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as you are mine, i am yours

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When Lexa comes looking for her, Clarke’s been in her room for a week. She doesn’t want to see Lexa, she doesn’t want to see anyone. She just wants to be left alone, to just disappear.

Still, when she hears the door open and smells Lexa’s strong scent, she feels something akin to relief wash over her. She squashes the feeling down, hating herself for it.

So when Lexa stops a few meters from her, her stance tense and her back straight, Clarke scowls.

“What part of I won’t see you was unclear?”

Lexa’s face betrays nothing, as usual. Clarke hates her.

“I respected your wishes for a week, Clarke,” she says, as if Clarke was some petulant child intent on getting her way. “We’ve got bigger concerns.”

“We,” Clarke interrupts, spitting out the words, “don’t have any concerns at all.”

Lexa takes a step towards Clarke’s direction. “Yes, we do,” she continues, “I’m posting a summit with Skaikru at sundown. You will be returned to your people.”

Clarke doesn’t believe her for a second. “You went to all that trouble to capture me, just to let me go?”

But when Lexa opens her mouth to answer, Clarke cuts her off. “You know what? I don’t care. I don’t want to hear it,” she says, “ tell me why you’re actually here.”

Lexa clenches her jaw at being defied, but doesn’t say anything. “You’re right,” she concedes, “I’m not just letting you go. I want something more.”

“I want your people,” Lexa continues, pausing for effect, “to become my people.”

Clarke resists the urge to roll her eyes as Lexa continues speaking.

“I’m offering Skaikru the chance to join the Coalition. Become the thirteenth clan.”

Clarke’s heard enough. “Just,” she says, feeling as if she could cry in frustration, “leave me alone. I’m done . You understand that? I left.

“You can’t run away from who you are Clarke.” Lexa says.

Clarke doesn’t know if she means a leader, an Omega or a murderer.

Lexa pauses. “Join me, submit to me and become my mate, and your people will be safe.”

Clarke sees red.

Submit to you?” Clarke repeats, everything becoming clear.

So that’s what this is about.

She, an Omega, took down the mountain. She made the Commander, the big bad Alpha, look weak in comparison.

“You don’t give a damn about my people,” Clarke takes a step towards Lexa, and continues scowling even when Lexa’s pheromones threaten to overpower her in such close proximity.

“I made you look weak at Mount Weather.”

Lexa looks at her blankly but this close Clarke can smell her anger, so she continues, basking in the rush of feeling something . Even if it’s just anger and perverse satisfaction at the thought of hurting Lexa as much as Lexa hurt her.

“Well, if you want the power of Wanheda,” she’s inside Lexa’s personal space now, and sees the Commander clench her fists tightly as her nostrils flare, “Kill me. Take it,” she says against Lexa’s lips.

She takes one step back. “Otherwise go float yourself, because I will never submit to you.”


She’s still reeling from the meeting with Lexa when Prince Roan approaches her.

She tightens her jaw when the rush of Alpha’s pheromones invade her nose but stays perfectly still, willing herself to remain unaffected. It’s easier, after Lexa, his effect on her is nowhere near as strong.

Why won’t they just leave her the fuck alone ?

“I am a prisoner here, as much as you,” he says.

And then he asks her to kill Lexa.

And Clarke hates her and feels trapped and just wants to be left alone.

She says yes.


He gives her a knife: sharp, light and deadly. It reminds her of the one Lexa had on her hands the first time they met.

While she waits, she plays with it, wondering how deep it’ll have to go, how fast can she be, and what will happen afterwards. She can do this. She’s already a murderer, what difference does one more death make?

And what if it’s Lexa? What if it’s the girl that she thought she might - the Commander that betrayed her? The Commander that left her alone when she needed her the most, and now wants her to submit to her, to bow before her and present her neck to her and let her mark her, let her mate her.

She shuts her eyes when that last thought tightens her belly in warmth desire.


It doesn’t matter what her hormones tell her. She can’t let herself be controlled by her nature - she can’t let herself be controlled by Lexa.

She hears the door creak and shakes her head in a futile attempt to clear her thoughts, hiding the knife in her sleeve.

