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Haikyuu Creature Collection

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Alright, so you're probably wondering what exactly this is. To put it simply, it's a collection of one-shots for the Haikyuu characters starring them as fictional creatures. Because of the way this challenge was set up, all pairs will be Male X Female or Male X Gender Neutral or Female X Gender Neutral. This is has nothing to do with my personal views, it's simply how I set this challenge up in the very beginning, so I won't be changing that. However, I may do a separate set later on.

Anyway, since there are over 75 different characters that I can do, I will only do 1-3 parts for each character. Also, I'm letting you guys help decide who will be what creature. I'll limit it to creatures with a human or human-like form, but other than that, no restrictions! All characters and creatures are welcome! (Even coaches, managers, and siblings of the main characters!)

However, once someone has been decided, they won't be changed!

Each X marks how many parts have been completed for each character. If there isn't a creature listed next to the name, then I haven't chosen their creature. The ones that are crossed off will not be getting any more parts and are officially considered finished.


XX - Tadashi Yamaguchi (Vampire)

- Kei Tsukishima (Vampire)

X - Koushi Sugawara (Vampire)

X - Kazuhito Narita (Half Elf)

- Chikara Ennoshita (Angel)

X - Hisashi Kinoshita (Ghost)

- Daichi Sawamura (Kitsune)

X - Asahi Azumane (Werewolf)

X - Shoyo Hinata (Werewolf)

X - Tobio Kageyama (Merman)

X - Hitoka Yachi (Mermaid)

XX - Ittetsu Takeda (Angel)

- Saeko Tanaka (Shapeshifter/Succubus)

- Keishin Ukai ()

XX - Akiteru Tsukishima (Vampire)

X - Natsu Hinata (Werewolf)


- Nobuyuki Kai (Elf)

XXX - Morisuke Yaku (Werecat)

X - Tetsuro Kuroo (Kitsune)

X - Kenma Kozume (Nymph)

- Taketora Yamamoto (Shapeshifter/Incubus)

XXX - Shohei Fukunaga (Werecat)

XXX - Lev Haiba (Shapeshifter)

XX - Sou Inuoka (Werewolf)

X - Yuuki Shibayama (Werewolf)

- Akane Yamamoto (Shapeshifter/Succubus)

XXX - Alisa Haiba (Shapeshifter)


XXX - Toru Oikawa (Vampire)

X - Hajime Iwaizumi (Vampire)

X - Issei Matsukawa (Kitsume)

X - Takahiro Hanamaki (Incubus)

XXX - Akira Kunimi (Half Vampire)

XX - Yutaro Kindaichi (Vampire)

XX - Shigeru Yahaba (Vampire)

X - Kentaro Kyotani (Werewolf)


X - Kousuke Sakunami (Angel)

XXX - Takehito Sasaya (Merman)

XX - Takanobu Aone (Werewolf)

XX - Kanji Koganegawa (Werewolf)

X - Kaname Moniwa (Kitsune)

X - Kenji Futakuchi (Incubus)

- Yasushi Kamasaki (Werewolf)


XX - Koutaro Bokuto (Wereowl)

- Keiji Akaashi (Incubus)

- Akinori Konoha ()

- Haruki Komi ()


X - Yuuji Terushima (Incubus)

- Kazuma Bobata (Incubus)


XXX - Satori Tendo (Vampire)

XXX - Hayato Yamagata(Werewolf)

XXX - Taichi Kawanishi (Werewolf)

XXX - Kenjiro Shirabu (Werewolf)

XX - Tsutomu Goshiki (Werewolf)

XXX - Wakatoshi Ushijima (Werewolf)

- Reon Ohira (Werewolf)

XXX - Eita Semi (Dragon)


X - Suguru Daisho (Naga)

XXX - Naoyasu Kuguri (Vampire)

- Kazuma Numai (Werewolf)

- Koji Hiroo ()


- Shinsuke Kita (Kitsune)

XXX - Osamu Miya (Kitsune)

XXX - Atsumu Miya (Kitsune)

- Aran Ojiro (Angel)

- Rintaro Suna (Kitsune)

XX - Hitoshi Ginjima (Werefox)

- Heisuke Riseki ()

- Michinari Akagi ()


X - Kiyoomi Sakusa (Vampire)

XXX - Motoya Komori (Half Vampire)

X - Tsukasa Iizuna (Werecat)


X - Hayato Ikejiri (Vampire)

X - Shugo Meian (Werewolf)


So that's it. If you want to see a certain character as something, you better say it before someone else beats you to it. I'll try to include every character, but I might have to leave some characters out.

If you have a scenario for a certain creature then feel free to mention it. I just might use it. (Many of these creatures were decided based on things people suggested!)

Also! When this collection is complete, some of these little stories might be getting remade into actual fanfics! Ones that are especially loved and get lots of votes will be more likely to be chosen for this, so don't be shy!


***For those who may have noticed, Kiyoko, Tanaka, and most of the coaches have been left off this list, plus some select side characters. Kiyoko and Tanaka won't be done. This is a decision I thought about for a long time and have decided to leave them out. Readers of the manga will likely have figured out why. As for the coaches, many of them are married, so I'm not about to go messing about there. If one of your favorites isn't on the list though, that doesn't mean I won't do them. But if you don't ask, I might not. There are a lot of characters, after all. It would be far too easy for me to overlook someone. In some cases though, there just isn't enough info for me to do them. 

Chapter Text

“Wake me up in an hour...” my boyfriend mumbled, drifting off to sleep.

It was always like this. We'd spend the day together and then as it started to get later, he'd get tired and take a short nap with me. Having been together several years now and being more than old enough, I'd suggested that we simply just move in together. However, Sou always changed the subject every time I tried I tried to bring it up. In fact, he even refused to stay the night even when he was too tired to even go home.

For just a moment, I let myself think about a certain secret I'd been keeping from him. If he knew, would that change his mind about it? Maybe it would actually scare him away... Sou was a great guy, but he didn't exactly strike me as being 'father material.'

Cuddling close to him on the couch, I wished he would just come out and say that he didn't want our relationship to move any further. Or that maybe he'd explain why he was so afraid of taking that next step. Sighing, I decided to just ask him about it tomorrow and drifted off to sleep, knowing that as soon as I woke up, he'd be long gone.


It was a few hours later when I woke up. I didn't even have to look to know that Sou was already gone; the absence of his warmth was enough of a sign. My heart stung, but I was used to this. In fact, It would have been a miracle if he'd still been there when I'd opened my eyes.

Slowly I sat up and stretched. It was early nighttime still, meaning that I had several hows before it was time to get up and start the day. Like usual, I got up and took care of the bowl from last's night's popcorn. After that was when I'd climb into my bed and cuddle with my pillow, wishing it were my beloved Sou.

This night though, something was different. I heard noises from inside my apartment. First it was something like the sound a doorknob makes when you try to turn it, but it's locked. When you live alone, that's a pretty scary noise and I was no exception. My nerves were instantly set on edge.

Not even seconds passed before the same noise was heard again before being followed by a light scratching sound, like a dog's toenails against tile floors. Now I was getting a bit scared. If I didn't know any better, I'd say something was in here. But that just wasn't possible, right?

Even though I was sure it wasn't possible, I still grabbed my cell phone from the table and quickly called my boyfriend. If anything, he'd at least calm me down. However, when I hear the ring of his phone coming from the table next to me, I know that plan was a fail. I couldn't bother Yuuki or anyone else this late at night, so I was on my own here.

My entire body was shaking as I looked around. No lights were on except the lamp on the small table in the corner of the living room. The only other light was the light from the full moon that shone in through the window.

Hearing the toenail noise again, I quickly turned towards the sound only to be forcefully pushed onto the floor by something heavy and furry. Catching just a glimpse of sharp white teeth, I instinctively shut my eyes. I probably should have screamed, but I was too scared to even move.

A small growl came from the creature followed by a light whimper escaping from me. Its hot breath touched my neck and then... a soft lick just under my ear.

Cautiously, I opened my eyes, to see a dog, no, a wolf, staring down at me. It stood over me, preventing me from getting up from my position on the floor. I should have been completely terrified, but looking at the creature's eyes, I felt like I was safe... almost like Sou was right here with me.

Then it hit me. “Sou?” I asked, not looking away from him. My only answer was a lick to my cheek. Suddenly, it all made sense. Why he'd never stayed with me at night... why he was so hesitant for us to live together... it was all because of this. He was a werewolf.

I let out a sigh of relief, taking his furry face in my hands. “Why didn't you just tell me?” All I got was a whine. The reason was pretty obvious though: he'd been afraid that I might leave him I ever found out. It was a normal fear, but if I'd stuck with this big puppy this long, it would take a lot more than this to make me give him up. “Sou, I love you.” I smiled up at him. “You could be anything in the world and I won't mind it as long as you're still the same Sou that I fell in love with.”

He nuzzled his face into my neck, pleased by my response. After a moment, he started to move off of me, but he stopped for just a second, lifting the bottom of my shirt and brushing his cold nose against my stomach. “Sou! That tickles!” I laughed, pushing his nose away with one hand and covering my stomach with the other.

Finally up, I decide now I probably should get to bed. With Sou with me, I climbed into bed. He snuggled close to me, resting his chin on my shoulder. Slowly, he reached over and I felt a light nibble on my earlobe, something he only ever did when he was feeling frisky. “No, Sou.”

Sou let out a small whine and looked up at me. And there's those puppy dog eyes of his. I swear he was a professional at that. “Not while you're in that body,” I told him, cuddling close to him. “But if you still want to in the morning, maybe we can then.” That little promise was enough. Holding him close, I slept better than I had in years.


Extended Ending:

When I woke the next morning with a human Sou's arms around me, I couldn't help but smile. I'd wanted to wake up to this so many times; now I could finally experience it. Maybe now he'd finally be willing to stay the night once in a while. Which reminded me of one more secret that needed to be told.

“Morning,” his voice greeted me as he kissed my forehead. Maybe that secret could wait a bit; I just wanted to lay here like this a little longer.

Hugging him tightly, I couldn't keep the smile off my face. “I love you, Sou.”

“I love you too.” Sou hugged me tighter and I heard a light chuckle escape him. “By the way, I'm really excited about our little one.” For a moment I wasn't sure I'd heard him correctly, but before I could even ask, his next words told me what I needed to know. “I read the texts on your phone. But I suspected it even before that.”

Chapter Text

I plunged my stake into the creature's heart, ending its miserable life as quickly and painlessly as I could. As I pulled it back out, I caught sight of another fleeing the area. My companions were busy taking on the other three that remained here, so I chased the one on my own.

It's really foolish to chase after a vampire when you're alone, but I knew I'd be fine. After all, I was the top slayer in this little group. My number of kills greatly towered over the others. Because of that, I was made the unofficial leader.

All through the old building, I chased the lone vampire. Soon I had him cornered, but something about him was off. Once I'd seen his face, I knew exactly why.

This particular vampire wasn't like the others that I'd found him with. In fact, it was a huge shock that this gentle and shy classmate of mine even was a vampire. I wasn't even sure I could believe it even possible with the way he was cowering down with his back pressed tight to the wall.

I'd slain countless vampires, it was my job to, but thinking about having to destroy him made me want to just thrust a stake into my own heart instead. Yamaguchi just looked so helpless, so terrified. It was cracking my stone heart.

Just as I was considering turning around and letting him go, my team had already come into the room, updating me on the status of the other vampires. “One slipped away but the others were taken care of,” one of them said before their eyes fell on the one I'd cornered.

All stepped forward, stakes raised and ready to leap into action. Seeing a tear slipping down his cheek, I signaled for them to stop. “You go after the one you lost,” I ordered, not even looking at them. “That one's a much bigger threat right now. You stop him before he hurts anyone else; I'll take care of this one on my own.”

My companions weren't fond of that order, but they knew I was right. With me being the top dog, I could handle a fight on my own. This one was cornered, so it would be easy for one person to handle. The one who escaped would be much tougher and would require teamwork to be taken down. Besides, if I said to do something, they had to do it.

Reluctantly they left. Once I was sure that they were far enough away, I put my stake back into its holster on my hip and moved a bit closer to the terrified boy. “Relax, I'm not going to hurt you,” I tried to say as calmly as I could. He looked up at me as I knelt down in front him. I still kept a little distance between us; he was still a monster, after all. “I can't believe a sweet guy like you would get mixed up with monsters like them. Why are you hanging around with those guys?”

Yamaguchi dried his eyes with his sleeve. He was finally calming down. “Y-you shouldn't get so close... I-I might...” He was stuttering and shaking and when his eyes met with mine for the first time, I knew why.

That look in his eyes was one I'd seen many times, and it most certainly wasn't good. Well, it was and it wasn't. It was good because it meant he wasn't out attacking people; it was bad because it meant that his natural lust for blood was getting so strong that it might completely take over and turn him into a vicious killer just to satisfy that need. “You haven't been drinking blood.”

“I can't get it on my own, so Tsukki said to get help from other vampires,” he said quickly, trying to back away but his back was already against the wall.

Tadashi Yamaguchi was a very gentle guy. He never did anything to hurt anyone. In fact, he was kinda shy and too tenderhearted to ever be considered a threat. The thought of having to destroy him was heartbreaking. However, I couldn't just let him go; not when the bloodlust was threatening to take over him.

I had to do something for him. Taking my knife out from my pocket, I pulled my sleeve up a bit. Yamaguchi's eyes instantly locked on to that patch of exposed skin. Yeah, he was definitely too close to the edge. Using my knife, I made a small cut on my arm. It was no more than a centimeter or two in length, but it was enough to have the blood trickle out.

This was actually a trick we'd use to draw the attention of blood-starved vampires so that we could dispose of them before they had a chance to go crazy. And right now, Yamaguchi was desperately trying to resist it.

His hands were clawing at the floor. But he didn't dare move until I spoke. “Go ahead. It's not good for you to go so long without blood. I won't do anything to you,” I promised, holding my arm out to him. “I'd hate to have to kill you, but I can't have you going blood crazy.”

His restraint shattered and he pressed his mouth against the cut. He was gentle and didn't try to bite me. It didn't hurt like I expected, but there was sting the stinging sensation of his saliva against the cut. As he drank the blood, the tension in his body started to relax.

After a minute or two, he stopped and pulled away, panting slightly. It really hadn't been that much blood, but he was looking a lot better already. No more blood was coming from the cut, but I put a band-aid over it anyway.

The boy in front of me slowly looked up, his gaze stopping at my neck. There he stared for a long time. I shivered; something wasn't right. “Yamaguchi? Are you alright?” He didn't respond; he only kept staring. “Ya-”

I didn't get to finish. Before I could even process what was happening, my back was against the floor. Fangs dug painfully into the side of my neck as my wrists were pinned down. No matter how much I tried to break free, he was bigger and stronger than I was. All I could do was struggle helplessly and wait for it to end. Soon everything started to get hazy, and then, everything slowly faded to black.


A week has passed since that day. Yamaguchi now avoids me during school, but I can't say I blame him. Most people knew that I was a part of a group of vampire hunters and with him being a vampire, he wouldn't have been safe around me. Especially after people had found out that I'd managed to be overpowered by a vampire.

Even though it was wrong, I couldn't help but worry about him. If he'd had so much trouble with getting blood before, then now it had to be worse with everyone acting even more cautious.

Because I was worried, every day for the last three days, I'd slipped a small vial of blood into his bag or into his desk with a quick note. It wouldn't be enough to keep him completely healthy, but it would be just enough to help keep himself in control. He might have known it was me, but if he did, he didn't show it.

After another week, I was tempted to approach him. It was clear that he'd been avoiding me, but something about that day was bothering me. In the end, I decided that I had to talk to him, and I knew exactly how to make it happen.

I waited on the roof for him to show up. On his desk, I'd left a note asking him to come here. Of course, I was smart enough to have someone else write the note; just in case he recognized my handwriting.

Soon enough, he appeared. But the very second he say me standing there, he turned to run away. I couldn't let that happen. I rushed forward and grabbed a hold of him. Yamaguchi struggled against me, but I'm not exactly weak. And after awhile of struggling, it ended with my back against the door and him leaning over me.

“Why have you been avoiding me?” I demanded. As long as I blocked the door, he couldn't escape. “Do you realize how suspicious that makes you look? If you keep away like this, someone's going to find out about you and then me letting you go was all for nothing.”

“I hurt the girl I love,” he blurted out, his eyes going wide and his hand covering his mouth as he realized what he'd just said. He closed his eyes tight and left his forehead fall onto my shoulder. “I was going to tell you before. I decided that I had to tell you, but I was scared that if I got too close that I might lose control. That's why I went to those other guys. I figured if I could get blood, then I wouldn't lose control of myself when I was with you.”

He didn't need to say any more than that. I already knew the rest of the story because I'd been there. It was pretty sad, really: he'd gone through all that trouble for the girl he loves only to end up being chased down and nearly scared to death by her. Not to mention how he ended up attacking her regardless of how much he'd done to avoid it.

“Tadashi,” I called to him, making his head snap upwards to look at me. “Next time, just come to me for help.” He flinched as my hand touched his cheek. “You know, we don't hunt down every vampire we see. If one is peaceful and blends in with the humans, we can leave it be. We do that because those ones only ever take blood from their lover, who offer it willingly. Sometimes even us hunters have a vampire lover.”

Yamaguchi was quiet as I smiled up at him. “I can't say I've ever been fond of that idea myself; I've never liked vampires at all. But, as long as it's you, I don't mind."

Chapter Text

He's late. Every day, I'd come here to this little secluded area on the beach. It's actually quite difficult to get to, but somehow I'd managed to find it by accident one day. This is where I met him.

It was my first time staying in this area, so I'd gone out to explore the nearby beach. It was early summer and very warm, but the whole place was pretty deserted today. A perfect day to be exploring around for a nice quiet place to relax on the sand.

Climbing up and over more rocks and boulders than I could count, I soon found myself here. It was a small circular area with rocks surrounding it like cliffs. The circle continued nonstop all through water, but somewhere there must have been a hole or a tunnel in the rock wall, letting the water into the lovely little area.

It was beautiful here; the water was crystal clear and the way the light sparkled on it was simply amazing. Of course, I didn't quite realize that I wasn't alone. Nearby was something even more beautiful than this place.

He'd been relaxing on the warm sand when I'd made my way over the rocks. As I dropped down over the little cliff, he'd dived down into the water before I had a chance to see. But he'd be unable to leave this place until after I was gone; I'd unintentionally trapped him here.

Soon enough though, I'd discovered him and in no time we were talking like friends. Tobio was quite fun to talk with, though he seemed to be a bit shy. Or maybe he just wasn't good with people. Luckily though, I'd always been good with people. Of course, when I found out that he was a mermaid or rather a merman, I was a bit shocked.

I'd never actually believed that such creatures existed. Though when you considered the fact that my best friend Shoyo was a werewolf, I guess it wasn't that surprising that mermaids existed. So making friends with one wasn't all that strange after all.

“Sorry I'm late,” a familiar voice called, breaking me free from my thoughts.

I looked out at the water where Tobio's head poked out and his hand waved at me. Waving back, I faked a scowl. “What took you so long?” I tried to keep a straight face, but I just couldn't and let out a laugh.

Tobio made his way over to the edge of the water and held a hand out for me to pull him up onto the sand. “My mother was questioning me about my bracelet again; I couldn't get away,” he sighed as we sat back on the warm sand.

I looked down at my wrist where a bracelet made of shells rested. It was something that Tobio had given me the day we met, just before we'd parted. He'd told me that as long as I had it, then he'd always have to come back to me.

It was quite beautiful. The shells were an exact match to the scales on his tail. They were colorless in a way, but when the light would shine on them, they'd sparkle and reflect all sorts of breathtaking colors. It reminded me of the ocean itself. Water is colorless after all.

“Is it really that special?” I asked, looking from the bracelet back up to Tobio.

He shrugged and looked out at the water. “All of us have one. They're made to match our tails and no two are exactly the same,” he calmly explained, though that didn't quite give me an answer. “It's sort of a tradition to give yours to whoever you choose to be your mate. If the other accepts, then they give you theirs; if they refuse, they simply return yours and you keep looking for someone else.”

That's a very sweet little tradition. When I thought about it though, it didn't make sense why he'd given his to me; especially when he'd done it the same day we'd met. “Then you probably shouldn't have given yours to me.” If this was meant to be for his mate, then a human like me shouldn't have it.

“I want you to have it. For now at least.” His voice was calm and he wasn't looking at me, so I could even begin to guess what he meant or even what he might have been thinking. “I don't think of it the same way others do, so it doesn't matter.”

If that was true, then just what did he think of it? Obviously, it was something important or else he wouldn't keep coming back here. I didn't get to ask; I didn't even need to ask because he was about to tell me. “I just think of it as a promise to come back to someone. No matter how far apart you are, it'll keep you linked together.”

His thoughts about it were even better than that tradition. It was sweet, but it didn't have such a binding sort of meaning.

“I think I like your idea better,” I said, smiling at him. Suddenly I remembered something. “Speaking of promises...” I reached behind me and grabbed something. “I brought my volleyball today. Remember? I promised that I'd teach you how to play.”

Tobio turned to face me, a wide grin on his face. He'd heard me talk about how I played it so much that he said he wanted to give it a try. “Let's play.”

Chapter Text

Strong arms wrapped around my waist from behind and I could feel someone's warm breath on my neck. I didn't need to look because I already knew. “No Toru,” I said flatly, closing my locker. As much as I loved my best friend, I wasn't about to just give in to him so easily.

“So mean...” he whined, letting go and leaning against the lockers next to me. Even though his words had been disappointed, he still had his usual cheerful grin on his face. If it were anyone but me or Iwa-chan, you'd have no idea that it was fake.

Walking out with him right next to me, I decided to just get to the point of why he'd come to me. “Why don't you ask your girlfriend?” Even without specifically saying what it was, we both knew.

“I can't.”

Had I been more like Iwa-chan, I'd have hit him right then and there. “If you didn't tell her, then I swear I will kick your ass,” I threatened, stopping right in front of him. This has happened with every single girlfriend he's had his entire life. He refuses to tell her the truth and then when she finds out that he'd been keeping it from her, she drops him like he's a worthless piece of trash.

“No way! I did tell her!” He held up his hands like a shield, prepared for me to hit him. After I relaxed a bit, he did too. “I told her a week ago. But last night...” he trailed off, his smile shifting into a frown. “She broke up with me.”

I wanted to say something to cheer him up, but after all those past times, I knew there was nothing that I really could say. All I could do is take him by the hand and lead him to a place where we could be alone. Then we could talk freely.

Finally alone, I sat him down under a tree. “Why'd she do it?” I asked, sitting down beside him.

“She wouldn't say,” he sighed. Toru pulled his knees up to his chest and stared down at the ground. “Even when I asked her what I did wrong, she wouldn't tell me the reason...”

It hurt to see him like this. Even without having to ask his ex-girlfriend, I already knew why. It's because of what he was.

Sure, people might fantasize about having a vampire for a lover, but when it came to reality, no one wanted that. Vampires loved blood, some even go crazy for it. Their bites are painful even if you get used it. They can kill you in a mere moment if the desire and unless you're specially trained to kill them, you don't stand a chance.

That was the reason his girlfriends leave him. They've all been those fragile, self-centered types of girls; ones who aren't willing to stick with a guy who might even do the tiniest thing that they don't want him to or might possibly be even the slightest bit dangerous.

Unfortunately, Toru still doesn't seem to understand that. Or maybe he did understand, but he refused to believe that it was the truth. Every time he took a chance with a new girl, no matter how much he believed that she was the one, he ended up running right back to me. And being his best friend, I stuck by him and comforted him by giving him what he needed to help get back on his feet, which was always a bit of blood and a loving shoulder to cry on.

He's probably just using me, I know. Toru comes running to me because I'm the only one who knows what he is and is not afraid that he'd hurt them. Outside of moments like this, we don't really seem like we're that close. At most there's his usual flirting and a few times when we walk home together when he doesn't have a girlfriend.

I slowly put an arm around his shoulders. It's really likely that I don't mean all that much to him, but I can't just leave him alone; not when I know how much he's hurting. He turns his head to look at me, giving a sad smile.

Toru's eyes lock onto my neck. He doesn't need to ask; I already know what he wants. Silently I nod and his eyes light up a bit. He shifts around so that he's kneeling in front of me before reaching forward and undoing the top buttons on my shirt.

He leans in, nuzzling my neck for just second before pushing me to the ground. Once he's moved the fabric of my shirt down to expose my shoulder, he moved in closer. I can feel his breath on my skin and know what comes next. It will hurt; it always does, no matter how gentle he tries to be. I've gotten used to it, but as his fangs sink in, it's still painful.

Something about this time is different though. It took a minute to place it, but I was able to figure it out. His hands. Normally he'd have his hands on my wrists to keep me from moving too much; he didn't want to risk me moving wrong and then something bad happening. This time though, he simply had one beside my head, holding his weight up while the other just rest on my waist.

But that isn't the only thing he's doing. As he takes my blood, his hips are gently moving against mine. It's a pleasing sort of feeling and I'm easily distracted from the set of fangs than are currently sunk into my neck.

A pleased sigh escapes and unknowingly I tilt my head to the side. I don't feel his mouth leaving my shoulder; I don't notice what he's doing until I felt his fangs sink into the side of my neck. That small bit of pain was just enough to bring me back to reality.

Toru and I had always had some rules for moments like this. The most important being that he wasn't allowed to bite me where I couldn't cover it up. Well, actually the most important one was that he wasn't allowed to bite me without permission, but in this situation that one didn't quite matter.

Soon, he pulled away from me, panting slightly. Licking a few drops of blood off of his lips, he smiled at me. Toru sat up, slowly and carefully pulling me up with him. He hugged me tight: his way of thanking me for being there and as an apology for doing this. He didn't say anything, but he didn't really need to. After all, it's always been my job to just be there for him. Even if he's only using me, I don't care. He's my friend and always will be.


Extended Ending:

As I closed my locker, arms wrapped themselves around me. Before could say anything, a soft kiss was pressed against the bite mark on my neck. “Sorry about yesterday. I got a little carried away,” Toru's familiar voice apologized.

All day long, people had asked about the two band-aids on the side of my neck. I didn't lie; I told them that I'd been bitten by a vampire yesterday. Of course, many accused me of lying, saying that they were probably something else. I had no problem with pulling them back to prove them wrong, but there was no doubt that rumors about it had quickly spread around because of that.

“You know, I've been thinking,” he hummed, moving around to stand in front of me. “I keep dating all sorts of girls but it always ends the same. I always go back to the same person every time the relationship fails.” He paused a moment, smiling a real smile. “So I thought, maybe I should just be with that person instead of wasting time other people.”

As I listened, I laughed. “Dumbass... You're just now figuring that out? Why do you think that person is always there for you? It's because they love you.”

Chapter Text

“So pretty...” She shouldn't be out here this late in the evening. She knows this very well, but little Kozume cannot resist chasing after the fireflies. They lead her off to a small clearing in the forest. It's a lovely little place, but in the darkness, it's also a bit scary.

Suddenly, something behind a nearby tree catches her eye. It's a little boy about the same age as her. Maybe early elementary age at most. He peeks out at her, curious. The boy isn't human; he's a nymph: a nature spirit. He wonders who this girl is; this little girl in his forest.

He's been all alone until now, so he doesn't know how to act. But he doesn't need to do anything at all because little Kozume is already standing in front of him.

She smiles at him. “Hello! What's your name?” She's an innocent little girl, completely unaware of the dangers of being out alone so late. The child has no idea that this little boy before her is not what he seems.

The boy starts to answer, but then he realizes he does not have a name. He has no family, no friends... no one to call him by a name nor to even give him one. “I... I don't have a name.”

Little Kozume is surprised by this. What person does not have a name? However, she will not let this get in the way. She twirls around in a circle and giggles to herself. “If you don't have one, then I'll give you one!” she decides. “I'll call you Kenma!”

He likes this name, he decides. It has such a nice sound that he can't help but smile.

And so Kozume and Kenma's friendship began. She took him home with her, and he soon became a part of the family. Kenma even made friends with Kozume's other best friend Kuroo. All was happy.

But like all good things, that happiness would come to an end.


“Hey Kenma,” Kuroo calls to his best friend. The two boys have grown older now. Kenma is now in his second year of high school: Kuroo is in his third. “Do you know who this is? I found it while I was cleaning out my closet.”

In the elder's hand is a photograph. It shows three young children: a shy Kenma, a mischievous Kuroo, and a sweet little girl. Kenma knows this girl very well. How could he possibly forget the one who gave him not only his name but also a family?

“You don't remember her?” Kenma knows that the two of them had been really young, probably too young to really remember her, but it hurts to know that the one who'd known her the longest had forgotten his best friend.

Kuroo has always known Kenma better than others, so it surprises him to see Kenma showing that bit of emotion so easily. “So you do know.”

Slowly Kenma nodded. Calmly, he tells Kuroo the story. He begins with that night in the woods and ends with the fate that befell the poor Kozume girl. As he tells the tale of how she'd gotten really sick one winter, the wheels in his friend's mind begin to turn.

One cold winter, little Kozume had gotten sick. As time went on, it slowly got worse and soon she ended up in the hospital. But that hadn't been any help; no matter what they did, she wouldn't get any better.

When she died, her parents were heartbroken. Unable to handle the painful memory, they stored away their lost daughter's things and everything that reminded them of her. They hoped that with time, they might be able to forget; Kuroo's parents had hoped the same, removing all memory of her so that Kuroo would never remember. And until now, it had worked.

Of course, as Kuroo heard the story now, he stared at Kenma in confusion. “Wait, so your last name isn't actually Kozume?”

Kenma only smiled. The girl's family had taken him in as a child. He'd eventually taken her last name as his too. This way he would never forget.

Maybe it's because of that, that sometimes he thought he saw her: that little girl would twirl around, and then he thought he heard her giggle. Sometimes, he even thought he heard her speaking to him. And every time, he'd smile and remember that she's always with him as long as he remembers.

Chapter Text

My eyes slowly fluttered open. White walls and the quiet beeping of a monitor greeted me. My entire body ached as I tried to sit up. My head throbbed painfully and I instantly moved my hand to it.

As I tried to think of why I was here, it slowly started to come to me. I'd been walking home from a friend's house and it was dark out. I was in a hurry, so I took a shortcut through the park. That's when I heard noises nearby. Then as I'd turned, the last thing that I remembered was something big and furry growling and leaping out at me.

Overall, that memory was incredibly fuzzy. In all honesty, I wasn't even sure that was what really happened. I mean, I didn't get a look at what it was that had attacked me, so there was no way of even knowing what it was.

Slowly I looked around my room. My gaze stopped on a small table near the bed. On it was a vase that had my school's colors, probably a gift from someone at school. Or maybe it was just a lucky coincidence.

In the vase were some flowers. They were a lovely little mix of colors, as well as several different types of flowers. I found the card laying next to the vase and opened it. All it said was one little thing.

I'm sorry.

There was no name and it wasn't the handwriting of any of my friends. It was sloppy, so it was probably a guy. Though I couldn't think of any guys who might besides Yahaba, but I knew his handwriting was incredibly neat, so it couldn't have been him.


A week passed before I was finally out of the hospital. Every day I spent there, I'd wake up to new flowers and another card. But every time, the message was the same. A simple apology and no hints as to who it was or why they were apologizing.

When I finally returned to school, I asked around, but no one could tell me anything. Eventually, I decided to ask Yahaba. He didn't know much, but what he could tell me was more helpful than anything else I'd heard.

“It kind of looks like Kyoutani's handwriting. I don't know why he'd be apologizing to anyone though. It'd be really out of character for someone like him,” Yahaba told me. “Whoever it was though, they must feel pretty guilty about whatever they did.”

“Guilty...” Thinking his words over, the pieces started falling into place. The furry beast that attacked me... the flowers that kept appearing in my hospital room... What if they were connected? Maybe that thing was a werewolf or... A werewolf. “Yahaba, you wouldn't happen to know if there were any werewolves here, would you?”

It was a bit of a long shot, but he was a smart guy. If anyone knew, it would be him. I hoped so, anyway. “I know a couple, but what does...” Suddenly it clicked in his mind too. “There's a few at almost all the schools in Miyagi. I know we've got a few... oh! Kyoutani's one of them.”

There's that name again. I had yet to talk to him, but he wasn't exactly the most approachable guy. Not to mention I ruled him out because it just didn't seem possible. “Kyoutani, huh?”


Eventually, I talked to Kyoutani about it, but he wouldn't confirm or deny it. Actually, he didn't even say anything. After that, I gave up on it. I was pretty sure it was Kyoutani, but I knew I'd never get him to admit it.

Things were normal again... until some third-year decided that he wanted to make fun of the scars I had from that night. The guy had no idea what it was from, so I tried not to react to him. They always say that if you ignore a bully that they'll eventually lose interest. Yeah, that's a bunch of nonsense.

As I was being pushed to my limits, someone stepped in. “Leave her alone.” The voice was strong and intimidating. It was more than enough to scare off the third year.

As Kyoutani wandered off, I found myself running after him. If him suddenly defending me wasn't the sign of a guilty conscience, then I don't know what is. “Kyoutani!” I called out, finally catching up and syncing my pace with his. “You didn't have to do that. It's not your fault.”

I'd hoped that that would trigger some sort of denial or confirmation, but I got nothing. He didn't even say a thing. Apparently, apologies and niceness weren't exactly his strong suit. After a moment I sighed. There was no way I was getting anything out of him.

As I started to leave him, I gave him one last look. “I forgive you, so don't feel guilty anymore.” And as I walked away, I nearly missed the tiny smile that tugged at the corner of his mouth.

Chapter Text

I stare him down from across the gym. His eyes meet mine and he mentally sighs. He already knows what's coming next. We've been through this so many times that he'd know it even if he got some serious amnesia and couldn't even remember his own name.

If there's one thing I want to be, it would be to be stronger. If I could be the strongest, maybe then I could save her... Oh, I haven't really explained that yet, have I? You see, my younger sister was kidnapped by this asshole werewolf. I tried to stop him, but I was nowhere near strong enough then.

She was only nine then, so she didn't even have a hope of fighting back. I have no idea why they took her or where she is, but I do know that she's alive. Whatever it takes, I'll rip that asshole's throat out with my own teeth for messing with the only family I have. That's what I swore three years ago, but I've yet to get strong enough.

By the way, did I mention that I'm a werewolf? There's actually a lot of us all over the place. In fact, each school has so many that each has its own 'alpha,' or more specifically someone that keeps the rest in line. Usually, that's the strongest. And for my school, Shiratorizawa, that is Wakatoshi Ushijima.

The guy's crazy strong and I've lost to him more times than I can count. I know, it sounds pretty crazy for a 2nd year girl to pick a fight with a 3rd year guy, but I'm kinda desperate here. Who wouldn't be, you know? I'm fighting to get back the only family I got.

We're a blur of teeth and fur as we roll across the hard floor. He's careful not to do any real damage to me. That really pisses me off. How could I get any stronger if he kept going easy on me?

Almost as quickly as it started, the fight was over. Ushijima and I have both shifted back into our human forms. I'm pinned against the floor, his hands firmly holding my wrists to keep me from moving. Another loss for me...

As I'm released I storm off to the locker room, shoving several people who were in my way. I lost yet again... at this rate I'd never be strong enough! Cursing loudly, I slammed my fist against one of the lockers, leaving a small dent in it.

Leaning my forehead against the cold metal of the lockers, my eyes began to sting. This was no time for tears, but I was too frustrated to be able to hold it back. Hot tears slid silently down and fell to the floor. I felt so weak, so pathetic; I'd never be strong enough.

“Why must you insist on defeating me?” the voice of that familiar face said behind me. I didn't even hear him come in, but then again, I was too pissed off to pay much attention. “By now it should be obvious that you could never be stronger than me.”

Ushijima was right. It was a cruel fact, but I knew he was right. I could never hope to be even half as strong as he was. But even knowing that already, hearing him say it only pissed me off even more. “You would never understand!” I growled, leaping at him. Looks like this time we've got round 2.

Just as before, I failed. Soon I found myself pinned against the wall with Shiratorizawa's ace staring down at me. He didn't speak this time, just waited quietly for me to speak. And after a moment of silence, I gave in and told him everything. “He has my sister and unless I can get stronger, I'll never be able to save her.”

Ushijima's eyes locked with mine. I could see a question in them, but what that question was, I had no idea. What I did know, was that him staring at me like that was a bit awkward. “Fine,” was the only word he said. Unable to maintain the awkward eye contact, I looked away from the ace.

Then, out of nowhere something pinches the side of my neck. It almost feels like... wait, is he actually biting me? What the hell?! Before I could say anything, the pinching feeling was replaced by the feeling of something soft and wet moving against me skin. Okay, now this was kinda weird.

“W-what are you doing?” I cursed myself for stuttering. But I didn't get any sort of response yet. As I opened mouth to ask again, he shut me up by biting down again, this time harder than before.

“What the hell?” I half shouted after he'd stopped messing with my neck. Just what was he trying to do?

Ushijima simply stared at me, his usual serious expression on his face. It really pisses me off that I can never tell what this guy is thinking. “I'm marking what is mine.”

“Since when did I agree that I was yours?”

Ushijima turned and started to walk away before speaking again. “When I agreed to help you save your sister.” His words didn't quite process in my mind. When had he even said anything about that?

“Wait, what?!” I looked to him in shock, but he was already out of the room. As I ran to catch up to him, I ignored the stares I got that and called after him. “Ushijima! W-wait a second!”

Chapter Text

The library was dead silent. It was almost scary, but when you considered that there were only three people, it made sense for it to be quiet. One of those three was the librarian who sat in the corner, too absorbed in her book to even notice anything was going on.

One student sat at one of the tables. Scattered around her were several books. She was busily writing in a notebook book, or so she seemed.

The third... no one seemed to notice his presence. He slipped in silently. This boy was a third-year and a kitsune, a fox spirit. And much like a fox, he was quite mischievous and sly. Shifted from human to fox form, he crept up behind the girl studying at the table. This time for sure, he would get her.


I continued to write in my notebook. It was nice to finally have some quiet without Kuroo hanging around. He seemed to have taken a liking to annoying me, though I couldn't begin to guess why. Maybe that idiotic third year has a ridiculous crush on me... okay I can't even think that with a straight face. It's just impossible.

Slowly, Kuroo crept closer to his target. He didn't make a single sound. He barely even breathed out of fear that it would give him away. Just a few steps from his precious target, he crouched down, prepared to pounce.

“Don't even think about it,” I threatened, not even bothering to turn around. Me: 1, Kuroo: 0. So much for my quiet time... I swear this kitsune is trying to drive me away. Or at the very least drive me crazy.

A low growl escaped him as he shifted back into human form and sat down on my table. Not on a chair at the table, literally on the table. He even pushed a few of my books out of the way. “Are you ever surprised by anything? Even just a bit?” he muttered, mostly to himself.

“Nope.” Actually, some things did surprise me from time to time, but it rarely happened. Being a 'monster expert' as many called it, I found that very few things were capable of surprising me anymore. And this handsome kitsune was determined to find even just one of those things.

For a while, he just quietly stared down at me. It made it very difficult to keep working, but I managed to do it. Eventually, I finished my work. But before I could get everything picked up, Kuroo decided to make his next move.

In one quick motion, he grabbed my arm and pulled me up out of my chair into his arms. I really should have been expecting something like this from someone like him, but when his mouth pressed roughly against mine, he'd caught me completely off guard. Me: 1, Kuroo: 1.

It happened so fast that I didn't know how to react. I couldn't react. I knew that I should have pushed him away, but I couldn't move. His lips moved gently against mine, but I didn't kiss him back. Honestly, I don't think I really processed what was going on until he'd already pulled away and let me fall back into my seat.

All I could do was sit and stare at him. Yeah, he'd surprised me with that one. My mouth hanging right now probably wasn't helping to hide that fact either.

Unsurprisingly, he smirked at me. “Finally I got you,” he teased and I immediately punched him in the shoulder.

“Don't get too arrogant, Foxy,” I hissed, putting all my books in a neat pile. Me: 2, Kuroo: 1.

“Oh? You think I'm foxy?” he smirked at me, earning him another punch. Me: 2, Kuroo: 2. “You're pretty cute sometimes, you know? Such a little tsundere...” Bet you can guess what that one got him. Me: 3, Kuroo: 2.

Sometimes, this fox really gets on my nerves. Though I guess he's not all that bad. Maybe a serious pain in the ass, but I won't lie, those looks of his certainly make up for it.

Chapter Text

“Come on, move!” a voice was quietly panicking. It appeared to be coming from the other side of a wall-like rock that was just ahead. Being the oh so heroic knight in furry armor that I am, I obviously decided to check it out.

I climbed up over the rock and dropped down onto the sand below. Looking around, the source of the voice came into view. And boy was I surprised. Sitting there on the hot sand was a girl who I guessed was probably around my age.

However, she didn't look like she was having a good time. The girl appeared to be pushing against a large rock next to her, but it didn't move even a millimeter.

“Are you alright?” I asked coming over and sitting on the sand next to her. She jumped in surprise and then began trying more frantically. I think I scared her. “Whoa! Calm down!” Grabbing her shoulders, I tried to calm her down and show her that I wasn't going to hurt her.

She still looked scared, but she slowly calmed down and stopped trying to push the rock that was clearly not going anywhere. “You're not going to hurt me?” she asked in a small voice, backing away slightly. I shook my head and held my hands up defensively. “Then maybe... could you help me?”

The girl's eyes shifted downwards to the bottom half of the rock. There, I saw why she was so desperate to move to rock. She was a mermaid and the rock was on top of her tail. Remembering something I'd heard from my friend, my eyes flicked over to her wrist. As I expected, there was a shell bracelet that matched the color of her tail.

I nodded and tried to push the rock away. My strength is a bit above average, but it wasn't enough for this task. The rock didn't even budge the slightest. If only I had Asahi's strength... Asahi! I could call for Asahi! The whole team was here since we had a practice match with a school nearby tomorrow afternoon.

But before I could do anything, I picked up on some voices heading this way. There were saying something like “Come on, it's over here.” With the tones they spoke in, I could already tell that they weren't the friendly type who was coming to help us out.

“Stay close,” I whispered to the mermaid beside me. Like she actually had a choice... she couldn't go anywhere. But I said it anyway and shifted into my wolf form. As two human faces appeared over the rock, I stepped between them and her. Crouching down to look like I was going to attack, the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and I let out the most vicious growl I could.

Upon seeing me, they quickly ran off. If there's one thing humans know, it's that you never mess with a werewolf. Especially when that werewolf looks severely pissed off or when they feel threatened.

As soon as I was sure they were gone, I relaxed and gave the boulder one more try. Being a bit stronger in my wolf form, I'd hoped that maybe I could get it. No such luck. Having no other choice, I left out a howl, making it sound like I was in pain. I was calling out to Asahi who I knew would come running. We were good friends and both werewolves.

Once that was done, I shifted back to my human form and waited. Sure enough, he was there in no more than a couple minutes. But the second he saw me, he was incredibly confused since I looked perfectly fine. But after I explained the situation, he gladly helped me to free the trapped girl.

Looking her over though, I noticed that something was wrong with her tail. It seemed really unlikely that she'd be able to swim with it in that condition. Being friends with a merman, I knew quite a bit about their kind, though not nearly as much as he did.

I turned my back to her and crouched down. “Climb on,” I told her and she hesitated before doing as she was told. “We should take care of that tail, but there's only one person I know of that would know how to handle something like that.” Her arms wrapped around my neck as she pulled herself up and I used my arms to hold her up. “My friend Tobio's a merman, so he can help you out. By the way, you have a name?”

“Yachi,” she said nervously.

“That a first name or a last?”


I smiled as we walked along. “So what's your first name?” Personally, I preferred to call people by their first names. Or sometimes a nickname.

She was quiet a second or two before answering me. “Hitoka.”

“Hitoka...” I said, trying out the sound of it. I liked the way it sounded. “That's a very pretty name. Perfect for a pretty girl.” Okay, maybe I was flirting a little, but I couldn't help it. I was just naturally flirty; most of the time I didn't even realize I was doing it.

“You know you should introduce yourself,” Asahi pointed out, walking along beside me.

But I only grinned. “You can just call me your heroic knight,” I laughed to myself. “Anyway, you'll like these guys we're going to see. They might seem a little scary at first, but they're great. Ain't that right, Asahi?”

He nodded. “Asahi's a werewolf like me.” I nodded towards the tenderhearted giant beside us. “Let's see... Shoyo's about our age and a werewolf. I already said Tobio was a merman. Our captain, Daichi, he's a Kitsune.”

At that, Yachi became a little confused. “Captain?”

“We're all in the same volleyball club.” I mentally hit myself for not mentioning that sooner. “Then Suga, Tadashi, and Tsukki are all vampires. Couldn't tell you what Chikara, Hisashi, Kazuhito, Ryu, and Noya are though. They seem insistent on not telling me and no one else will talk about it when I ask. Personally, I think that no one has any idea what they are.” As I finished the last ones, I remembered someone that I'd forgotten. “And there's Kiyoko. She's the manager of the team and a succubus.”

As I continued talking about all the members of the team, Yachi seemed to relax a bit and even begin to open up a bit more. But as we approached the rest of my team, I was met with an angry-looking Daichi and a worried Noya and Tanaka.

“You sly dog!” Tanaka's worried expression quickly melted into a grin as he saw Yachi on my back. “We thought you were seriously hurt and you're just off playing the knight in shining armor! Nice!”

“You got it wrong, Ryu!” Noya grinned. “It's 'Knight in Furry Armor' 'cause he's a werewolf! He's furry, not shiny!”

At that, the three of us burst into laughter. It was a joke we'd made many times, but it was always funny. But our laughing quickly ended with a glare from our captain. I was in trouble. Handing Yachi over to Asahi to take to Tobio, I prepared myself to face the captain's wrath... and whatever punishment I would get for making everyone get seriously worried about me for no reason.

Chapter Text

Werewolves come in all types. They can be tall or short... chubby or skinny.. fast or slow... smart or dumb... kindhearted or vicious... or even anywhere in between. Some of us are lucky enough to have complete control over whether or not we transform. Others have no control whatsoever.

Me? I was lucky enough to fall under the former category. Early on I'd learned to control my transformations and now I'm quite thankful for that. My best friend Asahi, however, falls into that latter classification.

“Alright,” I said carefully. Not just anyone could teach you how to control something like this, but I'd been successful in teaching several others in the prefecture, so I was feeling pretty confident. “Close your eyes and clear your mind of everything.”

Asahi's eyes slowly closed. He looked very peaceful right now, which was a good thing. It's always easier to keep things under control when you're calm. I gave him a moment before continuing. “Ready?” He nodded. “Now picture your wolf form. Imagine your body shifting into that form.”

Patiently I waited to see if anything would happen. We'd been doing this same thing for weeks, but we really hadn't made any noticeable progress yet. But then again, not all of our kind were able to learn to control ourselves in that way. It was just a fact of life. Like how some people can be great singers and some just can't.

I had a feeling that Asahi was probably one of those that couldn't. It would be a real shame since he's the current alpha. He's clearly our strongest, though he's too cowardly to be much of a leader. If any of the other werewolves in the school came up to him and decided to challenge him for the title, he'd probably just give it to them.

Lucky for him though, there were only a few werewolves in our school. At least, only a few were known. There were probably quite a few that no one knew about. For now, though, he was safe.

I could probably easily take over as alpha if I wanted to. Of our entire school, I had the most control of my transformations and I certainly had the brains and the right attitude. If Asahi wasn't my friend, I could quite easily take over. That is, if I wanted to. Quite honestly I have no desire to. Though if anyone else takes it, that will change.

Soon, I saw a bit of progress being made. Asahi hadn't changed into his wolf form, but he did manage to make the ears, tail, and front paws of his wolf form appear. A partial transformation. Those don't commonly happen except for when you're training yourself to transform at will. Or if you're super unlucky and it just happens at a random because you have no control whatsoever. It's rare and extremely difficult to do on purpose though once you've mastered your transformations.

Asahi opened his eyes and frowned. He could tell that this wasn't quite right. “At least it's progress,” I grinned, patting him on the shoulder.

The third-year opened his mouth and tried to say something, but all that came out was a mix of a howl and a whine. That was a major problem with partial transformations: you never know what is going to change. In this case, Asahi's tail, ears, paws, and voice.

“Okay, now that might be a problem...” I scratched the back of my neck nervously. If he couldn't use his voice, that would make everything pretty rough until the transformation wore off and he shifted back into human form. Not to mention it would be completely embarrassing for the alpha to be seen in such a state.

I had to think of a solution... However, the only thing that came to mind was to simply try the same thing again and hope for the best. So that's what I told Asahi to do.

Luckily, when he tried this time, he managed to reverse the partial transformation. “Look at that; you're making a lot of progress this time!” I said, trying to sound positive. But the moment he opened his mouth to speak, he still didn't have his voice. “Well, at least we know you can learn.”

I patted the glass-hearted third year on the shoulder. The poor guy still had volleyball practice to go to, so I'd have to explain the situation for him. At least his teammates wouldn't make fun of him though.

Besides, it would wear off in a while... hopefully...

Chapter Text

He was always doing this. At least, that's how it seemed to me.

As motherly as Suga acted towards his friends and everyone else, there were times when he failed to take care of himself. Or rather, he simply forgot to. Thankfully, I was around to keep an eye out for him. Though lately, that hasn't been easy.

We're in college now and share a small apartment. I'm not quite sure how you'd label us; we were a bit too close say friends or roommates, but we weren't exactly a couple. Sometimes when I think about it, I wonder if we're like the leading couple in a romance anime who are so obviously supposed to be together, but they're too oblivious so you're just left there yelling at the screen for them to just “shut up and kiss already!”

For the past two weeks, all I've seen him do is one thing: study. Every time I see him, he's leaning over the table with a textbook in front of him, pencil in hand, and writing busily in a notebook. With as much as I see him like this, he's probably copied the entire textbook word for word three times by now. Or at least about that much.

I haven't seen him do anything else. He hasn't eaten... he hasn't slept... hasn't done anything at all. Sure, it's entirely possible that he did that stuff whenever I wasn't there, but I was seriously doubting it. Suga certainly didn't look like he was taking care of himself.

It was tiring just looking at him... I had to do something.

Suga was too busy writing to even notice me standing right behind him. Normally I would just tap him on the shoulder and tell him that he should take a break, but this time called for more extreme measures. I quickly snatched his pencil out of his hand before he even had a chance to see what I was doing.

“Hey!” He tried to take it back, but I just held it behind my back and used my free hand to close his textbook. After marking his page of course. I'm trying to help him after all.

“You are taking a break now,” I said firmly. “This is all I've seen you do for the past two weeks. You look horrible. Have you even been eating or sleeping at all lately?”

Suga didn't look at me. “I'm almost done, so I'll stop then.” He opened his book again, only to have me close it. “Just-” He'd turned around with a glare, with the intentions of scolding me for interrupting him, but he stopped suddenly. His eyes were fixed on something and it wasn't hard to guess what or why.

“Suga, don't tell me you haven't been...” I trailed off, sighing. It's a well-known fact that vampires need blood. If they go too long without it, they will either become ill or blood-crazed. Neither option was very pleasant, though the former was obviously the more preferable of the two.

Koushi Sugawara was a kind person. He'd never ask anyone if he could take their blood, he'd simply wait for them to offer it. That rule was one he used even with me, even though I'd repeatedly told him that I was willing to give mine to him any time he needed it; all he had to do was say so.

His silence told me what I needed to know. “When was the last time?” I sighed.

“The last time you offered...” he admitted, trying and failing to turn his eyes away from me. That was three days before he started in on his two weeks of nothing but studying. Obviously, that wasn't good. Normally I would ask him every couple days to make sure he was okay, but lately I'd been a bit busy and it seemed to slip my mind. I simply assumed that since he didn't seem to be affected by it that he'd been getting blood from someone else.

Letting out another sigh, I reached forward and grabbed his hand. He flinched but didn't try to stop me. Taking him by the hand, I led him into his bedroom and made him sit down on the bed. Before anything, I figured he at least deserved a little be of a lecture. If it wasn't going to be from me, then it would be Daichi and we all know who he'd prefer if given the choice.

As I went on though, Suga didn't look like was listening. Or rather, he was, but it was like he wasn't really hearing a single word I was saying. Looks like this would have to wait a bit. “Alright, so here's what's going to happen. First, we're going to take care of your little blood problem,” I told him, holding up a single finger. “Then you are going straight to bed. You haven't been getting enough sleep, so you need to rest a bit before anything else. If I have to, I stay up and sit right here with you just to make sure you actually sleep and don't go back to studying when I'm not looking. Got it?”

“Understood.” Suga nodded and watched as I sat down beside him. Slowly he leaned in a bit, stopping just a few centimeters from my neck. What was he waiting for? He had permission and I knew he needed it, so was holding him back?

I never got an answer to that question. His lips pressed against the side of my neck, then he finally bit down, sinking his fangs in. He was always careful and tried to be gentle, but it did still hurt a bit. Though it wasn't nearly as painful as other vampires made it. That was something I loved about Suga.

After a while, he pulled away. As he did though, I suddenly felt extremely dizzy and started to fall forward. Suga quickly caught me. “Sorry, I guess I took a little too much...” he quietly apologized. “Just lay down and I'll get something to help you.” He started to lay me down and walk away, but I quickly grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Why?” I asked, my head resting against his chest. His arms were always so warm... so safe... “Why are you always looking after everyone other than yourself? If you're always taking care of everyone else, then who's going to take care of you?” Even when I was trying to look after him because he needed it, he was still trying to take care of me.

“Maybe that's because I know that you're always there,” he said softly. He sounded like he was smiling, but I really couldn't tell for sure. “You're always looking out for me, making sure I'm okay, even when I'm not paying any attention to whether I'm alight or not.”

Slowly and carefully, I tilted my head upwards. Suga's eyes met with mine and a warm, fuzzy feeling took hold of me. For some strange reason, I couldn't help but feel like I really, really wanted to kiss him. Maybe I was just loopy from the blood loss... I think that can happen, can't it?

Before I even knew what I was doing, I was already moving closer to him. I wasn't the only one though; Suga met me halfway. His lips caressed mine gently while my arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer. The faint taste of blood still lingered on his lips, but I didn't mind. It was my blood, so why should it matter?

All too soon it ended. Though I guess I couldn't really complain since I was feeling like I might pass out. As I lay down in his bed, I half expected him to leave me there and return to his studies. That's not what he did. Instead, he climbed into bed beside me, cuddling next to me and quickly falling asleep. Soon enough, I drifted off as well with a smile on my face.

Chapter Text

Out of nowhere, an arm is wrapped around my shoulders. When I look up at its owner, I saw a face I didn't quite expect. Oikawa simply grinned and insisted that I come with him. He never said why or where we were going. But he's a good guy, so I can trust him, right?

As we walked along, I tried to figure out why Oikawa suddenly seemed so interested in me. Sadly, the little conversation we had gave me no clues. However, when our paths crossed with Iwaizumi, I could tell that this somehow involved the ace.

When I looked at him, Iwaizumi seemed angry. Well, he almost always looked angry, but today it was more than normal.

As I tried to guess what could be bothering him, Oikawa was saying things to him that I wasn't paying attention to. However, when I felt someone's hot breath on the side of my neck, I froze and all thoughts vanished from my mind.

There were no doubts that it was Oikawa. His arm was still around me and the breath was on the same side where he stood. The breath was replaced by something soft and warm, plus just the tiniest trace of something sharp. It was then Iwaizumi lost it.

He grabbed Oikawa and tore him away from me. He yelled something at the setter that I didn't quite catch. I was too shocked and confused to even really have any idea what was going on. And before I caught up, the two of us were being shoved into the nearby storage room with the door being slammed shut by a smirking Oikawa.

“Open the damned door!” Iwaizumi was shouting at the setter and trying to force the door open. But even though he was the strongest in the school, he couldn't get it open. Oikawa must have others helping him. Clearly, he'd planned this, but as to why, I couldn't begin to guess.

After a while, Iwaizumi gave up on trying to make his friend open the door. He just sighed and rested his forehead against it.

I didn't like seeing him like this. If I'm being honest, I like Iwaizumi a lot, even more than Oikawa. So seeing him so upset was sort of painful. I had to do something. “Iwaizumi? Are you okay?” I reached out and placed my hand on his arm.

From there I'm not sure what happened. All I knew was that I'd somehow ended up pushed against the wall. I could feel his breath on my neck, followed by something sharp painfully digging into the side of my neck. Is... is he biting me?

A warm liquid slowly trickled down from the spot where Iwaizumi's mouth was attached to my neck. Was that blood? Did he actually bite me hard enough to make me bleed? His mouth separated from me just long enough to lick the dripping liquid away before sinking his teeth into one more time in another spot. Geez, what was this guy, a vampire?

Then it dawned on me. Biting. Blood. Vampire. Just thinking it filled me with fear. It was only natural to be afraid; I was locked in a room all alone with a vampire. “I-Iwaizumi?” My voice was trembling as his grip on me tightened, pressing our bodies closer together.

He pulled back a second time. “Sorry...” he softly whispered before biting down a third time.

I should have pushed him away, but my body refused to move. Tears formed in the corners of my eyes from the pain of it. One of his hands reached up and began undoing the buttons of my uniform while the other was wrapped around my waist, holding me in place.

As he traveled down and sunk his fangs into a spot on my chest, the tears started to flow silently down my cheeks. A soft whimper escapes my lips and he stops moving. Slowly Iwaizumi pulled back a bit and stared down into my tear-filled eyes.

I couldn't see his expression because my eyes were squeezed shut. His breath is on my neck again and flinch, waiting for the pain. But it doesn't come. Instead, I felt something soft and gentle touch one of the bite marks.

“I'm sorry...” Iwaizumi's voice whispers, placing another kiss on another bite mark. Slowly I open my eyes, tears still falling. “I just couldn't resist you anymore...” He continued until he'd kissed every single mark he'd left on me. “I've wanted you for so long... I... I like you... a lot...”

Iwaizumi released his grip on me and stepped back. His gaze swept over my body, lingering a moment on each bite mark before he stops and stares at my exposed front side. The longer he stared at me, the more I wanted to just cover myself, but my body still refused to move. It was like there was some sort of spell, binding me and restricting my movement.

As I avoided looking at him, I didn't see his stare shifting up to my face. I also didn't see that he'd taken a step towards me. It wasn't until his arms wrapped around my waist once more and soft lips pressed gently against my own.

Iwaizumi's kiss was gentle and sweet; much different than his bloodsucking had been. He almost seemed shy, making me realize that he really hadn't been able to hold himself back before. It was then that the spell that made me still as a statue broke.

If I were to go about the situation logically, I should push him away. But that isn't what I wanted. Even if he was a vampire and kind of scary, I still liked him. So I kissed him back, giving the ace the confidence to do more.

As the kiss deepened, I began to realize that this was just getting started. And there was no way that it was going to be stopping any time soon.


Extended Ending:

Oikawa leaned against the door to the storage room that he'd locked his best friend in. It wasn't long before a group of his fans found him and started talking to him. For once the setter didn't mind it; it gave him an excuse to stay there without looking suspicious.

As he talked, a noise caught his ear. He wasn't the only one; everyone else heard it and it quickly fell silent. Mere seconds later, the sound was heard again and most of the crowd either blushed or their mouths fell open in shock.

When the same noise sounded again, there were no doubts about what was going on. I mean, when a very sexual-sounding moan comes from a locked room, what else could be going on? Because of that, all but Oikawa quickly left the area.

But Oikawa, being the oh so wonderful best friend he was, simply put on a pair of headphones while he watched to make sure Iwaizumi didn't get caught. The setter's plan had merely been to help his fellow vampire get a bite; he surely didn't expect things to go this far. Regardless, Oikawa was very proud of Iwaizumi's accomplishment.

Chapter Text

I drove my stake into the creature's heart and smiled at my accomplishment. Well, technically it was only a practice dummy, but I still felt proud that as of today, I could finally go out and start actually doing something.

For almost a year now, I'd been training to be a vampire slayer. My trainer? None other than the prefecture's top hunter. Okay, so maybe the reason for that was because she was the only slayer that attended Karasuno High School, but it was still awesome having the top dog for your own personal teacher.

Of course, now that I was allowed to actually start killing those filthy bloodsuckers, I was informed of certain ones to avoid and certain ones that I simply wasn't allowed to kill.

One of these was a classmate of mine named Yamaguchi. He was feared thanks to the fact that he was the only vampire that had ever bitten or overpowered my trainer. Though I find it weird that the two are dating now. He's safe only because of that single fact.

Another was another classmate of mine. Tsukishima was by no means harmless. If necessary, he could be extremely vicious and dangerous. Taking down a vamp like him was way beyond my current skill level. I also suspected that he was off-limits because he was close to Yamaguchi.

Outside of those two, there was no one else that was specifically mentioned. Maybe that was simply because those were the only two vampires we knew of in Karasuno. But anyway, if they weren't a threat to the public, then they were to be left alone. It's an annoying rule, but I had to follow it if I wanted to be a part of this group.


I ducked behind a tree as I followed him. After about a week of being free, I'd finally found a vampire to take down. For the past hour now, I'd been sneaking around and following him, waiting just the right moment to attack.

He was much bigger than me, so if I wasn't careful this could end very badly. But I'd been trained for this, so what could possibly go wrong?

Soon I followed him to a small clearing. That was where he stopped and I decided this was the right time to make my move. He hadn't seemed to have noticed me yet, so I quickly rushed forward and attacked.

I remembered everything that my teacher had taught me about fighting against a larger opponent and put every bit of it to use now. The battle lasted barely a minute. Guess who the winner was?

I struggled helplessly against his grip. It was clear now that I had been overconfident in my abilities. Too bad I hadn't realized it sooner or else I might have survived this encounter. Now I was going to die. All I could do now was close my eyes and wait for it all to be over.

But nothing happened. Opening my eyes, I saw a familiar-looking face staring back at me. It was clearly the same person I'd been hunting, but now that I finally got a closer look, I swore that I'd seen him before.

“Why were you following me?” the familiar stranger asked, calmly staring down at me. So he had noticed me after all... Well, guess that means back to the novice training, which I really hated. “Do you have a problem with elves or is it just the halves?”

… he just said elf, didn't he? How did I manage to confuse those two? Elves and vampires were way different; the only thing that was similar was their human-like appearance. “You're...” I closed my eyes a second and growled in frustration with myself. “Stupid idiot... How did I manage to screw this up? Some hunter I am... she'll be so pissed when she hears about this...”

