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oh, how the tables have turned

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It’s funny, how easily things can change without much notice. Some days slip between our fingers, and suddenly what we knew as the status quo would no longer be the same.

            The meeting was unexpected. It had been an average Saturday morning, Jimin went to the local coffee shop a couple blocks away from his apartment to get his daily Americano. He sat at a small table along the wall, blowing on his coffee to cool it down. The shop was quite busy, but it was all white noise to him. He took out his laptop and set it on the table, adamant on his goal of finishing his paper before he left for lunch. He sighed, and began typing, his eyes trained on his computer screen.

            He felt a tap on his shoulder after a while.

            “Mind if I sit here? There aren’t any other spots,” a deep voice said. Jimin merely nodded, and didn’t glance at the stranger. He heard the chair squeak against the floor, and the man sat down across from him. When Jimin finally typed the last word of his paper, he took the last sip of his coffee. His eyes landed on the stranger in front of him, and he gasped; his heart jolted against his ribcage, causing him to drop his cup. The stranger looked up and gave him a small, familiar smile.

            “Took you long enough, Park Jimin.”


            The flow of the conversation between them never stopped. It was as if they were trying to divulge as much information to each other as possible, attempting to make up for all the time lost in between them. Min Yoongi had changed so much since the last time Jimin saw him.

            “Why in the world is your hair green?” Jimin was horrified.

            “So we don’t see each other for three years, and that’s the first thing you say to me? Thanks Jimin, I missed you too.” Yoongi chuckled as Jimin’s cheeks went red.

            Time kept moving forward as the two sat at the coffee table, sharing stories and laughs. Yoongi was just as beautiful as Jimin had remembered, his voice just as rich and deep. He seemed to carry himself a bit differently than before. Yoongi had always been a confident person who didn’t care about much- now he excluded the same confidence but seemed more put together, more mature. It had taken Jimin a couple months after Yoongi had left to realize his love for him, but it had been too late by then. He had cried for weeks afterward, too scared to admit his feelings to anyone. Seeing the man after so many years brought back an influx of memories of Jimin and Yoongi’s adventures, and Jimin’s heart still ached for the man. Even after all this time, his feelings hadn’t gone away.

            “How’d you find yourself in Busan?” Jimin asked him, leaning forward as he folded his hands together, resting his chin on top of them. Yoongi scratched his head.

            “Well, um. I actually came to find you. I had Taehyung text me your address and everything. Guess we ran into each other earlier than expected.” Yoongi smiled, and Jimin’s heart soared. “It was pretty funny, how you didn’t even glance at me when I first talked to you. Park Jimin, I didn’t expect you to forget my voice, you know how much that hurt me?” he asked jokingly.

            “God, Yoongi, you know how I am when I’m focused. It didn’t process in my head.”  Jimin looked down at the table. “I missed you, you know.” He said quietly.

            “You punk, you don’t think I missed you either? There were so many things in Sydney that I wanted you to see with me.” Yoongi reached forward and put his hand on top of Jimin’s. The warmth of his hand spread through Jimin’s pulsing veins. He turned his hand over, and Yoongi laced their fingers together. Jimin took a sharp breath in, but pulled his hand away.

            “Why didn’t you ever call then?” He looked up into Yoongi’s eyes. “Why did you leave without telling me in the first place?” His voice wavered. Yoongi’s gaze lingered, his eyebrows furrowed.

            “I’ll explain everything, I promise. Let’s just- find somewhere to eat lunch though, yeah?” He glanced down at his watch. Jimin nodded. The air had visibly thickened, and the two both stood up, cleaning the table in effort to dissipate the tension.

            The cold winter air bit at Jimin’s cheeks. He tugged his beanie down more and tucked his scarf around his neck tighter. He and Yoongi walked on the sidewalk, the sounds of cars and other chatter filling up the silence.

