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Drabbles of A Doughnut Destroyer: Legend Of Korra Edition

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“Korra!” Asami called after the young Avatar as she walked out of the probending arena, drenched in sweat after a hectic match. Korra looked behind her, depsite knowing who it was by the voice already. She had just wanted to go home and relax in bed, but it just seemed rude to ignore the girl. Reluctantly, she answered Asami.

“Uh, hey Asami,” she turned around and pointed back in the locker room, “Mako’s in the locker room still, if you wanna wait for him.” 

“No, I was waiting for you.” The green-eyed girl smiled happily at the Avatar, who looked around as if she didn’t know who Asami was talking to. Korra even resisted the urge to point at her face, as if to ask ‘Me?’. 

“Uh, alright. What’s up?” The dark skinned girl put her hands behind her head with an expression of curiousity on her face. What could Mako’s almost-girlfriend want with her? Asami’s hands were behind her. Huh, Korra hadn’t noticed that until now. The Sato girl moved her hands from behind her back and in her hands was an envelope. Wordlessly, she handed it to Korra, who took it and opened it. Inside was a letter, adressed to her. It read:

Korra, I’ve been feeling this way for a while know. Ever since I saw you at the ball, I have had feelings for you. You were so beautiful in your Water Tribe outfit and I just wanted you all for myself. But, I couldn’t. I wasn’t brave enough then. It took a few weeks and some talks with Mako and Bolin to convince me on how to approach you. So, here it is. Korra, will you please go steady with me?‘ 

Korra stared at the letter. She then looked at Asami, then back at the letter, then back at Asami again. “…what does ‘go steady mean’?” Korra finally managed to ask, confused at what Asami was talking about in the letter. The green eyed girl giggled and  grabbed Korra’s hand.

“It means I wanna be your girlfriend.” Korra sputtered and pulled her hand away, stepping back from Asami.

“B-b-but Mako…and your dad and…”

“Mako and I….weren’t working out. And my dad doesn’t mind this at all. He’s happy that I picked  such a ‘strong, capable woman like the Avatar’. In his own words.” Asami stopped Korra before she could continue, trying to assuage her. She walked up to the young Avatar, putting her hands on the taller girl’s arms to calm her down.

“It’s alright. If you don’t want to be with me-” Asami couldn’t continue her sentence, because Korra’s lips were currently on her own. The kiss lasted a few more seconds, a warmth flowing through each of them until they separated.

“Ok. I’ll go steady with you.” Korra smiled gently and Asami pulled her into a hug, which the Water tribe girl glady reciprocated.