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The Loveliest Thing In The World

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"Honestly, I've never seen anything lovelier. So graceful... So full of life... And those hazel-brown eyes that make you feel like you're the only man in the room." Mason swoons, elbow resting on his knee, chin resting in his palm and eyes glazed over as he day dreams.

Stiles snorts, sitting on the couch beside him, books and papers strewn everywhere. "Plus, six cocks - any gay man's gonna love that."

"Wait - what?" Mason snaps back to reality with a frown. "Corey doesn't have six cocks... Right?"

Stiles chuckles as she points down to the open book sitting on his lap. "Solarus, the Ravager. And yeah, he's the one from Lydia's vision."

Mason nods, glances down to read aloud. "Coming to destroy the ones who took his mate."

"That would be Derek." Stiles huffs. "But don't worry, Lydia said the demon's not gonna be here for another fortnight yet. We can label him under pending."

Mason nods, hands the book over when she makes grabby hands.

"So, are you gonna ask him to marry you or not?" Stiles asks as she tries to reorganise her files.

"Who? The demon?" Mason looks lost, caught in his own world again.

Stiles chuckles, shakes her head at his adorableness. "Corey."

"Oh." Mason leans back in his seat and sighs loudly. "Well, yeah, I mean, it's going really well, I think."

"Well, good, 'cause it's only been, like, eleven years." Stiles rolls her eyes, and merely grins cheekily when he glares at her.

"Hey, it's not easy dating a hot, young chimera dude." Mason pouts.

Stiles scoffs. "Please, you love it."

Mason blushes lightly. "Look, the point is, I have to time it right. I'll make my move when I feel that the iron is hot enough."

Stiles let's out a little, but very unladylike snort, earning her another glare in the process. "Well, get it done, Casanova. Just so I can hear about something other than what new supernatural creature's trying to kill us this week, and so that you can do something other than "feel" your "hot iron"."

"Am I really that boring on the subject?" Mason smiles sheepishly, feels slightly awkward now.

Stiles sighs, shakes her head in defeat. "You're not that bad. Don't worry, you're nowhere near as bad as Scott was with Kira. Jesus. That was painful, even for me."

Mason chuckles. "Yeah, I heard about that through the nerdvine. Scott told Liam, Liam told me."

"Naturally." Stiles rolls her eyes, but can't help grinning. "And y'know, there was that one drunken time where you thought that I was the loveliest thing in the world."

Mason looks like a deer caught in the headlights. "Well, I, uh... I mean... You know how I -"

"At ease, soldier. I'm just messing with you." Stiles cackles when he sends her yet another glare. "And besides," She huffs. "I just like to hear it every now and then. I mean, Derek's been busy with work lately, so the only action get is with my trusty dildo, good ol' Mister Pointy..."

Mason arches a brow, smirks slightly when he sees her eyes widen with realisation of what she's just blurted out. "Ahem," He clears his throat, pretends to read one of the papers from the coffee table in front of him. "I'm sorry, I missed what you said on that last part."

Even as she blushes deeply in mortification, Stiles manages a genuine grateful smile. "You are a gentlemen."

"What did he miss?" Derek's voice booms from the front door of their house: the fully restored Hale Manor.

"None of your business." Stiles shoots him a stern look when he finally reaches the large living room.

Derek pouts at her just as another little figure comes running into the room behind him.

"Mama's gonna kill you, pa." The little seven year old girl with similar raven black hair and bright green eyes glares up at the older wolf.

"What? Why?" Stiles narrows her eyes at her husband.

Derek narrows his eyes down at his daughter. "You little ratter." He reaches out, ruffles her hair, because he knows she hates it.

"Ugh! Stop!" Claudia pushes his hand away, glare intensifying on her old man.

"What happened?" Stiles asks, excitedly. "Did you get the tickets or not?"

"Oh, I got tickets." Derek nods, smiles sheepishly.

Stiles doesn't care about anything else in that moment, however, and squeals happily, clapping her hands eagerly. "Oh, my God! Thank you! Seriously! You guys are gonna love Metallica! They are gonna rock your frigging socks off!"

"He didn't get Metallica tickets." Claudia scoffs, both sounds and looks very much like her mother.

Stiles freezes, eyes wide as they drift slowly back towards her husband. "Um, what?"

"Ask me why I'm smiling." Derek says, smiling widely, proudly even.

"I will, because it's scaring me." Stiles says, dread thick in her voice. "Why're you smiling?"

"We," Derek reaches into his back pocket and pulls out the bunch of tickets. "Are going to the infamous Blinnikov World Ballet Tour, tomorrow night."

"W-what?" Stiles blinks, eyes wide, seemingly speechless.

Claudia takes this moment to dart passed the chaos that's about to ensue and make her way up to her bedroom while they duke it out.

"Yeah, I got to the ticket place and there it was, one night only. It's a fricking classic." Derek grins, clearly very happy with himself.

