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Guren wasn't sure how they ended up like this. One minute Shinya was battling vampires, the next he was on the ground, still and bleeding. Leaving the rest of his squad to fight, Guren rushed to Shinya's side, helping him sit up. It was obvious that the silverrete was hurt badly, his uniform slashed to bits and the remaining shreds dark and wet with blood. “Shinya, what the hell happened?” Guren asked, refusing to let his emotions get the best of him and trying to speak calmly.

“I-I don't know,” Shinya whispered, coughing harshly and holding his hand over his mouth. It came away stained with blood, letting his hand rest weakly on his stomach.

Guren could hardly believe this was happening, it didn't feel real. He didn't even notice as the battle raged on behind him, too caught up with holding Shinya in his arms. He looked terrible, pale hair matted down with blood, his eyes half shut, Guren could barely recognize him without his trademark grin.

“Youll be fine...” Guren muttered, digging through a small bag of medical supplies.

“N-no, don't bother, Guren, I'm dying.”

“Shut up idiot, you're fine,” Guren said angrily, flicking Shinya's forehead and pulling out a few bandages and weak healing charms.

“Guren, l-look at me.” Shinya used some of his quickly dwindling strength to grab Guren's arm, stopping him in his tracks. His amethyst eyes widened as Guren took a better look at Shinya's broken body, the reality of his injuries hitting him hard.

“Its ok Guren, it's n-not your fault, I was being stupid a-and it got me killed. I guess y-you were right about me.” A half smile floated onto Shinya's face, his eyes fluttering shut.

“You idiot, I never meant any of that shit, I was just trying to shut you up.”

“I know...” Shinya coughed again, lips a dark red with blood.

“Guren, I-I don't have long, s-so listen. Don't blame yourself, it's my fault w-we got ambushed.”

“Shinya...” Guren was at a loss for words, how was he supposed to deal with this? The one person he loved the most was dying in his arms, again.

“I l-love y-you.” Guren choked out, fighting back tears and trying to remain composed.

“I love you t-to Guren.” Shinya smiled, his body going limp and still. For a moment, Guren thought it was all a nightmare, that he would wake up and Shinya would be sleeping next to him. He shook Shinya's arm, softly calling his name.

“Shinya? Shinya, you idiot, wake up!” He yelled, doing everything he could think of to wake Shinya up. But nothing worked, Guren refusing to give up. “Shinya, come on stupid, get up, I need you...” He muttered, laying Shinya gently on the ground, his silky white hair fanned out beneath him.

Guren sat there, staring at the corpse of his boyfriend until a vampire took advantage of his distracted state and attacked. Tears in his eyes, Guren blocked the attack and stood up. “You bastards.” He glared angrily at the vampire and charged him, driving his sword directly into his chest.

“Youll pay for this, you'll pay for taking the one person I loved! I needed him!” He punctuated every word with a blow to another vampire. Tears streamed down his face as he mercilessly killed every vampire he could, attacking like a man possessed. Behind him, his squad watched with wide eyes, terrified. Mito ordered them to retreat a short distance, hoping that Guren would calm down soon.

He yelled and screamed at the vampires as he mowed them down with more force than necessary. As he sliced open the final vampire he paused, sword still stuck in his chest. “ I'm going to kill you all, I'm going to get Shinya back from you bloodsucking pieces of shit.”

With a flick of his wrist, the vampire dissolved and Guren rushed back to Shinya's body, kneeling down. Breathing heavily, he studied Shinya's peaceful expression. Had he not been covered in blood he could have been asleep. “Shinya, I'm going to get you back, I don't care what it takes.”