like you as well, Miyuki."

"Yeah!" Miyuki nodded her head. "I'd ask if you wanted to come with me, Nao-chan, but you seem kind of busy already. Maybe next time?"

"Yeah, that sounds good. Be careful not to fall down!" Nao called after her, waving as the pink haired girl took off again.

Nao's younger siblings were cute today as well! She didn't the youngest with her, but she guessed that Nao was taking everyone else out so her parents could relax a little. What a good big sister!

Turning a corner, she spotted a familiar head of blue hair heading down the street in front of her. Amazing, she was running into everyone today!

"Reika-chan!" Miyuki called up, hurrying so that she could catch up to her. Reika was carrying a folded up umbrella in one hand, and a bag of groceries in another. "Running errands?"

"Ah, Miyuki." Reika smiled at her as the pink haired girl fell into step beside her, and nodded her head. "Yes. I'm just heading home from them, actually. But where are you headed off to?"

"I'm looking for the end of the rainbow!" Miyuki reported brightly.

"The end of the rainbow?" Reika blinked, tilting her head slightly. "Is there such a thing?"

"Mmm." Miyuki folded her arms, considering this for a moment. "Probably! They say there's a treasure at the end of a rainbow! Do you want to come with me, Reika-chan?"

"I would love to see such a thing." Reika admitted, smiling easily at her friend, but she shook her head. "But today I have a calligraphy lesson with my grandfather. I'm afraid I cannot come with you right now."

"I see." Miyuki said, seeming impressed. "But it's amazing that you do something like calligraphy, Reika-chan!"

"You could learn it as well, if you wanted to, Miyuki." Reika told her. "I'm sure that grandfather would be more than happy to teach you a few characters."

"Really?" Miyuki's eyes almost sparkled at the prospect. "Then, maybe I'll take up that offer in the future!"

"Then, I'll pass that on to grandfather." Reika said, smiling at her.

They exchanged their farewells, and Miyuki hurried on, dashing forward again. To think that she had run into everyone today, when they hadn't even made plans!

Before she knew it, the houses gave way to trees and bushes, though there was still a clear path in front of her. She could glimpse the rainbow through the trees, although it looked like it was starting to fade a little... in that case, she had to hurry!

Finding that the path gradually transformed into stairs didn't deter her from her goal, and Miyuki jogged up them, her eyes glimmering as she wondered what could be at the end. A leprechaun with a pot of gold? Or maybe a fairy ring, with tiny little winged fairies having a tea party inside of it!

Her excitement grew more and more as she saw the end of the steps approaching quickly, and the rainbow alongside it. It was just beyond here! Finding a last burst of speed in her, Miyuki scurried up the rest of the steps, all but leaping over the last pair, landing on the platform above.

Before her lay a viewing platform that she hadn't even known had existed- and not many other people, given that the picnic tables located on it had fallen somewhat into disrepair. And beyond that...

The entire town of Nanairogaoka lay before her.

There wasn't a pot of gold, or a fairy tea party, but... this was definitely better than that!

"Amazing!" Miyuki eyes glittered, as she hurried towards the edge of the viewing platform. Her smile only grew as she looked from side to side, taking in the view of the town that she had come to know and love with all of her heart. She could the school from here, and the shopping district! Ah, and there was the church that was important to Yayoi, and she was pretty sure that was Reika's house over there!

Somewhere in the city that was gradually starting to come outdoors after the pouring rain, were the people that she loved and cared about with her entire heart. Akane, Yayoi, Nao, Reika, her mother and father, and everyone else.

Well, there was at least one person that she loved who wasn't in Nanairogaoka at the moment. She was back in Marchenland, busy with her studies to become the next Queen. The chances that they could see each other weren't so few, but compared to having her around at all times like before... it was somewhat lonely.

Just for a second, Miyuki's smile faltered- and then she heard it. Without a mistake, she definitely heard it.

The sound of flapping. But not wings.

The sound of a flapping book.

And a voice.

"Miyuki ~kuru!"

And with an overwhelming feeling of joy in her heart, Miyuki looked up, spreading out her arms. "Candy!"

As Candy all but fell into Miyuki's embrace, her smile returned at full power. A wonderful view all her own, and the return of someone who had become her dearest friend- there was really a wonderful treasure at the end of a rainbow!