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Shed this skin I've been tripping in

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Harry’s mum abandoned them at the ripe age of 9 years old leaving him in the sole care of his father who was about as nurturing as the countless priceless paintings that lined the walls of their much too big home, or house rather because home implied shelter,warmth, love, and other things the four walls they lived in lacked. Des Styles was a very important and influential man as a top barrister lawyer his name was infamous and the lifestyle he led spoke volumes of this.

It wasn’t enough to keep Anne caged though who’d met him back in college when he had nothing but hopes, dreams, and just enough ambition to get him where he wanted to be. By the time Harry was born she felt her chances of escaping this life she hadn’t quite signed up for slipping away so against her better judgment she fled, leaving her son in what she thought—well hoped would be a better environment then she could provide.

For the most part she’d been right Harry has never needed for anything his entire life he went to the best private school’s money could buy always dressed in the latest fashions and had a 24 hour live-in nanny Mary since he was 9. The only thing missing was actual affection from his father or even an acknowledgment that he still knew of his existence would be nice once and a while but Des wasn’t really capable of such things, he’d been raised in a stern household where hugs were scarce and kisses a foreign concept so he’d never learned, which was a huge deciding factor in Anne leaving in the first place she couldn’t stand the clinical tone her marriage had seemed to take on.


Fast forward 7 years and Des grows romantically involved with his secretary Caroline Flack as cliché as it sounds, but really Des was a busy man who spent nearly 20 hours a day at the office so really it made perfect sense that he would fall for the only female he ever really came in contact with. Caroline was 10 years his senior and gorgeous. She was society’s idea of perfect with her long tanned legs, blonde hair, blue eyes and a figure most women would kill for. She had everything going for her, so naturally she’d want to add filthy rich to her already stellar list of attributes. It didn’t much matter to her that Des often used her as little more than a sexbot and that when he did speak to her it was coldly and often belittling. She and Harry really bonded that first year of their marriage sympathizing with one another, after all they were both victims, they both longed to be loved.

Harry was 16 and although he’d never actually had a girlfriend or boyfriend for that matter he knew he was attracted to both boys and girls from a young age. He knew by the tingling sensation that occurred in his pants in the locker room where penis’ went flapping around before him because at that age boys hadn’t quite learned the meaning of modesty and would often have playful sword fights and snap towels at one another’s backsides and Harry would watch it all but never partake because he was never invited, he was never really invited to do anything really.

He was an antisocial kid, but not by choice. The other kids just never liked him, at first it was jealousy because of who his father was, the fact that he was rich they assumed he was a spoiled brat, which maybe he was but it’s not like he knew any better.

Then there was the hateful words they’d spit at him calling his mother a whore for running off with the landscaper but he hadn’t really minded that too much because his father had since poisoned his mind against the woman he’d once called mother by that point so he would’ve joined them in their teasing even possibly supplied them with any intimate details to the rumors they were missing but they never gave him the chance.

He listened to weird music they had said yanking his headphones out to hear “Blue suede shoes” by Elvis Presley because what 10 year old listened to that?  

He had the features of a girl they’d crowed, laughing loudly in his face, tugging on his too long curls, rubbing dirt into the smooth creamy skin of his cheeks and punching him in the mouth, busting it and causing a trail of blood to drip down his too naturally pink lips, thus making tears fall from his crystalline green eyes—the bigger drops getting caught in his movie star eyelashes.

It wasn’t until high school when he found something other than music to get lost in. Soccer, as a freshman he had made his high school team and for once in his life made his father proud—he even attended a few of Harry’s earlier games until Caroline all but consumed him and he once again didn’t have time for Harry, bitterly Harry finally took Maz up on his offer of pills that would make him forget all the shit life’s dealt him and naturally his game performance had suffered to the point of coach pulling him aside and giving him a stern talking to through which Harry had giggled almost manically, forcing his coach to subject him to an immediate drug test. When he tested positive Harry wasn’t surprised he also wasn’t surprised to catch his team mates offering up high fives to Maz for successfully ridding them of the social misfit.

When Harry is kicked off the team and his father is notified of his drug use Harry expected to be punished, would’ve relished a good grounding, to be yelled at, have his allowance taken away and a few of his electronic privileges revoked—maybe even a spanking was he too old for that? Anything would’ve been preferred over the disappointed head shake he got from his father before he went back to pretty much ignoring Harry’s existence on earth.


After Des and Caroline were married and thus their relationship was out in the public Des didn’t think it prudent that Caroline continue to work for the firm and so she resigned from her position and became a full time house wife instead, but with the house already being fully staffed that didn’t exactly leave much for her to do other than sit out by the pool drinking cocktails entirely too early on in the day and shopping for ridiculously useless things online just because she could.

