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Sweetheart, Sugartits, I just hit the Jackpot

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Bells are ringing. Lowly, dimly, right above you. They chime three times. Then it’s quiet.

Sans takes a deep breath and looks in your direction, but you can tell he isn’t actually seeing you. “tha end of yer journey is at hand. inna few moments, you’ll meet tha king.”

“Stop,” you choke out, overwhelmed from so much. You remember this from the last timeline. You hadn’t killed a single monster and Sans deemed you worthy of bringing salvation to the Underground. And of earning his love. But it’s different this time. Everything is different.

“… that's then,” Sans continues, unfazed, “now. you’ll be judged. fer every action. fer—”

“Stop!” you speak over him, “just stop it!! Stop reading off the damn script!”

He scowls, blinks, then seems to finally register you standing in front of him. Sockets widen as he looks you up and down, then he’s fucking laughing. Throws his head back, the loud sound echoing down the hall and back to the other side. “aahhaha, (your name). ya look like a doll.”

Frown at him and pull at the tattered ends of your dress, wanting to conceal as much of yourself as possible.

“yer beautiful,” he adds.

Change the subject, “I haven’t killed anyone. Don’t toy around with me, just let me go.”

“this ain’t undertale, dollface. this is underfell. and you…” he visibly bristles, “you are completely deserving of my judgement.”

“For what?! What the fuck did I ever do to you?”

A pause.

“What did you remember?!? Just TELL ME!!

Your words resonate off the walls and you can almost hear the room shake along with you. It fades. And then it’s quiet.

So quiet. A crow caws. Another answers.

Sans scoffs, but remains motionless. He whispers something, you couldn’t hear it, ask him to repeat himself. “IT WUZ YOU!!!” he yells and an accusing finger leaves his pocket to point at you, the red lights in his face beginning to smolder. “it wuz all YOU, (your name). not me. everything in this timeline is YOUR FUCKING FAULT!

“… What?

“you fucked with my machine,” he chokes, obviously about to cry, his normal accent gone, “you fucked with it and when i used it, this happened. it’s your fault i’ve had to live through this fucking hell. you did this to my brother. it’s your fault EVERYONE is like this!”

“… I don’t… I don’t remember…”

His extended finger loses power until it just drops to his side. “yeah, i know ya fuckin’ don’t.” He’s crying. “we were fighting… you went into my workshop. then you killed yourself. and you took my son along with you.”

You can remember being pregnant with blue Sans’s baby. You remember having a big fight with him. But that’s all.

“Sans, I don’t… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Sniffles and wipes the tears away with his sleeve. “once i remembered that, it got me thinkin’.” All emotion leaves his voice, “i’ve never forgotten a timeline before. no human has ever gotten pregnant from a monsters seed before. never before has a universe been this different. there’s been only one consistent variable in the two timelines that wasn’t present in the others. an’ that variable iz you, baby.

“i ain’t tha glitch this time. it’s you. an’ maybe if yer erased, i’ll finally be able ta reset. an' forget bout all this...”

He’s going to kill you. Reflexively, you clutch your stomach. “Y-you can’t! What about him?”

“ee’ never should’ve existed in tha first place. i'm erasin' everythin' that ever happened here.”

“Sans, please! Wh-what happened doesn’t matter, you don’t have to do this, we can just leave, we can cross the barrier together.”

"i'm still a guy that does my job... if you'dve stayed with me, i wouldn'tve hadta put ya on trial like this. i could've lied ta myself. an' endured this hell fer you."


“but ya didn't... ya left me. and now. you’ll be judged.”

It feels like someone just punched you in the gut. All the air leaves your lungs and you don’t know how you manged to stay on your feet.

He continues in his monotone voice, “you never gained any EXP. and not only did you not kill a single monster, ya actually gave life ta somethin’.”

You can’t believe it. He’s blaming you for your own pregnancy. He’s judging you for something you did in a past life. He’s going to fucking kill you. And for what? Vengeance? A hunch that maybe once you're gone, he can change things? Whether it’s because of actual justification or out of a sense of preservation, fury begins to overshadow everything else. Clench your hands into fists, gripping the handle of the knife hard enough to hurt, but you don’t feel it. “you bastard,” you whisper.

“in this world, it’s kill or be killed. if ya behave, i’ll make it quick.”

“You bastard,” you say louder, taking a single step forward.

“… do ya wanna have a bad time, sweetheart? cuz if ya take another step forward…” The sockets in his skull go black, “you are REALLY not gunna like what happens next.”

YOU BASTARD!!!” Another step. A loud boom of thunder outside the window. There’s a sudden downpour, rain landing on the roof and windows in loud patters.

“mmmnnn,” Sans rumbles and slouches into himself, “welp. so much fer that.” He sighs, “whadda shitty day. crows are circlin’, flowers are drownin’…” Thunder erupts. Everything shakes as a bolt of lightning flashes across the skeletons face.

A red orb takes shape in his left eye. “but dun’ worry, angelface…” The same animal skull that appeared during his fight with Undyne manifests above him. It opens it’s mouth slowly.

“… i’ll send ya back ta heaven.”