Next I knew, I was released and now sat facing him. “You're talking about Yamaguchi's girlfriend, the vampire slayer, right?” All I could do was stare. The only way he could possibly know that was if he stalked me... or went to Karasuno. Wait, Karasuno! That's where I've seen him! He's one of the second years on the boys' volleyball team. I really screwed up this time...

It was obvious that he already knew who I was, but I couldn't seem to remember what his name was. I was certain it started with a D. For some reason I really want to say Dorito. It's at least close to that, but I didn't want to say it out loud, just in case I was wrong. Wouldn't want to insult my senpai; not after trying to kill him because I mistook him for a vampire when he was really a half-elf. “You're going to tell her about this, aren't you?” I let out a sigh of defeat. There was no reason that he wouldn't. It was actually what he should do.

He gave me a sympathetic look. “I don't have to say anything about it,” Dorito said, catching my attention and making me hope that he really wouldn't mention it. Slowly he looked me over. “You help me and then I swear I'll never mention this.”

“What do you need me to do?” I had every intention of accepting whatever task he was about to ask of me. My teacher finding out about this was something I desperately wanted to avoid.

Norito was quiet a minute before answering. Wait, Norito? No, it was Narito... no... Narita! It was Narita! “Are you a virgin?” I nearly fainted at such a question. He wasn't going to make me do something... inappropriate... was he?

As I backed away slightly, Narita shook his head. “It's nothing like that at all. You see, I'm a witch hunter and there's a particular one that I'm trying to take down. She's got a really nasty spell she's working on and it requires the blood of a virgin maiden.”

I was incredibly tempted to ask how he knew those details, but I figured that it was simply part of his job. Besides, I was a little more concerned about what he wanted me to do.

“You're a vampire slayer, or training to be one, so it'd be better if I could use you to lure her out.” Narita's eyes locked with mine. “If it helps, she has a vampire working for her. It'd give you a chance to redeem yourself for today's little slip-up.”

He'd said all he needed to. It was clear from the look in my eyes. “Partners?” he asked, extending his hand out to me.

I put my hand in his, shaking it. “Partners.” We'd only meant for it to be just that one time, but little did we know, that was merely the beginning of our partnership, as well a very powerful friendship.

Chapter Text

No matter how much I tried, I just couldn't understand it. I'd always spend lunchtime with my two best friends, but lately, they'd come up with reasons to go off without me. It was clear that Sakunami and Koganegawa were just making up excuses, but as to why they'd suddenly start doing such a thing, I couldn't begin to guess.

At first, I didn't mind it; maybe they really did have something important to do. But after three weeks of them avoiding me? I couldn't just ignore that.

So today I was determined to find out why. However, I wasn't exactly having much luck with finding them. That is until I was nearby the gym that the volleyball team usually practiced in.

As I was about to turn around the corner, I quickly ducked back around out of sight. Peeking out around the edge, I found Sakunami standing there with a very large wolf staring up at him. Something about the way those two were reminded me of Koganegawa and Sakunami. The wolf even seemed to resemble him a bit, or maybe I only thought that because of its strange size.

Sakunami let out a sigh. “At this rate, you'll never get it right...” The wolf let out a small whine and looked down at its paws. “If you want to tell her how you feel about her, then you have to be able to control your transformations.”

I'd heard of werewolves transforming at strange times. Sometimes it was when they were angry. Sometimes it was stress. Sometimes high levels of excitement. Most often though, it was probably nervousness. If I had to guess, that was why Sakunami was telling Koganegawa that he had to learn to control it before he could confess his feelings.

As shocking as it was to find out he was a werewolf, that's not what I was thinking about right now. That I could easily live with. No, I was much more concerned about what Sakunami had said. If you want to tell her how you feel...

Koganegawa had someone he cared for. Knowing that made my heart ache; I'd had feelings for him for quite some time now. To hear that there was someone else he loved... I couldn't stand it. No wonder they hadn't wanted me around. I mean, if you like a girl, hanging out with another girl isn't exactly going to help you get the girl you want.

I couldn't move. It was like time had frozen. I didn't hear anything anymore. I didn't see. Nothing. Like everything had completely vanished, leaving only the pain in my heart. It was too much for me. And until the massive body of Koganegawa nearly collided with me, I didn't even realize that lunch was over and that it was time to go back to class.

The two boys stopped and stared at me, but I couldn't even bring myself to look at them. It sounded like one of them was about to speak, but I didn't let him. “You should have just told me...” Don't cry. “I...” Whatever you do, don't cry. “I would have understood...” Don't cry... I can't cry now... “If...” Too late... I'm gonna cry... “If you didn't want me around, all you had to do was tell me...”

The tears started slipping out and I couldn't bring myself to continue. All I could do was turn my back to the two boys. “G-good luck...” I whispered, my voice breaking as I ran away.

There was nothing I could do. Because I cared for him, all I could was wish Koganegawa luck with learning to control himself. Because starting now, I can't be close to him. Not if I want him to be happy.

Why must love be such a painful and complicated feeling?

Chapter Text

“Okay, so let me get this straight,” I said, staring at Sakunami who looked like he was having a rough day. “You've been helping Koganegawa learn to control his werewolf transformations and this girl that Koganegawa has a major crush on just happened to come around and hear you guys talking about the girl he wants to confess to, but the girl got the wrong idea and then took off crying before you could tell her that she was the girl he likes?”

Sakunami nodded. “And now she refuses to talk to either of us.” The little libero looked down at his feet. He was probably thinking that this was his fault, but I could tell that it wasn't. Maybe I hadn't been there and maybe I didn't know Koganegawa and that girl that well, but I did know Sakunami.

“So all we have to do is fix this,” I stated, grinning at my friend.

The cute little libero stared back at me. “We?” he questioned. I nodded. “You mean you're going to try to fix this?”

“If we can get them together,” I started, standing up. “Then maybe things can be worked out.” I reached down and grabbed his hand, pulling him into a standing position. “If we can make things work out between them, then we could just say that this was fate's way of bringing them together.”

His saddened mood quickly improved. “So all we need is a plan,” he smiled at me.

“That's my adorable guardian angel libero,” I laughed, playfully messing up his hair.


Coming up with a plan wasn't exactly easy. In the end, we used some cliché scenes for some romance movies and mangas and even some animes for inspiration. Obviously though, since those were works of fiction, those things wouldn't actually work out in real life.

We tried writing a love letter from him to her and asking her to meet with him. However, she knew Koganegawa's handwriting and we couldn't use Sakunami for that same reason, so I was stuck writing the letter. That was a complete failure since she didn't even show up.

We tried to get them at the same place at the same time, but that was another failure. They were in different classes, so it was hard to get them together when they had very limited amounts of time where the two could even see each other. And in those rare times they had, Koganegawa's crush avoided him almost flawlessly.

Eventually, we decided that this required a much more direct approach. Sakunami would handle Koganegawa, while I took care of his girl. And in the end, we'd finally succeeded in our mission.

Now here I stood with Sakunami, our eyes looking after the new couple from a distance. There they sat, cuddled together and looking almost as adorable as I thought Sakunami was; and let me tell you, that is beyond puppy and kitten adorable.

Though I couldn't help but wonder: why put so much into helping a friend with his love life when his own wasn't exactly going the best? “Why were you so worried about him when your life needs work more than his did?” I didn't know the details, but from what I'd heard about it from him, but apparently, he had some unrequited crush on a friend of his. However, anytime I tried to ask, he'd never tell me who it was.

“I'm a Libero, so it's my job to look out for and support the team,” he smiled, still watching the couple. He's too sweet sometimes. Like angel.

Slowly, I linked my arm with his. He didn't say anything more than that, but he didn't need to; I already understood. Sakunami wasn't just watching over and supporting his teammates on the court, but also in life.

“You really are an angel, Kousuke,” I said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek, making his face tint pink. “You might have kept them secret from everyone else, but you could never hide those wings from me.”

Chapter Text

Uta wo wasureta kanaria wa ushiro no yama ni sutemashouka

Ie ie sorewa narimasenn

Uta wo wasureta kanaria wa seto no koyabu ni umemashouka?

Ie ie sorewa narimasenn

Uta wo wasureta kanaria wa yanagi no muchi de buchimashouka?

Ie ie sorewa kawaisou

Uta wo wasureta kanaria wa zouge no fune ni gin no kai, tsukiyo no umi ni ukabeleba wasureta uta wo omoidasu


“Your voice is very pretty,” a sudden voice said, informing me that I wasn't alone.

Being a naturally jumpy person, I was startled and spun around to see who had heard me singing quietly to myself. I had thought that I was alone in the empty classroom, but apparently, that wasn't so.

Sitting there on one of the old and dusty desks was a boy about my age. He seemed like a normal guy to me, one who you didn't usually notice until you are suddenly directly interacting with him. But something about him seemed off, though I couldn't pinpoint it. “Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you,” the boy said, giving me a light smile.

I said nothing; I was never a social person anyway. Instead, I looked him over again, searching for what it was that wasn't right. Hmm... isn't his skin a bit pale? It seemed to be.

“I'm Kinoshita,” the boy said, holding out a hand to me. Not wanting to be impolite, I slowly stepped towards him and shook his hand, saying nothing more than my name. “I guess you're kind of shy, huh?” I only nodded. I didn't really like talking to people all that much.

That was when I noticed something else: his hand was very cold. Sure, when I got nervous or scared, my hands will feel really cold, but that couldn't be the case here.

I must have been making a face without realizing it because he laughed at me. “Sorry if my hand's a little cold. Sometimes I forget that I'm dead.”

Now, a normal person would either freak out or think the person saying they were dead was crazy. Me? I just stood there, calmly looking at him. “You're a ghost?” I quietly asked him. The gears were all starting to click into place now.

Seeing a ghost shouldn't be that surprising though; this classroom was rumored to be haunted after all. In fact, it wasn't ever used because of that. Sometimes though, a couple will sneak in here to have a little “fun” time... if they're not afraid to go in a supposedly haunted classroom. Me? I like to come here sometimes when I want to be alone. I come here because no one else does, though I never expected to actually meet anyone here.

Kinoshita nodded, smiling at me. He was probably pretty lonely and that made me feel sad. Maybe it would be worth the trouble if I made friends with him. “You're not scared of me?” I just shook my head. Why should I be afraid? If he hasn't done anything by now, he probably wouldn't.

Soon enough, we got to talking. Well, he talked while I listened. And after several meetings, I began to open up and we grew closer. Every day we'd meet there in that room and his friendship became my most valued one. And whenever someone dared to pick on me for talking to ghosts, I didn't worry because my ghostly best friend was there for me... and to get back at the bullies who tried to hurt me.

Sometimes I'd wish that he was alive, but if you've got a good friend, then what does it matter if they're alive or dead? So long as their friendship is true, there's nothing to fear.

Chapter Text

Vamps and wolves are natural enemies. That is a fact I know way deep down in my bones. No matter how much our two sides might try to get along, we were natural enemies. And being a werewolf, I quickly found my vampire enemy.

I sat at my desk, trying to do my homework, but I couldn't focus right. How could I when that leech was flirting with a certain someone who was sitting in the seat near me?

“Yuuki... you're so cute!” she sang, looping her arms around his and nuzzling her face into his neck. I knew that girl better than anyone else. She had no interest in him whatsoever, but she knew that I did. And why wouldn't I? He was attractive and also a werewolf. I knew he was because of his scent; I could tell just about any creature by their scent.

I shot her glare that the flustered boy didn't notice. Back off, I told her in my head, a very low grow escaping me.

The vampire girl giggled a bit, which Shibayama did notice. “It looks like wolfie's jealous,” she cooed, cuddling against him even more. The poor boy was getting more flustered by the second; he wasn't used to girls being all over him, not like that Kitsune who was captain of the volleyball club.

Shibayama cast a glance over at me, but I was too focused on my rival. The poor wolf boy had no idea what was going on. In fact, he was probably better off not knowing.

“Keep to your own kind, fangface,” I growled, turning back to my textbook. But she wasn't done yet. Oh no, she was just getting started.

As much as I wished I could say that I was ignoring her, she was really getting to me. “Same to you, you mangy mutt.” From there it just went on and eventually was carried out into the hall.

The longer this went on, the angrier I became. The angrier I got, the more I began to feel a shift coming on. I'd mostly learned to control my transformations, but when my temper was pushed, that control went out the window.

I shut my eyes and took deep breaths. Even though I didn't care if anyone knew what I was, I wasn't thrilled about the idea of shifting in the middle of the hallway. Werewolves aren't exactly well-loved, thanks to the fact that a good number of us have a bit of a temper. Unfortunately, I fall into that number.

As another insult leaves her lips, I'm pushed to my limit. When her lips hover a mere centimeter from Shibayama's neck, threatening to bite him, I'm pushed beyond that limit. Before anyone can do a thing to stop it, I'm already transformed and locked in a fight that no-good bloodsucker.

No one dares to try to separate us. The scent of blood has attracted a crowd of other non-humans, which then drew the attention of the humans. But even so, no one was brave enough to risk trying to stop the fight. Not until two individuals with strength greater than ours interfered.

As Kai, an elf, pulled her back, she didn't struggle much. All she did was throw more insults my way as I struggled against the volleyball coach's grip. The two of us were dragged away from each other while a couple of teachers asked about what happened to start the fight. However, that was a question no one could answer besides the vampire girl and me.

After she was far from my sight, I was finally released from Coach Naoi's grip. I wanted to chase that worthless leech down and tear her to pieces, but I stayed put and just watched as some blood trickled slowly down my arm. Was that even my blood?

Shibayama was asked to escort me to the nurse's office. He nodded and did as he was told, quietly taking me away.

He silently tended to the small gash on my left arm. For a long time, he didn't say anything. He didn't even look at me. I couldn't say I blamed him; he was probably worried that he'd started the fight or that he couldn't do a thing to stop it. “Why did you get so angry at her?” he asked quietly, still not looking me in the eye. There was no anger or hurt in his voice, only gentleness.

“Because I know she was only getting so sweet and cuddly with you to piss me off,” I said, growling a bit in my annoyance at her. “She doesn't care about you at all and yet she does things to make you think she does and that pisses me off because I care about you.”

My hand clenched into a fist. “She's a vampire, so she's our enemy. You're handsome and all, but why would she want a werewolf if we're naturally enemies?”

Shibayama looked up to meet my eyes. The look of surprise in his eyes told me that he didn't think anyone had known. “How can you tell?” he asked, placing a band-aid over the last cut leftover from the fight.

“There's no fooling this nose,” I smiled, tapping my nose. “My nose is really good, so I can tell any creature by their scent. Halves are a bit harder, but I haven't been wrong yet.” Looking at him, I suddenly became aware of just how close he was right now. Like a magic spell, I could suddenly feel myself moving in closer. But just before we touched, I regained my senses. Instead of kissing him like some cliché movie scene, I touched the tip of his nose with mine, gently rubbing it against his.

Shibayama's face flushed red as I pulled away. “I-I thought you were going to kiss me or something...” he said shyly. Sometimes he was just too cute.

“Well, they say that for wolves, that's just like a kiss,” I said, giggling a little to myself. My fight with the vampire was long forgotten. “So in a way, I kinda did.” As I pointed that out, his face became even redder. He really was too cute... and I wasn't going to lose him to anyone.

Chapter Text

A cold nose nudged my arm. Despite how I normally felt when anyone interrupted my writing, a gentle smile appeared on my face. “Just a second, okay Shoyo?” I quickly finished up the paragraph I was on and saved the file.

Impatient, he nudged me again. “Okay, okay!” I laughed. If he wasn't so adorable when he was in his wolf form, I would probably get mad at him for times like this. “Go get your ball and we'll play.”

The little werewolf's eyes brightened and he ran off in search of his ball. It looked just like a volleyball, but it was only about the size of a tennis ball. This was actually the twenty-fifth one that we'd gone through. Twelve of which are actually on the roof of the house, but neither of us had any way of getting them down, so we simply bought new ones. In fact, I had a whole box full of them stashed in the closet in case we lost one.

Shoyo was back minutes later, with no ball. “Lost it again?” My only response was a slight whine. “Okay, new ball!” I giggled and retrieved one from my stash. “So where are we playing today?” I would have been okay with playing here, but considering that last time we broke a vase that my mother loved very much, I figured it was safer to be outside.


It's nice and warm out today, a great day to be at the park. If there's one thing I love about Shoyo besides his cuteness, it's how great he is with kids. Coming here to this park is a weekly thing for us, sometimes we even come a few times a week if I'm not busy with my job or with the book that I'm writing.

Shortly after I'd learned that he was a werewolf, I learned that I needed to find some way for him to use up some of his seemingly limitless amount of energy when he was in his wolf form. Since I wasn't any good at volleyball and he wouldn't be able to move as freely as he normally would, that was automatically out of the question

It took some time, but eventually, I thought of plaything fetch. Wolves and dogs are similar, right? So if dogs enjoy playing fetch, why couldn't a wolf do it too? We gave it a try out of pure desperation and guess what? It ended up being one of his favorite things to do.

Anyway, back to the present. Here we are with several of the kids who live nearby, each taking a turn at throwing the ball for Shoyo. They all adored him so much... they don't even know he's not actually a dog.

He always has so much fun with this little game, even if he'll never admit it to anyone other than me. Watching him chase after the little ball and come running back with it... he looks so happy. Maybe it's his wolf side showing, but it doesn't matter. I love seeing him this happy.

“Get it Sho!” one of the little ones shouted out, throwing the ball. As expected, Shoyo raced forward to get it. What none of us expected, however, was for him to run ahead of it and catch it before it even hit the ground. That one got him all sorts of cheers from the kids.

“He's a quick one,” a familiar voice said behind me. I turned my head to see one of my former schoolmates join the little group. “I didn't know dogs could run that fast.” A mischievous spark lit in Terushima's eyes. It wasn't hard to guess what would happen next. “By the way, since I'm here... mind if I get your number?”

“I still have a boyfriend, you know,” I said bluntly. He'd been trying to get me to go out with him for years and every time I turned him down.

Of course, Terushima had never met the guy and the only time he'd seen the two of us was during the moments when Shoyo was transformed. So naturally, the blonde was beginning to think that I had simply made it all up.

“You keep saying that, but how come I've never met him or even heard of you being with anyone besides that dog of yours.” He smirked and took a step towards me. Shoyo didn't like that and immediately stopped his game of fetch to come to my rescue. He stepped between us, giving Terushima a little push away from me. “What was that for?”

I knelt down beside Shoyo and gave his ears a little scratch. “He's protecting me like a good boyfriend should, right Shoyo?” He gave a little bark in response.

Needless to say, Terushima was a bit lost. “Okay... isn't having a dog for a boyfriend illegal or something?”

“Shoyo isn't a dog.” Hitting on me was something I could tolerate, but insulting the man I loved was not. Even Terushima was able to pick up on the serious level of annoyance in my voice. “Wolves are not dogs. And werewolves are just as human as any of us.”

Terushima technically wasn't human, but he didn't dare to point that out. My meaning was perfectly clear: there was nothing wrong with me being with Shoyo. The incubus standing in front of me knew he didn't have a chance, not with the boyfriend standing right there at least and he backed off, leaving me and Shoyo alone at last; the kids had lost interest when Shoyo had stopped playing.

“Let's go home, Shoyo,” I said, kissing the top of his head. He let out a little whine, but then perked up at my next words. “We can play more when we get home.” And as we walked home, we made a note of having lost ball number twenty-six.

Chapter Text

It's wrong of me to feel this way; I know that very well. Our kinds are enemies, so I shouldn't feel anything but hatred towards her. But I really can't help it. I'm just a high school boy in love with a high school girl. I can't change that or what we are.

I passed by her in the hallway, but I doubt she paid any attention to me. Why would she? Everyone knows that I'm a vampire and she's a werewolf. We're not meant to even interact in any way... but I still fell for her.

I'm late for volleyball practice, but I'm not in any hurry to get there. Instead, my gaze follows her movements until she's out of sight. All I can do is sigh. This is the closest I could ever get to her... With another sigh, I start to head towards the gym, but I instantly halt when I hear a voice. Her voice. And a guy's voice.

Normally I'd have left it alone; vampires don't associate with werewolves. But when her voice sounded so distressed, I couldn't do nothing. I quickly turned around to see what was going on, and what I saw I did not like.

Natsu's back was against the wall and the guy was leaning over her. It wasn't just any guy either. This guy just so happened to be another werewolf... the alpha of the school. What was his name again? Ama-something-or-other... Amato! I would never stand a chance in a fight with that guy, but I couldn't stand back and let her be harassed.

Amato was clearly hitting on her... it was no secret that he'd been trying to get with her for a while now. Natsu on the other hand obviously had no interest in him, even if he was an alpha. She tried to push him away, but he refused to go.

I wasn't going to stand here and do nothing... I don't care if she is a werewolf, I'm not going to let her get hurt by anyone. “She said to leave her alone,” I said, summoning up every bit of courage in my little body, which really wasn't that much but I needed it right now.

Amato glared at me as approached him moved in between him and Natsu. I'm probably just begging to get my ass kicked, but I can't be cowardly now... not in front of the girl I was in love with. “You say something, bloodsucker?” he hissed, turning his full attention onto me.

“I...” My courage was beginning to slip away from me, but I couldn't back down now. “I said leave her alone.” Slowly, a crowd of students built around the three of us. The was a rare sight after all: one of the weaker vampires picking a fight with a strong werewolf, an alpha even.

Amato was pissed. Clearly, I was in for a serious beating. He grabbed me by the front of my shirt and slammed me back first into the wall. Had I been a human or any less durable creature, I'd have several broken bones right now, if not worse. But because I was a vampire, it only hurt like hell.

Of course, he wasn't done with me just yet. He threw a punch at me, hitting me really hard in the jaw. Thankfully some teachers stepped in at that point, dragging him off and leaving me sitting there on the floor.

Something hard was rolling around in my mouth. I pulled it out to see and my eyes went wide. That mutt knocked one of my teeth out. Looking closer, I immediately went pale. This wasn't just any old tooth... it was one of my only important ones: one of my fangs.

Staring at the bloody fang sitting there in my hand, I realized that I'd just dropped a few rankings as a vampire. I mean, what good is a vampire without his fangs? How pathetic is that? I was already lame enough before...

A hand touched my shoulder, distracting me from my horrified staring at my poor fang. I looked up to see Natsu looking down at me. “Thanks,” she said sweetly before turning and walking away.

With a sudden burst of courage, I sprung up and ran after her. “Wait!” I reached out grabbing her hand to stop her, but let it go the second she'd turned. Don't back out now... “I...” My courage began to falter, but I pushed past that. “I know you won't feel the same, so I don't expect any answer from you, but please hear me out.” This might be the only chance I ever get.

“I like you!” I blurted out, maybe a little too loudly, since a few heads turned our way. “I always have. Ever since that day when we met back when we were kids...” I didn't expect her to remember, but I hoped she did. “I know you wouldn't feel the same. I'm a pathetic little vampire who was stupid enough to lose one of his own fangs and you...” Slowly I looked up and looked her in the eyes. A great number of other people were watching us, but I didn't care. “You're a beautiful and smart werewolf...” My bravery started to fade and I turned my gaze to the ground. “You're the most beautiful and amazing girl I've ever seen... and... I'm in love with you...”

And I am now officially the lowest of all vampire-kind. There's no coming back from this and she'd never return my feelings, so I didn't wait around for her reaction. I ran off, deciding that I'll skip practice today. After what just happened, I doubted anyone would blame me. Besides, I was just a pathetic little vampire; who needed me around anyway?

Chapter Text

I've never really believed much in magic, but when you start to get a little desperate, you're bound to take a chance on something you would normally be skeptical about. And right now, that particular thing was a spell that I was about to attempt. Normally I wouldn't even consider such a thing, but as I said, I was getting a little desperate.

After doing exactly as the instructions had told me to do, I quietly waited. I glanced around the room and then down at myself. What if this really did work? My room was at least clean since I'd made sure anything embarrassing was hidden away in case this spell really worked. Though my clothing concerned me. Maybe I shouldn't still be wearing my school uniform?

Nothing seemed to happen after a few minutes, which wasn't all that surprising. I never expected it to actually work anyway. With a sigh I turned to my dresser, opening the drawer and searching for some pajamas. It was already late, so I might as well go to bed.

Out of nowhere, a pair of warm arms found their way around my waist. Now, I knew for a fact that I'd been alone in my room and I'd locked both the door and the window from the inside. Needless to say, I was more than a little freaked out. But because I was usually a more calm sort of person, I stayed calm... at least on the outside.

“You called?” a voice purred in my ear. His hand reached forward, pushing my dresser drawer closed before spinning me around to face him. The second we saw each other's faces though, he quickly took a step back.

The look of surprise quickly turned into a slight grin. “Well, I wasn't expecting it to be you, but I can't say I'm disappointed.” Couldn't exactly say I wasn't thinking the same thing.

Takahiro Hanamaki was one of the third years at my school, and while he was considered to be pretty attractive, most girls didn't have any real interest in him. However, if he was here, then that could mean only one thing: he was an incubus. If Hanamaki was an incubus, that meant that the stupid little spell that I'd attempted actually worked.

Okay, so maybe I should have mentioned that I was trying to summon an incubus. You see, while I might be cute, I hadn't exactly had much luck in catching the attention of any guy. Of course, when you go to school with a guy like Oikawa, the other guys aren't likely to have much confidence when it comes to girls.

I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. Instead, all I could do was look down at the floor. What a terrible person I am... I summoned a sex demon in my bedroom for the single purpose of him taking my virginity and I'm too nervous to even look at him!

A knock on my bedroom door startled me. My father's voice called from the other side and I quickly pushed Hanamaki towards my closet, forcing him to hide. If my father saw a boy in my room, he'd kill him. Not to mention that I'd be grounded for sneaking a guy in but that wasn't so bad.

I quickly unlocked the door and opened it to see my father's concerned face staring back at me. “Are you feeling alright? You've been in your room since you got home from school.”

“I'm just feeling a little ill, that's all,” I quickly lied. Better that than tell him that I have a sex demon hiding in my closet. “I'll be alright after I sleep awhile.” More like sleep with said demon that's hiding in my closet.

Considering that I wasn't one to fake being sick, he easily believed me and left me alone. Thankfully I knew it'd be for the rest of the night. I quietly shut the door and locked it again. As I sighed in relief, Hanamaki's arms were around me again. “Well, that was close. I didn't think you the lying type.”

I didn't answer and instead turned to face him. Still, I couldn't quite look him in the eye. “Now, where were we?” he said, turning my head to meet his gaze. As he leaned in closer, I felt my nerves suddenly go calm. “Don't worry, I'll be gentle.”

Chapter Text

Our two little children sat playing together. One was five, the other was three. Thankfully they'd always gotten along pretty well, but even so, I took advantage of the moment to finish up some chores around the house.

As I was busying myself with washing the dishes, his arms found their place around my waist. Just like always, he nuzzled my neck right after. I didn't have to be a mind reader to know what was on his mind.

“No Aki,” I sighed, not taking my attention off of my chore. Wouldn't want to cut myself or anything, you know.

He's making that face again, I just know he is. “Why not?”

“Not in front of the kids.”

Since I was a human and our kids had shown no signs of inheriting any of their father's vampire traits, we'd decided to wait until the two were older before we mentioned anything about it to them. Non-human creatures still weren't always accepted in normal society, so it was merely a way of protecting them until they were old enough to handle it on their own.

“They'll find out sooner or later, so why do you want to keep it from them?”

“You remember how my parents reacted when they found out? What if-” I was cut off as the knife I'd been washing slipped from my hand, cutting me in the process. Quickly I put my uninjured hand under the other, making sure no blood dripped onto anything. Calmly, I called to our eldest child. “Issei? Would you get a band-aid for mommy?”

As the little boy ran off to get what I needed, I turned just in time to find Akiteru staring at my cut. Gently he took my hurt hand in his. He slowly brought it up to his mouth and wrapped his lips around the small wound, sucking gently.

If there's one thing that I've always loved about my husband, it's that he's always been gentle. No matter what was happening or what he was feeling, he always made sure to be gentle with me and with our two little ones. He's been both a wonderful husband and an amazing father.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” little Keiko asked, tilting her head innocently. As gentle as she'd said it, it still managed to startle the both of us.

“Um...” Akiteru wasn't sure how to explain it. I mean, when your five-year-old and three-year-old kids catch you sucking blood out of a cut on your wife's hand and they have no idea that you're a vampire, how are you supposed to explain yourself? That's sort of in a similar category as your kids walking in on you having sex and asking what you're doing. There's just no easy way of answering that.

Right at that moment was when our son had returned, a dinosaur band-aid in hand. “Ew! Gross!” he shouted, pointing at his father who was still holding my bleeding hand and had a small amount on his lips. Even though he hadn't seen what happened, even the smart child of five years could tell exactly what Akiteru had been doing.

All I could do was sigh and shake my head. “And you wondered why I didn't want to tell them you're a vampire yet...”

Chapter Text

That's the only thought on my mind as I ran through the streets. It's late at night... probably close to 2 AM, if I had to guess. Not a soul out here; no one to save me as I was being pursued.
They say immortality is a curse, well I say beauty is one too. I might not have immortality, but I had beauty. Or I did, until the Collectors got a hold of me. They and their sick habits and obsessions... they collect creatures they deem interesting or beautiful... some are even chosen because of the potential strength of their species. Sometimes it was even because they were a rarity and would fetch a nice price.
Me? I'm certainly not strong or a rarity... I'm just an angel who used to be beautiful. Kidnapped as a young girl, I was kept in the Cells with all the other Luckless, while the other Collected went off to the Block. Luckily though, I managed to escape.
As I ran, I tripped and fell to the pavement, scraping my hands and knees quite badly. But now wasn't time to waste time worrying about that. I quickly get up and continue running, ducking into one of the alleyways. The streets are much too big and much too open right now. The twists and turns and narrow spaces of the alley would be more to my advantage.
Or so I thought. After what felt like only a few minutes, I ran straight into a dead end. Deciding to turn around and go another way, my path was blocked one of the Collectors. I was trapped and oh so screwed.
I take a step back, tripping and falling flat on my backside. My eyes squeeze shut and I throw my arms up as a shield. That wouldn't stop him though. If I could have, I'd have flown away, but my wings were no longer functional. The Collectors had taken care of that, saying that it was necessary to “clip a bird's wings so that it cannot fly too far from its cage.”
Suddenly, a large figure drops down between me and the Collector. He's a massive creature that appeared to be a mix of a man and a bird. An owl, I figured. That would make him a wereowl. They're quite rare and the Collectors would kill to have one of them; however, they are too dangerous to capture once they're about this age and size, so this one had nothing to fear.
The Collector immediately takes a step back, terrified at the mere sight of my savior. He knows he won't stand a chance, not when he's completely unarmed and the wereowl has sharp talons. Not wanting to take any chances, he turns and runs away.
The wereowl then turns my way and steps closer. My breath catches in my throat as I watch him shake and the shift back into a human form. “Hey hey!” he says, kneeling in front of me.
Big, golden owl-eyes stare straight into mine. Seeing as he was only wearing what appear to be his underwear, his muscular body clearly indicated that he was strong. His hair appeared to be spike up a bit and I realized that his appearance greatly resembled an owl.
That Collector was right to run away; Even as a human, his appearance is intimidating.
My entire body trembled. If he tried to do anything, I had no hope of stopping him or fighting back. The only possession I had was the clothing I wore and that was just an old tattered nightgown. The collectors never let us have anything but a single piece of clothing. We didn't even get to have underwear.
His eyes looked me over and I was certain he was going to do something. Out of nowhere he grabs my wrist and looks it over. “You're pretty beat up,” he said, glancing at my knees, my other hand and then finally at my poor wings... What he does next surprises me: he lifts me up, carrying me on his back. As he walks along, he talks about anything and everything that comes to his mind.
As scary as he might have seemed, he really wasn't that bad. “Um...” I started, getting him to shut up and listen. “What... what is your name?”
The handsome young wereowl smacked his palm against his forehead, nearly dropping me. “How could I forget that?!” he wailed, going on about how stupid he was for forgetting his own name. It's not until I tap him and ask again that I finally hear his name. And I must say, it's a very wonderful name.
“Koutaro Bokuto.”

Chapter Text

Hope. It's the only thing that we have. Hope that we won't be treated badly. Hope that we won't be tossed into the Arena with the Dogs. Hope that we'll survive. Hope that maybe, against all the odds, that we might someday escape the horrid place.

“There has to be some way out of here...” I whispered to the young man next to me. One of the Collectors had us all lined up and was counting us as he walked down the line. This was part of the daily routine, a degrading act that we had no choice but to submit to.

Takeda didn't dare risk a glance at me. Step out of line here and and you'll be thrown into the Arena like the Dogs. No matter how valuable they think you are, you'll be tossed in the Arena in a heartbeat if you don't do what you are told or if you do something you weren't told to.

Luck had never been on my side though, so the response I got didn't come from the person I'd been speaking to; it came from the Collector that was taking the headcount. He grabbed me roughly by the hair, yanking it and forcing me to face his direction. “Care to repeat that, Dog?” he hissed, his grip tightening painfully.

I wasn't stupid. There was no way that I was about to repeat that, not to this guy. This particular Collector had never been fond of me, though he was certainly fond of trying to break me. In fact, there were a great number of times spent his money on time alone with me, trying everything he could to break my spirit, but I would never let that happen.

“She didn't mean it sir!” a voice piped up, making the Collector's grip loosen slightly. He pushed my head down a bit, preventing me from looking at the one who'd spoken up. I didn't need to see though: I recognized his voice.

Ittetsu Takeda was one of the quieter, well-behaved ones. He did exactly what he was told and had won the favor of a number of the Collectors. Thanks to that, he was treated a bit better than most of us and they were more lenient with him.

The most that I could see of Takeda was his hand at his side. It was clenched into a tight fist, his knuckles turning a bit white. For a moment, I almost thought that he intended to fight the Collector, but that was quickly dismissed when I saw it.

Takeda's hand was trembling. He was scared, yet he still spoke up. Even under the vicious glare of the Collector, he didn't back down. He may have trembled more, but he still stood his ground. Apparently he had a backbone after all.

A few words are exchanged, but I don't get to hear them; I’m more focused on the painful pulling on my hair. The Collector growls in annoyance and gives me hard shove, releasing his hold on me. I'm roughly forced onto my knees and he walks on, resuming his headcount.

Takeda quickly knelt my side, helping me back on my feet. I should have expected it; angels are usually said to be pure of heart and kind. It was good to see that the time spent in this place had not destroyed that.

That night, I decided to escape.


Hearing footsteps, I ducked into the shadows, pulling Takeda with me. After the way he'd defended me, he couldn't just be left here. The least I could do was take him with me while I made my escape.

We were almost out of the compound. The exit was nearly in sight: all that stood in our way were the approaching footsteps. Knowing that though, I knew that this was very risky and that it could very easily get really dangerous really quick.

“If it becomes necessary, I'll do any killing,” I said in the most reassuring tone I could muster. He was too tenderhearted to do such a thing, while I, having been stronger-willed and spent time in the Arena, was not afraid if it meant protecting our lives. “The blood will be on my hands, not yours.”

Takeda didn't say anything to that, but I had an idea of what he was thinking. He's thinking that I didn't need to kill them; that it was little more than an unnecessary thought. But as a looked at Takeda's wings folded neatly at his back, the way they were all tattered and torn up, I felt my temper flare and a strong urge to tear those monsters to bits.

We were all young, strong, beautiful, and happy once. That changed the very second we were brought here. They all deserved to suffer for the things they've done to all of us. The lives of the Collectors meant nothing to me, even if Takeda thought different. Regardless, we were going to get out of here or I would die trying.

As I heard the footsteps drawing closer, I turned to my partner. All the negative emotions vanished from my face and were replaced those that were tender and sweet, the first time since I'd been brought here. “Whatever happens, Takeda, I couldn't ask for a better friend.”

Chapter Text

Incubus: a fancy word for a male sex demon. They're a creature that can be seen as wonderful and desirable or wicked and despised. Neither of those is really right though.

Incubi had gotten a bit of a bad reputation many years ago from lusty and dishonest young women. They who fooled around too freely and were stuck with child blamed it on the incubi, claiming that the creature forced themselves upon them while they slept, rather than admit the truth that it was truly the result of their own lustful decisions.

That's not to say that no incubus has ever not done such a thing. Yes, some had less control than others and forcefully pursued those that they desired. In the end, it all comes down to individual.

These were all facts that I knew. I guess you could say that I'm a bit of a creature expert. And knowing all that I knew, you'd think I would have known better than to let myself be alone with an incubus. But here I was, my back against the wall of the deserted classroom and dark eyes staring down at me.

I've never been able to understand or even figure out Terushima at all. Sometimes he seemed really intimidating, while other times he seemed so harmless and playful, even a bit dorky. But what was he really? The most that I really know for sure is that he is an incubus.

Unfortunately, I couldn't tell what type of incubus he was. Was he one of the I'll-rape-you-the-first-chance-I-get kind? Or was he more of the I'll-let-you-come-to-me type who wouldn't dare do anything without clear consent? Not knowing this was quite nerve-wracking.

He's talking to me, but I had no idea what he even said. I'm much too on edge to even hear him. As his mouth moves, I catch just a glimpse of something that almost looks out of place, something that isn't supposed to be there. A small round thing resting on his tongue... or maybe it went through his tongue.

Either way, I used this as a weak attempt to distract his attention from whatever it was that he was talking about. “Is that a tongue ring?”

“You bet it is.” Terushima raised an eyebrow as a smirk spread across his face. Had I actually been thinking at that moment, I would have realized that I'd just said something I really shouldn't have. “Wanna touch it?”

“Um... okay...” Had I been thinking, I'd have refused, but yet again, I was not.

His smirk grew as he leaned in closer; a little too close, in my opinion. In mere seconds he closed the gap between us, kissing me. While I was still surprised, his tongue forced its way past my lips and wrapped around my own.

Snapping out of my daze, I put my hands on his chest, intending to push him away but stopped when I felt it. A warm feeling spreading throughout my body, making me melt in his arms. It felt like something had completely taken control of my body; no matter how much my head was telling me to push him away and run like hell, I couldn't tear myself away.

Terushima's lips were soft and moved gently against my own, while his tongue was relentless. It left no place untouched as long as it could reach it. And if I'm being honest, it felt amazing.

After some time, he pulls away, leaving me breathless while he's not even winded. One of the perks of playing a sport or maybe it was simple because of all his practice in these situations. Terushima leans in, his breath hot against my ear and my my face even hotter as I heard the words he'd whispered. “If you liked how that felt inside your mouth, just imagine how it would feel inside other places...”

Chapter Text

People see us as worthless criminals. Most of them think we all just need to die. All we're doing is trying to survive, but many disagree with what we do. They don't understand that this is all that we are good for and that we were already outcasted by them long ago.

“Hey, that little werecat,” I started, laying back on my bunk and glanced over at Shiro, my fellow Collector. We'd just brought in another load of creatures earlier that day and one question remained on my mind.“Why didn't we sell him?”

Shiro snorted in amusement. “'Cause he's a rare type.”

“Exactly, so why would we keep him?” I was still pretty new here, so the logic behind why someone was sold or kept was something I had yet to really understand. Of course, a major factor in that was money, which all of us knew.

“Sell his body like one of the other Luckless and he'll bring in even more money.”

A majority of our income came from the Luckless, the creatures that we kept in the compound. We'd charge a certain fee for spending an hour in privacy with them. The one who paid could then do anything they wished with the Luckless they had paid for, except kill them. The fee varied on the Luckless and their creature type, so some could be quite pricey.

“Okay, so say someone wanted to buy him, what would it cost?” I asked, innocently curious. He was kind of cute, but I didn't really have that much of an interest in him.

Shiro just laughed at me again. “More than you could ever afford.”

Even though we were paid to keep the Luckless in line, that didn't mean we could have private time with any of them for free. No, we had to pay the fee. And with the little werecat being a rare type, he wasn't cheap.

But saving up my pay, I managed to buy an hour with him every once in awhile. While some of the others might have spent such time with more intimate sorts of actions, I chose to talk with him. It took time, but eventually I was able to get him to speak and even learned a lot about him,

His name was Shohei Fukunaga and he was fifteen. He liked to play volleyball and he liked jokes. Fukunaga was quite funny and sometimes he'd even make a joke for me. Overall though, he was a very quiet sort of guy. But not even once did I ever touch him.

As time went on, I began to feel sorry for the little werecat. He was too kind and gentle to deserve a fate like this. And after some time, I came up with a plan to set him free.

I'd snatched the key from one of the guards and quickly unlocked his cell. Time was very limited right now and if I got caught, I would either die or suffer the fate of one of the Luckless. Of the two, death was probably the more desirable outcome.

Once he was freed, I guided him out of the compound. Giving him a light push, I told him to run. Run and never ever look back. It would be the only chance he had and I was risking everything to give it to him.

As he ran away, I wished that I could have gone with him, but that wasn't possible. Because I was one of the Collectors, I was considered a criminal. I could never return to normal society. If I dared to even try, I'd more than likely find myself being thrown in prison.

A broken smile formed for merely a second before I turned to go back to my bunk in the barracks. I didn't even get to take two steps before I was thrown against the wall. Three sets of eyes glared down at me and I already knew what was going to happen.

“You're going to regret doing that.”

Chapter Text

There's one among us who is very different from the rest of us. Unlike us, his mere appearance is intimidating. The Collectors will never break him; in fact, I'm almost certain that they're afraid of him. Everyone is, really.

Aone could probably break out of here quite easily if he had a good plan. He's the strongest of all of us, as he's proven by remaining undefeated in the arena. What no one else notices though, is that he's quite kind. Quiet, but kind.

That's honestly the only thing the two of us have in common: kindness and quietness. I'm small and weak... the opposite of him. Maybe that's why we had become such good friends. Opposites attract, after all.

Basking in the warmth of the sun, I leaned against his still form. These small moments in the courtyard were all we really got. Life in this place was rough, but being able to have these moments made it liveable.

“Hey, Aone?” I asked slowly turning my gaze up to the big werewolf's face. He merely hummed in response. “If we ever got out of here, do you think that we'd still be friends?”

Aone doesn't answer right away, so I thought it had meant that he didn't want to. “Of course.” It was only two words, but no two words had ever made me happier. “Do... you want to get out of here?”

It's little more than an innocent question, but its answer is a very obvious one. There isn't one of us who doesn't want out of here and I'm no exception. I wanted to get out of here; I wanted to live life like a normal girl and go to school, make friends and maybe even fall in love. “Yes.”

“Then we will.” I stared at him in surprise. He couldn't possibly be serious. Of course, Aone didn't lie; if he said he was going to do something, he would do it. However, there weren't many ways out of here.

“How?” One way was dying, which was obviously not one we wanted to try for. The other was to break out, which was very difficult and extremely dangerous. For someone like Aone though, it could be pretty easy, but for a little werecat like me, it would be impossible.

A small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth and felt my heart flutter. “We'll find a way.” My gentle giant didn't say anything more than that, but it was really all he needed to say. Maybe there wasn't a plan yet, but someday, I knew that we'd find a way.

Chapter Text

Outside... What's it like out there? I... I can't remember anymore. I've been kept here for so long; it's as if the only life I know is this one that I'm trapped in. Being little more than food for a vampire, I was rarely allowed out of my room. I didn't even know his name; I'd always been told to refer to him as 'Master.'

As Master finished and I felt his fangs withdraw from my neck, he released his grip on me, letting me collapse on the floor. It wasn't uncommon for him to take so much of my blood at once, but he'd always been careful not to take too much. He wanted to keep me around so that he didn't have to go out and hunt for new victims all the time, which would have quickly drawn the attention of hunters.

My body is so weak... I can't even lift my head up from the floor. My hearing is the first to go, all sounds becoming distorted and muffled. Sight goes next, strange blotches that appear to be blinking start covering my field of vision. I'm getting weaker by the second and soon, everything fades to nothing.


There's a strange beeping noise and when I finally opened my eyes again, the room was bright. This wasn't that vampire's dark mansion; this was a hospital room. It took a moment to realize that the beeping was a simple heart monitor.

In the corner of the room sat a boy. He looked like he was close to my age and he was kind of handsome. Though I had absolutely no idea why he was here. Or why he was staring at me. Wait. Uh oh... he's staring at me...

I carefully sat up in my bed, making a mental note of all the wires and tubes connected to me. Whoever had brought me here must have thought I was in a pretty bad condition. But now what? Where was I supposed to go and what was I supposed to do?

“You're awake.” The guy in the corner spoke calmly. If I had to guess, he was probably one of those calm, rational types of people. “Dad wasn't sure if you'd turn or not, so he asked me to keep an eye on you while he tries to figure out who you are.” Slowly he stood and made his way over to me. “I guess now that you're awake, you could tell-”

As he got closer and as he spoke, I caught a glimpse of his teeth. While that might not seem like such a big deal, he had fangs and only vampires had fangs. Immediately I backed up a little and threw my arms up as a shield, wincing when the sudden motion tugged at the tubes in my arm.

He was a little surprised by my reaction, but I could tell that he understood and he took one step back. “You don't have to worry about me,” he said, his voice still calm like before. “I'm only half. My father's a human and a vampire hunter. My mother's a vampire. I got stuck with the fangs, but that's all. I don't have any desire or even a reason to want your blood.”

“O-okay...” I slowly lowered my arms, feeling a little ashamed of the way I'd reacted. It's not like I could really help it though. After everything I'd been through, I doubted I'd ever let a vampire get within ten feet of me ever again.

After a lot of discussion, the three of us learned a lot. The boy was named Akira Kunimi and his father was Takeshi Kunimi. To avoid any confusion, I decided to call them both by their first names. Since I was human and could not remember who I was or where I was from, or really anything at all besides my first name, and they couldn't seem to find any record of me, I would be staying with Takeshi and his family.

I began attending school with Akira, who was my age and trained enough to take me down if I ended up turning into a vampire. It was unlucky at this point, but better safe than sorry. After some time, I began to adjust to normal life. Of course, that was after I'd freaked out a little while meeting some of Akira's teammates from his volleyball club. In my defense, they were vampires, so it wasn't like it was for no reason.


“Can I tell you something?” Akira asked, leaning back against the tree that we sat under.

That tone in his voice was one that I'd grown to recognize well. What he really meant was if he could tell me something without me ever saying it to anyone, especially his father. “Yeah.”

Akira is silent a moment, putting the words together in his head before he dared to speak them. “I wonder what it's like, being a vampire.” Technically he is one himself, but only half. “What would it be like, drinking someone's blood? How would it taste? I'm curious, but I'm not sure I'd ever really want to try and find out.”

From what I knew, the child of a human and a vampire can be almost anything. It could take after the human parent and gain none of the vampire traits. It could also take after the vampire parent and suffer from bloodlust and weakness to the sunlight. Or it could be anything in between. Akira falls in the in-between. He has the fangs, yet he doesn't require blood or get weak from the sun.

“Takeshi would be sad to hear that.”

“He'd be furious,” he corrected me. Takeshi had often said that if Akira turned into “one of those filthy, no good bloodsuckers,” he'd kill him. Because of that, Akira never dared to try out anything that a vampire might do. “He's really got his heart set on me being just like him too.”

I couldn't help by feel sorry for him. “You don't want to be a vampire hunter?”

Akira shook his head. “It's just not me, you know?” It didn't feel right to him, and I understood that, but he was well-suited for such a job. He's calm and thinks things through. Plus he has the physique and being half-vampire, half-human, he's already got an advantage over any normal human or vampire. “It just doesn't feel right for me.”

He sighs and tilts his head upwards, closing his eyes. Sitting the like that, he's very peaceful-looking. It's silent awhile before I speak.

“You don't have to be what he wants you to,” I said, placing my hand over his. This was the first time I'd ever touched him by my own choice. Akira opened his eyes and looked down at me. “It's your life; he can't tell you who you are or what to be. If you do as he says, then it has to be your choice or else you won't be happy.”

“For someone who has no family, you understand well.”

I shook my head. “I just know how it feels to be forced to do something you don't want to.” While I didn't say it then, I'd spent quite a few years being forced to do whatever someone else wanted. Only after I met Akira and his father was finally able to do what I wanted, and I was much happier because of it.

“Um... Akira?” He looked at me, his head tilting just a tiny bit. It was something he always did, but you would have to pay a lot of attention to him to ever notice. “For being half-vampire, you're a great guy.” A smile spread across my face as I gaze his hand a light squeeze. “And you know what? I really like you."

Chapter Text

His feelings are very clear to us. To the volleyball club's third years and myself, it's painfully clear. I might no be close to the other three, but we're connected in one way: Toru Oikawa.

Iwa-chan is a vampire like Toru, so he can see the symptoms of bloodlust long before anyone else can. He can see it's been awhile, though it has yet to start having any risky effects. That alone isn't so bad as long as he has a source of blood available. Unfortunately, he had refused any time I'd offered it since that one time that he'd gotten carried away.

Makki was an incubus, a demon of sex. Thanks to the fact that Incubi can be summoned fairly easy, he's more or less an expert on sex, as well as sexual tension. He can feel it almost radiating off of him, or so he claims. It's been much too long since Toru's been with someone other than his own hand; sexually, at least. He's certainly dated many girls, but they never got that far.

Mattsun is a Kitsune... I'm not even sure what he can do... Like me, he can just probably tell that the team's recent loss was hitting him harder than than anyone else realizes.

We might not be able to tell the same things as another of our group can, but altogether we know it's a dangerous combination. If he was left like this, someone might get seriously hurt. That's a risk we can't afford to take.

Unfortunately, there's little we can do. Toru refuses to let us help, even though we're his friends.

Well, actually, I'm not even sure I really counted as a friend at all. Even after he'd said that he should just be with me instead of chasing new girls all the time, nothing really changed. Well, maybe he hadn't said it was me, but it was sort of implied. Even so, he's been single ever since.

A girl I don't know starts to approach him, but I stop her before she can get close. She's clearly oblivious to what seems so obvious to us. All I can do is make the excuse that he's having a rough day and should be left alone right now. I pointed her towards Mattsun, telling her that she could tell him and that he'd pass on the message as soon as Toru was feeling better. I finally convinced her by saying that he'd also give her Toru's number.

With that situation dealt with, I realized we needed to do something now or else. As Toru went into another room, I cast a look towards Iwa-chan and Makki. The two nodded in the direction he'd gone in, telling me to follow. It made sense, since I was able to at least solve one of his problems and they couldn't do anything to help him just yet. If I ran into any trouble, the boys could always come to my rescue.

I followed him into the empty locker room. He didn't even seem to notice my presence as I closed the door behind me. Maybe it was best if he didn't notice me yet.

Toru's fist slammed against the locker and he leaned forward, resting his head against the metal. It's painful to see him him like this and I have to do something. Slowly I reached out an gently placed my hand on his arm. When you're in a room alone with a horny and blood-starved vampire, touching them is a big mistake.

Not even a second passed before my back was roughly slammed into the lockers. Unfortunately I didn't even get to react to that because because he immediately sunk his fangs into the side of my neck. That was when I knew that this had gone on a little too long.

A startled scream escaped my lips as I tried to push him off, but he was too strong. The doorknob to the locker room rattled, but the door never opened. I swore that I didn't lock it; I wasn't stupid or crazy enough to lock myself in a room with a very horny vampire. Shouting and cursing from the other side only confirmed that I was trapped in here.

No matter how hard I tried to escape, Toru was much too strong for me. I was completely helpless.

He pulled back from my neck for just a moment. Mere seconds later his fangs sunk back into it, in a different spot. While his mouth was busy stealing my blood, his hands were busy with another task: unbuttoning my shirt.

Once he'd finally stripped my upper half of all its clothing, he moved downward, sinking his fangs into my chest. The pain of it brought tears to my eyes. “Toru...” I whimpered, a few tears slipping out and running down my cheeks. My voice sounded so broken that I almost didn't even recognize it. “Please...”

My voice must have reached him, because he stopped and pulled back a little. Unfortunately though, he still kept me pinned against the cool metal of the lockers. But that look in his eyes told me that he wasn't even close to being done with me.

Never have I been afraid of him. Not once was I ever scared of Toru... not even the first time he'd bitten me when he'd gone a little too long without blood. That was the day that id found out about what he was and also the day our friendship really began. But right now, this was the first time that I'd ever been afraid. Actually, terrified might have been more like it.

“I'm sorry,” he whispered, kissing his bite marks. He certainly didn't sound sorry though. Honestly, I think he just wanted it so badly that he didn't even care if I wanted him to or not. The apology was little more than a formality.

He wasted no time in fulfilling the other desire that had been burning inside him. Slipping a hand under my skirt, he quickly yanked my panties down, practically ripping them off. The setter doesn't even bother with my skirt.

I whimper lightly as his hand rubs against my opening. An amused hum comes from him as he leans in closer to my ear. “You're so wet... Does it turn you on when I get rough?” His whispers send chills up my spine. Yeah, he's definitely a sadistic vampire deep down, despite his flirty and innocent act.

One hand holds me in place while the other quickly strips away his shirt. Once that's done, his hand moves down to his shorts. It shifts them down just enough to free his member from its fabric prison.

As I instinctively close my legs, he forces them open. He doesn't enter me quite yet though; he's not so far gone that he'd just jump right into it. Instead he takes my arms and puts them around his neck.

His fingertips brush along my slit in a slow, teasing sort of motion and I squirm in his grip. Wanting more of a reaction, his other hand roughly grab my breast. A light gasp escapes, but that's still not enough. His fingers pinch my nipple and then give it a little twist. As painful as that sounds, it actually felt pretty good and his actions were rewarded with a light moan.

I really shouldn't have been so turned on by all of this. I mean, my best friend was borderline raping me and I'm getting seriously turned on by it. What the hell is wrong with me? Okay, so maybe it's not technically rape since I'm enjoying it and I'm not even trying to stop him, but it's still not right for me to want this...

Toru lifts me up and uses a combination of his arms and the lockers against my back to hold me up and forcibly wrap my legs around him. He enters me quite roughly and I squeeze my eyes shut. It hurts a little at first, but as he begins thrusting at rough pace, the pain becomes pleasure.

Suddenly, he spreads my legs further and gives a really hard thrust, making me cry out. The sound pleases him, so he does it again, forcing the noise again. “You like that?” he whispered, lightly biting my earlobe. “You like it when I shove my dick into you so hard?” He licks the inside of my ear as I nod. “I'll shove my cock in you so hard that you scream...”

All I could do was nod. I wanted him; there was no denying that. And he certainly made good on his promise. The more he thrust in and out of me, the rougher he got. However, knowing that the other thirds years were probably still on the other side of the door, I tried to hold back any more sounds that tried to escape.

Toru didn't like that at all. He slowed his pace a bit and trailed kisses from ear to my neck. When he he brushed over a particularly sensitive spot, he stopped and sunk his fangs in. I'd heard that being bitten while having sex was amazing, though I'd never believed it. Boy was I wrong.

While it hurt, another feeling spread through me as well. I was lighter than a feather and hot. My entire body felt likely it was burning, but it wasn't painful. Any resistance or desire to resist vanished... Instead, I found myself wanting more and trying to pull him even closer, though he couldn't possibly get any closer. And if the light groaning was any indication, then Toru was definitely enjoying it as well.

Soon enough it was all over. His forehead rested against my shoulder as he panted. No doubt he was tired, anyone would be. After a moment, his breathing slowed back to normal and he lifted his head. Carefully he unwrapped my legs from my waist and put some space between our bodies.

Slowly, Toru eased me back onto the ground, but I quickly discovered that my legs had turned to jelly. I fell forward onto him, unable to even stand. My entire lower half was already feeling sore and the loss of blood certainly wasn't helping.

After he steadied me, Toru helped me to sit on the floor and knelt in front of me. “I guess I was a little too rough,” he said, laughing that sweet and playful laugh of his. My Toru was back. “You're not hurt though, right?”

He was probably only asking to make sure the Iwa-chan, Makki and Mattsun couldn't kill him for this little incident. I mean, they had been right outside the door when I'd come in and we'd gotten a little loud, so there was no doubt that they'd heard us and knew exactly what Toru had been doing.

“I'm kind of dizzy, and a little sore... I'm not even sure I can walk right now...” I admitted, slowly putting my clothes back on as he was busy fixing his.

He quietly nodded. After my clothes were on again, he knelt with his back facing me. Slowly I climbed up and once we were both certain that I wasn't going to fall, Toru stood up and headed for the door.

But when he reached for the doorknob, it turned on its own and the door swung open to reveal a pissed-off Iwa-chan and Makki and Mattsun. Toru tried to flash an innocent smile, but we all knew that the second that I was out of the way, he would be in for a serious beating.



Chapter Text

I remember that day like it was yesterday.

It'll be okay... we'll be okay...” she said, trying to soothe her younger brother. It's too obvious that she's scared though. If only she could hide it better, she might have been able to calm the child's sniffling.

It's been ten years. Ten long years.

You! What creature are you?” The man glares down at the three of us. The girl, a gentle child named Alisa, trembled under his gaze. However, she kept her arms wrapped protectively around her beloved brother.

The voices still echo in my head. Their scars still litter my body.

Just say that you're a shapeshifter and he'll probably let you go,” I quickly whispered to her. I could tell that she was afraid and I knew that this would probably be the only chance that we'd have.

We escaped from hell that day. Or rather, they did.

It was pretty clear that he could tell that they weren't ordinary shapeshifters, so their only hope from getting away from the Collector was to run. The only way that could be successful though, would be if I sacrificed myself to buy them time. In the end, my fate was clear.

My eyes caught sight of her in the crowd. Until that moment, I'd wished I'd never let my friend talk me into watching his old high school's volleyball team playing in some pointless tournament. Now, man was I ever glad I came here.

She's grown so beautiful since then... not that she wasn't already. She's on the opposite side of the gym, right up by the railing with a younger girl. The two were probably here to cheer on the other team and doing a quick scan of their players, I easily recognized Alisa's little brother. Lyovochka, I'd only ever heard her call him. Funny how I can remember that even ten years later.

As much as I'd like to talk to her, I know I won't. She's a stunning young woman and I... well to put it lightly, I'm just an old and scrappy werewolf. She's way out of my league, so I'd never even have a chance.

Knowing that the two of them got a chance at a real life, that was enough. Maybe there had been times when I'd cursed them or even myself for that day, but no matter what hell I'd been through since then, seeing her happy had made it all worth it. Every tortuous day, every fight, every scar... they all seemed like nothing at all now.

I know I'll never have a chance, but that's okay. As long as I'd gotten to see that she was safe and happy, that was more than enough for me.

Chapter Text

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to talk to her. I mean, even though I'd really only known her for just that one day, I'd fallen for her during my years with the Collectors. That was eight years I'd been there, and while there was a certain little kitsune I'd screwed around with from time to time back then, no one had quite managed to steal my heart like Alisa.

But as much I wanted to, I couldn't talk to her. The best that I could do was watch over her from a distance, much like I was right now.

The volleyball match was over, though I didn't pay attention to who had won. No, my full focus was on her. I stood back and watched as she separated from her group. Even though I had no idea where she was going or why, I kept an eye on her. And it was good that I did, since some guy decided to hit on her.

She appeared to have rejected him and turned away, but either he didn't get the message or he was just pushy. The guy reached out and grabbed her arm. As quick as a flash of lightning, I was there, tearing his arm off of her.

“Don't touch her,” I growled, glaring at him. Hopefully, he'd know better than to mess with me. I mean, as handsome as I could have been, all the scars I had from my eight years with the collectors were more than enough to scare people off. Not to mention the chunk missing out of my left ear.

That guy couldn't get away fast enough.

Slowly I looked over my shoulder at Alisa. She's staring at me and I knew she was going to say something, but I wasn't going to let her. “You alright?” I tried to muster up a gentle voice, but no matter how hard I tried, it still sounded rough and maybe even a bit like some yakuza or delinquent.

Alisa nodded and opened her mouth to speak, but before even a word could come out, someone had called out to her and now we were joined by several others. One was her brother and the rest appeared to be teammates or friends of his.

Her brother didn't seem happy to see me. In fact, he seemed to assume that I'd been bothering his sister. Obviously, he didn't recognize me or even see what had happened only moments ago. He was too young to have really remembered me anyway. He'd grown up quite well though.

Not wanting to deal with explanations, I simply smiled at Alisa. It wasn't in our fates for us to be together; I'd already accepted that. “You've gotten even more beautiful, Alisa.” My heart hurt as I spoke. This would be the only time I dared to speak to her, of that I was sure. “Keep looking after Lyovochka.”

And with that I walked away, giving only a small wave to say my goodbye.

Chapter Text

I turned around another corner of the building. There had to be at least someone here... If we could only find more people, then we wouldn't have to worry. Even though I might be strong, there was only one of me and several of them.

I took the young girl's hand and lead her further away. She'd been lucky that I'd come along when I had, or she might have ended up with the same fate that I had many years ago.

My body feels like ice as I remember that day twelve years ago. That look on Takeda's face as he saw what I'd done... when he saw me standing there and he blood splattered all around me... I don't think I could ever forget it.

We turned another corner and finally found what we needed: a large amount of people. Okay, so maybe it was only twenty at most, but it was enough that the Collectors would no longer be a threat. While they might have no problems with committing crimes, they weren't stupid enough to take on a whole group at once.

I pulled her into the gym where some boys appeared to have been playing volleyball. Or that's at least how it appeared to me; after Takeda and I had escaped from the Collectors twelve years ago, I hadn't really wasted any time around normal society.

Ignoring the stares of the high school boys, I motioned for the girl I'd rescued to stay here with these people. She nodded and quickly went to explain the situation to one of the two adults in the room. I, on the other hand, leaned against the wall by the doorway, using it to help me to the floor.

My breathing was getting slower and slower by the second. As my vision began to blur, I closed my eyes. “So this is how it ends?” I said quietly to myself. “I hope you can forgive me, Takeda. I couldn't hang on long enough to see you one more time...”

A hand pressed against my side over the wound and I immediately tensed up.. Had I not been so weakened at the time, I'd probably have attacked the mystery person on instinct. But as an almost familiar, warm and tingly sensation began to replace the pain, I relaxed.

An angel's healing powers. It had been twelve years since the last time I'd felt such a thing, but it was something that could never be forgotten. Slowly I opened my eyes to see a face I hadn't seen in twelve long years.

A light smile rests on his face as he looks down at me. “I forgive you,” I hear him say before I close my eyes again, this time with a smile on my face.


Chapter Text

The moment I hit the water, I knew it. Deep in my heart I knew that this would be the end for me.