With Des still spending most of his day at the office this often left Harry and Caroline alone in the big hollow house they lived in. At first Harry ignored her sure she was attractive—a woman his friends, had he had any might refer to as a milf but Harry really didn’t pay too much attention until she started lounging around in considerably less clothing, forcing him to join her for meals and movie nights.

There was one night in particular where she discreetly laid her silky legs into his lap on the sofa they shared, her eyes still glued to the TV but now there was a small knowing smile curving the side of her mouth, when he gulped and cautiously ran a shaky hand up her ankle and calf to rest high on her thigh, his eyes also never leaving the TV.

They stayed frozen like that for a few beats before Caroline yawned, stretching her arms up above her head causing the loose fitting college sweatshirt she wore to rise even higher to her hip revealing her gray boy shorts and she not-so-discreetly allowed her legs to spread wide, giving Harry a clear view between them. Harry’s breath hitched in his throat as he turned to her and now meeting her hooded eyes, taking in the lip she held seductively between her teeth.

Without a word he climbed to his knees and crawled in between her legs not really knowing what he was doing when he took her bottom lip between his own. But as it turned out, she didn’t mind his inexperience; in fact she took great pleasure in teaching him exactly how she liked things.

And so began their 6 month affair until one night Des came home unexpectedly forced to leave the office by his law partners who’d noticed that he’d been burning the candle at both ends for far too long and not only sent him home but told him to take some vacation time with his new young bride. So with a reluctant laugh Des had agreed, even stopping at the local floral shop on a whim and picking out an assorted bouquet of  bright flowers for Caroline and the latest issue of Rolling Stone for Harry because he may not have known much about his son, but he was aware of his son’s affinity to music.

The house was eerily quiet as he entered, but it wasn’t a surprise, it was actually the norm if he were being honest with himself so after dropping his keys and briefcase at the door he took the stairs two at a time stopping at the door of Harry’s bedroom first since it was closest to the staircase. Knocking twice, he opened it without waiting for a response knowing his son was notorious for wearing headphones even when in the privacy of his own room. His eyebrows knot up on his forehead when he is faced with an empty room, now this was a little out of the ordinary because as far he knew his son didn’t exactly have friends but he guessed Harry could’ve gone out on his own somewhere so tossing the magazine onto his neatly made bed he exited the room, closing the door behind him.

Venturing on to his own bedroom he paused at the odd thumping sound that could be heard as he neared the door, a steady noise that resembled the sound of the bass turned all the way up of a song being played entirely too loud. Des rolled his eyes at his young wife and her childish antics.

When Des opened the door he didn’t know what he expected to find. Caroline dancing around the bedroom in her underwear to her favorite song like a teenage girl, maybe a little redecorating something the blonde had been doing a lot of as of late. But he definitely did not expect to find his young bride to be naked in their bed, riding the dick of another man.

“What the fuck is going on here?” He roared, rather unnecessarily as it was more than obvious what was going on, but wanting to make his presence known. Caroline shrieked, gathering the covers up around her to cover her body, still shielding the identity of the man beneath her.

“Des, Honey what are you doing home?” She had the nerve to ask, still a little breathless, at the same time the person whose dick was no doubt still lodge inside his wife whispered:

“Don’t fucking move.”

“Does that matter? You fucking filthy tramp!” Des found himself spewing out and throwing the bouquet at her. The petals flew everywhere lading artfully around the bed. Caroline flinched, tears already cascading down her cheeks and the older man didn’t know if they were because she was ashamed, scared of losing him, or because she’d been caught.

Despite what the mystery man under her had said Caroline twisted her body just that much further so that she could see Des better plead with him to understand, to sympathize with her being 30 and in her sexual prime and left in this big, cold house all alone.

Des wasn’t listening though because with her slight movement two things occurred. One Des was finally able to meet the eyes of the man who’d fucked his wife and two Harry cried out in orgasm, making awkward eye contact with his father as he did so.


Harry’s bags were packed and loaded into the car by the following weekend as Des drove him to up to Mount Serenity a troubled youth rehabilitation center recommended to him by Harry’s coach all those months ago, if Harry’s recent drug use hadn’t been enough incentive to check his son in, finding out that the boy had been fucking his wife repeatedly for 6 months did it.

Despite his insistence that he and Caroline were in love and had even made plans to run away together once Harry turned 18, Des chose to instead believe his lovely wife who bawled at his feet claiming that it was all Harry’s fault that the 16, almost 17 year old had prayed on her vulnerability, knowing that she was lonely he seduced her and wouldn’t take no for an answer had even threatened that he would tell Des she raped him if she didn’t sleep with him so she had for fear of going to jail.

After hearing this Harry felt his heart tear right from his chest and he’d never felt more lost and alone in his life as he yanked his headphones over his ears and blasted the Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition”—their song on repeat, cheek plastered to the glass of the passenger side window, his tears mixing with the rain already tracking their ways down it.