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True Love got you into this Mess. It better get you out.

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In all her years of existence, Regina honestly never expected to be here of all places. She avoided the stench of homeyness and grease on a daily basis unless she strode in there, particularly in need of a kale salad, which she herself was surprised to see was practically immaculate in presentation and taste. But now, she was back in there and away from her son, who was God knows where with that damn wolf. Granny’s, she sighed to herself. It’s only Everyone’s favourite sardine can, she rolled her eyes. She never thought she’d have to be put through the most irritatingly long ‘meeting’ between Emma Swan’s parents- idiot one and idiot two, or as they prefer, Snow White and Prince Charming. She could’ve sworn she’d done everything in her power to avoid this cell frying sit down, but alas, here she was and sitting next to the insufferable blonde no less. She only chanced a glance at the blonde who had managed to keep her head hung low, more so to avoid Regina’s glare more than avoid her parents’ reprimanding words. Them, she could handle, but Regina was a completely different story alltogether. Regina sighed just as much as she groaned internally at the fact that Emma had her wedged between the wall and herself. If she could just escape, if she could only- Wait- she can poof. Why in the hell didn’t she think of this sooner. POOF!


“Why did I not think of that sooner,” she reprimanded herself as she sighed heavily, kicking off her heels and toeing them to the side before waltzing into her kitchen and setting the tea kettle. After what was.. only God knows what that was, she needed a cup and quite frankly a bottle of scotch or bourbon. Something dark and something burning. She exited her kitchen, in search of either of the two and settled into her study at her desk. Regina pulled open her drawer that she kept not just her spare alcohol in, but cookies or chocolate if she was ever in need of a sugar fix, which was rare. She pulled out a half a bottle of bourbon, cinnamon flavoured at that and hummed excitedly as she rose and went back to her kitchen. What she did not expect was who would be waiting for her when she got there.


“What the hell, Regina! Why the hell did you just poof away like that?” Emma yelled as she spun around to face the brunette and the woman eyed her as if she were stupid. Who am I fooling, she is stupid! “ You had my parents thinking I did something to upset you and then that just got them started on why we’re not a good idea! Can you just give me a heads up before you literally decide you’re going to just poof out of nowhere! You left me there looking like an idiot because I couldn’t explain to them what was wrong and why you just up and disappeared. I thought we agreed on this!”

“Miss Swan, last time I checked, I agreed to nothing of the sort. I merely made a noise of displeasure-NOT acknowledgment. This was your hair-brained scheme of idiocy. Absolutely no thought of consequences of any sort is your way of decision making. You decided to just jump and make a decision for someone else without their consent and their knowledge of the issue. You literally have no idea how much you lack consideration for another. And this- this, dear, was and IS your fault- Not mine, so do refrain from believing that you have any- if all for that matter, reason to be upset with me when this. Was. Your. Damn. Fault,” Regina seethed as she stalked towards the blonde, poking her in the chest with each enunciation. Emma floundered at Regina’s words, but more so decided to remain quiet considering Regina was highly correct on that matter.

“You were the one that claimed true love which got us both into this mess. You better hope for the sake of your miserable life it can get you out before I fry your ass into the next millennia.”




It was Wednesday and the brunette mother’s usual morning routine consisted of her waking at the earliest hour that Emma would otherwise deem ungodly, take herself a nice shower and get dressed before waking her log of a son up and sending him off to do the same. She would make them both breakfast, him more so than herself and it was pancakes practically every morning, yet another thing that linked him to his blonde mother. That along with his angrily loud footsteps that he himself couldn’t seem to control or hear paired with his lack of ability in the whispering department, all screamed Swan. Regina would settle for a cup of coffee or tea in the morning followed by a light bowl of fruit and then she’d wash up their dishes and wait with him until he was completely done and ready to go. She would drop him off at the gate opening for his school, along with his overnight bag, on Wednesdays. He would spend Wednesday to Wednesday with them both instead of the one long Sunday to Sunday where he was most likely to forget half of his things at either of his homes.


It irritated her to no end how they had quickly fallen into a routine of that hump day to hump day ritual. It also irritated her how they functioned much like a divorced couple. One would get him up and dressed and off to school along with his needed things and the other would pick him up and ask him about school and his other parent and how his week was with her which would always receive a rather long and imaginative story by the boy. And as if the week they spent with him wasn’t enough, invitations to family dinners with just the three of them were extended when either had him. The olive branches were seriously trees by the time they cracked past the one year arrangement. But, as if that wasn’t enough, it nearly drove her mad that she found herself impressed that both she and Emma could be very cordial- practically social, when it came to Henry. They could literally cooperate well enough to not only discipline him but parent him in the simplest of forms and that didn’t go unnoticed by their teen son considering he was the one teasing them about it most. After Emma had asked him if he preferred that or the fighting, he’d quickly said he much preferred when they can communicate because he can’t stay organized if his life had depended on it, but he further said neither could Emma and the blonde groaned at him but Regina merely smirked because he was right and they all knew that.


Regina sighed to herself and got up mere seconds before her alarm kicked off and quickly silenced the blasted thing. She’d no clue why she invested in it, because she had her own internal clock and it always- without fail, woke her at 5:59 am each morning, didn’t matter if it was a weekend or weekday, she was up and she couldn’t just go back to sleep. Her light pattering of feet across the carpeted flooring in her room led her to her en suite and towards the tap for her shower. Regina, though she took many in the Enchanted Forest, hated baths. She couldn’t stand to sit in her own body dirt, but realized that every once in a while, she did enjoy just soaking in her tub, if nothing else. She turned the tap on and set the water for her usual temperature and climbed in after stripping gracefully. The warm pulsating jets of the showerhead beat down on her caramel skin, allowing her pores to open and breathe as well as ease the tension she usually had in the mornings. She showered and did her usual which was always an eight minute shower before she stepped back out and wiped the fog from the mirror. Regina then brushed her teeth in silence before she spat, gargled and rinsed. She pattered through her room once more and deposited her clothes in the hamper before she rifled through her drawer and pulled out her underwear and bra. They always matched and they were always either red or black. Never another colour to be seen in her drawer. She dropped her towel and put on her underclothes before she went into her walk in and sifted through her usuals and settled on her blue silk shirt with her tailoured black trousers and black pumps. Regina also pulled her tweed coat from the hangers and laid it out on the bed before she did a simple touch up with make up. She barely wore foundation, but never missed a chance to wear a light gloss or her red lipstick, but she was going to wear something simple and just tousle her ponytailed hair. She grabbed her jacket and exited her room to go to Henry’s. She gently shook him awake and was met by a groan which translated to I’m up but I don’t wanna be.