It's cold and dark as the surface drifts farther and farther away. The waves were high and rough. Not even the most experienced swimmers could even stand a chance, let alone someone like me who struggled even in the shallowest pools.

No matter how much I struggled, I knew that it was hopeless. I couldn't even count on someone to jump in after me; the storm and the sea would just swallow them up too. The last thing I felt was the iciness of the water and the fear of knowing that I was about to die.


My eyes fluttered open slowly only to clench shut when met with a bright light. They say you see a light when you're dying, so did that mean that I was dead? Slowly I opened my eyes again, this time making sure to look away from the light.

A bright blue sky, hot sands and rolling waves... a beach? I raise my hand up to my head as I carefully shift into a sitting position. This area doesn't look familiar, so I'm sure that I'm dead.

“About time you woke up,” a male voice interrupted my looking around, startling me. I spun around to see a man leaning against a rock, or rather, a merman. “I was starting to think you didn't make it.”

I looked him over very carefully. He looked a bit older than me, probably mid twenties if I had to guess. His hair was sort of spiky, which was strange to see on a mermaid- I mean, merman. He was quite handsome really, especially with that tail of his. It was a beautiful dark jade color, which honestly suited him quite well.

As I stared at him, I said nothing. I couldn't seem to find my voice. But as I stared, his word finally sunk in. I was alive. I was completely alive. I had absolutely no idea where I was, but I was alive.

“You... you saved me?” I asked cautiously. There was no way any human could have survived that ordeal on their own, not even by a miracle. But if one had the help from a mermaid or in this case a merman, then there was a chance. A slim chance, but a chance all the same. If this guy had been waiting here with me, then it was only logical that he'd been the one to rescue me after I'd fallen off the boat.

My savior nodded and made his way closer. He was remarkable fast on land, for someone with only a pair of hands and a fishtail. Though I guess he would have to be pretty fast to avoid being caught by a human. Even if most creatures were accepted in regular society, it didn't necessarily mean that there weren't people who would do awful things to a beautiful creature like him. It was only natural to be cautious.

He opened his mouth to speak again, but quickly closed it as a voice was heard nearby. Not even hesitating, he dove into the sea and was gone before I could ask his name.

A moment later, a familiar face appeared. “Sis!” my younger brother called out, running up and tackling me in a hug. With him is an older woman who I've never seen, though I can already tell she's quite wise.

“The merpeople must have felt merciful,” she says, a knowing smile on her face. “Someone must have noticed your kind heart and thought you too precious to lose, young lady.” The woman chuckles a little. “Though I wonder who it could have been?”

As she speaks some more, my eyes spot something partially buried in the sand. I pick it up to discover some jade colored shells on a string. The end of the string were frayed, suggesting that it had been broken.

The old woman sees the shells in my hand. “Well now, it's been some time since I've seen on of those not attached to their wrists,” she chuckled, turning around and motioning for us to follow. “Come, I shall tell you the story behind the shells if you wish to listen and how to fix them. He'll be wanting them back, I'm sure.”

Chapter Text

His lips are soft against my own. His kisses are tender and sweet. Most people wouldn't even think about it, but every second... every kiss... it means so much to me. Because only in these rare moments are we able to share our affections.

Our love is kept secret from everyone, though it's not for reasons you'd think. If his father had any idea what was going on... I'd hate to think how he'd react.

Akira's lips trail from mine down to my neck. Only recently has he gained the courage to do any more than just kisses, and even then we must be cautious. Should he leave even the tiniest, faintest mark, we'll be caught for sure.

A small gasp escaped as I felt his soft, wet tongue massage the skin of my neck. As he sucked at the side of my neck, he was careful not to let his teeth even graze me. He knew all too well my history with vampires and he knew that they terrified me. Luckily for him, he was only half and seemed to only have the fangs and a few of the positive traits. He was also lucky to not suffer from the bloodlust that any full vampire would, so he'd never once tasted blood.

Suddenly, he stopped. Akira didn't move from my neck. “Is it okay if I bite you?” While it might sound crazy to ask, he did it to make sure it was actually okay and that I wouldn't freak out, considering my traumatizing past. “I'm not asking for your blood; I won't even break the skin... I don't even know why, I just really, really want to bite you...”

His voice was calm as always, yet there was a slightly darker tone to it. After I nodded, granting him permission, I felt his teeth lightly pressing down on me. Still as gentle as always.

It's a pleasant feeling and I rewarded him with a pleased hum. He then returned to his former act of sucking on my neck, throwing in a few gentle bites here and there. This is the most intimate we've ever gotten and I love it. That is, until Akira bit down a little too hard.

I let out a cry of pain as I felt his fangs cut through my skin. Instantly he pulled back, worry showing on his face. My hand went to my neck, feeling a warm and sticky liquid. It had been an accident, I knew that, but I couldn't help but feel a little scared.

Akira started to speak, but as his tongue just barely brushed over his fangs, the words were lost and the look in his eyes changed. He licked off the small amount of blood that had stuck to them, before his eyes trailed over to the bite mark covered by my hand.

I recognized that look... I'd seen it too many times before, though never on Akira. Slowly I removed my hand from the bite, my palm covered in blood. I held it it out to him and he carefully took it, pulling it closer to his mouth. He slowly licked at the blood, his touch gentle and never once trying to bite.

Once it's been licked clean, his eyes met with my own. That look still lingered there; the look of a vampire who wanted blood. But as we both knew, Akira didn't need it at all. It was quite similar to a human's lust for physical contact; it wasn't necessary, yet it was desired.

I raised my hand up slowly, gently caressing his cheek. It was in that moment that I made a decision that would change things for the both of us, for better or for worse. My head tilted to the side and his eyes widened. “I trust you.”

No more words are needed, as those three more than said it all. I loved and trusted him, that was all either of us needed to know. Akira slowly leaned in and closed his lips around the small wound, as gently as he's always been.

And for the first time in my life, I wasn't afraid. With him here, I'd never have anything to fear.

Chapter Text

I should have known that hiding a bite mark wouldn't be easy. Akira's father Takeshi was a very observant person, as his job as a vampire hunter required him to be. With the mark being on the side of my neck, it was impossible to cover. Well, unless I wanted to suddenly start wearing scarves which would be stupid since the weather was starting to get warm.

Putting a bandage over it wasn't an option: it would stand out too much. So my only choice was to be careful and keep my hair over it. Of course, no one can be aware of something 100% of the time.

It's only been two days since that time with Akira. So far we'd been lucky that Takeshi had been too busy to notice either of us, but we both knew that luck wouldn't last.

We both sat quietly as we ate dinner. Akira's father was on my left, his mother on my right. He'd insisted on this arrangement for meals, as it was safer. He could avoid being placed between his vampire wife and half-breed son, should they suddenly decide to turn on him. It was quite paranoid, really, but I could understand his concern.

Unfortunately, this arrangement put him on the same side as Akira's bite mark.

As Akira's mother started a bit of conversation, I found myself turning my head to face her. Big mistake. As I did so, I just barely flashed my neck to the old vampire hunter on my left. Needless to say, it did not go ignore by the paranoid man.

His hand reached over, grabbing me and turning my head. Pushing my hair to the side, he exposed the bite mark. The man's eyes immediately turned to his wife, the only full vampire that he knew I'd allow near me. However, the look of surprise on her face cleared her of suspicion.

“Who did this?” His voice was firm and calm, demanding to know the source of the mark.

I didn't answer, though for no more than a second my eyes had flicked over to Akira. That tiny reaction wasn't missed by the ever-observant Takeshi.

His eyes narrowed as he turned towards Akira. Not a word was spoken; Takeshi grabbed his son roughly by the arm, dragging him out of the room. My mouth opened to protest, Akira's mother placed her hand on me, telling me to stay out it.

I can't see where they go, but I don't need to. It's the basement, where they two often disappear to when Takeshi teaches Akira about being a vampire hunter. I've never seen that room since only the two boys are allowed in and Akira is forbidden from telling anyone of it.

The whole house is dead silent for what seems like forever. The basement had probably been soundproofed, which worried me. His father had been very adamant that he'd never allow his son to be, as he put it, “one of those filthy, no-good bloodsuckers,” so I worried about Akira's safety.

After what felt like hours, Takeshi returned without Akira. At first I thought the worst, but that fear was eased by the sound of the front door slamming shut. Still though, it didn't make things okay.

Despite his mother having told me to stay out of it, I just had to say something. “It wasn't his fault!” I blurted out, trying my best to help make things a little better. Maybe if I told him what happened, it would help. “It was an accident! He never meant to do it.”

Unfortunately, it did little to calm the angry hunter. When he said nothing, I stood up and left the room. I was too worried about Akira to just sit here and do nothing; I was going after him. Before anyone could even say or do anything to stop me, I had my shoes on and I was out the door.

It was foolish to be out this late at night, but honestly I couldn't care less.

The streets were dark, the sun having gone down awhile ago. No cars out on the street, not even the quietest sound. To say that it was a creepy scenario would be an understatement.

I glanced around, but saw no sign of him. There had to be some way to figure out which way he'd gone... some place he'd go... someone he was close to maybe... Ah! I had an idea of where he might have gone and started down that direction.

A cold breeze blew and I immediately regretted not grabbing my jacket. While the weather might have been getting warmer, it was still a bit cold after the sun went down. It was even colder for me, considering that I was wearing a t-shirt. Clearly there was no planning for this on my part.

Noises nearby make me freeze. My eyes dart around, looking for the source, but I see nothing. If I were your average person, then I'd simply write it off as nothing more than the wind, but I know better.

Nighttime is the time when the darker creatures show their faces. Vicious werewolves... bloodthirsty vampires... now is the time when they're most active. There's no doubt in my mind that I'm more than likely going to encounter at least one of them, though I certainly hope I'm wrong. But being a human girl out alone when night's most dangerous hour approaches, I'm practically asking for trouble. And it's not long before I find it. Or rather, it finds me.

He seemed to appear out of nowhere, startling me. There's a vicious look in his eye and I have no doubts that this might end badly. The man's a vampire, as I can quickly figure out and that instantly puts me on edge.

“You look lost,” the stranger said, his voice almost like an amused purr. He takes a step forward and I'm already trembling. “Why don't you let me help you?” A smirk spreads across his face, revealing a set of fangs. A vampire, just as I knew he was.

He's getting close by the second, yet I can't seem to move. Vampires terrify me and that's coming back to bite me now. Then, a figure steps in between me and the approaching vampire, their back to me. The vampire instantly halted his movements.

“She doesn't need any help from you.” I knew that voice like I knew the back of my hand. That was Akira's voice. Seeing the back of his volleyball jacket confirmed it.

He doesn't look at me, doesn't even take his eyes of the other guy. “Go home.” His voice is calm and directed at me. As I opened my mouth to protest, to say that I didn't want to leave him here alone, he cut me off. “I'll come back, I promise.”


Upon arriving back home, I decided that I'd wait up for him. His mother waited with me for a short time, but as it was late, she went to bed. I was left sitting alone, the front door constantly in my sight. No matter matter how tired I was or how long the minutes began to feel, I stayed awake, waiting.

After what felt like eternity, the door swung open and in stepped a figured. He was a bit beat up, but there was no mistaking him. Mere seconds after he was through the door and in spite of the fact that I was exhausted, I ran to Akira and threw my arms around him.

He didn't say a word, just wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. “Don't worry me like that...” My grip on him tightened. “I... I was scared that I would never see you again...”

“I'd never do that to you...” Akira said softly as tears of relief welled up in my eyes. “I promise that I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you.”

If there's one thing I knew about Akira, it was that he never breaks a promise.


Several Years Later...

His arms wrapped around my waist from behind. “You're home early,” I hummed, continuing my cleaning. Akira's lips brush against my neck for just a second before seeking out my own. “How'd it go?”

“Dad's the same as ever,” he said, a light chuckle in his voice as he gently ran his hand over my swollen belly. “Mom's excited though.”

A smile spread across my face as I turned to face him. “More excited than you are?”

“No one could be as excited as I am,” he stated, a smile breaking out as the baby kicked right by my husband's hand. His eyes looked up from my stomach to meet my gaze. “I'll never let anything happen to you or him.”

“Is that a promise?”

“It is.”

Not once did Akira ever break his promise that day or any other that followed it.

Chapter Text

Looking up at the building before me, I brushed my bangs around for the thousandth time. I'd once had them grown out as long as the rest of my hair, but now they're cut just above my eyebrows. I'll never let them be any longer or any shorter than that.

I've never gone to high school before. I'd run away back then and ended up joining the Collectors. That had been sometime during middle school. Too many fights with my parents and I'd thought I could find a better place. And I had, until that little werecat.

I wonder how he's doing? I thought as I entered the building. I was a little older than the first years, but that's what year I ended up as. He'd probably be at least a second year by now.

As I entered the building, all eyes seemed to settle on me, making me very self-conscious. Could they see it? That horrid word that forever stained my forehead... carved into it repeatedly, marking the word anew over and over again until it was scarred into my flesh.


It was likely that it would be there for the rest of my life... an eternal reminder of what I was. Even if I'd done the right thing by letting him go, I'd still betrayed those who had welcomed me into their ranks when I'd had nowhere else to go. If anyone ever knew, I doubted they'd ever accept me.


The days begin to pass like normal, or what I assumed was normal. That is, until one of those days passed and someone saw that scar across my forehead. That awful word that forever marked my past as a part of me.

The other students began to swarm around me, hurling insults my way. This, I'd learned was sort of a normal thing that happened to those that were deemed freaks or just simply the outcasts. Having the word “traitor” carved into my forehead certainly left me in either category.

For some time, the days became just like that. I suppose I deserved it though. I betrayed the only family I really had, my only friends... Maybe this was fate's way of punishing me.

And then, suddenly someone stepped in, silently signaling that my punishers had done enough. When I looked up, I saw the face of my guardian angel. Or more accurately, my guardian werecat. That very same little werecat that I'd helped escape all that time ago.

A smile lit up my face as the crown dispersed, leaving me with my savior. He says not a word, but places his hand on my forehead. His fingers brush the hair back, mimicking the way I'd always used to part my hair.

Fukunaga remembered. Even after this time, he still remembered me. His lips curve up into a small smile. Not a single word leaves his lips, as I would have expected. He was always my quiet little werecat and that's how I'd want him to stay.

Chapter Text

No one dares to fight back. They all cower in fear and do as the Collectors tell them.

We're all lined up, awaiting the fates that we're to be given. Some of us are newly caught, while some appear to have been here for some time before our arrival. We range in age from young children to a few adults. The youngest is just a little girl, seven years old at most. She stands to my right.

One Collector works his way down the line, asking only a couple of questions. He asks for a name, what creature you are, your age and if you're above a certain age, I've heard him ask if they're a virgin.

As he stops in front of the little girl next to me, she immediately tries to hide behind me. She's scared, as we all are. He demands her name and she barely whispers it; I'm only able to catch “Tenri.” He repeats the question and once it's answered, he proceeds with the rest. Tenri is only six years old and a nymph. Not exactly an uncommon creature, though not one that the Collectors often get a hold of.

He looks her over and writes something on his clipboard. “Block,” he called out, loud and clear. I'd managed to pick up on the meaning of that one: they were going to sell that sweet little girl off to whatever sick bastard paid the most for her. No way in hell was I just going to let that happen.

When she doesn't go over to where he had said, he reached out to grab her. I didn't let him; I slapped his hand away. There's a chorus of gasps as all eyes settled on me. “Don't touch her,” I growled, glaring at him.

He doesn't seem fazed by it. Why would he? There's a gun in plain sight strapped to his belt. All of the Collectors have them. It's not much of a struggle before the girl is forcibly taken away from me and set with the rest who will be going to the Block.

“Name?” the man demands. Now it's my turn.

“Bite me.”

“Name?” he repeated, losing his patience quite quickly.

I had no intentions of just doing what I was told, like everyone else. It's ironic really, since I was usually the quiet one who did what she was told. “Drop dead you sick so of a-”

My words are cut off by a loud smack and it takes me a moment to realize that he'd just slapped me. But I have no intentions of giving up. When he repeated the question again, I opened my mouth to throw another insult at him, but I never got to use it.

He grabbed me by the hair and glared down at me. His eyes stare for what feels like an eternity, but also only like a mere second. I'm thrown off to the side, where I'm caught by one of those who had been here before my arrival. He's a part of the “Hold” group, which I assume meant that they were going to keep us a bit before deciding our fate.

“It's easier if you don't fight back,” a voice whispers to me, the voice of the one who'd caught me.

“If you just give up, then it's no different than being dead.”

As I stand, I watch him continue down the line, writing down his notes on everyone. After he's done and all the others decided, he approaches me again. He asks the same old question and I refuse yet again. But this time, he has a plan. The little girl from earlier is brought out and now stands next to him.

“Name?” he asks yet again. As I'm about to throw another insult at him, he grabs the girl's hair and yanks it, making her cry out. Instantly I hold back my insult and reluctantly give my name. He then proceeds with the rest of his questions, asking them in exactly the same way. This time, I answer them all.

Thanks to that, they decide to hold onto the girl for now. In their eyes, she was a way of making me do as they told me to. At least this way, she'd be safe from harm or at the very least, where I could protect her.

“You know, the moment they break you, is the moment when she'll no longer be needed,” said the man beside me, Moniwa as I learned his name was.

“Then that just means I can't ever let them break me.”

Chapter Text

The room around me is dark. It's a familiar sight to me, as I've been here countless times. In the room is the same man the comes here every time. I hate him more than anything, but the strength of my ten-year-old body is no match for his. All I can really do is cry out, cry until it's all over.

The nightmare is thankfully cut short as I feel myself being shaken awake. That's right, it was just a nightmare... or rather a flashback of my most horrifying memory. I must have been crying and talking in my sleep this time, at least loud enough to draw someone's attention. The face I see though, was the last one I would have expected.

My body feels ice-cold, yet I'm drenched in sweat as I sit up and meet her worried gaze. I've never really been able to talk with her, though I've been staying with her and her family for some time now. Her brother had asked me to help him learn to control his transformations and since I had nowhere else to go, the Haiba family allowed me to stay... on the condition that I was actually able to help Lev.

It's been about five months and my nightmares have come a few times a week, though to my relief they'd gone unnoticed or at least unmentioned until now. Of course, the secret was out now.

Alisa reached out, touching my cheek. I flinched at her touch. Only she had the ability to make this terrifying beast feel and seem helpless as a little pup. Only she had ever managed to capture my heart in such a way. Yes, I was very much in love, or at least that's what I believed that I felt.

My name leaves her lips in a gentle whisper. It's not only the sweetest sound I've ever heard but also the most seductive sound to ever reach my ears. That was saying a lot, considering my numerous experiences with Succubi and Incubi.

Slowly my eyes shifted up to meet her gaze. Despite being as tough a man as I was, I've always been a sucker for a beautiful woman... especially the kind, innocent ones like Alisa. The second our eyes met, I was gone; lost in her magic spell.

My hand reached out, seeking the one of hers not on my cheek. I just can't help myself... I pulled her closer and very gently placed my lips on hers. If this one moment, this one tender kiss... if this was all I ever got, I could die a happy man. And much to my pleasure, Alisa returns my kiss. Even if it was only because she pitied me, I would take what little affection from her that I could get.

“Ten years,” I said, my voice little more than a whisper. “Ten years I've been in love with you.” My feelings poured out before I could even stop myself. Of course, what good would it have done to keep those feelings bottled up? If I wanted to move on to a new path in my life, I had to confess this to her. “You've grown so much more beautiful since that day...”

A small smile formed on Alisa's face as her eyes lit up in realization. “It was you that day, wasn't it?” Her voice was gentle as she asked, though her question wasn't much of a question. Her hand moved from my cheek to run across my bare chest, tracing my countless scars. “These were all because you protected us...”

“Even if I could go back and do it over, I'd still protect you,” I promised her as I brought her hand up to my face. “This scar,” I started, guiding her fingers over the horizontal scar under my right eye. “This scar is from when I protect you. It was my very first. It's also my favorite scar.” I moved her hand to trace another scar on the back of my neck in the shape of a bite mark. A human's bite mark, to be exact. “This one was my second. A reminder of my darkest memory and the worst pain I've ever felt. It's the memory I relive almost every night in my nightmares.”

Normally I'd never mention such a thing, but as I've said before: I'm weak against a beautiful woman. “I'd go through that hell again and again if it meant protecting you.”

Alisa stared up at me, her eyes a bit teary as my hand came up to cup her cheek. “I know I probably wouldn't be that great in a relationship and I've done some unspeakable things in the past, but I can promise you that I would do anything for you and protect you until my last breath. I know you probably don't feel the same way that I do, but if you could... maybe give me a chance?”

This time, Alisa was the one to lean in and close the distance between our lips.

Chapter Text

It's funny how fate has a way of twisting things. Unfortunately, it's rarely in a good way.

Hayato Ikejiri's been my best friend for years and I'd like to think that I knew everything about him. He is an amazing guy. He's smart, kind and a little on the timid side. He's most definitely the type of guy who'll treat a girl right. Most of all, he's the greatest friend that I could ever ask for.

I sat on his bedroom floor beside him, our textbooks tossed aside and long since forgotten. We're laughing, but I don't even remember what it was that we were laughing about. As the laughter dies down, he turned to face me.

“I... I need to tell you something,” he said, the look on his face turning serious.

Immediately I straightened up, giving him my full attention. Knowing him, if he was making that face, it was something important. “Yes?”

Ikejiri scoots a little closer, leaning in a little. “I...” There's a very subtle change in the look in his eye, which should have told me that something wasn't right. “You... you smell really good...”

That's when I should have backed away. I should have turned around and left, and yet I couldn't seem to move or even say anything. If I had known what he was about to do, I probably would have.

He leaned in quite quickly, but from my point of view, it seemed like it was all in slow motion. My eyes widened as his lips pressed against the side of my neck, shortly followed by a very sharp pain and a sort of sucking motion.

It was almost like... My eyes widened in horror. It was almost like he was a vampire. My best friend... he was a vampire... It all made sense now... why he was so hurt that I hated vampires and why he liked vampire movies and animes... It all made sense.

I wanted to push him off of me and run away, but my body wouldn't respond. It was like I was completely frozen... my body even felt cold as ice. He... he's a vampire...?

After a moment, he finally comes to his senses and I can feel his fangs being pulled out from the side of my neck before he quickly backs away. Had it not been for the drop of blood running down his chin from the corner of his mouth, I might have thought I'd imagined the whole thing.

“I...” Ikejiri's eyes are widened in horror as my shaking hand moved to the wound on my neck, feeling the hot, sticky blood that remained there. “I'm so sor-”

As he reached his hand out for me, I slapped it away. “Don't touch me!” I shrieked, backing away from him and towards the door. Without even giving him a chance to explain himself or to bite me again, I scramble to my feet. Quickly grabbing my bag and textbook, I race out the door.

I don't dare to look back at him as I go. He'd lied to me. He was lying from the very beginning. He'd never once tried to tell me that he wasn't human and if he'd been anything else, I could have overlooked that, but not if he's a vampire.

Because he was the one thing I hated the most, I couldn't forgive him for hiding such a thing from me.

Chapter Text

“Save me, Little Manager-chan!”

I didn't even get a chance to react to his words before Oikawa held me in front of him. If he was going to ask me to rescue him from Iwaizumi, then he could at least call me by my name. I knew for a fact he knew it and it was pretty annoying that he never used it. It was always “Little Manager-chan” or “Cutie Manager-chan.” And sadly because of that, the entire team adopted it as my official nickname and refused to call me by anything else.

All I could do was sigh. “Why am I always the human shield?” I sighed. Always, always I ended up being the one people would hide behind. Unfortunately, a majority of the time it was Oikawa using me as a shield against Iwaizumi. And every single time, the ace had a good reason to want to hurt the setter. Or at least one that would be considered acceptable.

Right now I didn't know what he'd done, but I really didn't care. My gaze shifted over toward the team's other third years. Hanamaki appeared to be missing, but I wasn't worried. He was an incubus and Incubi can be summoned from time to time by a magic-user. That must be what was going on now, which was unlucky for me since he was usually the one to rescue me from Oikawa.

Iwaizumi looked quite pissed and continuously tried to get around me to get at Oikawa. Oikawa, being a smart guy and very much afraid of Iwaizumi when he was angry, kept moving around and holding me like a shield to protect him from his best friend. Clearly, things were not going to be over with any time soon... or so I thought.

From somewhere on the other side of the gym, a volleyball came flying in our direction, very precisely colliding with Oikawa's head. The impact was just enough to break the third year's grip on me, but before I could turn around to make sure he was okay, a hand grabbed my own and tugged me away from Oikawa mere seconds before Iwaizumi managed to get his hands on the setter.

I didn't really get a look at the guy's face until he'd gotten me outside and turned to face me. Issei Matsukawa. This Kitsune was a guy I didn't know that well, as he wasn't the most social guy except with the other third years. Really, I only knew as much as I did because of the other third years. He wasn't a bad guy or anything, in fact, he was a pretty decent guy. A bit on the quieter side, but a good guy.

Matsukawa smiled at me a little. “You looked like you needed a hero and Makki was busy, so I had Kindaichi help me out.” I had a feeling that he'd more or less bribed Kindaichi into hitting a serve straight at Oikawa's head since the first year had a lot of respect for the captain, but I'd say it was worth it. Saved me from a very annoying situation, so I really owed him one.

“Thanks,” I smiled back at him. “So how did you convince Kindaichi to help you play hero?”

The Kitsune only gave me a grin. “If I told you, would you agree to help me fulfill that little deal?”

Normally I'd be a bit skeptical of such a deal, but I knew that Matsukawa was a guy that I could trust. I nodded after a moment, agreeing to help him fulfill his part of the deal, though I had yet to learn just what it was. Though once I'd heard what it was, I was instantly questioning my decision.

“I told him I'd convince you to go on a date with him.”

Chapter Text

A small growl escapes as I hear her. The way she's hitting on him disgusts me. If she knew that he wasn't human, she'd be acting a whole hell of a lot differently. It's not long before I snap and decide to intervene. “Back off, human bitch,” I growled, moving between her and the silver-haired shape-shifter.

In my two years back in normal society, I've made no attempts to hide the fact that I’m not human. Why should I anyway? I've already lived through the hell that humans created, so why should I be afraid of them? Lev Haiba, though, was another story.

The lucky bastard was protected all his life and grew up having not the slightest clue as to when humans were capable of. As he made his attempt to tell me off for chasing off a girl who was actually interested in him, I quickly cut him off with a simple rule that I've been trying to drill into that idiot's head. “Never trust a human.”

Don't get me wrong, I don't even like the guy. In fact, if it weren't for Aki, I wouldn't even give a damn if anything happened to that idiot. But unfortunately for me, Aki had a thing for Alisa Haiba and she adored her precious little “Lyovochka.” So guess who got stuck with babysitting the behemoth who had no control over his transformations? Yeah, me.

For a few months, he didn't seem to really care that I kept interfering, but soon enough, he came to me with questions. “Why do you keep chasing people away from me?” Lev asked with a frown and crossed arms.

“Look, Aki asked me to look after you, since we're the same age,” I sighed, mimicking his act of crossing his arms.

His frown then became an irritated scowl. “That guy is messed up in the head! I don't want him anywhere near me or my sister!”

I bared my teeth in a small snarl. That ungrateful little-! Aki was going out of his way to help Lev learn to transform at will when he could be out searching for his family! “Don't you dare say a word against him,” I growled, shoving the larger male into the wall. Two years with the Collectors had given me more strength than the average female, plus I had caught him off guard.

Gripping the giant's shirt, I glared at him. “Don't talk shit about someone who you could never even hope to compare to.” It made me sick to hear anyone speak ill of my dearest friend, a man who was like an older brother to me. “You will never understand what he's been through.”

I was a pretty scary girl, for being such a petite one, but never had Lev actually looked afraid of me until right now. He'd hit the trigger, so he had better be prepared for consequences. “You could never understand how it feels to be taken away from your home, your family, and then be thrown into a room with nothing but an old mattress and a bucket in the corner... To be held down and raped over and over again... and no matter how much you cry and beg for it to stop, all you get is your balled-up shirt shoved in your mouth...”

Lev's face went paler than his hair as I spoke. Hell, who wouldn't have such a reaction to hearing such a thing? It was too detailed to have just been made up. “Now imagine being only ten years old as that happens... That is the hell that humans put Aki through.” I released my grip on him, but my glare didn't falter for even a second. “And you know who's to blame? The one person who is solely responsible for making him sacrifice himself so that they could have a chance at a normal life?”

The male shook his head, while a few bystanders waited to here the rest of what I had to say. “You,” I stated as I pointed right at him. “Had your sister been alone that day, he probably wouldn't have tried to fight back so much, but you... you hit a nerve inside him and he couldn't let anything happen to you. The way you cried like a little baby... You made him feel so sorry for you, that he just couldn't let them get you.”

Lev just stared at me in horror, not wanting to believe the words that I was saying. Was I being harsh? Yes, but this was something he needed to hear. “He gave up everything in order to protect you, so you owe him your life.”

Of course, I should have been expecting his next question. “How do you even know that?” It was a fair point, since he had been too young at the time to really remember it, so I would have been too young as well.

“It's a story we all knew well...” Despite the rough treatment of the Collectors, I did have many fond memories of our time together. “Renji Murakami, or as we knew him, Delta. Risa Ryuzaki, the Hellcat. Akihiro Sugiyama, or better known as Aki the Slut Wolf. And then myself. They called me Silver, thanks to the color of my fox fur.” My voice softened as I spoke. The four of us were like a family... Delta and Hellcat were like Father and Mother, then Aki was the big brother...

“Delta and Aki were always protecting us... They did anything that they had to do to keep everyone alive...” My eyes closed for just a moment as I took a deep breath. “If it weren't for Aki, we would never have gotten free. It was his plan that the four of us carried out that let us break away from those horrible humans... So don't you ever insult him ever again. That man is a hero and will never be anything less than that.”

Lev didn't dare say anything more. As far as I knew, he never said another word against my hero again. I was thankful for that, but deep down I wished he would have asked more about it all, because that was the most that we had ever talked in the time that I'd known him...

Chapter Text

Merpeople have a very special tradition that few humans are blessed enough to know of. Whenever a mermaid or merman is born, a bracelet made of shells is crafted in a color that matches the color of the tail that they were born with. They wear it at all times. Once they come of age and meet the one that they wish to be with, they offer their shells to them. If the other accepts, then they give their shells to the other in return.

That's the story the old woman told me, at least. Supposedly their were some merpeople in the past that wished to be with humans, so they gave them their shells and received nothing in return. It's sad to think of it that way, but humans rarely understand another kind's sacred traditions.

Sighing, I looked at the string of shells in my hand. That old woman had told me that my rescuer would come back for them, so I'd waited on this old dock every day for the past three weeks. From sunrise to sunset, I waited... but no sign of him.

Giving yet another sigh I stood up and turned back to the beach. With every passing day, it was becoming clearer that he wasn't going to come back. I gave one last glance over my shoulder, hoping that maybe I could see him in the distance, but there's nothing there.

I couldn't keep waiting forever, though I really wanted to wait for him to return to me. If he hadn't come back by now, then he probably never would.

Sliding the bracelet onto my wrist, I began to wonder if this was really as important as the old woman had said. If it were really that special then surely he would have come back for it by now.

My gaze moved to the shells. That beautiful jade color was the same as my savior's tail... I wish that I could have met him again... even if only for a moment. Just a moment would be all I needed to get his name and to thank him... If I could only see him one last time, that one moment would be enough.

When I look up, I'm not back at the old woman's home. I'm not even at the dock. This was the place where I had met him. It looks a little different all tinted in orange from the setting sun, but I'm sure that this is it. It had never really occurred to me to try waiting for him here, but then again I had never really known how to get back here. I doubted that he'd even show up anyway.

There's a gentle breeze as I knelt down in the sand. Why did he even save me? I can't say it was because of my looks, because I'm pretty sure that I'm only average looking at best. My singing is tolerable, but not spectacular. I've never encountered any of his kind before, nor have I done anything to warrant a favor from anything living in the sea. In truth, I'm just a kind and somewhat reserved girl. Nothing stands out, neither in a good way or a bad one.

“I should have known... He wouldn't come back...” I sighed as I looked down at the sand at my feet. It was foolish of me to even consider it. But... what do I do now? It would be wrong of me to keep it, but I couldn't just leave it laying on the sand... anyone could find it and take it!

“You came back.” A familiar voice pulled me from my thoughts. That was his voice! Immediately I looked up and saw my rescuer there on the sands in front of me, the setting sun shining behind him. Never in my life had I seen a sight more beautiful.

Removing the bracelet of jade shells from my wrist, I offer them to him. “Of course... These are yours, aren't they?” There was a brief look of surprise on his face before he took them from my hand.

“I've been looking everywhere for this...” A smile formed on his face as he turned the shells over in his hand.

“It broke and you dropped it that day you rescued me...” I explained, looking away shyly. “I fixed it and I've been waiting for you every day so that I could return it to you... and find out your name...”

“Takehito.” His eyes shift back up to meet mine. That name suited him well, as I was sure his name would. What I never would have expected though, was for him to take my hand and slip the jade colored shell bracelet onto my wrist. “Come back here tomorrow,” he told me, his gentle gaze not leaving mine. “Take this as my promise that if you come back here, I will return to you.”

It's about all I can really do to nod my head. “I promise.”

Chapter Text

“You know, I really don't understand why anyone watches this crap...” I mumbled as I watched what was probably the thousandth time that the protagonist had been bitten in this episode. It was pretty disgusting really.

“You're the one who wanted to know what all the fuss was about,” my best friend was quick to point out as he laid lazily over the couch.

There was no denying that I had wanted to watch this anime, but it had only been because most of my friends had been going on and on about it and the supposedly hot guys in it. Though once it had started, I immediately began questioning why I was even watching it.

“I fail to see the appeal of vampires...” I sighed, tilting my head to look up at Satori, who I was currently using for a pillow. “Why would you want to fool around with some sadistic bastard who sucks out all your blood? I mean seriously, that can kill you easily, so why the hell would you let him do it?”

Satori shrugged. “I wouldn't know. I've never been bitten by a vampire before, so maybe it feels good. For masochists, at least.”

There wasn't any denying that, but it still was pretty crazy. “You know, I'm not really crazy about vampires, but it's hard not to wonder about what it would feel like to have your blood sucked...” I thought out loud, not thinking that Satori was really paying attention.

Without warning, I was pulled off of him and thrown down on the couch... a certain redhead climbing on top of me. Before I could complain about how heavy he was, there was a sharp pain in the side of my neck and I let out a small cry of pain and surprise. Was he... biting me? I mean, I know I said I was curious, but wasn't he a human?

As would be expected of being bitten, it hurt. However, it made my heart begin to race... was that because it was Satori? I could feel him making a sucking motion and felt a warm liquid that certainly wasn't his saliva...

Even though it was weird, it sent a pleasing rush throughout my body, coaxing it to accept whatever it was that Satori was doing to me. By the time he pulled away, I was torn between being weirded out and wanting more...

Panting, I stared up at him, my eyes half-lidded. “W-what the hell, Satori?” My body felt strange... the simplest way to describe it would be to say that I was aroused, but it would be weird if I was, right?

“You wanted to know what it was like,” the redhead purred in his usual playful tone, flashing a grin that very clearly showed off his fangs... fangs that I didn't even know that he had. “You want more, don't you~?”

There was no resisting this guy... even if I wanted to, he'd know exactly what he had to do to get his way. So what could a helpless little lady like me do? Of course, I submitted to what he wanted... just as I always did.

Chapter Text

When I'd finally managed to break free from the Collectors, I'd sworn that I would never let anyone touch me like that ever again. I would never fall in love... never kiss anyone... never marry... never have sex... never have another family... I would go through my life, living only for myself. Of course, fate is a complete bitch and really likes to just fuck you over...

In all of my life, I've never met someone who gets on my nerves more than Lev Haiba. Much to my annoyance, I was asked to look after him. Had it been just anyone, I would have told them to just fuck off, but because it was the man that I idolized the most, I had no choice but to do as he had asked me.

Growling in frustration, I kicked a small pebble that was on the sidewalk. Ever since I'd snapped at Lev, he seemed to have been avoiding me. He hadn't been getting close to any humans, so it wasn't like it mattered, but for some reason, it bothered me that we hadn't even spoken since that day.

Unfortunately, fate is a bitch and this was not a time for me to be lost in thought... As I passed by an alleyway, hands shot out and grabbed me, dragging me into the darkened alley.

I managed to break from my captor's hold, only to discover that there are four of them. I don't have to have a strong sense of smell to recognize their scent... the stench of a Collector. While I might be stronger than the average human, my strength had been declining over the past year... but even when I was at my peak, I couldn't fend off more than one at a time.

Of course, I had absolutely no intentions of going without a fight. My strength was strongest when I was transformed, but that would also give me an even more severe disadvantage in the size department. Having no real choice, I let my body shift into my fox form and instantly lunged for one of the men's throats. My only hope was to go straight for the kill and show no mercy... but that also meant that they wouldn't show me any mercy either.

After a few minutes of struggle, I found myself being thrown into the brick wall of the alley. I swore that I heard bones cracking from the impact of my tiny body hitting the solid surface. My body returned to its human-like form as I cried out in pain. My vision was quickly growing blurry... I must have hit my head pretty hard...

The last thing that I saw was something that looked like a silver lion defending my broken body...


I don't know how many hours passed before I managed to regain consciousness, but I woke to find myself in a hospital room. My body ached as I tried to sit up and I quickly discovered the cast on my left wrist... it had to be broken or at the very least it was fractured. My ribs felt pretty broken, but they could only be bruised. I wasn't a doctor, so I wouldn't know and I hadn't really gone through injuries like this before.

When I tried to get out of the hospital bed, I found it blocked a familiar silver-haired idiot who was asleep and leaning on my bed.

Why was he here? That was when I noticed that he, much like myself, was wearing one of those stupid hospital gowns. What could have-

That's when the pieces began to click. As I was losing consciousness, I'd seen a lion. Obviously, lions don't live around these areas, so it had to be a shapeshifter. I was rescued by a shapeshifter and Lev was one. His name meant “lion,” so maybe that was the easiest form for him? The final piece what the fact that he was here and seemingly injured. However, I knew that Lev couldn't transform... that was why Aki was teaching him and why I had to look after him in the first place...

Before I had a chance to wake him, the door opened in walked the doctor. He was a man of around forty and had a remarkable resemblance to my hero, Aki. The man was even a werewolf, which I could tell from his scent. The tag on his coat read “Sugiyama,” which was a common name, but also Ak's last name.

“I see you're awake,” Sugiyama said, moving over to where Lev and I were. “Your friend was quite worried about you. He refused to leave your side even though his injuries were pretty nasty.” I felt a stabbing sensation in my heart when I heard that. Even after I'd been so horrible to him... “You're both quite lucky though. From what he was about to tell me, I'm guessing your attackers were Collectors?”

I gave a nod. It was a relief that he knew of them. Most people didn't believe the Collectors actually existed, yet this guy knew so much. “I was careless... I should have paid more attention to my surroundings...” Because of me, Lev had been hurt... We weren't even that close, but I felt horrible knowing that this was all my fault.

“Sometimes these things happen...” the doctor sighed. “I lost my son to them ten years ago... He was only ten years old... but I can take pride in the fact that he was able to protect two younger children. For that, I will always be proud of my boy, even if I can never see him again...”

Lev stayed asleep even as the doctor talked about mine and Lev's injuries and even through the two of us moving him to the other bed in the room. Before leaving us for the moment, he made sure to ask for information to contact our families. As I had none, all I could do was simply have him contact Lev's family.


Lev woke about an hour later, but I didn't say anything to him. How could I? After what he had done for me, even after the way I'd treated him, what could I possibly say to him?

Soon enough, Alisa showed up and so did Aki. In mere moments of meeting, the doctor was able to recognize Aki as the son he'd lost ten years ago. Naturally, that sparked a tearful reunion once his mother and sister were called in. In no time at all, the two families were animatedly talking with each other.

I, on the other hand, was an outsider here. Seeing them all like that... Aki with his family and the love of his life and then Lev and Aki's sister... it hurt. I didn't belong here... It was like they had forgotten that I was even there...

Taking advantage of their distraction, I changed back into my normal clothes and left without even a sound and not leaving behind any sign that I had even been there. The world that they all lived in was one that I didn't have a place in... I could never be a part of where they are... That was a world that I could never ever go to... not anymore...

Chapter Text

After the incident in the locker room, there had been several times similar to that between Toru and I. Each aggressive, bloody and void of even the tiniest sign of affection.

I'm well aware that he's using me for my blood and to fulfill his sexual desires, but I can't bring myself to just walk away. If I left him now, I'd be no better than those stupid girls he'd dated in the past. The only real differences being that I knew what he was and he'd never once kissed me. That's how I know his feelings only extend to what I can give him and no further.

Right about now, he'd be busy with volleyball practice. Normally I'd wait for him, but today I don't even want to look at him. It hurts too much.

Over time, I'd fallen for him and at one time I'd thought that he'd returned my feelings. Apparently I had been mistaken. Or perhaps I'd simply misunderstood what he'd meant. Regardless, it led me here.

As I come to a stop, I notice a familiar place. I move a little further in to a more secluded spot. This place was where we were the last time I'd given him my blood willingly. There was no emotions behind that, no sexual encounter, just the simply act of a friend helping a friend.

I stare awhile longer, tears coming to my eyes. Why did it have to end up like this? Unable to keep going, I sit down and bury my face in my arms, letting the tears flow freely. This was a fate I chose, so now I had to live with my decision.


I don't know how long I sat there like that, all I know is that the next time I looked up, I found Toru's face just in front of me. He looked concerned, but why would he even care about me? If he cared, he would have said it a long time ago.

My eyes are red and puffy from crying, so there was no hiding it from him. But if he should ask, what was I even supposed to say? I couldn't just tell him that I'm upset because I was in love with him but he only wanted my body... It sounded ridiculous just thinking it.

Slowly I bury my face in my arms again. What was the point in even trying? His feelings were already pretty clear.

His hand reached out and caressed my cheek, but I pushed it away. That was an obvious sign that something was seriously wrong. “What happened? What's wrong?” The concerned tone of his voice mad my heart feel like it was being squeezed.

Being unable to speak, I couldn't answer him, which of course made him act more concerned. He didn't really care though... I knew that he didn't... If he did care, then we wouldn't have been in this situation to begin with...

His arms wrapped around me and I instinctively clung to his chest, just as I always had in the past... back before that first day in the locker room... My name left his lips in a gentle and soothing whisper, but it did little to help me.

“I... I can't...” I barely managed to force out, my voice weak and shaky. “I-I can't do this anymore... It hurts....” My grip on the front of his shirt tightened. “It hurts, Toru...”

Just then, a felt a drop of something wet hit the top of my head. “You... you can't...” As I pulled back to look at him, I was shocked to seeing Toru looking back at me with tears pouring from his eyes and a horrified expression on his face. “No... please no... I... I can't lose you...”

I couldn't even understand why he was crying like that. I wasn't anything special to him... just his meal and living sex toy... I helped him satisfy his body's needs and that was all... He didn't love me... though I really did love him... That was exactly why I couldn't take it anymore...

Even so, I couldn't stand seeing him making such a heartbroken expression. I brought my hand up and brushed away some of the tears. As I did so, my own tears dried up. Here I go again... I had put him before myself as I always did. Maybe that was why it hurt so much...

“Don't leave me...” he pleaded, his hand quickly gripping the one resting on his cheek. When he looked at me like that, it killed me even more inside. “Please... I love you...”

“You don't mean that...” I had to look away or else I would have given in... I'd made up my mind, so I couldn't let him guilt me into changing it. “I'm not anything to you anymore... s-so d-don't...” And here come the tears again... “D-don't s-say t-that...”

Unable to stop it, the tears burst through again. Those words were enough for him to realize just what it was that made me want to leave... what made me hurt so much... “Do you think that I don't love you?” His voice trembled a little as he spoke and all I could do was nod.

“You would have said it before now if you really meant it... and you've never even kissed me... not even a tiny peck on the cheek...” At my words, I felt Toru's body stiffen. Did he not even realize it? I mean, sure, we've had sex several times by now, but sure he would have realized that he'd never actually kissed more or done anything at all to show that he cared for me even the slightest bit.

After a moment of stunned silence, he spoke slowly and softly. “I... I never did...?” I shook my head. “I... I see... but... surely you already knew how I felt...?” Once again, that answer was no. “You... you know it now... right...?” And again, it was a no.

Toru put a little space between us and forced me to look at him. Without saying anything, he pulled me in a little and covered my lips in a passionate kiss... one that reminded me that he was a great deal more experienced than I was when it came to these kinds of things. When he finally pulled away, I struggled to catch my breath. “You understand that I love you now?”

Still breathless, I gave a little nod and my lips were captured yet again in another kiss. It was then that I knew, I would never be able to leave him... I loved him too much to ever let him go...

Chapter Text

It's strange how things can change. All through the time that Ushijima had been helping me to free my sister, he'd made sure keep the same mark on me. Every time it would fade, he'd remake that little bruise on the side of my neck.

But now, there are no more marks. Now that my little sister is safe and sound with me, he hasn't even bothered to come near me. He didn't have to train me anymore, so what reason did he even have to get anywhere near me?

“Sis? Are you okay?” My little sister's voice pulled me from my depressing thoughts. “You look like you want to punch someone...”

I shook my head, trying to force the thoughts away. It didn't really work though. “I don't get it...”

“Is this about that guy? Soujiro?”

“Ushijima...” I corrected her and also accidentally confirmed that it indeed was that infuriating werewolf that was getting on my nerves. My little sister waited patiently for me to explain further. Sighing, I knew I had no choice but to tell her. “He told me that since he was going to help me save you, I was his. He'd keep making this little mark on my neck, which made other guys stay away... but now that you're back with me, he won't even come anywhere near me... It pisses me off!” I punched the nearby wall out of frustration. “Why mark me and claim me as his when he was just going going to drop me just like that?!”



“You're in love with him.”


You're in love with him...

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get my sister's words out of my head. What's worse was that I know that they were true. So naturally when I happened to overhear some girls talking about Ushijima, I naturally began to eavesdrop.

“Did you hear that Kamitani confessed to Ushijima?”

“What? No way!”

“He totally rejected her though. Said he had a girlfriend already.”

My heart sank. If Ushijima had said that he had a girlfriend, then he had one. He wasn't the type to make baseless claims or to lie... and knowing that fact, I was crushed by this new information. Thankfully the gossiping girls couldn't see me or else I'd be running off to hide the fact that I was heartbroken and wanted so desperately to cry.

“You're kidding! Who is she?”

“You know that little second year werewolf? The one girl who was always interrupting his volleyball practices just to pick a fight with him.”

My entire body froze. What the... since when? There was only one person that they could possibly be talking about and I knew that for a fact because I was the only one who dared to pick a fight with Ushijima...

Not even waiting to hear the other girl's reaction, I hurried off to the one place that I knew he would be: the volleyball club's gym. I didn't waste even a second as I ran. “Ushijima!” I growled angrily as I threw open the door, immediately drawing all eyes to me.

The male in question just looked calmly at me. I didn't get a chance to say anything though, as I caught sight of his mouth curling upwards into a smile... or as close to a smile as Ushijima could give... He said only one little phrase, but after what we'd been through and what I knew of him, that one little sentence was all that was needed. “Took you long enough.”

Chapter Text

I didn’t want to think about him anymore. He didn’t need me… no one needed me. Lev had shown that he didn’t need me to protect him anymore… he probably never even needed me to begin with. How could I have even protected him in the first place? I wasn’t tall. I wasn’t strong. I wasn’t anything that could protect anyone…

From the moment I’d slipped out of the hospital, I’d avoided them. Aki… Alisa… Lev… I didn’t want to see them… it hurt too much. As much as I wanted to be happy for Aki for finally being able to reunite with his family, I couldn’t bear to think about it.

My own family was long gone… vanished without leaving behind a trace. While Aki’s family wasn’t around, we’d been each other’s family.. but now… now that his family was back in his life, there was no room left for me in his life.

I didn’t bother going back to school either. What could they possibly teach me anyway? Sitting around at some stupid desk all day was ridiculous and the thought was sickening. Living on the streets wouldn’t be so bad anyways… not after the hell I’d been through with the Collectors…

Sighing, I stared up at the clouds from my cozy spot on the grass. There weren’t many grassy places in the city… but you take what you can get. Even if I was doing everything I could to avoid them, I couldn’t quite bring myself to just leave the city that Lev and Aki lived in. If nothing else, I was least likely to be nabbed by Collectors if Aki was in the city.

Hiding from them was by no means easy though… not with Aki’s nose. The man could track you faster than a pack of bloodhounds tracking a bleeding man. If I didn’t know all the right tricks, I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off for so long. Of course, that was assuming either were even trying to find me… if they weren’t so caught up in their own lives.

I rolled over onto my side. Still, even if I had chosen to go off on my own, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss them… As annoying as he may have been, Lev had started to grow on me a bit.

Staying in one place too long wasn’t a good idea though. I pulled myself to my feet, deciding I might as well scrounge up some sort of food. I had some coins I’d collected here and there, but it wasn’t much… maybe just enough to buy a sandwich somewhere. It wasn’t ideal, but I could get by. Had to survive somehow, after all. Not like this was anything really new…

What was Lev doing right now, I wonder? Maybe he was playing volleyball with those friends of his… Maybe he was out with Alisa… Maybe he was with Aki, practicing his transformations… Or maybe he was out on a date with Aki’s sister…

I didn’t want to think about that option. It really shouldn’t have, but thinking about him with her… it hurt. She was prettier than me, that was for sure. No doubt she treated him nicer too. She was Aki’s sister, after all… Last time I spoke to Lev I was horrible to him anyway.

As I turned a corner, I saw him. Sitting in a small coffee shop, he was with her. Of course, he would be. He’d have to be stupid to not be interested. Well, he was stupid, but even he couldn’t be that stupid.

I stopped right in my tracks. They looked like they were having fun. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile like that before… or really at all when I was around… She must make him pretty happy… I know that I only ever made him upset…

For just a moment, he looks away from her and out the window, his gaze falling on me. My heart can’t take it; I don’t want to see the look on his face. I quickly turn away, heading back the way that I came from.

I didn’t know where I was going, all I knew was I needed to get away. The further I got, the more my eyes began to sting, watering up despite how much I willed them not to. I didn’t really even know why I felt like crying. It wasn’t like we’d been friends… at best I’d been a nuisance to him.

Suddenly, something grabbed my arm. I spun around, ready to attack whoever had dared to touch me… only to freeze in my tracks. Lev.

“Why’d you leave?” Whether he meant from the hospital, from his life, or from just now, it didn’t really matter. The answer would be the same regardless.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. He didn’t need to concern himself with me. “You don’t need me to babysit you anymore...” Pushing people away was all I really knew and being alone was for the best. I was sure of that… and yet… it didn’t make it hurt less. “Just go back to your stupid girlfriend.”

I know that I don’t really mean that, but what else could I say? His hand moves towards my face and I flinch back, swatting his hand away out of fear. I swore… I swore that no one would ever touch me again... No one… Just the mere thought was terrifying… even if the one trying to touch me was someone dear to me.

“She’s not my girlfriend… I don’t like her like that.” The hand that was still gripping my arm loosened, sliding down to grip my hand. Were his hands always that warm? “Aki told me about the things they did… the bad humans… He said that because of all that, you’re scared to let anyone touch you… I don’t really get it, but I don’t want you to be scared of me.”

His grip on my hand tightened. “I know before you were trying to protect me… but shouldn’t I be protecting you instead?” For an idiot, he certainly had some smart moments. “When those humans attacked you… I got scared… I didn’t think anyone could hurt you, but they did… I thought they’d take you away and I’d never see you again…”

Slowly, I looked up, but I didn’t say anything. He couldn’t seriously still want me around after the way I’d treated him, could he? Maybe he was a masochist. Or maybe he was just an idiot. Okay, he was definitely an idiot, but that was beside the point.

When I still don’t say anything, he speaks up again. “I like you.” It’s the bluntest way I could have ever heard a confession be, but it definitely explained a lot. “Sakuya said I should let you have some space, but I don’t like not seeing you. I want you to come back… so… please?”

I shouldn’t. I should stop right now and walk away for good… but I can’t. A faint smile worms its way onto my face and all I can do is nod.

Lev Haiba, you’ve been such a pain in my ass… and even a pain to my damaged heart, but I don’t think I could ever trade you for anything in this world.

Chapter Text

Ever since the moment that we’d met, I hadn’t been able to get him off of my mind.

I tried to meet with him as much as I could, but life didn’t always make that easy. Some days, didn’t show, having been too busy at home. Sometimes I got caught up in other things, keeping me from being able to meet him…

It had been about three days now… three days since the last time I’d gotten to see him. As much as I hate it, I wouldn’t be able to keep coming here like this… life back home was still there waiting for me… and it couldn’t wait around forever…

“Why the sad face?” Takehito hummed beside me. I hated having to think about saying goodbye…

“I… I can’t keep coming here…” As painful as it might be, we had to face the truth. “I… I don’t want to have to leave, but there’s so much that I still have to do…”

Takehito gently put his arm around my shoulder, comforting me. He didn’t want to give up these little moments any more than I did. “I guess we should make the most of what time we have left, huh?”

He’s far too sweet… He always had been, really. Takehito didn’t have to save me that day. He didn’t need to stay by my side until I’d woken up. He didn’t have to give me his bracelet… and he certainly didn’t have to keep seeing me…

Knowing that though, I still had to wonder… did he feel the same way about me that I felt about him? As much as I doubted it, a part of me couldn’t help but hope that maybe, just maybe, he’d fallen for me too.

Should I take a chance? Should I go out on a limb and let him know what I feel? To be honest, thought alone is scary… but… if I didn’t tell him now, something told me that I would never get another chance.

Slowly I turn to look at him, fully intent on telling him how I felt… only for the words to catch in my throat as I’m met with his eyes. Even his eyes are beautiful… and before knew it, I was leaning in and meeting his lips with my own.

He didn’t seem surprised… and honestly, I wasn’t either. Something here in this moment… something about the way his lips moved so perfectly in sync with my own… it just felt right.

I love him. That much I’m sure of.

Takehito pulled me onto his arms, holding me tightly… like if he let go now, I’d disappear and never be seen again. My hands press to his chest, feeling the racing of his heart as we tumble down onto the sand.

If this one moment is all that well get, then I’m going to leave it with no regrets… I’ll gladly given him all of me… both my heart… and my body…

Not a single word needs to be said… Everything… every spark of emotion that we feel… it’s in our kiss. It ignites a fire inside me like no other…

He pulled away, staring down at me. He’s a little out of breath, but so am I. There’s a question in his eyes, but he doesn’t say a word. He doesn’t even need to…. I simply give a small nod.

My clothes are shed in mere seconds… his tail shifted into a pair of legs… Normally I would have question how, but now was no time for questions… this time was simply for us…

His kisses were hot on my skin… His touch was never anything but sweet… Never had I felt more alive than in that moment when we came together, our bodies joined as one.

After we’d made love, I laid there in his arms. Part of me knew that now that I’d had this little taste of him, leaving him would be so much harder…

My eyes go to my wrist, where his shells still stayed. He’d told me that if I had them, then he would always have to return to me… but if I was to go away for good, did I have any right to keep them?

As if he could read my mind, Takehitos hand came to rest on my wrist with the shells. “This doesn’t have to be goodbye…”

I wanted so desperately to believe him… “But… I can’t stay… it wouldn’t be far to keep you waiting…”

“Then let me come with you.”

I almost didn’t believe my ears. “I can’t ask you to do that…” How could I take him away from his home… his family?

“You don’t have to.” His eyes are serious as he looks down at me. “I want to stay with you… if you'll let me…”

I’d never been more happy in my life to say yes.

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If I had to pick just one word to describe Akiteru, I think that I would have to say that he’s gentle. Maybe my view of him as a bit biased, but that’s how I see my boyfriend.

He’s always been gentle with me… and he’s never once pushed me to do anything that I didn’t want to… However, I can’t say that I haven’t ever pushed him…

I’d asked him many times to meet his family, and each time, he came up with some sort of excuse. Maybe he was afraid… but of what, I couldn’t be sure. Maybe he was worried that they wouldn’t like me… or that I wouldn’t like them… Or maybe they didn’t even know we were dating… Whatever the reason, all I could do was trust him.

Sometimes though, I couldn’t help but feel impatient… much like I was now.

“Hey, Akiteru… why don’t you want me to meet your family?” I’ve asked him many times, but the answer always changed. It wasn’t like he was ashamed of his family… he talked about them a lot, actually.

Akiteru avoided my gaze. “Well… they’re always busy… and we don’t get to spend much time together as it is…”

I sighed. Yet another excuse. I supposed I didn’t really expect anything different, but it still hurt. I wanted to believe that he was as serious about me as he said he was, but this made it hard.

He gave my hand a small squeeze. “You’ll get to, I promise. Just… not yet, okay?” He was always saying that, it seemed… but he had always kept his promises…

Gently, he placed a hand on my cheek and smiled at me. I can’t stay mad at him and find a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth. Just a little longer, I guess…

Slowly I lean in and place a sweet kiss on his lips. I don’t linger though, and keep it just a short peck. Akiteru didn’t want it to be over just yet… and captured my lips again before I could get out of his reach.

It's soft and sweet at first, but doesn’t take long to become something more. I found myself climbing onto his lap, one leg on each side of him. I could feel him tense under me… which really is no surprise… we’d never gotten this intimate before.

We break from the kiss after a moment. Admittedly, I’m a bit nervous about going a step further, but those nerves are immediately set at ease… Akiteru looks just as nervous. Feeling calmer, I gave him a gentle smile, trying to reassure him. There was no need for either of us to feel nervous with each other.

Slowly he leaned in again, this time kissing my neck gently. Once he felt a bit more courageous, he nibbled a bit, sucking lightly. My arms slid up and around his neck, drawing him closer while his hand slid down to my hips.

He’s always been a good kisser, but this was so much more… or maybe it only seemed that way because I’d never seen this kind of behavior from him. I was certainly loving it though.

I paid no mind to the way my body kept running up against his. I probably should have had some restraint, but I was too lost in the moment… that is, until I felt a sudden, sharp pain in my neck, making me cry out in pain and surprise.

Akiteru pulled back quickly and my hand immediately went to my neck. My eyes widened in fear as I felt something warm and sticky. Did he just…

As I looked at his face, I froze. I was freaking out, sure, but one look in his eyes and I could tell he was even more terrified that I was.

“I-I… I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to do that…” Wait, is he really shaking? Or am I imagining it?

For a moment, all I can do is stare while the pieces start to come together. “Aki… are you… you're a…”

As he gave a shaky nod, my brain started to put it all together. No wonder he didn’t want me to meet his family… he hadn’t even told me that he was a vampire… of course he wouldn’t want them to reveal him before he'd  had a chance to tell me himself… Not to mention it explained why we never took things this far before…

It was a shock, for sure, but I couldn’t say I minded. “Aki… why didn’t you just tell me?”

“I… I was scared of how you’d react…” Okay, he was right to be scared, but I would have hoped he would have had a bit more faith in me. Vampire or not, Akiteru was still Akiteru and I loved him.

Slowly I smile at him. “Aki… it’s okay… I… I still love you. Vampire or not, you’re still you.” There's a lot of blood on my hand now… I pulled it back to take a look. Yep. That’s a lot of blood..

Akiteru then took my hand, licking at the blood on it. My stomach turned a bit. I’d have to get used to that one… but for him, I felt like I could do it… and I knew exactly what that first step should be.

As I tilted my head to expose the small wound, I saw his breath hitch. Yeah, I figured as much. “If you want to… it’s okay…” Admittedly, I was a bit scared that he’d bite me again, but I was willing to take that risk.

Akiteru hesitated. Did he think I was going to change my mind? Whatever was holding him back, it didn’t hold him back for long. He leaned in, mouth closing around the bite mark. It stung at first, but in a mere moment, I found myself melting in his arms.

Some things might take a bit of getting used to, but for Akiteru, I was more than willing to try.

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“SATORI!” I ignored all the eyes that went straight to me as I approached the redhead. It certainly wasn’t the beginning of all the stares I’d been getting today… and I know it certainly won’t be anywhere near the last…

Satori doesn’t look all that surprised, nor does he look the least bit intimidated. “Hmm? Did I do something?”

I want to punch him. You know what? I’m going to punch him. “Stupid Satori!” I swung at him, only for him to dodge without a problem. Stupid reflexes of his. “I told you that in confidence!” Another swing, another flawless dodge. “Who did you tell?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Liar!” I stopped trying to murder him just long enough to pull up the picture on my phone and show him. There was my dorm room door… on it, various words and drawings of wolf dicks… a very sick way of calling me out for a little secret that had apparently been spilled. “You’re the only one who knew anything about that! Who did you tell?”

Satori only shrugged. “It’s not like it’s that big of a deal-“ He jumped out of the way as I swung at him again. “Everyone has their kinks you know-“ He dodged my punch again and moved behind one of his teammates. “Shirabu, hold her back, will you?”

The person he’d referred to as Shirabu did as he was told, but it was pretty clear that he was confused. Satori gave a little smirk… that one he always has when he’s plotting something “Oh, you know…” I want so badly to slap that smirk off his face, but with this guy holding me back it was impossible. “Shirabu's a werewolf.”

For just a moment, my frustration with the third year is forgotten and I turn to look back at this Shirabu guy. Now that I was actually looking at his face, I recognized him from my class. We’d never once talked. All too quickly though, I remembered why I was here And turned to look at Satori… only to find that he was long gone.

“Stupid Satori…” I sighed in frustration as I was finally released. “Would it kill him to at least pretend he’s sorry?”

“It’s your own fault for trusting Tendo to keep a secret in the first place.” No sympathy from Shirabu, I suppose.

I folded my arms across my chest. “It’s not like I chose to tell him…” Honestly, I really hadn’t planned for anyone to find out at all. “It’s all out now, I guess… I’ve got a thing for werewolves, okay? I don’t need you and everyone else judging me for it.”

“Why would I judge you for that?”

I’m not sure why that surprised me… I know that not everyone judges… and yet… knowing that he wasn’t going to look down on me for such a weird attraction… it made me smile.

