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Prom is just a conspiracy

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Derek Hale was certain that prom was a conspiracy to drive sane people mad, and he’d never been as grateful as he was for Stiles complete lack of interest in gushing over dresses and stupid dances, because it was rather refreshing to find a girl who wasn’t all that focused on the so-called biggest event of the year at least according to Lydia (and in the past his own sister Laura had said the very same thing but perhaps with a little bit more of a dramatic flair to it).

He’d been aware that the ladies like Stiles insisted they should be called instead of just girls, had left early that morning to the male out of town to fine their dresses for prom, and he’d been aware that they would return to his loft with their things because well they wanted to show him what they’d bought for some unknown and unreasonable reason, but as the ladies of his pack filtered through the door laughing and talking he was surprised not only over the amount of dressed the females of his pack had bought (with his credit card no less because he was trying to be a good and supporting Alpha) it was the lack of one particular human-female by the name of Stiles Stilinski missing that caught him off-guard.

Derek had been expecting the pale creature with gentle but strong hands and eyes that seemed to be able to look right into his soul and heart as well as mind without much effort, he’d been surprisingly eager to show Stiles the now renovated kitchen because he’d followed her advice to the letter.

`Where’s Stiles? ´ Derek asks the cheerful group of beauties, and yes all of them were beautiful in their own right and he could easily admit it but none of the girls he was now seeing had the power of him as Stiles Stilinski had, for the heavens above she was the reason he settled in the loft in the first-place and why he had been renovating it night and day to keep her comfortable.

`Don’t tell me she’s still refusing to use the lift?´ Derek had the damn thing fixed since Stiles got stuck in there for an hour before anyone noticed it, of course he fixed because he’d felt terrible when he’d lowered himself down and into the lift only to find a crying and shivering Stiles huddled in the corner.

Erica looks at him like he’s lost a couple of brain cells during his descend down the spiral stairs which Derek was going to have changed for something less dangerous, they were beautiful yes but not very practical with Stiles being human with a talent to trip and fall especially when most of the time she had her nose stuck in a book or her phone or a piece of paper. Lydia just did that face thing she did that told him she thought he was a useless idiot. Allison looked like she wasn’t entirely sure what was happening and Derek had to worry if Scott’s idiocy was contagious and Stiles was just immune to it.

`She’s not coming because she wasn’t with us.´ Cora says like it was the most obvious thing in the world that Stiles wouldn’t be with them buying her dress for the prom, which it wasn’t considering how the four ladies had taken it upon them to upgrade and better Stiles understanding of fashion.

`What? Why not? ´ Derek has to ask even though he’d been trying to keep his curiosity about Stiles to the minimum because of the way his uncle had started to smirk at him.

`I can’t say I’d enjoy watching my friends buying dresses for prom when I’m not going.´ Allison says from where she’s seated.


There are mumbles of mutual agreement from the rest of the girls, no ladies.

`What? Why isn’t she buying a dress? You did tell her it was all on me right? ´ Derek asks his sister who rolls her eyes and gives her that look of “Seriously Derek stupid much?” Before finally answering.

`She’s not going.´ Cora answers like it’s not the biggest news at the moment to drop on Beacon Hills, and she’s giving him that look that tells him she thinks he’s turned dumber than a turnip.

`What? Why not? ´ Derek asked and the repeating of what’s and why’s are really making him sound stupid which he knows wouldn’t happen if Stiles was there dealing with this conversation, that girl could drag out answers from anyone without asking much which just one of several reason why Derek needs Stiles in his pack, he’d be lost without her.

`Isn’t it obvious? ´ Erica snorts before settling on the couch he and Stiles had bought, or rather Derek paid for it after she chose it much like she’d done with most of the furniture that hadn’t been salvaged from the ruins of Derek’s childhood home, `She hasn’t got a date.´

`Erica.´ Allison hissed but Erica just rolled her eyes and continued.

`Oh come on, everyone knows it, so why deny it? Poor thing no one asked her, she was so desperate she even asked Greenberg but he’s going with that new girl than smells like fried chicken and onion rings.´

`Why can’t she just you know go on her own, ´ Derek asks although he would swear he wasn’t all that interested if someone were to question his questioning?

`Or with you and Scott?´ Derek asks Allison who shrugs while answering with a voice that told Derek that she was in all honesty glad that Stiles wasn’t going to be a third-wheel at her and Scott’s prom experience.