“You wanted to see me?”

As soon as she’s engulfed by Lexa’s scent, as soon as she hears her voice, Clarke knows she won’t do it. She knows she can’t do it.

She tries all the same. She takes two long strides, gets into Lexa’s personal space and pushes the knife against the Alpha’s throat in one swift movement.

Lexa looks surprised for half a second, and then sad. Not even afraid, just sad.

Clarke hates her with all her heart.

“I’m sorry,” Lexa says, with a slight tremble in her voice.

Clarke feels her eyes fill up with tears, blurring her vision and hates herself as much as she hates Lexa.  She drops the knife to the ground and turns around. She feels so fucking stupid she can hardly breathe.

She can’t even do this - all those deaths, everything she’s done and she can’t do this.

“I never meant to turn you into this,” Lexa whispers behind her.

Clarke almost laughs, even as she’s choking back tears. Maybe it’s not even Lexa’s fault, maybe she was always this, and was just fooling herself into thinking she could be a leader.

“You’re free to go,” Lexa says, “your mother is here, I’ll have you escorted.”

Clarke shuts her eyes tightly, takes a shaky breath and turns around.

Whatever else she’s done, whatever else she’ll have to do, maybe she can do this right, for her people. Maybe she’ll be good for this even if not she’s good enough for anything else anymore.

“Wait,” she says, “I have a better idea.”


She gets to see her mother before the summit. She feels tired, bone weary and empty and the look on her mother’s face as she explains what’s going to happen doesn’t help.

But as much as Abby protests, as much as she rages against Lexa, she agrees. Kane does to. It’s the only way - they can’t fight the Ice Nation on their own, they need Lexa, and Lexa needs Wanheda kneeling at her feet, wearing her mark at her neck and taking her knot.

Clarke feels herself getting wet at the thought and wants to punch Lexa’s face in.


Three maidens come for her, two Betas and one Omega, and take her to a bath. The lingering smell around the room, that sets her on edge and calms her down, all at once, tells her it’s Lexa’s. Her stomach tightens at the thought.

She tries her best to ignore it.

The maidens bathe her and laboriously comb her hair until it’s not a tangled mess. Then they braid it, carefully, as if she’s made of porcelain and one hard tug might break her.

Or maybe, she realizes as she looks up and one maiden averts her eyes in fear, as if she’s made of poison.

They don’t say a world as they work and she certainly doesn’t try to strike up a conversation. So she lets them braid her and paint her face, and sees her it become in the mirror the face of someone fierce: the face of Wanheda.

She feels anything but fierce. She just wanted to be left alone.

Well, she thinks as they make the final adjustments to her braids,  she might get her wish yet. Once she becomes Lexa’s mate and surrenders the power of Wanheda to be Lexa’s property, she might just get left alone.

She won’t be Wanheda, she won’t be a leader, she won’t be anything anymore.

She clenches her fists so tightly that she almost draws blood.


Clarke feels all the eyes on her as she crosses the door, making her skin crawl. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees her mother avert her eyes, looking at the floor.

She wills herself to hold her head up high and takes the first step, then the second.

One by one she looks at them, Titus, Indra, Prince Roan, the ambassadors, Lexa. She commits their faces to memory.  

You wanted Wanheda? , she thinks, Here you have her.

She stops before Lexa, looking stunning in her usual commander attire, and lets her Alpha pheromones wash over her.

She’s so tired of fighting.

She doesn’t this time. She lets Lexa’s power and authority, her scent, engulf her, overpower her, and cloud her brain. She lets her inner Omega take over.

It feels so good to stop struggling against it.

She drops to her knees. Behind her she hears everyone, one by one, doing the same.

“We welcome Skaikru to our house, in the spirit of friendship and harmony,” Lexa starts, voice loud and clear, “and we welcome Clarke kom Skaikru, legendary Wanheda, mountain slayer,”

She makes a pause, but Clarke doesn’t see her expression, her eyes fixed on the floor.

“The reason for this summit has changed,” Lexa continues, “we are not here to negotiate a treaty with the Skaikru, but rather to initiate them into the coalition.”