“ I’ll go make breakfast.. Pancakes?” she queried and he shook his head. She smiled because, what else would he possibly want to eat. “ Bacon and eggs?” He shook his head again and she rubbed his back. “ Okay,” she conceded. “ Don’t forget your overnight bag and your toothbrush,” she reminded and he groaned again, but it wasn’t an upset groan. No, this was the I got it, mom  groan. Regina patted his back once more before exiting, shutting his room door and descending the stairs.




Regina was barely even half way through beginning breakfast when her phone rang. She’d tried to figure out who it could possibly be, but quickly realized only one person would call and interrupt her in the morning and that was anyone from the Charming clan, more precisely, Emma.

“What is it, Swan,” Regina sighed into the microphone. She’d paused her attempts at mixing pancake batter for the moment as she regarded the blonde on the other end of the phone.

“Uhh.. umm, I was just calling to say good morning and, uhh I hope you have a good day and stuff,” the blonde sputtered out and if Regina could see her now she’d know Emma was probably kicking herself for the lack of proper english.

“Stuff,” Regina raised a critical brow. She sighed once more. “ Miss Swan, what have you managed to screw up this time,” Regina pushed and Emma quickly answered.

“Nothing- nothing...just- if my mom calls, ignore her,” she requested weakly, almost as if it was a question.

“You’re saying that as if I don’t on a regular basis, Miss Swan,” Regina bit out as she settled against the island.

“I know, but she’s a bit more… just avoid her okay,” Emma breathed heavily at her own request and Regina regarded it for a moment.

“Is she running around spreading her usual ignorant cheer or is she the hormonal mess she’s always been,” Regina teased and Emma whined.

“Seriously, just avoid her. I kind of.. upset her and she may come after you in the process,”

“Your mother does realize I possess magic and I can and will toss her several hundred feet away if I so please,” the brunette reminded and Emma gulped.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that,” the blonde said after a moment and Regina decided to return to her task at hand.

“Yes well, tell her to remain within said several hundred feet of me and she’ll be unharmed.” There was a moment of silence for a bit until Emma finally opened her mouth.

“So, what are you doing,”

“What I do every morning, Miss Swan. Make Henry breakfast,”

“Oh,” the blonde blushed. “ What are you making him,”

“The same thing he wants every morning. Pancakes,” Regina shook her head as she continued on in batter making. Emma somewhat grimaced at that.

“Shouldn’t he be stalled of that by now?”

“One would think, but no. Henry’s somehow managed to eat these for three years straight. Then again, he will usually only eat one or two, depending on his mood,” Regina acknowledged. She didn’t realize that she hadn’t managed to insult the blonde the way she usually would and Emma prayed to the Gods it would remain that way.. at least until she could sort things out.

“Hmm, kid’s got some serious habits,”

“Yes well, he’s much like you in that way,” Regina hummed as she sprayed the griddle and waited for it to heat up a bit more.

“I don’t think so,” Emma argued and Regina made a noise of inquiry. The blonde went on, surprised she hasn’t managed to crack yet, but she was definitely shitting bricks. “Well, I mean, he’s been around you for ten years and all he’s managed to do was be exactly the way you were and are,”

“I don’t quite follow,”

“Defiant,” Emma said as if that’s all that needed to be said and Regina laughed loudly.

“Miss Swan, that trait, Henry did not acquire from me. You must have me confused with your precious Baelfire or yourself-,” there were footsteps. The heavy kind and they were descending the stairs two at a time. Regina sighed to herself and shook her head.

“I take it that sound in the back is our son,” Emma inquired and Regina nodded though she could not be seen.

“Morning, mom,” Henry spoke with a bit of a crack in his voice. That was to be expected since he was thirteen now.  Regina turned to regard him for but a moment with a smile.

“Good morning, sweetheart, did you bring your overnight bag down?” He nodded and she smiled. He tilted his head and pointed to the phone to ask who it was and she mouthed the name Emma to him. He brightened at the mention of his blonde mother’s name and she wordlessly handed the phone over.

“Hey, Ma,” he grinned and was off and out of the kitchen which gave Regina the much needed time to finish breakfast.




Once she was done and plated his meal, she went to find him only to bump into him on the way out. A small oof left both their lips on collision.

“Careful, dear,” she said as she held him up,

“Sorry, mom,” he blushed and she stroked his hair from his face.

“It’s quite alright, now come. We need to feed you and leave so that you’re on time,”





“Are you excited to stay with Emma for the week,” she asked as she sipped her tea and watched her son nearly devour his food. He did so with much less mess than Emma, but still, he was the blonde just the same.

“Yeah, but I’m always happy to see her. I’m always happy to see both of you,” Henry shrugged as if it were nothing, which to him it wasn’t. “ Oh, mom, before I forget. Did you sign my permission slip for the trip to StoryBuilders?” the teen asked with a slight grin on his face. His class was to go to the construction sites that the town’s one and only construction company kept business of. StoryBuilders was a place Henry had always dreamed of going to just because he knew they’d let them onto the tractors and forklifts and what not. Regina nodded.