`Scott did say she could, but she said she didn’t want to be a third-wheel.´ Derek can understand that much, after all Scott would most likely not even notice Stiles during the whole night because of Allison, and yet he didn’t like the idea of everyone else going to the prom while Stiles just sat at home doing research or watching some movie while crying over ice-cream like his cousin Hannah had done when she couldn’t get a date for the prom.

`Just imagine being turned down by Greenberg that’s just has to sting.´ Erica says as she kicks of her shoes.


The fact that Stiles wasn’t going to attend the dance bothered Derek far more than what he’d wished it too, he spent days
slipping back to thinking about his cousin Hannah and how Stiles might end-up feeling as she was left to spend the night at home doing the same damn thing she did every evening, the similarities with their situation bother him so much that he didn’t even notice when Peter snuck-up on him one evening as he watched Stiles drive off in her Jeep a few days after he’ learned Stiles wasn’t going to the prom.

He’d asked her if she was really okay about the whole prom thing and she’d made an attempt to wave his concerns away but she couldn’t stop her hear or scent from revealing the truth, and it made the whole situation worse somehow that Stiles felt the need to still pretend around him she was fine with being seen as something less by those idiots at the high school.

`Penny for you thoughts dear nephew of mine.´ Peter says in that creepy sort of way he does when he wants to amuse himself by the expense of others, and Derek nearly leaps out of skin or out the window that still had Stiles handprint on it even after Derek had washed most of the framed pieces of glass that made the impressive window that allowed him to watch the unfairly dismissed girl. Derek’s eyes flash and he his claws are out, he still reacts by shifting to Peter when he sneaks up on him, he and his wolf don’t dare to trust him yet no matter what Peter says about family sticking together.

`Oh I see you’re a bit tense.´ his uncle says with a slight snicker, `What has you so gloomy champ? Did Cora eat the last cookie? I’m certain if you beg really nicely Stiles will bake some more, you know she can’t say no to you – well unless you are about to do something stupid, then she’ll scream it in your face.´


Derek can’t help but growl a little when Peter says Stiles can’t say no to him because she does say no to him a lot like no to the whole having a bed in downstairs where people mingle because a bedroom was supposed to be a place for rest and privacy.

`Come now; tell your favorite uncle what’s got you looking like you’ve swallowed a lemon? ´ Peter coaxes.

`Stiles, ´ Derek sighs and Peter snickers little at that but Derek ignores him, `she’s – she’s not going to the prom. Apparently she’s dateless.´

`Oh, well that is unfortunate – then again teenage boys are incapable of making wise or reasonable decisions, as are some males that are considered legally adults.´ Peter says and he doesn’t sound at all like an asshole at the moment, he almost sounds genuinely unhappy by the news.

`Pity really, ´ Peter says with a sigh, `I bet she would’ve looked very pretty all dressed-up and dancing, she maybe clumsy as a baby giraffe when she walks but oh when she dances…´

`What the hell are you talking about?´ Derek snaps rather than asks eyes flashing at his uncle who has that annoying look of “Wouldn’t you like to know” before deciding for once to reveal what he knows without Derek having to beat the information out of him or bargain for it.

`I’ve seen her dance,´ Peter says leaning against the table that Stiles had dragged to the loft from the Hale house, she’d had it fixed-up first of course and then brought it over and when Derek had tried to protest because that table had been where he and his family had dinners and family meetings when Laura got her bellybutton pierced and his mom wanted them all to know that the next one who got a piercing or a tattoo without her blessing would get a tattoo reading stupid on their foreheads; Stiles had grabbed his hand held it tightly and told him he’d lost a lot, a great deal of his family but if there was anything left saving they should do it because the people he’d loved shouldn’t be forgotten and buried completely under ruble.

`You – you’ve seen her dance? ´ Derek asks a slight tinge of jealousy crawling up his spine and settling in his heart.

