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Touch me

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Yuu was sleeping on the floor on his side, only a worn out blanket covering him and protecting him from the cold night. Even though he was inside the small house that the vampires choose for him and his family to live in, the house was old and there were some holes in the walls letting the cold wind inside.

The raven haired little boy hugged himself, pulling the blanket more up, and sighed sadly. He could hear the other kids' quiet snores, the youngest sleeping in pair so they could warm themselves up with their body heats.

Only Yuuichirou was alone waitng for his most precious member of family. The one who accepted him from the start. Who didn't treat him like a monster. Who didn't question him about how he got in the Hyakuya orphanage. Or about his past family...about his parents that called him The Demon's spawn. Though Yuu told Mika something about his family later on, the only information that he kept for himself was how his parents tried to kill him.
The one who accepted him and started calling him with the annoying nickname 'Yuu-chan'.

It's an adorable blonde haired angel with the name Mikaela. For the past years Yuu and Mika grow close, often being seen together. After the tragedy that hit the world and their orphanage, the two were almost inseparable.
They were caught by the vampires and dragged away in the vampire capital of Sanguinem, which is located under Kyoto. They survived in exchange for their blood. And Yuu hated it. He didn't want to live as a livestock, Yet, it looked like Mika accepted their fate. And that angered Yuu even more.

Being deep in his thoughts, Yuu didn't hear the door open nor the light foot steps on the cold wooden floor. He only realized that someone came when a pair of arms hugged him from behind. The familiar smell of the person stopped him from panicking and he relaxed against Mika.
"....." he stubbornly refused to say anything, knowing where was Mika this late at night. Feeding the stupid looking noble vampire. It was true that in exchange they got food but he felt angry.
Angry at himself for letting Mika be a blood bag for the vampire. At Mika for not fighting against the vampire but offering his blood freely to Ferid. Angry at the silver haired vampire for feeding from Mika. Though maybe he would do the same, if it meant that it would help to his family.

"Yuu-chan...." Mika whispered tiredly, hiding his face in Yuu's messy hair, breathing in his favourite scent. He sighed when he didn't get any response from Yuu.
"I am sorry...but please understand that I am doing this for you and our family."
"......" Yuu turned to him and they stared in each other's eyes, a silent conversation and understanding between them.
"Geez, fine. I won't argument about this more. But then let me do it too! I want to help you. I don't want you to go through it alone. " Yuu stubbornly said even though they already talked about it.
"No, Yuu-chan. You can't!" Mika fervently shook his head, not allowing anything bad to happen to Yuuichirou.
"But-!" Yuu's words were cut off by Mika's hand who silenced him so his loud voice wouldn't wake up the sleeping kids. Mika chuckled at the adorable pouting face that Yuu made after he uncovered his mouth.
"Goodnight, Yuu-chan." Mika ended the discussion with a small peck on Yuu's soft lips, making the green eyes widen slightly and leaving Yuu blushing.

Since they came in the vampire city, Mika got more touchy feely. And then one day he even kissed Yuu, stealing his first kiss with the words 'Because Yuu-chan is mine.~' Mika said innocently that time, leaving a flustered raven in front of their house.

"Goodnight...Mika..." Yuu sulkingly answered, wanting to continue their conversation but he didn't want to risk waking up the other kids that were sleeping in the same room as they, only few metres away from the duo.

Mika slipped under the blanket next to Yuu so he could embrace him more easily, sharing his own body warmth with Yuu. As a cold wind got in the room, Yuu was glad that he had Mika so close to him.

Yuu snuggled to Mika like a kitten, pressing his nose against Mika's chest and his scent slowly luring him to sleep. The place he felt the most safe was in Mika's arms. And that goes for Mika as well, Yuu was his everything. They were family, friends....and maybe something more.