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glamour, blood and soul companions

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Victoire is the daughter of a Veela and a man who was bitten and clawed by a werewolf but is not. Growing up, her father’s scars were a part of him that only became something odd through other people’s staring. People stared at Victoire’s maman and aunties, too, and to little Victoire the disparate reasons behind the gaping made little difference.

Uncle Harry doesn’t like the staring either. Teddy used to hate it before he learned to metamorphmage his hair and face exactly how he wanted to appear at a given moment. Uncle George can get funny about his missing ear. Uncle Charlie, sporting a vicious burn from a dragon, once joked that soon there’d be no good-looking men left in their family.

Maman taught her to ignore strangers’ looks with a laugh. Uncle George let her hide out in his shop and plot retaliation.

If Teddy was ever taken in by the lure of Victoire’s Veela blood then it happened while they were babies and she was herself completely charmed by him. Old Aunt Muriel used to shriek even back then that any child of theirs would surely be a werewolf. Victoire is not afraid of it.

A Veela’s beauty can turn the susceptible silly with awe and lust. Victoire is only now learning how to turn it up or down on purpose. Some of the effect has been noticeable on her class mates’ faces ever since she turned thirteen. For the whole of third year she envied Teddy for his face.

It’s not settling, the first time she leans in and lets him kiss her. Neither is their ending up together inevitable.

He didn’t change his hair away from ‘redhead’ for the whole of his first year.

Her girlfriends tell her – matter-of-fact, in envy, by way of caution – that she could have any wizard she wants. Maman tells her the same and hugs her when Victoire claims that no one she has ever met can compare.