`She was washing the floors, here, you were out doing something.´ Peter says a dreamy look in his eyes, `she plays the fool, the uncoordinated buffoon, but she can dance like there’s music in her soul.´

Derek reverts to his source of control which is anger as the thought of his uncle seeing something Stiles obviously didn’t want to share rubbed him the wrong way, and so he spits, `Well, she not going to wear a dress or dance for you so forget it.´

He’s about to storm into the kitchen to do the dishes he already knows aren’t there because Stiles would never leave him to clean up after the pups as she calls them, when Peter suddenly says, `But maybe you could see her in a dress and dancing.´


Stiles is soaking in the bath listening to music to fit her gloomy mood, she was trying to ignore the fact that her friends were probably by now all at the dance, all dressed-up and pretty. Stiles was determined to just ignore the fact that she was stuck at home, she would deal with it soaking in a bath then getting dressed in her comfy PJ’s and huddled up on her bed watching a couple of things on Netflix and eating all the unhealthy stuff she had bought to ease the ace in her chest.

But then as she’s about to start crying again the bathroom door burst open and she’s screaming like some scream queen before reaching for one of the towels to cover herself-up herself with when she realized Zombie-wolf is standing in the small bathroom while she’s naked in the bath.

`Stiles, there you are sweetheart.´ Peter says overly cheerfully for the whole breaking an’ entering into the Sheriff’s goddamn house.

`What the hell are you doing!?´ Stiles shrieks as she fishes up her phone from the bottom of the tub, or it was her phone now it was just a dead piece of outdated and now drowned technology.

`Telling you to get out of the tub obviously princess.´ Peter says like he’s not just walked in on a very naked teenager in a bath, `Do you need to shave anything or can we get started, wouldn’t want you to be late for prom.´

`What? ´ Stiles asks surely sounding even more ridiculous than she looked at the moment stuck half-way in her bath holding up a lost-cause of a phone, but before she can say another thing Peter his there grabbing her by the ankle and dragging his hand over her leg and that has her shrieking loudly because she had not signed-up for creepy-uncle-bad-touch fondling her leg while she was struggling to get out of the bath.

`Silky smooth. Excellent. What about the armpits darling?´ and suddenly there they are his hands underneath her arm, and if she didn’t feel so violated she mighty giggled because she was ticklish but instead she grabs the nearest thing which was a bottle of hair conditioner and just starts hitting him with it.

`Get off of me you fucking creep! ´ she screams before kneeing him in the groin when she finally got herself up and into a position that allowed it, with Peter groaning wit discomfort she makes a dash out of the bathroom, she’s in such a state she doesn’t even realize she’s only managed to cover the front half of her body revealing her plump behind to pervert-wolf.

`I’m calling Derek you sicko.´ Stiles shrieks as she rushes towards her bedroom slipping a few times along the way, and she’s frankly a little bit too busy to wonder why exactly the first person she calls these days when she needs help is Sourwolf and not Scott or her dad. However before she’s able to reach her bedroom and the bat underneath her bed or her pack phone the one Derek had bought each of them, she’d got a lot of bitching over the fact that her phone was the newest and finest one on the market until Derek had pointed out that with Stiles being the one doing the research it stood to reason she had to have a phone that would help her at it, the hottest looking seventeen year old guy in a suite that looks far too expensive to be anywhere near her house or bedroom comes rushing out of her bedroom.

Stiles is so shocked by the sudden appearance of a boy whom she does not know appearing out of her bedroom that she slips and drops hard on her ass.

`Stiles!? Stiles are you okay?´ the unfamiliar werewolf asks her and Stiles is about to kick him too or slap him as he comes closer but then her eyes land on the familiar eyes looking down at her with genuine concern the red gone and replaced with a ray of greens, blues and hints of brown, but then they are glowing Alpha red once more as they zero in on molester-wolf, `What did you do?´ the question barely audible through the loud rumbling of a dangerous growl, the sort that always made her want to move closer to Derek as long as it wasn’t directed at her; and when it was she just stood her ground or slapped him, or hit him with a rolled-up newspaper before telling him not to growl at her because she wasn’t one of his betas.

`D-D-Derek?´ Stiles can’t help but ask as she reaches out to touch the unfamiliar and yet familiar face, and the kid nods at her while remaining tense and moving like he’s ready to attack Peter who’s moving around behind her.

`I – I can’t take you to the prom the way I was so,´ young Derek says ears turning red, `So Deaton helped.´

`And me, It was my idea.´ Peter says from somewhere behind her.

`Wh-why, why would you? ´ she just can’t get her mind on board with what she’s seeing and it makes her sound stupid.

`Because I want you to be happy.´ was all Derek needed to say to make her heart flutter like a million little butterflies had taken residence inside it, `And I know you want to be there.´