A loud murmur breaks out immediately but Lexa ignores it as she continues, “To symbolize this union, I will take Wanheda as my mate.”

The murmuring gets worse, threatening to swallow Lexa’s words.  Clarke doesn’t look up.

“Silence!” Lexa shouts, “I won’t stand to have my decisions questioned.”

The rooms falls dead silent.

Lexa steps down from her throne and walks towards Clarke, close enough that Clarke sees her boots on the floor.

“Stand,” she commands.

Clarke obeys without question, letting her instincts take over completely.

Lexa looks into her eyes and she doesn’t even have to do anything for Clarke to tilt her head and present her neck to her in submission.

God, she actually wants Lexa to do it, she realizes. She’s desperate for it, for Lexa to mark her, to make her hers, to claim her. She feels herself getting wet and doesn’t fight it, not even if hot shame creeps up her neck, the same neck she’s desperate for Lexa to bite.

Lexa doesn’t waste any time, she grabs Clarke by the waist, pulling her flush against herself - Christ, she’s practically dripping now - and bites down, hard, breaking Clarke’s skin and drawing blood.

Clarke hisses in pain and then whimpers in need when Lexa trails her tongue against the broken skin, soothing the pain.

Thankfully, that’s the end of it. Lexa gives one last lick and pushes Clarke away, the blonde whimpering and groaning in response.

Clarke can’t think. She wants Lexa to mate her, she needs it. She doesn’t even care if she does it in front of the whole summit, she doesn’t care if her mother and Kane and the Prince and everyone else sees Lexa stretching her open with her knot.

Clarke takes a deep breath, trying to steady herself.

The bite, she thinks suddenly, everything making sense. She was close to her heat before. That, combined with the Alpha’s bite and her pheromones, and Clarke giving into it, they must’ve triggered it.

Clarke breathes in and out intently, but she can’t seem to fill her lungs no matter how deep she does it.  

She looks at Lexa.

Apparently the Alpha wasn’t ready for her own reaction either. She looks about as good as Clarke feels. Her face is flushed, her pupils dilated, and she’s panting in the effort of staying still.

Clarke sees the sweat dripping in Lexa’s neck as she struggles to calm herself.

“The summit is over,” she finally barks, “we will continue at sunrise.”

Clarke doesn’t look at her mother and Kane as they leave,  she doesn’t even think. She keeps her eyes trained in Lexa’s face.

As soon as they’re alone, Lexa grabs her by the waist and crushes her lips together, kissing her fiercely.

By the time they reach Lexa’s bedroom, Clarke is aching for it. She feels hot and flushed and empty and the only thing she wants is Lexa, her Alpha, to take her and claim her and fill her up with her cock.

Lexa is not much better. She’s frenzied, unable to focus her eyes, all growls and teeth, clawing at Clarke’s clothes.

Clarke loves it.

And if there’s still a little voice in her head that reminds her what this really means, what she’s giving up to be Lexa’s bitch to mate and breed. Well, she’ll get through that too.

She tried to be a leader and became a murderer. She tried to disappear and became a prisoner. She tried. She tried so hard and still became Wanheda, something for maidens to fear and for Lexa to subdue.

She might as well let her.

She tilts her head, presenting her wounded neck back to Lexa and her inner Omega relishes in the predatory look that crosses the Alpha’s face.

Lexa bites down again onto the abused skin, and pushes Clarke onto the bed harshly. Clarke tries to pull Lexa to her by her clothes, thrusting her hips forward to get some friction going.

Lexa growls against her neck and Clarke gets the message, loud and clear.

You’re not in charge here.

She’s soaked.

Lexa pins her to the bed, moving from Clarke’s neck to her mouth, giving her a rough kiss. Clarke tastes her own blood in Lexa’s tongue and her stomach clenches painfully in desire.

“Please,” she says, not even sure what's she’s asking for. “Please.”

Lexa lets go of Clarke’s mouth and raises so that she’s looming over Clarke, straddling her.

