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Your Beauty Effulgent

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The house was quiet again but this time the silence seemed sinister. Puck felt his skin prickle and he trained his ear to try and make out any noises. After a few seconds he heard the tiniest of whimpers coming from the basement.

There were too many scents mixing for Puck to pick out one in particular. He just knew that the smell left a heavy feeling in the pit of his stomach. When he made it to the bottom of the steps he stood frozen in shock.

“Oh sweet prince, do you bring me someone lovely? I was so hoping for something young.” Drusilla singsonged. Her brow furrowed as she saw he was empty handed. She walked over to him and tapped him on the forehead. “Bad boy. You should know better than to come to a party without a present. After I brought you such a nice one. I can see what you like about him. He bleeds in ultraviolet and tastes like spice. He's on fire but he's all ice on the outside.”

Dru walked back over to Kurt and smiled as he stirred. “Look, he's waking up. Now you can play too.”

Kurt raised his head slightly and saw Puck at the bottom of the stairs. His voice was hoarse from screaming but the rough sound of it was enough to propel him into action. “Noah?”

Puck launched himself at Drusilla at tackled her to the ground. They both growled ferociously as they rolled around on the concrete. Kurt recognized that this was his chance. He frantically pulled on his bonds. His hands screaming in protest. He heard the slightest crack in the wood and kept pulling.

Puck landed heavy blows across Drusilla's cheek as his demon screamed at him for betraying his sire like he was. He smelled Kurt's blood thick in the air and it mixed with the scent of Drusilla's arousal in a way that made Puck's blood boil. Kurt was his. He raged at the idea that anyone else had touched him. His demon shouted that Drusilla could always invoke the rights of a sire. Everything that was his belonged to her. That meant that Kurt belonged to her too.

He wouldn't let Kurt be treated like this. The man left in him wouldn't allow himself to give into her. Puck heard a loud crash from the other side of the room. It distracted him enough that Drusilla was able to throw an uppercut to his jaw and he flew back hard into the cement floor. All of a sudden he was back in that room almost three months ago. He was the boy that was in love with someone that was too good for him. He was the boy that loved his mother and sister but never said it enough. He was the boy that would follow a pretty girl into a dark room even though his heart belonged to someone else. Drusilla landed a hard kick to his ribs and he curled into the fetal position. Drusilla kept raining blows down on Puck's still body.

Across the room, Kurt's bindings had given way. He fell straight down onto the table and it broke under his weight. Pain exploded in his side and back. He laid flat on his back and fought for breath. He heard Noah's grunt of pain and did the only thing he could think of.

He reached blindly for a weapon and his hand landed on the leg of the broken table. Kurt pulled himself up and lunged at Drusilla's back. He used all of his strength to stab at Drusilla and he shook as the wood plunged through her back and exited through her chest. She stumbled back slightly before exploding in a shower of dust and ash.

Kurt wobbled on his feet and Puck took a few minutes to come around. As Puck shook the cobwebs out of his head, he realized that Dru was gone. He looked at Kurt with a big smile until he saw it. Kurt swayed slightly.

“Noah, I hurt myself.” Kurt said, weakly. His hand gestured to the thick blade sticking out of his side. It must have been thrust through Kurt has he fell. Kurt's breath rattled in his chest and Puck could tell it was too late. Kurt's heartbeat was slowing quickly and he fell to his knees. Puck rushed over to him and pulled him into his arms.

“Kurt, baby, what do you want me to do? Tell me and I'll do it.” Puck said, frantically.

“Noah, it hurts.”

“Baby, I can change you. I can make you like me. Do you wanna be like me? Or I can let you go. Just tell me. If you want me to let you go I will. Fuck, babe it'll kill me but if you want I'll let you go.”

Kurt's hands scrambled for grab fistfuls of Puck's shirt. Kurt pulled Puck down into a soft kiss. “Noah, I wanna... I wanna....I wanna stay. Please let me stay.”

Puck fought to remember what Drusilla had done to him all those months ago as he sunk his teeth into Kurt's neck to draw some blood. He was careful not to take too much as Kurt was loosing a lot of blood as it was. He used his fangs to tear into his own wrist and held it to Kurt's mouth. Kurt's lips formed a seal around the wound and sucked hard. The blood stayed in Kurt's mouth. He kept drawing blood but he couldn't swallow. Puck's hand framed Kurt's jaw and massaged his throat. Trying to get him to swallow. For a few agonizing minutes nothing happened. Kurt lay motionless in Puck's arms. His heart slowing with every beat. Suddenly Kurt gasped loudly and took three large swallows of Puck's blood. Puck felt Kurt's heart slow even further before stopping all together. Puck pulled Kurt into a kiss and started to rock him back and forth.

Puck looked at the shattered remains of the basement. He saw what was left of his sire scattered along the floor. He saw all the different things she had used on Kurt. He saw Kurt's blood staining the edge of every instrument and the splatters of it all over the walls. He saw everything and cried as he clutched Kurt in his arms. He sobbed so hard he wretched. Puck screamed as Kurt's last breath rattled in his throat.

Just like that Kurt was gone.


Seven hours had passed and Kurt hadn't moved. Puck tried to think about what it was like for him when he first woke up and all he remembered was the disorienting fear when he had woken up alone. Puck was determined that Kurt wouldn't wake up alone. Puck sat vigil at the side of the very bed that he had woken up as a vampire in. He thought he'd done it right but until Kurt woke up he wouldn't know for sure. He ran through all the scenarios in his head and the only thing that seemed like it would work was leaving Lima. Puck had heard Drusilla mention something about a guy named Angel in LA. She said he was part of the family that left. That he had an agency that helps the hopeless or something.

Puck thought that if Kurt woke up, it would be worth a shot. He already had their bags packed and waiting by the front door. The worst that could happen was this Angel guy would turn them away. If that happened, they'd still be in LA. They'd be out of Lima forever. Him and Kurt could send there family postcards saying they were in love and trying to make it in the city. They could make sure their family's hearts weren't broken. If everything went well, they could get a family together. They could live like lovers and they could be together forever.

Puck bit the corner of his thumb nail anxiously. For any of this to work Kurt needed to wake up. He looked as Kurt's still body and prayed that he stirred. Puck had cleaned Kurt up before he brought him to bed. He saw everything that Drusilla had done to Kurt. Puck knew he was lucky if Kurt wasn't gone forever. His body warned him that dawn was approaching. If Kurt didn't wake up, he knew that he would be seeing his last sunset.

Puck crawled into bed beside Kurt and curled into his side. Puck's finger traced the mark he'd left on Kurt's neck. He pressed a soft kiss right above the broken skin. Kurt shifted into the press of his lips and Puck pulled back. Kurt stirred slowly. Almost like he was waking from a sweet dream.

His eyes blinked open slowly and crossed slightly as they tried to focus. Kurt stretched with a small growl and the faintest hint of gold colored his blue eyes. Kurt pulled Puck down into a kiss.

“Mmmmm, Good Morning, Noah.”

Kurt curled into Puck's side and fell back asleep against Puck's chest.

Kurt was in his arms. Kurt was unbroken. Kurt was his forever.

If he could have all those thing, he didn't really mind giving up the sunshine. If Kurt was there he didn't think he would really mind the darkness.

They were LA bound the minute the sun set. Puck had his man, a plan and fifty bucks.

That's all the sunshine a guy like him could ever ask for.


The End