“I did. Emma and I both did,” Regina smiled at him. “ It’s on the table in the foyer, don’t forget it, okay,”

“Trust me. I won’t,” he smiled wider as he finished his meal and for the first time in about a month, Henry offered to do the dishes which of course Regina declined, but she appreciated his effort and his willingness, even if it was only fueled by a full stomach or signed permission slip.


Regina washed up the dishes and waited for Henry to gather his bags and slip before they were out the door and driving towards his school. Before the boy exited the car he looked over at his mother and spoke.

“Hey mom, if anyone upsets you today, could you just like.. ignore them,” he tried, but he was sounding a little too much like Emma right then and there.

“Henry,” she began. “ What has your mother told you,”

“Nothing,” he answered quickly but her eyes narrowed in on him and he deflated. “ Okay, she said she told Grandma some things and Grandma might come and fly off the handles at you and she told me to try and convince you to you know- shrug it off,” he ended and had the decency to blush for lying. Regina’s mouth twitched for a moment, so many questions on her mind in that exact time frame, but she held them in. Instead she brushed back her son’s hair and kissed his forehead.

“I can’t make any promises, but I will try,” she gave him a small but reassuring smile. Henry sighed in relief and nodded before he told her goodbye and walked through the gate of his school. He knew damn well his mother’s version of trying is one warning and fireballs after. He quickly sent out a text to his blonde mother which read,


You are so dead! and that made the blonde groan at the screen. Emma’s head fell onto her desk with a thud as she thought about how royally she’d just fucked up.

“Why?.. why, why, why, why, why,” the blonde muttered to herself as she pounded her head against the desk with each question.

“Why what?” came the voice of her father as he raised a brow at his child. Emma waved him off, head still firmly planted onto the wooden desk. David took a seat next to her and rubbed her back. “ What’s the matter, sweetheart,” David asked. The term of endearment would usually make her feel.. confused, but right at that moment she just felt flat out uncomfortable. She still hadn’t completely come to terms with any of the mushy names they put on her, but she had managed to acknowledge and accept they were not only her parents but that they loved her and she loved them. Still, terms of endearment made her want to throw up.

“Nothing,” Emma finally got out. “ Just.. Regina and Henry. I called to check on them earlier, you know her. Sassy and he’s just a smart ass,” the blonde laughed but she sounded like she was in pain.

“Sounds like them,” David grinned as he continued to rub her back. “But they’re yours now and you have to love them no matter what,” David continued and she’d hug her dad if she didn’t feel like punching his naive ass right then and there.

“Uhuh, thanks dad,” Emma mumbled and rose from her seat with a sigh.




“Good morning, Madame Mayor,” Regina’s assistant, Clara smiled as she handed Regina her files for the day. Regina smiled back because Clara was one of the few people who didn’t care whether Regina was the Evil Queen or not, she just liked her job and the benefits she got from it.

“Good morning,Clara. How is your daughter?”

“She’s doing much better thanks to the new family emergency insurance plan you set in place and I can’t thank you enough for that,” the woman grinned as she turned back to her work.

“Well, a mother should not have to sit back and watch her child suffer. I’m glad to hear she’s doing much better,” Regina nodded and Clara paused.

“Thank you, Madame Mayor.., you know, a few people may start talking about how you’ve softened up significantly since Emma arrived and lifted the curse,” the woman teased and Regina glared at her, but Clara knew it meant nothing.


The Mayor had been called at an ungodly hour on a weird Sunday morning and it was Clara on the other end. She was in shambles and sniffling, two things Regina could not handle, but what she’d managed to get out of the woman was that Clara’s little girl had a rare disease and they hadn’t gotten her any form of insurance. Regina had folded within herself because Clara was one of her most favoured amongst assistants. She’d quickly gotten dressed, found their location and took them to the hospital. Regina told them to go straight to the pediatric ward and let her deal with the other things. It took a while but she had managed to not only frighten those on call that evening, but passed a new bill that quickly became a law that everyone in StoryBrooke would have a parent-child insurance plan. Of course that meant that she would have had to have outruled other things and that came at Killian’s cost as well as Robin’s and a few others. Teaching the scouts how to survive- or as Regina put it-Squatting for the Merry Men was overruled and Killian attempting to launch a Spring Break cruise was as well. The insurance plan was more costly than the two combined,but all the more beneficial. Archie’s request to expand his practice by adding at least nine more therapist’s was also overruled as Regina stated he was perfectly capable to handle the small townspeople considering it never seemed to be more than thirty of them in existence. Whale- well, anything Whale ever requested was always shot down because he was just creepy as fuck.


“Back to Work, Clara,” Regina tried to sound demanding but she was smiling.

“Yes ma’am. Oh and your three o’clock cancelled. Miss Swan cancelled as well, but she’d said something about sending in Mulan to bring in the files you asked for,”Clara said and went to think if there was anything else. Regina nodded and wondered why Emma would cancel but shrugged it off. Oh well .

Regina went into her office and shut the door and let out a sigh she didn’t realize she was holding in until she relaxed.

“I am not soft,” she told herself and believed it for all of two minutes before she questioned it. “Am I?” she dropped her head. “Damn it, Miss Swan.” Her office phone rang and her head snapped up. She eyed it for a moment before picking it up.


“Regina?” shit!

“ Yes, Snow. What’s happened now? Has that imbecile of a man you call a husband broken yet another pipe? Or have you forgotten your curriculum for the school year once again?”

“No and no,” Snow answered almost confidently. Both women sighed and Regina wondered why Snow was sighing. “ Why didn’t you tell us,”

“Tell you what,” Regina asked, already aggravated and it showed in the way her face pinched into anger and her voice rose in pitch. Snow sighed once more.