            “I remember this one night, I was sitting on top of a hill with my friend.” Jimin turned to look at Yoongi, but he kept his gaze forward. “It’s so hot there Jimin, it’s insane. Even late at night I could be drenched in sweat. But anyway, my friend was telling me some story about him and his ex-girlfriend, and how turns out, it was simply an unrequited love the entire time.”

            “She never loved him back?”

            “She never loved him back.” Yoongi nodded. “And so eventually, my friend tried to move on, he dated a couple more people after they broke up, but he never stopped loving her. I asked him why, and he told me how you couldn’t force love to just come or go. He had fallen so deeply that he didn’t remember what it felt like to not love her. He told me this because that same day, he wanted to propose to his girlfriend of the time. But when he was at the diamond shop, he realized that no matter how much he thought he suppressed his love for his old girlfriend, he still loved her very much.”

            “That’s really sad.” Jimin said quietly. He felt his heart beat faster than before, and a wave of sadness hit him when he realized that he himself was in the same situation as Yoongi’s friend.

            “And you know what happened? He went back to her, the old girlfriend, that day. He knocked on her door, and poured his heart out to her. And she told him that she finally realized that she loved him when she didn’t have him by her side anymore. The time that they weren’t together was the time that she realized her own feelings.” Yoongi stopped walking, and caught Jimin’s wrist. Jimin turned around.

            “Park Jimin, what I’m trying to say, is that three years ago, I left because I wanted to go to school abroad. Not just for the experience, but also to get away from you. I ran away hoping that I could get rid of my feelings, hoping that they would fade as time went by. I vowed to fall out of love with you, because I knew you didn’t feel the same way-hell, you probably still don’t.”       

            “Yoongi-” Yoongi had somehow held Jimin’s hand, and he held them tightly. 

            “No, hear me out. I’ve been away for three years, and three years was too long of a time for me to be away from you. Sydney was great and all, but it hurt to be away from you. I missed your dumb smile, and your dumb jokes, and every day, I tried so hard to forget you. You make things so hard, you know? Always making my life hard, even when you’re not with me.” He chuckled. “But I’m done. I can’t do it anymore, and I know what you’re going to say-”

            “Yoongi, would you just-”

            “But I don’t care. Park Jimin, I am in love with you. I have been in love with you for, god, I don’t even know. I love you, I love you so much, and-ow!” Jimin had stomped on Yoongi’s foot.

            “Yoongi can you just shut up because I’m in love with you too you idiot it!” Jimin huffed angrily. Yoongi’s jaw dropped. A long pause ensued. Jimin sighed, and reached up to close his mouth.

            “Shut your mouth, you’re going to attract flies.”

            “Wait, you just-what?”

            “Min Yoongi, you dumb idiot. After you left I realized that I had feelings for you all this time, it just took me too long to realize. God, this is so embarrassing-”

            “Well, how do you think I feel-”

            “My point being, I regret so much, Yoongi. I wish we had never spent those three years apart, I regret being too dumb to admit to myself how much I love you. You made things hard for me, okay? I had no clue how to deal with those terrible stomach flips I got when you smiled. I didn’t realize that you leaving would break my heart, but it did. And I’m so glad that you happened to be in the shop today, because I probably would have gone crazy and flown to Australia myself to try to find you.” Jimin took a step closer to Yoongi, their chests barely touching. They were practically the same height , and Jimin could see the flecks of gold in Yoongi’s eyes. “We were both so dumb then, but we can fix things now, right?”

Yoongi cupped Jimin’s cheeks with both hands. Jimin held his breath, entranced in his touch. “Of course we can, we have all the time in the world. It’s just you and me, Jimin.” He tilted his head closer until their noses were touching.

“Just you and me?” he asked softly.

“You and me.”

“And you won’t leave this time?” Jimin gripped Yoongi’s coat tightly.

“Not without you, I won’t.” and he closed the gap between them.

Even after all that time, the love shared between them never withered. It was an unexpected situation that neither end would have ever imagined happening, but it’s funny how easily some things can change.