She struggles with the Omega's dress for about two seconds before growling in impatience and just tearing it enough for Clarke’s breasts to pop out.

Clarke moans at the action, arching her back in pleasure.

God fucking Christ. She’s so ready right now.

Lexa bends over, taking one of the Clarke's nipples in her mouth and sucking on it. One of her hands palms the other roughly and the other is lowering her zipper and freeing her dick.

After a few moments, Lexa stops her ministrations on Clarke’s breasts. Clarke doesn’t even try to suppress the needy whine that comes out of her mouth.

She opens her eyes and looks up, barely coherent, and sees Lexa.

The Alpha is still straddling her. She’s still in her Commander attire with her pants barely down enough for her dick to be out, pumping it up and down.

Clarke’s eyes widen involuntary. It’s big. Big enough that even through her heat addled brain she worries how is she going to take that inside her, especially once the knot appears. She’s only ever had sex with Finn and Niylah and both were Betas.

But even as she wonders, she feels herself getting desperate for it. Even if it splits her apart, she wants it. She wants it inside her, filling her up, stretching her open, pumping Lexa’s seed in her womb and breeding her.

She groans, closing her eyes again.

“Clarke,” Lexa says, and Clarke realizes she’s also thrusting her hips greedily upwards.

She doesn't even feel shame.

“Please, Lexa,” she begs, “please take me. Claim me. Please.

Lexa’s eyes flash, she’s panting.

In one swift motion, she rips what’s left of Clarke’s dress apart. She gets on top of her, kissing her again, slipping her tongue inside her mouth and rubbing her hardened member against Clarke’s drenched and ruined panties. She’s still fully clothed and the rough material of her clothing rubs painfully against Clarke’s naked skin.

“Please,” Clarke repeats, in between bruising kisses, almost whining now, thrusting her hips against Lexa’s.

Lexa stops kissing her and starts tugging at the waistband of her panties. Clarke lifts her hips obediently, letting Lexa take remove them in one swift motion.

Instead of giving her what she so desperately, desperately wants, Lexa stays above her, her hand moving up and down her dick. Her unfocused gaze flickers from Clarke’s face to her breasts to her own hardened member, as if deciding what to do.

She pulls Clarke up by the back of her head to kiss her and Clarke lets herself be lifted until both of them are on their knees on the bed.

Suddenly, Lexa stops the kiss, grabs Clarke’s hand and guides her off the bed. She takes a seat on the edge, opening her legs, still pumping her cock.

Clarke is on her knees before Lexa has time to command anything.

“Suck me,” Lexa says, but Clarke’s mouth is already around the head of the cock.

There’s a bit of precum already at the tip and Clarke’s flickers her tongue over it. She starts slowly, wrapping the base of Lexa’s cock with one hand as she gently sucks on its head, trying to slowly take more and more of it inside her mouth.

It’ll probably go all the way down her throat.

The thought sends another bout of wetness dribbling down her tights.

Lexa groans above her and grabs the back of Clarke’s head, pushing her forward, forcing her to take more of her cock inside her mouth.

The Alpha pushes until Clarke can feel the tip of the cock against her throat. She tries not to gag, breathing sharply through her nose but can’t help but choke around Lexa’s girth, her eyes filling with tears.

Lexa stops pushing Clarke’s head forward, letting the Omega breathe but doesn’t make a move to take her dick out of Clarke’s mouth.

Clarke is so wet at the rough treatment, she feels she might just come from sucking Lexa’s dick.

The respite lasts only a few seconds and then Lexa growls, pushing her dick forward again until it’s back against Clarke’s throat. Clarke gags anew  but manages to resist choking as Lexa’s dick is forced against her windpipe. She tries to swallow around it, her eyes watering.

Lexa gives her another second to adjust, making sure she won’t retch, and then grabs a fistful of Clarke’s hair and starts thrusting her hips forward, fucking Clarke’s face.

Clarke slips one hand down to massage her clit as Lexa pumps in and out her mouth, fucking her face roughly, her dick going all the way down the Omega’s throat.

