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Nightmares for Christmas

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Nicholas St. North stared down at the piece of paper in front of him, his fingers rhythmically tapping against the tabletop as he tried to make heads or tails of the letter.

It was December 21st, most children didn't wait so long before mailing their Christmas wish lists, but then again, the girl who sent it in was no ordinary child. So he stared and furrowed his eyebrows and muttered to himself before, not wanting to suffer the frustration of this puzzle set before him alone, he summoned the other Guardians to Santoff Claussen.

They all arrived quickly, knowing that North would never call them over for something trivial so close to Christmas. So he sat them all down and took a deep breath, trying to find a way to breach the subject without causing too much undo worry.

"I have called you all here in regards to something that maybe, in very small way," he held his thumb and index finger very close together to demonstrate, "involves Pitch."

"Pitch? Has he already freed himself?!" Bunny sputtered while Tooth's fairies nervously began circling around her, looking every-which-way as if Pitch would appear any moment.

"That is not quite it. It is difficult to explain." North held out the letter with one hand while the other massaged his temples. "I have gone over this letter a hundred times it seems, but I still am not sure what to do."

Sandy gently took the letter from him and passed it on to Jack, giving him a 'go on' gesture. Jack cleared his throat, unfolded the letter, and began.

"Dear Santa, it has come to my attention that, as of last spring, my entire family has been suffering through... Pleasant dreams?" Jack quirked an eyebrow and glanced up.

"Keep reading, go on," North urged him, "it makes sense at the end."

"I cannot even count how many times in the past year I've woken up, tears streaming down my face, after having just dreamt about going shopping with friends or other such terrible, awful, mundane things. Even though everyone else in my family is keeping quiet about it, I can tell this is happening to them as well. Where have all of my lovely nightmares gone? Even if I watch the scariest movies I can find in the dark right before I go to bed, I never have bad dreams anymore.

I have never asked for anything from you, and if you do this for me I promise to never write you again. All I want for Christmas is my nightmares back. Signed: Wednesday Addams. P.S-"

"Do not read P.S! Oh, it hurts to even think about!"

"Addams!" Tooth practically screeched, hands flying up to cover her mouth.

"Surely it can't be- not one of those Addamses." Bunny said, although he looked unsure.

"If you know any other family who would gladly invite nightmares in, feel free to say so." North grumbled, plucking the letter back out of Jack's hand.

The newest Guardian looked confused, not surprising, with the way everyone else was reacting.

"Wait, who is this Addams kid?"

"The Addams family are strange bunch, have been that way for centuries. They are not bad, per se, very good to each other, mostly, but each one has always landed on the naughty list every year for something or other. Why, this Wednesday, the number of times she's almost killed her brother this past month alone! And no Addams child has ever bothered writing a letter to me before. They come from old money, so they never felt the need to ask for anything."

"And they always keep their teeth, they've never wanted to trade them in for anything," Tooth piped up, "except for one time, almost fifty years ago. The fairy sent out on that mission almost didn't make it back. They'd set up a trap for her!" The fairies around Tooth shuddered and seemed even more frightened then when Pitch had been mentioned.

"I tried hiding eggs on their property once," Bunny began, sounding as if he was starting a tragic war story, "didn't listen to North's warnings, figured the little nippers wouldn't be so bad," his whiskers twitched, "I was wrong. There were bear traps everywhere, set up by all the good hiding places, where these terrible black eggs were already nestled away in. And there was a ruddy croc in their pond!"

Sandy quickly conjured an image of a child sleeping while a mini Sandman sent some dream sand their way. The child woke almost immediately, lips parted in a silent scream.

"So, essentially, it's a big family of weirdos." Jack summarized and North nodded vaguely.

"They are very... Strange. They do not mean to be malicious or cause harm, they just see the world in a very different way compared to most people."

"Yeah, a way I'd much rather forget about," Bunny grumbled, "what's this got to do with Pitch anyways?"

"I have been pondering, and I need honest opinions because I do not know if I am still thinking in straight line, but," he took in another deep breath, "I was thinking, maybe we let Pitch go."

"Are you off your bloody rocker?" Bunny yelled. "Let him go? We just barely got rid of him last time! Or do you not remember when there was only one light left on the globe?"

"I have to side with Bunny on this one," Tooth chipped in, "if we set him loose on the world, there's no telling what he'll do!"

Jack and Sandy were both brooding silently and it seemed like ages before Jack spoke up.

"So this Addams family; they like nightmares, things that go bump in the night, scaring each other and that sort of thing?"

"It ain't as simple as all that, frostbite." Bunny ground out.

"But maybe it is. Pitch told me before that he was just tired of not being seen, that he wanted a family."

"That's called a lie, frostbite, it's what creeps like Pitch do to lure naive kids like you onto their side."

Jack sent Bunny a quick glare before continuing. "You saw his face when the kids couldn't see him anymore. You can't fake a reaction like that."

"What are you saying, Jack?" Tooth softly questioned and the white haired boy shrugged uncomfortably.

"It's just that these people might be able to see him, and if they're anything like you say they are they'd probably appreciate him. Maybe if we put Pitch in their custody he'd mellow out a little. I mean, he wasn't lying when he said we couldn't get rid of fear forever, so he's going to escape sooner or later anyway. If we do this, we have a little more control of the situation."

"So gist of what you are saying is," North stroked his beard thoughtfully, "have Addams family adopt Pitch."

"Uh, yeah, I guess."

"Ha! Is great idea! I must make preparations!"

"Wait one ruddy minute mate! This ain't a great idea at all!"

"But I am Santa! I must give children what they truly want for Christmas!"

"Even children who've been on the naughty list since birth?"

"Details, details. Do not worry, Bunny, if things go sour I will fix."

Over Sandy's head an image appeared of Pitch with a large bow attached to his head.

"Ha ha! I like the way you think, Sandy!"

"Fine! Go ahead and ruin your holiday, ya crazy cossack."