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No Interruptions Day

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It was starting to get really frustrating.

It'd been almost three weeks now, THREE, since the last time Spike and Buffy had been able to enjoy more than a couple hours on their own. Every damn time, every single bloody time, something happened. With the current trouble, demons from different dimensions sneaking in every day for a little party and murder, it was the busy season for slayers and their teams- and with resident demons taking advantage of the situation, letting their evils out under the impression that it would be buried by the interdimensional activity, made the Supernatural SFPD extra busy as well.

And of course, that translated on to endless interruptions. Every time, every damn time they thought they had a little while for themselves, one of them got a call. And too many of those times, they came back home with injuries that needed a little time to nurse before they could jump to bed.

Sex after getting impaled with a sword was not as much fun as it sounded.

"Remember when we had entire nights? Or mornings?" Buffy said wistfully, putting her jeans on without removing her good, expensive lingerie.

"So long ago, I barely can" he responded crankily while tying his boots.

"It's gonna get better" Buffy assured him, putting on her sweater. "Christmas is a few days away- the holiday season is usually quiet."

She leaned in to touch wood, and by wood he meant his own still hard cock. For a second, he considered telling her that that wasn't helping him at all, but then she kissed him sweetly, and the nancyboy poet inside him melted.

"Let's hope I didn't just jinx it" she wished, before moving away to find her shoes.



She did.

Their Christmas Eve got crashed by hellhounds released on almost every city park. By the time they were back in the apartment they were too full of bites and bruises to even consider anything beside a sensual massage with antiseptic wipes.

Spike came to the conclusion that something must be done.



It was the 26th of December, and he was absolutely bored, waiting for Buffy to come back from spending a giftcard her father had sent her, watching Giles figure out a new videogame console, waiting until he would let him play. He was checking out the novelty calendar he'd gotten as a present-with-purchase with his Christmas shopping when Dawn sighed audibly next to him.

"What is it, then?" he asked, distractedly, eyeing the silly December holidays the calendar dutifully informed about.

"I have a party" she said, looking sad.

"That sounds dire" Giles said, fiddling with the cables.

"It's a New Year's Eve party" she explained. "It's apparently a really great party to get invited to."

"So?" Spike prompted. According to this calendar, 31st of December was No Interruptions Day.

That was what they needed, he thought. A No Interruptions Day sounded wonderful.

"I can't go" Dawn said. "Aren't we all gonna do something together?"

"I suppose, but we haven't made any plans yet" Giles said.

"Yeah" Spike added. "Go to your party, Dawn. Isn't it your first New Year drinking legally?"

"Here" she said. "I had a New Year's in Scotland. It was awesome, but I didn't get to drink that much. Slayer Organization couldn't afford it."

Spike frowned at her.

"I was a giant" she clarified.

"All the more reason to go to your party" he said.

"I feel bad about leaving you guys" she sulked, pouting from her place on the couch. "And Andrew already said he was going to that wiccan thing with Clive."

"Oh, c'mon, you're young. You should have a better plan than spending the night with your sister, your ex and a twelve year old."

"Hey!" Giles protested.

"What would you have done?"

"I would've run away to London and gotten high with my friends" Giles said, and then looked alarmed. "Not that I recommend that, particularly."

"Think of it this way" Spike said, while Dawn giggled. "If you spend the night away from us, you might get to go through a party without having to aim your crossbow at something nasty and sticky."

She actually laughed at that.

"That would be so great" she said, getting up from the couch and walking to the kitchen. "So you'll tell Buffy I won't be around? Do any of you two want some eggnog?"

It occurred to Spike that he had just been played, but he didn't care, 'cause inspiration had struck.

31st of December. No Interruptions Day.

And they'd already gotten rid of Andrew and Dawn.

"Speaking of London" he said, in as casual a voice as he could fake. "Don't you ever get tired of celebrating the holidays with people who think Boxing Day is a sporting event?"

"Hey!" Dawn said, carrying a glass of eggnog from the kitchen. "We lived in the UK, we know perfectly well what Boxing Day is. I think."

Giles didn't even look up.

"I suppose I'm too used to it, by now" he said, still fiddling with cables and the back of the TV.

"Still, though" Spike insisted. "This time of the year, even I get a little nostalgic for good merry old."

"You are a rather nostalgic person year round, even before the soul" he told him, cheekily. Spike swallowed down a nasty remark. "Why, you thinking of visiting?"

"I was there earlier this year" he reminded Giles. "You were still dead, but it was back when they were collecting bits and pieces of you."

"Well, that's right. It wasn't that long ago I was in England."

"Yeah, and then you rushed back to the States, to be with Buffy and this lot" Spike said, trying too hard to steer him in the right direction. Subtlety be damned, he was coming out with it. "I'm guessing Faith would enjoy a visit. Can't be much fun, living with Angel."

Dawn laughed, and shared a knowing look with him. Giles stopped trying to connect the console, looking like he was considering it.

"You just spent three major holidays with Buffy" Spike insisted. "One holiday with Faith doesn't even start sounding fair."