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His hands are relentless… I always feel so helpless like this… so deliciously helpless… My back is to him and I’m stripped of everything but my skirt… Shirabu always liked it that way…The always say that it’s the quiet ones who get the kinkiest… he’s no exception…

His fingers are still merely teasing, only lightly stroking my clit and never daring to dip inside me. He knows what he’s doing oh so well… He wants me to squirm… to beg for it… but he won’t give in until I’m just right…

It all started on merely a whim… a brief desire for physical contact leading to a quick fuck in a storage room. When Satori had let slip that I had a kink for wolf boys… that I didn’t want anything but a wolfy boy… I thought for sure everyone would think I was a freak… and I wasn’t entirely wrong… but Shirabu… he took that as an opportunity… a chance to fulfill his own dirty desires…

“S-Shirabu..” The male pressed roughly on my clit, a warning… “Master…”

He bit my shoulder lightly. “Good girl… If you want me to knot you, you better not forget again…” He’s never been any sort of affectionate… the way he talks to me in these moments is very degrading… and yet… I can never seem to get enough of it.

We’d agreed from the very beginning that there’d be no strings attached… that neither of us would ever ask for not than just this right here… a moment of bliss where neither of us had to be ashamed of our desires.

His arm tightened around my waist, pressing my back tighter to his chest… His lips press hotly against the back if my neck. Never does he dare to leave a mark though… just like he never lets me face him… I don’t exactly need to see though… Not seeing only adds to the thrill though…

Shirabu's control over his werewolf self is nearly perfect… he can change as little or as much as he wants, whenever he wants.. and in these moments, he never fails to use that to his advantage. Even something as little as a pair of ears and a tail, he uses it to increase my excitement… to make me even more of a helpless mess at even the slightest of his touches.

I can’t help squirming in his grip. I feel so close… but he’s careful not to let me have any release… not yet… He’s waiting… waiting for me to be just right… that little moment when I simply can’t take it any longer…

His fingers are slow, yet the movements are careful, trapping me in a blissful agony. Whenever is try to move, bucking into his hand, he’d merely bite me, warning me not to try to take away his control, that if I wanted more, I had to let him have his way first.

My body feels like it’s on fire… I can’t take much more of this… I’m sure he can tell too… Shirabu always could tell… I can’t think straight… all I can think of his how badly I want him to just take me already. .. and that is exactly what he wants…

“K-Kenjiro…” I never call him by first name… I don’t know what possessed me to do it now of all times, but it felt so right rolling off my tongue with the rest of my pleasing moans.

A low growl leaves him. He either really liked that or I was about to be punished. When I felt his tongue run along the side of my neck, I assumed it meant he was pleased. Not sure if it was more pleasing than master, but it got the job done.

“Such a good little knot slut…” Shirabu removed his hand, my body immediately aching at the loss. I knew what was coming next though… the part that I’d been waiting for…

He forces me down onto hands and knees. It’s a bit ironic that he’d so fond of this position… must be because he’s a wolf… and I’m sure as hell not complaining. Still, I can’t say there weren’t times when I wanted to see his face…. Would he look as wrecked as I probably do?

He didn’t hesitate as he slid inside me. Normally he would have taken his time and teased me with ut, but this time he was a bit more riled up.

Shirabu didn’t bother being gentle or even easing into it… that wasn’t his style… and to be honest, I didn’t want anything different. For him to do anything other than this… it was unthinkable.

It’s hard to not be too loud when I can feel myself clench around him… and the way I can feel his knot hitting me, but not yet entering me. He’s saved that for last… not for his own sake, but because he knows that the moment it’s inside me, I’m completely done for.

His hand moved to cover my mouth. As much as he loves hearing me, he knew that if we got caught even once, this could all be over.

When he was sure I was ready, he gave a hard thrust, forcefully burying his knot inside me. Thankfully the way that I cry out is muffled by his hand. The initially feeling is painful, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never actually get used to that, but that feeling was why I could never be satisfied by anything but a werewolf.

I can feel how close he is… the way his thrusts are rough and in no sort of rhythm, like he’s simply just trying to push himself deeper into me. It doesn’t take much to push us both to our limits, his deep, animalistic groan only quieted by the fact that he bit down hard on my shoulder.

He didn’t bother to pull out… he never had reason to after I’d gone on birth control. With as often as we’d meet up like this, it had become a necessity.

Shirabu's breathing was shaky and he withdrew his teeth from my skin. “That's gonna leave a mark… my bad.” He certainly didn’t sound the slightest bit sorry as he said it It was at least where I could cover it, so it wasn’t a problem.

After his breathing had calmed down, he carefully pulled out and let go of me. While he straighter himself up, I took the time to redress. When I finished, I sat down, wincing slightly. Definitely going to be sore for a bit after that one. Always was, really.

Slowly I turned to look at Shirabu. To look at him, you wouldn’t have guessed that he d just had sex. Always perfect composure with him, it seemed. It almost made me jealous. More so than that though, I wished that one of these times, I’d get to see him become a complete mess. It’ll probably never happen, but a girl can always dream.

Catching me staring, he simply stood up and offered me a hand. My legs wobbled slightly as he helped me stand. Nothing new, of course. For him, it was probably the best compliment he could get… knowing that he’d been good enough to leave me walking funny.

He left first, making sure no one would see us. When the coast was clear, I followed after.

Stolen moments like this were our normal… our own little secret. No love. No relationship. No strings attached. That was us. Neither one of us ever dared to consider the possibility that one day, one of us might develop feelings for the other.

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“Finally cried herself to sleep, huh?” I looked down at the girl curled up next to Satori. If I didn’t already know better, I would definitely be feeling jealous right now. Maybe Satori and I weren’t dating, not officially, but we were kind of a thing. “Poor girl…”

“I’m surprised you’re not flipping out about this.” Satori shot me a playful glance as he placed his volleyball jacket under her head for a pillow. “Though I suppose you heard the rumors.”

I gave the vampire a light punch in the shoulder. “This is all your fault, you know.” As harsh as it sounded, it was the truth. “If you hadn’t gone and blabbed, then she wouldn’t have ended up in this mess.”

“Well, how else would anyone know that she liked wolfies?” The number of times a day I considered strangling him only ever seemed to grow.

“It wasn’t your place to tell.” Granted, some good did come out of the situation on that she’d had to move dorms and ended up with me as a new roommate. Her last had flipped out and demanded a new roommate after some jerks had decided to vandalize their dorm door with some rather obscene wolf things.

It hadn’t really bothered me that that was what she was into. It’s wasn’t my thing, but hey, you do you.

“Well, how was I to know she’d end up hooking up with Shirabu?”

Admittedly, I found the very thought to be impossible. Not that Shirabu wasn’t attractive or couldn’t get a girl, I just never would have pegged him as the type to do the friends with benefits thing.

I shook my head. “It’s still your fault.” The girl stirred in her sleep, hand lightly grabbing the fabric of Satori's pants as a faint, sleepy mumble of the setter's name leaves her lips. “Satori, you are a horrible friend.”

Satori didn’t look bothered in the slightest. “They’ll work it out.”

“And what if they don’t, huh?” I’m being mean to him, but the whole situation pissed me off… and the way that Satori wasn’t taking it the slightest bit seriously was pissing me off even more. “Why couldn’t you just be a normal friend and just try to set her up with someone, huh? There are plenty of guys in this school who would have liked a girl like her.”

Satori only shrugged. “I thought about setting her up with someone, but she's picky. If it's human, she doesn’t want it. Vampire? Out of the question. Unless it’s a werewolf, she won’t touch it.”

He was exaggerating, I was sure. “Even if that’s the case, don’t you have several teammates that are werewolves?” Shiratorizawa was known for having a rather large werewolf population, much like how Aoba Johsai had a high number of vampires. Not that it mattered much. “I know Ushijima has that girlfriend of his, but what about someone like Goshiki? He would have been good to her.”

“Goskiki? Seriously? No way.” Satori laughed. “He d be way too innocent for her.”

“Okay, fine.” I crossed my arms over my chest. “What about Kawanishi? Or Yamagata?”

Satori shook his head. “I don’t think she would have been satisfied with anyone but Shirabu.”

I want to argue with him, but honestly, I can't. The fact that she was so torn up at the mere thought of losing him to someone else said all that needed to be said. What Shirabu felt, I couldn’t even imagine, but I couldn’t help but feel like he’d be a fool to let her go.

“It’s not fair… she shouldn’t have to be hurting like this…” I turned my back to the two of them. “It’s so cruel to put a girl through that much emotional torture….”

A pair of arms slipped around my waist and his face nuzzled into my neck. “You sound like you’re jealous,” Satori hummed, making me laugh.

“Of what? That her heart is about to get broken? I don’t think so.”

“That she’s in love.” He nuzzles me playfully. “And that she gets more dick that you d- OW!”

Satori shut up when I flicked him in the forehead. “Who's fault is that?”


I sighed. “You can’t seriously tell me that you don’t notice…” This guy wasn’t called the guess monster for nothing… he couldn’t possibly have been so stupid as to not notice that I was attracted to him. “It’s not like I've tried to hide it or anything…”

Satori released his grip and moved to stand in front of me, eyes staring curiously at me. “You’re kidding…”

“No, I’m not.” I didn’t dare to look away from his gaze. “Do you really think I let just anyone suck my blood? I don’t even like vampires. You of all people should know that.”

For once in his life, Satori didn’t say a thing… That shocked look on his face was priceless.

“So what is it, Satori? Do you feel it too? Or were you just messing with me all this time?”

Satori only laughed. “You really don’t know?” Damn him for stealing my own words.

“Got it. You’re totally just fucking with me.” I turned away from him. I didn’t actually think that, but maybe if he thought that I thought that, he would at least say it flat out. Probably not though.

“Seriously?” Satori put his arms around me again, face in my neck. “You can’t seriously think that.” Hit bit at my neck playfully. “Am I not obvious enough? I mean, we’re pretty much dating already anyway. I didn’t think we'd need to actually come out and say it.”

Close enough. “Satori, you’re an idiot.”

He only laughed at me, face nuzzling my neck more. Must be a vampire thing… which made sense, I suppose. I didn’t exactly know any other vampires though, so it wasn’t like I could test that. Not that I would even want to.

“Mm… you know…” Satori hummed, face still buried in my neck. “They say that biting while you go at it is super hot…”

“Satori, we are not having sex when my roommate is literally right there.”

“Aw…. How ‘bout just a little?”


“Just a little nibble then?”

“Knock it off Satori.”

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“Shirabu, can I talk to you?”

My ears perked up as I heard the male's name. It don’t sound like someone I recognized, but it was most definitely a girl's voice. I stopped midway through reaching for a book on the library shelf.

“What?” His response was so calm… like it was just some everyday conversation.

I can’t see either of them right now, but knowing Shirabu like I do, he’s sitting at a table, textbooks scattered about the table, his eyes not even bothering to look at the girl.

“Well… you see… I was wondering…” It didn’t take a genius to see where this was going. “… if maybe… I could be your girlfriend?”

It had never really occurred to me that he could ever actually have a girl he into him, but if I thought about it, I had to admit I could see how  someone could be attracted to him. He was a good looking guy, no doubt about it, not to mention that he was a starter for our volleyball team. Even if his personality was a little bit… rough, but it shouldn’t have been a surprise for a girl to be into him.

“Look, I don’t have time for that kind of thing until after the Spring tournament is over.” It’s no lie, of course. Between his studies and volleyball, there wasn’t really room for anything else. Even our little hookups were extremely limited.

The girl should have given up right then. “You don’t have to answer now… just… maybe after the tournament…”

“I’ll think about it.”

I don’t know what irritated me more, the thought she was stupid enough to be like that or the simple fact that she was into him…

There was no denying that he’d been on my mind a lot more lately, but realizing that I might lose him to someone else… that drove me crazy.


I didn’t dare to tell Shirabu about what I overheard that day. It shouldn’t have even mattered to me in the first place. I know that… I know… and yet… I can’t seem to help but be irritated by it. Even when I had another moment alone with him, it wouldn’t let me be.

Shirabu is acting exactly as he always does… and really, it would be a very welcome distraction… but even this can’t seem to take my mind off of the girl's confession. Unfortunately, it’s all too obvious to him that something is holding me back today… keeping me from being able to get into the moment.

“Alright, what’s wrong?” Would it kill him to sound the slightest but concerned? Probably.

I looked at the floor, my back to him as usual. “Nothing.”

“Obviously it’s not nothing.”

I hate how right he is… I hate how he can see right through me… “I…” It kills me to have to say it, but if I don't, then I know that I’ll hate myself for it later. “I don’t want you to go out with her…”

Shirabu didn’t say a word. I knew what was coming though… I’d have to be a complete fool not to… He grabbed me by the seem and turned me to face him. “I thought I told you not to get any romantic ideas.”

I can’t help but feel a little ashamed. It’s not that I’d fallen for him; I was sure that I hadn't. And yet… for some reason, thinking about him being with some other girl was painful. “It’s not…” I wanted to deny ut, but no matter what I tried, the words just wouldn’t come.

“We both agreed that there'd be no strings attached,” he said. As if I needed a reminder… “It’s not like I’m the only werewolf here. There’s plenty. Take your pick. You’d be happy with any of them.”

As much as it pains me to say it, I know that he’s right. If I just wanted someone to screw around with, I had plenty of options besides Shirabu… and yet… why did it bother so much that I might lose Shirabu to someone else?

When I couldn’t seem to bring myself to respond to him, Shirabu simply stood up and left.


Shirabu… he didn’t speak to me again after that. The Spring tournament preliminaries came and ended, a shocking loss for Shiratorizawa. Afterwards, I started seeing him with another girl… It was the girl who had confessed to him, that I was sure of.

Satori tried to be helpful, making attempts to set me up with various guys from the school, but none of could compare… As time went on, I came to realize that I had actually started to fall for him. It was stupid and really made no sense at all, and yet, I’d fallen so helplessly. Not that it mattered now.

I’ve tried so hard to forget… The way I had felt under his control… the feel of his hands on my skin… the way he so easily accepted the part of me that others had dubbed as disgusting… I wanted to forget it all… but you can’t erase feelings that easily.

Shirabu seemed like he was content with that girlfriend of his. As much as I absolutely hate her for taking him away from me, I also hoped that she made him happy. She certainly looks happy just being near him. Maybe some day I’d get to feel like that…

For just a moment, he glanced my way, catching me looking at them. He didn’t say a word though, instead turning his attention back to her. Yeah… He’d made up his mind long ago… I was never anything more than a mere plaything.

That realization is nothing new, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I can feel the tears pricking at the corners of my eyes. It seemed like this is all I ever did anymore whenever I thought about him… I wasn’t about to let him see me crying over him though… I got up and left, seeking out a dark corner where I could let it all out.

Maybe in the very beginning, I had only wanted him because he was a werewolf, but that had most certainly passed. I’m not even sure when it had happened… all I knew was that I knew the moment when I’d come to realize it…

I don’t know how long I sat there, sobbing helplessly, my face buried in my arms. He isn’t worth the tears, I know that… and yet, I can’t seem to stop. Satori’s girlfriend is always telling me that Shirabu is just a jerk… that crying over him is just a waste… but I can’t seem to help it. I know that she is right… I know… I know that I never stood a chance to begin with…

So why won’t my heart stop aching?

I can’t keep going on like this forever… I have to forget him somehow… I don’t even know where to begin, but I know that this is what I had to do.


Shirabu seemed to be in a bad mood today. His girlfriend isn’t there by his side like she had been before. Maybe they had a fight. Or maybe it had simply just been a rough day for him.

As much as I wanted to, it wasn’t like I could just go up to him and ask if something was bothering him. We weren’t friends… we weren’t anything to each other… he'd made that painfully clear. No matter how worried I was, I had no right to say anything to him.

For just a moment, he looked my way. I awkwardly looked away. There he went, catching me staring at him again. He must be pretty pissed that I kept staring at him all the time… though it wasn’t like he ever bothered to tell me to stop.

When lunchtime comes, I don’t think I’d ever been more ready to get out of anywhere. Food is the last thing on my mind though… I hadn’t had much of an appetite at all since that last time I’d spoken to Shirabu. Satori's girlfriend kept scolding me for that one and without her, I’d probably have starved myself to death quite awhile ago.

I found myself wandering… coming to a stop at an all too familiar spot. It had been awhile since the last time I’d come by here… that same old storage room that Shirabu and I used to always sneak away to. It felt like an eternity since then…

At sound of footsteps behind me, I turned around to find him standing there. He avoided looking directly at me. “You know, if you keep staring at me all the time, people are going to think that you actually like me.”

“What would it matter?” It wasn’t like I was trying to hide it or anything. “Shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend?”

“I broke up with her.”

I almost couldn’t believe my ears. Even though I was thrilled that they d broken ul, I still couldn’t help but feel a bit bad… A breakup is still a breakup, after all. “Why?”

Shirabu finally met my gaze, his face as serious and calm as it always was. “She’s not you.”

I want to believe that he means what I think he means… that he might actually finally feel something for me… but as badly as I want to believe that, I can't. “You…” I can’t even seem to form a single sentence.

He sighed and looked away. “I… I don’t really know when it really started, but sometime while we weren’t talking, I started missing you. I’d thought that I was over it… but when I started to get intimate with my girlfriend, I… I called her by your name.”

His girlfriend probably didn’t like that. What girl wants to have their boyfriend call her some other girls name? I know that I would be pissed.

After I didn’t say anything, he looked back at me. “Go ahead. Punch me. I know you want to. I know I certainly deserve it… and I know you probably won’t forgive me for being an asshole… but if you can…”

I really should punch him and tell him to go to hell. After all this emotional torture that he had put me through, that’s what he deserved… but as much as I want to hate him, I can't. “Shirabu, I’m not going to punch you…”

He met my eyes again, surprised that I wasn’t angry at him. Really, I should be, but after what he’d just said, I very much preferred the idea of kissing him.

A faint smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as he leaned down, meeting me halfway. “So much for no strings attached…”

Chapter Text

I couldn’t quite make out the words that he’d said… but what I could understand was something along the lines of telling me I was beautiful. It made my face hot. That should have been the first sign.

He leaned in, his lips pressed to mine in a rather awkward kiss. It’s no surprise… he’s not exactly experienced with girls. Maybe that’s part of why I like him so much… It’s not long at all before tongues are brought into the mix.

“You’re cute.”

My face burned hot again. That right there gave it all away though. If his lip were too busy being attached to mine, then how could he even speak? No, this was just another stupid dream…

I felt my shoulder being shaken and opened my eyes slightly. Ah… I fell asleep in class again.

“About time.” Kindaichi frowned down at me. “You’re lucky I don’t have practice on Mondays… Everyone else was just going to leave you there.”

Sleepily I rubbed my eyes and stood up. “You would have woke me up even if you had practice.” He always did. Neither of us could really remember how we even became friends, but we were close. Close enough that he trusted me with knowing that he was a vampire.

It wasn’t like it was a big deal, but humans and nonhumans didn’t always get along smoothly. There were rumors of groups that kidnapped and abused many nonhumans, but I had no way of knowing if such a rumor was true or just some scary story that nonhumans told their children.

Despite being human though, I had come to be good friends with this vampire. Happened sometime in middle school. Couldn’t tell you how or when it specifically was, but it had led to this right here.

I slowly got up, throwing my bag over my shoulder. We always walked home together whenever he didn’t have volleyball practice. Sometimes if there was a match, I’d stay to watch and we’d usually walk home after. On Wednesdays, we’d stop off at a quiet, hidden away place and I’d let him drink some of my blood.

It wasn’t anything special… just something I did for him so that he didn’t have to look elsewhere for it… The last thing he needed was to draw the attention of a vampire hunter. He was a harmless vampire, of course, but all it would take would be for him to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong crowd… and that wasn’t even considering that his closest guy friend was the son of a pretty well-known vampire hunter.

As we walked, Kindaichi seemed to be a bit quieter than usual… and a tad bit fidgety. Maybe he needed a distraction of some kind. “Hey, Kindaichi,” I hummed, glancing at him. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye. “There’s that new arcade that just opened up… you wanna come check it out with me?”

Kindaichi stopped walking. “Well… actually… I have plans… a date, actually…”

I moved in front of him. “With who?”

“With the team's manager…” He wouldn’t look me in the eyes as he said it.

“Of course…” There was no hiding the fact that I was upset. Not exactly sad though… more like angry… jealous, even. “And I suppose you weren’t even gonna tell me anything about it…” His lack of response told me all I needed. “Shouldn’t you be walking with her then?”

“Wait, are you actually jealous?” Seriously Kindaichi, how oblivious are you?

“Me? Jealous?” Hit the nail right on the head, but I wasn’t going to just straight-up admit that. “You’re imagining it.”

Kindaichi really should have known that I was lying, but if he did, he didn’t acknowledge it. “Actually… I wanted to ask if you would…” I knew right where this was going.

“Why don’t you just ask your little girlfriend.” It was selfish of me, but right now I was more than a little pissed off at him. With good reason though.

First off, he should have caught on by now that I was into him. Then there was the fact that he’d never even told me about this date that he was supposed to be going on. Not to mention the fact that it was with some other girl… one who was clearly okay with hanging around nonhumans.

Now on top of all that, he was going to ask me for my blood? Sooner than the time when I usually let him have it? Yeah, that didn’t exactly sit well with me.

“She’s not my girlfriend…”

I turned and started walking without him. “Yeah, well you obviously want her to be.” It’s not exactly fair for me to be acting so bitter towards him, but that’s the farthest thing from my mind right now. “Just ‘cause she’s pretty… I swear the whole volleyball club has a thing for her. It’s disgusting.”

There was a really high chance that I would end up saying something I’d regret if I kept talking. It wasn’t like I hated the girl though… I just hated how she had caught Kindaichi's attention. I’d been trying since our last year of middle school and here she comes out of nowhere, snatching him right out from under me…

“That’s a little unfair, don’t you think?”

No. Yes. Kind of? My emotions were a bit out of whack at the moment. All I knew for sure at that moment was that I was upset with Kindaichi. Any other feelings would come later. “Kindaichi, you’re an idiot.”

I didn't say anything more to him and simply continued to head home in silence. He had his new girl now… he didn’t need me… so I was determined that I wouldn’t need him… even if that wasn’t quite how things actually worked.

Chapter Text

Five weeks. That’s how long it's been since the last time Kindaichi and I said a word to each other. It might have been kind of stupid, but I was still mad at him. Well, maybe mad was quite the right word… more like… irritated. Upset.

It was pretty clear to everyone else that something had happened, but no one dared to ask me about it. That was probably because I didn’t particularly have any friends outside of Kindaichi… Sure, there was Kunimi who we'd both gone to middle school with, but he was more Kindaichi's friend than mine. Not to mention that he wasn't the type to get involved in little things like this.

Even if we weren’t talking though, Kindaichi still made it a point to wake me whenever I fell asleep on my desk. I guess old habits die hard… though maybe that was a sign that our friendship wasn’t actually over… that it was merely taking a timeout…

Today though, he didn’t wake me. No one did. I lifted my head up, still party asleep. I really needed to stop sleeping during my last class… but it wasn’t like I could help it. It was so boring. Out of habit, I looked over to where Kindaichi's desk was. Normally, he wouldn’t have just left me, and now I could see exactly why… he was still there… and fast asleep on his desk.

I grabbed my things and headed for the door, but stopped halfway. I very much want to just leave him. I’m still pretty upset with him, but I can’t help this nagging feeling that something is just not right here. In the end, I have to give in and follow my gut feeling.

Kindaichi never sleeps in class. That right there is a sign that something was seriously wrong. I moved over to his desk, looking down at him. He looked really pale… I know they say vampires are supposed to be pale, but that was just a stupid rumor.

Had he not been taking care of himself properly? That would be just like him… I reached out to touch his cheek… it was hot. A fever? In the back of my mind, a memory stirred.

“So vampires can’t get sick?” I said, staring at Kindaichi curiously. He’d been a bit unwell then and I’d scolded him for not resting properly when he was sick.

“Not exactly… it’s more like we don’t get colds or the flu like humans do.” Kindaichi was kind of pale then too. “But if we don’t get enough blood, we can get really sick… or some of us just go blood crazy.”

I remembered scooting a little closer, much more curious than afraid. “So what about you? Do you ever go blood crazy? Or do you just get sick?”

The memory made me shudder. I’d forgotten how dangerous it could be for a vampire to go without blood… and I had a pretty good feeling that Kindaichi hadn’t been getting blood elsewhere these past few weeks.

Bloodsickness, I think that was what he’d said it was called… If it didn’t get dealt with, it could very well kill him.

“Hey… Kindaichi…” I spoke softly, shaking him lightly. If he stayed unconscious, then I wouldn’t really be able to help him. “Come on, you gotta wake up…”

I was still mad, but I wasn’t about to just leave him when he needed help the most… I loved him too much.

His eyes opened only partly. A small mumble left his lips, but I couldn’t make it out. Maybe it was my name…

I stroked his hair lightly.  He didn’t make any attempts to sit up. “You idiot… you haven’t been taking care of yourself at all, have you…?” Normally I'd yell at him, but all I could do was speak softly. I was far too worried to even act like I was still mad.

Slowly I brought myself down to his level, my hand undoing the top few buttons of my shirt and pushing the fabric off my shoulder. His eyes widened a bit and he tried to lift his head a bit.

He seemed so fragile like this… maybe this was why I could never leave him…

I carefully helped him to sit up, guiding him to my freshly exposed flesh. Under normal circumstances, I’d be worried about someone seeing us, but this wasn’t a normal situation.

Kindaichi didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he bit down, fangs sinking painfully into my shoulder. Normally the neck was the ideal place for a vampire, but in our situation, I needed to be able to cover up any marks that remained afterward.

He’s rougher than usual… but having gone so long without blood, I can't say that I blame him. It was mostly my fault too… so really, I had no right to complain.

As he sucked my blood, he pulled me closer, sitting me in his lap. I had no complaints, of course, but I couldn’t help the way that it got me excited… made me think that maybe I meant something to him. It’s stupid, but I couldn’t quite help it.

After some time, he finally stopped and pulled back, choosing to rest his forehead against my other shoulder. He was breathing a bit heavily, but it seemed like he was doing better already. Some of the color was beginning to return to his face.

“Does this mean you’re not mad anymore?” He didn’t lift his head, but he sounded a bit sad. Well, at least he was aware that I had been mad.

“I’m… not mad… not exactly…” I lightly stroked his hair, not sure what else I should be doing. “I’m just… I… I’m upset, okay?”

“I don’t like when we’re not talking… I don’t even know what I did to make you so mad…”

Could he be any more oblivious?

That wasn’t something I wanted to tell him though… It wasn’t like it would matter anyway… “Hey… why didn’t you just ask that girlfriend of yours for blood? It’s not like she doesn’t know what you are… and obviously, she's fine with being around vampires… so why…?”

“She… she’s not my girlfriend…” This was news to me. Then again, we really hadn’t been talking all this time. “We went out just that one time… and only because Matsukawa set it up… She… she’s not really into me like that… Pretty sure that the two of them are a thing now…”

I was torn between celebrating and feeling sorry for him. “So why didn’t you just tell me that sooner?”

“You were still mad at me… I wanted to give you some space… some time to cool off…”

“If you would have just told me, I wouldn’t have been mad…” If I’d known that she wasn’t interested in him, I wouldn’t have had any reason to feel jealous. Or at least, I wouldn’t have been as jealous.

His grip on me tightened a bit. “I still don’t even know why you’re mad about that… It’s not like she would have replaced you or anything…”

“You really are an idiot…” This really wasn’t the time to go confessing, but he deserved some kind of an answer, I supposed. “Even if you say that… you’d be spending less time with me if you started dating someone else… Maybe I wouldn’t be replaced, but we wouldn’t get to be as close… like we are right now…”

Kindaichi turned his head to look at me but didn’t lift it off my shoulder. “This reminds me of the first time you let me have your blood…” There was a faint smile on his face. “You should have been scared… but you… you looked a lot more worried… I didn’t think you’d actually let me take it… but you did… and that look on your face… I thought it was so cute…”

My face grew hot. Why was it that anytime he said something sweet like that, I felt so flustered? It wasn’t like it happened with anyone... It really was only when it was him.

The blush definitely didn’t go unnoticed.  “That’s a cute face too… Can’t say I’ve ever seen you blush before…”

“It’s your fault… saying sweet things like that…” I tried not to look at him. How could he just say things like that so casually and yet be so oblivious to how I felt? It really wasn’t fair.

“It’s the truth though… you always were really cute.” Kindaichi laughed a little, more of his energy returning. “Back in middle school, I used to think you had a crush on me… but that was kind of stupid… There was no way… you know?”

He hadn’t been wrong. I did have a crush on him even back then. Still did. I’m not the kind of person who can just confess feelings that easily though.

Still, I couldn’t help but want to kiss him right now... Who wouldn't? He was being all sweet and adorable… Well, I thought so, at least.

“Hey, aren’t you going to fix your shirt?” I glanced down. Yeah, I probably should fix that… but to be honest I didn’t really care. “I don’t really mind, but someone could walk in, you know?”

“I don’t really care… I’m pretty sure everyone went home quite a while ago…” As I said that, Kindaichi lifted himself off my shoulder, a hand immediately going to his head as he closed his eyes. “You okay?”

He opened one eye to look at me. “A little dizzy… that’s all…”

“We should get you home…” I slowly climbed off of his lap but kept a hand on him in case he ended up collapsing. I couldn’t exactly leave him alone just yet, so that left only one option.


“You can’t seriously think I’d leave you by yourself like this…”

“I thought you were still mad…”

I rolled my eyes and leaned over, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I wasn’t mad… I… I was just… I got jealous, okay?”

He moved his hand from his forehead, now staring at me. “You said you weren't jealous…”

“I… I lied…” It was kind of embarrassing to admit. “Would it have changed anything though? I don’t think so…”

“Why would you even be jealous?”

“Is it really not obvious enough?” Don’t make me have to say it straight out… it’s far too embarrassing…

Kindaichi was silent a moment, just staring. Did he finally get it or was he still oblivious? Come on… it didn’t take that much of a brain to figure it out.

It didn’t seem like it was clicking though. Maybe if I…

I placed a hand on each side of his face, holding him still as I leaned in, pressing my lips onto his. If he didn’t get it after this, then there really wasn’t any hope for him.

The kiss didn’t last long… I didn’t want him trying to do anything just yet… not when he was in this kind of a condition. “I guess I’ve been pretty stupid, huh?”

“Seriously… even Kunimi figured it out… and I don’t even talk to him.”

Chapter Text

“I told you no.”

“Just once.”



“Damnit Hayato, I said no!” The more he pushed the issue, the more irritated I started to get with my boyfriend.

“Shirabu's girlfriend would do it.”

“Then go fuck her then!”

Yamagata let out a small, frustrated growl. “You think I have a deathwish?”

“Yeah well sorry I’m not a fucking wolf slut like she is!”

For awhile now, Hayato Yamagata and I have been a couple. Since the beginning of our second year, actually. I still love him, of course, but there was one problem in our relationship. Admittedly, I’m being overly stubborn, but it wasn’t like it was entirely without reason.

Sometimes, I hated that Shirabu had that girlfriend of his. Not that there was anything wrong with her, I just hated how willing she was to do things that with Shirabu… specifically relating to his werewolf side. Naturally, Yamagata heard a lot of things from his teammates… and more often than not, it gave him ideas.

One thing in particular bothered me… mostly because it made the fact that getting physically intimate with Hayato was impossible all the more obvious… and painful.

He crossed his arms and sighed. He didn’t push it further. That doesn’t mean he’s not still upset. Honestly, I can’t blame him for being upset. If I were in his position, I would be too.

I really hate fighting with him… After a minute I sighed. “Hayato…”

Neither of us can ever stay mad… and honestly this same argument has happened so many times that it’s simply become just another part of our relationship.

His arms made their way around my waist, my werewolf boyfriend embracing me. “It’s not my fault…” I can’t see his face right now, but I know he’s scowling. “It’s not like I turn on purpose… you think I want to shift whenever I get horny?”

“I know…” I know that he’d been trying to work on that, but so far, there’d been no real luck. Because of that, having sex was simply out of the question… It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, I very much wanted to… but it just wasn’t going to work.

Okay, so maybe we still could while he was transformed, but that right there was the very cause of this argument. The simple fact that Hayato was prepared to do it even if he transformed… while I simply couldn’t do that. I wish that I could be as open yo the idea as he was… but the very idea of having sex with a wolf just seemed so wrong…

“I know you don’t want our first time to have to be like that… but I don’t think that’s even going to be an option at this point.”

“I… I know… but it’s not just our first time together, you know? I've never… not with anyone… and to do something crazy like that… It’s terrifying…” A wolf's penis was very different from a human's, as I’d noticed, thanks to the timings of he transformations. Ignoring the size differences, the most noticeable part was the large bulging part at the base. A knot, he’d told me it was called. Wolves weren’t the only creatures to have them, but that didn’t particularly matter. All I knew was, it seemed like that would be painful.

Hayato buried his face in my neck. “You think it’s easy for me? I can’t even do anything to myself without shifting.”

I know… I know that it’s hard on him too… I gripped his shirt, burying my face into his chest. “I… I didn’t mean what I said… about Shirabu's girlfriend… I… I don’t want you to…”

“I… I don’t want anyone else either… and… I don't want you to be like her… I love you, not her…”

“So… what do we even do…?”

“I don’t know… but we'll figure it out… somehow…”

Chapter Text

People like to think that they know everything about vampires… They’re wrong. No matter how much they think that they know, they’ll never know everything. That’s because there’s not just one kind of vampire… there’s two.

The vampires that everyone knows, the ones that walk freely in this world alongside humans, those are born just as humans are. They live, breathe, eat, sleep and walk in the sun just as any human can.

These vampires are harmless, for the most part. Sure, they still require blood and may be a tiny bit weaker when exposed to the sun too long, but overall, they were safe to let live among humans. The only danger here was when they neglected their need for blood and either got Bloodsickness or just went bloodcrazy… However, these vampires weren’t the only ones that existed.

A fact that many didn’t know was that the born vampires could turn humans into vampires. It’s by no means an easy process and it’s very rare for any human to survive it. These turned vampires… they’re not like those who are born… and they’re always hunted down without hesitation.

I am one of these turned vampires. Luck’s been on my side so far, in that I haven’t been hunted down. Of course, if I were completely on my own, I wouldn’t have been so lucky. In fact, I was more than certain that if it weren’t for Yaku, I would have been dead years ago.

When I’d been turned, I’d still only been in high school. I’d barely been getting through all my classes as it was, so when I suddenly couldn’t even go to school, I’d dropped out. I could barely even leave the house then… because the very minute that the sunlight touched my skin, the burning pain was excruciating. If it wasn’t direct sunlight, I was usually fine, but even that wasn’t enough to let me finish school.

It was so bad that leaving the house at all was near impossible… and when you can’t even leave the house, a job is out of the question. Not that many places would bother hiring someone who never finished high school anyways.

My eyes drifted to the door of the apartment. Yaku was at one of his college classes right about now. He’d be home only briefly before leaving again, this time for work. He was always so busy… he worked so hard to take care of the two of us… while I was stuck here, doing next to nothing.

I’m sure that I’m nothing but a burden for him… and yet, he’s always treated me as if I were family. My own family had given up on me long ago, but Yaku never did. He stuck by my side and gave me a place when I had nowhere else to turn.

There isn’t much that I can do to repay him, but I want nothing more than to repay the kindness he’s always shown me. Until now though, the most I could do was to take care of his apartment and to make him dinner every night. Unlike a born vampire, I can’t eat human food. Or rather, I can, but it’s tasteless and doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest… and very rarely will it stay down.

Really, the only reason that I ever bothered to learn to cook anything was simply for him. It did me no good to cook if I couldn’t eat anything… but if it was one thing that I could do to help Yaku, then that was all the reason I needed.

I looked down at my phone. There was only one number saved in it… the only one I ever had any reason to use. Picking it up, I messaged Yaku, asking what time he’d be home tonight. As usual, his response was quick, giving me a time and a promise to let me know as soon as he would be getting out of work.


Hours later, Yaku sat at the table, textbook in front of him. This was part of his usual routine, and as much as I would have loved to help him, most of what was in his textbooks was far beyond my level. The most I could do was simply keep him company.

After awhile of sitting in silence, Yaku finally spoke. “Some friends of mine from my old volleyball team want to meet up and hang out for a few days… The ones I told you about… Kuroo and all them…”

If it were them, then I knew Yaku was planning to go. Even if he sounded like he was hesitant, I knew he would go. I had no right to ask him not to go, but maybe if I were to ask… “I… I want to go with you.” He stared at me, surprised. “I… never get to leave the apartment… and I never get to see anyone else… I’d really like to go with you… I… I won’t get in the way… I promise...”

It’s a selfish request and I’ve no right to really ask that of him, but when I weighed that against the fact that I would be all alone if I didn’t at least ask, the choice was obvious.

“You sure?” Yaku closed his textbook, looking at me with a serious expression. “I mean, I can talk to them about bringing you along, but are you sure you’d want to? You’d probably still be stuck inside the whole time.”

All I could do was nod. Even if I couldn’t do as much as he could, I still wanted to go along. If I was even allowed to, of course. Maybe, just maybe, from meeting these friends of his, I might be able to figure out some way of repaying everything that Yaku has done for me.

Chapter Text

“Looks like they’re at it again,” I hummed, watching from the rooftop. Yamaguchi and I came up here often whenever we wanted a moment for just the two of us. It seemed to be a more common occurrence lately… as did these little fights between Tsukishima and that first-year werewolf. “You’d think they would have given it up by now...”

“I don’t think that they really want to.” Yamaguchi is probably right. He knew Tsukishima better than anyone else. Still, the very idea of wanting to fight with someone seemed so insane to me.

Okay, so maybe I do choose to fight with vampires, but that’s a bit different. My fighting has a purpose. This stupid, pointless arguing that those two always did? I can’t even wrap my head around it.

“I really don’t get them…” I laughed a bit and looked over at Yamaguchi beside me. His arm was wrapped gently around my waist. Since we’d started dating, he’d grown a bit more confident in himself. Whether it was because of me or not, I couldn’t tell you, but he was certainly overcoming that shy, nervous boy that he was. “If he hates her so much, why even bother being anywhere near her?”

That made Yamaguchi laugh. “Probably because he likes her. He hasn’t said it, but I’m pretty sure that he likes her.” I couldn’t see it at all, but if he thought so, I guess I could trust that. “Tsukki isn’t very good at sharing his feelings.”

I could only shake my head. Kei Tsukishima was a man I would never understand… and that was perfectly fine with me. “I heard from Kunimi the other day,” I said, turning my attention away from the two on the ground below.

“That guy from Seijoh?”

Oh, right. “His father… I forgot his kid was a volleyball player…” The elder Kunimi was a vampire hunter. His son Akira was a half-vampire and trained with the intention for him to follow in his father’s footsteps, but he didn’t get involved in hunters’ affairs.

“Oh, so it’s a hunter thing…” Yamaguchi wasn’t particularly fond of me being a hunter, with good reason. It was a dangerous line of work and wasn’t exactly a high-paying job. Still, it was to help keep humans safe, so it wasn’t like I was going to quit anytime soon.

“There’s been rumors of an especially dangerous vampire around his area… He’s asked my group to work with him to take it down.” Normally a hunter of his caliber wouldn’t need the help, but this vampire was one that had successfully turned several humans already. It was a rare feat for a vampire to turn even one human. “We’re just waiting for him to give the word that everything is all set up.”

Yamaguchi frowned. “Are you going to take that apprentice of yours?”

I could only shake my head. “Absolutely not. She’s nowhere near ready. Only my top guys are going for this one. Anyone else would just be in the way or too much of a risk.”

“You’re sure that this one has to be killed?”

Seeing as Yamaguchi himself was a vampire, I couldn’t blame him for sympathizing with the vampire. Still, it was clear that that vampire had to be dealt with. “I wish that it didn’t have to be that way, but when a vampire goes around trying to turn humans into vampires, then we can’t just sit back and do nothing…”

“We can do that? Turn humans into vampires?” It wasn’t any surprise that he didn’t know. It was usually something that was kept quiet… more to protect humans than anything. Many would abuse such a thing.

“It’s not something we talk about, but yeah, there is a way.” Normally I wouldn’t bring it up, but I felt like he should probably know. “It’s really dangerous and it usually kills the human you’re trying to turn, but in the off chance that it takes… the result is dangerous.”

“Turned vampires are much more dangerous than someone who was born a vampire…” I looked away. “They can’t eat like born vampires… and require blood more often. They can’t step into the sunlight either. If they’re in the sun long enough, they’ll die. Instead of getting Bloodsickness, they will just straight up go bloodcrazy. It’s not pretty.”

It’s not a pleasant thing to have to hear, but he understood. At least, I hoped that he did. Yamaguchi stayed quiet though.

“I know… you don’t really like that I do these sorts of things, but… Whoa!” I’d looked back to the ground to check on Tsukishima and his little werewolf friend, but what I saw was most definitely not expected.

At my little outburst, Yamaguchi looked too and laughed. “I told you he liked her.”

“Yeah, you called it all right…” From fighting one minute to making out the next… that was something I don’t think I’ll ever understand. Still, I couldn’t help but be happy for Tsukishima… even if they were an odd pair.

A mischievous smile formed on my face. “Get a room!” As I shouted down at them, the two immediately separated, looking up at where Yamaguchi and I were laughing. I gave a tiny wave, knowing that Tsukishima was most definitely glaring at me. Oh well. That little bit of entertainment was more than enough to lighten the mood.

Still laughing, I turned to look at my boyfriend. Slowly I reached up and kissed him on the cheek. “You don’t have to worry about me, okay? No matter what happens, I’ll always come back to you, safe and sound. I promise.”

Chapter Text

The way that I feel isn’t wrong. I know that it’s isn't, but even knowing that, I can't help but feel guilty… like I’m a terrible girlfriend…

Hayato… I love him. I love him so much… It kills me to know that this is hurting him. Maybe it isn’t hurting him physically, but it is hurting him emotionally. He won’t say it, but I know that it’s true… and lately, I know that it’s been bothering him much more than before.

I hadn’t really thought much about it, but when Semi started asking if things were alright between Hayato and me, I couldn’t help but start to worry.

Nothing had seemed like it was wrong between us… just the usual frustration over the fact that we couldn’t be physically intimate… That was nothing new… I didn’t think that it could have been actually bothering him more than Hayato had let on… that it would be enough to make his friends actually worry about him.

After that brief talk with Semi, I found myself questioning if what I felt was wrong… Maybe I was just being selfish… but even then, I wasn’t so sure I could just change my mind… and the pointed me to someone I didn’t ever think I would ever turn to…

Not once had I ever spoken to Shirabu's girlfriend before then. Honestly, I was one of the people who judged her for her… peculiar tastes. Of course, being that I myself was a human and dating a werewolf, I didn’t really have room to say anything.

“It’s kind of scary at first, but it’s a feeling like no other…” she'd said when I’d asked her about it. Apparently, Shirabu was only ever partly transformed whenever they had sex, but it was close enough. “I’ve never thought about doing it when he’s fully transformed, but the concept is the same.”

“I… I don’t know if I can even do that though..”

“Look, it’s not that bad. Sure, it’s gonna hurt.” At least she was honest. “You and me? We’re humans. We’re not werewolves like Ushijima's girl… we weren’t built to take a knot like that… but that’s part of what makes it so exciting… Humans will tell us it’s wrong to want it, but who cares? If you really lover him and accept all of him, then you'll take all of him and you won’t hesitate to do it.”

I wasn’t sure that I could agree with her. Still, what she said stuck with me. If I really loved him, I’d take all of him… Honestly it sounded like she was saying that if I actually loves him, I would have just done it already, and while that may have been what she meant, I felt like it meant something a but deeper than that.


The next time I got to spend time with Hayato, things got hot very quickly. Within mere seconds of letting him into my room, his lips were on mine and his hands were in the process of stripping off my shirt.

He’s very eager tonight… that much is very clear. Honestly though, can you blame him? The guy literally can’t get off without transforming and then he has no hands to do it with. That’s more than enough to leave a guy very pent up.

Hayato isn’t the only one though… even if I can do what he cant, it’s never the same as his touch. To feel his hands on my skin… His lips on mine… it always leaves me craving more.

Before I can even think about it, he’s already got me stripped naked and pinned down on my bed. His own clothes have been long since discarded, in a pile with mine on the floor. As usual, we're racing against the timer… the countdown to when the transformation decides to trigger and put an end to our fun time.

His lips left mine as he trailed kisses down my neck. I always loved it when he kissed my neck. Maybe it’s weird, but you like what you like… His hands start to wander lower, but then they’re removed from me quite suddenly.

It happened again. We both knew it would, though we both hoped that maybe this would be the time when it wouldn’t.

I reached up and put a hand on the wolf's cheek. So close… At this rate, we’d both end up being virgins for the rest of our lives… Oddly though, this brought back the memory of the very first time he’d transformed on front of me…

We’d been in our first year then, and weren’t dating yet. We’d kissed and one thing led to another and right when it was starting to look like we were going to actually do it, he transformed. If freaked out back then… I didn’t even know he was a werewolf… In the end though, everything worked out and here we were, together.

“These fucking transformations…” My eyes widened slightly, hearing him speak. He quite clearly was a wolf right now… and yet he was speaking in his normal voice. This one was new to me…


“I… I’ve been working on it…” He gave just the slightest hint of a smile. “I’ve been trying to keep myself from transforming… it’s taken a lot of practice just to get it this far… but you’re worth it.”

This man… I don’t deserve him… I leaned up and pressed a kiss to his cheek, spreading my legs open a bit. “Hayato... I… if you want to…” I couldn’t quite bring myself to say it outright, but the gesture was more than enough to tell him just what I was getting at.

“No.” All I could do was stare. “I… I’m not going to make you do that…” He wanted to do it, I could tell he did… so why was he going to just walk away the one time I gave in to what he’d kept asking for before? “I know you don’t want to… so I don’t want to make you do that just to please me…”

He’s too much… and now I feel even worse… I’ve been very selfish about the whole thing and Hayato… he’s thinking of me first, even now….

I took he furry face in my hands. This is still very much a scary thing for me… but for him, I’ll face that fear. That’s what lovers do. “Hayato, make love to me.”

He’s trying so hard to say no, to put it off for my sake… but he can’t deny what he wants… what his body has been aching for… “You’re sure you want to do this?” Hayato lifted a paw and the stopped, instead choosing yo give my cheek a nuzzle. “It'll hurt… well, at first it will…”

“You’re worth it.” Any reservations that he had left were immediately thrown right out the window.

***This part has been censored for the non pervert readers. If I have any left XD***

By the time I can think again, Hayato has already pulled out and collapsed onto the bed beside me. In only a minute or two, he’s back to his human body again.

“Sorry… I couldn’t pull out… I hope you’re not mad…” Hayato mumbled, nuzzling his face into my neck as he cuddled me to him. He didn’t really sound like he was that sorry though.

I can’t exactly be mad though. It wasn’t like he’d done it on purpose… and honestly I hadn’t been paying attention to that either. “It’s okay, just this once… but I’ll have to go on birth control before next time…”

“Next time?”

“Mmhm…” I hummed, running a hand through his hair. “If I’d known that it would feel like that, I would have done that ages ago.”

Hayato chuckled before placing a kiss on my forehead. “I’m not giving up on doing things the normal way though. So don’t get too into it.”

“No promises.” I laughed softly, snuggling into his chest. “But as long as it’s with you, that’s all that matters to me.”

Chapter Text

The way that I feel isn’t wrong. I know that it’s isn't, but even knowing that, I can't help but feel guilty… like I’m a terrible girlfriend…

Hayato… I love him. I love him so much… It kills me to know that this is hurting him. Maybe it isn’t hurting him physically, but it is hurting him emotionally. He won’t say it, but I know that it’s true… and lately, I know that it’s been bothering him much more than before.

I hadn’t really thought much about it, but when Semi started asking if things were alright between Hayato and me, I couldn’t help but start to worry.

Nothing had seemed like it was wrong between us… just the usual frustration over the fact that we couldn’t be physically intimate… That was nothing new… I didn’t think that it could have been actually bothering him more than Hayato had let on… that it would be enough to make his friends actually worry about him.

After that brief talk with Semi, I found myself questioning if what I felt was wrong… Maybe I was just being selfish… but even then, I wasn’t so sure I could just change my mind… and the pointed me to someone I didn’t ever think I would ever turn to…

Not once had I ever spoken to Shirabu's girlfriend before then. Honestly, I was one of the people who judged her for her… peculiar tastes. Of course, being that I myself was a human and dating a werewolf, I didn’t really have room to say anything.

“It’s kind of scary at first, but it’s a feeling like no other…” she'd said when I’d asked her about it. Apparently, Shirabu was only ever partly transformed whenever they had sex, but it was close enough. “I’ve never thought about doing it when he’s fully transformed, but the concept is the same.”

“I… I don’t know if I can even do that though..”

“Look, it’s not that bad. Sure, it’s gonna hurt.” At least she was honest. “You and me? We’re humans. We’re not werewolves like Ushijima's girl… we weren’t built to take a knot like that… but that’s part of what makes it so exciting… Humans will tell us it’s wrong to want it, but who cares? If you really lover him and accept all of him, then you'll take all of him and you won’t hesitate to do it.”

I wasn’t sure that I could agree with her. Still, what she said stuck with me. If I really loved him, I’d take all of him… Honestly it sounded like she was saying that if I actually loves him, I would have just done it already, and while that may have been what she meant, I felt like it meant something a but deeper than that.


The next time I got to spend time with Hayato, things got hot very quickly. Within mere seconds of letting him into my room, his lips were on mine and his hands were in the process of stripping off my shirt.

He’s very eager tonight… that much is very clear. Honestly though, can you blame him? The guy literally can’t get off without transforming and then he has no hands to do it with. That’s more than enough to leave a guy very pent up.

Hayato isn’t the only one though… even if I can do what he cant, it’s never the same as his touch. To feel his hands on my skin… His lips on mine… it always leaves me craving more.

Before I can even think about it, he’s already got me stripped naked and pinned down on my bed. His own clothes have been long since discarded, in a pile with mine on the floor. As usual, we're racing against the timer… the countdown to when the transformation decides to trigger and put an end to our fun time.

His lips left mine as he trailed kisses down my neck. I always loved it when he kissed my neck. Maybe it’s weird, but you like what you like… His hands start to wander lower, but then they’re removed from me quite suddenly.

It happened again. We both knew it would, though we both hoped that maybe this would be the time when it wouldn’t.

I reached up and put a hand on the wolf's cheek. So close… At this rate, we’d both end up being virgins for the rest of our lives… Oddly though, this brought back the memory of the very first time he’d transformed on front of me…

We’d been in our first year then, and weren’t dating yet. We’d kissed and one thing led to another and right when it was starting to look like we were going to actually do it, he transformed. If freaked out back then… I didn’t even know he was a werewolf… In the end though, everything worked out and here we were, together.

“These fucking transformations…” My eyes widened slightly, hearing him speak. He quite clearly was a wolf right now… and yet he was speaking in his normal voice. This one was new to me…


“I… I’ve been working on it…” He gave just the slightest hint of a smile. “I’ve been trying to keep myself from transforming… it’s taken a lot of practice just to get it this far… but you’re worth it.”

This man… I don’t deserve him… I leaned up and pressed a kiss to his cheek, spreading my legs open a bit. “Hayato... I… if you want to…” I couldn’t quite bring myself to say it outright, but the gesture was more than enough to tell him just what I was getting at.

“No.” All I could do was stare. “I… I’m not going to make you do that…” He wanted to do it, I could tell he did… so why was he going to just walk away the one time I gave in to what he’d kept asking for before? “I know you don’t want to… so I don’t want to make you do that just to please me…”

He’s too much… and now I feel even worse… I’ve been very selfish about the whole thing and Hayato… he’s thinking of me first, even now….

I took he furry face in my hands. This is still very much a scary thing for me… but for him, I’ll face that fear. That’s what lovers do. “Hayato, make love to me.”

He’s trying so hard to say no, to put it off for my sake… but he can’t deny what he wants… what his body has been aching for… “You’re sure you want to do this?” Hayato lifted a paw and the stopped, instead choosing yo give my cheek a nuzzle. “It'll hurt… well, at first it will…”

“You’re worth it.” Any reservations that he had left were immediately thrown right out the window.

Being a full on wolf right now, Hayato wasn’t able to position me in whatever way would work best… so it was up to me to make this work. As much as I’d love to see his face while we had sex, it simply wasn’t practical in this situation. So I shifted myself around, moving onto my hands and knees. This position was called doggy style for nothing… it seemed like the easiest for Hayato… and may have also been a suggestion from Shirabu's girlfriend as an “if you actually do it while he’s a wolf” kind of advice.

I was still really nervous about this… Who wouldn’t be? I had next to no experience at all… add what experience I did have was with Hayato.

I let out a startled squeak as I felt something soft and wet touch between my legs. Hayato only gave a slight chuckle. “Sorry if I scared you… but it’ll be easier on you if you’re really wet…” When I felt his tongue again, it was less of a surprise.

Even knowing what he was doing, the feeling was so strange. It could simply have to do with the fact that he was in his wolf form right now, but this wasn’t exactly how I’d imagined it would feel. It wasn’t unpleasant by any means, but it wasn’t as mind-blowing as people always seemed to make it out to be.

After he figured I was ready, I felt him remove his tongue. Hayato shifted around a bit before his paws were placed on my lower back. This was it, huh? My nerves flared up at the thought… but I wasn’t going to back out… I couldn’t do that to him…

Slowly I moved a hand down between my legs, coming to rest on his dick. He twitched a bit at the touch. Carefully I guided him to me. I can’t see it right now, but it feels big…

His tip slides in easy, stretching me slightly. “I’ve been thinking about this for so long…” he said, a faint growl in his voice as he pushed in further. “About how it’d feel to be inside you… the face you’d make… about knotting you-“ He cut himself off with a deep growl as I felt myself clench around him. Why had that been so hot? I wasn’t even into this sort of thing… or I thought so.

The feeling of having him inside me is strange, yet it makes me want more. It’s tight and it hurts a little, but it’s hot and leaves me with a burning desire for more. More of what, I can’t really say though.

Carefully he pulled his hips back, pulling out of me most of the way before slowly pushing back in. He’s trying not to rush, which is a relief. As much as I would love for him to just go crazy like an animal, I know my body can’t handle that just yet.

His thrusts are slow and steady at first, building up a rhythm. He wanted me to be ready… or maybe he just wanted to draw it out as long as he could, thinking that maybe he wouldn’t get a second go at this.

Still, I felt like I could take a bit more. As he started to thrust back into me, I moved my hips back to meet him. I gasped lightly when I felt the top of his knot hit me. It wasn’t enough to push it in, but enough to make its presence clear.

“D-don’t do that…” His words said not to, but the way his voice sounded made it seem like he’d liked it. As he’d said though, I didn’t do it again, but he’d seemed to get the hint and sped up his thrusts.

If you’d told me this morning that I’d be getting fucked by my wolf boyfriend and liking it, I would have called you crazy. And yet, here I was, Hayato's wolf cock buried inside me… and I was loving it.

“Hayato… ah…” His name slid off my tongue so easily as I moaned. I really should be concerned about people hearing us, but all I could think about was him… and how hot and right I felt inside… and mentally cursing myself for not doing this sooner.

His name leaves my lips repeatedly in a series of needy, whiny moans. It’s not like new to be like this, but it feels so good that I simply can’t stop myself.

Then I feel it. Something huge and round forcing its way inside, making me cry out. It’s painful… but not quite how I was expecting. You would think that pain would make me want to stop, but this pain was different… it made me want more. It was my body feeling me to stop, that it was too much… but I wanted more… I needed more. This must have been what Shirabu’s girlfriend had been talking about.

“Hayato-“ I can’t help but to cry out his name as I get lost in the feeling and my vision went white.

By the time I can think again, Hayato has already pulled out and collapsed onto the bed beside me. In only a minute or two, he’s back to his human body again.

“Sorry… I couldn’t pull out… I hope you’re not mad…” Hayato mumbled, nuzzling his face into my neck as he cuddled me to him. He didn’t really sound like he was that sorry though.

I can’t exactly be mad though. It wasn’t like he’d done it on purpose… and honestly I hadn’t been paying attention to that either. “It’s okay, just this once… but I’ll have to go on birth control before next time…”

“Next time?”

“Mmhm…” I hummed, running a hand through his hair. “If I’d known that it would feel like that, I would have done that ages ago.”

Hayato chuckled before placing a kiss on my forehead. “I’m not giving up on doing things the normal way though. So don’t get too into it.”

“No promises.” I laughed softly, snuggling into his chest. “But as long as it’s with you, that’s all that matters to me.”

Chapter Text

“He’s a handsome one, isn’t he?”

On the bench beside me was an old woman. She must have noticed me staring at a certain young man nearby, playfully wrestling with a wolf pup.

I couldn’t help but smile. “Hayato is very handsome,” I hummed, agreeing with her. If she were a young woman, I might have been jealous, but she was just a friendly old lady who just so happened to be enjoying the park, much like I was.

“Your boyfriend, is he?”

“My husband, actually.”

The old lady raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Aren’t you a bit young to be married?”

“Probably… but sometimes you just know when someone is the one.” Just after graduating, Hayato and I got married. We were probably a but too young to tale such a serious step, but we were sure that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Not once have I ever regretted that decision.

I watched as the small wolf playfully tackled Hayato. Or rather, Hayato let him. They seemed to be having fun, rolling and wrestling around on the grass. It was quite the adorable sight… my husband and our son playing together.

Back in our last year of high school, after our incredibly risky first time, I’d decided to go on birth control. Since it hadn’t seemed like anything was going to happen prior to then, I hadn’t bothered. Of course, fate had other plans. By the time I was actually able to get to where I could start on birth control, I’d found out that I was pregnant.

Hayato was shocked, but he wasn’t worried. In a few months, we’d be out of school ready to take on the responsibilities of adults. In truth, that may have sparked the idea of us getting married, but it wasn’t like it was the only reason.

I loved Hayato and he loved me. It was as simple as that.  Our relationship wasn’t the most normal, but we always made it work. Now here we were, a little over four years later, happily married with a beautiful little boy and still as in love as ever.

“Young love is such a beautiful thing…” The old lady smiled, reaching over to give my hand a squeeze. “You be sure to tale good cared of him.”

“Of course.”

As she withdrew her hand, I turned my focus back on my husband and child. Hayato had let himself be tackled again and feigned defeat, a triumphant looking wolf pup sitting on his father’s chest. The scene made me giggle.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a dog like that before… what is it?” The old woman’s eyes were on Hayato and the pup.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “He’s a werewolf.”

She didn’t seem too surprised. Werewolves were rather common now, especially in our area. Still, it wasn’t everyday you say a child in full wolf form.

Despite only being half werewolf, the child was rarely not in wolf form. Whether it was just automatic for him or just because he liked to be that way, no one could say. Regardless, he was my baby and I loved him.

It was then that my son ran up to me, climbing his way onto my lap, still in wolf mode. “Why don’t we put wolfie away for a bit, okay sweetie?” I spoke softly, scratching behind his ears.

Slowly the little pup shifted to a human form, but the wolf ears and tail still remained. Close enough, I supposed.

“He looks like his father. He’ll be quite the looker once he’s older,” the old lady laughed as Hayato joined us.

Both he and our son where covered in dirt. Of course, they did just spend  our time here rolling around on the ground. It would have been a miracle if they weren’t dirty.

Hayato smiled and lightly patted our son's head. The child simply snuggled into my arms, already looking ready to fall asleep. Playtime with daddy always did wear him right out. “You about ready to head home?”

I smiled, not missing the playful glint in Hayato's eye. He did always have so much energy, it seemed. Slowly I stood, child still nestled in my arms as I said my goodbyes to the kind old lady.

Maybe our relationship hadn’t always been perfect… and maybe we’d had to grow up faster than we’d planned… Maybe we had no clue where life would take us… but there was one thing that I was sure of: I loved Hayato and if I had the chance to go back and do things over, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Chapter Text

Humans often call us nonhumans monsters… but really, it’s humans who are the real monsters. Just because they are the ones who rule this world… what right do they have to look down on all of us? In the end, it’s just another fact of life.

Another is that while nonhumans may fool around in their younger years with others not of their kind, they will almost always end up with someone of their own kind. Werewolves usually ended up with other werewolves… vampires with other vampires… Rarer creature types were also know for this, when they had the chance.

Bokuto… he’s no different, I’m sure. Wereowls are so rare… he’d be a fool not to choose one of his own kind… especially when there just so happened to be one here in his school, a female too.

After Bokuto had rescued me that night, he’d taken me to his friend Akaashi. He hadn’t known what else to do at the time, he’d said. From that moment on though, I was free.

I ended up attending school, though I had to take on extra classes to really get caught up to everyone else. It wasn’t too hard to adjust to a normal life, though I did struggle with some things.

The biggest problem I had was Bokuto. Now don’t get me wrong, he was great… but that was the problem… Even with everything I’d been through with the Collectors, I did still know what love felt like… and what I felt for Bokuto was most definitely love.

Bokuto… I was pretty sure he didn’t share those same feelings. If he were to be interested in anyone, it would surely be that wereowl girl… Honestly, how could any guy not? She was really pretty and had a great personality. I’ve never talked to her, but I could tell more than enough just by watching.

She and Bokuto had a special kind of closeness… something that was clearly much stronger than oanything that I might have had with him. It’s not that I’m jealous… to really be jealous I would at least have to see her as competition… but I was in no way any sort of competition to her.

I’m not outgoing like she is… I’m not anywhere near as popular… I’m certainly not pretty like she is either… How could I be? After everything that the humans had done, there was no was I could ever be seen as pretty…

Being so lost on my thoughts, I didn’t even notice that someone had been calling my name for awhile now. It wasn’t until I felt him tapping on my shoulder that I even had any idea that Bokuto had been trying to get my attention.

“So you gonna answer me?” I could only stare at him in complete confusion. “I asked if you wanted to walk home with me, since there's no practice today.”

For a moment, I wasn’t sure what to say. I very much wanted to, but a part of me was worried that it would upset that other girl. “Um… you don’t want to go with that other girl…?” I asked cautiously. Until then, it never really occurred to me that I didn’t actually know what her name was.

Bokuto seemed like he understood who I was talking about, thankfully. “She’s staying after with Akaashi.”

So I was second choice after all. Or maybe it was third, since normally he’d have picked Akaashi before me. “Oh… okay…” I tried to force a smile, but I couldn’t really look at him. “You two are close… and you seem to really like her….”

