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H2OVanoss Oneshots

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The first time it was Adrian. I noticed the way your eyes sparkled as you smiled at me when I handed over your coffee.

The second time it was David. I remembered your eyes from the day before and said Hello, Adrian. But you acted confused and told me your name was David. I wrote it on, bewildered.

The third time it was Rafi. The way your eyes lit up when I repeated your name made me smile. You smiled back.

The fourth time it was Niko. I spelled it wrong but you laughed it off and told me it was fine. I decided that I liked you, name or no name.

The fifth time it was Oliver. You spilled your coffee on your way out but I gave you another one for free. You thanked me and told me I was the best person you had met today. I wished you spilled coffee more often.

The sixth time it was Kile. You asked me if I get tips often. I said no. You dropped a twenty-dollar bill into the empty tip jar. No one had ever given me a tip that big.

The seventh time it was William. You asked me if I ran that shop all by myself. I sad yes, and you seemed sad. You asked if I needed any help and I did, but I didn't tell you that.

The eighth time it was Griffin. I dropped your coffee on the counter on accident, and you helped me clean it up with lots of napkins. I made you another coffee for free, but you insisted on paying. I wished I had told you I did need help.

The ninth time it was Damian. This time I held onto the coffee a little too long, and you touched my fingers. You were almost as warm as the coffee cup, and I could swear your smile got bigger when I touched you.

The tenth time it was Felix. You were very happy that day, and it made my whole day better. Your smile was infectious.

The eleventh time it was Preston. You asked what my favorite coffee was, and you ordered two. You gave one to me and explained I could have it. I told you I shouldn't but you insisted. I thought it was the best coffee I ever had.

When I asked what your name was the last day, you laughed and said It's really Jonathan. I wondered if you were joking and wrote Really Jonathan on your cup. You laughed again and told me I was hilarious. You handed me some money. Smiled, winked, then left.

Hidden between the bills was a note with a number attached.

Call me?