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Haikyuu Creature Collection

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I held onto Komori's arm until she was out of sight. As I let go, he looked down at me. “Why'd you do that?”

“You were scaring her…” Both Komori and Sakusa looked shocked… I mean, I get why… She's one of those kinds of people you think are never scared. “You… you looked like Thorn, just then…”

Both boys seemed confused, but it was Komori who spoke up. “Who's Thorn?”

“Well… you remember the pack that Lioness ran with?”


“The werecat that you’ve been protecting me from… She shifts into a lion, so the pack always called her that as a nickname. They really liked using nicknames like that … but that’s not important…” This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. “Thorn was the werewolf who lead the pack. Fang is said to be his second in command, but really, everyone knew that it was really Lioness who ran things… most things, at least…”

Honestly, I probably should have spoken up about things a lot sooner, but Komori had said that I had to keep quiet about it… that if other humans found out, bad things could happen for all nonhumans.

“She's not a bad person…” I looked at the ground, kicking lightly at a pebble. “I think she just doesn’t know any better… all she's ever known is the pack and the horrible things that humans have done to them…”

When I closed my eyes, I could almost hear the little wererabbit talking about how terrible things were before. “She… she still has nightmares about it… whatever it was that they did to her… I… I would hear her at night, sometimes… She'd never talk about it and she always puts on a brave face, but I know that it hurts her…”

Komori's face twisted into a look I’ve never seen on him before. Maybe he felt bad… either for her or for the way he'd been acting towards her. I wasn’t really sure.

“I think…” I looked at the half-vampire with a gentle smile. “I think that if you were to try to make friends with her, she might let the real her show.”

Komori thought it over. “You really think so?” All I could do was nod. “Suppose it can’t hurt to try…”

Komori went off, likely to find her. That left me alone with Sakusa. Not that I minded. In the short time that I’ve known him, I’ve come to like him. He’s never tried to be aggressive… he’s never tried to push me around… never tried to touch me.

“You know, you’re not supposed to sympathize with your kidnappers…” Sakusa glanced at me, shoving his hands in the pocket of his jacket.

“It wasn’t really kidnapping though… It was my own fault I got lost in the woods in the first place… Lioness found me and was going to let me go as long as I stayed away, but Thorn wouldn’t let me leave.”

I’m not even sure why I’m telling him about this. He probably doesn’t even care about it… but for some reason, Sakusa is so easy for me to talk to. Maybe it's because with him, I don’t have to be careful of what I say.

“Still sounds like classic Stockholm Syndrome to me.” So pessimistic… as usual.

“It’s not quite like that though…” He rolled his eyes at me. “I’m not trying to defend what they did, but they’re victims too. If I were to tell people about what they did to me, they would be punished… but if they were to speak out about what humans have done to them… no one would even bat an eye… Even though what was done to them was worse, they’re the only ones who will get hurt in the end… It’s unfair…”

“You’re too forgiving…” Sakusa shook his head at me. Of course, he wouldn’t understand… vampires never faced the same things that the other nonhumans had to.

I wish that I could make him understand… and everyone else too… but I’m just one little human. There’s only so much that I can do.

“You know… it was always pretty amazing to watch them… the pack, I mean.” I folded my hands together in front of me. “They got by with what they could gather from within the forest… They didn’t need anyone or anything but each other… like a family.”

I found myself smiling. “My family and I never got along like that… we get along alright, but we were never close… Motoya and his sisters feel so much more like family than mine ever did…”

Sakusa didn’t comment on that.

“Though you know, technically you could say that you and he are doing the same thing as the pack.” Komori had been rather insistent that I not go back to my own family, at first. “You keep me around and never leave me alone… Even if you're not doing anything mean, it's not that different, no?”

The scowl on Sakusa's face was the only argument from him. I paid it no mind though. “You know… I bet she'd be great for Motoya. He’d be really good for her too. If anyone can get her to lighten up it would have to be-“

Something soft brushed over my lips, making my words evaporate. It’s only a mere peck that lasts only a second, but it’s enough to completely halt my train of thought.

As I looked over at Sakusa, he turned his head slightly away from me. “You talk too much.”

He'd never complained about it before… Wait, is that a blush I see? It could just be the lighting. Probably is just the lighting. Why would he… oh!

A giggle escaped as the realization came to me. Sakusa would never kiss someone just to make them stop talking... “Kiyoomi, if you wanted to kiss me, you didn’t have to make up an excuse.”