“Well, she’s my sister, so I kind of have to like her,” Bokuto said, seemingly completely oblivious to what I’d been hinting at.

Wait… sister? I looked at him weirdly. “She's… your sister?”

Bokuto looked at me like I’d just said the sky was yellow. “Uh… yeah? Didn’t you already know that?” Then what I’d said all clicked. “Wait, you thought I liked her? Like as a girlfriend?”

Well now that he said it like that, it really sounded stupid. When I thought about it though, I could see how they would be siblings… there was a bit of resemblance, though I’d always just assumed it was because they were both wereowls.

When I only gave a tiny nod, Bokuto just laughed at me. “You really thought that?” It took him a minute to calm back down. “Even if she wasn’t my sister, she’s got a thing for Akaashi. I’d never get in the way of that.”

I wasn’t sure if I should be sad or feel comforted. It still didn’t mean that I had any sort of chance… A guy like Bokuto could get just about any girl that he wanted if he put his mind to it.

The thoughts were so distracting that I didn’t realize that Bokuto had kept talking and that my walking had slowed to almost a stop. It's not until I feel Bokuto's hands on my shoulders that I focus again.

Slowly I looked up to meet his eyes. He looked worried. Why would he be worried about me? Before I could ask, his hand came up and gently stroked my cheek. Not even a moment later, his lips pressed to mine.

Right away, I squeaked in surprise and backed up a few steps. What was that?!

Bokuto laughed again, a bright smile on his face. “You looked all dazed. Like you were asleep or something.” He reached out and took my hands in his, an innocent grin on his face. “That’s how that fairytale goes, right? You kiss the sleeping princess and she wakes up.”

As much as I love Bokuto, his thought processes still genuinely confuse me sometimes. Still, it brought a smile to my face. Even if I might never get to be anything more than a friend to him, I always had this one kiss that I could look back on.

“Akaashi keeps telling me I have to be careful with you, since you’ve been through all those bad things… but I don’t really get what he means, you know? You’re strong, you escaped from all that even if it was scary and dangerous… That's an amazing thing, you know? And you’re still standing all tall and proud like it never happened. Even if you keep hiding your wings, you’re still staying strong.”

Bokuto… he really is an idiot… but… maybe that’s why his heart is so pure and kind… Hearing talk about me like that… like I was some kind of hero… it brought tears to my eyes.

“Eh?” Bokuto's grin immediately vanished and was replaced by panic. “Why are you crying? Did I hurt you or something?” He released my hands to look at his own before putting them on my shoulder.

I wiped some tears from my eyes and smiled. “You’re really sweet, Bokuto.” He had no idea just how much I'd really needed to hear that.

He still seemed thoroughly confused, but since I was smiling, he stopped panicking. For a moment, he was silent. “Hey, can I kiss you? Or… well, would you be okay with it if I did?”

“Why would you…” I swear, being with this guy gives me just as many mood swings as he gets…

“Why wouldn’t I want to? I already told you that I liked you. What more of a reason do I need?”

Um, what? When did he even say that? Oh no… did he say it while I was all zoned out? I felt horrible…

Bokuto frowned. “You didn’t hear me at all, did you? Geez… and I said it all romantic too…” He carefully took my hands again. “I guess it’s too late to try and be all romantic about it now… but yeah, I like you. I’ve been trying to not get all lovey and physical or anything since Akaashi said you might get scared if I did… He said I had to be gentle, that you’re kinda fragile… I don’t thing you’re that fragile or anything, but I don’t want to end up hurting you or scaring you away.”

He really is too much for my heart sometimes… “You protected me when I needed someone the most… I know you would never hurt me… so I’ll never be scared of you…” Really, he was far too good for me… but if I had a chance to make him happy, I’d take it in a heartbeat. “Bokuto, I love you.”

Chapter Text

“I thought vampires die in the sunlight.”

At the sound of a guy's voice, I glanced up, not stopping my stretching. Taichi Kawanishi, 2nd year, member of the volleyball team. Knowing him, as well every other member of each off the sports teams was kind of necessary.

I stood up straight, turning yo look at him. “Sorry to disappoint, but it doesn’t really work like that.” Being that he was a werewolf though, I couldn’t expect him to know that much about vampires like me.

“Even so… sunlight isn’t good for you…” He looked me over slowly, arms crosses as leaned against the gym doorway. “So what are you doing out here anyway?”

“Practicing.” I took the time to so a handstand, holding as long as I was able.

I heard him laugh at me. “What are you, some kind of cheerleader?”


“Why aren’t you with the rest of the club then?”

“Because the captain's a bitch.” Okay, now that may sound harsh, but we really, really, really did not get along. “She s had it out for me ever since her boyfriend left her for me back in middle school. I rejected him of course. I wasn’t about to date some older guy and certainly not one who left his girlfriend that easily.”

Carefully I lowered myself back to the ground. Kawanishi was staring at me, but that really didn’t bother me in the slightest. Being a cheerleader, you get used to people looking at you.

“So you just practice out here by yourself instead?”

“Better than being pushed around by a jealous bitch.” Cheerleading was something I took seriously, so I wasn’t going to quit it. That was why I did my practicing outside in the sun. If I could keep going even when weakened by the sun, then I could keep up in any other scenario. “I’m just waiting until the year is over and she’s out of here. Then I’ll join them properly. Until then, I’m gonna fly solo.”

He grinned. “That’s too bad. I think I’d be more excited to play if you were there to cheer me on.”

“But I do though. I never miss a match. I may not get to be in uniform, but I’m always there to cheer you on.”

Chapter Text

Every time that our paths crossed, it always ended up like this. Most of the times, it was to accuse me of hitting on her boyfriend. Sometimes, she was just trying to make my life hell. In the end, it was no different than that one year we’d known each other in middle school.

I’ve tried to be the bigger person and just avoid any contact with her… Okay, I’ll admit that I haven’t been trying that hard. It’s kind of fun to mess with her. Maybe not so much when it leads to a physical fight, but surely this wasn’t one of those times…

As per usual, she’d accused of hitting on her boyfriend. I’m pretty sure that I haven't. Sure, I’m naturally flirty; I can’t help that, but it’s not like I would actively hit on some guy… especially one who I knew had a girlfriend.

“You’re so disgusting! I swear you’ll try to screw anything with a pulse!”

“As if! I don’t go after any guy! Let alone one stupid enough to date you!”

“That’s not what everyone else says! I swear, at least have the guys here have admitted that you hit on them! And you know what? I’m not surprised! You’re always stealing my boyfriends!”

“I can’t help it if I’m better than you… you’re a bitch… in every meaning of the word.”

She's pissed. Nothing I’ve said so far was wrong though. It wasn’t my fault if guys got the wrong idea. Naturally though, we’d already drawn quite a crowd around us.

“Why don’t you keep to your own species you stupid… little… little… bloodsucking whore!”

“As if I’d ever want some stupid mangy wolf!” For brief second, his face flashed in my mind and immediately I regretted saying it. It was far too late to take it back. What was said was said… there was no changing that.

It’s around that point, that things turn into a physical fight. It takes four of the teachers to finally separate us. Once I'm broken free from her, I spot him in the crowd. There’s no time to talk to him though… Not when I’m dragged off to the principal's office.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. As usual, she played the victim and got off easy. Of course they’d take her side… she’s the pretty third year cheer captain… and a werewolf. Me? I’m just some little first year that isn’t even part of a club, my grades are average… and I’m a vampire. Considering it’s Shiratorizawa, it’s not hard to guess which side they’d naturally want to take… they’re mostly werewolves.

I get off with a two day suspension and a warning that if I was caught fighting again, no matter what it was over or who it was with, I’d be expelled. It’s fair, I supposed, but what wasn’t fair was that she didn’t get the same punishment, even though she had started the fight in the first place. Hell, she practically hit away with little more than a slap on the wrist.

Not fighting with her is something I’m sure I can manage though… so long as I keep my distance.


Naturally though, Taichi wouldn’t talk to me after that. He even stopped talking to me during his breaks when I was practicing outside the gym. He doesn’t come out anymore… he doesn’t watch me… he doesn’t even do so much as look at me… and as much as I want to say that it didn’t bother me, it hurt.

It’s so stupid… I’ve never once chased after a guy in my life… but Taichi… he was different. Every time that he’d watched me, I always ended up trying to show off. I wanted to say ‘Hey, check me out! I’m pretty cool, huh?’ It’s stupid, but I wanted him to notice me.

And now… now he won’t even look at me. It’s my own fault… I know that. I had said something terrible and I know that he'd heard it. No matter how much I want to take it back, I know that I can't.

Maybe I was wasting my time with him anyway… wolves and vampires don’t usually mix well…

Sighing, I started making my way back to the dorms. Maybe I should find someplace else to practice… then I would have to be reminded every day that I was just going to be left waiting for someone who wasn’t coming back… Maybe I-mate

I stopped in my tracks. Up ahead, I could see Taichi talking to some girl… and not just any girl… the one person that I hated the most.

His back was to me, so he couldn’t see me… but she could. Oh she for sure could, because she looked straight at me and smirked before looking back at him.

She knew. She knew… I don’t know how someone like her had even found out; I never once told anyone. I’m not that stupid… I knew if it got back to her, she’d find some way to ruin it…

I watched them a moment longer before my mind was made up. That’s how she wants to play? Well, two can play that game…

Chapter Text

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer… That’s how the old saying goes, right?

Even though I’d said that I wouldn’t until she was gone, I joined up with the cheerleading club. If she was trying to get all cozy with Taichi, then I was gonna make that all the much harder.

Of course, there was still the threat of expulsion hanging over my head. If I slipped up even once, everything was over. Sure, I could easily get into some other school, but getting expelled was not a mark I wanted on my record. So for now, I’ll behave… but I sure as hell wasn’t backing down.

Kill them with kindness, or so I figured. To her face, I’d act like just a sweet little first year… and I’d endure all the bullshit extra things that she’d force me to do. Extra running… double the usual training drills… even cleaning up all on my own… I endured it all, and when her back was turned, I began to turn the others against her.

They were all under the impression that I’d always been the villain… but oh no, no… I was far from the villain here. Some began to see it right away… tipped off by the way she always made me do extra work, even from the very start. She claimed that it was because I’d been slacking… but the minute I actually did anything, it was quite clear that even if I’d been alone, I’d still practiced just as hard.

Of course, some were never going to turn on her… no, they were her “friends.” Honestly I’m pretty sure it was more to do with the fact that I was a vampire. My kind aren’t very well liked…

It wasn’t easy, but I was making do. Taichi still wouldn’t talk to me, but there were a couple times I managed to catch his eye. It was only ever for a second and only ever when I chased the captain away. It was getting to be quite comical how many times she fell for the same old trick.

“Hey, Kenta is looking for you. “

She’d roll her eyes and ignore me. “He can wait. I’m talking with Kawanishi.”

I’d always shrug. “Okay… I guess I’ll just go keep him company~ He was asking me about vampire bites earlier anyways~”

She’d always tensed at that and quickly run off, even if only to keep me away from her boyfriend.  I had zero interest in him of course, but she didn’t need to know that.

Taichi never stuck around to talk to me though… and while that hurt, I was always just relieved that she couldn’t have him. Sure, I’d be upset if he ever took interest in any girl, but she was the one girl that I absolutely couldn’t let have him…

Things were still rather tense, but they were going well. That is, until there came a practice match for Taichi and the rest of the team. We weren’t officially going yo be cheering, since it wasn’t an official match or anything, but we all came to watch anyways. It was practice for us too, since we’d all need to be sure we knew everyone’s names for when it came time for the tournaments.

The game wasn’t anything special, really. The other team was either some college team or one from some other prefecture… I didn’t particularly care what team they were. Only reason I really wanted to be here was to get to see Taichi play.

I'll admit, I wasn’t really paying any attention to the match itself. While my eye was drawn to the ball every now and then, my gaze rarely left him. He's still mad at me, I know it… but if I could only talk to him… even just once… maybe I could at least tell him how I felt. Any chance I’d had was probably long gone by now, but I could at least get some closure by confessing…. Ugh… who would have thought that I would ever even think about confessing to some guy? But… Taichi… he’s not just some guy… he never has been…

My thoughts are cut off rather abruptly by the happenings down on the court. I think in that moment, my heart stopped. A collision. While it’s not uncommon, it’s never good… One off the two gets up almost right away, seemingly alright… the other didn’t seem so lucky…

Immediately I go to rush down there, but before I can get more than a few steps, my arm is grabbed. “Take one more step and I’ll make sure you’re expelled,” she hissed, just loud enough that only I can hear.

It’s not some empty threat… I know her too well to even consider that possibility… No, that for sure is a promise… and it’s enough to make me freeze in my tracks.

Shiratorizawa has always been home to me… To think about losing that… and to think about everything that I’d be forced to leave behind… to know I’ll never get to see any of it again… it’s terrifying.

Is that really what you want?

The minute he’s out of the gym, I’ve made up my mind. Fuck the consequences. I shoved her to the side and rushed after him.

By the time I caught up, he'd been sat down in the infirmary, one of his teammates beside him. That one was Semi, the 3rd year setter that Shirabu replaced…

He approached me, putting a hand on my shoulder. “Keep an eye on him for a minute, will ya? Make sure he stays awake while I find the nurse to take a look.” He flashed me a look… did he know? Maybe this was him trying to help. Not likely, but a girl can dream, right?

As he left us, I moved closer to Taichi. He’s probably still mad at me, but that’s the last thing on my mind right now. As I stop in front of him, he turns his gaze to me, eyes widening just slightly.

“Taichi…” Ah… my voice is shaky… I never thought I’d feel nervous like this… or maybe I’m just that worried… “I… are you okay?” Real smooth… of course he’s not okay, dumbass!

He brought a hand to his head. “I… hit my head really hard… Feels like it was hit by a truck…” He flinched a bit, rubbing his forehead. “Nothing feels broken though… I think I’m alright.”

Letting out a sigh, I collapsed to my knees on the floor. “Taichi… don’t scare me like that…” I sniffled a little, my eyes tearing up. How pathetic, crying over a guy… Even it’s only because I was relieved that he didn’t seem nearly as hurt as I’d been afraid of.

He looked away slightly, looking at the floor. “I thought you said you weren’t going to join them… what made you do it?”

Trying to change the subject, huh? “I… It pissed me off that she kept talking to you… I… I didn’t want her to get close to you…” It was petty and childish, but could you really blame me?

“So you really were doing it on purpose… I thought it was weird that it’s was always the same excuse…” He… he could tell? I’d thought I’d been pretty subtle about it, but maybe that hadn’t been the case… “Why? Didn’t you say you weren’t into wolves?”

“I didn’t mean it!” That was louder than I meant it to be… “I… I wanted to take it back as soon as I’d said it…” I gripped his hand with both of mine. I wonder… can he feel my hands shaking? “Even if it had been true… I… It wouldn’t mean I hated you…. You're… you’re special… Taichi's attention is the only attention I’ve ever wanted… I… I don’t… I don’t want you to hate me…”

Never in my life had I ever felt so embarrassed… so vulnerable… If he really wanted to, all it would take to break me would be a single word… If he told me he hated me, it would be too much for my heart to take… but that's not what happened.

Taichi never said that he hated me… he didn’t push me away… Instead, he pulled me forward and wrapped his arms around me. “Could you really not tell…? The whole team pretty much figured it out already…” He petted my head lightly. “I was kind of worried that maybe you were only messing with me...”

I started to smile, but it faded when I thought back to only moments ago. “It might not matter much now though… I… I’m probably going to end up getting kicked out… she'll make sure of it… She always gets her way… but… at least… at least I got to tell you…”

“So what if you do? It’s not like we can’t still date even if you’re at a different school.”

I tilted my head to look up at him. “Date?”

“You’re not gonna say no, right?”

Chapter Text

“U-um… Shira-chan?” The question that let my lips was soft and shaky. “Is… is it true that vampire bites… that they hurt?”

The girl beside me stops mid-stretch to look at me. “It’s kind of weird to ask a vampire that, you know?”

Shira-chan had transferred here after getting kicked out of her last school. Apparently, the cheer captain and her didn’t get along on the slightest and kept fighting… She didn’t seem the violent type to me, but after hearing the story, I understood.

“I can’t say much… but…” Shira-chan grinned at me. “I know whenever I bite Taichi, it drives him wild.”

Taichi Kawanishi, Shira-chan’s boyfriend. It’s not hard to tell that she’s head over heels for him… her eyes always like up whenever she so much as thinks of him… I… I’m quite jealous.

Since she’d come from Shiratorizawa, we’d originally all called her by it as a nickname. Soon it shortened to Shiratori, and eventually Shira-chan.

And coming from a school like that, you just know that she'd be a top-caliber cheerleader.

All the guys go nuts for her too… while I, being my shy self, can’t even get one to do so much as look at me.

“I’m assuming that you’re asking because you’ve got your eye a guy… specifically a vampire guy?” At her prying, I can’t help the blush that springs to my face. She giggled at me. “I knew it! So, spill. Who’s the lucky guy?”

She's probably expecting me to say someone like Oikawa… but the actual answer is a bit more embarrassing. Not that I’m embarrassed to like him… it’s just… “Y-Yahaba…”

The way her face suddenly turned serious made my stomach flip. “Seriously? You realize how shallow that guy is, right?” Shira-chan isn’t judging me… but I still kind of felt like she was… “If you like him, great, but what do you even see in that guy?”

My gaze casts down to the floor. This. This right here. This is why I never bothered to tell anyone about my crush on the second-year. “I… I just like him…” It's not like I could pin it down to one little thing… and it’s not like I don’t already know that he’s not the greatest person…

Shira-chan thought for a moment before grinning. “Ok! I’ll help ya out.”


About a week later, I finally found out how she intended to help me. She didn’t tell me though. Oh no, that would have been far too easy and I would have had the chance to just run away.

After practice was over, both for us cheerleaders and for the volleyball boys, Shira-chan dragged me off to their gym. It was just in time to catch him before everyone had left.

“Yahaba!” It never failed to amaze me how good she’d was at getting a guy's attention… He turned our direction right away, a smile on his face. It’s not for me though.

She’s most definitely flirting with him, but I can’t tell that there’s nothing behind it. She’s always this flirty with everyone. It doesn’t fail to draw him in though. In merely a few words, she can have any guy wrapped around her finger…

It’s no doubt that this is what had caused problems for her before. She seems pretty oblivious to it… or maybe it’s all on purpose… but I know one thing for sure, she’s completely devoted to her boyfriend. This here? It’s just empty words… enticing him and trying to get him to look where she wanted him to… and I could only assume that meant me.

The whole time though, he’d barely even given me a glance.

“Oh shoot!” Shira-chan made an alarmed face. Only someone close to her would know it was faked. “I totally forgot that I’m supposed to meet up with Taichi.” She made a clear gesture of looking at me. “I’m sorry we can’t hang out today.” Lie. We didn’t have any plans like that. “Yahaba, will you be a sweetie and walk her home? I’d hate if something happened to her!”

And there it is. Her scheme.

Yahaba looked over at me, staring a moment. I didn’t dare look him in the eye. His gaze flicked back to Shira-chan, who was making those puppy eyes that she was so good at. “Yeah, sure.”

My heart felt like it stopped. Inside, I was panicking. She was seriously going to leave me all alone with him? As much as I love that idea, I felt like I was going to explode from pure nervousness.

The walk ended up being quiet… very awkwardly so… Now and then, he’d try to make small talk, but I’d stutter or get too nervous when I tried to say anything back.

I… I wish that I were like Shira-chan… She's never afraid to say what she's thinking or feeling… If I were like Shira-chan, then maybe… maybe Yahaba might actually like me…

We come to a stop in front of my house. Not a single light is on… as usual… and that doesn’t go unnoticed by the setter.

“Do you live alone?” It’s only out of curiosity, but it’s innocent enough that I forget my nerves for just a moment.

I shook my head. “My mom works night shifts… so she doesn’t get home until early morning…”

It was at that moment that he actually looked at me. I didn’t know what kind of face he made… or have any clue as to what he might have been thinking… but I knew what thought was on my mind…

Would it be too forward if I were to invite him inside?

Chapter Text

There are things in this world that I will never understand. Some things are better left unknown… some questions are best never asked. This was a truth I learned many, many years ago. Even now, at the age of 23, I still live by it.

Still, there are some questions that demand an answer. Among these: who was it that kept leaving a single flower outside my front door?

For two weeks now, I’d found a single flower laying on my doorstep. It’s clear that it’s no accident, since it happens every day… and it’s always the same kind of flower. I think it was a daisy? I’m no flower expert though.

On the first day of the third week, I see the culprit. A fox, oddly enough. I catch it just as it's setting down the day's flower. It looks up at me and I swear that it smiled before bounding off.

The next day, I see it again. This time it sits on my doorstep a minute longer. It looked at me and tilted its head. I’m almost certain it’s smiling at me… but that’s crazy, right?

The day after, it’s there again. This time, it’s a bit bolder and gives my leg a nudge. I don’t know why, but for some reason I deemed it important to try to pet it… What's even crazier, it actually let me.

By the end of that third week, the fox has come to be my regular morning visitor. Today though, was a bit different.

Today, the fox appeared, but for the first time without a flower. Instead, the minute I stepped outside, he tugged at my pant leg. He gave a tug and moved a few steps in front of me. When I stood there and just stared, he came back, tugged my pant leg again and moved forward.

Follow me.

It was probably really stupid to do so, but I went out on a limb and trusted the little creature. What could possibly go wrong? A lot, actually, but I wasn’t going to think about that.

It almost felt like it was leading me in circles. For all I knew, maybe it really was. Hell, it could be one of those shapeshifters and be planning to attack me after luring me to just the right location. How could I possibly know?

In the end, I was led to a small little restaurant. It was pretty much deserted, being such an odd time of day. Perched on a stool was the fox that I’d followed. On the other side of the counter stood a rather attractive, though rather annoyed, young man. He was probably in his twenties, if I had to guess.

“The hell you doing Tsumu?” Is he actually talking to the fox? You know what? Not gonna question it.

“Is… is he yours?”

The male behind counter scowled slightly. “You could say that… Why? He causin' trouble?”

I quickly shook my head. “Not at all. He’s really sweet.”

“A little shit is what he is.”

I want to ask, but I don’t dare to. Something tells me that this is one of those things.

“Hey! I’m trying to help yer mopey ass!”

The… the fox just talked…

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. “We do not question these things…” I quietly reminded myself before opening my eyes.

Both the man and the fox were now staring. They… they heard me, didn’t they? They stare a moment longer before looking back at each other.

“All ya ever do is work anymore, Samu… When was the last time ya went on a date? Hell, when was the last time ya even got laid?”

Samu didn’t look too happy. Honestly, I thought he looked like he was about ready to strangle the little fox sitting in front of him. “That’s not any of your business.”

“Of course it’s my business! I’m yer brother.”

We do not question these things…. We do not question these things…

“I don’t need ya messing with my love life.”

“Ya don’t even have a love life.”

You know what? I probably shouldn’t keep listening to this. As turned to leave, the voice of the fox called out. “Hey! Don’t leave!” he said before hopping off the stool and grabbing my pant leg, a weak attempt at stopping me. It works though.

“Why ya gotta be such a pest?” Samu grumbled as he came out and picked up the fox by the scruff on the back of his neck. “Let the poor woman be.”

“Stupid Samu!” The fox wiggled around. “I go through the trouble of picking out a nice girl for ya and this is how ya act? No wonder no one wants ya!”

The fox is immediately dropped and he lets out a small noise of pain. I’m starting to actually feel bad for the fox at this point… but I still don’t know the other guy's side of the story.

“Would it kill ya to at least give it a try?” The fox stood back up, only it wasn’t a fox anymore… it was now a man. “I even tried to pick out a girl you’d like this time.”

Uh… this time? Must not be the first time this has happened… Now I’m not so sure I feel as bad for the fox… er… man…

“Ya can’t even find yourself a decent girl.” Samu crossed his arms over his chest. Now that I was looking at him more, I couldn’t help but notice that he seemed rather tired. Maybe a bit stressed… and not just because of the male in front of him who was pretty much identical to him.

That was when I had an idea. “Um…” I spoke up, getting their attention. I looked at the blonde. “Um, Tsumu, was it?” He gave a nod. “If Samu…” I glanced at the other. “If Samu agrees to go on a date… would you agree to stop trying to get involved with his love life?”

It's a poor attempt at settling the issue, but both take a minute to actually think it over. Tsumu speaks first, though he sounded a but reluctant.  “Yeah… I guess if he’d actually try and date a girl, I could leave it alone…”

Samu doesn’t look too happy either. “If it’ll get him off my ads about it… I suppose I could…”

A smile formed in my face. “See? It’s not that hard to find a middle ground…” Still, there was an issue of him getting a date, but that was up to Samu.

Tsumu scowled though. “I worked real hard to find ya a nice girl though… I thought ya would actually like her.” He quite clearly was looking at me and I was pretty sure that he meant me.

“Ya can’t just pick some girl for me.”

“Actually… if Samu wouldn't mind…” Both pairs of eyes locked onto me. It almost made me lose my nerve, the two of them dating that intensely. “Let me take you on a date. My treat.” They give me surprised looks. “What?”

Samu shook his head. “Ya don’t have to do it just ‘cause he dragged ya here.”

“I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t want to.”

At that, he finally cracks a smile. It’s just barely, but it’s enough. “Then sure. Let’s do it.”

He’s probably only agreeing to get his brother off his back, but that’s okay. If nothing else, we can share a nice evening together and then go our separate ways. “Great. Just leave everything to me.”

Chapter Text

My mother tells me that I have a terrible habit. It’s not my fault… not really… I can’t help it if my favorite place to read is under the tree in our backyard… it’s so comfy… I can’t help it if I tend to fall asleep there… it’s not like I go there to take a nap.

My eyes fluttered open slowly. On the ground just in front of me laid the book of been reading. Probably lost my page again. As I moved to stretch and sit back up, I stopped. Something was curled up next to me.

Now, I knew there was a stray cat in the area that was rather friendly… but this wasn’t a cat. It’s a fox. Naturally, my first instinct is panic, but I do my best to stay calm. If I scared it, there was a good chance that it would turn aggressive.

The best thing I can think of is to stay still. After a minute, it lazily opened its eyes, staring straight at me. It gives a bit of a stretch and a yawn before sitting up. Its ears give a little twitch and then it runs off.

If it had only been that one time, I would have simply brushed it off and believed it to simply be a dream. That wasn’t the only time though. He came around every day after that… and I knew it was a he simply because of the way he’d shamelessly slept on his back, legs spread and quite clearly showing off a pair of balls between his legs the third time he’d appeared. If he were a human and not a fox, that would be rather concerning.

He’d quickly become my napping buddy. Soon though, he started coming earlier, appearing before I would fall asleep.

We’d spend hours together under the tree. I’d talk to him about anything and everything… including my current boyfriend and how things had seemed off lately. For a minute, I even entertained the idea of breaking up with him. I’d probably never do it though.

The fox always seemed content to listen and simply be petted. Of course, that didn’t mean he acted like a perfect little angel. Oh hell no. He had quite the tendency to act out in strange ways.

Like there were times he'd steal my cup of pudding. I didn’t even think a fox would like pudding.

Or that time he tried sticking his nose up and under my skirt. “You can’t do that,” I’d told him, pushing him back and using a hand to hold my skirt down. As if he could actually understand what I was saying… he sure understood the little smack on the nose though.

That wasn’t the worst though. Oh no… One of the times I’d woken from my sudden nap, I found him sitting a few feet away from me, a piece of cloth in his jaws. It only takes a few seconds to realize that it’s a pair of panties… one of mine actually…. Wait, wasn’t that the same pair that I put just this morning? One quick check with my hand and I confirm that yes, those had in fact been the ones that I was wearing… or rather, had been wearing. Little bastard stole my underwear… while I was wearing them…

I never did get them back… he ran off with them to whole knows where…

This fox… he certainly was something else. If nothing else, he sure knew how to be memorable… In no time, I’d gotten so used to him showing up that I started to actually wait for him.

Today, I’d ended up falling asleep while waiting for him to show. When I woke, I didn’t feel him beside me like I usually would. For a minute, I worried that he’d gone and stolen my panties again. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

I sat up, frowning when spotted my phone laying on the grass. Now I was sure I didn’t leave it there. As I picked it up, my face fell when I saw the message on the screen.

I never really liked you anyway

The hell? One look at the name and the number said that it was my boyfriend. Or I guess it’s about to be ex… Scrolling up through the messages, I was horrified.

It started with a text from me. I think we should break up. Only… I’d never sent such a message. His response seemed normal enough, simply asking why. The response that came from my side… that was unexpected…. It claimed that he was cheating.

He didn’t even try to deny it… instead opting to ask who had told me. Shockingly, a name was given. Atsumu.

That made me scowl. The only Atsumu I knew of was Atsumu Miya, who went to the same school as me. I was at least a thousand percent sure that I’d never once spoke to him in my life.

Sure, he was hot. There was no denying that. He was kind of a jerk though. Not to mention more than a bit stuck up. In no way was he remotely my type… neither in a romantic way nor in a purely friendly way.

That wasn’t the problem at hand though. The problem was that I sure as hell wasn't the one who had sent those messages. Of course, no one was around… except for the fox who was sitting quietly only a few feet away.

There was no way that it was him. Sure, he’d gotten away with stealing my panties, but I refused to believe he'd been able to take my phone and break up with my boyfriend for me over some texts.

Just thinking that sounded insane… then again, it sounded just as weird to say that a fox had stolen my panties…

My gaze locked on him and I saw his ears pin back. No. Absolutely not. He slowly crawled his way over, stopping to sit just in front of me. I knew what shame looked like, and this was certainly it. It couldn’t be physically possible… right?

In a mere blink, the fox in front of me is gone and in his place is a boy my age. One look at that blonde hair and I know.

“You… you wanted to do it…”

It wasn’t his place to do it for me.

Many emotions surged within me. Pain… Betrayal… Sadness… but the strongest of all? Anger.

I was absolutely pissed. Him being a pervert? I could have overlooked that. Stealing my pudding all the time? It was good pudding, so how could I blame him? Stealing my panties was a bit fucked up, but that I could have forgiven…

But this? No… No I couldn’t forgive that. He had absolutely no right to do something like that. Cheating boyfriend or not, it had nothing to do with him.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I shoved him away and stormed inside. His face was the absolute last thing that I wanted to see right now.

Chapter Text

After I’d shoved him, Atsumu seemed to have gotten the hint that I didn’t want to see him. He left without a fuss… which I was grateful for. I wasn’t in the right mind to hold a conversation with him.

The next day though, I didn’t sit under the tree. Of course, I was still very upset with him. Unfortunately though, Atsumu still showed up in his fox form, as if nothing had happened.

I didn’t go out to meet him though. He ended up sitting at the back door, simply staring inside with sad eyes. No doubt he wanted to make me feel sorry for him and just forget what he did. That wasn’t going to happen.

For awhile, I managed to push him out of my mind. My mother had questioned why I hadn’t wanted to spend time with my napping buddy when she saw him staring in, but I simply told her to ignore him. She didn’t ask after that and I assumed that he had gone home after awhile.

It's not until after dinner when I’m finishing up with washing the dishes that I think of him again. There's the pattering of rain on the roof. It’s been raining for a couple hours now…

For a moment, I wonder if he actually did go home… or if he was still there waiting by the door. The thought alone pains my heart. Surely he wasn’t that stupid… but as much as I want to think that, I can’t help but check.

No more than a minute later, I’m wrapping that soaking wet idiot fox in a towel and carrying him inside.

“I can’t believe you…” I sighed, setting him on the couch, still wrapped up in the towel. He’s shivering so much… but that’s what he gets for sitting out there in the rain for hours. “Why couldn’t you just go home?”

Atsumu didn’t answer, only stared at me weakly as I tried to dry him off. One towel definitely wasn’t going to be enough… “You’re really lucky that I’m not a heartless bitch… and even luckier that I even thought about checking on you..  Would you have sat there all night if I didn't?”

Again, he didn’t say a word and just looked up at me. His eyes remind me of a sad puppy… with just a glimmer of something else. Hope, maybe? Hope that maybe, just maybe, I’ll forgive him. Forgiveness doesn’t come that easily.

As I tried to dry more of his fur, he crawled forward. His paws creeping up to my shoulders as he pressed himself to my chest. Some sort of weird hug, I guess?

The sound of the doorbell catches my attention and I go to stand, but Atsumu won’t let go. With a sigh, I simply pick him up and carry him with me to the door. My shirt is going to be all wet after this, but it’s better than having to pry this guy off me.

When I open the door, it’s not much of a surprise that Osamu is there. From the look on his face, he’d come here solely to get Atsumu. Maybe he'd assumed he’d be here when Atsumu hadn’t cmem home.

“The hell ya doing botherin' her?” Osamu reaches for the fox in my arms. Atsumu only clung to me, his paws hooking over my shoulders in an attempt to hold on. His face buried itself in my neck. A silent plea to not let Osamu take him.

Osamu removed his hands and instead crossed his arms. “Haven’t ya done enough? Let her be already.”

Atsumu only clung tighter. He's still shaking, but this time I’m not sure if it’s from being cold and wet or just fear… fear that if he lets go, he'll lose what little chance he has.

It’s enough to tug at my heartstrings… and I can’t help but bring a hand up to gently pet his head. I should still be mad at him… but he's making that really difficult. “I… it’s okay if he stays for a little bit… I think… I think there are a few things that we need to talk about…”

Talking to him is the last thing I want to do right now and I’m pretty sure that Osamu can tell that, but he doesn’t mention it. Instead, his words are aimed at his twin that was in my arms. “Don’t go and fuck this up too. I won’t help ya fix it. This is yer only chance.”

It’s not until Osamu had left and I’m sitting back on the couch that Atsumu relaxed. He let me finally pry him off and set him on the towel that I’d been using to dry him.

Those pitiful puppy eyes are still staring at me. “You can’t just guilt me into forgiving you.” It’s far too soon to forgive him, but he really is making it hard to stay mad. “Cheater or not, it wasn’t your decision to make.” Sure, I would have broken up with the guy if I’d found out he was cheating, but that wasn’t the point here. “What were you thinking? Better yet, why did you even care in this first place?”

Atsumu placed a paw on my knee, but still didn’t say anything. “Atsumu, this is the point where you really need to start talking,” I sighed. Clearly, he wasn’t going to apologize… or even explain himself. “Forget it. I’m going to bed.”

As I moved to stand, he grabbed hold of my shirt. Another silent plea. “Atsumu, you never shut up any other time. Now start talking or I’m going to call Osamu and have him take you.”

It’s a bluff and he knows it. He knows that I don’t have his number… and I certainly don’t know where he lives either. Even knowing that, it’s still enough to get him to talk. “I’m not sorry,” he said, letting go. “I’ll never be sorry for breaking ya up. He was a jerk and I know ya would be better off without him.”

Well… at least he was being honest about it. He backed up, sitting down before looking at me. “And I’m not sorry for the other stuff either. I’d do it all again just to get ya to notice me.”

I can’t help the way that a smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. Ever the shameless one… but I suppose that was Atsumu for you. “Atsumu, I’m not mad about the other things. Well, maybe a little about the underwear. I liked that pair… but that’s besides the point.” I tried to ignore the way he pinned his ears back. “Why did you do it? It’s not like there was anything between us…”

His ears seemed to drop even further. “So I didn’t have a chance at all?”

“Atsumu, until yesterday you were just some random fox who kept taking naps with me.” It’s a harsh fact for him, but it needed to be said. “This is the first time we’ve ever even talked.” I wasn’t counting yesterday, because that wasn’t really much of a talk. More like I yelled at him.

“I tried to.” He laid down, chin on my knee. “Every time I could get near ya, you would leave or someone else would get in the way… or ya would fall asleep…” He gave a small sigh. “I… I saw him, ya know? With that other girl… It pissed me off… How could he do that to ya? Ya don’t deserve that… When I found ya sleeping again, I just kinda did it. I'm not sorry I did it… I’m just sorry that it made ya mad…”

The way he said it, it seemed like he wanted to play it off as being for my sake, but really, it was for his own selfish reasons. I let out a sigh and looked away from him. “That still doesn’t make it any better.”

A hand touched my cheek, turning me back to face him before lips met mine. The kiss is soft and a lot sweeter than I would have expected of Atsumu. I don’t push him away, but I also don’t kiss him back. No, I let him have his moment and don’t react.

“Atsumu, I’m not going to date you.” He frowned at my words. “I literally broke up with my boyfriend yesterday… I’m not just going to jump right into a relationship… so not yet, okay?”

I swear I could see his ears perk up. “Yet? You mean I’ve still got a shot?”

“You would have had more of a chance if you just told me instead of breaking up with him for me, but yes. You still have a chance... but you do have to give back my underwear that you stole.”

“No. They’re mine now.”

“Pervert. If you don’t give them back, then you can’t steal my heart.”

“I’ll do it anyway.”

Chapter Text

Atsumu gave me many suggestions for the date I had with his brother. As much as I appreciated the thought, none of them struck me as being a fit for what I wanted to do for him. However, talking to the blonde did help me to figure just the perfect plan.

Now here we sat, just Osamu and I at my kitchen table. Atsumu had told me quite a bit and from that, I’d figured that a nice quite dinner at home seemed like the best bet. Osamu sounded like he would enjoy that more than going out to do something.

Admittedly, I’m not the best cook, but there are some things that I can make pretty well. If it was bad, Osamu certainly didn’t seem to show it.  Atsumu did say that Osamu like pretty much all food though, so I hoped that part was true.

Conversation was mostly lighthearted. We talked about simple things… things we liked… hobbies we had… our jobs. Osamu’s pretty much all related to food, which oddly enough was kind of cute.

While we talked, I couldn’t help but notice that he seemed a bit stiff… and not only that, he kept rubbing the back of his neck or his shoulder. Atsumu had said that Osamu had been working a lot lately. Overworking, really. The guy was in some serious need of a bit of relaxation.

“Wouldn’t hurt for him to get laid too.”

I tried not to laugh as Atsumu's words came to mind. As much as I could agree with the blonde, sleeping with Osamu wasn’t my intention here. No, I wanted to help him out. Purely innocent intentions here tonight. Not that I would be opposed, though.

In an instant, I think of another thing that I can do to help him out. Slowly I stand up, moving around the table to stand behind him. His eyes follow, not sure if he should trust whatever it was I was planning. “What are ya- oh.”

Any protests died before they could form as my hands went to his shoulders, rubbing carefully. I could feel him slowly start to relax, the massaging easing his aches.

I hadn’t originally planned to, but hey, why not? People always told me I gave the best massages. Pretty sure they only said that to get a free massage, but hey, I’ll take the compliment.

Osamu seemed to appreciate at it, good or not. Listening to him and the little sounds he made… it was quite clear that he’d been needing this and I couldn’t stifle the giggles that came when I was reminded of another thing Atsumu had told me.

“What’s so funny?”

“Just remembering something Atsumu said about you…” I hummed, not once stopping my hands. “Normally I wouldn’t ask, since it’s not actually my business… but now I’m curious.” I moved my hands to massage more by his neck and he leaned into my grip. “And since you sound more like I’m having sex with you and not just rubbing your shoulders, I’m almost inclined to believe it was true.”

“I do not-“ Osamu interrupted himself with a small groan, only proving my point further.

Another giggle slipped out. “You really do though…” I stopped with my hands for a minute, making him tilt his head back to look up at me. “Atsumu… he said that he’s never seen you do anything with a girl before… and that he was absolutely certain that you're still a virgin.”

“Fucking Atsumu..” There’s a scowl on Osamu's face. “That’s a lie. I was with a girl once. He just didn’t see it and I sure as hell wasn’t gonna tell him… not when she was a friend of his… and kind of a whore. Slept with half the guys at our high school…”

Knowing what I knew of the blonde, I could already see why Osamu wouldn’t want to tell his twin about it. “Only one girl though? I would have thought a guy like you would have had girls all over him…”

“Like me? You sure you aren’t thinking of Tsumu?”

I shook my head. “I’ll admit that Atsumu is hot, but you’re not bad looking. You’re really handsome… and responsible… I can’t say too much about your personality yet, since we really only just met, but you’re already pretty great from what I’ve seen…” I smiled down at him, my eyes briefly lingering on his lips. As tempting as it is to lean down and kiss him, I resist the urge.

For a moment, we just stayed there in silence. Osamu didn’t seem like he believed me... so I figure I’d change the subject. “If you want, I could massage you a little better if you didn’t have a shirt on and were laying down.”

“That sounds like an excuse to get me in bed,” he accused, eyeing me.

“If I just wanted to have sex, I would have just asked Atsumu. He seems like the easier guy.” His scowl faded, but only slightly. “I’m being completely honest and serious. You seem like you really need to de-stress and with as much as Atsumu claims you’ve been overworking yourself, a massage would really do ya some good. No funny stuff. I promise. All you have to do is say you want me to.”

Osamu closed his eyes a moment, carefully thinking it over. We both know that there’s a chance that it might lead to something further, but as things stood, neither of us were planning to go for that… and that was okay. When he’s made up his mind, he looked at me with a small grin. “Would ya?”

That’s all I needed to take him by the hand and lead him to my bedroom.

Chapter Text

His friends are an interesting bunch. As far as I can remember, I’ve never had friends quite like them… Yaku… he’s very lucky to have such good friends.

The minute they see me with him, they question it. Can’t exactly blame them. They’re all adults and here Yaku appears with a girl who looks like a high schooler… they’d be crazy to not question it.

After questions have been answered, everyone settled down and did… whatever it was they’d planned on doing. I wasn’t really included in most of what they were doing… I was an outsider, so I kept to myself and tried to stay away from where the sunlight was coming in through the windows.

“Hey Lev, how are things going with that little girlfriend of yours? You know, the little werefox with the attitude?” I heard the one with messy black hair ask. I’m pretty sure Yaku said that one was Kuroo.

The silver haired male, who had to be Lev, shrugged. “Same as always… still freaks out anytime I try to touch her…” He didn’t seem too upset over it, so I could only assume that he was well aware of what caused that problem. That or he was just that crazy about her.

“You don't get over that kind of experience that easy.” All eyes snap to the dark haired werecat. Pretty sure this was the first time I’d heard him say anything. “They don’t like when you fight back, so she probably had it worse than most.”

Being an outsider, I have no idea what Fukunaga's talking about. Everyone else seems to understand though. They don’t question him… instead they nod, like they’re all agreeing to some big secret that I’m unaware of.

It's then that Yaku glanced my way, as if suddenly remembering that I know absolutely nothing about their conversation. “You’ve heard of Collectors, right? Groups of humans who kidnap nonhumans?”

I gave a nod. It wasn’t until after I’d become a vampire, but the topic had come up before. Not to mention the stories I’d come across on the internet of people who claimed to have been survivors.

“Fukunaga was with them for a little while. Lev's girlfriend, she goes by Silver, was with them for years… along with this one guy who hangs around Lev's sister.” It’s not much of an explanation, but it’s enough. I don’t need any gory details…

Kuroo shrugged. “Not that Collectors matter to you… they won’t touch a vampire.” The kitsune casts a look my way that makes me want to shudder. He’s a bit suspicious of me… and I don’t like that one bit.

Vampires were never very well liked by other nonhumans, as I’d come to learn. Maybe it’s because humans were more accepting of them… If these people knew that I was a turned vampire though, they’d surely hate me. Might even call in some vampire hunters.

Kuroo eyed me a bit longer. “Hey, hand me that water bottle over there, would you?” He pointed to a bottle on the counter near where I was standing. Without even thinking, I grabbed it and moved to hand it over. Not thinking was my big mistake.

As I handed it off to him, my hand passed into the sunlight that came from the open window. I can’t even hold back the small cry of pain as I released the bottle and jerked my hand back out of reflex.

The kitsune's eyes narrowed. “I thought something was off… you’re not a real nonhuman, are you?”

There's no answer that I can give to that. It’s clear that he knows… and he’s definitely not happy.

I looked down at my hand when the sunlight touched. The skin is a dark red like a really bad sunburn and starting to blister. It was only a few seconds of contact…

“The hell are you doing, Yaku?” While Kuroo turned his glare at my roommate and caretaker, I slipped away to tend to my injury.

It would heal itself in only a few minutes, but it still burned. I turned on some cold water and held my hand under it. The cold helped to numb the feeling and ease the burning sensation… but it did nothing to keep me from hearing. The words from the ither room.

“Those things are dangerous and you’re living with one?”

“What was I supposed to do? Leave her out there to die?”

“So you’d rather risk having it turn on you and tear you to pieces?”

“She wouldn’t do that.”

“Things like that aren’t natural.”

“They’ll turn on you as easily as they can look at you.”

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

Their words hurt, but the worst part is, they’re true. It’s not just Kuroo speaking… and it’s not like they’re being heartless… it's so far from that… These things… they’re being said because they’re all worried for Yaku.

By the time my hand has healed itself, they’re still arguing over it. I know that Yaku's trying to stick up for me… and that hurts in a much deeper way than anything that the others have said.

I’m not eager to go back out there, so I slip into the guest room where Yaku and I were supposed to stay in. My eyes land on the window and the on some paper on the desk nearby.


(Yaku's POV)

Why do they keep talking about her like she’s some kind of monster? An abomination? Can’t they see it? She’s still a person… doesn’t she deserve to keep living?

I know that they’re just worried for my safety, but do they really have to be that cruel?

She’s not a monster… and if they could see even half of the thing that I see, they would know that.

Like how her face lights up brighter than the sun the minute I walk through the door… Or how she never fails to make meals for me, even though she can’t eat normal food… Or the way that she sits with me when I study, never asking for attention or distracting me, just simply keeping me company… Then there’s the way she’s always trying to keep the apartment perfectly clean and how she makes sure I never forget important dates… She never even complains if I go out with friends or even when I go on dates with some girl… She doesn’t even ask me for blood either… I always have to be the one to bring it up...

Kuroo didn’t have to lure her out like that… if he would have asked, I’d have told him the truth. We're friends, right? Even if I hadn’t said it outright, it wasn’t like I was lying about her…

Eventually, the argument died down. It’s clear that they’re not changing my mind. There’s nothing to change. She’s not the monster they’re thinking she is.

As I glance towards the hallway, I realize that she's been gone a really long time. The burn would have disappeared awhile ago… and while I can’t blame her for wanting to avoid the fighting, I can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right.

When I go to check on her, she’s not there. All I find is an open window… and a note.

I’m sorry.

Ever since we met, I’ve always been nothing but a burden to you, and that’s not fair. You’ve been so kind to me… too kind, really. When everyone else would have left me to die, you never gave up on me.

Your friends? They’re right, you know. As long I stay with you, you’ll be in danger. I can feel that the bloodlust is getting stronger… I didn’t want to tell you, because I know you’ll just worry… but if I stay, it’ll only be a matter of time before I lose control and end up hurting you.

I wish that we could have met when I wasn’t a monster. Maybe in another life, things will be different.

I’m sorry for everything… I could never do enough to repay the kindness you’ve shown me. I hope that you can forgive me.

It’s her handwriting. I clench my hand around it and return to the other guys. Some words leave my lips, but I don’t even pay attention to what they are… instead I shoved the note into Kuroo's hands.

There's no doubt that he feels guilty the minute he reads it. That’s not what is on my mind right now though, as I move to the front door.

“Where are you going?”

I don’t even look back at them as I slide my shoes. “Where do you think? I’m going out to find her.”

Chapter Text

There are some things that I know that I can’t ever tell anyone. Some secrets are meant to be buried deep and never allowed to see the light of day. My past… that is one of those secrets.

If anyone were to find out what I was, then I would lose anyone and anything that I hold dear. Not that I even have much anyways… but I’d like to treasure what little of a life I have.

That werecat that I’d helped to escape… he’s probably the closest thing that I have to a friend. We don’t really talk, but he’s never far from me. He’s even gotten me to help out at his volleyball practices. Through that, I’ve been able to get to know many kinds of people, though almost all being nonhumans.

If they knew the things I’ve done though, I know they wouldn’t hesitate to turn on me. Neither side wants to really admit it, but there’s a deep rift between humans and nonhumans… always has been and it’s not likely to change anytime soon…

“You know, I bet you'd look really cute if you’d let your bangs grow out.” Beside me stood the team's captain, Kuroo. He’d always been friendly towards me, so I never let any of his unusual comments bother me.

The smile on his face was harmless enough as his hand reached over, brushing the hair off to the sides. It’s there that he freezes, the smile on his face immediately vanishing. Now he knows why.

That cursed word… the one that will never, ever leave me.

Before he has a chance to say a word, a hand wrapped around his wrist and pulled it away. I don’t need to see my rescuer's face to know him… who else would it be besides my guardian werecat?

I know that Kuroo wants to ask and normally he would, but that look that Fukunaga is giving him makes him hesitate. It’s a look that tells him to back off… that it’s not something he needs to know.

Once Kuroo had left us, I looked up at Fukunaga. His came up to my forehead, brushing my hair away and running his thumb over the scars. He looked so sad…

He stared at that one spot for a moment before he spoke. “This was because you helped me…” He didn’t say any more, but it wasn’t needed. The meaning was clear: this was his fault.

Did he feel guilty? True, it was because of him that it happened… but even through everything they’d done to me, I couldn’t find it in my heart to blame him.

Carefully I took hold of his hand that wasn’t on my head. “If I could go back and do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing…” For me, there were no regrets about what I’d done.

“I would.” A faint smile formed, but it’s a bit sad. “If I could go back, I would have taken you with me…”

It was a sweet sentiment, but we both knew why he could have… why he shouldn’t have… the very same reason that we never told anyone how we’d actually come to now each other. If anyone found out that I had been a Collector… I don’t even want to think about what they would do.

“It’s better that you didn't…” Whether he could see it or not, part of me had deserved it. After all, I had chosen to live that kind of a life… the one that lead me to that captive werecat.

Fukunaga didn’t argue it. Instead, he placed a gentle kiss on my scars. Whatever happens, I know that I will never, ever regret freeing him.

Chapter Text

Dating a werewolf isn’t as simple as you’d think. In my case, at least.

How long have we been together now? Almost a year? It doesn’t feel like it’s really been all that long… but then again, if you consider that we’ve hardly done anything that couples usually do, it’s no wonder that it feels like we haven’t been together long.

While I get that there's probably some reason for it, I can’t help but worry. I don’t want to just outright ask… that would just be embarrassing for both of us. So instead, I turned to the internet. Surely someone else has had the same issues…

Most of my searching was leading nowhere until I came across what seemed to be the answer I’ve been needing. It was an online group made for people who were dating werewolf men. The group was primarily women, but it looked like a few guys were mixed in.

The two who ran the group weren’t much older than me. One was recently graduated and is currently married and expecting a baby sometime within the next month. The other was a third-year high school student, who apparently was very shameless about her attraction to wolf boys.

We've been together for a year now, but he still won’t do anything more than hold my hand and the occasional cuddling… Help? I typed out, hoping that maybe within a day or two I might get some kind of advice. So imagine my surprise when I got responses almost instantly.

MrsYamagata: He might be too nervous to make the first move. Maybe you should try to imitate things.

ILikeSnowballs: He could just be shy like my Yuuki is.

AlphasLady: He might just be dense like Wakatoshi. If he comes from a family like his, then you’re pretty much out of luck there, sister.

KenjirosKnotSlut: If there’s another Ushijima out there, I pity his girl XD

MrsYamagata: I thought we agreed not to reveal identities

KenjirosKnotSlut: Oops. My bad XD

OnlyTaichi: It’s not like we couldn’t have figured that one out though.

OnlyTaichi: Anyway… you could always try seducing him. Or just try making him jealous. It works for pretty much any guy.

ILikeSnowballs: Jealousy could work, but if he’s a timid guy then it might just end up hurting him.

KenjirosKnotSlut: Seducing him could totally work though! Just wear something a bit morbzjdbnc..

LadyAlpha: You okay there?

ILikeSnowballs: I think she had a stroke on her keyboard

KenjirosKnotSlut: This is her boyfriend. I’m sorry for her behavior.

KenjirosKnotSlut: WTF? Why is that her name?

KenjirosKnotSlut: She won’t be available for a while. And this advice is terrible. Guys are dense. Just tell him what’s bothering you. He won’t get it otherwise.

After that, there was a flood of everyone laughing and commenting on how “Kenjiro's totally punishing her” and things like “someone won’t be walking later.” It was funny, of course, but my mind was more focused on my own problem.

Just tell him, huh? Out of everything that everyone had said, the only advice that seemed like it would actually get anywhere was the only advice that came from a guy that was a werewolf. Ironic, right?

“Whatcha looking at?” I jumped slightly at Koganegawa’s voice beside me. I’d gotten so focused on the group that I'd stopped paying attention to everything else.

“I found this group… a bunch of girls who are dating werewolves…” I smiled a bit as he settled into a space beside me. “They seem like a lot of fun… I think the one girl's boyfriend got a bit mad though. Looked like he might have actually taken her phone from her.”

He tilted his head in that cute way of his. “Why would he get mad?” At that, I scrolled back up and showed him the whole conversation. At the sight of her username, his face turned red.

“Yeah. Not sure I’d want my girlfriend going around and calling herself that so publicly.” I carefully tucked my phone away in my pocket.

“I wouldn’t want you saying something like That around other people either…” He adjusted himself, his hand moving to sit on top of mine. “You think that girl will take their advice?”

Was he really that oblivious? Well, I did always like that about him. “I don’t know… If you were her guy, what would you want her to do?”

Koganegawa stopped and thought about it. “I’d want you to tell me, I think… but it’s not like I do it on purpose. I transform when I get too nervous or excited and if I think about kissing you then I-“

Oh, there he goes. His face turned red as the realization hit him. The girl who had asked the question was me… and he'd basically just revealed why he’d been so hesitant to do anything.

“I… does that bother you that much?” He looked at the ground, a little embarrassed.

“A little… I just… is it wrong that I’d want to kiss you?” It felt a little awkward to talk about it, but what that Kenjiro guy had said was right. The best thing to do was to talk to him.

Koganegawa doesn’t answer that. Instead, he leaned over and placed a quick kiss on my lips before moving back as quickly as he’d done it. He hesitated a moment before his face lit up. “Hey, I didn’t transform!”

On top of his head though, a pair of wolf ears twitched. I couldn’t stifle my giggles. For being such a big guy, he was so adorable whenever he was excited.

Having gained a little bit of confidence from the first one, he leaned in for a second kiss. This one was a much more proper one though, lasting more than just a second.

Our start may have been complicated, but that didn’t mean that it always had to be.

Chapter Text

This cell… I have a feeling I'll probably never get to see much more than this ever again.

Well, I call it a cell, but really, it’s just a small room. There’s a door on each end, one leading into the cell from the rest of the compound, the other leading to the courtyard where myself and others like me spend our morning hours.

That door is on an automatic lock… it unlocks just after breakfast time and then locks again right before lunchtime. During that short few hours, we get to sit outside in the courtyard and interact with our fellow collected.

I’m not particularly close to any of them… I’ve never really been one to socialize anyways. Still, anytime someone gets hurt, I’m the first they come to. Being an angel, it’s easy for me to heal others.

An angel’s healing powers aren’t without their limits though… As nice as it would be, they won’t work on ourselves… and when it comes to vampires… well, they’re really resistant to the healing.

Not that where would be any vampires among the collected anyway… the Collectors deem them as being far too dangerous to keep. Maybe that’s why they let them be a part of them instead. As far as I know though, there’s only one Collector here who is a vampire.

On the main door to my cell, a small door is opened. It’s no bigger than a dog door, existing only for the purpose of slipping in the trays at mealtimes. In slides a tray, a carefully measured amount of food on it, along with a bottle of water and a tiny white pill.

As much as I hate to admit, they do feed us decently… what they give us is carefully made, taking all our allergies and health needs into account. It didn’t make it taste good, but it’s at least edible. They do it for their own selfish reasons, of course, since it would be more work for them if any of us got sick.

The little pill? It’s another way that they “take care” of us. It’s a form  birth control. Again, it’s more for their convenience than for our sake, but I know that some of us would be very grateful to have that little bit of protection. After all, we don’t get a say in what they do to us.

There are some of us who thought they were smart and refused. Some physically rebelled. Some simply refused food. In the end, it didn’t matter… no matter how much you fought back, you’d only end up being forced into submission. It saved both sides a lot of pain if you just behaved and did as you were told.

Even knowing that though, I can’t bring myself to submit completely. I’ll be careful and pick my battles. I'll play the good little girl until there comes a battle that I stand a chance of winning. It may sound stupid or pathetic to you, but this is how I’ve survived.

For now, I'll behave. I ate my food quietly and quickly. There’s only an hour set aside for lunchtime, but that doesn’t mean you can waste time. When I’m done, I slip the empty tray out the little door. About fifteen minutes before lunch ends, someone will come around to collect trays. They always count too, making sure everyone returns exactly what they’d been given.

After lunchtime is considered “working time.” I’m not so sure I'd really consider it work… People come around and pay to spend an hour with one of us… They can do anything they choose too, so long as we’re still in one piece and alive by the end. More often than not, it’s for sexual purposes… but that didn’t mean it always was.

Now and then, you’ll get the odd visitor who merely wants attention… someone to talk to or to make them feel like they’re loved. These people are weird, but at the same time, they’re a sort of blessing. A brief relief from the horrors we see at all other times.

The first two visitors I get today aren’t that type. For those two hours, I play the good girl and do as I’m told. No sense fighting with either one… it wouldn’t get me anywhere. That doesn’t mean that I like it though.

The third hour comes and so does the third visitor. This man is one I know. He’s one of the Collectors that works in this compound. Couldn’t tell you his name, but I do know that he’s one of the… nicer ones, for lack of a better word.

He’s not one for a lot of talk… and I’ve never seen him be unnecessarily cruel. He’s dressed just like all the others; dark clothes that are built to allow for mobility. The only thing missing is his belt. That’s no surprise though… the guards would have had him remove it before entering, as that was where his weapons would have been.

This is the first I’ve ever seen him step into my cell… I don’t know what to expect from him.

For a moment, all he does is stare silently. What is he planning to do? It’s clear that he’s in no hurry… probably bought up more than just one hour. It’s not uncommon… sometimes a Collector will take a liking to a certain collected and choose to take up several of that collected's timeslots for the day. Doing it for a collected that you’d never touched before though, that was a bit odd.

After a moment, he stepped towards me, making me instinctively take a step back. If I were going to fight back, this would be the time to do it. I probably stand the best chance against him and it could actually have some sort of outcome.

He didn’t seem to like that. Before I could make even the slightest move, I was grabbed and pushed up against the wall. His chest was pressed tight to my back, my arms pinned by the wrist on each side.

“Quit moving.” When I struggles anyway his grip tightened on my wrists. “I said don’t move.” His breath was right on my neck. “If you keep squirming around like that, it’s going to hurt a hell of a lot more. So just be good, don’t move and I’ll be done in a minute.”

It’s right about then that I remember that he’s the one that’s the vampire. As much as I don’t want to listen to him, I know that what he said wasn’t a lie. I’ve never been bitten before, but I’ve seen the bites on others afterward… many of which I was asked to heal.

When I stopped moving, I felt him lean in closer. “Good girl.” It’s not much more than a whisper, but it’s enough to know that he’s content before he finally sinks his fangs in.

It hurts… a lot, actually. It makes me want to cry out, but I hold it back. It’s not like it would do anything anyway.

A minute or two passes, but it feels like so much longer. Slowly he withdraws his fangs, giving the bitemark a lick before letting go of me and stepping back.

Cautiously, I turn back around to face him. To my surprise, he’s moved back always from me and ins instead sitting comfortably on my mattress. When he sees me looking, he pays the space beside him and when I don’t ait with hum, he merely shrugs and lays down, his back to me. In only a couple minutes, I can hear him snoring quietly.

It’s really foolish of him to trust me so easily. If I were the type, I could strangle him in his sleep. Lucky for him, I’m not that type. Instead, I’ll take comfort in this brief moment of peace. I laid down next to him, feeling that at least for this moment, I was safe.

I’m not sure how long I slept, but when I woke, it was to the feeling of a hand brushing some hair out of my face. My eyes flutter open, only to meet his that were quietly staring back at me.

I don’t make any attempts to move away. If he had planned to do anything to me, he would have done it while I was asleep and defenseless. Well, that what I assumed, at least.

“Still got about an hour left.” His voice startled me a little. He’d been pretty quiet, so I didn’t really expect him to say anything.

That last hour is spent laying there, mostly in silence, but also with light conversation. By the end, I learned that his name was Kuguri and that he'd bought all of my hours for the day. All he’d wanted was a quick little meal and a nice nap. Apparently the mattresses in the cells were more comfortable than the Collectors’ bunks. Wasn’t so sure I believed that though.

The next day, he showed up again… and then every day after that. He’d take up all of my hours, or as many as he could if someone got to it first. During the time, he’d simply take my blood and then have his nap. It sounds stupid to hear it, but having this become my normal routine was kind of nice… and in time, I came to be a bit fond of Kuguri and his visits.

If escape from here was impossible, then spending these days with Kuguri was definitely the next best scenario.

Chapter Text

I was pulled from my sleep but the sounds coming from outside my cell. Screams. Shouting. Animalistic growling. Bones snapping. Doors slamming. Complete and utter chaos.

Something was happening out there… and it wasn’t pretty.

I sat up on the mattress, knees pulled to my chest. What was going on out there?

There was the rattling of keys outside my door. Suddenly the door slams open, a man standing there. It takes no more than two seconds to recognize him. Before I even have the chance to ask, he’d already taken my hand and dragged me out of the cell.

It’s then that I see it. The fighting. Bodies thrown about the hall. Is that a bear? The entire compound is under some kind of attack. I’m not sticking around to see it though… Kuguri has already determined that as he pulls me along behind him, dodging around anyone or anything that might cause us harm.

My foot slides out from under me. If not for his grip on me and the way he’d stopped to steady me, I would have fallen. As I straighten myself back up, I catch a glimpse of what I’d slipped on… a dark red puddle.

My stomach turned at the sight, but I didn’t get to dwell on it long before he was pulling me along again. Through the compound and into the outside… we didn’t dare stop.

The rocks and twigs that littered the ground were painful on my bare feet, but there wasn’t any time to worry about that. A Collector is also the last person I should be trusting right now, but once again, there’s no time to think about that. Right now all I can do is trust in Kuguri.

Until now, I’d never really known that the Collectors compound was nestled deep into a forest. Suppose it made sense though. They couldn’t just be in the middle of a busy city…

The compound has long since been out of sight by the time we finally stop. Kuguri let go of my hand at last, propping himself up at the base of a tree.