Clarke slips one finger inside herself and comes as Lexa thrusts her hips forward, tenses, and comes with a grunt, filling her throat with thick cum. The Alpha thrusts once, then twice, and then pulls out slightly, letting her release fill Clarke’s mouth.

Clarke swallows and swallows, letting the salty flavor coat her tongue and trying to keep it all inside her but there’s too much of it, and some dribbles out of her mouth.

Lexa grunts, pushing Clarke’s head down again until her nose is against Lexa’s pubic hair and sends the last spurts of her seed down Clarke’s throat.

Lexa sighs, lets up the pressure against the back of Clarke’s head and takes her dick out of Clarke’s mouth.

Clarke takes a deep breath, still tasting Lexa’s release and looks at Lexa’s dick. It still looks painfully hard, throbbing, engorged and covered in her saliva. She can’t believe she fit that inside her throat. She can’t believe she’ll fit that inside her cunt, especially with the visible knot  already forming at the base.

But she wants it, she’s dripping for it. She needs to be filled by it, stretched open by it, split apart.

“Are you ready, Clarke?” Lexa asks.

Clarke is past ready, she’s just pure need. She nods.

Lexa helps her back up, kissing her slowly, deliberately. Clarke wants to scream.

She starts palming at Lexa’s clothes, tugging, tearing, anything to get them off .

Weirdly, Lexa doesn’t protest against her taking charge. Instead, she lets herself be undressed by the Omega, all the while kissing her and touching her, sending jolts of arousal up Clarke’s spine every time her fingers graze her clit.

When Lexa is finally, thankfully naked, she’s apparently had enough of letting Clarke be in charge. She deftly turns Clarke over and starts kissing Clarke’s neck, her breasts flush against the Omega’s back, her dick hard in between Clarke’s asschecks.

“I’ve waited so long for this, Clarke,” Lexa whispers against her ear, and pushes Clarke's head down.

Clarke doesn’t fight it, letting Lexa push her head against the bed, lifting her ass up, setting herself in the perfect position to be claimed, to be knotted.

Lexa doesn’t waste anymore time, with one hand still keeping Clarke’s head against the furs, the other one lines her cock against Clarke's dripping entrance.

And she pushes in.

Clarke moans in pain and pleasure against the furs as the fat head of Lexa’s dick stretches her pussy, forcing her open slowly around her girth. It hurts , no matter how slow Lexa goes, and still Clarke only wants more, to be spread completely, filled to the brim with Lexa’s dick.

Lexa lets go of her hair. She moves both hands towards Clarke’s hips, and pushes forward, slowly filling Clarke’s cunt, pushing one inch of her dick inside it at a time.

Clarke doesn’t try to move, bracing her weight on her elbows, keeping her head down in submission.

Even through the haze of her heat and the pleasure of Lexa’s dick slipping further and further inside her, claiming her, she still hears the voice inside her head that reminds her that she better get used to it. She better get used to the Commander pushing her down and submitting her, that the power of Wanheda is all but gone now, that this is all she is good for anymore.

“More, Lexa,” Clarke begs, wanting to shut off her thoughts, “Please.”

Lexa obliges, thrusting harshly against Clarke, sheathing the rest of her dick inside her wet, tight heat in one swift motion.

Clarke gasps at the pain and the fullness.

She breathes out, her inner Omega finally on the way to being sated . She's finally full, filled with Lexa’s dick all the way to her cervix. She’s stretched open around her girth, she doesn’t feel the aching emptiness anymore.

Now she needs to be fucked .

She grinds her hips and moans as Lexa gets the message, and starts moving slowly, too slowly.

She gets that Lexa might not want to damage her property , but she doesn’t care, she just needs Lexa to fuck her. To fuck the emptiness out of her in a way that Niylah couldn't.

“Lexa, please, fuck me, claim me,” Clarke moans, “please, I want it. I can’t take it.”

Lexa inhales sharply, as if trying to contain herself and Clarke whines when she feels her grip tighten painfully on her hips.

“Please.” Clarke breathes again, pushing her ass towards Lexa.

And that does it. Lexa pulls out until only the tip of her cock is inside Clarke, and thrusts with all her strength.