"I've *never* spent any holidays with Faith" Giles said, and Dawn whistled.

"That's harsh, Giles. Even more reason to go."

He looked suitably embarrassed at that, but then he came up with the exact thing Spike was waiting for.

"I couldn't possibly go away now, we're having trouble almost every night."

"We can spare you three or four days" Spike waved him off. "Talk to Kennedy, if she's got any Slayers moving about, you might even hitch a flight on her plane, get back here sooner. Now, are we ever gonna get to play any games on that or not?"



It wasn't even just about the sex, he reflected later that evening, while they were battling six fyarls in an alley. They could always sneak a quickie every now and then, during the day while Xander was out, or in an alley right after a fight. No, it was about connection, romantic connection, about having time to properly indulge in each other- not just stop after a couple of hard, rough fucks, but to be able to slow down, enjoy each other's bodies, have a rest and a cuddle and then get started all over again.

They used to do that all the time before things got this bad.

Great, now his little reflection had distracted him enough so he had a fyarl's horn right in his lung. Buffy looked a bit scared while she decapitated it (which didn't help all that much, as the head was still attached to his own chest). Spike couldn't even scream from the pain. There went a great opportunity for post battle alley sex.


It was just three days before the end of the year when Spike finally caught Willow alone. It was the sunset, and she was doing yoga up on the roof of their building. The sun was low enough he could come out safely while she breathed out one last time before getting up and starting to roll her yoga mat.

"Here to sneak a cigarette?" she asked him when she spotted him. "I thought Xander was cool with the smoke."

"Yeah, but Buffy said the place stinks, needs to be aired out" he lied, getting out his pack and lighting up for show. "Was talking to Andrew earlier, about that thing he's doing for the New Year. Sounds right up your alley."

"Yeah" she admitted with a sad smile. "It's a cleansing. Letting go of the old, welcoming the new. Should be really nice."

"Why aren't you going, then?"

"I don't wanna leave you guys in the lurch!" Willow said, her old sweet little girl act coming out. "Dawn and Giles and Andrew already have plans of their own, I couldn't..."

"Xander is doing his own thing, too" Spike lied.

"Really?" Willow asked, her eyes round and big. "I didn't know."

"Yeah, he's going to this thing the police are doing. Dowling is gonna introduce him to an officer there."

Or at least that was the plan. Spike just hadn't had the opportunity to talk to Dowling yet.

"I had no idea he was ready to date again!" Willow smiled. "I thought he was really hung up on Dawn-"

"Yeah, you shouldn't say anything about it" Spike rushed to say. "He doesn't really want anyone to know. He's not ready to let people know he's gonna meet someone. Shouldn't have told you."

"If he's not ready for people to know he's dating, he shouldn't be dating" she said, her expression getting dangerously close to determination.

"It's a New Year's party hookup, not an arranged marriage" Spike said, panicking a little. "Let the bloke live a little, grant him some privacy. I shouldn't have said a word."

"Ah" Willow sighed, her determination evaporating, but her expression still a little hard. "Well, I hope this girl knows she's meant to be nothing but a one night stand." Spike was searching for the right thing to say when Willow's eyes went big and round with realization. "Hey, if Xander has plans, and I go to the cleansing, that means you and Buffy are on your own! Ooh, you guys should do something romantic!"

"Well, look at that, hadn't occurred to me at all" he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "So, can I count on you to go away? And not mention the Xander thing to anyone?"

Willow squinted her eyes at him with suspicion, but then nodded.



"I don't know, man" Dowling said, later that night while they were examining the remains of a girl and a black widower demon. "If I knew any nice single girls I would be dating them."

"I didn't say nice" Spike said. "I just said single. Easy would be perfect."

"Easy? C'mon, man, what would Buffy say if she heard you talk like that?"

"She'd have me by the balls, but you know what I mean!" Spike crouched to look at the girl closely. Didn't look older than twenty. Buffy would be upset all night she wasn't there in time to save the girl, now.

He was a little upset, too, damn soul. What a horrible way to go.

"He's trying to get over Dawn" he insisted. "It'd do him good to remember what's out there- doesn't have to be the next love of his life. It's New Year's Eve, you telling me there won't be any single women at that party desperate to get a little something?"

Dowling thought about it while looking at the demon's severed head.

"I suppose there's Sandra. She's thirty and she just got divorced. I don't think she's looking for anything serious."


"She's a nutcase, though."

"Nutcases can be fun."



"Nah" was all Xander said.

"Oh, c'mon! It's a brilliant plan!" Spike insisted.

"I don't wanna go to a police party, I don't know any police people" Xander said, his fingers flying over the game controller. His character decapitated a zombie on the screen.

"You know Dowling. He'll introduce you around. Might be you meet a single policewoman or two. Bet they're fun" Spike said, with his best enticing voice. "They have handcuffs."

"I don't really want to meet any women right now" Xander muttered, feigning concentration in the game.

"Fine, so go get hammered. Arrive late, stay a couple hours, drink, do the countdown, come home."

"I think I'd rather stay home all night" Xander looked on the verge of a sulk.