"Okay, putting aside the disturbing fact that you like Ballet,"

Derek shoots his wife a withering look.

"I have always wanted to go and see Metallica. It's like, one of my dreams. It's on my bucketlist. And I really, really wanna go see Metallica..."

"I promise, I'll take you to see them, for your birthday, in fact, which is only two months away. Whatever country they're in at the time, we'll go, I promise you that, but seriously, Stiles, it's Blinnikov World Ballet Corps!"

"He says that like it has meaning." Mason cuts in.

"Right?" Stiles agrees.

"This is one of the world's finest premiere companies. And they'll be performing 'Giselle! It's their signature piece!"

Stiles and Mason arch a brow at one another, clearly both unimpressed.

Derek scoffs loudly. "And you all say that I'm the one who's uncultured! Pff!"

"This is all like, some horrible, horrible nightmare..." Stiles mumbles, lips actually quivering.

Derek merely rolls his eyes at her dramatic behaviour. Although, he secretly loves it. Loves every single God damn thing about his mate.

"I think I've heard of them." Lydia says as she finally resurfaces from the kitchen. "Very ahead of their time."

Stiles merely scoffs, obviously unhappy as she folds her arms and slouches back in her seat.

"Oh, yeah." Derek nods, all too eager to finally have someone else to share this with... Maybe... Hopefully... Anybody... Seriously... "You remember when Peter and I were lost in time?"

"Uh-huh." Lydia nods as she makes herself comfortable on the opposite couch, shoving her phone back into her bra.

"Well, we ended up in England, nineteen-twenties at one point, and Giselle just so happened to be playing up the West End in London, so we thought we'd kill some time and check it out and..." Derek takes a moment to breathe, to appreciate all over again. Like he will be doing tomorrow when they actually go to see it. "Oh, my God... Seriously... It was breathtaking. I mean, I can't describe it any other way."

"Gay." Stiles grumbles.

Derek shoots her a smug smirk, to which she glares in return.

"Well, I think it sounds exciting." Lydia grins. "It'll be nice to have a normal night out to ourselves. It's been a while."

Mason nods, looks on thoughtfully. "Will we have to dress up formally?"

Derek nods. "Yes. Definitely."

"Well, then, I'm definitely in." Lydia says.

"Me, too." Mason grins.

"Why does God hate me?" Stiles mutters.

"Get over, honey." Derek smirks, enjoying this all far too much.


"Is it gonna be okay, or is it gonna stain?" Derek's one minute away from having a nervous breakdown, but somehow, he's hanging on, still.

"Oh, relax, will you? I've got the soda working overtime here." John huffs, standing behind the wolf as he uses a washcloth to wipe of the small amount of puke on his left shoulder.

"Okay, good." Derek nods, takes a couple of deep breaths to steel himself.

"Man," John chuckles. "Little Jimmy burps like a champ."

"Yeah." Derek smiles to himself. "But at least he's finally sleeping."

"Well, who wouldn't be with that sweet, little Irish lullaby you were singing them." John teases.

Derek hides the blush quickly rising to his entire face. "You heard that, huh?"

"Hey, you do better than I do."

Derek smiles.

"Anyway, what's got you all fidgety?"

"Oh, uh..." Derek flushes ever harder, and this time he can't hide it when the Sheriff finishes what he's doing and walks around to face him.

"Oh, God, what's wrong?" John looks simply dreaded.

"No, nothing's wrong, don't worry." Because Derek feels he needs to confirm that immediately.

"Good... Good." The Sheriff sighs, clearly deflates with relief. "Okay, so, what's up?"

"I really don't think it's something I should be discussing with my wife's father, if you know what I mean..." Derek smiles sheepishly.

"Oh... Oh." John arches a brow, then, without missing a beat, casually asks, "What's the problem? Can't get it up anymore? I didn't think that'd be a problem for you werewolves."

"Oh... My God. No. That's not -" Derek withers and dies a little on the inside, what little of his childhood ignorance, now gone forever.

"Listen, kiddo, as long as you spare me the details, you can talk to me about anything." John shoots the younger man; his son-in-law a meaningful look.

Derek sighs, clearly defeated. "It's just... It's been a while since we, uh... Y'know..."

John silently gulps, but holds his composure and nods. "How long?"

"Since..." Derek sighs heavily, shoulders sagging. "Since we had Jimmy."

"Nine months!?" John blurts out, hands closing over his mouth in shock at his outburst.

Derek can't help smiling slightly, ever reminded of Stiles. "Heh... Yeah..."

"Holy f - okay, alright," John takes a deep breath. "Y'know what? The kids can stay here for the weekend, and if I get called out, Melissa can stop by."

"Wha - really?"

"Yes. Oh, my God, yes. Seriously. Go before your marriage breaks."

Derek blinks.

Well... Alright, then.