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drowned out

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—drowning out my heartbeats and i can't feel them anymore
so come here i need you
what do you think i've been saying i'm all right
i have a surplus of rhythm so i need to waste my time
but it's okay don't cry didn't anyone tell you it's no use
especially not here with sound as my readymade noose
you could save me from this pit but i can't escape the pendulum
i know the day hasn't yet started but i'm already done
because i'm terrified i'll never choose my dying song
the beat will pound like it's been pounding all along
come here i need you too businesslike
the drums will drive me out of town and toward the electric light
if i'm anyone i'm not one to give in without a fight
don't try to stop the nosebleed, i've just snapped myself again
well you should be asking not why i did but when
come here i need you
i smirk and say that it wasn't too long for me
short and shocking decades, little centuries
to be honest i can't feel them anymore
they skitter by and catch my eye and then they're out the door
the other day i remember that i said
and please don't disregard this it's been circling my head
i told you i'm scared you said of the drums i know
i nodded like an idiot and then told you to go
sorry but it's not the sound that terrifies
it's the knowledge that it'll be the tune to which i die
or one day if they ever stop if one night they do
i'll be screaming like a heretic come back i need you
and love love i know i'm hard to hear above the din
but if you knew anything about me you'd know that this whole time i've been—