As I knelt beside him, a dark patch on his shirt caught my attention. I reached over and touched it, finding my hand stained red.

He didn’t resist as I lift his shirt. Maybe he couldn't. There on his side was a deep gash… Something like that would be dangerous to leave untreated… but out here, we had nothing.

It probably wouldn’t do much of anything, but I had to try… I placed both hands over the wound and focused.

“Come on…” I quietly pleaded, hoping that by some miracle, I could heal him. It was a longshot, but if I could help even just a little bit…

After a few minutes, Kuguri simply put his hand over top of mine. It’s no use… we both know that… Vampires are naturally resistant to an angel’s healing… The most that I could do was make the bleeding stop for now. The minute he got up and started to move around though, it would start again.

“We’ll move again after I rest a minute…” He looked like he was in too much pain to really move, but if that’s what he had decided, then I won’t stop him.

“I can try to heal you more the next time we stop…” I wasn’t entirely sure why, but the thought of him dying crossed my mind just then… and that made my heart ache.

Kuguri shook his head lightly. “You don’t have to do that. It probably won’t be enough anyway…”

He’s right… and I hate that. Why should he have to suffer? Okay, so maybe he did do a lot of things with the Collectors, but did that automatically make him the villain? A villain would have left me in my cell… Kuguri took me with him…

“But if we leave it, you could die…”

“I'll be fine… I’d rather take my chances out here than back in there.” Kuguri winced a bit as he adjusted how he was seated.

I wish that I could do more to help him. “Kuguri… what was going on back there?”

“Bunch of nonhumans attacked us while we were sleeping,” he said, eyes closing. He was still awake though. “They knew the layout of the building and our routines… had to be some former collected.”

So it was possible to escape… “So… they were trying to rescue us?” By us, I meant myself and the others.

“In a way… but there’s only two outcomes that can happen here… and neither are pretty.” He took a slow breath. “The Collectors could manage to overpower the nonhumans and then they’d end up locked up alongside you… or the nonhumans will win and kill every Collector in the place.”

That certainly explained why he would run. If he had stayed, there was a high chance that he’d be killed. “So… why did you save me then?” If what he said was true, I probably would have been safe if he'd just left me. As long as I stayed in my cell, no harm would have come to me, right?

“I don’t know.” It’s a fair enough answer, I supposed. Maybe he only brought me along to be a snack. Maybe he actually cared for me. Maybe he just didn’t want to be alone. Maybe he just really didn’t know and had done it purely on a whim.

The air is a bit chilly now… or maybe it was only now that I was beginning to notice it. It is the middle of the night, after all. I move over, sitting at his side. Now that the adrenaline has worn off, I feel myself longing for sleep. Within mere seconds of letting my head rest on his shoulder, I was out.

The next time I wake, it’s to the sound of twigs snapping. I sat up quickly, looking around for the source of the noise.

When I see a large, scrappy wolf staring at me, I freeze. That's either an actual wolf or it’s werewolf from the compound. Neither option is good. My gaze goes to my companion only briefly.

Kuguri isn’t in any condition to fight… he probably can’t even run right now. I’m no fighter either. I could run, but I don’t want to leave Kuguri behind. He didn’t leave me behind…

The wolf stared a moment before throwing back his head and letting out a howl. It’s a call to someone… either his pack or some other companion… either way, I doubt they’re friendly.

This wasn’t going to end well…

Chapter Text

“What are you doing?”

A face came into my view, staring curiously down at me. “Hey Tsutomu. It’s a little early for you to be out of practice, isn’t it?”

Goshiki, my best friend since… well, as long as I can remember. It’s been so long that I don’t even remember how we even met. Couldn’t even tell you how old we were then.

“Tendo said someone was just sprawled out on the ground out here and wasn’t sure if you were even alive,” he said, the tiniest hint of a frown on his face. “I saw it was you, so I had to see if you were actually okay.”

I lifted my head just enough to see the redheaded third year leaning against the gym doorway. Tendo gave a wave, so I waved back. “I'm just gonna starfish until you get out of practice.”

“Starfish?” I gave my arms and legs a slight wiggle, pointing out how I was currently laying on the ground, limbs spread out just like a starfish. “You’re such a weirdo…”

“But that’s why you love me.”

He chuckled lightly. “Maybe I should rethink that choice.”

Tsutomu Goshiki… my best friend all my life… I’ve come to realize that I’m in love with him, but it’s not like that matters. I’m forever stuck in the friendzone. Not that he actually knows that… I’ll probably never tell him how I feel.

“You should get back to practice before you get yelled at.”

Goshiki flinched just a little. From what I knew, the coach was always a little bit harder on him than the others. “I don’t want to be yelled at again…” He turned to head back in, but stopped to glance back at me. “You know, Tendo also said he could see up your skirt. You should probably at least close your legs…”

“But then it’s not starfish if I do that. Besides, it’s not like I care if he can see.” Goshiki seemed a bit more bothered by it than I was. Not like it mattered. It was my underwear, not his, after all.

He didn’t bother to argue it and just went back to practice. After so many years together, he knew better. Besides, it’s not he was my boyfriend or anything. I know he’s not jealous or anything either.

Slowly I turn my gaze back to the sky. There are some clouds that look kind of like a pawprint and it makes me think of him. Goshiki… he admires Ushijima more than anyone else… and I suppose that it’s fair that he wanted to be just like the ace.

He wants so very much to be the team's ace… and probably the school’s alpha too. I can’t fault him for that. He's a werewolf… it’s instinct for him to want to be strong. Maybe that’s why I can’t bring myself to even try to talk him out of wanting another werewolf for a girlfriend. Ushijima's girlfriend is a werewolf so why shouldn’t Goshiki's be too?

As much as I’d love to be his girl, I know it’s out of my reach… just like those clouds up in the sky… and the stars that are even beyond that… Even so, I’ll never let that stop me from dreaming. I’m gonna stay right here and support him however he needs… no matter what I feel. Because I love him, I’ll do whatever I have to in order to help him be happy.

Chapter Text

The side of the house that I’d found myself on after slipping out the window was luckily shaded. I’d taken an old sweatshirt that Yaku had, one that was very much too big for me. This would give me some protection from the harsh sunlight. So long as my skin wasn’t exposed, I could make a quick dash through the sunny patches.

All I have to do is hold out until nightfall… Once the sun was down, I could get far away from here… Far away from Yaku… Far enough away that I would never ever have to worry that I might hurt him.

For now though, I had to take things just one step at a time. I spotted the next patch of shade… the shadow of the house next door. I hold my breath as I sprint through the short strip of sun between here and there. There’s still a burning sensation, but the sweatshirt blocks most of it, letting me get through without much pain.

 As I hop from shadow to shadow, my mind goes to Yaku. How long until he even noticed that I was gone? Would he ever notice? Actually, that was a stupid thought… of course he’d notice that I’m gone. The real question was of he would even care… I was never anything but a burden to him…

Leaving him is something I don’t want to do, but even more than that, I don’t want to hurt him. The things that the others said… I know they’re the truth. There’s a reason that you don’t see turned vampires walking among everyone else… there’s a reason that vampire hunters will take them down without hesitation.

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked Yaku to let me come with him. If I’d stayed back at the apartment, his friends wouldn’t have found out about me… and maybe then I could have kept pretending that there wasn’t a chance that I would hurt him…

Maybe… maybe I should just walk out into the sunlight and let that be the end of it all. I look down at the ground… that little line where the edge of the shadows are. It'd be so easy to just step past that little border. It’ll hurt like hell, but it would all be over in just a minute or two…

As I move to take that first step, a firm grip takes hold of my arm. In that brief second before I look, my mind goes straight to Yaku. If he were here, I know that he’d stop me.

“You’re not really going to do it, are you?” If I didn’t feel his hand on my arm, I’d probably my have thought that I was only imagining his voice.

I turn my head, liking at Yaku's worried face. “If I were, would you try to stop me?”

“Of course I’d stop you.”

It was a stupid question, really. Of course he would stop me… that was just the kind of person he was… “Why?”

The question seemed to catch him off guard, but his answer came without the slightest hesitation. “Because I love you.”

It wasn’t an answer that I would have expected. Maybe that was why it hit me so hard and made me second guess my thoughts about ending everything. “Even though I’m a monster?”

“You’re not a monster.” His voice was firm, like there was no way that it couldn’t be the truth… and I wanted so very much to believe him. “Did you really think that I never noticed? You’re always looking out for me… it might seem like a bunch of useless little things to you, but to me, they mean so much.”

I took a few steps away from the edge of the shadows. Whatever he was thinking, it was something that I needed to hear, I was sure of it. “But I’m-“

“Don’t say that you’re a burden. You never have been.” Yaku's eyes are locked onto mine and I really want to believe what he said. “It’s never a burden to look after someone you care for… Hell, you could stand to ask for a hell of lot more you know? You’re always putting me first and most of the time you don’t even ask me for blood…”

His hand moved to my cheek. “If you hate being with me, I’ll let you leave… but if you want to stay, then… let me be selfish and keep you by my side.”

“But what if I end up hurting you?” It was so easy for him to say all these things, but being what I was, there was still that threat of what I could do… Turned vampires like me had their reputation for a reason, after all.

In spite of all that though, Yaku didn’t seem the slightest bit afraid. “You won't… and even if there was a chance, I’m willing to take that risk.”

“If you keep saying things like that, you make me want to stay forever…” I mumbled. He leaned in, his forehead resting against mine.

“Good… because I don’t want you to leave…” He didn’t say anything more and mere closed the space between us, kissing me sweetly.

Maybe I wouldn’t be able to stay with him forever, but if he wanted me, then I would stay as long as he would let me.

Chapter Text

Never in my life have I ever doubted a promise made by Aone. If he said he was going to do something, he would do it.

When he’d said that we would find a way to be free again, I didn’t doubt it for even a second. Maybe I didn’t know how, but I knew that he would make it happen.

Now here I am, stepping into the halls of a school for the first time in years. While that time with the Collectors was like hell, this was much more terrifying. They were an evil I knew… this was completely unknown to me.

It felt everyone was staring at me… and for the first time, I don’t have Aone here to shield me. Can they all tell that I’m not like them?

One male decides to be bold and approach me. His scent immediately gives him away… he’s an incubus. After the things I’ve seen and been through, I don’t even let myself even consider that his intentions might be pure.

“You’re new,” he hummed, getting much too close for my comfort. He leaned in a bit closer. “Cute too.”

If I were transformed, my fur would be standing on end. I try to take a step back, only to find that I’m really close to the wall. I don’t trust him… so I don’t look at his face… instead, I keep a close eye on his hands. For now, his hands are in the pockets of the jacket he wears.

“No need to be so prickly.” The stranger pulled his hand from his pocket and reached towards me.

Before I have any chance who react though, someone else grabs it by the wrist. One look at my savior's hand and my face brightened. Immediately I look up at him.


I freeze when the other male speaks my friend's name as I do. Slowly the incubus looks at me in confusion.

The brunette stares at me a moment. “Wait, are you that little werecat he talks about?”

Aone… talks about me? I look at Aone for some sort of confirmation… or maybe even denial. The only answer I get is just the slightest smile.

“I’m Futakuchi. Sorry for scaring you. Didn’t know you were Aone's girl.” The brunette gives me a friendly grin. He’s definitely less intimidating this way.

I give him my name in return, but there’s something about what he said that doesn’t exactly sit right. “What do you mean ‘Aone's girl'?”

Futakuchi looked at me like I just sprouted wings or something. “You’re his girlfriend, aren’t you?” I shook my head. “Seriously? But he’s always saying he-“

Whatever he was about to say was cut off by Aone placing his hand over the incubus's face. Was it really that bad? If Aone was stopping him though, I knew it had to be for a reason and I’ll just trust him.

It takes a minute, but eventually, the brunette pries the werewolf's hand off his face. “Have you seriously not told her?” The only answer he gets is a look from Aone that makes him sigh. “Fine, fine… but if you wait too long, someone else will snatch her from you.”

Aone paid no mind to his friend's words and simply smiled at me. Always the quiet one… but I wouldn’t want him to be anything different than he was.

Chapter Text

The first thing that I notice when I open my eyes in the morning is the arms wrapped tightly around my waist. Slowly I think back to the events of last night…

Despite being a college student now, Goshiki had never been much of a drinker. Lately though, he’s been doing it a lot. It’s not that I can blame him… when the girl you’ve been dating for four years dumps you so suddenly, how do you not turn to something to ease the pain?

The first two times, he went way overboard and barely managed to make it back to our apartment. After that, I made sure that he’d only do it at home, where he would be safe and have someone who would look after him.

Obviously babysitting a drunk man isn’t my idea of fun, but I can’t just leave him to fend for himself… So many times he’d pick up his phone and try to call her… and of course I had to stop him. She'd made it very clear she didn’t want to speak to him ever again and the one time he tried to talk to her, it didn’t go well.

Last night, I’d thought that he was doing better than he had been, but then this happened… A simple, spontaneous kiss… one thing leads to another and before I knew it, he had me in his bed.

I should have said no. I should have tried to stop him. Not because I wanted to… hell, stopping was the last thing I wanted… No, it was for his sake that I should have done something… because I know that when he wakes up, he’s going to regret what happened or he simply won’t even remember.

I closed my eyes and rest my forehead against his bare chest. Tsutomu… you've gotta let go… If you do, I can go before you wake up, and then you can just pretend this never happened…

If he wanted, I could pretend too. I’ve been doing it for so long anyway… pretending that I’m not hopelessly in love with my best friend…  I know, I know, I sound pathetic, but I’m not about to go and ruin what we have by telling him how I feel… it’s already clear what he wanted… and that wasn’t a human like me.

Goshiki started to move, making me freeze. I don’t want to have to handle this… not yet… It's not like I can deny anything happened either… even an idiot could figure it out… I mean come on! Not only is he holding me tightly against his chest, but we’re naked. Nude.  Zero clothing. Not even underwear.

As I waited to hear his reaction, I felt him shift a bit before suddenly stopping. He probably realized that neither of us are dressed, which means he’s probably already figured out what happened last night…

Goshiki isn’t saying anything… and I think that might be scarier than anything he could say right now.

“T-Tsutomu…” I mentally curse the way my voice shakes. I’ve got to keep it together. “If you want, we can just pretend it didn’t happen…”

Goshiki doesn’t say anything to that, but I feel his arms around me loosen their grip. I took the chance to roll over so that I was turned away from him. As I did I noticed something.

“Tsutomu, are those stars?” Little objects were stuck up on his ceiling. Small and seemingly star-shaped. They were spaced just right… “Wait… that’s Orion…”

His arms around me tight end again, pulling me closer to his chest. “Orion is the only I can ever remember… but I only know it because of you… You like stars, don’t you?”

“I mean, yeah, I love the stars… but why would you have them on your ceiling?”

“They glow… and it kind of feels like when we used to lay and watch the stars…” he said softly, not making any attempts to get up from the bed.

I remember those times all too well. We used to sneak out all the time to just lay under the stars. Sometimes, it would get cold and Goshiki would transform so that he could use his fur to help me stay warm.

Those memories were always so dear to me… but I’d never thought that they might mean just as much to him too. “Maybe we can do it again sometime…”

“We could do it every night if you want to…” I felt his breath on my neck as he spoke. If he had any idea the effect that he had on me…

“If you get a new girlfriend, I don’t think she’d like that…”

I felt his grip loosen and myself being turned so that he could stare down at me. “I don’t want some other girl for a girlfriend.” He sounded so sure, but where had this come from? “It… it was stupid of me to even think about trying to copy Ushijima… I’m not him… I shouldn’t try to be him… not when it means I can’t be with the person I want…”

“Tsutomu…” I want more than anything to believe that what he’s saying is that he feels the way that I do, but there’s a big part of me that fears that I’m misunderstanding him.

Goshiki brought a hand to my cheek. His touch is so gentle… you’d never believe that this is the very same hand that spikes a volleyball on a regular basis. “You feel the same way, don’t you?”

My heart wants to beat right out of my chest. “You… you don’t care that I’m a human?”

“Does it bother you that I’m a werewolf?”

“Of course not… I just thought…” I have to pause a moment to calm my racing heart and collect my thoughts. “I thought you would never think of me in that way because I’m just a little human…”

Even as I say it, I know it’s stupid to have ever thought it. That gentle look in his eyes only proved it. “I love you.” It’s all that he says, but it’s enough to make me feel like the entire world stopped turning.

He doesn’t give me the chance to say it back though, instead, he presses a sweet kiss to my lips. It’s not our first, but this time I know he’s thinking clearly… that it’s meant for me and that it means something… and I know that it won’t be our last.

Chapter Text

I remember there was a time when I was only seven, where I decided to run away from home. It’s probably the stupidest thing that I’ve ever done, looking back now… Hell, I don’t even remember what had upset me so much to make running away seem like the best option.

When I'd run away, I didn’t have any kind of plan… I didn’t have anything at all… I just ran off and ended up in the woods… That might have been the stupidest part of the whole ordeal.

With no place in mind and nowhere to go, it was no wonder I ended up lost. It probably didn’t help that I was a crying mess and tripping over my own feet constantly either…

It felt like I’d been running for hours, but honestly it had probably only been no more than an hour since I’d left home.

Eventually, I found myself in a nice little clearing… a cave nearby. By this point, I’d already forgotten why I’d been upset… why I’d even run away… All that I could think in that moment then, was how much I wanted to go home.

Which way was home though? All these trees looked the same… and it wasn’t like there was any sort of path that I could have followed.

I don’t know what to do…

I sat down on the ground, leaning against one of the large rocks near the cave. What do you even do in this kind of situation? My little seven year old brain didn’t know.

Sniffling, I pulled my knees up to my chest. Has anyone even noticed I’m gone yet? Would they even come looking for me? If they did, would they even find me? While I should know that I’ll be okay, my mind is too focused on the fear that I might be lost forever.

“What are you doing out here?”

Right away I look to the source of voice, hoping that it might be someone I knew. He’s not. In fact, I was sure that I’ve never seen him before.

He’s so tall… but just about anyone seems like they’re tall when you’re a child. Is he a teenager? He doesn’t look old enough to be a grown-up… but he looks too big and too old to be a kid…

I gave a little sniffle and tried to wipe the tears out of my eyes.

The male in front of me crouched down, bringing him much closer to my level. “It's dangerous out here… lots of creatures stalking around… A big bad wolf might just come along and eat a little human like you right up.”

It didn’t occur to me then that he’d just told me that he wasn’t human. It also doesn’t even cross my mind that this male in front of me was a stranger and that I probably shouldn’t talk to him.

His voice is gentle though and with almost no coaxing, I give him my name. In return, he told me his. Even now, I can still remember it. Funny how things work like that.

“So why are you way out here by yourself?” When I told him that I'd run away from home, Semi laughed at me. “Wasn't a very good idea after all, was it?” I expected that he’d scold me, but he didn’t. Maybe it was because I already looked like I regretted it.

Semi looked at me carefully. “You’re not hurt, are you?” As an answer, I held up my hand. I’d scraped up my palm when I’d fallen. It still hurts, but until now I had been to distracted to notice that.

He takes hold of my tiny hand in his much larger one and gives me a smile. “Want to see a cool trick?” I give a weak sniffle, but nod.

Semi shows me the injured part of my hand. It’s bleeding a bit. Slowly he raises it, licking the damaged skin. It stings and I let out a small cry. When he shows it to me again though, the scrape is completely gone… and with it, any tears I’d cried over being lost.

“That’s so cool! Like magic!” Nevermind the fact that randomly licking someone so randomly was weird. Nonhumans like him probably saw it differently, but that didn’t even cross my mind. I was so amazed about how the wound had vanished in the blink of an eye.

Semi laughed a bit. “Magic, huh?”

In that moment, I remember thinking that he was so cool. His ashy grey hair that was just a but darker at the tips… the way he looked so tall and strong… those eyes that looked so fierce, like they could scare away anything that might try to hurt me… and that smile that seemed to gentle.

He grinned bigger as an idea came to his mind. “You want to see an even cooler magic trick?” There's an excited spark in his sharp eyes… I nod excitedly.

Semi grins as he stands up again. He takes a few steps back, stretching a little.

As I watch, his entire body shifts into something much, much bigger. The boy before me was replaced by none other than a dragon.

I should have been terrified, but… “That's so cool!” I sprang to my feet, eyes lit up like it was Christmas. There wasn’t any fear… only pure amazement.

Was this really real? I moved closer, running a hand over his silvery scales. He’s not as big as I’d imagined a dragon would be… but he’s still huge compared to little me.

After a moment, he goes back to a human form. It’s so amazing to think that someone who appeared so normal could be such a fierce creature.

Semi smiled down at me. “Well, we should probably get you home.” He turned his back to me and crouched down. “C'mon.”

It’s never smart to trust a stranger, I know that, but in this short time that I’ve known him, he’s given me no reason not to trust him. So I climb on and let him carry me, my little arms around his neck to hold on.

Somewhere along the walk, I fell asleep. When I wake up, I’m safely back at home and Semi Is long gone…

Chapter Text

“You know, graduation is in two weeks…” Ayame tilted her head at me as she spoke. “I still can’t believe you’ve gone all this time without having a boyfriend… Like seriously, you’ve got half the guys in our year interested and you won’t even so much as look at them.”

She's not lying, I know. I’ve lost count of how many guys have confessed to me over the past three years… and yet, Not one of them had ever been able to catch my eye. No one has… well, almost no one. “I just haven’t be interested in anyone...”

“Yeah, yeah…” Ayame frowned at me. “You’re hung up on that guy you met when you were seven… You really need to let that go, you know? Even if he really was real, he’d be old by now.”

As much as I hate to admit it, she’s right. It’s really stupid to be so focused on some guy that I’ve only ever met once… especially when I know that he was a decent bit older than I was. “A girl can dream…”

“You’re only hurting yourself…”


Two weeks left… I sighed as I wandered. Ayame's words keep coming to mind lately. She’s brought it up countless times over the years and honestly, I’m starting to think that maybe I really should just give up on my mystery guy.

My grades are some off the highest in my year… I’m head of the student council… and my looks are more than enough to catch the eye of pretty much any guy I want… and yet here I am, stuck on some guy I met just once when I was child. Because of him, I’ve never even so much as considered anyone else.

Things had been especially stressful lately because of that… so I figured a nice long walk would be enough to clear my head. Naturally, I don’t pay a lot of attention to where it is that I’m going… Maybe that’s how I ended up near the very same woods that I’d gotten lost in as a child.

It’s purely on a whim that I step into them. I’ve always stayed away ever since I’d gotten lost, scared that if I got lost again that no one would be there to save me.

When I find myself at that very same cave, I know for sure that meeting him before was no dream. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’ll see him again… and even if I did see him again, who’s to say he wasn’t already married and had kids?

Eleven years is a long time… even if he was only fifteen back then, that’d make him twenty-six by now… That’s more than old enough to have met someone and married… And if by some miracle he was single, what reason do I have to think he’d ever be interested in me?

I’m wasting my time, waiting around like this… but what exactly am I supposed to do? As I sigh, I fiddle with the edge of my skirt. It’s probably stupid to be all the way out here while still in my school uniform too.

“You know, you shouldn't be out here all alone,” a voice said from behind me, making me spin around to face him. “A wolf might come along and eat you right up.”

Standing there, grin on his face, was none other than my mysterious rescuer from eleven years ago. He’s still got that same hair with darker tips, only it’s longer now. His eyes are still every bit as fierce as I remember… but the effect he has on my now is definitely not the same as back then.

One look at him and my heart flutters. This. This right here. This is why I never dared to give anyone else a chance… because no one else has made me feel this way.

He laughed softly. “Don’t tell me, you ran away again?”

“In a way, I guess you could call it that…” A smile spread across my face. He remembered me… just to know that made my heart soar. I guess not many people ever came out here. “Escaping the stresses of the last days of high school before having to face the terrors of adulthood… Can you really blame me for wanting to run away?”

He shrugged. “Suppose that’s fair… but that’s not any reason to go out wandering in a place like this… I wasn’t kidding before… this place really is dangerous.”

“If it’s so dangerous, then why are you out here?” I countered, hoping to catch him off guard. I didn't.

“I’m not a fragile little human like you are.” He doesn’t bother to hide the way he eyes me. “Besides, this is my cave. Might not be staying here anymore, but it’s still mine. Now quit being a little smartmouth before I decide to shut it up for you.”

It’s definitely not a smart idea, but hearing him say it makes me want to challenge his words. He'd shut me up, huh? We'll see about that. “Your cave? Shouldn’t be surprised that a dragon would live in one…”

“Maybe I just like pretty things.” He stepped closer to me. “You seem to remember what I am, but you probably don’t even remember my name, do you?” My lack of a response is the only response he needs. “Didn’t think so.”

As crazy as it seems, I feel like I have to defend myself. “I was seven. Of course I’d forget a name that I’d only heard once… Doesn’t me that I’d forget you…”

“And just why would a little human want to remember a beast like me?”

My voice freezes under his stare. I can’t exactly tell him that I have been thinking about him and pretty much let myself fall in love with him over the past eleven years… He would think I was crazy… and honestly, I probably am.

That alone seems like answer though, as he smirks down at me. It sends a shiver down my spine. If I were going to run away, this would be the time to do it… but any thoughts of doing so were long gone.

He gave a nod towards the cave behind us. “Want to come in?”

With a nod, I follow him into the dark cave. It’s not exactly the brightest idea, since it takes no time at all to get to where I can’t even see the light coming in through the cave entrance. It’s pitch black now and I can’t see a thing. If not for his grip on my hand, I don’t think I could even tell where I was going.

After some time, we come to a stop. From the ceiling is just tiniest pinprick of light coming in. It’s nowhere near enough to light up the area though.

When he released my hand, he turned to face me. The only way I know that he's looking at me is the faint glow of his eyes. It’s rather intimidating, I’ll admit.

His eyes close and immediately I lose him. "Let me show you a magic trick." When he speaks, his voice is behind me. But when I turn to look, all I see is the darkness around me.

Everything about this situation screams “be afraid.” This is a dangerous place… alone in the dark, helpless and at the mercy of the beast I’d willingly followed here… and yet, I’m not scared.

There’s a small noise. I can’t quite tell for sure what it is, but it sounds a lot like when Ayame tosses that little tennis ball of hers up and and catches it her hand. If I had to guess, he has something in his hand and is making those very same motions.

A hand moves into the very small stream of light. As something is placed down in just the right spot, immediately a purple tinted light fills the cave. It’s still rather dark, but it’s just enough that I can finally see.

“It's pretty amazing, isn't?” I heard him say as I looked around. It’s not hard to figure out how the trick works… That thing he placed under the light was a crystal of some sort, the surface reflecting the light. Pair that with the fact that the walls are covered in countless smaller version of the crystal, you get this lovely lighting.

He moved to stand beside, a smirk on his face. “You know… you really should know better than to follow a dragon into his lair…” Once more, he’s eyeing me. What’s going through that head of his? “Here’s your last chance to run… might want to take it.”

“Why would I run from you?” As much as I know that it’s what I should do, I don’t want to run.

He shifted around to the front of me, eyes glaring down. “I’m the most dangerous thing in these woods, you know that, don’t you?” He takes a step closer and my heart races. “I’m a big… ferocious… dangerous creature… and you… you’re just a tiny… fragile… delicious… human.”

“You wouldn’t hurt me.”

He gave a small chuckle. “You don’t know that… you don’t even know me… For all you know, I’m not the same man who rescued you years ago… Maybe now I’m a coldhearted killer… a ferocious beast who likes to eat careless little humans like you…”

He leans down, his face mere centimeters from mine. “Don’t pretend like you’re so tough… I can hear your heart pounding like a cornered rabbit just waiting for the moment that it's devoured…”

“If you were going to hurt me, then why were you so bothered that I couldn’t remember your name?” The moment I found my voice again, he froze. He's right that my heart is racing… but it’s not from fear like he seems to think it is. If anything, it’s excitement. “I’m not afraid of you. If you were going to hurt me, then you wouldn’t bother trying to scare me away. And even if I did think you might hurt me, do you really think that would be enough to make me pass up a moment I’ve been dreaming of for years? To give up a chance of seeing the one person who made all other guys mean absolutely nothing to me?”

My words may have pushed him too far, as his face scrunched up In anger. Quicker than I could react, he backed up and kicked the little crystal to the side, plunging the cave back into darkness.

If I were going to get scared, now would have been that time. My heart raced faster… and I know he has to be able to hear it.

“Do you even have any idea what you're saying?” There’s a growl to his voice that most definitely hadn’t been there before. “You realize how insane and stupid you sound? What? You’ve been in love with some guy you’ve only ever seen once? Even when you were just some helpless little kid? When he was twice your age back then? As if it’s actually love… if it was, then you wouldn’t have forgotten my name.”

Even I know that it sounds stupid… but that’s no reason to just throw my feelings aside like that. “Is it so crazy to think that I admired you?” He sounds so pissed… If I don’t calm him down, I could actually be in danger. “You were strong and calm when I was scared out of my mind…” If only I could remember what his name is… “You were kind to me… you even cared that I’d gotten hurt…” Come on… I need to remember… “It was only a tiny scrape, but you cared enough to heal it, even at the risk of possibly scaring me.”

He didn’t say a word, choosing to let me speak. I can tell he’s still angry though, his glowing eyes glaring at me through the darkness.

“I remember that it was so cool… like magic…” I need to remember what he said his name was. It has to be here in my mind somewhere. “It made feel like I didn’t need to be scared anymore… not when you were there to protect me…”

It has to be in here somewhere… What was it? Hajime? No… Sato… no… Kei? No… but that feels close… Keiji? No… Keita? Not quite… Wait! That's it! “You even showed me your true self, Eita…”

There's a flicker in his eyes. “That's it, isn’t it?”  Every instinct in me is telling me that I should probably be running away, but if I didn’t listen to it before, then why would I now? I moves towards him, his glowing eyes being the only indication of where he was. “Don’t just push my feelings aside like they’re nothing… Maybe it is stupid to hold on to someone who I probably never had a chance with… that I probably never truly knew to begin with, but that doesn’t mean how I feel isn’t real.”

I stop as I collide with something. Semi must have been closer than I’d thought he was. “Thought I told you that if you kept being a smartmouth, that I’d shut you up…”

Semi doesn’t give me the chance to respond, pressing his mouth firmly against mine.

***This part has been censored for the innocent readers***

“Where the hell have you been?!”

The minute I stepped into my dorm, Ayame was right there to confront me. It’s well after midnight now… and it’s not like me at all to be out so late.

As she opened her mouth to yell at me further, her eyes went wide. “Is that a hickey?”

Right away, I can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

“It really is, isn’t it?” Ayame's anger melts into a stupid grin. “About time you got with someone! Don’t tell me! It’s that volleyball captain, right? Kimura, right? It has to be! I’ll bet her was good too! Setters are so good with their hands…”

Her eyes go wide when I shake my head. “His name is Eita… and no, he’s not a student here.”

“Tell me everything.”

Chapter Text

“You know, graduation is in two weeks…” Ayame tilted her head at me as she spoke. “I still can’t believe you’ve gone all this time without having a boyfriend… Like seriously, you’ve got half the guys in our year interested and you won’t even so much as look at them.”

She's not lying, I know. I’ve lost count of how many guys have confessed to me over the past three years… and yet, Not one of them had ever been able to catch my eye. No one has… well, almost no one. “I just haven’t be interested in anyone...”

“Yeah, yeah…” Ayame frowned at me. “You’re hung up on that guy you met when you were seven… You really need to let that go, you know? Even if he really was real, he’d be old by now.”

As much as I hate to admit it, she’s right. It’s really stupid to be so focused on some guy that I’ve only ever met once… especially when I know that he was a decent bit older than I was. “A girl can dream…”

“You’re only hurting yourself…”


Two weeks left… I sighed as I wandered. Ayame's words keep coming to mind lately. She’s brought it up countless times over the years and honestly, I’m starting to think that maybe I really should just give up on my mystery guy.

My grades are some off the highest in my year… I’m head of the student council… and my looks are more than enough to catch the eye of pretty much any guy I want… and yet here I am, stuck on some guy I met just once when I was child. Because of him, I’ve never even so much as considered anyone else.

Things had been especially stressful lately because of that… so I figured a nice long walk would be enough to clear my head. Naturally, I don’t pay a lot of attention to where it is that I’m going… Maybe that’s how I ended up near the very same woods that I’d gotten lost in as a child.

It’s purely on a whim that I step into them. I’ve always stayed away ever since I’d gotten lost, scared that if I got lost again that no one would be there to save me.

When I find myself at that very same cave, I know for sure that meeting him before was no dream. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’ll see him again… and even if I did see him again, who’s to say he wasn’t already married and had kids?

Eleven years is a long time… even if he was only fifteen back then, that’d make him twenty-six by now… That’s more than old enough to have met someone and married… And if by some miracle he was single, what reason do I have to think he’d ever be interested in me?

I’m wasting my time, waiting around like this… but what exactly am I supposed to do? As I sigh, I fiddle with the edge of my skirt. It’s probably stupid to be all the way out here while still in my school uniform too.

“You know, you shouldn't be out here all alone,” a voice said from behind me, making me spin around to face him. “A wolf might come along and eat you right up.”

Standing there, grin on his face, was none other than my mysterious rescuer from eleven years ago. He’s still got that same hair with darker tips, only it’s longer now. His eyes are still every bit as fierce as I remember… but the effect he has on my now is definitely not the same as back then.

One look at him and my heart flutters. This. This right here. This is why I never dared to give anyone else a chance… because no one else has made me feel this way.

He laughed softly. “Don’t tell me, you ran away again?”

“In a way, I guess you could call it that…” A smile spread across my face. He remembered me… just to know that made my heart soar. I guess not many people ever came out here. “Escaping the stresses of the last days of high school before having to face the terrors of adulthood… Can you really blame me for wanting to run away?”

He shrugged. “Suppose that’s fair… but that’s not any reason to go out wandering in a place like this… I wasn’t kidding before… this place really is dangerous.”

“If it’s so dangerous, then why are you out here?” I countered, hoping to catch him off guard. I didn't.

“I’m not a fragile little human like you are.” He doesn’t bother to hide the way he eyes me. “Besides, this is my cave. Might not be staying here anymore, but it’s still mine. Now quit being a little smartmouth before I decide to shut it up for you.”

It’s definitely not a smart idea, but hearing him say it makes me want to challenge his words. He'd shut me up, huh? We'll see about that. “Your cave? Shouldn’t be surprised that a dragon would live in one…”

“Maybe I just like pretty things.” He stepped closer to me. “You seem to remember what I am, but you probably don’t even remember my name, do you?” My lack of a response is the only response he needs. “Didn’t think so.”

As crazy as it seems, I feel like I have to defend myself. “I was seven. Of course I’d forget a name that I’d only heard once… Doesn’t me that I’d forget you…”

“And just why would a little human want to remember a beast like me?”

My voice freezes under his stare. I can’t exactly tell him that I have been thinking about him and pretty much let myself fall in love with him over the past eleven years… He would think I was crazy… and honestly, I probably am.

That alone seems like answer though, as he smirks down at me. It sends a shiver down my spine. If I were going to run away, this would be the time to do it… but any thoughts of doing so were long gone.

He gave a nod towards the cave behind us. “Want to come in?”

With a nod, I follow him into the dark cave. It’s not exactly the brightest idea, since it takes no time at all to get to where I can’t even see the light coming in through the cave entrance. It’s pitch black now and I can’t see a thing. If not for his grip on my hand, I don’t think I could even tell where I was going.

After some time, we come to a stop. From the ceiling is just tiniest pinprick of light coming in. It’s nowhere near enough to light up the area though.

When he released my hand, he turned to face me. The only way I know that he's looking at me is the faint glow of his eyes. It’s rather intimidating, I’ll admit.

His eyes close and immediately I lose him. "Let me show you a magic trick." When he speaks, his voice is behind me. But when I turn to look, all I see is the darkness around me.

Everything about this situation screams “be afraid.” This is a dangerous place… alone in the dark, helpless and at the mercy of the beast I’d willingly followed here… and yet, I’m not scared.

There’s a small noise. I can’t quite tell for sure what it is, but it sounds a lot like when Ayame tosses that little tennis ball of hers up and and catches it her hand. If I had to guess, he has something in his hand and is making those very same motions.

A hand moves into the very small stream of light. As something is placed down in just the right spot, immediately a purple tinted light fills the cave. It’s still rather dark, but it’s just enough that I can finally see.

“It's pretty amazing, isn't?” I heard him say as I looked around. It’s not hard to figure out how the trick works… That thing he placed under the light was a crystal of some sort, the surface reflecting the light. Pair that with the fact that the walls are covered in countless smaller version of the crystal, you get this lovely lighting.

He moved to stand beside, a smirk on his face. “You know… you really should know better than to follow a dragon into his lair…” Once more, he’s eyeing me. What’s going through that head of his? “Here’s your last chance to run… might want to take it.”

“Why would I run from you?” As much as I know that it’s what I should do, I don’t want to run.

He shifted around to the front of me, eyes glaring down. “I’m the most dangerous thing in these woods, you know that, don’t you?” He takes a step closer and my heart races. “I’m a big… ferocious… dangerous creature… and you… you’re just a tiny… fragile… delicious… human.”

“You wouldn’t hurt me.”

He gave a small chuckle. “You don’t know that… you don’t even know me… For all you know, I’m not the same man who rescued you years ago… Maybe now I’m a coldhearted killer… a ferocious beast who likes to eat careless little humans like you…”

He leans down, his face mere centimeters from mine. “Don’t pretend like you’re so tough… I can hear your heart pounding like a cornered rabbit just waiting for the moment that it's devoured…”

“If you were going to hurt me, then why were you so bothered that I couldn’t remember your name?” The moment I found my voice again, he froze. He's right that my heart is racing… but it’s not from fear like he seems to think it is. If anything, it’s excitement. “I’m not afraid of you. If you were going to hurt me, then you wouldn’t bother trying to scare me away. And even if I did think you might hurt me, do you really think that would be enough to make me pass up a moment I’ve been dreaming of for years? To give up a chance of seeing the one person who made all other guys mean absolutely nothing to me?”

My words may have pushed him too far, as his face scrunched up In anger. Quicker than I could react, he backed up and kicked the little crystal to the side, plunging the cave back into darkness.

If I were going to get scared, now would have been that time. My heart raced faster… and I know he has to be able to hear it.

“Do you even have any idea what you're saying?” There’s a growl to his voice that most definitely hadn’t been there before. “You realize how insane and stupid you sound? What? You’ve been in love with some guy you’ve only ever seen once? Even when you were just some helpless little kid? When he was twice your age back then? As if it’s actually love… if it was, then you wouldn’t have forgotten my name.”

Even I know that it sounds stupid… but that’s no reason to just throw my feelings aside like that. “Is it so crazy to think that I admired you?” He sounds so pissed… If I don’t calm him down, I could actually be in danger. “You were strong and calm when I was scared out of my mind…” If only I could remember what his name is… “You were kind to me… you even cared that I’d gotten hurt…” Come on… I need to remember… “It was only a tiny scrape, but you cared enough to heal it, even at the risk of possibly scaring me.”

He didn’t say a word, choosing to let me speak. I can tell he’s still angry though, his glowing eyes glaring at me through the darkness.

“I remember that it was so cool… like magic…” I need to remember what he said his name was. It has to be here in my mind somewhere. “It made feel like I didn’t need to be scared anymore… not when you were there to protect me…”

It has to be in here somewhere… What was it? Hajime? No… Sato… no… Kei? No… but that feels close… Keiji? No… Keita? Not quite… Wait! That's it! “You even showed me your true self, Eita…”

There's a flicker in his eyes. “That's it, isn’t it?”  Every instinct in me is telling me that I should probably be running away, but if I didn’t listen to it before, then why would I now? I moves towards him, his glowing eyes being the only indication of where he was. “Don’t just push my feelings aside like they’re nothing… Maybe it is stupid to hold on to someone who I probably never had a chance with… that I probably never truly knew to begin with, but that doesn’t mean how I feel isn’t real.”

I stop as I collide with something. Semi must have been closer than I’d thought he was. “Thought I told you that if you kept being a smartmouth, that I’d shut you up…”

Semi doesn’t give me the chance to respond, pressing his mouth firmly against mine.

Semi slides an arm around my waist as he turns my body to face away from him. His lips break from mine. “I gave you plenty of chances to run away… I’m not going to stop now…” he growls, his breath hot against my neck. “So be a good girl for me…”

His lips press against my neck while his free hand slipped under my skirt. It moves slowly, making my skin tingle as it slides between my thighs and into my underwear. “Didn’t think you’d be this excited already… were you wanting me to do this to you this whole time?” he hummed, biting at my neck playfully. “Hmm… I bet you were thinking of me when anyone else touched you, weren’t you?”

Semi pushes a finger inside, moving nice and slow… a mere tease of what he could do. “How many guys did you lead on… letting them have their fun while you were so busy pretending he was me?”

“Only you.” His movement freezes.

His hands withdraw from me and I find myself being turned around. “You’re not serious?” His eyes are wide as they stare down at me. “You haven’t been with anyone?” I shake my head. “At all? Like not even so much as a kiss?”

“I've never done anything with anyone.” It’s a little embarrassing to admit now that it’s him that I’m telling…

Something brushed my cheek, but I can’t see what. Can’t see anything at all, really. “Damn… and here I thought this would just be some simple hookup… You really just waited around for me? You were really that devoted to someone you barely even knew?”

“You make it sound stupid…”

“It’s absolutely insane, you know that?” His thumb strokes my cheek. I wonder, is he smiling? “I’m quite flattered… For you to wait around like that… just for someone like me who you might never have seen again… You have got to be crazy, you know that?”

Semi wrapped his free arm around my waist, pulling me up against his chest. “Guess I better make sure it was worth all the waiting…” His lips meet mine once more, this time a lot less aggressive than last time.

I placed my hands on his chest. It’s so dark… but feeling around, I manage to find my way to slide his jacket off his shoulders. My hands slip lower, only to be grabbed by what I would assume are his hands.

For a moment, we separate. In the darkness, I can’t see a thing. Somewhere though, I can hear Semi moving around. When the sound stops, the cave is lit back up in that lovely purple lighting.

When my eyes find him, his shirtless state makes my heart miss a beat. “The light probably won’t last… and while I don’t mind the dark, it wouldn’t be very gentlemanly of me to not let you see me...”

He approaches me once again and I practically leap into his arms. My lips find his without any hesitation. While my hands run over his chest, his are busily removing my clothing. He’s rather quick and doesn’t struggle in the slightest. Probably had all kinds of girls already, I’d bet. With looks like his, he’d have them lining up to have him…

Stripped down to nothing, Semi lowers us down to the ground. The stone cave floor is cold against my skin, making me gasp at the touch. “Sorry… I know it’s not the most romantic… but you are the only one I’ve ever shared my cave with…”

His kisses move to my neck, sucking on the soft skin. “I think it’s plenty romantic…” My voice is soft, fearing that if I speak any louder, I wouldn’t be able to hold back the moans that want to slip out. “It’s a place that’s special to you… and in this kind of low lighting… it feels even more special...”

I felt him chuckle, his breath tickling my neck. “Shouldn’t say sweet things like that… you’ll make me want to keep you…” Would that be so bad?

My hands tangle in his hair. It’s so much softer that I’d expected. As I give it a tug, I get a pleased hum. It’s not so fair that he gets to mark me up so much… so I lean in and give his a little bite.

It’s that moment when Semi makes his move, bringing his hips to mine and slipping inside. The feeling is strange and there’s slight pain, making me bite down harder than I meant to.

A low groan comes from him. “Do that again…”

“What? Bite you?” My words are little more than pants.

“Yeah… I like it… problem?” Instead of speaking, I responded by biting him. “Didn’t think so…” He rocked his hips gently, testing my reaction. When he feels me moan against his neck, he gets a bit braver with his movements and thrusts slowly.

His lips seek out mine, pulling my attention from his neck. The way his tongue wraps around mine make me melt in his hands. Is this what I’ve been missing out on all this time? Or maybe it’s simply because it’s him? The very same man who's been the star of all my deepest fantasies…

Semi trails his kisses to my ear, giving it a sensual lick. “You still remember, right?” he pants, his movements picking up speed. “You’ll say it for me, won’t you? Let everyone hear who you belong to…”

When he asks so sweetly like that, who am I to deny him? His name leaves my lips as little more than a whisper, but it’s enough to fuel his passion, his hands gripping my hips tighter.

As the pleasure builds, I call out his name countless times more and lose myself in the feeling. My mind blanks at some point and when I come to, Semi is staring down at me, panting.

His words from earlier come back to me… how he’d compared me to a little rabbit about to be devoured… The look of a wolf about to devour the little rabbit he’s cornered… that’s the only way I can describe that look he has in his eye.

“Don’t think I’m done with you just yet, sweetheart… The night's barely even begun…”


"Where the hell have you been?!”

The minute I stepped into my dorm, Ayame was right there to confront me. It’s well after midnight now… and it’s not like me at all to be out so late.

As she opened her mouth to yell at me further, her eyes went wide. “Is that a hickey?”

Right away, I can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

“It really is, isn’t it?” Ayame's anger melts into a stupid grin. “About time you got with someone! Don’t tell me! It’s that volleyball captain, right? Kimura, right? It has to be! I’ll bet her was good too! Setters are so good with their hands…”

Her eyes go wide when I shake my head. “His name is Eita… and no, he’s not a student here.”

“Tell me everything.”

Chapter Text

“If you keep staring at him, he’s going to realize that you like him.”

The very thought makes me laugh. “You say that like it would actually change anything if he knew…”

Across from me, Komori shrugged. “Maybe, maybe not. You won’t know if you never tell him.”

“And I’m not going to tell him…” It’s not that I don’t want him to know how I feel… I’m just afraid. I’m afraid of hearing that my feelings are one-sided… that I never stood a chance at all. “I… I don’t want to know how he’d react.”

“Pretty sure you're just letting your insecurities get the better of you.” My eyes move to the third member of our little group, Sakusa. He’s only here because of Komori… and honestly, without the libero around, we probably wouldn’t talk to each other at all.

Honestly, it was a miracle that Komori and I had become friends in the first place. To start off, I’m a third-year, while he and Sakusa are only second. When it comes to social skills, I’m even less social than the ace… though not entirely for the same reasons. And sports… sports really aren’t my thing. If not for the help of Yuuki-chan and the way she always dragged me along to the team's volleyball matches, I'd probably be completely friendless.

“I’m not stupid. He’s out of my league… and it would be weird, you know?”

Komori shook his head at me. “You’re pretty good friends with his sister… and you’re really fun when you actually start to open up. I think you have more of a chance than you think you do.”

As much as I want to believe the half vampire’s words, I can't. “That’s why it would be weird… Yuuki-chan and I are friends… How would you feel if some girl your age was friends with your little sister and then you find out she’s secretly in love with you?”

That shuts him up, for the moment. It’s an awkward situation, to say the least. “It’s not like you're only friends to get close to him or anything…”

The subject is soon dropped, thankfully. Maybe I’m being overly pessimistic about it, but what chance did I even have? Iizuna is… well, insanely cute to start off… not to mention that he’s popular and the volleyball team's captain… and one of the best setters in the entire country, according to his sister Yuuki.

Sure, you could say that I was cute… I’ve never thought so, but some people insist that I am, so who’s really to say which of us is right?

You could even argue that we're both werecats… but… what people don’t realize is… there are different kinds of werecats. Just because one werecat in a family becomes say a tabby cat, maybe another from the same family becomes a tiger.

Some variants are more common than others. Mine? Well… mine is rather rare… so I never tell anyone. Not because I’m afraid of being judged… but because I know that there are groups out there that would take someone like me and use them for their own selfish purposes.

Yuuki tells me that his is a lion. It suits him, I think. Yuuki likes to tease him though, sometimes calling him Mufasa instead of Tsukasa. I try not to laugh when she does it, but sometimes I can’t help it.

As I lay back in my bed that night, I I find myself thinking about what Komori and Sakusa had said. Yuuki has said similar things too. Is it really possible that I have a chance? As much as I want to hear that I do have a chance, I’m scared to even ask.

I rolled over onto my side, taking a moment to check my phone. Surprisingly, I have a message from Iizuna… though I know I’ve never given him my number. He's never given me his either; Yuuki was the one to save it in my phone. And of course, she saved him as “Mufasa” and not his actual name. I’ve never once used it though.

You’re coming to cheer for us tomorrow, right?

To the practice games, I mean.

With Yuuki, of course.

Honestly, he really could have just asked Yuuki. He would have had to ask her to have gotten my number anyways…

Iizuna seems almost like he wants me to come along, but I don’t want to give myself any false hopes. I’m not even sure why he’d ask in the first place… Yuuki and I always watch their practice matches… that wasn’t about to change. Even if tomorrow's matches were in an entirely different prefecture, that didn’t make any difference to me.

I text him back that I’ll be there. Almost immediately, I get a response.

I’m glad.

Yuuki gave me your number. I hope that’s ok.

As I’m typing back that I don’t mind, another message comes in.

Would it be okay if I text you sometimes? Not just about volleyball or school things.

Sorry I’m being awkward.

Before I know it, we're talking until late into the night. If not for the fact that there was a lot to do tomorrow, we probably could have gone on all night.


The first match was going well. Obviously, we were winning. Aoba Johsai might be in the top few schools in Miyagi, but they didn’t quite compare to a team like ours. We have Sakusa who is one of the top 3 aces… and Komori who’s probably the best libero in the country… and of course Iizuna.

Their setter might be the best in their prefecture and their team might be pretty good, but for a team like ours, they’re no match.

On the sidelines, Yuuki and I cheered them all on… both teams. If one of the Seijoh boys made a good play, why not let them hear it? No harm in it. Of course, we cheered much harder for our team… especially for our three favorites.

“Nice one Mufasa!” I hadn’t been expecting her to call him by nickname out in public like this… and from the snickering from the other players, they hadn’t either. Hearing everyone else laughing, I couldn’t help myself… though I did feel a little bad.

The match ended with our victory. A bit sooner than we had been expecting, actually. There was still over an hour before we needed to be at the next school for our second match of the day.

While everyone else was trying to kill some time, I started to load our things onto the bus. The team didn’t have a manager, so Yuuki and I would often act as managers whenever we had matches that were away. It wasn’t like we minded… it gave us chances like this.

As I went about things, I thought about something Yuuki had said once. I’m not sure why I thought of it, of all things that I could have thought of.

“I should start calling you Sarabi,” she’d said out of nowhere while we passed a volleyball back and forth between us.

“Why Sarabi?”

“Because that’s Mufasa's lady.”

The ball slips from me, going off to the side. She’s teasing me again. “All the lionesses are his ladies. That’s how a lion's pride works…”

“Okay, but Sarabi is his main lady. She’s the important one.”

“Maybe so, but we’re not…”

“A cutie like you shouldn't make such a sad face.” I can’t help the way I visibly jump at the sudden voice. As I turn and look, he laughs at me. “Skittish little kitty, aren't you?”

That’s one of Seijoh’s players… their setter. What had Yuuki said his name was? Oikawa? I hadn’t seen him up close, but he’s taller than I thought… and it makes me feel small.

Oikawa flashed a grin, showing off a pair of fangs. Right away, I’m reminded of a vampire that I once knew, and that puts me on edge. I want to run, but he’s right in the way.

“So what's your name?” He moved a step closer. “I tried asking your little friend, but she only wanted to talk volleyball… and while I’d normally love that, I’m much too curious.”

My voice felt dead in my throat. I’m too nervous to even speak. I can’t tell him to go away, let alone tell him my name.

When I don’t answer, he tilts his head innocently. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”

Is… is he actually enjoying this? Messing with me? I take a step backward, away from him. Of all the times for everyone else to not be around…

“He’s not bothering you, is he?” At Iizuna's voice, I perk right up. I can’t actually give any kind of answer, but I silently hope that he makes the vampire leave.

Oikawa looked his way. “Oh? Mufasa, wasn’t it?”

“It’s Tsukasa, not Mufasa.” Our captain frowned just a bit.

Oikawa seemed to not care. “Whatever you say, Mufasa,” he said, shrugging. He’s definitely doing it on purpose, I’m sure. “You really shouldn’t leave your pretty little girlfriend alone like that… someone might snatch her right up…”

I expected him to say that I wasn’t his girlfriend, but he doesn’t. It’s probably only because he thinks that it would make Oikawa leave faster if he thinks that we are dating, but I feel a little happy at the lack of denial.

The conversation is dropped there, as Oikawa gets called away by his teammates. It’s not until he’s out of sight that I can relax though.

“Are you okay?” Iizuna looked a bit worried. All can really do is nod. “You… you’re a nervous shifter, aren't you? You shift when you get nervous or… or scared?”

Immediately my hand goes to my head, and to my horror, I feel a fuzzy little ear. No wonder Oikawa kept making cat comments… he would have known right away I was a werecat…

“They… they’re really cute…” He gave a small laugh, smiling at me. “Snow leopard, right? No one you never wanted to tell anyone… but… you… you have to be scared… not because of something like that…” He shifted his weight a bit, almost like he was a bit nervous. “I wouldn’t let anything happen to you… er… I… yeah…”

He looked at me and then away. “I… well…” He paused a moment, his gaze unable to stay in any one place for more than a second. “Okay. Yuuki is never going to let me live this down… but…” He gave a sigh before fixing his gaze on me. “Will you be the Sarabi to my Mufasa?” The words come out rather quickly, like if he hesitated in the slightest, he’d back out.

I don’t even get the chance to give him an answer before someone else speaks up. “You’re damn right I’m not letting it go!”

He can’t hide the embarrassed scowl that forms at her interference. “Bad timing, Yuuki…”

“Don’t give me that… she’s gonna say yes…” Yuuki grins at us. “You’re so oblivious… so just shut up and kiss her already.”

My face flamed red with embarrassment. Was it really that obvious? Wait… he just… Slowly I look at him and that nervous look he has. I give a small nod.

“See? Told ya so. Now kiss her.”


“Because if I wait for you to do it on your own, I’ll be waiting for another eternity.”

He looked from his sister to me. “Can I?”

It’s rather sweet that he’d ask first. He really doesn’t have to, but the fact that he would take my feelings into consideration meant a lot.

He leaned in and just barely brushed his lips against mine. It's merely a peck, but it's enough to make my heart skip a beat.

“Oh come on! Kiss her like you mean it!” Apparently, a simple lack on the lips isn’t what she was expecting.

Iizuna frowned a moment before pulling me against him and pressing his lips on mine. This time it’s not a peck… no, he lingers a while, the kiss soft and sweet… much like how I imagine those magical kisses in the movies to feel.

Yuuki lets us have just a moment before speaking up again. “Alright, alright… keep it in your pants, Mufasa. We don't want a baby Simba yet."

I don’t think I’ve ever seen his face get so red. “You’re the one who said to do it!”

“I said kiss her, not feel the love tonight!”

Chapter Text

“So you haven’t seen or heard from him since then?”


“Like at all?”

“No, Ayame.” I sighed as I threw the very last thing into my bag. Last day here… it’s kind of sad to think about it. I take one last glance around my dorm room. “I honestly don’t expect I will hear from him. It’s not like we exchanged numbers… and he didn’t tell me any place where I might find him…”

Ayame shook he head at me as we left the room. “You didn’t even say ‘hey, you can find me here if you want to’ and give him some place, did you?”

“Ayame, I’m pretty sure that for him, it was just a hookup. Practically said so himself…” As sad as it sounded, I felt rather content with how things were.

“You should have at least asked if you could see him again…” Ayame scowled at me as we headed towards the front gates of the academy.

All I could do was shake my head. Just getting to see him that once was miracle enough… I couldn’t push my luck and ask for anything more.

A figure joins us. Kimura still hasn't given up yet. Honestly it’s a bit unfair for me to not even give him a chance, but when my heart was so set on someone else… that would be even more unfair…

Kimura chats with us, talking about his plans now that we’re finally finished with high school. Apparently he had already been accepted into some university in Tokyo and was planning to keep on playing volleyball even through college. Not that I really care though. My mind was on something else.

As we got closer to the front gate, a crowd came into sight. Mostly they were girls from the school… mainly third years, but a handful of first and second years. You could tell the difference because the third year’s weren’t in their uniforms. Wasn’t any reason to be.

Somewhere near the middle, I spotted a male with ashy grey hair.

“Oh damn, he’s hot.” Ayame was already staring at him. “No wonder they’re swarming like piranhas.”

I tried not to roll my eyes at her. Still, it can’t hurt to look. As I look over the heads of the girls, I catch his eyes looking my way.

He smirks at me before making his way past the girls blocking the way between us. “Was starting to think I’d missed you.” Beside me though, I notice Kimura tense and put his arm over my shoulder.

Semi, once he’d reached us, scowled at the male. He gives a low growl and I can feel Kimura flinch and remove his arm. “Go find someone else, pup.”

I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of a look in Semi's eyes. I’ve seen him get angry, but this isn’t quite the same. That look gives me the feeling that he actually would hurt Kimura, whereas before, I could tell that he wouldn’t hurt me.

Kimura is intimidated by the male in front of him, even if Kimura is taller. “I’m not going to let you just come in and-“ His voice dies as Semi takes a step towards him.

“You think she’d choose a little werewolf like you, over someone like me?” Semi makes a point of looking the male up and down. “She's already let me have my way with her… you still think you’re any threat to me?”

Something tells me that this could get violent. “Eita.” Semi's attention snapped to me as I said his name. His expression softened almost instantly. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you.” Bold of him to admit, but at least he was honest about it. “Been doing some thinking…” He shot a brief glare at Kimura. “I’ve got this place in Tokyo… it’s got this really nice university nearby… so I was thinking… maybe if you don’t already have your heart set on somewhere else… that maybe you’d like to stay with me?”

It’s really sudden and really, we barely know anything about each other. Not to mention that there’s a bit of an age gap… that will be a rough one to have to have to explain to my parents… but…

“I’d love to.”

Chapter Text

If you had told my fifteen year old self that in nine years, I’d be marrying the very same man that I would regularly pick a fight with, I would have called you delusional.

I stared down at the beach below from the balcony. So much has happened in past 24 hours… my mind can’t even fully process it all.

Ushijima's mother never approved of me. In fact, I’m one thousand percent sure that she absolutely hated me. She was a… very traditional sort of woman… one from a pure and very strong werewolf bloodline. When you compare that to me? Yeah, I don’t see her ever approving of me being with her son.

Honestly, I always kind of assumed that he would never marry without his family's approval… and yet that ring on my finger said otherwise.

It was such a spur of the moment thing… In the span of a few short hours, he’d not only proposed, but we were also married. How romantic to go and elope like that… but… there was going to be a lot to answer for very soon… because we told absolutely no one a single thing…

Of course, that's not what my mind is focused on right now. My eyes land on the ring on my finger. In the eight years we've been together, there’s hardly been anything physical between us. Sure, some kisses here and there… and maybe there were those marks he seemed to like leaving on my neck… but never anything beyond that.

It’s more than likely because of the way his mother was… and the way that she raised him. I can accept that… and I wouldn’t ever push that sort of boundaries. He never gave me any signs of wanting to do anything beyond what we already had.

We've lived together since I started college… we even slept in the same bed. But even with that, he’s never dared to do anything more than innocent cuddling…

Tonight though… tonight is different. My eyes shift to my hand that’s on the railing… to the wedding band on my finger. Tonight, he’s not my boyfriend… he’s now my husband. Until now, I hadn’t thought much of what comes after being married… of what’s meant to happen on the wedding night.

Thinking about it, I can’t help but feel anxious… Before him, I’d never been with anyone at all. There hadn’t ever been any time to even consider dating…

I jumped slightly when I heard him say my name from behind me. Can he tell that I’m nervous? I’ve never really been nervous around him before… and I know that he’s kind of dense… always has been, really.

He moved closer, standing beside me, hands on the railing in front of us. “You’ve been really quiet since we got here…”

“I… I’m a little scared…” I hate the idea of looking weak in front of him, but its not like I can lie to him.

He takes an arm and puts it around me. It’s a simple gesture and much like him. Being emotionally comforting isn’t exactly his strong suit, but the mere thought that that was what he was trying to do was enough.

“We don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to.” His arm wrapped around me a little tighter, pulling me against his side. “I’m not going to force you… I’ve waited this long, so waiting a little longer won’t hurt.”

He'd keeping waiting, huh? Yeah, I suppose that he would. Even knowing that though, I didn’t want to disappoint him. “You wouldn’t be upset?”

“I can’t say that I wouldn’t be at least a little disappointed…” It’s the truth, at least, so I’ll give him that. Still, it wasn’t what I was hoping to hear. “But, you know that's not why I wanted to marry you… I married you because I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Whether we stay as we have been or we take the next step… it doesn’t change my feelings.”

He’s not a man who says things simply to please others. When Wakatoshi Ushijima speaks, he only ever says what he feels to be the truth. To hear him now, it puts most of my fears to rest.

It’s still kind of scary… but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Slowly I laced my fingers with his. “You’ll be gentle with me, won’t you?”

“Of course.” He leaned down, nuzzling my cheek sweetly. “Anything for you…”

Chapter Text

The wolf that had cornered us turned out to be a part of the group that attacked the compound. When his friends had shown up, Kuguri and I were dragged back to the compound.

The aftermath of the attack was rather horrifying. No Collector had been left alive… aside from Kuguri. If I hadn't been there or hadn’t tried so hard to protect him, they probably would have killed him too.

I sat on the floor beside him, watching over the vampire. He’d fallen unconscious somewhere before we’d been brought back here and still hadn’t shown any sign of waking, despite all the commotion.

His skin was so pale… the wound must have been taking a major toll on his body… It must be worse than I had originally thought.

While the other Collected are enjoying running free around the compound, I don’t dare to leave Kuguri's side. With so many roaming around who wouldn’t hesitate to kill him, how can I risk leaving him?

I don’t know how many days pass. The werewolf who had tracked us down came to visit a few times. One of those times, he’d even brought me some normal clothes, but I rejected them. This man wanted to kill the one person who had treated me kindly; why would I want anything from him?

“He’s not worth it,” the werewolf said, leaning against the closes door. What was it the others had called him? Aki? “He never actually cared about you. It’s just some act they put on to gain your trust.”

The wolf's words disgust me. “Kuguri didn’t have to free me… He could have just left me in my cell, but he didn't.”

“He’s a vampire; you were just a snack for later.”

I’m well aware that they all think that I’m crazy… that I’m delusional… that this is just some psychological disorder that makes me think he’s special to me. This isn’t like that. I know that it’s not.

