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New Beginning

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Aikawa liked Fujiwara since he arrived at Mizuho.

Aikawa wanted to play with Fujiwara so much, he knew when he saw him that they could do great things together.
Their duel was great, it's at this moment that he wanted to be his friend.

Aikawa liked telling to everyone how he was happy to be with them and specially Fujiwara

"I like to be with this team, this is where I want to be for a long time and especially with this team" Aikawa say

When people start to tell about Sawanobori, it's true Sawa is good, he is one of his best friend they have some history.
But it's the past.
Aikawa knew that his relationship with Sawa will have questions.

Then Fujiwara have seen Aikawa after what have said the journalist, they go at the home of Aikawa where they have begun to talk.
Aikawa explained to Fujiwara some things, and Fujiwara wanted to be more at the level of Aikawa to help him.

Then, during the talk Aikawa take the hand of Fujiwara and their hands were together, they were smiling to each other.

This could be the beginning of a new thing between them.