“Okay, I can tell you have too much pride about this, but you could have told us. We would have understood, Regina. I thought we were family,” Snow reprimanded and Regina’s face fell for two reasons. She sighed much more heavily and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Before I hand up on you, Snow…You and I are not family. I was your stepmother against my own will because you couldn’t keep your floundering flap of a mouth shut,” she spat and Snow made a noise as if to answer but thought better of it. “We merely share Henry and that is only through Emma and the physical signature of adoption. Second, what in the name of the Gods are you talking about? Have too much pride about what? And told you What?”

“Nothing, Regina,” Snow finally answered as the pixie haired woman felt there was no trying, but Regina genuinely had no clue what the woman was rambling on about.

“Right,” Regina answered unsure before she rolled her eyes. “Snow,” she called.


“If that’s all. I have work to be done,”

“Of course, Regina,” they hung up. Regina pinched the bridge of her nose once more before she fell into her seat and rested her head on the back of the chair. She eyed the roof and her thoughts ran rampant at why Snow was berating her, more importantly, what she was berating her for.

“Told her what? Who is we?” she asked herself in the quiet of her office. She shook her head. “ I have work to do,” she told herself and set out to do just that.




About half way through Regina’s normal work day and a few small meetings here and there, she decided to go for a walk, the words of Snow White were still plaguing her poor mind and she hated it when things lingered. Regina hadn’t noticed where her feet were taking her until she ended up a few feet away from the Police Department. Regina thought for a moment about going in and figured since there were files that she needed she may as well go in and get them anyway.


As she was walking in, Hook was walking out, glaring at her as if she was the one who cut off his useless hand.

“Your Majesty,” he regarded her, but it wasn’t said with a nice tone. She rose and unimpressed brow at him.

“Pirate,” she acknowledged before she turned to go further into the office. She met David and Emma in conversation. David sat on Emma’s desk and the blonde with her feet up on said desk. Regina rolled her eyes and the click of her heels could be heard as she went along. Emma quickly yanked her feet off the desk and David turned his upper half to regard whoever it was at the door.

“Why is the one handed wonder staring at me as if I just murdered Milah? Why was he here in the first place?”

“I think that’s my cue to go,” David said before he slipped out of his position and handed Regina the stack of files before he exited. Regina held on to them but regarded Emma’s wide eyes.

“Explain,” she commanded as she walked towards Emma and the blonde stood up, fiddling with her already tucked shirt. She bit at her bottom lip and her head snapped downward. She mumbled something that Regina couldn’t hear and that made the woman upset.

“Louder, Swan, I truly do not have all day,”


“Emma Swan, so help me God if you do not speak up and speak clearly I will roast your ass where you stand!” Emma’s mouth clamped shut. The blonde took a deep breath in.

“He was kind of upset over something that had to do with me and you,”

“And that would be?” Regina folded her arms and sat comfortable against the desk across from Emma’s. Emma sighed.

“Something stupid he’s managed to believe,” the blonde waved off and Regina rolled her eyes.

“Well if you deem it stupid then I am not about to sit here and listen to what idiotic thing he’s managed to believe.” Emma sighed in relief. She had just bought herself maybe a few more minutes before she would be skinned alive. Regina didn’t bother asking why Emma cancelled, instead she talked about something else.

“Your coded idiot of a mother called me earlier and questioned me as if I’d once again- killed someone. Please tell her to refrain from speaking to me as if I can read her mind because I clearly have not one idea what the hell it is I’d need to tell her or could have possibly not told her.”

“Sorry about that,”

“Swan,” Regina sighed. “ Unless it actually was your fault, don’t…. wait- is that why you told me to ignore your mother?” Regina’s eyes narrowed. Emma nodded weakly. “ Would this have anything to do with the same thing that imbecile of a pirate thinks to be true?” The blonde nodded again. Regina rolled her eyes.

“I have no time for this. Rumours are just that, Rumours. Clear it up or you will be cleaning up her ashes if she calls to attempt in reprimanding me again.” Emma nodded once more and Regina stood before she pulled her shirt down and exited.


On her way out, she buckled into David and growled.

“For the love of all that exists, please watch where you are going, Shepherd,”

“Sorry, I was just looking through th-,” she held her hand up.

“I don’t care. Now you might want to help your daughter in clearing the air as it relates to your wife because I do not wish to be disturbed by her inability to say what she means or ask me something of actual substance. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” she shouldered her way past him.

“Regina wait,” David said and she turned back with a roll of her eyes.

“What is it,” she asked and David smiled at her.

“Congratulations,” he said before he turned and left.

“FOR. WHAT?” she almost screamed, but settled on yelling, still, she received no answer. Regina threw the files against the wall and left. “Fuck the files,” she muttered as she stomped her way back to her office.




“Hey, Kid,” Emma smiled.

“You are- so dead, Ma,” was the first thing Henry said as he climbed into the bug. He was laughing, of course he would be. Emma groaned and dropped her head on the wheel.

“I couldn’t think of anything else, Henry. They just.. wouldn’t stop asking me. I had to say something,”

“Yeah- but she’s still going to kill you unless you can clear it up before she figures it out, and she will figure it out before the day’s over,”

“How do you know that,” she asked and he looked at her as if she was stupid. Who am I kidding, I am stupid.. sometimes.

“This is my mom we’re talking about. She will figure it out and you better hope to hell you have a better explanation that sputtering because she’ll cook you and serve you to Gram and Gramps,” he grinned.

“You are enjoying this way too much,” she groaned once more.

“Not enough.. so, what’s the plan.. operation…”

“Not get my ass kicked,” Emma offered before she removed her head from the wheel. “ No animals, just operation not get my ass kicked,” she said and Henry shrugged. “ So, where are we going,”

“Well I’ve got a project to do with Mikey and Grace so.. you’re kinda on your own until I get back,”

“Library?” Emma asked, defeated and Henry nodded. Henry pinched his lips inward before he spoke.

“Maybe she’ll go easy on you,” he offered as he rubbed her back.