“Kuguri isn’t like that.” I sent a glare in the werewolf's direction. “If you're not going to help him, then just get out.”

Aki sighed. “We've got someone on the way to transport everyone back to Tokyo… should arrive by tomorrow afternoon… There’s also supposed to be a doctor as well, to treat the injured Collected.”

I don’t miss his wording. He’s not intending for Kuguri's injuries to be treated, even though I know that Kuguri's are the only serious ones. The wolf flashed a look my way and left the room.

No one wanted to help him… and I can’t deny that there is good reason to not want to, but that doesn’t make it okay to just leave him to die. Vampires were never liked much by other nonhumans… and Collectors are hated by pretty much all… Kuguri… he’s both of those things.

As promised, several vehicles arrived to take us all far away from this place. With them came a doctor and a young male he claimed was a med student. Both were werewolves and with the older one bearing a strong resemblance to Aki, I don’t trust them.

When I don’t let the old werewolf near the injured vampire, the younger male decided to speak up. He claimed that he had several friends that were vampires and that he won’t harm my friend. The fact that he is willing to refer to Kuguri as my friend said a lot… and it was enough to convince me that he meant no harm.

During the very basic treatment he’s given and all through the time it takes for us to be taken from the compound to the point when he’s safely in a hospital, I don’t leave Kuguri's side.

Maybe it’s stupid, but I can’t shake the feeling that if I were to leave him, I’d never see him again. At this point he’s probably safe from harm, but even so, I don’t want him to be alone.

Kuguri hasn’t woken even once since we’d been dragged back to the compound. The condition that he’s in… it wouldn’t be surprising if he ended up dying, even if they say that he’s slowly improving.

I laid my head down on the edge of his bed. Maybe I’ll rest my eyes for as moment… Can't go too long without food or sleep... despite how much I might want to.


“-hasn’t left your side. Wouldn’t even let Dr Sugiyama anywhere near you,” a voice said as consciousness slowly returned to me. “For an angel, she can be pretty fierce.”

That voice was the guy who had been treating Kuguri… I’d eventually learned his name was Shirabu and that he was still only a student. Even so, he had gained my trust.

I felt something stroke my hair. There was no way that it's that Shirabu guy… he didn’t strike me as the touchy feely type… but the only other person that could have been in the room was…

My eyes snapped open and I’m greeted by the slightest smile on Kuguri's face. He still looks like he’s in rough shape, but that was to be expected. You’d probably look like shit too if you had nearly died, wouldn’t you?

As I sit up, the conversation slows to a stop. Shirabu quietly left the room, giving the two of us a moment. He probably had other things to do anyways.

“You didn’t leave me…” Kuguri's voice is faint, giving away how rough he was actually feeling. “Why didn’t you?”

Honestly, there wasn’t much of a reason for me to have stayed with him. “You didn’t leave me behind… even though it was risky… How could I just leave you?”

He laughed a little, but stopped abruptly with a wince. “Funny thing about werewolf saliva… it might have a lot of disinfecting qualities, but on vampires, it slows the healing… and hurts like hell… Ironic, isn’t it?”

Kuguri gently put his hand on mine. “You don’t have to stay with me anymore… You can even go back to your family… I’m sure they’ve been worried…”

His words were meant to be kind, but they hurt. To think about not being around him anymore… after all the time we had spent together… I couldn’t stand it.

“Unless… you want to stay by my side?” Maybe he could tell that I didn’t want to leave him… “I probably won’t be able to get around too well on my own for a while… so if you wanted to stay a little longer, I won’t stop you.”

A lot of people would call me crazy for this. I don’t care. Kuguri had always been kind to me when he had no reason to be… and he didn’t need to take me with him when he tried to escape. “Could I stay with you… always?”

A big smile spread across his face. He tried to sit up, only to wince in pain before instead settling on giving my hand a squeeze. “As long as you want to.”

Chapter Text

When I woke in the morning, Osamu was no longer in my bed. I suppose that would be expected, wouldn’t it? Neither of us had actually planned on sleeping with the other… this “date” had only happened to get Atsumu to leave his twin's live life alone and to help Osamu get rid of some of his stress.

I stretched a bit as I sat up. No matter… I wasn’t exactly looking for a boyfriend anyways. Not that I didn’t want one… I just simply wasn’t actively looking.

As I climb out of bed, I take a moment to check my phone. Several texts from Atsumu… each one questioning why Osamu didn’t come home and ultimately ending in the blonde asking if we'd ended up hooking up.

Instead of answering him, I decided to put it off. He doesn’t need to know… not yet. As I dressed myself, a smell caught my attention. It wasn’t anything unpleasant… it smelled rather delicious, actually.

I followed it into the kitchen, where I was met with the sight of Osamu cooling breakfast. Definitely not what I’d expected, but I can’t complain. Honestly, how many guys make breakfast for you the morning after? Not many.

Osamu seemed so focused… it was kind of mesmerizing. After awhile, he glanced my way. “Mornin'.” He hummed, acting like this was simply just another day. Maybe it was his way of avoiding any awkwardness, by acting like this was just any other morning.

A moment later, he set two plates of food on the table. Normally I had a habit of skipping breakfast, but with how good this smelled, I simply couldn’t resist.

As we ate, Osamu started to speak. “I think ya probably figured it out by now… but ‘Tsumu and I… we're not human…”

It was kind of obvious after the whole fox incident… but I didn’t ask, since I didn’t want to pry.

“We're kitsune…” Osamu gave me a serious stare. “If it's too weird for ya, I don’t blame ya, but… I think I’d like to actually try this out, so it’s something ya have to know.”

To be honest, I hadn’t expected anything to come out of this. Not that I had a problem with it.

“As much as I hate to admit it, Tsumu actually picked someone good this time…” Osamu looked down at his plate a moment before taking a deep breath and turning his eyes back to me. “I’d like to try actually dating ya properly, if ya want to.”

The way that he asked was a bit awkward, but if what Atsumu said was true, Osamu didn’t exactly have much experience with dating. It was hard to refuse… so I don't.

“You know, you could have just simply asked if I wanted to date you… but yes… I’d love to.”

Chapter Text

No matter how much I tried to convince myself otherwise, I couldn’t help but feel ashamed of myself. How could I have been so stupid? How could I be so naïve as to think that someone like Yahaba would actually have the slightest interest in someone like me?

Shira-chan had really tried so hard to help me… and in the end, it was pointless.

I’d invited him in that night, of course. It seemed that he was interested at the time… I can't believe how stupid I was to actually give in when he asked if he could bite me… and even stupider to end up sleeping with him.

It’s been a week now, since that night. I hadn’t told Shira-chan yet. She’d be so pissed… and to be honest, I’m pretty sure that she suspects that things didn’t go well.

Two more days pass before she finally confronts me. I’ve never been a liar, so of course I have to tell her. Just like I expected, she was pissed. What didn’t expect though, was for her to actually confront him about it.

She went off on him and in the end, I had to step in, pulling her away. “It’s not worth it. It’s fine. Just let it go,” I told her, but really I wasn’t fine. Not in the slightest.

That night, we met up with her boyfriend Taichi and some of his teammates, with their girlfriends too of course. Shira-chan said that it would help to cheer me up and while I appreciated the effort, it ended up doing very little to cheer me up.

The redheaded third year was nice, but I was pretty sure he was flirting with me. No one seemed to even mind, so I assumed that was normal behavior for him. Thankfully though, he laid off after a word from his girlfriend. A human, actually. I’d worried that I might be the only human, but there were three other humans with us.

As the day went on, I couldn’t seem to get my mind off of Yahaba. He isn’t someone that I should be thinking about, but I can’t help it. When the heart longs for someone, you can’t just change its mind.

I’m snapped from my thoughts by one of the girls taking me by the hand and pulling me out of the room. What was her name again? She was the one dating the younger setter, whatever his name had been. Today was the only time I’d ever seen either of them.

Once we're alone, she let me go and flashed me a sympathetic look. “Taichi's girl told us about you and that guy… He’s a real jerk… but you’re still pretty head over heels for him, aren’t you?”

I don’t want to answer that question, but the answer is clear on my face. That look that she gave me said it all…

The girl gave my hands a reassuring squeeze. “I know how you’re feeling… It's exactly what I went through with Kenjiro. It was just screwing around to him at first and when I fell for him, I couldn’t be around him anymore…”

The story is sad, but I know that it worked out in the end. If it hadn't, she wouldn’t be here right now. That didn’t necessarily mean that it would work out for me though.

“I know things feel hopeless right now, but it will all work out in the end, one way or another.” She's a nice girl… and I really want to believe her. “You shouldn’t sit around moping over him though; you need to stand back up on your own two feet and show him how much of an idiot he is to have passed you up. Make him regret breaking your heart by being the best you that you have ever been.”

That was a lot easier said than done, but she had a point. Why should I lay around, crying over him? I’m definitely not just forgetting him like Shira-chan wanted me to, but I won’t keep crying. That will get me nowhere.

I’ve always wished that I could be more like Shira-chan… and starting right now, I was going to make that happen.

Chapter Text

Just as I was starting to lift the box, it was pulled out of my hands. “Sou, I’m perfectly capable of moving boxes too,” I whined, crossing my arms as he took the box from me.

My boyfriend shook his head. “You’re not supposed to be lifting things… Besides, it’s only a few more.”

Only a few more, he says… the car was still half full of boxes. It wasn’t like we had anyone to help out either… everyone was either busy or too far away. No, we were on our own with moving into our new home.

Sou just smiled at me. “Why don’t you go ahead and start getting things put away inside?” It’s an attempt at giving me a way to help that meant that I didn’t have to lift anything… and honestly I can’t argue with him on it… pregnant women aren’t supposed to be lifting heavy things.

Sighing, I went inside. The house is rather small, having only two bedrooms, but it’s enough for the three of us. After he found out I was pregnant, Sou suggested that we move in together… and unfortunately, neither of our places were big enough for a couple and a baby.

We’d started looking at places right away, but to find a place that worked for both of us was more of a challenge than we had expected. Honestly, we had been about to give up when we found this place.

This house was the perfect fit for us. It was in a nice neighborhood, close to Sou’s work and just the right size for the three of us. It wasn’t near my job, but I’d wanted to find a different one anyway, so it worked out just fine.

Another point that made this place perfect was a rather simple one. While it might sound stupid to say it was the doorknobs, for Sou it was something rather helpful. Seeing as he transformed at night without any way of controlling it, I did want him to end up stuck somewhere in case the doors had to be closed. All the doors in this house had knobs that Sou would be able to use with a simple pull from his paw.

Of course, I’ve only recently found out that he's a werewolf… and to be honest, I know next to nothing about werewolves.

Ignoring the boxes that I could be going through, I instead pulled out my phone, doing a quick search online. Among the first things to come up was a site that said it was for anyone with a werewolf for a boyfriend. It’s a very unusual concept, but right away you can tell the regular users are rather good friends.

As I scroll through, I learn a bit about some of the more active members. Like how three of the girls were pregnant at roughly the same time and now their little ones were around two years old. There was also the fact that two of those three were humans like me.

Digging further, I found some articles written by one of the founders of the group, a woman by the name of Yamagata who was currently a human mother of two half-werewolf children and currently expecting a third. Her oldest was around eight, having been born sometime after the group was created.

The articles turned out to be very helpful… detailing how her pregnancy had gone and following the raising of her half-wolf child. Until that point, I hadn’t really realized how nervous I felt about the whole thing… but really, it sounded like raising a werewolf wasn’t any different than raising a human child. Aside from a few, minor differences, of course.

As I kept reading, I easily lost track of the time. It’s not until I feel Sou's arms wrap around me that I even come back to reality. “What are you looking at?” he hummed, arms resting gently on top of my large belly.

“There’s this group made up of people who have werewolf boyfriends,” I explained, showing him what I’d found. “I really don’t know much about werewolves, so I was curious… A few of the girls here are humans and have kids who are half-werewolf… One of them wrote all about everything she went through with the pregnancy and with raising her son…”

Sou gave my cheek a nuzzle. “That’s pretty neat…”

“Apparently she got pregnant when she was still in high school… and before the baby was born, she married her high school sweetheart… They’re still together too and expecting their third kid. Isn’t that amazing?”

I found the story to be rather romantic. Things with Sou weren’t as perfect as that was… though I couldn’t say that there was anything that I would want to change.

He didn’t give any response to that and instead buried his face in my neck. “Sou?” He didn’t say anything but gently ran his hand over my stomach. “Hey… are you okay?”

Sou's arms tightened around me, but he was careful not to grip too tightly. I opened my mouth to ask him again, but he bear me to it. “Marry me.”

I blinked a few times in confusion. Did he really just say what I thought he said? “Sou?”

His head raised up just slightly. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while now… and I was going to ask after I told you that I was a werewolf… but then I found out about the baby…” He paused a moment, gathering his words carefully. “I didn’t want you to think that I was only doing it because of that… so I was going to wait… but I don’t want to wait anymore.”

His grip on me loosened enough for me to turn around and face him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so nervous… It's enough to melt anyone's heart, I’m sure.

Sou rested his forehead against mine, the tip of his nose just barely touching my own. “You will… won’t you?”

“Of course I will.”

Chapter Text

Life after high school settled into a rather simple routine. While everyone was running off to college and to chase their dreams, I stayed behind in my old hometown and took a job in a little flower shop that my grandmother had.

As I arranged a few of the flowers that I was currently working with, something furry brushed up against my leg. I looked down just in time to see a furry tail disappear under the table and few seconds later, a fox head poke out and stare up at me.

I set down the flowers in my hands and gave the fox a little scratch behind the ear. It reminded me of years ago when the happiest times I had were the moments I shared with a certain kitsune… one who would constantly steal my pudding and once even stole a pair of my underwear.

Atsumu… We never did end up dating. By the time that I'd started to come around to the idea and felt ready to take on a new relationship, he’s started to seem like he’d lost any interest in me. It’s not like I could blame him though; I’d kept him waiting for so long that he must have figured that it wasn’t whether the hassle.

This fox at my feet is probably a kitsune like Atsumu. The area was surprisingly full of them. Prior to getting to know the blonde Miya, I would have probably never known.

Many took a liking to living as foxes… or so Atsumu had told me once. Not all kitsune lived that way. Many liked living among humans. Most of the towns surrounding our hometown were mainly populated by kitsune… and some werefoxes too. Atsumu had gotten mad when I’d thought that the two were the same thing.

I crouched down, putting myself closer to the fox's level. As I scratched its ears, I smiled softly. “You remind me of Atsumu…” I said softly, thinking about the kitsune I had known. “You couldn’t be him though…  he’s off living his dream in who knows where…”

Actually, Kita had told me that he was playing for a team based out of Osaka, so that was at least a clue. Still, I hadn’t talked to the blonde in so long… its been a few years at least.

The fox tilted his head at me. It felt like he was asking “Who's Atsumu?” I doubt that he was, but it was comforting to think about it.

“I miss him… I doubt he even remembers me though…” Sighing, I stood back up and brushed my self off. “You’re not supposed to be back here. If you’re here for some flowers, you’ll have to go back into the shop. Otherwise, I have to get back to work.”

The fox stared at me for a moment before turning and running off into the front room that was the main part of the shop. It’s not the first time a kitsune has wandered in… and I doubt it will be the last.

I turned my attention back to the flowers of been arranging before the interruption. I finish it up quickly and put it in its place before returning to the shop. As I entered the room, a young couple was coming in.

It takes no time at all to help them find exactly what they’re looking for. Something about the male seemed very familiar though… like I’ve seen him somewhere.

“Have… have we met before?” I asked, looking at him curiously.

The male shrugged. “If you’re from around here, then probably… or you’ve probably met my brother.” The woman quiet, thankfully not bothered by the fact that I was staring at her boyfriend. “Osamu Miya,” he said when I failed to put the clues together.

“Wait, seriously?” Without his hair dyed, I almost didn’t recognize him. “I never would have guess was it was you…”

We chatted a bit, catching up on the past few years. Osamu was still living with Atsumu, for now. The formerly grey haired twin was currently the owner of Onigiri Miya, while his blonde brother was the setter for the MSBY Black Jackals. Hearing that, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey, Osamu?” The male hummed in response. “Do me a favor and tell Atsumu that I said he's still a stupid panty-thieving fox.”

“It was one time!”

At the sound of the voice, I froze. I'd know his voice anywhere… Glancing in that direction, I saw him. Well, more accurately, it was the fox from earlier. I’m not sure why I didn’t recognize him… well, maybe I did know… It's been years since I’ve seen him and to be fair, a lot of kitsune look alike when they’re in fox form.

His fox form seemed bigger than I remembered. It’s been years though, so for all I knew, he was the same.

“Atsumu…” As my attention became focused on my fox friend, Osamu and his girl slipped out of the shop, turning the sign to say Closed and making the door lock behind them.

He looked everywhere but right at me as he gave a half smile. “It's been awhile… Ya seem like you’re doing alright…”

“Not as well as you, from what I hear…” This felt awkward. It’s been so long since the last time we talked… the last time I’d seen him was back when we'd graduated. We texted a little bit here there at first, but by the end of a year, we'd simply grown apart and stopped talking. He got busy with college and volleyball… and I had my job.

Atsumu looked at his paws. “’Samu’s planning to propose to his girl tonight… I know she’ll say yes… They’re pretty perfect for each other…” He's stalling, it seemed. I'm not about to interrupt him though. “Human marriage doesn’t mean much of anything to us kitsune, but we… we mate for life, ya know? It may take us awhile to find who we want for our mate, but even Osamu was able to find his… Well, I technically found her for him, but that’s besides the point…”

He finally looked up at me. “I… I thought that I found mine… but I didn’t realize that there were so many things in the way of getting her…” I'm not sure why he’s telling me about this. “First it was a boyfriend… and I was prepared to just move on, but then I learned that she wasn’t all that into him anymore. Then I saw him screwing around with someone else and took matters into my own hands and split them up… but that only made her mad at me… She hated that I didn’t come to her first… but even when I tried to go about things the normal way, she was still just out of reach…”

It was pretty clear at this point that he had been talking about me. The fact that he’d thought that I might end up being his mate was sweet, even if it was a bit weird.

It’s then that he shifts from fox to human… and the effect that it has on me is quite startling.

I took a step back, only to hit the edge of the counter. There was no way that this was fair… absolutely not. He had been pretty hot back when we were in high school… so how in the hell did he manage to get hotter? Life is cruel…

Atsumu moved a little closer, but still kept some distance between us. “When we stopped talking, I tried to forget about you… Tried going out with other women… but could never seem to get over you.” He moved a little closer, bringing a hand up to my cheek. “Kita told me that you weren’t seeing anyone, so I thought that maybe I’d give it just one last shot… if you’ll even give me a chance.”

“You’re really stupid, Atsumu,” I said as I closed my eyes. His thumb brushed over my cheek. “You left me right when I was finally ready to give you a chance…”

I felt him move a little, trapping me in place. “I still have them, you know… They don’t smell like you anymore, but just knowing that they’re yours… and that it meant that I would always be able to use it as some kind of excuse to see you again… it was enough.”

“Atsumu… you…” I opened my eyes and looked up at him. The words caught in my throat. Had he always been this tall?

He can see it, I’m sure. Atsumu can tell that I’m flustered. It’s not just because of his more matured appearance… I’m being reminded of the way I’d started to feel for him… and of all those times we’d shares together, both before and after I’d discovered that my fox napping buddy was one of the famous Miya twins.

His lips quickly found my own. I didn’t hesitate to kiss him back. It lasted only a moment. “Been wanting to do that for so long…”

“You’ve kissed me before though…”

“Doesn’t count. You wouldn’t kiss me back, remember?” I do remember… That had just so happened to be the day after he’d broken up with my boyfriend. “You were really mad at me… but you still were willing to let me have a chance to win you over… You really didn’t have to do that.”

No, I really didn't. Honestly it would have been a lot smarter to have ended things back then, but I didn't… I couldn't bring myself to shut him out then… just like I can’t tell him no right now.

Atsumu leaned in again. “If you don’t tell me no, then I’m not going to stop…” He started to lean in further, only for his expression to fall when I put a hand on his chest to stop him.

“Not here.” Immediately he perked up. It wasn’t a rejection. “My place is just upstairs…”

Atsumu didn’t need to be told twice… he took my hand and led the way, eager to get the girl he’d waited so long for…

Chapter Text

“Come on! It’s over here!”

Today was supposed to have been just a relaxing day at the beach… and being dragged off by my younger twin brothers was definitely the opposite of relaxing. They’d found… something and now insisted that I come and see it.

It's probably some funny looking seaweed… or a starfish that washed up… Could be another penis shaped rock too. The twins have found several already and had insisted that I had to see each of them.

For us, it’s not all that weird… things like that are just a natural part of succubi and incubi culture. According to those customs, I’d be considered an adult already, but because this is the human world, things work by human rules.

The twins come to a stop at a large hole. “What do you think it is?”

“A hole?” I suggested, a bit annoyed that they dragged me all the way out to some secluded spot… to show me a hole.

One of the twins shook their head. “Not that… that.” The child pointed at something down in the hole.

Sighing, I crouched by the edge and looked down in it. Right away, the annoyance of being dragged out here was forgotten.

In the hole is a creature I’ve never seen before. The upper half looked like any normal human, but the lower half was clearly not. It was kind of like a merman, but he was clearly using his lower half to stand upright. Mermen can’t do that… not to mention it was more reptilian than being fishlike.

As weird as he appeared though, he was still a nonhuman, just like us. My brothers didn’t seem to think much of it. “Isn’t it weird?”

“I think he’s stuck down there…” While my younger siblings were busy gawking at the strange being, I felt more concerned. It didn’t look like it was down there by choice.

I shifted forward to try and get a closer look, only for my hand to slip out from under me and send me tumbling into the hole. My eyes clenched shut, waiting for when I hit the rocky bottom of the hole… but it wasn’t the rocks I hit… it was a person.

The twins shrieked when the creature in the hole caught me. Even if he’d saved me from what could have been a nasty fall, the two children were freaking out. They shouted down at me to stay there before running off. As if I could actually go anywhere…

“Thanks…” The strange male set me on my feet.

He gave a shrug. “It’s not like I could just let you hurt yourself… humans like you are fragile.”

Um… what? “I’m not a human, I’m a succubus,” I corrected him, glancing at the sides of the hole.

“No, you're definitely human.” The snake man crossed his arms and leaned against the walls of the hole. “I don’t know where you’d get the idea that you’re a succubus… I know the scent of a human.”

He’s wrong. He has to be. “I’m not a human.” The sides were too slick and too steep to climb… and nowhere to grab hold of. I was far too short to reach the top and pull myself up and out too. Just like my new snake friend, I was quite stuck.

“There's no way out, I’ve already tried.” He’s probably right, seeing as he was trapped here before I was. “We're stuck until the tide comes back in and fills this with water again… or until those two little incubi come back with some sort of help… but I wouldn’t count on that option.”

I want to tell him that he’s wrong, but I don’t actually know what my brothers will do. Maybe they thought that this guy was going to eat me… or maybe they were going to get someone to rescue me. Who knows?

My gaze fell on the snake man again. “So… you got a name?” I asked, trying to be friendly to my holemate.

“Everyone has a name.” Of course he had to be a smartass… When I didn’t give him any sort of a response, he gave a sigh. “Suguru Daisho,” he said, a subtle hiss to his voice.

“SsSuguru…” I hummed, mimicking the way he'd hissed when he spoke. Suguru was not amused. It’s not like it was something he did on purpose… and I wasn’t trying to make fun of him.

Before he had a chance to say anything about it though, I heard voices approaching the hole.

“It's over here!”

“Hurry! Before it eats her!”

“I’m hurrying…” Didn’t sound like he was in that much of a hurry…

Soon, three faces peeked over the edge of the hole. Two were the twins and the third was a male I’d never seen before. He’s pretty handsome though.

“Are you okay, Sis?” I gave them a wave, showing that I was completely fine.

The male with them looked at me and then at my holemate before scowling. “Daisho.”


It seemed like they knew each other… and not in a good way.

The male with my brothers, Kuroo, knelt down at the edge off the hole and reached down towards me. As I reached up to try and grab hold though, his hand was just out of reach.

Kuroo looked over at the snake man who had been standing back and watching. “Hey. Make yourself useful and give her a lift.”

Suguru rolled his eyes, but slithered his way over. He grabbed hold of my waist, hoisting me up just enough for Kuroo to grab me and pull me up and out.

Once I was up, he turned and started to head back… without even offering to help Suguru out. How rude…

“Hey! Aren’t you going to help him too?” I grabbed Kuroo by the wrist, stopping him. The male shook his head. “You can’t just leave him down there!”

He pulled his hand free. “I can and I’m going to.”

Guess I was on my own then. As Kuroo walked away, I returned to the edge of the hole. I couldn’t just leave him trapped there.

“Not taking off with foxy boy?” Suguru had returned to his spot on the far side of the hole, arms crossed over his chest.

I knelt down at the edge. “I’m not just going to leave you trapped down there.” What kind of a person did he take me for? Besides, helping him was the least I could do.

There had to be a way to get him out… Maybe I could do what Kuroo did? I wasn’t as strong, but if I could give him that extra bit…

Careful not to fall in again, I reached down. Suguru picked up on the idea and reached up, but it wasn’t enough to reach him. With a sigh, I pulled my hand back.

“Okay… Plan B…” If only the hole wasn’t so deep… Wait. I took another look at the bottom of the hole. That might work.

Careful not to do it right on top of him, I pushed some sand into the hole. If I could give him just a little boost… maybe I could help him out.

It took awhile to get enough into it, but with Suguru helping out by pulling up some of the rocks that were loose, together we ma aged to give him just enough of something to stand on to get him out of the hole.

After he was freed, I walked back with him to meet up with his friends. “So… what exactly are you?” I asked. I didn’t get the chance before, but I still wanted to know.

“Never seen a Naga before?” Suguru didn’t sound all that surprised. “We're not all that common anymore… Humans aren’t very nice. Most nonhuman species like mine had to develop ways of hiding from and blending in with humans…”

It made a lot of sense, considering that humans use to hunt a lot of nonhumans. Mainly out of fear, but that didn’t mean it was alright.

“Mermaids and Naga can turn our tails into human legs. I’d do it right now, but if I did, I’d be naked. And we can’t do it all the time… only for a few hours at a time. It's why we don’t normally hang around humans much.”

As he continued explaining about how it worked, we continued on. Soon, we came up to a group of people. The guys in the group greeted him, one guy tossing him a set of clothes.

While I’m not looking, he shifted his tail into legs and dressed. Looking at him afterward, you would never have known he wasn’t a human.

“So who's your human friend?”

Suguru looked at me with a smirk. I don’t bother trying to correct them. It’s not worth the effort.

I lingered only as moment before giving wave. “I should get back before my family starts to worry.”

As I turned to leave, my paths was blocked by one of Suguru's friends. Confused, I looked to the Naga. He merely smirked.

“You didn’t think I’d actually let you leave, did you?”

Chapter Text

I let out a slow sigh. This situation is not a good one to be in.

I glanced at the small, water filled hole next to me… and my little companion swimming around in it. He’s only a little guy and aside from me, the shark has no one to look out for him.

It’s actually because of him that we're in this mess… but that doesn’t mean that it was his fault… not entirely. He didn’t do anything wrong… he was just guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He's out of danger now, but the minute we set fin back in the ocean, we might as well kiss that safety goodbye.

What am I going to do? I cradled my injured arm against my chest. My tail wasn’t in any better shape either. There was no way that I could swim like this… and if I can’t swim, then I’m trapped here.

Even worse, the baby shark in the pool beside me is trapped too. It’s not a pretty scenario.

“Well now, didn’t think I’d be seeing a pretty little mermaid today.” At the sound of the voice, I moved to push myself to the water, but only ended up letting out a cry of pain and clutching my arm tighter. Right. Can’t do that…

Panicking, I looked toward the source of the voice while using my one good arm to try and shift myself away from the male standing there.

If I were a creature with a stronger sense of smell, I would have been able to tell what he was, but I wasn’t. Best that I could do was assume that he was as he looked and that meant treating him as a human. He can’t be trusted.

The male held up his hands in defense. “Calm down… I’m. It gonna hurt you…” He eyed me, gaze lingering on my injured arm. “Looks like you’ve hurt yourself enough as it is…”

He moved closer… too close for my liking. “Stay away!” I tried to move backwards more, but with only a single arm that I can rely on, at best I could only make myself look pathetic.

“No need to freak out,” he laughed at me. This certainly wasn’t funny! “I just want to help. You sit right there. Couple friends of mine will be able to help you.”

He wandered off, but I wasn’t about to just sit around and wait for him to come back. The guy was human, so he couldn’t be trusted. Simple as that.

Still, getting away was a lot easier said than done. Crawling away was my only option and with only one arm that was functional, I wasn’t getting far. Not to mention that sand can be really hard to move around on. When the stranger returned with his friends, I’d barely gotten anywhere.

The first to approach me was a man. He wasn’t the one who had found me, but he looked older than him. What caught my attention was a bracelet of shells on his wrist. They were a fleshy pink color, like human skin.

A girl came up beside him. “It’s okay… we're on your side.” The girl held up her wrist, showing off another bracelet, this one being a deep jade. She then pointed to the male who had found me. “Kenji might be an incubus, but I promise he's a friend… you don’t have to be scared.” She waved a younger boy forward. With a lovely pair of wings, he seemed pretty harmless. “This is Kousuke. He can heal you, if you’ll let him.”

The four of them seemed to be okay, I supposed. If they’re nonhumans, then I doubted that they would do me any harm. Well, I still wasn’t sure about the incubus, but the other three were definitely alright.

After figuring out just what the injuries were, it was easy for the angel to heal them. Being young though, he wasn’t quite able to heal them fully. That was alright though. I could at least move around now. Still, the older male, Takehito as the girl called him, advised against any sort of swimming or moving around for awhile. Seeing as he was a merman, I wasn't going to argue with him.

It wasn’t like I wanted to go back into the ocean anyways. Sighing, I leaned against a large rock next to the little pool with my shark friend. Back where I started, but this time I’m not completely helpless. I’m also not alone.

The incubus decided to hang around. Maybe he was bored. “So how did you get so beat up anyway?” Kenji asked, sitting down on the sand beside me.

It’s a fair enough question, but I doubt he’d like the answer. “Dolphins.”

He raised an eyebrow at me. “Dolphins?”


Most wouldn't know, but the playful creatures that people admired so much weren’t as sweet and innocent as they believed.

“Dolphins are bullies… That little guy down there…” I pointed to the shark. “A few dolphins where smacking him around… I tried to save him… and they didn’t like that.”

Kenji didn’t seem like he believed me, but it wasn’t like I had any reason to lie. “Wouldn’t have imagined that… Ocean must be a scary place to live.”

I don’t bother to respond to that. Obviously the ocean was scary. There was a reason humans don’t go very deep into it. Not that that even mattered right now.

Kenji eyed me, not even trying to be subtle about it. I don’t know why he was even sticking around. It wasn’t like I wanted him to stay.

As I let myself get distracted by my thoughts, I find myself being pushed down onto the sand… the incubus climbing over me.

“You're really cute.” He had a smirk on his face that I didn’t like. “Always wondered what it was like to have a little fun with a mermaid…”

Kenji backed away very quickly when my palm collided with his face. His eyes were wide and he brought his hand up to the red mark left on his cheek. “I was just messing around!”

“It wasn’t funny.” I sat myself back up and scooted away from him. “Go away.”

Kenji didn’t like it, but he eventually gave in and left me alone. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the only time I’d encounter that incubus… no, that encounter was merely the beginning.

Chapter Text

“Mom…” A small hand touched my own. Quickly I tried to wipe the tears from my eyes. I don’t want him to see me like this. Even if it’s normal to cry in this kind of situation, I have to stay strong for his sake.

As he looked up at me, my heart ached. This was one of those times when I hated how much the boy looked just like his father. Those sweet little red eyes were a mirror image of those same eyes that always used to find myself getting lost in.

“Mom… who was that man? Did he do something mean?” He stared at me worriedly. “Is that why you’re crying?”

I ran a hand through his hair as I sniffled. “No… he didn’t do anything, sweetie.” In the past he did, but that was before the child was even born.

Things felt like such a mess now… Just when I’d almost convinced myself that I was ready to just forget about him, Satori had to show up at my doorstep.

We’d ended things so badly before… it was the first time we’d ever really fought. He was to blame for that one, having not said even a single word to me about leaving until the night before.

“You can't just go running off halfway around the world and expect me to sit here and wait for you!”

It's funny how I said that I wouldn’t wait for him… because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

When he left, we stopped talking. He tried to apologize for not telling me about his plans, but at the time I was still too angry to listen to him. The last thing I’d heard from him was a simple text that said that he’d come back. That was only a week after he’d left.

A couple of months after that, I found out I was pregnant. Satori and I weren’t speaking and I was pretty sure that we were over, so I never even bothered trying to tell him about it. Nothing would have changed anyway.

Now here it is, five years later and he showed up unexpectedly at my door. I should have been happy to see him, but all that happened was that those old wounds opened right back up. What should have been a happy reunion turned into another fight. Well, more like I was fighting with him and kicked him out.

Now that Satori was gone, the guilt finally set in. I felt bad for being so hard on him. It had to have taken a lot for him to even risk seeing me after all this time… and all I did was treat him like the villain.

Sure, he made plans to leave the country and didn’t bother saying anything to me about it. He waited until his last night, after we were tucked into bed and cuddling before bed…

I sent my son off to get ready for bed, but I couldn’t take my mind off of Satori. After a moment, the guilt I felt won out over my anger and I pulled out my phone, seeing him a message. Honestly, I should have deleted his number a long time ago, but I could never do it.

How long are you staying?

I nearly dropped my phone in surprise when it started ringing. Satori's name was lit up on the screen.

As soon as I pressed the button to answer, his response came out in a rush of words. “I’ll stay as long as you’ll let me.”

“Satori…” I want to believe that he’d stay forever, but I know better. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep…”

“I mean it.” He went quiet for only a moment. “If you'd let me, I’d stay with you forever…” He gave a small, half-laugh. “I suppose you know me better than that though… I couldn’t even plan this right… Completely forgot about getting a place to stay for tonight… and none of the guys are even answering me…”

This is the part where I probably should tell him to go to hell… but I still love him. After everything and even after all this time apart, I still loved him as much as I did when he’d left  I don’t have to think about it. “Come back and you can stay for tonight… we'll talk and see where things go from there.”


After all this time, Satori hadn't changed. I’m not sure if that's a good thing or a bad one yet, but I do know that I can’t bring myself to push him away.

Once he’d come back, which didn’t take more than a minute since he'd still been sitting outside my door, we’d sat down and started to talk. First about what had happened to him since he’d left. Things sounded like they’d been going great for him.

Then I told him about what I had been doing. It wasn’t nearly as interesting as his stories. Being a single mom isn't exactly an entertaining life. Of course, that prompted him to question if I'd dated anyone else… and as much as I wanted to say I had, I hadn't.

“To think that you'd said that you wouldn’t wait for me…” Satori had a small grin on his face. Neither of us had said anything about getting back together, but I suppose that you could say that I did wait for him. “I know I should feel bad… but I’m kind of glad that you didn’t find someone… I don’t want to think about what would have happened if I’d showed up and your husband answered the door.”

I want to be upset at such a comment, but how could I when it was so very much like Satori to say something like that? “You’re lucky I wasn’t the one who answered the door earlier… or I probably would have just told you to leave and slammed the door on you.”

“It was still a shock to have a miniature me staring back at me though.” I’d never said it outright, but the fact that the boy was his son was clear as day. “If he didn’t look so much like me, I think I might have turned around and left without even seeing you.”

He looked at the floor, biting his lip as he thought for a moment. “Is it really okay for me to steal your couch for the night?”

“You don’t have to sleep on the couch.”

Satori's gaze snapped upwards, his eyes wide as he realized what I’d said. In an instant, his arms were wrapped around me, holding me tightly as he buried his face in my neck.

I smiled softly as I remembered that he’d always do that whenever he felt like he wanted to cry. Happy tears or sad ones, it didn’t matter… he just didn’t want me to see him like that. I don’t think that was entirely the reason this time though.

I felt his breath hitch slightly when I returned his embrace, wrapping my arms around his neck. He nuzzled me slightly and I felt his lips curve into a smile. “You smell even better than I remember…” The vampire shifted slightly, his lips pressing against my skin. I half expected him to bite me, but he hesitated. “Can I ask a small favor?”

It’s probably blood that he wanted, but I can’t just assume… “What is it?”

“I… well…” He adjusted himself a little. “I won't lie to you… While we were apart, I tried to forget about you… I dated a bit here and there, but it never went anywhere… couldn’t even tell any of them about what I am… and for a long time, I didn’t really know anyone and it was really hard to get blood regularly… Still is really hard…”

This wasn’t something that he had to explain. I knew very well what he was… and what he needed. Still, I don’t interrupt him.

“Normally I wouldn’t even bother asking and just do it, but things aren’t the same as before…” Satori went quiet for a minute. “The kid's obviously mine… which means that he’s a vampire like me. Halves work a bit differently, but if he’s one of the types that has to have blood… I can’t just put you at risk like that, you know?”

It was sweet to think that he had already thought that far ahead… that he cared enough to worry about a child that he'd only just met.

Slowly I tilted my head to the side, letting him have better access to my neck. “It’ll be alright… just this once…” There would be time to figure everything out later. For now, we could just enjoy this little moment we had.

Satori didn’t need to be told twice. He sunk his fangs in gently. It hurt, of course, but I can’t help but notice how much less it hurt compared to back before he left. Maybe I’d just gotten so used to the rough way that my little Kazuki did it and this was the same as it used to be. Who knows?

My eyes closed as I tried to focus on the feeling. I brought my hands up to grip his hair like I always used to… but unlike back then, his hair isn’t even long enough to grab hold of.

“It kept getting in the way… but if you want me to, I’ll let it grow back out…” His lips had parted from me only long enough to speak before reattaching to my neck.

“Mom?” Both of us froze at the child's voice. He's not stupid… he knew very well what vampires were and what it looked like for one to drink someone's blood. However, this was the first time he'd ever seen someone drinking his mother's blood… and a stranger, at that.

Very slowly, Satori and I parted. He leaned back in for just a moment though, licking away some of the blood that started to drip from the bite.

Little Kazuki's eyes shifted from me to Satori. The boy doesn’t know that it’s his father yet. There hadn’t been time to really tell him… and now really isn’t the time to get into such a serious subject.

Instead, I gave Satori a smile and took the little boy to his room, tucking him into his bed. That night, Satori shared my bed.


When morning came, I was awakened by noise from the kitchen. Venturing out of the bedroom, I was greeted by the sight of my son and the man I loved. Kazuki had a chair pulled up to the counter where he stood next to Satori, helping him to do something that I couldn’t see. Making breakfast, probably.

The two boys were happily chatting and laughing. I even heard them singing a bit here and there. It was such a sweet and wholesome scene that I didn’t have the heart to scold them for being noisy so early in the morning. “I hope you’re not making a mess…”

The two redheads turned around quickly and I couldn’t help but laugh when they had the exact same expression on their faces. They truly were father and son…

“How long have you two been up?”

The two looked at each other before looking at me. “Sunrise.”

Of course they would… Satori always did have a crazy amount of energy… and unfortunately, his son had inherited that from his father.

I moved closer, to see what they were doing, but flinched ever so slightly as I did. That didn’t go unnoticed… by either of the boys.

“You’re not too sore, are you?” My vampire lover looked at me with concerned eyes.

Meanwhile, Kazuki looked at his father. “Did you bite her too hard?”

“Hmm… just a little… but it was an accident.” His mouth quirks into a small smirk as he tried not to laugh. The biting hadn’t been enough to make me sore… but I wasn’t about to go and explain to a five-year-old what sex was.

Kazuki frowned and waved his finger at the man in a scolding motion. “Dad, you've got to be careful! Mom's a human and humans are fragile, so we have to take good care of her.”

As cute as it was, I was immediately distracted by what he’d called Satori. The vampire scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. “We… we had a bit of a talk this morning.”

It’s them that I notice the clothes that Satori is wearing. That hoodie is the very same one that he'd left behind years ago… and had since been sitting in a box in my closet along with everything else that he'd left.

I also noticed a picture sitting on the counter… another thing that I’d stored away. It's of the two of us back when we were still in high school… he’s wearing that same hoodie in the picture.

And lastly, I noticed my son's hair. It’s spiked up just like how Satori used to do his hair. I didn’t know whose idea it was, but it probably didn’t matter.

For just a moment, it felt like Satori had never left… like this was where he’d always been. In the back of my mind though, I was all too aware that he couldn’t stay forever. He had a life to go back to.

Satori's expression fell a bit, having realized what I was thinking. He was always good at reading me. “I… I’ll have to go back for a bit… but I promise that I’ll be back soon… and when I come home, I’ll stay forever…. If you’ll let me…”

“Of course mom will! Right, mom?”

When they’re both looking at me with those puppy dog eyes like that, how can I refuse? “I’ll always let you stay.”

Chapter Text

The warmth of the sun felt nice on my back. This place had always been my favorite… and over the past few years, it has been even more so.

Little children played in the sand near me. Most of them lived nearby and I’d come to know them rather well. Some were strangers, but in no time at all, it was like they were a part of our usual group.

A little girl came up to the rest, pulling along two other children. The girl is Kairi. The two with her, a girl and a boy, are a pair that I’ve never seen before.

Kairi brought the duo up to me, a bright smile on her face. “I found some more friends!” She released their hands and point to the little girl beside her. “This is Kotori.” She then pointed to the little boy. “And this is Keiji. They’re twins.”

The twins look at me in amazement. It’s a look that I've gotten very used to… everyone looked that way the first time they got to see a real, live mermaid.

It was then that one of the other children piped up. “Will you sing for us?” he asked, a bright grin on his face.

“Always.” I never minded singing for them… they loved to hear it. Shifting myself a bit, I sat up a bit straighter on my rock and moved my tail into a more comfortable position. It’s not necessary, but if I’m going to be watched, then I might as well look nice. When I was ready, I began to sing.

Hush now, mo stóirín

Close your eyes and sleep

Waltzing the waves

Diving in the deep

Stars are shining bright

The wind is on the rise

Whispering words

Of long lost lullabies…”

This little lullaby was Kairi's favorite… and one that had been taught to me by a dear friend, many, many years ago.

“Oh won't you come with me

Where the moon is made of gold

And in the morning sun

We'll be sailing

Oh won't you come with me

Where the ocean meets the sky

And as the clouds roll by

We'll sing the song of the sea…”

The children all watched me, captivated. Mermaids always did have beautiful voices and mine was no exception. Even those who had heard it before were just as mesmerized as those who were hearing it for the first time.

“I had a dream last night

And heard the sweetest sound

I saw a great white light

And dancers in the round

Castles in the sand

Cradles in the trees

Don't cry, I'll see you by and by…”

A man approached, but as he got close enough to hear, he slowed and stopped. He’d seemed like he was on a mission of a sort, though now he seemed simply awestruck.

He was quite handsome, but I wasn’t going to let it distract me. I’d been fooled by a pretty face before… I won’t be again.

“Oh won't you come with me

Where the moon is made of gold

And in the morning sun

We'll be sailing.”

The man's eyes scanned over the small group of children watching and listening. Eventually, his gaze stopped on the twins that were watching as if enchanted.

“Oh won't you come with me

Where the ocean meets the sky

And as the clouds roll by

We'll sing the song of the sea…

Rolling… Rolling… Rolling… Rolling…”

Another man came up beside the first. This one had orange hair that made him stand out. Before he had the chance to say a thing though, the first man silently shushed him.

The first man then looked my way, his eyes meeting with mine. He’s trying not to interrupt… That’s sweet of him.

“Oh won't you come with me

Where the moon is made of gold

And in the morning sun

We'll be sailing free

Oh won't you come with me

Where the ocean meets the sky

And as the clouds roll by

We'll sing the song of the sea…”

As the song came to an end, the kids all joined in asking for me to do it again. And while normally I wouldn’t mind, I had to shake my head. “I’d love to, but I think these gentlemen need something.”

The smaller of the two tensed a bit as all eyes locked on the two men. Without them even needing to say a word, the twins immediately moved to their side, much to Kairi's disappointment. “Do they have to go already?”

The first man gave a small nod. “Your mother is worried. Being nonhumans and not from here, you two know you can’t just go wandering off…”

He sounded like an overprotective father. The two didn’t look anything like him, but it was possible that they took after their mother.

The orange-haired male looked at the larger man and then at me. I could see a question in his eyes and after a moment, his curiosity won out. “If you’re a mermaid, does that mean you have…” When his words failed him, he held up his arm and pointed to his wrist.

That wasn’t something that just anyone would know about. He must have met another mermaid… or merman. His companion seemed lost though and gave the younger one a look.

“It’s a mermaid thing. They wear these…” He paused, trying to think of the word. “… these bracelets with shells and when they decide to be with someone they trade them. That's how Yachi explained it. Kageyama was always weird about it though.”

Slowly I raised my arm, showing my lack of the shells. “I was among the unlucky… one who fell in love with a human who didn’t return my love. Humans don’t always care about our traditions… but not all humans are all bad.”

Beside me, little Kairi held up her own wrist, showing off a bracelet of ocean blue shells. Even if she's only half mermaid, she still followed the traditions.

At that, the twins looked at each other and then at the orange-haired man. “Shoyo.” They beckoned him, making him come down to their level. The trio whispered amongst themselves a moment before waving little Kairi over. More whispering.

Finally, they stopped and looked at the other man with them. “Meian should stay.” The orange-haired male was the one to speak. Shoyo, the twins had called him. “He can be our marker.”

Meian didn’t look like he was amused, but I didn’t hear him argue. Granted, he probably had heard whatever it was that the four had been discussing.

While the twins ran off with little Kairi and Shoyo, one of the other children had me move to a spot beside them on the sand. There, they were building a sandcastle. As I shifted my attention off the man and onto the sand.

The children paid no mind to the stranger and began talking to me about anything and everything. After a moment though, a new pair of hands joined us… ones that most definitively did not belong to a child.

I glanced over, finding Meian had joined us. “The kids seem to really like you… you come here often?”

“I’m always here.” I gave him a smile, forming some of the sand into the shape of a tower. “I… I guess you could say that I keep hoping that if I keep returning to this place, I might get to see him again…”


I laughed just a little. “I was rather adventurous when I was younger… and on this beach, I met a man and thought that I had fallen in love. That man ended up being Kairi's father…”

It’s a sad story, but by now I’d gotten over it. “After the night we met, I never saw him again… All I know of him was that he was a human and his name was Shugo.”

Meian physically reacted to the mention of the name. “Well, I don’t know if it means anything and I’m a werewolf, not a human… but my name is Shugo.”

I couldn’t suppress a giggle. “Is that so?” It’s only a coincidence, but it was rather amusing. “Well… if it means anything, you’re much more handsome than he was.”

It was at that point that what awkwardness there was had vanished. The two of us talked about anything and everything. I told him about life as a mermaid and about some of my adventures; he told me about his life and about volleyball… and even about how his mother kept interrogating him about why he wasn’t married yet.

“Can't say my own mother would approve of me…” The children had all left by now, but the two of us were still seated on the sand. “Most mermaids don't approve of being with anyone who isn’t another of our kind… especially humans… but it’s not like it’s without reason…”

Meian opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by someone calling his name. He turned that way, finding Shoyo, Kairi and the twins had returned. They motioned him over, signaling that our moment had come to an end.

I could see them talking, but I couldn't hear them. Something that I couldn’t see was passed off to Meian, making him look back at me. In a moment, he was back by my side.

“Not sure why they want me to do this, but…” He took my hand and slid something onto my wrist.

When I looked down, I was shocked. It was a little bracelet made of shells. It wasn’t anywhere near as elegant as the ones that we mermaids held so dear, but it was still beautiful. My eyes immediately went to the three children, who were grinning widely. So this had been their plan…

Beside me, Meian cleared his throat. “At the risk of sounding too forward... I don’t suppose I could convince you to join me tonight…? I’m sure Bokuto and his wife won’t mind if Kairi had a sleepover with the twins…”

It is rather bold of him to ask, but I can’t quite bring myself to refuse. “I think I could be persuaded…”

Chapter Text

My nose twitched as it caught a scent. Multiple scents, really. Didn't matter the number... just that there were human scents. Among them though are a couple of nonhuman ones.

Instantly my thoughts go to the Collectors, but the human scents lack that stench that Collectors always had... Even so, humans have no place here. This forest belongs to the Pack.

I moved silently through the trees, seeking out the source... the intruders.

Most humans stay away from here, having heard rumors of a pack of wolves living in the area. It's not the truth, but it's not entirely a lie. Pretty much all of the Pack is made up of shifters like myself, many being werewolves.

As I draw closer to the scents, I start to become hyper-aware of how close they are to the old Collectors' compound nestled in these woods. The place is abandoned now, but in it are still the bodies of the Collectors we'd slain when making our great escape. If people outside the Pack found it, it could mean trouble.

Finally I caught up, finding five humans and two nonhumans. From the way the tents are set up and the pit in middle... I'd assume it was some little camping trip. Stupid humans.

For a moment, I watch them from a nearby tree. As much as I'd love to just barge in and tear them all to pieces, I'm not stupid. Even if they are only pathetic little humans, numbers can easily overwhelm.

The humans are completely unaware... of course they would be that stupid. The two nonhumans seem to be on edge though.

The two share a resemblance, so I assume that they're related somehow. Siblings, I'd bet. Their scents are similar too, but they're not quite like other scents. There's that coppery sort of smell to it... which meant vampires... but it wasn't quite right... there was something more to it that I couldn't quite place. Likely they're mixed-bloods.

The female nonhuman stops suddenly and looks at one of the trees near me. "Toya, do you feel like we're being watched?"

"You've been watching too many horror movies... You're probably just imagining it," the male nonhuman said.

Once their attention is in another direction, I slip down from the tree and take off. There are too many to risk making any kind of move on my own; I have to go back to camp and alert the others.

Thorn was not happy when he heard about the humans. With a group though, there wasn't much we could do that wouldn't put the Pack at risk. Being our leader, our alpha, he couldn't do anything that would endanger us.

The situation had to be handled delicately. If it was merely one or two humans, we could easily kill them and make it look like a simple wild animal attack... or simply keep them as our little pets. We have a little human pet already though.

She's a pathetic little thing... never says a word, never fights back... The girl wandered into our territory about a year ago and Thorn decided he wanted to have a little pet to push around. Lucky for us, no one ever bothered to come looking for her.

A twig snaps and all our heads turn. The young male from the human intruders... that little halfbreed... He froze under our stares.

Thorn started to open his mouth but stopped as I stepped towards the intruder. I was one of the main protectors of the pack, so our leader had no problem leaving this to me.

"You're not supposed to be here," I growled, trying to give off as intimidating of an aura as I could. "This is Pack territory. Go back to your little humans, mutt."

He glanced at everyone watching him, thinking very carefully. "You must be the wolves that everyone was so worried about..." The male is all too aware that we have him outnumbered... that one wrong move would be all it takes to make us turn on him. "Looks like werewolves would have been more accurate..."

I watch as his eyes move around our camp, taking it all in. Everything from our tents made of sticks and animal skins... to the large fire pit in the center... to where Bear and Bunny, our werebear and wererabbit, were currently skinning a deer that our hunting party had gotten just moments ago.

To him, it must seem strange, but for us, it's our paradise. Seeing the look of awe on his face, I decided to try a slightly gentler approach. "We have a good thing going here... and your little human friends are going to ruin it." I followed his gaze to where it landed on our little wererabbit. Bunny was such a petite girl... she'd be helpless without Bear around to protect her. "You've got vampire blood, so I don't expect you to understand... but after the things we've been through... everything we've seen... we'll never be able to survive in human society..."

"You could learn to... if you wanted to." The half-vampire was making a strange face. I've seen faces like that before, but not since I was a child. It looks sad, but not necessarily for himself... What even was that called? Pity? Sympathy? Or was that empathy? I didn't even know anymore.

Movement drew our attention to where the human pet was. Someone gave her a shove, knocking her onto the ground. The halfbreed made the face again, making me scowl. "Don't feel sorry for a stupid little human."

"You can't just push her around like that," he said, fixing me with a scowl. Guess he has some balls after all.

I give a snort. "We're treating her better than the humans treated us..."

"That doesn't make you any better than them!"

That hit just the wrong nerve. "This is nothing compared to the things that the humans have done." I stepped towards him with a growl. How dare he defend a human? He's not even-

That's when it hit me. His other half must be human. It made sense since even other nonhumans generally don't like vampires... and it explained why he felt so sympathetic towards the human... It pissed me right off.

"Get back to your stupid little humans. If you know what's good for you, you'll be gone by morning."

We can't actually do much to him and his human friends, but he doesn't need to know that. It seemed like he believed the threat too, because by the morning, he and the intruders were gone... and so was our human.

Chapter Text

“They have her…” I refused to look Thorn in the eye as I gave my report. “There's no way that we can get to her…”

Thorn growled as he grabbed me by the chin. “I want my human, and you’re going to get her for me.”

“I’m not going to go in there and play the innocent little schoolgirl act and cozy up to some mutt just to-“

He was quick to cut me off with a glare. “You will and you’ll do it because I said so.”

My blood ran cold under his stare. Thorn was our leader and we loved him, but when he got mad… I’ve never seen anything more terrifying. And right now… he was absolutely pissed.

“You have until the full moon after next. Don’t fail me.”

Getting to the human was impossible. She was never alone. If she wasn’t with that halfbreed, she was with that guy who was almost always with him. That one is for sure a vampire…

Why did Thorn have to be so fixated on a stupid little human? She couldn’t possibly be worth all of this trouble.

The only times that she wasn’t with one of the two vampires, she was with two of three werecats. Two of these were females, the male being the sibling of the younger female. They’re the first werecats I’ve seen since… well, since before I’d been taken by Collectors.

The half-vampire I’d learned was named Motoya Komori. He was friendly to everyone, human or nonhuman… but not everyone was as friendly when talking about him behind his back. Among the volleyball team that he played on though, everyone seemed to genuinely like him. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t quite understand that.

Komori was well aware of my plans though, so getting anywhere near the human was impossible. Before I even had a hope of doing what Thorn wanted, I’d have to gain his trust… and that wasn’t going to happen.

I didn’t even care about the damned human… I just wanted to go back to living with the rest of the pack… but orders are orders. Whatever Thorn wants, Thorn gets…

Things were off to a rough start… until I came across a rather pathetic human girl. She was petite and lacked any sort of backbone… making her an easy target for bullying. Normally I would have cared, but this was an opportunity. I met with her in secret and made her an offer.

You do my homework for me and I’ll make sure no one bothers you ever again.

The girl was quick to accept. She kept her end of the deal, which helped me a lot more than anyone was allowed to know. Of course, I made sure to keep my end too. Not because I liked the girl, but because I promised… and because it would help to make Komori think that I wasn’t after the human he’d stolen away.

It didn’t exactly do much, but over the course of a few weeks, I’d gotten him to let his guard down a bit. He started spending less time around the human, but that didn’t mean that she was left alone…

Less than a week left before the full moon… I was running out of time… If I didn’t get the human before then… I don’t even want to think about what would happen.

It doesn’t exactly help that I know what he’d been planning to do to her just before Komori had taken her away. Even if she was a stupid human… I felt sorry for what he was going to do… the Collectors had done the same to us and just the thought of someone else enduring it… it made me sick to my stomach.

A call of my name snapped me out of my thoughts. The teacher stared at me waiting for some answer. When I didn't give one, he asked again. His request was one that I had been dreading since I was forced into this charade... he wanted me to read… out loud.

I stared down at the book in front of me. All those markings on the page… they're nothing but random lines to me. I can't even begin to understand a single one of them...

… and that’s when I finally broke.

Between Thorn's quickly approaching deadline, the fact that it was impossible to accomplish, the consequences that would come with failing, me being the outsider in this place… and now being faced with the fact that I can’t do even one of the most basic things that even children can do… It's all too much.

I stand up abruptly, my emotions overwhelming me. I shoved the textbook off my desk and stormed out of the room. It’s stupid. It’s childish… and I really couldn’t care less.

“What the hell am I supposed to do, Thorn?” I gripped the edge of the sink as I cursed a man who wasn’t even here. “The minute Komori showed up, it was already hopeless! Stupid mixed blood! Half-human mutt! It's all his fault, not mine! It’s…” I stopped my ranting. “This is all his fault... If he hadn’t shown up, then nothing would have changed.”

I clenched my eyes shut. Right… it isn’t my fault… but… why am I going to be the one to suffer for it.

After a while, I managed to calm myself down. This had to end… All of this dancing around was getting me nowhere. When I was finally prepared to face the cause of all my problems, I stepped out of the bathroom that I’d hidden away in.

Immediately I stopped, shocked to see the little human who had been doing my homework for me. At the sight of me, she perked up with a worried expression on her face. “Are you okay?”

Am I okay? What a stupid question… Normally I would say that I was fine, but I was far from fine. There’s no reason to lie to her… everything will be all over soon. “No, I’m not.”

The girl flinched at the harshness of my tone. “You… you’re not planning to hurt Komori, are you?” I freeze. “He's a good person! Whatever he did to hurt you, I know it couldn’t have been on purpose!”

Why is she trying to defend him? I’ve never once seen her even talk to him… she hardly talked to anyone at all. Not to mention that he wasn’t human like her… then again, humans always were more accepting of vampires than they were of other nonhumans…

Even worse, she had to have heard my ranting… which meant that any nonhuman with decent hearing would have also heard. Can this situation get any worse? Well, technically speaking, yes, it could get worse. If Thorn decided to show up, then I was pretty fucked.

“Where is he?” I wasn’t about to lie and say that I wouldn't hurt him… because at this point, I saw no reason not to. Maybe I wouldn’t hurt him, but maybe I would.

She hesitated, clearly afraid to tell me. Her fear of what I could do if she refused eventually won out though. “He’s probably heading to practice… like usual…”

It took no time to catch up to him. The human girl wasn’t with him… and neither was his vampire buddy. This was an opportunity and I acted on it. Even if he is bigger and probably stronger than me, I have the advantage of experience and surprise on my side.

Before he even had the time to see it coming, I’d already shoved him up against the wall. Komori flinched as his shoulder hit, but only made a tiny noise of pain. Probably more from reflex than actual pain, I’m sure.

The surprise on his face quickly melted away when he realized it was me. Must have been expecting this sooner or later. It was due to happen sometime, after all.

“You ruined everything! If you had just minded your own damned business, everything would have been fine!” I hissed at him, careful not to let my voice get too loud. The last thing I need is for other people to get involved. “Stupid halfbreed! Why did you have to go and ruin everything?”

I’m not even sure what did it, but something I said triggered something. Faster than I could blink, the roles were reversed and it was my back to the wall, wrists pinned down in a forceful grip that would have rivaled Bear's.

My mouth opened to speak, but all words died the second that my eyes met with him. Nothing in this world can scare me besides Thorn, but that glare in Komori's eyes… made my fur stand on end… and I didn’t even have fur right this minute.

“Nothing will ever make what you were doing right.” Every instinct I had was screaming at me to move… to get away from there… but I can’t move. Never in my life would I ever have thought that someone who’d seemed so gentle could even be capable of looking like this.

I’m panicking… and I can’t even see anything else around us. This is like that feeling from earlier… and I don’t like it one bit.

Thankfully, I’m soon rescued. Someone pulled him away, making Komori snap out of whatever it was that was going on with him.

The second that I was free, I cast a quick glance at my rescuer and then I was gone. No way I was sticking around… not when in that moment, someone who had seemed so harmless had been as scary as the one I would soon be forced to face.

Chapter Text

I held onto Komori's arm until she was out of sight. As I let go, he looked down at me. “Why'd you do that?”

“You were scaring her…” Both Komori and Sakusa looked shocked… I mean, I get why… She's one of those kinds of people you think are never scared. “You… you looked like Thorn, just then…”

Both boys seemed confused, but it was Komori who spoke up. “Who's Thorn?”

“Well… you remember the pack that Lioness ran with?”


“The werecat that you’ve been protecting me from… She shifts into a lion, so the pack always called her that as a nickname. They really liked using nicknames like that … but that’s not important…” This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. “Thorn was the werewolf who lead the pack. Fang is said to be his second in command, but really, everyone knew that it was really Lioness who ran things… most things, at least…”

Honestly, I probably should have spoken up about things a lot sooner, but Komori had said that I had to keep quiet about it… that if other humans found out, bad things could happen for all nonhumans.

“She's not a bad person…” I looked at the ground, kicking lightly at a pebble. “I think she just doesn’t know any better… all she's ever known is the pack and the horrible things that humans have done to them…”

When I closed my eyes, I could almost hear the little wererabbit talking about how terrible things were before. “She… she still has nightmares about it… whatever it was that they did to her… I… I would hear her at night, sometimes… She'd never talk about it and she always puts on a brave face, but I know that it hurts her…”

Komori's face twisted into a look I’ve never seen on him before. Maybe he felt bad… either for her or for the way he'd been acting towards her. I wasn’t really sure.

“I think…” I looked at the half-vampire with a gentle smile. “I think that if you were to try to make friends with her, she might let the real her show.”

Komori thought it over. “You really think so?” All I could do was nod. “Suppose it can’t hurt to try…”

Komori went off, likely to find her. That left me alone with Sakusa. Not that I minded. In the short time that I’ve known him, I’ve come to like him. He’s never tried to be aggressive… he’s never tried to push me around… never tried to touch me.

“You know, you’re not supposed to sympathize with your kidnappers…” Sakusa glanced at me, shoving his hands in the pocket of his jacket.

“It wasn’t really kidnapping though… It was my own fault I got lost in the woods in the first place… Lioness found me and was going to let me go as long as I stayed away, but Thorn wouldn’t let me leave.”

I’m not even sure why I’m telling him about this. He probably doesn’t even care about it… but for some reason, Sakusa is so easy for me to talk to. Maybe it's because with him, I don’t have to be careful of what I say.

“Still sounds like classic Stockholm Syndrome to me.” So pessimistic… as usual.

“It’s not quite like that though…” He rolled his eyes at me. “I’m not trying to defend what they did, but they’re victims too. If I were to tell people about what they did to me, they would be punished… but if they were to speak out about what humans have done to them… no one would even bat an eye… Even though what was done to them was worse, they’re the only ones who will get hurt in the end… It’s unfair…”

“You’re too forgiving…” Sakusa shook his head at me. Of course, he wouldn’t understand… vampires never faced the same things that the other nonhumans had to.

