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Love - Hate

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Wolf Den Military Base


1 – Love


The Runt took my eye. Negata confirmed it.
Since then I've been sitting in this forcefield enclosed cell in the dark.
The cell on the other side of the corridor is lit.
I know who's in there, even before the commander releases him.
Walsh's face reveals nothing as he watches the Runt return to the others. I notice they even gave the bastard a fresh coverall after I tore his last one to shreds.
As he looks after him, the commander's mask of indifference drops.
I convince myself that it is lust I see in his eyes and not...


2 – Hate


The door at the far end of the corridor closes behind the Runt.
I swear that someday I'll get that tight white ass, which moved so suggestively in the plain coverall, for myself. And when I'm done with him there won't be much left for the commander to lust after. I don't share.
Walsh is still there, standing in front of my cell.
He turns toward my cell. He's a normal. He can't possibly see me in the dark behind the forcefield.
I expect him to release me as well.
He doesn't.
The mask drops again.
And I see...