“Doubt it, but maybe,” Emma responded as she started the bug and drove towards the library.




Regina had made it back to her office with a scowl permanently etched onto her face. Clara just let her fume, neglecting to hand her anymore files that might just end up in her skull or up her ass. The brunette sat and huffed before she stood and paced her office.

“Told them what? Congratulations on what? What in the hell could Emma have told those blubbering idiots? Wha-,” she stopped herself because her phone was ringing. She went over and picked it up… Robin. Why was he calling? Regina answered.


“Regina, hi,” he said and she did not keep herself from rolling her eyes.

“Hello,” she spoke and waited for him to go on.

“I was just calling to say congratulations.” ON WHAT?! She breathed in and out.

“Robin, I’ve the faintest clue as to what you’re referring to and if it’s what I think it is, please refrain from saying congratulations as it’s not nearly a big of a deal as anyone has managed to make it,” she muttered and that was probably a bad thing to do because it just made the man believe whatever he’d been told even more. “ Excuse me, I’ve gotten another call,” she said. It was a lie.

“Of course, goodbye Regina,”

“Mhm,” she made a sound and hung up. She paced.. Could hey have found out already about the law change.. She’d threatened the nurses who were in the hospital that evening to not say anything until she spoke of it, but knowing one of them, they’d be stupid enough to defy her. “ Clara,” she called and the woman poked her head in.

“Yes, Madame Mayor?” Regina turned about ninety degrees to regard her.

“Has anyone found out about the insurance care plan that I’ve put in place?”

“No, not that I know of,” Clara said and Regina nodded.

“ You’re dismissed.. actually, just take the rest of the day off and cancel whatever else it is I’ve to do,” she spoke as she felt her temples begin to pound.

“Your schedule’s clear. Since your three cancelled you have nothing else to do,” Clara smiled. “ Would you like to come see Casey? I know she’d love to say thank you for what you did,” Clara offered with a blush and Regina smiled. The woman was.. cute, she could wholeheartedly admit that and her daughter was just as adorable.

“I wish I could, but there’s something going on. Something going around, and no one has enough common sense to just outrightly say it. Tell her I’ll come to see her this Saturday,” Regina thought and Clara nodded.

“Have a good day, Madame Mayor,”

“You as well, Clara,” she ended and the woman shut the door. Regina’s phone rang once more before she picked it up without even checking the CID.


“Regina, darling,” came the smooth and still frightening tone of her mother.

“Mother, why are you calling me? What’s happened, are you okay,”

“Yes, fine-fine,” her mother waved off. “ There’s just been, well, there’s been a few words that seem to have made their way to my ears this morning,”

“And these words would be?”

“You and Miss Swan seem to be getting along quite well, almost too well from the sounds of it,” her mother said bluntly and straight to the point. Regina rolled her eyes. Which idiot blabbed to her mother that she and Emma were getting along. Regina was already packing up her things at her desk and grabbing her jacket before she locked her office, the soft click of her heels on the tile before she hit the concrete pavement.

“Mother, I’m about to drive, I will call you back when I have reached the station.”

“Yes of course,” her mother said understandingly. “ Regina, dear,”

“Yes mother,”

“I love you,”

“I love you too, mother,” she said and in all her years she never thought those words would ring true. She never thought she’d actually have her mother back, with her heart no less.




“This, would have been enough.. My sweet girl. My beautiful little girl, you would have been enough..more- more than enough,” Cora wheezed out. “ You and your father.. would have both been so much more than enough.”

Yes Snow did try to kill Cora and yes Regina did quite frankly watch her mother die in her arms, however, before Cora slipped completely under, she had pulled her mother’s heart back out, that sinister glare glued to her face as she regarded Snow White who could only gulp and look at her painfully. Regina had laid Cora out gently and place her heart beside her before she stood and wrapped a hand around Snow’s neck and squeezed tightly.

“Regina!” Emma had yelled but she flicked her hand and Emma was launched against the glass display case of Gold’s pawn shop. The blonde groaned and Regina gave no shits because Charming was the next person she tossed into yet another glass display case. She squeezed tighter and tighter until Mary Margaret actually cried out the words.

“I’m sorry.” But those words went on deaf ears as she released her only to slap her across the cheek.

“You. Will. Fix. This. Or you will pay with your own life,” Regina seethed and Snow had to keep from choking on the spit that rushed throughout her lungs. She nodded mutely as she held onto her throat and Regina along with her mother and Snow, vanished.


Regina conjured four candles and a spell book. There was a black one, a white one, a red one and a blue one. She shoved the book into Snow’s hands and used her magic to force the woman into standing position.

“Read,” she spat and with shaking hands and buckling knees Snow did just that.

“Ro- cala, loch Mana lech, Hara hara hem Vala. Inno, Indo, Elwe. Cora,” she whispered before she lit the red and blue, blew out the white and black and blew out the red and blue. The ground shook slightly before Cora’s heart began to glow and change before their eyes. It was being purified and rid of every curse that Snow had managed to put on it. The heart froze over before it chipped and thawed in Regina’s palms to reveal a new heart, red and pure. Regina looked down at the heart and her eyes welled up furiously before she fell to her knees and shoved it back into her mother’s chest. They waited a breath before Cora gasped loudly and heaved a healthy breath. Regina wrapped her arms around the woman whose eye colour had even lightened at the newness inside of her.

“Mama,” she whimpered and felt her mother’s arms encase her shaking frame in a hug.

“My sweet child, Oh I’ve missed you,” Cora cooed as she rubbed her child’s back, her fingers stroking through Regina’s beautifully straight hair. Regina whimpered in Cora’s arms.

“Mommy,” she choked out.

