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Haikyuu Creature Collection

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Alright, so you're probably wondering what exactly this is. To put it simply, it's a collection of one-shots for the Haikyuu characters starring them as fictional creatures. Because of the way this challenge was set up, all pairs will be Male X Female or Male X Gender Neutral or Female X Gender Neutral. This is has nothing to do with my personal views, it's simply how I set this challenge up in the very beginning, so I won't be changing that. However, I may do a separate set later on.

Anyway, since there are over 75 different characters that I can do, I will only do 1-3 parts for each character. Also, I'm letting you guys help decide who will be what creature. I'll limit it to creatures with a human or human-like form, but other than that, no restrictions! All characters and creatures are welcome! (Even coaches, managers, and siblings of the main characters!)

However, once someone has been decided, they won't be changed!

Each X marks how many parts have been completed for each character. If there isn't a creature listed next to the name, then I haven't chosen their creature. The ones that are crossed off will not be getting any more parts and are officially considered finished.


XX - Tadashi Yamaguchi (Vampire)

- Kei Tsukishima (Vampire)

X - Koushi Sugawara (Vampire)

X - Kazuhito Narita (Half Elf)

X - Chikara Ennoshita (Angel)

X - Hisashi Kinoshita (Ghost)

XX - Daichi Sawamura (Kitsune)

X - Asahi Azumane (Werewolf)

X - Shoyo Hinata (Werewolf)

X - Tobio Kageyama (Merman)

X - Hitoka Yachi (Mermaid)

XX - Ittetsu Takeda (Angel)

- Saeko Tanaka (Shapeshifter/Succubus)

- Keishin Ukai ()

XX - Akiteru Tsukishima (Vampire)

X - Natsu Hinata (Werewolf)


- Nobuyuki Kai (Elf)

XXX - Morisuke Yaku (Werecat)

X - Tetsuro Kuroo (Kitsune)

X - Kenma Kozume (Nymph)

- Taketora Yamamoto (Shapeshifter/Incubus)

XXX - Shohei Fukunaga (Werecat)

XXX - Lev Haiba (Shapeshifter)

XX - Sou Inuoka (Werewolf)

X - Yuuki Shibayama (Werewolf)

- Akane Yamamoto (Shapeshifter/Succubus)

XXX - Alisa Haiba (Shapeshifter)


XXX - Toru Oikawa (Vampire)

X - Hajime Iwaizumi (Vampire)

X - Issei Matsukawa (Kitsume)

X - Takahiro Hanamaki (Incubus)

XXX - Akira Kunimi (Half Vampire)

XX - Yutaro Kindaichi (Vampire)

XX - Shigeru Yahaba (Vampire)

X - Kentaro Kyotani (Werewolf)


X - Kousuke Sakunami (Angel)

XXX - Takehito Sasaya (Merman)

XX - Takanobu Aone (Werewolf)

XX - Kanji Koganegawa (Werewolf)

X - Kaname Moniwa (Kitsune)

XX - Kenji Futakuchi (Incubus)

X - Yasushi Kamasaki (Werewolf)


XX - Koutaro Bokuto (Wereowl)

X - Keiji Akaashi (Incubus)

- Akinori Konoha ()

- Haruki Komi ()


X - Yuuji Terushima (Incubus)

- Kazuma Bobata (Incubus)


XXX - Satori Tendo (Vampire)

XXX - Hayato Yamagata(Werewolf)

XXX - Taichi Kawanishi (Werewolf)

XXX - Kenjiro Shirabu (Werewolf)

XX - Tsutomu Goshiki (Werewolf)

XXX - Wakatoshi Ushijima (Werewolf)

- Reon Ohira (Werewolf)

XXX - Eita Semi (Dragon)


X - Suguru Daisho (Naga)

XXX - Naoyasu Kuguri (Vampire)

X - Kazuma Numai (Werewolf)

XX - Koji Hiroo (Kitsune)


- Shinsuke Kita (Kitsune)

XXX - Osamu Miya (Kitsune)

XXX - Atsumu Miya (Kitsune)

- Aran Ojiro (Angel)

X - Rintaro Suna (Kitsune)

XX - Hitoshi Ginjima (Werefox)

- Heisuke Riseki ()

- Michinari Akagi (Kitsune)


XX - Kiyoomi Sakusa (Vampire)

XXX - Motoya Komori (Half Vampire)

X - Tsukasa Iizuna (Werecat)


X - Hayato Ikejiri (Vampire)

X - Shugo Meian (Werewolf)


So that's it. If you want to see a certain character as something, you better say it before someone else beats you to it. I'll try to include every character, but I might have to leave some characters out.

If you have a scenario for a certain creature then feel free to mention it. I just might use it. (Many of these creatures were decided based on things people suggested!)

Also! When this collection is complete, some of these little stories might be getting remade into actual fanfics! Ones that are especially loved and get lots of votes will be more likely to be chosen for this, so don't be shy!


***For those who may have noticed, Kiyoko, Tanaka, and most of the coaches have been left off this list, plus some select side characters. Kiyoko and Tanaka won't be done. This is a decision I thought about for a long time and have decided to leave them out. Readers of the manga will likely have figured out why. As for the coaches, many of them are married, so I'm not about to go messing about there. If one of your favorites isn't on the list though, that doesn't mean I won't do them. But if you don't ask, I might not. There are a lot of characters, after all. It would be far too easy for me to overlook someone. In some cases though, there just isn't enough info for me to do them.