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Five Men Dean Winchester Had To Leave And One He Never Will

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Season 04, Episode 14: Sex And Violence


The one thing Dean would have loved to say was that wanting to get into Nick Munroe’s pants had been a consequence of the siren’s venom. But he knew no poison should have been needed to initiate their first kiss as they sat in the car outside the cocktail bar. 

Not that he’d tell anyone, but Dean had become consumed with desire all on his own. Ever since their shared investigation at the strip club. Dean had checked out guys before and wondered but not until Nick did he ever really consider acting upon it.

Okay, so maybe a bit of siren magic had to happen. Still, Dean couldn’t help but think of their encounter as a nice one. No, not nice… fucking amazing! A real eye opener.

As they waited for Dr. Quinn to come back out of the bar, huddled in the shadows of Nick’s car, Dean couldn’t ignore the temperature rising. As Nick’s tainted saliva made its way through his system, he couldn’t find the will to fight his attraction to Nick anymore. 

“You really should have wiped the lip of that thing before you drank from it, Dean.”

The hunter gulped, knowing he was in deep trouble even though unable to really care about it.

“I should be your little brother,” Nick continued, making Dean’s heart speed up. All he wanted was to scream that no, he didn’t want a brother. What he wanted, what he needed, was a lover. 

“Sam, you can’t trust him, not like you can trust me.” Nick glanced at his true self in the mirror before looking back at Dean. “In fact, I really feel like you should get him out of the way so that we can be brothers… forever.” 

Nick’s voice was low and soft, sending shivers throughout Dean’s whole body.

“Yeah… yeah, you’re right,” Dean heard himself agree after a short pause.

He came to realize that Nick’s apparent tenderness had all been an act but at the time, he believed and relished in it. Whatever he had been craving, would it be love, attention, or even simple respect, all of it was displayed for him to see in the other man’s fiery stare.

It felt natural for Dean to lean in until his lips softly brushed Nick’s. He didn’t push, elated by the sensation but worried that the other man would move away. His breath hitched when he felt Nick start kissing him back. 

From this moment on, Dean couldn’t be certain the lust had entirely been his own. He’d always been quite the hedonist but never in his life had he ever felt this hungry, this aroused. Their kissing soon turned sloppy, their hands already working on each other’s pants.

Having another man’s dick between his fingers somehow didn’t register as strange to Dean. With Nick’s hand on Dean’s own erect member, mirroring his rhythm, it almost felt like he was pleasuring himself. Except that he wasn’t, the mouth sucking a bruise on his neck a clear reminder of Nick’s presence.

Maybe it was the novelty of it all, or just how awesome Nick presented himself to be, but Dean came embarrassedly fast, muffling his raspy moans with his face in Nick’s jacket.

“Fuck…” he croaked into the fabric. “That was… jesus…”

“Imagine this for the rest of your life,” Nick murmured as he came in Dean’s hand, making the hunter shiver in excitement.

It didn’t take much effort on the siren’s part to convince Dean to go take care of Sam right this minute. The hunter knew – or at least it felt like he did – that his brother would never accept Nick into their lives; he was too needy, too demanding… but most of all, he wasn’t Nick. 

At the time, it all made sense, it really did. 

Only after getting a shot of Nick’s venom in the face did Sam come to agree wholeheartedly with Dean. Not only about Nick being awesome, but also about wanting to be with him forever. As lust made the blood bubble up in his veins, Sam could only think about eliminating the only thing between him and the object of his desire.

And whatever accusations Dean would spew at him, it made no difference. All Sam knew was that the older Winchester had to disappear. Only then could he go and be able to fuck Nick against that awful rococo wallpaper.

The rest, the fist fight and the angry words, it was all hazy. Nothing seemed to make it through the siren induced fog until Bobby came in, preventing Sam from getting axed. Bobby stabbed Dean before throwing the bloody knife at Nick’s back, killing him instantly. Only then could the brothers think clearly again.

Some time later the three men were standing near the highway, sipping on cold sodas. Before they parted ways, Sam made sure to thank the older man.

“Thanks, Bobby… if you hadn’t shown up when you did– ”

“Did the same for me, more than once,” Bobby said, dismissive. “Of course, you could have picked up the phone. It only took one call to figure out that Agent Nick Munroe wasn’t real.”

Dean tried to ignore the pang in his heart, making sure to evade Bobby’s inquisitive stare on him. Sam’s version of the story had been all about brotherly companionship. Dean certainly couldn’t have claimed the same and yet he did. As he agreed with his brother, Dean could have sworn it caused Bobby to quirk an eyebrow. But if he didn’t believe him, Bobby never said a word about it.

Despite himself, the memories of the short-lived affair – if he could call it that – still made Dean tremble with want. All his life he had been able to keep his lust for the male flesh hidden, even from himself. But now that Nick had helped fulfill some of those fantasies, there was no way they could be pushed down ever again.

Except that he did.



To be continued…