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Beautiful Words

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--Moving to new house
“Namjoon, you promise me that you would help me moving my things into my new house,” grumble Jin while talking to the phone with his left hand and holding a somewhat heavy box on his right. He is now standing in front of the door of his new apartment and sigh. “But you promise,” he mumble while trying to find the keys in his left pocket. He put the phone between his shoulder and his left ear. Maybe he should put down the box first, he think. While still fumbling for his keys, suddenly there’s a cat fight out of nowhere and they’re fighting toward him. “OMG, what the hell??” he drop the box out of shock and land on his butt when he fell. The phone slip from where he put it and crash to the floor. Thankfully it is okay. “Are you alright hyung? What is it about? Do you really want me to come?” ask Namjoon .“I am okay but there’s suddenly a cat fight out of nowhere and I drop my box and I couldn’t find my keys and Namjoon please come quickly please…” Jin is about to cry now but he really isn’t because he is a man. A man should never cry .“ I will come as soon as I finish my work hyung, don’t try anything that will hurt yourself.” And Namjoon hang up the conversation with a sigh.“ Stupid Namjoonie,” mumble Jin while biting his bottom lip, a habit he develop since he was a child. He get up from the floor and dust the dirt on his butt. He search the keys again on his left pocket. It is not there, I wonder where it is… and search the other pocket. No wonder he could not found it on his first try, it was on his right. He hold the keys like he was holding some sort of trophy and push the keys inside his lock. Eh? Why doesn’t it fit? He tried again. Maybe it was broken, he thinks. He try again. Being Jin, he should never give up no matter what it is. He is a strong man who is not afraid of thunder and Namjoon mom. He’s lying, he is actually afraid of both of it, especially the latter. With confidence that he shouldn’t have, he try inserting the key once again into the hole.

“Urm, excuse me, but what are you doing in front of my house and who are you?” a voice ask from behind Jin. In his rush to turn back to look whose voice it belong to, he twist the key too hard causing the keys to break into half and half of it stuck inside the lock. OMG, why is this happening to me, Jin cried internally like the crying emoticon in Whatsapp. The owner of the house look kind of shock and possibly piss at Jin ruining his door. “ What the fucking hell? I just fix the door!! And now there’s some bimbo’s who forgot where he lives and ruin other people door!! Fuck!! How many times do I need to fix it!!” the guy yell angrily. Woah, no need to be rude, it’s just a door. Also he need to manage his anger issue, Jin thought. “ Urm, I’m seriously sorry. I have mistaken your house as mine and unconsciously wreck your door. Terribly sorry.” Jin bow down several times to the midget in front of him. Did he already describe The-Angry-Midget-because his door is wreck to you guys? No? Well, the midget is not very tall and small built actually. Well done Sherlock, for stating the obvious. Wait, who is he talking to?

We are the minions in your head, bow to us peasant because we serve the Brain.

Ahh, the minions in his head. He nod several times indicating that he is bowing to them. Back to the present.

Minions, there is a midget in front of me who had skin as white as snow, hair as green as mint, which is delicious, by the way have you tried the Girls scout Mint Chocolate cookies? They’re divine. Oh, and possibly is very angry as I broke his door. What should I do or say to him?

Tell the midget that you’re sorry and will fix it later, or possibly ask Namjoon to fix it later. And why are you describing him like you’re the main character in a drama?

No, I’m not asking for help from Namjoon again, he is always having a migraine because of me. Also, because I am the main character, duh.

Do it! Tell the midget you’re sorry. Tell him or you’ll make Namjoon had a brain surgery because of all of the problems you gave him and our Brain love that sexy Brain, he would not allow it. Do it! Tell him!Also, don’t flatter yourself.

Jin hesitate for a bit but the sudden urge from the minions make him blurt the unexpected. “Midget, I’m so sorry and I’m willing to fix your door or ask someone to fix the door, I don’t…” Jin stop talking as he notice some dark aura coming from the midget in front of him. The Angry Midget suddenly become more angry if it’s possible and Jin can see it. There is an image of a volcano about to erupt behind the guy’s back and the guy white porcelain skin become red like blood and suddenly he feel like he should fear for his life. “ What did you call me?! How dare you!! How dare you to call me that… that..” he seem like he was chocking of anger or something.

“That you’re a midget hyung? That’s true don’t you think so?” a new voice appear and Jin look to his right side to discover that there’s a school kid, stoic but cute face, probably around 17 years old and is carrying a grocery bag in his left hand while holding on to his school bag on his right. He is also tall.

“ Gahh, why are you here?! Fucking fuck, I’m out of here. Don’t look out for me.” said The Angry Midget while bumping into Jin like he wanted Jin to feel hurt or something which in fact had a reverse effect as Jin had a broad shoulder, making the Angry Midget rub his shoulder and mumbling something like ‘stupid bimbos and their broad shoulder’ and rush out from there angrily. “ Be back before midnight hyung!!” the Tall-but-Cute kid yell to the Angry Midget and seriously why does he need long nickname for them, why can’t he just call them 1 and 2? No, that would be lazy and he ain’t lazy. The Angry Midget grumble and walk faster. Jin suddenly look at the Tall-but-Cute kid and they share an awkward moment for about 15 seconds staring at each other face. “ Do you mind?” The Tall-but-Cute kid ask. “ Urm what?” Jin is dumbfounded obviously. “ Move, I need to get inside.” He told Jin. Jin move awkwardly to the left and the Tall-but-Cute kid stand in front of the door. He took a deep breath and suddenly kick the door like some karate kid who had being using that technique occasionally, and he probably am. Fortunately, the door is unlocked which amaze Jin. He should try the technique the next time his door is lock, or probably not, Namjoon would kill him.

“Come in,” said the Tall-but-Cute kid while entering the house. Jin was terrified to be honest. He is more afraid of the Tall-but-Cute kid than the Angry Midget.

Oh my minions, should I enter the house? The Tall-but-Cute kid look murderous but he look cool as hell with his dark hair like a raven, his tallness like a model and his eyes!! Have you seen his eyes?

Why are you acting like a virgin school girl? Oh right, you are. Just go in dumbass. He probably wanted to ask for compensation to fix the door or something.

You’re mean. I should never listen to you.

You should, or else you’re in a coma meaning you’ve a dead brain. Also, minions are never nice to begin with.

Meanie! I’m going to tell Namjoon about this. That you’re torturing me.

And you expect him to believe you? We, the minions in YOUR BRAIN is torturing you? Lol.


“What are you doing? Come inside.” The Tall-but-Cute kid call him from inside the house. Jin stop his argument with the minions in his brain, which is a meanie by the way and take a deep breath. “ Okay, here goes nothing.” He said and go inside.