Clarke sees stars, gasping in pleasure.

Lexa sets a punishing pace, impaling Clarke on her cock, hitting all the right places again and again and again. Barely letting Clarke breathe before she thrusts back in, stealing the air from her lungs.

When Clarke’s almost delirious from her heat and the feeling of Lexa’s dick pumping in and out her cunt, claiming her, Lexa moves one hard to her cunt, stroking her clit.

It only takes one pinch for Clarke to come undone, moaning and gasping, clamping down on Lexa’s dick as she comes hard. Harder than she’s ever come before.

Lexa keeps pumping slowly, letting Clarke ride down her orgasm, and then, once Clarke’s pussy stops clenching down, she starts pushing forward slowly and deliberately.

Clarke feels Lexa’s knot against her entrance. There’s no way that’s going to fit. She already feels stretched to the limit on Lexa’s cock, the knot will split her apart.

But she wants it, more than she’s wanted anything in her life.

“Clarke,” Lexa pants, and Clarke can feel her hands trembling where they grab her hips, ready to lose control, “I’m going to -- can I?”

Briefly, Clarke wonders why she’s even asking but her inner Omega doesn’t give her time to ponder.

“Do it,” she says, “knot me, come inside me, Lexa.”

Lexa grunts and pushes forward, bracing her hands on either side of Clarke’s head. Slowly, the knot starts pushing in. Clarke shuts her eyes in pain and digs her nails into Lexa’s arms, breaking the skin.

Lexa hisses but doesn’t stop pushing until the widest part of her knot, miraculously, finally pops in, Clarke's entrance sealing and tying them together.

Lexa grunts, takes her mouth back to Clarke’s shoulder and bites down as she thrusts forcefully one more time, emptying herself inside Clarke.

Clarke comes again around Lexa’s cock as she feels the hot, thick spurts of Lexa’s semen filling her up, one after another, filling her belly with the Commander seed, thrust after thrust sending more of it inside her womb, until she’s certain she won’t be able to take anymore.

Finally, Lexa sighs and with one last thrust of her hips, collapses against Clarke’s back, sucking on where her teeth, again, broke skin.

Clarke sighs. She truly is Lexa’s now.


When they finally manage to separate, Clarke feels her senses come back to her.

And wishes her heat would come back.

She hates Lexa, she hates the Ice Nation, and she hates herself, most of all, for submitting so thoroughly: for letting her heat take over. She touches her stomach, feeling it full of Lexa’s cum. Lexa has claimed and mated her and probably breed her as well.

She turns around, and finds Lexa’s green eyes staring back at her.

“I’m sorry,” she says,“for being so rough -- this wasn’t my intention, your heat -”

She trails off, averting her eyes.

Clarke doesn’t believe her, but it doesn't matter, what’s done it’s done. She just hopes this means something. She just hopes she can keep her people - Lexa’s people - safe.

“If you betray me again,” she starts to say but Lexa doesn’t let her finish.

“I won’t,” she interrupts.

She takes Clarke’s hand, and guides her to her chest, over her heart. Clarke hates how the steady rhythm of if and the pheromones the Alpha's pumping out calm her.

And then, Lexa tilts her head to the side and Clarke would have to rip her own heart out her chest for it not to flutter at the sight.

There’s no mistaking that gesture and Clarke can’t help but to gasp in surprise.

“As you are mine, I am yours, Clarke kom Skaikru,” Lexa says.

Clarke can’t even stop to think about it. She surges forward, closing her mouth around Lexa’s shoulder. She can’t afford to bite her anywhere that’d be too visible in the Commander’s attire, they can’t afford it, but feels a thrill at the thought that Lexa would let her .

“I vow to treat your needs as my own, and your people as my people,” Lexa continues as Clarke gently sucks on her shoulder.

“Let us lead our people together, Clarke.”

Clarke bites down and as Lexa hisses, something inside her stills. There’s still a darkness swirling inside her, the guilt, the hurt, the mistrust, Lexa’s seed in her belly and what it might bring, and a war coming they might not survive.

But it’s a start.