I wish that I could make him understand… and everyone else too… but I’m just one little human. There’s only so much that I can do.

“You know… it was always pretty amazing to watch them… the pack, I mean.” I folded my hands together in front of me. “They got by with what they could gather from within the forest… They didn’t need anyone or anything but each other… like a family.”

I found myself smiling. “My family and I never got along like that… we get along alright, but we were never close… Motoya and his sisters feel so much more like family than mine ever did…”

Sakusa didn’t comment on that.

“Though you know, technically you could say that you and he are doing the same thing as the pack.” Komori had been rather insistent that I not go back to my own family, at first. “You keep me around and never leave me alone… Even if you're not doing anything mean, it's not that different, no?”

The scowl on Sakusa's face was the only argument from him. I paid it no mind though. “You know… I bet she'd be great for Motoya. He’d be really good for her too. If anyone can get her to lighten up it would have to be-“

Something soft brushed over my lips, making my words evaporate. It’s only a mere peck that lasts only a second, but it’s enough to completely halt my train of thought.

As I looked over at Sakusa, he turned his head slightly away from me. “You talk too much.”

He'd never complained about it before… Wait, is that a blush I see? It could just be the lighting. Probably is just the lighting. Why would he… oh!

A giggle escaped as the realization came to me. Sakusa would never kiss someone just to make them stop talking... “Kiyoomi, if you wanted to kiss me, you didn’t have to make up an excuse.”

Chapter Text

I’ve always wondered what it would be like if I had been able to live a normal life. To be able to go to a school with other kids… to laugh and play without a care… to make friends of all shapes, sizes, and species… to just be a normal girl…

To humans, my home seems like any other shrine you’d see anywhere else in Japan… but that’s little more than a façade. Sure, Grandmother does the usual shrine things for any other humans that come around, but that’s not quite the truth of it.

No, my family is eternally devoted to serving the kitsune, the supposedly powerful and divine foxes that sometimes take on the form of humans. Truthfully though, they’re little more than foxes that like to play around as humans. Mother would slap me if I ever said such a thing though…

All my life, I’ve been kept up here away from the rest of the world… and everything I do is restricted in one way or another.

Mother never uses garlic or peppers in her cooking. The smell offends the kitsune, she says.

I can’t wear perfumes or use soaps with pretty scents. The kitsune don’t like the flowery smells, Grandmother says.

Makeup is forbidden… hair products require approval… The chemicals offend their noses, Father says.

I can't wear pretty clothes like the girls who visit the shrines sometimes. Kitsune are disgusted by women who show too much skin, Grandfather says…

I can’t cut my hair or style it in any fancy way… The foxes like it like this, Mother insists.

A boyfriend was completely out of the question. Mother would punish me if I even so much as thought of talking to a guy… Kitsune being the only exception.

Their obsession with them is ridiculous… but who am I to say anything? Mother would beat me for sure if ever I tried.

It’s unfair… I sighed, continuing to sweep the leaves off of the stone pathway. Why did I have to be born into this family? It's not that I hate kitsune or anything, but I really don’t belong in a family like this.

“See? Told you she was cute.” I didn't dare to look at the one who spoke. It’s pretty clear that he was talking about me… he'd never say such a thing about my mother or grandmother and there wasn’t any other female here.

He comes here often, just like most of the other local kitsune. Unlike the others though, he’s gotten to be a bit of a local celebrity… he and his twin brother. Few in town don’t know of the Miya twins… and even a hermit like me knows of them. I’ve never spoken to them though.

The golden-haired one, Atsumu, had been coming here alone. Several times I’d overheard him speaking with Father, seeking advice about a human girl that he fancied. Father would often bring up his plans to betroth me to a kitsune, during such conversations.

I can only assume that Atsumu is attempting to at least look like he’s trying to help my Father. It’s likely just a trick though. Foxes are known to be clever like that…

“Sure, she's cute… but ya didn’t have to drag me all the way up here to show me that… Pictures exist for a reason…” That's his twin's voice. I don’t know as much about Osamu, but I know that he comes around every now and again… usually with a few friends.

“Should try talking to her. Ya might like her. The old man says she's a good cook too.” He's helping my father meddle… I don’t like it.

Luckily for my sake, Osamu didn’t sound like he was the slightest bit interested. “How many times do I have to tell ya to quit trying to set me up with girls? I'll date when I feel like it.”

At that point, I felt it was safe to stop listening to them. I wouldn’t have to deal with being hit on, so there was no reason to pay them any more attention. From the sound of things though, Atsumu had more personal motives for this.

Something brushed up against my leg, making me stop and look down. I had to force myself to smile. He was back again…

He's a kitsune, of course. Pretty much every visitor we got was one… but this particular fellow had been coming around increasingly often. And while I don’t mind him being here, I did mind that I was the reason he kept coming. I’d never have thought anything of it though if I hadn’t overheard his discussions with my father… and his intentions for me.

The kitsune was older than me by a few years and, to quite his own words, wanted to “breed” with me. Father didn’t tell him no, but he did say that I was “too young” and that I was “not ready.” In short, he was only telling him to wait and not telling him no.

And of course my own thoughts on the matter weren’t even considered.

It’s an honor to be desired by a kitsune, Grandmother had said when Father had brought it up. He’d only said that there was one who had taken interest though and not the truth that it was more of lust than any sort of actual affection.

Still, my family was thrilled. It looked they would finally get what they’d been wanting… even if it wasn’t what I wanted.

If I were to be with a kitsune, my children would be kitsune, which would mean that for the rest of eternity, my family bloodline would be kitsune.

There's no such thing as a half-kitsune… If a human and a kitsune have children, any traces of the human DNA would be overpowered and erased by that of the kitsune. Most people wouldn’t know that though… and I only know because, for hundreds of years, it's what my family has wanted the most… to become kitsune. Maybe a human can’t turn into a kitsune, but to give birth to a kitsune was the second-best option.

And that's why I have to be kind to this fox that sat in front of me, staring up at me. I’ve taken to calling him Creepy, but never to his face. Mother would slap me…

“You look lovely today, as always.” Creepy was far too bold for my liking… but what can I do? “Soon, my dear…” He flashed me a grin that made my skin crawl, before bounding off to no doubt try and persuade my father that there was no need to wait…

Once he was gone, I breathed a sigh of relief. Creepy made no attempt to hide his intentions… getting a little too touchy with me. He never dared disobey what my father had said though, waiting to have permission first be for staking that final step. Didn’t stop him from trying to convince Father to let him anyway though…

As I turned to continue with my cleaning, I spotted a bit of silver at the base of a tree. A fox with silvery fur. He was quite beautiful… and while I don’t know for sure that it was a he, I did know that actual foxes never had fur that color and that any female kitsune never bothered to even look at me. This one was clearly watching me.

For weeks, I’d keep seeing that same fox. I’d notice him right after Creepy would leave… The silver fox would watch me in silence for the longest time and eventually leave without ever saying a word.

And while it may sound creepy, I didn’t feel that way about it at all. No, it felt more like he was watching over me… protecting me like a guardian or something. I found his presence comforting… especially after the encounters with Creepy were getting more… well, creepy.

The ribbon thing my hair back was suddenly pulled loose, followed by a hand running through my long hair. I don’t even have to look to know… he's been appearing in his human form lately… and that only made this all the worse.

When he spoke, his voice was right next to my ear and it took every last bit of my focus to not let my actual feelings show. “Tomorrow evening… I’ll come for you.”

My blood ran cold. That meant that he'd gotten my father to agree to what he wanted… that he no longer had to wait… and that the day that I’d been dreading was finally about to be here.

I can’t refuse him… I’m not allowed to… Anything for the kitsune, as Mother had always taught me…

Creepy left me alone after that, but that wasn’t any comfort. How can I possibly relax when I knew that when he came back that I… I…

There was no way that I could possibly hide how I felt now… What am I even supposed to do? Run away? Where would I even go? I have no money… no family… no friends… no one and nothing to run away to.

“You don’t want to do it, do you?” I snapped my head up at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. It belonged to a boy who looked no older than I was… His grayish hair and aura reminded me of the silver fox. “You don’t have to… I can take you away from here if you want me to…”

He’s a stranger… I don’t even know w his name. For all I know, he’s more dangerous than Creepy… but the moment that he held out his hand to me, I didn’t hesitate. Regrets could come later… all I cared about right then was running away with him.

Chapter Text

Only one day left… I’ve failed to do what Thorn wanted… there’s no way that I can get the human for him.  And if I’m being honest… I don’t want to.

You don’t have to do what Thorn wants you to… You have a choice… You don’t have to listen to him.

I had a choice, huh? It was so easy for Komori to say something like that when he didn’t know what would happen if I failed…

Ever since the confrontation with Komori, I hadn’t bothered to go back to the school. What was the point? There wasn’t any reason to keep up the act anymore… Once Thorn came, I would be going back to our camp in the woods... and life would go back to normal.

Acting on a whim, I found myself going back to the school. Classes were over by now, but I wasn’t here for that. No, I was headed for where the gym was.

There were more people than usual. Granted, I barely knew anything when it came to volleyball, but even I could tell this was a match. It had the same kind of aura that the fights in the arena had, back when I was still with the Collectors. Obviously, this was much less violent.

I slipped in, careful not to disturb as I made my way over to where a few people were watching. Among them was the human girl that Komori had taken from the pack. The two female werecats were with her.

The human tensed as I stopped and stood beside her. I don’t even spare her a glance. “You can relax… I’m not here for you.”

“Then why are you here?” The younger werecat spoke up and I could feel her watching me. What was it that they called her? Yuuki, I think? Not that it really mattered.

They’re right to be suspicious of me, but it's not necessary. “Trying to come to terms with what happens to me now that I’ve failed… but that’s not any of your concern… You have no reason to worry about someone like me.”

“What's going to happen to you?” When the voice asked, I had to look. The human's voice I would never have recognized… she never talked with any of us, but being here, she’d really come out of her shell…

There's a part of me that doesn’t want to tell her, but of everyone, she probably deserved to know the most. “You know what Thorn was planning to do to you, don’t you?” She gave a nod. “Well… if I don’t bring you back to him, I’ll be the one taking your place…”

The two werecats seemed confused. Sighing, I decided to explain. “Some werewolves are strongly connected to the moon… some forcibly shift at night and can never control it… For Thorn, when the moon is full, he goes through this period of intense… well, lust, for lack of a better word… He'll have an insatiable lust… and if he is denied a way of satisfying it, it’ll turn into an insatiable bloodlust… He'll turn violent beyond control… It’s not pretty…”

The human looked down at the floor. Yuuki, on the other hand, seemed disgusted. “Can't you just tie him up before and make him wait it out?”

“We've tried. It only made it worse…” I found myself laughing, but really, it wasn’t funny at all. “Normally, he'll just use Fang. She's a werewolf like him, so her body is better suited to handle him, but he’s never been fond of her… There was one time when he used me instead, back before you were with us… I was limping for an entire week afterward.”

From the corner of my eye, I saw the human's face fall. It wasn’t hard to guess what she was thinking… If that was what happened to someone like me, then what would happen to a fragile little human? Thorn would break someone like her.

“Like I said… you’re safe. I’m not taking you back to him… I… I can't.” It kills me to admit that I can’t do something, but there was no reason to lie. “You’ve got a good thing going here… You have a place that you belong… and someone who is dear to you… If I were to take that from you, I’d be as bad as the humans who hurt us…”

Since the day I’d confronted Komori, I’d seen her with that other vampire. Sakusa, was it? Not that his name mattered. It was clear he was important. When I’d merely said that she had someone important, she immediately had looked at the dark-haired vampire.

“That way you look at him… that’s the same way that I looked at Thorn, back before you came along…” Old feelings die hard, but I knew that the love I'd once had for our leader, our protector… was long gone.

“Did you stop loving Thorn because you fell for Komori?” The younger werecat piped up, butting in again.

The very idea was ridiculous. I barely knew him… You can’t fall for someone that quickly… right? “There’s no way that I’d fall for some half-breed.”

“Oh yeah? Then why do you keep looking at him the way that Sarabi here is always looking at Mufasa?” Yuuki pointed at the werecat with her. There's no way that that is the girl's name, but the werecat doesn’t correct her. A nickname, perhaps?

I scowled. “I don’t stare at him like some lovesick kitten.”

“Hey, no one said love.” Yuuki smirked at me. I really want to wipe that off her face… “Besides… I think he might like you.”

There was no way. Not once have I ever been nice to him… for someone who seemed like such a nice guy to be attracted to someone like me… it’s impossible.

Beside her, the human chimed in again. “He thinks you’re pretty. Said so himself.”

It’s a lie. It has to be. No one has ever called me pretty… no one who meant it, anyway. It was something that I’d only ever heard from sleazy men who simply wanted me to “be a good, pretty little kitty.” Those days were long behind me and it was going to stay that way.

“You know… that reminds me of this dream he was telling me he had…” The older werecat, Sarabi as Yuuki had called her, finally decided to speak. “I can't remember all that he said, but Komori said that you were a princess in it.” She giggled a little. “And Sakusa was a talking volleyball. Crazy, right?”

Me? A princess? How stupid… I know better than to believe these things that they're saying, but a part of me can’t help but want to believe it... and when the dream is brought up, I can’t help but imagine his voice calling me his princess. The thought alone sent a shiver down my spine made an unfamiliar heat rise in my cheeks.

“You're blushing! You do like him!” Yuuki laughed and nudged Sarabi. “See? Told you she's a tsundere.”

I don’t get this girl. What the hell is a tsundere anyway? Whatever. It didn’t matter. “You’re ridiculous… it's not like it would make any difference anyway. When Thorn comes back, I'll have to leave. I don’t have time for something as stupid as love.”

In the end, I left without talking to Komori. After everything the girls had said, my head felt too confused to deal with him anyway.

The next day though… Thorn never showed. Three days later, it was Fang who met me… only to tell me that Thorn had been killed and that she was leaving the pack.

After thinking it all over, I returned to the school two days later. Classes were long since over and he would surely be leaving about now.

As I turned around the corner off the building, I noticed a couple making out there in the shadows. I'd been about to walk on past like I didn’t even see them, but then I caught a glimpse at the girl's face… and she saw mine.

She pushed her vampire lover back a bit, much to his annoyance. “You’re back!”

“Only to say goodbye.” The smile on her face vanished. “I've got a few words for Komori…”

She pointed in a direction. “He's probably still in the clubroom… it’s the third door.”

The human didn’t seem eager to follow me, so I assumed that she and her vampire wanted to continue what they'd started. Wasn’t any business of mine. Someone like her still had a chance at happiness with someone… I don’t need to know any more than that.

Finding the room wasn’t hard. It didn’t sound like anyone was inside though. Still, I had to at least check. I didn’t think much of it and opened the door… only to be met with the sight of Komori with a shirt not quite halfway on.

At the sight of me, he quickly pulled it the rest of the way on. It’s only then that I remembered that knocking was a thing. My bad. It was only Komori though, so it wasn’t that bad…

Komori was quiet for a second before smiling. “Did you need something, Princess?”

Instantly my face got hot again like before and he burst out laughing. “Sarabi said you got really flustered when she mentioned the dream, so I wondered if that would do it too.”

So he'd just been playing with me? Should have expected as much… “Thought I’d tell you that I’m leaving and going back to the pack… You don’t have to keep protecting that stupid little human.” I tried not to think about how he'd just been toying with my feelings and focused on why I’d come here in the first place.

“You don’t have to go back… you can stay here.” His smile vanished almost immediately.

I shook my head. “Thorn's dead and Fang abandoned us… I can't leave them with no one to protect them…” Even if being here wasn’t that terrible, it was clear I didn’t belong here.

“Then have them come here. They can all go back to leading normal lives…”

It’s a nice sentiment, but it wasn’t that simple. “We can't… We’re the ones who have been with the Collectors since we were still children… We'll never be able to live among humans… We have no skills and no education… I can’t even read. Hell, I can barely even write my own name! None of us would ever be able to hold a job like that… and who would ever even hire people like us anyway?” It’s not that we don’t want to do what he's suggesting, we simply can't. “Out there, we can at least get by… but here? We’d never survive…”

Komori thought carefully for a moment. “What if I could make it work?” As much as I’d love to think he could make it happen, I don’t want to give myself false hopes. “I… I know someone just like you… He's a werewolf here in Tokyo… If you’d let him, he’d help you.”

It sounded too good to be true. “And I’m supposed to believe that you’d go through this trouble for nothing? What are you hoping to get out of putting me in your debt?”

“I want you to stay.”

“Why?” Why would someone like him want someone like me around? I’ve been nothing but harsh towards him… and I can’t even begin to count the times I’d referred to him as a stupid or dirty half-breed…

Komori stepped towards me. Instinctively, I backed away… until my back was to the door. He didn’t stop until he was mere inches from me. “Because I think that what she said was right… that you've only ever known terrible things… that there’s more to you than this harsh attitude that you show everyone.”

It wasn’t until he was towering over me that I realized how much taller he was than me. With the pack, no one ever got this close to me, so I couldn’t help but feel incredibly small.

“That girl you were secretly having do your homework? You could have just threatened her and forced her to do it. It’s what I would have expected someone like you to do… but instead you decided to protect her.” Komori raised his hand and I immediately clenched my eyes shut.

When all I fell was his hand being gently placed on my cheek, I opened my eyes again. His smile looked so gentle. “Sarabi told me about what you said… about what would happen if you didn’t take the human back to Thorn…You could have forcibly taken her… but you didn't… Instead, you chose to give up on it, even though you were afraid…”

“Why does any of that matter?” I didn't understand why he was even saying these things. What point was there to saying things that I already knew?

His thumb stroked my cheek. “It means that I'm not crazy for wanting to kiss you…”

“Why would you…” I looked up, my voice catching in my throat the minute my eyes locked with his. We’re his eyes always that color? Of course, they would be… but why had I never noticed before? That color reminds me of the stormy night skies over our camp…

It’s then that I noticed his smell. Sure, I’d caught his scent more than once, but never this close. There's a faint coppery tint to it, the telltale sign of being a vampire, but only when he’s this close do I realize that his scent is quite nice… I can't pinpoint what it smelled like exactly, but whatever it is, it’s soothing… and kind of sweet.

Komori leaned in slightly. “I… I lied a little when I told Sarabi about that dream… It was only you there, no one else… You looked really beautiful and when I kissed you, it was the most amazing thing I've ever felt… and ever since, I haven’t been able to get you out of my head…”

He leaned in a bit further, stopping just short of touching me. “May I?”

No one had ever asked me for my permission before… not for anything at all. It’s so strange but sweet at the same time. Maybe that's why I can't say no. Instead of answering, I leaned in and closed the distance between us.

This isn't the first time that I've been kissed. It’s not the first time I’ve kissed someone willingly. This is, however, the first time that I’ve felt like this.

The softness of his lips… The way that his tongue dipped only slightly into my mouth… It was enough to make your fur prickle with delight.

“That… that was even better than the dream…” Komori's breathing was just a little heavier now. I wonder if he felt the same thing I did... though if the smile on his face meant something, it was that he probably did. “I… I don’t want to stop at just one… but… can I save that for later? Promise me that you’ll let me have another after you get back with the others…”

It’s clever, I’ll give him that. If I promise him that, I’ll have to come back to give it to him. Somehow he knows that if I make that promise, I won’t break it.

I don’t know what will happen if I go along with what he wants, but all it takes is one look in those eyes of his and I know that whatever happens, everything will be alright.

From these ruins of my old life, I’ll build one new… one that I’d like to share with this man right here in front of me.

Chapter Text

Running away had been a choice I made in a mere second. My emotions… my fear had pushed me toward such a daring decision. What I didn’t consider though, was what happened afterward…

My parents would be furious when they found out. They’d never dare to get the police involved since they wouldn’t want to have to reveal the truth behind the shrine… that it existed purely as a place to serve the kitsune. Then there was the risk of exposing what they were going to let that kitsune do… Even if nonhumans weren’t affected by human laws, it would still cause problems.

Now here I sat, in the living room of the silver fox. Ginjima, I’d learned his name was. His mother happened to be away at his aunt's, leaving just the two of us here.

It was nice to not have to explain things to her, but at the same time, it would have been nice to have heard what her advice would have been. The second-best option for advice was Ginjima's friend and teammate Kita.

I’d met Kita before… he visited the shrine many times as a child with his grandmother. That kitsune was the very definition of responsible and reliable. Which side he’d take in this situation though… I had no idea.

Of course, I didn’t expect that he'd bring along others when he showed up at Ginjima's home. The fact that the other kitsune tagged along could only mean one thing: my parents had already figured out that I was gone and word had already started to spread among the only ones my family would trust with the situation… the kitsune.

Kita looked rather disappointed. It kind of reminded me of a father scolding a child. “Gin, you can't just kidnap a shrine maiden.”

Ginjima flinched. “But it wasn’t kidnapping… She… she wanted to go…”

Never mind the fact that I wasn’t an actual shrine maiden. The most I did was clean up around the shrine… but that point felt a bit irrelevant at the moment.

“That's not how her family will see it.”

“Her old man's going nuts already.” Suna didn't look up from his phone as he spoke. “Things aren’t going to be pretty if he has to get policed involved… She'll have to go back…”

“No!” It slipped out faster than I could think it. “Please don’t make me go back! I don’t want to do that with some disgusting fox-“ I clapped a hand over my mouth, realizing just who I was talking to. “I-I'm sorry… I-I didn't…”

Kita shook his head. “No offense taken. You’re a little emotional… you didn’t mean to say something like that.”

It’s a relief that he understands, but it does nothing to solve the actual problem.

Beside him, Atsumu shrugged. “Can’t say I blame ya for wanting to run away…” All eyes went to the blonde. “The old man just wants his grandkids to be kitsune. Doesn’t care if the guy is her mate or if he just fills her full of kits… I tried to help out a bit by suggesting Suna and Osamu, but they weren’t interested.”

“It’s not like you told us that… you’re always trying to set me up anyway. How am I supposed to know the difference?”

“Okay, but what are we supposed to do now?” Ginjima quickly tried to shift the subject back on track.

The four kitsune went quiet. If things weren’t dealt with quickly, the situation would only get worse. After a moment, Atsumu spoke up with a suggestion. “We'll tell her family that Ginjima is a kitsune and got jealous over that other kitsune, so he convinced her to run away with him.”

“Atsumu, we can't just lie about something like that.” Kita was right… that story was too full of holes to work. “If Gin was a kitsune, he wouldn’t have had to run away with her… Her father would have approved… Honestly, this would be a lot easier if Gin was a kitsune.”

Ginjima… wasn’t a kitsune? But he was a fox? That was when I remembered that werefoxes existed. To anyone without a strong sense of smell, they could be near impossible to tell apart. That just made things even more complicated…

The discussion went on for hours. In the end, we couldn’t come up with a solution... only a way of prolonging the problem. Atsumu, Osamu, and Suna were sworn to secrecy. They saw nothing; they knew nothing.

Kita would do what he could to buy us some time to figure out what to do. His plan was to tell my father that he'd seen me and that I was safe. He’d say that I’d simply gotten scared and needed a little time… that I would come back as soon as I’d calmed back down.

I didn’t know if that would be enough, but it was better than nothing. It could very well have just been putting a band-aid over a gaping wound… It might be a temporary fix, but a proper solution would be needed.

In the end, I was there only one who had the ability to fix this, but how? I sat on Ginjima's bed, thinking it all over. The sun had gone a while ago and so had Ginjima's friends.

The werefox had told me that I could have his bed for the night and he’d sleep elsewhere. It was sweet of him, especially since I was already causing him so much trouble. He moved to leave the room, but stopped at the door and looked back at me. “I… I don’t feel right leaving you alone… I’ve got a bad feeling…”

It was entirely possible that someone could show up in the middle of the night. I didn’t think it would happen, but a part of me didn’t want to be left alone. Not because I was scared of someone taking me away, but because I’ve never actually been away from home before and it was a little overwhelming.

After a second, I saw him shift into that silver fox that I knew oh so well. “I can stay like this if it makes you more comfortable…” He hopped up onto the far corner of the bed. “And I can stay right here, so you won’t have to worry about me doing anything… if you want me to, I mean…”

He sat there, waiting for my decision. No one ever cared to ask me what I wanted… everyone always decided things for me up until now. Ginjima's never once some that… and maybe that's why I started to like him… and why I knew I could trust him.

“Please stay.”

Chapter Text

I’ve always heard that foxes are nothing but troublemakers. They tear up gardens, kill your animals… ruin anything and everything that they can possibly get into. Not once have I ever experienced such as thing myself though.

While my neighbors were constantly complaining about the local foxes being a nuisance, I had yet to encounter even a single problem.

You could claim that it might just be because I didn’t have any that came around, but I do. One in particular came around almost daily.

At first, he was quite shy, only coming around when I wasn’t looking. He'd take a few vegetables from my garden, but he’d never leave a mess. No holes were ever left in my yard, except that one time when I’d had a tree that I wanted to plant. I left it only a moment to grab a show and by the time I’d returned, a hole had been left right where I’d planned to dig one.

Sometimes, he'd leave things on my back porch. If he found something interesting, he'd leave it there for me. Sometimes they would be marbles. Once there was an old flashlight. Once there was a wallet, which of course I returned to its rightful owner, who was grateful to have it back after having lost it years ago.

One morning, I came out to find him sitting on my front doorstep, a small rabbit held in his teeth. At first, I thought he meant to bring me a dead animal as his idea of a gift, but the little creature was perfectly unharmed, except for a broken leg. Once it was safely in my hands, the fox did something rather strange: he smiled at me and then ran off.

I ended up taking care of the rabbit until his leg was better and released him back into the wild.

A few weeks later, he brought me a bird with a broken wing. Three days after that, he brought me a snake who'd gotten his head stuck in a bottle.

The first could have been written off as a coincidence, but the other two made it clear that it was on purpose. It was like he knew that I would help them… like he wanted me to help them. Things like that were why I became a veterinarian, after all.

After the snake, he started coming around for no reason at all. He'd come and sit next to me on my back porch. I'd talk to him and pet him absentmindedly. In no time at all, I got rather used to having him around. Sometimes he'd help me around the garden, digging up this or that… or even carrying around whatever was small enough for him.

Now and then, the little rabbit would appear. I call her Usagi. The fox never bothers her, but now and then he'll chase her down and bring her to me, but never leave so much as a scratch on her.

Sometimes the snake would pay a visit too. I’ve taken to calling him Suguru. I’m really not sure why… it just felt right.

As for the fox… no name that I could think of felt right for him. It made me feel bad. Everyone else gets a name, but not him? How unfair…

As I racked my brain for a name for my fox friend, I spotted him across the yard. In his mouth was a ball of furry white. Seeing me, he hurried over. The white fluffball was dropped gently into my lap.

I lifted it up to get a better look and my heart nearly stopped. The little creature he’d brought me was a baby fox… he couldn’t be more than a couple weeks old…

“He's a kitsune.”

I stopped at the sound of a voice. One look around said that no one was here but the two foxes, but that could only mean…

“Don’t freak out, okay?” When I looked at the fox beside me, I very much wanted to freak out. Foxes don’t talk… though I guess a kitsune would, wouldn’t it? That would also explain a lot… “I wasn’t even going tell you… not yet anyway… but it can’t really wait now…”

The fox gave the little kit a gentle nudge. “His mother's gone… She… she was a friend of mine… I didn’t know what else to do. I can’t take care of him, so you’re his only hope…”

The whole situation is crazy. Any normal person would refuse, right? But when he says it in that way, how can I refuse? The little one would be helpless on his own… but then again, I’m not prepared to mother a child, let alone a fox child. And yet, even though I thought that, I couldn't just leave him alone.

“I don't know anything about kitsune…” I told him.

He placed a paw on my hand. “You do know foxes though. I can help you with what you don’t know… but I can’t actually give him the care that he’ll need…”

He was always bringing me creatures that needed my help… and now he brought me a child… Maybe it wasn’t a human child, but it was still more than an animal.

The fox looked up at me, eyes pleading with me to take the little one in. “I don’t have anyone else I can trust with him… I promise that I’ll help you in every way that I can…”

I can’t refuse. I gave his head a pat. “It’s okay… I’ll take care of him… Does he have a name?”

The fox shook his head. I must look crazy talking to a fox… “No… I’m Koji Hiroo though… I guess if you have to give him a last name, you can give him mine… unless you want him to have yours…”

I picked up the baby fox and held him to my chest. “I'll make sure to give him a good name… and a good home.”

Chapter Text

“Mama!” A small body flopped onto my bed, waking me from my sleep. “Mama! He's back! He's back!”

I sat up, rubbing my eyes. My little kitsune was now five years old. He was in a human form now, but because he was still young, his fox ears and tail always lingered.

“Come on! Hurry or you'll miss him!” Yukiya grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed, his bright blue eyes shining with excitement.

It’s rather contagious and I found myself smiling too. “What's got you so excited this morning?”

“Koji’s back!”

Just the mere mention of his name made me spring to my feet and rush out. For the past five years, I haven’t seen him.

Those first couple days after he'd brought Yukiya to me, Koji had stayed with me. While he couldn’t physically do much, he provided advice and information about kitsune that I wouldn’t have been able to find on my own.

He explained how baby kitsune couldn’t go into a human form until they were around three years old. He told me how they aged at about the same rate as humans, which was why most kitsune stayed among humans. There was so much that I never would have known if not for him…

In that time we spent together, we grew closer. There even came a night when Koji finally let me see what his human form looked like. That same night, he kissed me… and we even slept together… but the next morning, he was gone and I didn’t see him again.

Sure enough, just as Yukiya said, Koji was on the back porch. He'd frozen up the minute I’d opened the door but made no attempt to run away. In front of him sat a basket, my basket that I used when picking vegetables from my garden, actually. This time it was full of berries.

“I… I thought Yukiya might like them…” Koji avoided looking at me. That confirmed my suspicion that he’d been avoiding me all this time.

Even if I didn’t see him, he still kept his promise. He would leave things here for us. Sometimes there would be a note. Like vegetables from the garden or even sometimes something that would help Yukiya feel better whenever he started to seem sick.

Yukiya knew the story behind why I was human and he wasn’t. He knew that it was Koji who brought him to me as a baby and that all these years, he was leaving things for Yukiya. But even if the snowy-haired boy saw the fox now and then, I’d always missed him.

As I studied the kitsune, I noticed that one of his paws was wet and a bit redder than it should have been. “Koji, you’re hurt.” I knelt down to get a closer look, but he only pulled the injured paw closer to his chest, away from me.

“It’s nothing. Doesn’t even hurt.” He was lying. There was no way that it didn’t hurt. “I just stepped in a trap. Nothing serious.”

Yukiya tugged at my shirt. “You can fix it, can’t you Mama?”

Koji looked between the child and me. He always brought hurt animals to be before… so what harm would there be in letting me help him now that he was the one who was hurt? Reluctantly, he held out his paw for me to look at.

“I'll go get the box!” Yukiya ran off into the house. He knew the drill already, considering I had to keep him with me every minute of the day up until he was able to mostly do things on his own. It made working difficult, but it made the bond we had strong.

In a few minutes, the three of us were sitting at the kitchen table. I was cleaning around the wound, while little Yukiya watched in amazement. The boy seemed to have inherited my love for animals.

Before I began to disinfect it though, the furry paw in my hand shifted into a human arm. When I looked up, I found myself face to face with the human form of Koji. His dark eyes were still avoiding mine. “I… I thought this might make it easier… Now you can see without my fur in the way… and I won’t really be able to walk around on four legs for a little while anyway… so…”

It did make it a lot easier to see. Now it was quite clear what I needed to do. “I’m going to have to put in a couple stitches… but I don’t have anything here to make it hurt less…”

Koji shook his head. “I can tough it out. Just do it.”

From the corner of my eye, I saw Yukiya get up and run off. By the time I finished getting out what I needed to stitch him up, the little boy returned.

“Here!” He held out a small stuffed fox to Koji. “You can hold him and it will make it not hurt so much! He always makes me feel better when Mama takes care of my scratches.”

The dark-haired man smiled and took the fox in one hand. Koji recognized the toy… it was one he'd left for Yukiya.

As I started to put in the stitches, I smiled. “Yukiya calls him Little Koji. Named him after you.”

Koji stayed quiet as I worked. Every so often though, I’d glance up and see his eyes peeking at me from under the hair that fell over his eyes. He's just as handsome as he was the last time I'd gotten to see him, but now wasn’t the time to think about that.

In no time at all, the job was done. “See? All better now!” Well, not quite all better, but I didn’t have the heart to tell Yukiya that. “Mama always makes things better.”

For just a second, I caught Koji's eyes. He quickly looked down though. Even if he was here now, there was still one question that needed an answer. “Koji… why did you leave?”

I can’t say more than that, but I don’t need to. “I… I was ashamed, okay? I shouldn’t have… I shouldn’t have done what I did… I got scared… and… Look, I know what kind of person I am… what I’ve always been… I'd be a horrible influence for a kid… I… I’m not exactly father material…”

He didn’t seem all that bad to me… not like he seemed to think he was. “You and Yukiya… you've got a good thing going here… you’re a family… and I… I don’t want to get in the way of that…”

“But you’re part of our family!” Yukiya piped up before I had the chance to say a word. He bounded over to the fridge, took down the drawing he'd hung there, and brought it over. “See?”

The drawing had surprised me the first time I’d seen it. Someone had asked Yukiya to draw his family… but Yukiya has never really had a normal family. In it, he drew me in my lab coat. Beside that was a little boy with white fox ears and a tail. That was himself. Off in the far corner were a snake and a rabbit, since he insisted that Suguru and Usagi were family too. The surprising part though, was the fox beside Yukiya. That was Koji.

The older kitsune stared at the drawing for the longest time, not saying a word. “What am I in the family…?” The words were to Yukiya, but his gaze went to me. He wanted to be a part of this. I could see it in his eyes… but there was also a hint of fear. Fear that he might ruin everything.

Yukiya didn’t even have to think and answered in a heartbeat. “You could be dad, if you want to.”

Koji looked at me, as if asking if that was true… if he could really be such a thing…

While should be mad at him for leaving, I can't. Even if I never saw him, he never truly left us. Like Yukiya said, he was part of the family, even if Koji didn’t realize it.

“You'd let me come back and stay? Even though I’m not good at anything?”

“Mama's good at everything! So it’s okay if you’re bad at things… Mama wants you to stay too! Right, Mama?” Yukiya looked up at me with puppy eyes. Koji wore a similar expression.

I missed those days when Koji was always around. Without him, it had always felt like something was missing. Now, it would all be complete. “There wouldn’t even be a family if it weren’t for you… You brought Yukiya to me when he had no one else… and even before that, you were someone special to me… So… will you stay?”

Koji could only nod. He chose to stay with us… and he never left us again.

Chapter Text

“How many times am I going to have to pick you up before it finally sinks in?” Daichi sighed as I lay across the back seat of his car. More specifically, the back seat of his police car. Horribly uncomfortable, but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

“Don’t know why you bother. It's not like I’m good for anything else anyway…”

I just barely hear him curse under his breath. He doesn’t say anything more to me for the rest of the ride.

When we reached his place, I flopped down on his couch. Seemed like I’ve been sleeping here a lot more lately. It wasn’t my choice to crash here, but I knew Daichi wasn’t going to just let me go off on my own yet. We’ve had this same little dance countless times…

It’s not my fault I was picked up by Collectors years ago… and it's not my fault that they molded me into what I am… I didn’t choose to be born a wererabbit… and I certainly didn’t magically make rabbits known for crazy sex drives and breeding… After everything with the Collectors, it wasn’t like I could just hop right into a normal life.

My name left his lips in a scolding sigh. I already know what’s coming next… lecture attempt number two. “You can't keep doing this… For one thing, it’s illegal-“

“Stupid human laws don’t apply to us nonhumans.”

“That’s the only reason you’re here on my couch and not laying in a cold cell.” Daichi crossed his arms over his chest. “Secondly, you’re better than this. You're a fine young woman and you're more than capable of making a proper life for yourself… I don’t know why you keep insisting on doing these things… If you'd just try…”

I rolled over, turning my back to him. “Daichi, you know that that's bullshit.” Why did he have to keep trying so hard to fix me? It couldn't possibly be worth the effort. “I can barely read… I nearly burn the house down anytime I try to even boil water… I just make an even bigger mess whenever I try to clean… I don’t have much strength at all… Sex is literally all I'm good for…”

“Prostitution is illegal,” he said, as if repeating it would make any difference. “There has to be something you can do that is legal.”

“Yeah, well there’s not. So drop it.”

Daichi let it go for now, but we both knew that this was far from over. He wasn’t about to give up; he refused to believe that I was a lost cause.

Some clothes are tossed at me, making me glance his way. “At least change before you go to sleep…”


When I woke the next morning, it was to the sound of the front door opening. It wasn’t Daichi, since I could hear him in the kitchen, still making breakfast. The scent said it was another kitsune like him though… two, actually.

I rolled over to get a look. In walked a young woman, a small child next to her. Couldn’t be more than four years old. A pair of fuzzy fox ears poked out of his messy hair. He looked a lot like a tiny Daichi… the woman looked a lot like him too. Must be Daichi’s sister.

Her eyes widened just slightly at the sight of me. Can't say I was surprised… She just walked into her brother's house to find some strange woman on his couch, wearing his t-shirt with nothing but underwear on underneath though I was covered by a blanket. That right there was a major red flag. Of course, if I’d slept with him, I wouldn't be on the couch.

Before either of us could say anything though, Daichi came in. “Sorry to bother you on your day off… but I really couldn’t get anyone else to watch Hiro…” She cast a look at me. “Sorry to ruin your plans…”

“There weren't any plans to be ruined…” Daichi shook his head, a grin on his face. “The only plans I had were to talk some sense into this troublemaker.” A hand planted itself on the top of my head, ruffling my hair.

Something about that was especially irritating. “Hey! Don’t treat me like a kid!”

Daichi didn’t even bat an eye. “I'll treat you like an adult when you start acting like one.”


After his sister had left, I ended up putting on the pair of shorts that Daichi had given me last night. He always offered them to me, but I’d never bothered with them before now. Didn’t see any reason to wear them… but I wasn’t about to be indecent around a child. I could have put my clothes from last night on, but those would be even less appropriate.

Hiro had settled into a spot on the floor with a couple toys. One was a stuffed red fox, a classic choice for a kitsune… but the other was a caramel-colored bunny. Strange, since normally a fox would devour a rabbit.

Soon, my curiosity got the better of me and I seated myself next to the child on the floor. “Do they have names?” I motioned to the stuffed toys and he nodded.

“This is Toshi and this is Mochi.” He held up the fox and then the bunny. “They're best friends.”

Odd to think that a fox and a rabbit would be friends. “You don’t think that Toshi would want to eat Mochi?”

Hiro frowned. “Do you think foxes are bad too?”

“Of course not. My best friend is a fox.” Calling Daichi my best friend may have been a bit of a stretch, but he was kind of my only friend. “And I don't think Daichi is bad… do you?”

Hiro shook his head. “Uncle Daichi is the best! I bet bunnies wouldn’t be scared of him!” He held up Mochi. “I really like bunnies, but I’ve never got to pet one… they always get really scared and then they bite me if I try to get close…”

“I think I can help with that.” As his eyes moved from Mochi to me, I shifted to my rabbit form. Little Hiro's face lit up like it was Christmas.

The rest of the day was spent like that… me in my caramel and white speckled rabbit form and the tiny kitsune carrying me around and insisting that I spent every minute with him. Except for bathroom time, because I was a girl and he was a boy. Hiro's exact words.


“Mama!” Hiro ran up to her, excitedly holding me in his arms as his mother returned. He held me up, showing me off. “I made a friend! Isn’t she awesome?”

“That's great!” Her eyes shifted to Daichi, silently questioning why he had a rabbit all of a sudden. “Speaking of friends… Daichi, where did yours go?”

The kitsune point to me, held tight in Hiro’s arms. The woman was a bit confused. “Wererabbit.” Daichi grinned, carefully taking me from Hiro so that the child could grab his two stuffed animals. “They had a lot of fun… He got to finally meet a rabbit who wasn’t scared of him.”

“Can we play again sometime?” Hiro looked at me, his eyes sparkling.

Daichi laughed. “Of course. I’ll have her come over next time too.”

After they're gone, Daichi sat down on the couch, my rabbit self still in his arms. “That was really sweet of you to do for him,” he said, scratching behind one of my floppy ears. “I don’t think over ever seen him that happy… You're pretty good with kids too. Maybe next time I have him, you could come over too.”

He set me down in his lap. I looked up at him, surprised to see such a gentle smile on him. It's only then that I realized, that he'd never smiled at me… Daichi was always too busy scolding me to smile… I want him to smile at me more.

I don’t stop to think before shifting back to my human self. Being a rabbit and sitting in his lap had been fine, but being a person sitting on his lap? Yeah, that wasn’t so fine… and I didn’t miss the way his breath hitched just slightly.

I moved off of him and sat beside him. “Even if I’m good with kids, it’s not like anyone would ever want me around their kids…”

“What about Wiz?” The name made me hesitate.

I knew the woman only vaguely. A mixed-blood that headed a huge group dedicated to helping former Collected like me. Here in Miyagi, she had a place called Sanctuary where she housed a number of nonhumans who she was working to reunite with their families or help them to start new lives.

Her group had been the one that rescued me and many others… but I’d refused their help back then. Would she even be willing to help me? Or was she even able to?

“You don’t have to decide right now, okay?” Daichi seemed to sense my uncertainty. “But I know she could use an extra hand looking after the kids she's got at Sanctuary. Ideally, she wants to reunite them with their parents or place them in new homes, but it’s not exactly that simple… She can’t handle them all on her own and run the organization at the same time. You'd be doing her a favor and getting yourself into a better situation. It’s at least worth trying, right?”

I want to believe that it would be that simple. Still, there was no telling if it would even work out. Maybe Daichi was right though. “I… I'll think about it.”

Chapter Text

Today, I’ll tell him. For sure this time. I can't back out… and I sure as hell won't be able to hide for long anyway.

I stood off to one edge of the gym, waiting for Sakusa. He's still talking with the team captain, so I don’t want to interrupt or anything. After a moment, I’m joined by one of his teammates.

“Plans with Omi tonight?” Atsumu asked, stopping and standing beside me. His hair was wet like he'd just showered.

I turn to answer him but immediately brought my hand up to my nose. “Atsumu, are you using a new cologne or… or something? I… it’s making me nauseous…”

“Same as always.” He took a step back, but that didn’t help in the slightest. Atsumu flashed a playful grin and chuckled a little. “What are ya, pregnant?”

“Yeah…” I didn’t mean to tell him, but my mind was too focused on not spilling the contents of my stomach everywhere to come up with some excuse.

He turned to stare at me in shock. “Wait, what?!” It was clear that he’d only meant it as a joke… he didn’t actually think that I would be. Not to mention, Sakusa was… well, Sakusa. To imagine him fathering a kid… it was unthinkable.

It was around then that the panic started to set in again. How the hell was I even supposed to tell him about this? He'll be pissed… There's no way he'd want anything to do with a child…

My thoughts were quickly spiraling out of control. This was exactly why I still hadn’t told him… any time I tried, I'd start freaking out like this. This was the worst though… because not only was I freaking out over having to tell Sakusa, but also over the fact that I’d accidentally told Atsumu…

Before I could calm myself back down, everything went black.

When I opened my eyes, I’m not in the gym anymore… I’m in a hospital bed. I scanned the room quickly, hoping that maybe Sakusa was here with me, but no such luck. Instead, I had Atsumu.

Seeing me stir, Atsumu moved to sit closer to me. Before I could ask, he spoke up. “Omi needed a minute…” The look on the setter's face said it all. It had to have been the doctor who let it slip… Atsumu looked down. “He was pretty pissed…”

Of course… not only was I pregnant, but Atsumu of all people found out before he did… After this, I think it was safe to say that the relationship that we've had for seven years was done for…

“What am I going to do…? There's no way that he wants a kid…” The blonde gave my hand a reassuring squeeze.

Atsumu held my hand a bit longer. “It'll be okay, ya know? Omi… Omi might be kind of freaked out right now, but everything will work out somehow… At least… at least you've got him…”

As his voice trailed off, I felt that there was something deeper here. Something else was on his mind besides my current predicament. “Atsumu, are you okay?”

The setter hesitated, momentarily debating on if he wanted to bring it up now. “I… it feels like everyone has someone but me… Osamu’s planning to ask his girl to marry him… Omi has you… he's crazy about you… Bokuto's got his wife and the twins… things seem like they're going well with Meian and that mermaid… Hell, even Shoyo has a girlfriend…”


“I… everyone gets to be with the one they love… and I…” He looked so pained just thinking about it. “I already fucked that up a long time ago…”

It wasn’t like him to ever talk seriously about love or relationships… and now I think I understand why. If his heart was still in the hands of someone from his past, then how could he possibly look forward? “Atsumu, if you still love her, then you have to tell her.”

Atsumu shook his head. “I wish it were that simple… She's probably already with someone else… and if she’s not… I doubt she'd ever give me a chance after all the shit I’ve done… She would have to be insane to want anything to do with me…” He forced a grin. “I'll be fine though… Anyway… I’ll go check on Omi.”

As he left the room in search of my boyfriend, I felt myself start to get nervous again. What would he say when he came back? Would he even come back? No matter how I looked at it, there was no good ending for this…

Every second felt like an eternity. Eventually, the door opened again, and in walked Sakusa. No sign of Atsumu. Maybe he wanted to give us some time alone. I wished he hadn't.

Sakusa was quiet before handing me something. It was just a simple notebook. An odd thing, I thought… until I looked inside at the writing.

“I… I was going to come back sooner, but I had to find out some things…” He opened the notebook to a specific page. “I know how hard things were for Motoya growing up and I know that half vampires don’t work the same as full vampires like me… His mother was a vampire though, so I can’t really get information from her about what you might go through, so I asked Shoyo about the vampires he knew… if maybe one of them had kids with a human woman. Took longer than I thought, but… I did get to talk to someone. Woman by the name of Tsukishima… she's a mother of two… She was able to tell me a lot…”

I looked down at the book in my hands. He'd gone through all this trouble… just for me? Did I dare hope that this meant something? “Kiyoomi… you hate kids…”

Sakusa cleared his throat. “I know… I… Look… I’m terrified of where this is going, but… I don't want to throw away what we have over this…”

My eyes stung as tears of happiness filled my eyes. It was only that I really realized just how terrified I'd been… and how relieved I suddenly felt knowing that this wouldn’t be the end.

He pulled me into his arms and I wrapped mine around him. “You're going to be a wonderful mother…”

I felt his breath against my neck only briefly, reminding me of a rather important issue… “Kiyoomi… what are you going to do about blood?” He was so picky about where he'd get blood from… and knowing him, he probably would refuse to take any from me now that he knew that I was pregnant. The only other person he trusted enough to take blood from was Komori… but he was in a completely different prefecture now. It wasn’t like back when we were still in high school when he was always right there…

“Tsukishima said that if I were to take it from you, but only small amounts and not very often… it would be okay…” Sakusa didn’t sound too thrilled about that idea though. “I can't get by with that little though… not with volleyball… so I’ll have to find someone… I’d rather get Bloodsick than ask Atsumu for help… but if I have to, I could bear with it for a little while.”

It wouldn't be easy, but we'd make things work out. Whatever happened next, we could face it together.

Chapter Text

“Is… is it wrong? How I feel towards Kuguri?”

The girl's question caught me off guard. “Why do you think it would be?”

When my boyfriend had brought home an old friend of his, I hadn’t really known what to expect. All I had been told was that he had nowhere else to go… and that because of his current injuries, he couldn’t be left alone

It wasn’t until Kuguri was here that I got to hear the full story. He had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd and ended up a Collector, though I really hadn’t understood what that meant at the time. During that time, one of their captives had grown quite fond of him and when he’d gotten injured during a raid on the compound, she did everything she could to protect him.

The sweet little angel girl had told me her side of the story a few times. “Anytime I tell anyone about it, they say it’s wrong… that I don't actually care for him… that… that I was brainwashed into thinking I am…”

“And what do you think?” I can’t say that I blame anyone for thinking that… Kuguri was part of the group that had kidnapped her and many others, so why would she fall for him? Then again, Kuguri had also been kind to her and hadn’t been like the others.

She was quiet for a moment, her hands stopped peeling the potato that she’d been very slowly working on. “I… I think it’s real… but… but what if they’re right?”

Carefully I reached over and took the knife and half-peeled potato from her hands, setting it on the kitchen counter before taking hold of her hands. “The only one who can tell you if your feelings are real is you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

I heard the front door open and close, followed by a voice. For the moment, I ignored it. “What you did… You saved his life, you know that? No one else would have done that for him… and I know that Kazuma is grateful for that… and so am I… even if I don’t know Kuguri all that well. The way I see it, you’re the only one willing to look past the bad things that he’s done and judge him as the man that he is and not what everyone thinks he is.”

Slowly she smiled. “You… you really think that these feelings could be real?”

Numai stepped into the room but kept silent. He didn’t want to interrupt. “Of course… but the only one who can decide if they are or aren't, is you.” As I continued, Kuguri joined my boyfriend. “Take some time and look deeply in your heart… that's where you'll find your answer… but no matter what that answer is, remember that it’s never wrong to love someone…”

It was then that she did something I didn't expect… she threw her arms around me in a hug. When we parted, I smiled and sent her off so I could finish making dinner. As much as I love her help, it would be much faster to finish it up by myself.

While she ran off to spend some time with Kuguri, I turned my attention back to the vegetables I had been preparing. I didn’t get very far before arms wrapped around my waist from behind. “Kazuma, I can’t make dinner if you keep doing that.”

The werewolf merely nuzzled my neck. “Maybe I just wanted to snuggle my sweet little wife for a moment.”

“We're not married, you know…”

“Hmm… not yet… but we practically are already…”

I raised an eyebrow at his words. “Yet? Should I take that as a proposal?” Not that we really needed to make it official… but it would be nice if he really was my husband and not just a boyfriend.

Numai gave a small hum. “Marriage isn’t always that big of a deal to most nonhumans… it’s always been more of a human thing…” Didn’t stop nonhumans from marrying, of course. Some were so used to living like humans that they just naturally followed human customs. “I can see myself staying with you for the rest of my life though… so might as well make it official… If you'd want to marry me, that is…”

I turned just slightly to see him. There was just the slightest tinge of red to his face. It was rare to see him get embarrassed. “Kazuma, of course I’d marry you…” The proposal was hardly romantic, but it suited us just fine. We knew that we wanted to spend our lives together… we didn't need some fancy proposal to know that. “There's no one else I’d rather spend my life with.”


Chapter Text

He's pissed. While I knew I frustrated him a lot, I’d never made him mad before… Daichi was gripping the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. “You said you weren't going to do this anymore…”

“I wasn't-“

“Don't lie to me.” Daichi didn’t even let me explain.

To be fair, in the earlier days, there was a time when I did try to lie my way out of this situation, but it never worked. Right now though? I was trying to tell him the truth… that it wasn’t what he thought… but he was too angry to really listen.

“You were doing so well with Wiz and the kids… How can you just throw that away?” I caught him looking at me through the mirror. “Is trying to make the world a better place for nonhumans not interesting enough for you? Is it so terrible that you'd rather run off and make things harder for yourself? For everyone?”

“It’s not like that-“

“I don't believe you.” His words hurt but even worse was that voice he used to say them. I'd heard he was scary when angry, but this is worse than anything that I'd ever imagined. “I never should have believed you when you said you wanted to try to change… Should have known you were just saying it to get me to back off…”

He's not listening to me. He's not going to. The way he was right now, there was no way that he would listen to my side of things.

The car pulled to a stop at a light. If he wasn’t even going to let me explain myself, then there was no point staying. Before the light could turn, I had the door open and I was already running off. I heard him call my name, but Daichi didn’t follow me.

I couldn’t believe that he would assume the worst of me. When I’d said that I wanted to try to change, I’d meant it. The first step in that was promising that I’d stay out of trouble… and until now, I'd been doing great.

It wasn’t what Daichi thought… Maybe it was that same place where I would pick up guys and maybe I was reported by that same guy who always complained about me being there, but I wasn’t selling myself. I promised Daichi that I would never do that again… and I’d kept that promise.

I wasn’t even going to stop there. Really, I wasn’t. If there hadn’t seen some shady-looking guy lurking around there, I wouldn’t have even bothered.

Something about him reminded me too much of when I'd gotten taken by Collectors, so I couldn’t just leave it alone. I followed him and ended up catching him trying to assault some high school girl. Her shirt had gotten a bit torn up, so I gave her my jacket to cover herself while she went home. And maybe the clothes I had been wearing were a but revealing… everything decent that I had was in the wash, so I hadn’t had much of a choice.

Of course, no one had seen that happen and the guy got away before Daichi showed up, so it was purely my word against what Daichi knew of my past. I can’t blame him for being upset… but did he really have to call me a liar when I was trying to tell him the truth? He wouldn’t even give me a chance…

I didn’t feel like going back to Sanctuary yet… but the only other place I had was Daichi's. It wasn’t like I had any family… or any friends…

In the end, I just ended up wandering around aimlessly. My cellphone rang several times. Three times from Daichi, then once from Wiz. I assumed that she called because I didn't answer Daichi. Then Daichi tried three more times after that. Not once did I answer it.

It was almost sunset by the time that I felt like going home. Though… where exactly was home? I loved working with Wiz and she gave me a great place to stay, but… was that really home to me? As I thought about home, it wasn’t Wiz's place that came to mind… So instead of going back to Sanctuary, I sought out the place that did feel like home.

I reached for the doorknob and gave it just a slight turn. It wasn't locked… did he forget? No… no, he was too responsible to do something like that… Then maybe… maybe he left it unlocked for me? There was no way he could have known that I’d come back here…

It’s not like I didn’t have a key either. A while back, he'd given me a key to his apartment. That was after about the fourth time that he'd gotten me out of trouble when I’d let it slip that I didn’t actually have a place to stay and that I'd been crashing at a couple of different abandoned buildings.

When I finally got inside, I found Daichi sitting on the couch, waiting. His cell phone is tossed off to the side, laying on one of the cushions. He looked up at me and I found myself freezing.

He didn’t look like he was angry now, but for all I knew, he could still be furious. Daichi patted the spot beside him, but didn’t say a word.

I moved towards him but didn't sit down. Instead, I stood in front of him. “I… I wasn’t doing what you thought. It wasn’t like that at all!” I blurted the words out before he had a chance to start scolding me again.

Slowly I told him what had really happened. Now that he had calmed down, he was at least willing to hear me out. When I finished, he stayed silent for a moment, collecting his thoughts before speaking.

“You really were keeping your promise, weren’t you?” Daichi looked up to meet my eyes. Any traces of the anger that he'd had before were long gone now. “I… I’m sorry. I shouldn't have assumed… I shouldn’t have said what said…”

I can’t blame him for it… Anyone in their right mind would have jumped to that conclusion. I can’t even be mad at him. Instead, I wrapped my arms around his neck in a tight hug.

Daichi's arms slid around my waist, pulling me into him… and onto his lap. It may have been unintentional, but neither of us seemed eager to move away.

I’ve been with more men than I care to admit… and I know that he's more than aware of it. I'm a hopeless and useless little nobody… but in spite of those things, Daichi believed that I could still be something… to be someone… It’s no wonder that I’ve come to care for him…

He's never given me any reason to think he held any feelings for me… Honestly, why would he ever feel that way? Someone like him deserved so much better than someone like me… but I can’t help but try… I had to test the waters. If he rejects me, then so be it. I can write it off as a lapse of judgment and we could go back to normal… but if he didn’t reject me… No, I dare not get my hopes up.

Slowly I seek out his lips with my own. It’s gentle… and a little uncertain… Can you blame me for being nervous? Those nerves soon melt away, when I don’t feel him pull away and instead feel him return my kiss.

The kiss shifted from gentle to heated rather quickly. It’s something I’ve gotten far too used to, but for him, it’s a different story. My hand slid down his chest and moved to his belt. It’s there where his lips part from mine.

“Don't…” Daichi's breaths were shaky… his voice no more than a pleading whisper. “If… if it doesn’t mean anything to you… then don't…”

His name left me in a questioning whisper. “Even if it means nothing for you… it'd still mean something to me… I… I don’t want it to be just a one-time thing…”

The way he said it made it feel like a love confession… but how could someone as wonderful as him, love someone like me? It sounded like something out of a fairytale.

“Daichi… if you say things like that, you'll make me think that I’m someone special…”

“You’re special to me.” I cursed the way my heart fluttered. How could he say that so certainly? It felt too good to be true…

His forehead rested against mine, his arms not releasing their grip on me. “You don’t come around much anymore… since you’ve been keeping your promise, I haven’t had any excuse to see you… I’m ashamed to say that part of me wished that you would break your promise, just so I would have an excuse to see you… but just thinking if someone else touching you… It drives me crazy…”

Would it be wrong to believe that this meant he cared for me? That maybe… maybe he loved me? Love had always felt like something far beyond my reach… but right here… right now… it felt like it was just within my grasp.

“So what about you? I've told you how I feel… Do you feel it too? Or am I crazy for thinking that you might…”

I want so badly to believe this is real. “I… I feel like I’m in a dream… You… you’d really want a stupid little rabbit like me? You deserve so much better…” It had to be too good to be true…

“So it’s just me then, huh?”

“No…” I clenched my eyes shut. “I… I feel it too… It just feels like a dream and any minute I'm going to open my eyes and this will all be gone…”

Daichi took my face in his hands, forehead still resting against mine. “It’s not a dream… I promise…” Could it really be real? His thumb caressed my cheek. “You know that kitsune mate for life, right?” I gave just the slightest nod. “I'd like to make you mine… if you think you would be happy being with me.”

Now I really was convinced that this was a dream. It had to be. Although… if it was a dream, what did I have to lose? “You would really want to spend the rest of your life with a useless little rabbit? A big… strong… handsome fox like you? How do I know you aren’t just wanting to devour me?”

“I love you.”

My heart nearly stopped. He'd hinted around at it, but to hear him say it straight out like that… How can I even say no? Not that I'd ever want to refuse him… I guess that there was only one choice. “I love you too, Daichi.”

Chapter Text

I called out his name as I stepped through the door. Not even a minute later, Ennoshita's head peeked out from another doorway.

“You're early.” He cast me a smile. “You have any time to stick around or are you in a hurry?”

I shook my head. “No hurry today. This was my last stop before heading back to Sanctuary.” Beside me, Kimura headed towards the backroom to get ready for his shift. “I can stay a minute. Although…” I glanced down behind me, where a little boy stood. “I do have to get him back to Sanctuary… but he might enjoy a  minute being out of the car.”

Ennoshita followed my eyes before nodding. He motioned for me to follow before leading me back onto the break room.

Normally nonemployees wouldn’t be allowed, but thanks to the fact I worked for Wiz, I was granted that little bit of privilege.

What I did isn’t all that special… I’m just a Runner. I take this and that to here and there. It’s not flashy like the things that Aki does with running the raids… nor is it noble like the counseling Numai does… or like Sugawara and Delta and how they spend free time teaching the former collected. Still, it was something very important.

Ennoshita placed a cup of coffee down in front of me on the table. In front of the kid, he had some paper, some crayons, and a small cup of hot chocolate. Taking his own cup, he sat across from me.

“So how's Wiz doing? Haven’t gotten a chance to talk with her in a while… She's always too busy whenever I call.”

I take a sip of the warm coffee. “Same as ever. Trying to do everything all on her own and all at once… I swear, that woman is going to work herself to death… but it’s not like there's much anyone can do… Can only to so much…”

My eyes drifted to the kid, who had picked up a crayon and begun drawing. “Wiz needs to recruit more people to help out around Sanctuary… That alone would take a lot of the weight off her shoulders…” Ennoshita sighed, finger tracing over the cup in his hands. “Or if she could place more people… I wish there was more we could do… Not that she'd ever ask us for help…” He shook his head lightly before smiling. “Anyway… did you ever figure out what she is?”

It was no secret that Wiz had always hidden what creature she was… or rather, what mix of creatures she was. In working with the woman, I’d become determined to figure out the great mystery. “She's half vampire, but everyone knows that much… No luck on the other half though…”

The angel in front of me merely chuckled. “She's done a really good job keeping it secret, that's for sure… Pretty sure no one knows… Well, besides Shirabu. Pretty sure she's told him. They've always been pretty close…”

“He'd never tell though…” I perked up as an idea came to me. “Think Kenma knows? They're close too.”

“Probably still wouldn’t tell you.” He was probably right… but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

My eyes moved to the kid again, checking on him. He was still focused on his drawing… of a golden wereowl. Odd choice, but maybe he had a reason. “Can't really figure this kid out either… He's a mixed-blood too… We know he's half wereowl, but that’s all we know… and he won’t talk to anyone… Just brought him back from Tokyo… Shirabu and Dr. Sugiyama ran a few tests and are supposed to call Wiz if they can find out anything. Also took him to Numai… thought that if anyone could get him to talk, it'd be her, but no such luck…”

Ennoshita looked at the boy and then at me. “You might just have to give him some time… Being with the Collectors is rough enough… but being only a child… I can’t even imagine…” His eyes lit up as a thought crosses his mind. “You know who would know what it's like though? Aki. Might have been a little older, but he was still only a kid. Maybe he would be able to get to him.”

It was worth a try. Would take a bit of planning ahead, since Aki was always all over the place, but it had to be worth trying. “I’ll have to all that one over with Wiz. If we can get something out of him, we might be able to get him back to his family… or place him in a new family if we have to…”

Ennoshita nodded. “In the meantime, at least he's safe staying at Sanctuary…” His eyes flicked to the clock on the wall. “Speaking of… you probably should head back soon… but…” He smiled a little. “When I get off work… would you like to have dinner with me?”

“I'd love to.” Slowly I stood up, motioning for the kid to come along.

The boy straighten up his crayons and stood. Before following, he held out a drawing to Ennoshita. This wasn’t the wereowl drawing though. This one had an angel man drawn on it. Beside him was a woman with calico cat ears and a tail… It's clearly meant to be the two of us, though I don’t know how the boy knew that I was a werecat, let alone that I turned into a little calico housecat.

Between the two in the drawing, was a little girl. She had a pair of cat ears… a tail… and a pair of angel wings…

It’s a strange drawing for sure, but it brought a smile to the angel’s face. “Thank you.”

The little boy smiled and then followed me out. “I'll see you later tonight.”