“I’m here,” Cora managed before she looked up to see Snow White who was sat there, frozen. She pulled Regina from hiding her face in her chest and wiped away the woman’s tears. “Come,” she said before attempting to stand. Regina rose with her and they approached Snow White. Her face contorted into a glare, but before she could snarl and raise a hand to blast Snow, Her mother pinched her. She pouted because it hurt and she knew what that meant in any realm. Back down.

“No more,” Cora whispered to her daughter. “ I have you back and that is all that truly matters.. you,” she regarded Snow as she turned and the woman back away. “ I’ve no reason to attempt to kill you any longer, this brought me my daughter and … it brought me a new beginning.. Thank you, for cooperating at least,” Cora regarded her with a pinched smile. It was genuine but she still didn’t know how to properly address Snow. Snow nodded quickly and went to apologise but Cora held up a hand. “ There’s no need. You can leave now, Regina,” she turned to her daughter. “I do believe we have a situation to deal with,” she said and Regina almost didn’t catch on.

“Rumple,” she whispered and her mother nodded.

“He won’t die, but he will be hospitalized for a while. Let’s go or the darkness will be released,” Cora said and Regina nodded before they disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


They reappeared in the front of Rumple, Emma and David still groaning in pain as they looked each other over. David caught wind of them and unveiled his sword but Regina flicked her wrist and it went flying.

“There’s no need for fighting,” Cora spoke calmly but he glared at her. “ Ah yes, Shepherd and his miniature flock.. Emma Swan I presume?” Emma nodded but tried to glare. “ Right, well, I have my heart back as well as my daughter, thanks to your wife willingly helping to reverse her death curse. I’ve not need to kill or harm either of you, I merely came back to prevent Rumple from dying,”

“Why would you do that,” Emma asked because it sounded hella fishy.

“Put it this way, Miss Swan. If he dies, the darkness leave him. Where do you think it will go to manifest its powers once again?” Emma’s eyes pinched into thought as her brows furrowed and she was stuck thinking until she looked over to Regina.

“The second most dangerous human for the potential of darkness,”

“Precisely,” Cora nodded. “ My heart has been cleansed which leaves me out of it and the other child your parents had neglected to tell you they’d sent in the wardrobe with you, was another candidate, but alas, she is not here.” Emma looked over to her father who avoided her eyes. That piece of information she would deal with at a later date. Right now, she had to figure out whether or not she believed Cora, and her lie detector was pinging off with truth. Cora was telling the truth.

“Okay,” she said .

“Emma you can’t,” David tried but she held up a hand.

“I don’t even wanna know which child you sent over with me, actually I don’t even wanna see you right now. Whenever I find you is when I will talk to you about this, but for right now- Cora, do it,” Emma said as she turned back to the woman who nodded.


Cora did some weird ass incantation to freeze Gold’s heart where it was and managed to incant another that reversed the deterioration. She did yet another that would wipe his memory of those past twenty four hours and hoped to Heaven the last would undo his thoughts for power, at least for the time being.

“You will need to take him to the hospital. He will only hold on for so long, his body will need the medical attention of this world, not magic,” Cora said and Emma nodded. She looked over at Regina who was standing quietly, just watching and she smiled a bit before she attempted to talk to the woman. Regina looked up at her and glared before she looked away. She should’ve saw that coming, but for right now, she had to get Gold to the hospital.




“Mother,” Regina spoke as she climbed out of the car and began up the stairs to the station. She passed the stack of papers she’d tossed against the wall and decided to pick them up all whilst she quietly berated Emma and or David for just walking straight past them. She waltzed right into the bullpen where David was along with Emma and Mulan. She regarded them for but a moment until her mother’s voice spoke once more.

“Regina, where are you,”

“Police station, Mother,”

“Is Miss Swan there,”

“She is,” Regina made a weird eye as she looked over at the blonde. She shooed David and Mulan with her hand and they took the hint, happily. Emma gulped as she eyed Regina on the phone.

“Hand it to her,” Cora said and Regina wordlessly did so.

“Hello… Oh hi Miss Mills.. yes ma’am… no ma’am.. uhhh that’s a kind of complicated thing and-.. no- no no I’m sorry, I..okay,” she handed the phone back to Regina.


“Yes mother,” Regina smiled because she took joy in seeing Emma sputter.

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine, mother, why?”

“No reason. Now I had originally called to tell you congratulations,” she said and Regina literally felt her brain explode. She couldn’t be mad at her mother because quite frankly it all seemed to come back to what Emma had managed to do and she was sure it was the blonde who she needed to be murdering right that second.

“Thank you mother, but I’m not exactly sure why you’re congratulating me,”

“Well, on your pregnancy of course,” her mother said and in that exact moment, everything muffled and Regina went dizzy.

“M-my what?”

“Pregnancy.. and engagement to Emma,” her mother continued and Regina’s head lolled back almost whipping. She stumbled against the desks and found herself sitting atop on.

“M-Mother. I’ll call you back.. thank you,” Regina gulped back a lot of things that threatened to come up and out of her mouth.

“Of course dear. I love you,” her mother said almost cheerily and she couldn’t help but think logically for that spare moment in time.

“I love you too, mother,” she managed before she hung up and limply dropped her phone. Emma didn’t need the phone to be on speaker to know that Regina had now been told exactly what it was Emma was hoping to avoid.

“I can expl-,” Regina held a hand up before she put that exact same hand over her mouth as if to muffle the slew of insults she had for Emma. She pinched her lips and shut her eyes but her breathing was not only ragged, but it was erratic and becoming heavier and heavier. Emma tried to slowly approach her and Regina sensed it, her eyes snapping open. Emma froze. She knew what was coming next.

“SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN!” the woman screeched and Emma flinched and ran behind her desk, not that it could do much. Regina stalked towards her.

“You IDIOT!” Regina belted before she stalked around the desk, Emma running in the process. “ How! HOW!” Regina yelled and Emma winced.

“I’m sorry,” she whimpered.