"You know she'll never go for that" Spike said, serious. "She finds out you're all alone, she'll want to stay. Or worse, invite you over."

"We could just tell her I'm going to the police party..."

"Don't be a loser, Harris" Spike tried a different tactic. "You know they'll find out. And not only Buffy will be pissed at me, Dawn'll feel sorry for you, and not the good kind of sorry."

Xander opened his mouth to argue, and then closed it, unsure of what to say.

"Just go for a while, give it a chance. You don't like it, you come home."

"Like what?"

They both turned around to glance behind them, and turned back to the screen and their game when they saw it was Buffy entering their apartment.

"Spike's trying to convince me to go to a police party for New Year's Eve" Xander explained.

"Oh, we're going to the police thing? Cool!" Buffy said. "Is it formal? Do I need a dress?"

"I'm not going if I have to put on a tux!"

"It's casual" Spike explained, pausing the game. "And we are not going. Talk to you outside, love?"

Buffy looked intrigued and a little worried as they went out to the hallway.

"What is it?" she asked once Spike closed the door.

"I... went behind your back and got rid of all your friends" he said, his speech coming out quick. Buffy's eyebrows shot up. "You see, as it turns out, 31st of December is No Interruptions Day. Or at least it is according to this novelty calendar I got" he explained when Buffy frowned in confusion. "And I thought we deserved it. Night off. For real. No interruptions, no monsters or demons, no apocalypses. I talked to Anaheed, she's in charge of San Francisco for the night."

"Okay" Buffy said slowly, a little sceptical. "That doesn't explain why you got rid of the guys."

"I got us a reservation at a fancy hotel" Spike explained, and when Buffy's eyes got big and shiny, his heart almost beat. "We get a lovely room for just the two of us from 2pm on the 31st through 2pm on the first of January. Late check out. Plus formal dinner and dancing."

"Oh my god" Buffy breathed out, her jaw hanging open. "Really? A fancy dinner at a hotel?"

"Yeah, and a room for twenty four hours. Let's not forget that."

"Oh my god, Spike!" Buffy repeated, still surprised. She suddenly jumped and threw her arms around his neck. "That sounds awesome!"

He hugged her back, and relaxed against the wonderful feel of her warm body.

"You really like it, then?" he asked, realizing for the first time exactly how nervous he was about the possibility that she might not be on board with the idea.

"It sounds so perfect!" she said, a huge smile on her face that he got to see as soon as she released him from her embrace. "No Interruptions Day. I love it."

They smiled at each other for a moment, until Buffy's eyes got big and round again.

"I need a dress! And a decent wax!" she exclaimed, taking out her phone and looking at the time. "Damn, it's so late!"

She turned around and run towards the staircase, but before Spike could even react, she turned again and run back to him.

The kiss she attacked him with was agressive and passionate. Spike returned it with all the yearning he had inside for just time with her.

"Thank you" Buffy said sweetly once their kiss ended, and then disappeared towards the staircase before Spike could even explain that she had nothing to thank him for.


It was a little less than forty eight hours later that they met again in the hallway, each of them carrying a big duffel bag. Buffy eyed the size of his with surprise.

"You did say one night, right? Not a year?" she teased him.

"Carrying a lot of surprises in here" he said smugly, kissing her softly and grabbing her hand.

"All our toys, I hope" Buffy gave him a naughty smile as they started walking to the staircase hand in hand.

"And a few other things" he admitted cryptically. "Your's not small, either."

"I didn't want my dress to get wrinkly" she shook her bag to show how nearly empty it was. "I don't really plan on wearing much of anything the rest of the time..."

"Glad to hear it" Spike answered, half hoping that their taxi driver was the discreet sort that let couples get away with anything on his back seat.

It was then that one of their apartment doors banged open, and they turned around to see Dawn running towards them.

"Guys!" she said, a little breathless. She shook a phone at their faces. "It's Kennedy. We have a major apocalypse in our hands. Her plane will be here in an hour to take us to Antartica."

Spike and Buffy looked at each other, surprise, resignation and fury mixed on their faces. He was about to curse the world out loud when Dawn burst out in giggles.

"I'm sorry!" she cried in laughter. Relief rained down on Spike. "I can't do it, I'm sorry!"

"Damn it, Dawn!" came Xander's voice from behind their apartment door.

"Screw you, guys" Buffy said, her tone exasperated. "I totally believed that for a second."

"I know!" Dawn said between hiccups. "And you looked so sad, I just couldn't!"

"I think she's finally gone evil" Spike said, exchanging a look with Buffy. "We should kill her."

Buffy nodded.

"I'm almost convinced we should" she answered.

"Awwww, you guys know I love you" Dawn defended herself, and wrapped them both in a hug. "And it was Xander's idea."

"No, it wasn't!" Xander's head appeared on the hallway, peaking through a crack on their door.

"We're leaving" Spike said, in his best talking-to-the-minions voice. It was a little rusty after all these years. "Taxi's waiting downstairs and you two are gonna reimburse us for the waiting time."

Dawn released them, and smiled.

"Go. And don't worry. If the apocalypse comes, we won't call!"