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how much a heart can hold

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The Best Gift
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Skye/Jemma Simmons

Jemma knew sometimes she took herself too seriously, and Skye was always trying to get her to loosen up. Be a little weird, a little kooky. A little less uptight. When she gave her rainbow socks as a birthday gift, Jemma knew that they were more than just a simple gift. The kiss that accompanied them told her that, the soft press of lips against hers.

So now she wore the socks whenever she could, whenever they were clean, and every time she did, Skye would give her a smile and a kiss on the cheek and all was good.

No Need For Wishes
Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper

“What is the point of that story?” Sherlock asked when Molly shut the door to their daughter’s room.

She shook her head, smile on her face. “Be careful what you wish for, I suppose,” she said. “Or keep track of your lamp.” She wrapped her arms around her husband. “I’m just lucky I don’t need a magic lamp or a magic ring.”

“Oh?” he asked, embracing her back.

“Nope. All of my wishes have already come true,” she said with a smile before leaning in and kissing him softly. He kissed her back, knowing her felt much the same way.

All Part Of His Charm
Star Trek (Alternate Original Series)
Spock/Nyota Uhura

Despite what others had to say, Spock had his own charm. There was something about him that drew her towards him, and she wasn’t sure she could explain it. She loved the things about him she didn’t quite understand, the things about him that others found odd, the things that reminded her that he wasn’t completely human. They were all part of his overall charm, his appeal to her.

And she loved him, more than she could ever express. She loved everything about him, and nothing would ever change that, and nothing would ever tear them apart, that she swore.

Grew On Me
Hoban “Wash” Washburne/Zoe Washburne

The shirt had grown on her.

She saw him, the Hawaiian shirt open over his t-shirt, and there was just an urge to pull him close and kiss him. She didn’t know where it was coming from, it was just there. She went up, grabbed his shoulder and spun him around, pressing her lips to his. Wash was shocked momentarily but held onto her shirt tightly as he kissed her back.

When she pulled away, he grinned at her. “Knew there was something I liked about you, Zoe,” he said before pulling her in for another kiss.

What a man.

Interesting Things
Doctor Who
The Doctor/River Song

“The longest Tunnel of Love?” River asked, raising an eyebrow. Oh, she loved this man, she adored this man, but sometimes his love of the cheesiest attractions in all the universe got the better of him.

He clapped his hands and grinned. “But River,” he said, sliding up to her. “Think of all the interesting things we can do.”

“Sweetie, your interesting and my interesting aren’t always the same,” she pointed out as he took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

“Maybe this time they are,” he said, and she found herself grinning widely. Maybe she would be so lucky.

For Those Moments
Star Wars
Han Solo/Leia Organa

It was a slow crawl for them. She knew that. They would make slow progress forward, but every once in a while there would be a setback and then they would take a few steps back in their relationship. She loved Han, she did, but there was so much between them that there were times it felt insurmountable.

But then there were moments, when she would be in his arms, when he would kiss her, when they were alone, when she would forget all of the troubles and be happy for a bit, and she truly lived for those moments.

Favorite Memories
St. Trinian’s
Kelly Jones/Annabelle Fritton

Her favorite dress of Annabelle’s was her yellow halter sundress. She’d worn it on a picnic for St. Trinian’s alumni that Camilla had arranged, trying to get some of the ones who were successful to give back to the school, and she’d spent the whole afternoon staring at her.

And then they’d gone off to catch up, and Kelly had passed a flask back and forth between them, and one thing led to another and there was a kiss. A nice, leisurely kiss and she knew that her favorite memory of Annabelle was forever going to involve that yellow dress.

Return To Him
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
Jack Robinson/Phryne Fisher

She treasured the sparrow brooch. She had jewelry that was far more expensive, looked far more appealing, but this had been from Jack, and that made it special. She fingered it before she put it in a safe place, to wait for her return from England, and then changed her mind. No, this would go with her tomorrow. This would be her reminder of Jack, of everything he meant to her.

Of how much she loved him.

Of how much she needed to come back to him.

Because while she could always fly free, she should return home to him.

First Dates
Marcus Bell/Joan Watson

He wondered how he got so lucky. He had never thought he stood a chance, and then one day, him and Joan were talking and then it just clicked, that there was something there. Even Holmes had given them his approval, which surprised him.

So now he was waiting outside the brownstone, lilies in hand, waiting for her to come out. When she did the smile she wore told her he’d made the right choice. “Thought you could use something better than roses.”

“You know me well,” she said with a smile.

“Try to,” he said with a grin back.

Knowing What He Had
Javier Esposito/Lanie Parish

He’d let her slip away once. He’d be a real idiot if ever let her go again. Seeing her at Ryan’s wedding, he knew he’d be a fool if he let some other man get the woman who’d been the best thing in his life. He’d make it a point to do whatever it took to get her back. Whatever it took to make things right. Because truthfully? Lanie was as close to the perfect woman as he was ever going to meet, he knew that. And he’d be damn lucky if she’d stay by his side.

Damn lucky indeed.