“You’re sorry! SORRY!? ARE YOU INSANE?! WHY WOULD YO-Oh my God!” Regina groaned as the pieces now fell into place. “ Your mother thinks I’m PREGNANT! YOU CARELESS IDIOT!”

“I’m sorry,” Emma whimpered again as she stared at Regina wide eyed.

“Stop with the useless apologies. That idiot pirate believes I’m pregnant- Robin believes me to be pregnant and your insufferable and dumb parents believe me to be pregnant. My own mother believes this stupid woven fallacy! How? How did you manage to incorporate my name, my womb and my life into your asinine scheme to pull one over on your parents and you better explain it now or I will blast your blonde ass into Oblivion,” Regina threatened.

“When you fall asleep,” Emma began to sing and Regina’s anger fumbled for a moment, “ with your head upon my shoulder-,”

“-EMMA!” she yelled. “Explain,” she growled and Emma gulped.

“Okay- okay.. but just so you know, mom doesn’t really believe it, dad does...”

“I can not believe this..,” Regina began as she rubbed at her eyes. She paced for a moment before she spoke once more. “The one time your idiot of a mother doesn’t believe it the shepherd believes otherwise. I suppose I should expect that considering she sees me as the villain amongst other things,” Regina muttered.

“Other things,” Emma eyed her confused and Regina sported a carnal smile, it was sarcastic just as much as it was carnal.

“Oh, did your precious mother not tell you. I’m infertile,” Regina spat and Emma flinched once again. “ So do tell me, Saviour , how exactly did you manage to make your parents even remotely believe that I would be pregnant, let alone, engaged to you?” Emma shrugged uneasily as she tried to smile.

“True Love,” she finally offered and Regina rolled her eyes.

“Explain. Now,” she growled out before she sat pointedly and eyed Emma.




It was Tuesday night and Emma was honestly somewhat excited for the dinner she was going to have with her parents. Not just because it was her favourite meal, but because they’d managed to get to a good place after a while. She was also happy that she’d get to see Henry tomorrow, but that excitement could wait for after the dinner. If she was honest, her relationship with everyone was actually going rather well, no one wanted to kill anyone on a daily basis anymore and Cora was bringing out the sweetness in Regina as well as building a somewhat mother’s club relationship with Snow.


“Hey, Pumpkin,” her father grinned as he answered the door and invited her in before he took her red leather jacket, hugged her and guided her to the table.

“Hey dad, where’s mom,”

“She’s almost done with dinner. Let’s go set the table,” he nodded in the other direction and Emma shrugged and followed along.


Once they’d set the table and Snow set the food before them, they’d begun to talk about everything and anything. Snow and Charming had noted that Emma was significantly happier for the past few days- weeks actually and they’d wondered why.

So.. Sweetheart, do you have anything to tell us,” Snow smiled as she bit into her food and Emma instantly caught on to what she was referencing.

“Uhh, no,” the blonde raised a brow and ate her own food. Her father remained silent.

“Are you sure, because you’ve been happier lately, hasn’t she David?” David eyed his wife in a ‘why involve me’ way.

“Yes, she has,” he said not trying to dig a bigger hole.

“See, even your father noticed.. So, what’s going on, are you dating?”

“Umm, mom can we not do this,” Emma asked but Snow shook her head.

“You’re happy and I’d just like to know why, wouldn’t you like to know why, David,” she asked once again dragging him into the conversation. Lord, why did I marry her again? Love, right!

“Honey, I think if Emma wants to keep her love life private, she can,” he said and Snow glared at him.

“That would be sweet, if I actually had a love life,” Emma mumbled.

“Oh nonsense, you can’t just be happy for nothing,”

“I’m not happy over nothing. But I’m happy over something that has nothing to do with either of you needing to know,” Emma sighed and Snow pushed.

“It’s Killian isn’t it!” she nearly squeal, but if she could see Emma’s face contorting into an almost groan she’d realize the blonde was not even trying to entertain that. “ Oh, David,she’s dating Hook and they’re in love and-,”

“-MOM! Woah, can you chill, it’s not Killian,”

“Well who is it if not Hook- Oh is it one of Philip’s friends- Kevin- Joshua-,”

“-It’s no one,” Emma gritted her teeth and Charming sighed.

“Honey I think we should just let her breathe,” David tried as he placed a hand on his wife’s arm.

“But David she’s happy and she’s got a boyfriend or fiance and she won’t tell us who she’s in love with,”

“That’s because I don’t have a boyfriend or a fiance nor am I in love with him,” Emma heaved a sigh.


“David, hush. Emma, who is it, I just want to know. Should I be planning for a wedding- I’ll get the birds and the forest animals to start clearing the woods and we’ll have a forest themed wedding and there will be all of these little twig crowns and-,”

“MOM! For the last time- I. Do. Not. Have. A Boyfriend and we are not getting married, nor are we in love. I’m happy for a different reason,” she almost seethed at her mother.

“Snow, let her breathe,” David pleaded but that woman was so damn hard-headed she just couldn’t and wouldn’t stop.

“I have a feeling I know who it is,” Snow grinned before she began rambling about some random guy Emma had never even heard about. All the things her mother said were absolute muffles and mumbles until she heard her mother talking about marriage and kids again and then she just snapped.

“OH MY GOD, OKAY YOU WANNA KNOW WHO IT IS,” she yelled as she rose from her seat. Snow and Charming froze, her mother’s smile fading and her father looking at her as if a nail went through him.

