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The Great Glenanne

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Anger ventilated often hurries towards forgiveness; anger concealed often hardens into revenge.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton


Fiona's motivation for 14 years was Claire. 

She never saw Claire getting shot.  She was cooking bread pudding, an apology treat after the bitter fight they had gotten into.  And all because of a large cranberry juice stain in Claire's sweater that wouldn't come out in the wash.

Fiona added too much cinnamon to the bread pudding.  As a result, it was bitter and inedible.  It was okay.  Fiona could start over.  She had enough stale bread and time, especially since Claire was late from shopping.  

Then it turned out Claire wasn't late after all.


For days Fiona imagined Claire being shot.  Sometimes she'd see the bullet enter her throat right in front of her.  Sometimes she'd be right beside the solider that shot at Claire.  Her fantasies always ended with Claire, wide-eyed, choking on her own blood until she died.  Fiona couldn't get out an apology before Claire stopped breathing.   

The British Army sent a condolence letter to Fiona's mother.  The solider, from the 22nd Regiment of the Special Air Service, shot at Claire because his superiors thought she was a Provisional Irish Republican Army soldier.

That was the moment Fiona decided she would be a Provisional IRA solider.  Not because she wanted to liberate Northern Ireland from the British, and not because she had grown up Catholic, but because she wanted to avenge Claire's death.


Nothing stopped Fiona in her quest, not even when the Provisional IRA declared a ceasefire.  She joined the Real IRA instead.  They were fond of bombs like she was.  The more improvised it was, the better.  

Then the Real IRA asked her to make a bomb that was supposed to go off in a London post office.

Fiona wasn't informed about the bomb's final destination.  She thought she was bombing an English army base.  She even prepared the bomb so airline security couldn't detect the contents through x-ray detection or bomb-sniffing dogs. 

Fiona was confused when her associates drove into London after leaving Heathrow.  There wasn't an army base in the heart of London.

Her companions arrived at the postal office.   Fiona realized the postal office was the bomb's final destination.

The bitter bread pudding came to Fiona's mind.  Fiona's grudge was against the British Army.  It wasn't against English postal workers.

Fiona planted the bomb at the post office.  She discreetly disconnected the phone that would trigger the bomb.

Fiona and her associates were forced to flee when the Metropolitan Police Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit appeared at the post office.

When she was back in Ireland, Fiona quit the Real IRA.  Her associates never knew she sabotaged the bomb.