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No Good.

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I’m no damn good for her anyway.

Faith tosses back another one, throwing a glare at the bartender to stop his wary approach. Perks of the job with the Mayor, nobody comes to take the alcohol away from the kid pounding shots in broad daylight.

Un-perks, losing the sweetest, hottest piece of ass Faith ever got her hands on, and the best friend she almost had (since Tommy).

It was only one night, of course, long before the shit hit the fan. When patrolling had them both hard up. But Buffy was soft and lush under her jeans, her braids making curls over her pillow, and she curled into Faith after, like Faith was safe for her. Like she was wanted–necessary. Like Buffy cared. God, it was terrifying, but it worked, for once. For that night. Til that vamp got back in the picture.

Five seconds too late, bing bam boom the Mayor’s stooge was dead, and all of that was over for good. Not that it lasted that long, obviously: one night specials are kind of her thing. Get some and get gone.

But Buffy…

Faith shakes her head at herself in disgust. So what if B’s not some jerk guy who blew her off for someone better? Not like that changes anything–she should’ve known better than to attempt sex and friendship. You don’t mix those. It’s just a recipe for getting your heart’s ass handed to you. One or the other: preferably sex. Can’t make good on anything else–losers like her never manage it, she knows this by now.

B smelled so nice and her moans were soft and whispery and trusting, and Faith has taken herself to town more than once just remembering. But that’s over, it’s done, along with pretending to herself that good is in her. It’s impossible. Least the Mayor lets her know the score upfront: better for everyone she sticks to the side that actually likes her talents, the one she knows might screw her over, than try any different.

No damn good for anyone, I knew that already.

Pft. Who cares about good anyway. What’s good ever done but show her how wrong she is to do what she was born to do.

Time to turn over a new leaf.

Can’t be good for you, B, but I can be the worst enemy you ever made, and you can remember me that way.