“It’s Regina,” Emma spat and she had no clue why that was the first name that came to mind, but it was too late now and she was going with it. “ I’m happy because I’m dating Regina- actually we’re engaged and she’s pregnant,” Emma went on and she knew she was digging herself one hell of a hole but what was a few more feet. “ Call it True Love,” Emma went on as she put on a smile, “ But I’m in love with Regina and I’m going to marry her and we are going to have a child.. a magical one,” Emma got that last part out in cane they wondered how. She remembered Regina explaining children conceived just out of love alone back in the enchanted forest even if the couple was same sex. She had no clue why Regina even entertained answering the question, but she was happy that she did. She was shaking and had finally taken notice of it. so she steadied her hands on the table and eyed her mother’s gaping mouth and her father’s well.. shock? Confusion? “We haven’t told Henry and I’d like it if you didn’t yammer to him about it,” she spoke once more and now she was beginning to realize her hole literally was a good thousand from being in Hades.

“H-how,” was all Snow could manage as she continued to gape at Emma.

“I don’t know, it just sort of.. happened,” Emma said as she walked away from the table.

“Em- wait,” Snow called out and she paused.

“If you’re going to tell me about how Regina’s evil and can’t be trusted and I shouldn’t have gotten her pregnant and all of that, then don’t. I love her and that’s all there is to it,” Emma found herself saying, but she knew none of it was true. She was literally just trying to make it all believable. David could see Snow about to say something possibly insulting or just outright dumb, so he spoke up.

“Sweetheart… we’re happy for you,” he smiled genuinely. He couldn’t speak for Snow, but he would make it appear that way. “ I’m happy for you,” he reiterated and Emma could tell he wasn’t lying. She felt bad now as she eyed her father, realizing that if they couldn’t produce a wedding let alone an infant in the next nine months- she’d be dead. Come to think of it, she’d be dead before that if Regina even caught wind of that, which she will because I included her- Oh God! Her eyes sparked in fear as she froze. She just included Regina in her baby mama scheme. Baby Mama drama- she just put herself and Regina in a relationship, and engaged one- with a baby on the way! FUCK!

“ Thanks dad,” she choked out pitifully. “ Umm, I’m gonna go you know.. see if she’s okay and what not. David nodded and Mary Margaret just tried to not say anything because she honestly was too damn confused at that moment.


Once Emma had left Snow spoke.

“David, it’s impossible.. it can’t be,”

“What can’t be,” he eyed her.

“Regina.. pregnant, it’s impossible,”

“What do you mean, Snow,”

“Regina can’t be pregnant because she can’t…,” Snow made a motion with her hands but he just looked at her as if she was playing charades. She sighed. “ Regina can’t carry a child. She drank an infertility potion when she was married to my father, and I’d only found out because she’d told me after he died. I had always wondered why she miscarried the one and only child she did managed to become pregnant with. Regina’s barren, David. It’s impossible for her to carry,”

“But you heard Emma, Regina’s pregnant,” he argued.

“She can’t be,” Snow bit out and he sighed.

“She can’t be or is it because you don’t want her to be?” he asked and he glared at him before she softened.

“Maybe, but she shouldn’t be able to conceive,”

“Yes, but Emma said it was True Love and we both know that True Love breaks everything, it overpowers everything and they’ve both got magic. It does make sense,” he said and she sighed once more.

“I guess you are right,” she finally conceded. “ But-,”

“-No buts. Emma’s happy and as her parents, we need to be happy for her,” David said.

“I am happy for her.. I’m just concerned about Regina.. and the baby,”

“I know- but True Love always wins. They’ll be fine and so will the baby, but Emma doesn’t want us telling Henry or anyone for that matter so we need to respect that,”

“She said Henry, she never said anything about other people,”

“Snow,” he said.

“I need someone to talk to about this, David,” Snow cried and he rolled his eyes.

“No, you want to gossip,”

“I do not,”

“Don’t you,” he challenged and she glared at him. David laughed at her and rubbed her back. “Thought so,” he grinned and she swat his arm. “ Come on, let’s clean this up and go watch a movie,” he said before patting her back. Snow nodded, but her mind was still running rampant. Regina’s pregnant.




Regina was pacing and that probably was not a good thing.

“Why,” was all the brunette managed to mutter. “ Why me?”

“If it makes you feel any better my mother almost had a heart attack,” Emma offered and Regina looked between her fingers at the blonde and sighed.

“Surprisingly it does not… you need to clear this up and you need to do it now,”

“I kinda can’t,”

“You can and you will,”

“No.. I actually kinda can’t.. I have to clear things up with Killian before I deal with my parents, that’s why he was in here earlier-,”

“-and glaring at me like I’d killed Milah,” Regina rolled her eyes.

“Yeah,” Emma nodded and scuffed her shoes and if Regina wasn’t so pissed at her she’d truly acknowledge how cute Emma was being even though she fucked shit wayyyyy up. Regina sighed.

“You better hope for your sake that Henry doesn’t know about this,” Regina said and Emma made an uneasy smile and the woman threw her head back.

“Please tell me that you did not tell our son about your asinine idea and that was why he tried to convince me not to flambe your mother?”

“If I say no, can I keep my hair,” Emma tried to joke but Regina snarled at her and she hid her face. “ He knows,” she whimpered and Regina found herself sagging at the look of the frightened woman.

“Why,” Regina shook her head as she paced. “Invite your parents to dinner. We are dealing with this tonight and you will tell everyone who thought otherwise that I am not pregnant nor am I engaged to you,” Regina commanded.

“I will, I promise,”

“You better hope you can. You claimed True Love and it got you into this mess. You better hope True Love can get you out,” Regina said before turning on her heels and exiting.


And that was how they found themselves here in Regina’s kitchen after Emma literally failed to clear anything up with anyone. She roundabout told Guyliner she wasn’t interested in him and brought out the lie about Regina once again and then she just sat there whilst her mother pretty much told them they were wrong not to tell them they were even dating or tell Henry for that matter and Charming was just there smiling at them like it all made sense though he did say a few things like ‘I never expected you two to even acknowledge each other that way, let alone an engagement and a grandchild on the way.


This was how Emma found herself one more step from hell and Regina was now in the hole with her by default.

This was how Emma found herself creating the deepest grave she had no idea how to get out of.