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Apollo's Journal entry on his 25th birthday

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I can't believe him. He had to have known. There's no way around that. Of all the birthday presents I could get when I turn 25, it's the one thing I gave up wishing for when I was twelve. She's late and she thinks that somehow I can forgive her for that?

I don't talk about it much anymore, but when I was little, every year on my birthday when someone told me to make a wish before I blew out the candles, depending on how hopeless I felt, I either wished I was dead or that my "real family" would burst through the door and tell me everything was a huge fucking mistake and take me home to love and care for me. Nothing ever came of those wishes, so I stopped wishing all together. Hope dies when it doesn't have anywhere to grow.

Once I stopped wishing, I attempted to take matters into my own hands since I didn't think anyone cared. I ended up first with a juvenile record for breaking into cars and later under a 5150. After some time, someone asked me if money was no object, what did I want to do with myself. I told them that as a kid when I wasn't wishing I was dead, I wanted to be a lawyer like Mr. Wright had been.

And that's how I met Mr. Gavin.