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Best Friends Ain't What They Used To Be

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They've been through everything together, from the loss of parents - Stiles's mom to a degenerative brain disease; Scott's dad to booze and a bad divorce - to the 'You're a werewolf, Scotty,' revelation; they've been through the deaths of way too many people in recent years, of friends and strangers, associates and enemies; they've been through so much shit and yet always come out the other side together, no matter what, but now Scott's looking at Stiles and seeing a cold-blooded murderer, trusting the word of a virtual stranger over his best friend, and Stiles has had it, he's through, he's picking up his phone and dialling a number he thought he'd never use again, praying for a voice on the other end to say 'Yes, of course it is, idiot,' and 'As soon as you hang up; I'll text you the details,' and 'I miss you too,' when he whispers 'Derek, I can't stay here any more, is your offer still open?' and 'Can you book me a ticket on the next plane out?' and 'I can't wait to see your furry face again; when you go full wolf will you play fetch with me?'