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Her Guardian

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Hope looked up at the midnight sky and sighed.

The city of Atlanta sprawled out beneath her from her position on the rooftop of the Bank of America building. The city, for the most part, was asleep. Faint cries of sirens in the distance were the only sound to hit her ears. Otherwise, silence.

By now, Hope was used to the sound of silence. She had been wandering the earth, by her estimation, for several centuries. Time, like most other things, felt different to the wandering than it did to the living. She hadn't cared about keeping track of time since well before she took her last breath as a human. This wandering is what she was destined to do until her soulmate was born.

Suddenly, Hope felt a rough jolt to her stomach. She was used to feeling the pull when there was a human nearby in need of immediate help. As a guardian, it was her duty to protect the living from the forces of evil at work in the universe, at least until she was united with her soulmate. Still, she wasn't sure she had ever felt a pull this strong. She knew there was no other option but to follow the direction of the pull until she found the human in need of help.

Hope took off running, picking up speed as she neared the end of the rooftop. Calm winds allowed her powerful wings to spread with ease and carry her in the direction of the pull. Her wings beat in frantic motion as she neared the source and her mind began to cloud in confusion. Hope searched her memory to recall a time when she was so urgently needed. So desperately needed. Every corner of her mind came up void of an experience quite like this.

Entering the hospital from a fourth story window, Hope was immediately on alert.She had dealt with the evil ones in hospitals before, usually when they were attempting to steal a body after it had been vacated. Taking possession of a human body, no matter what state it was in, could cause immeasurable damage to the living. The evil ones were always looking for a way to enter the realm of the living.

Hope's distress only increased when she realized that her pull was not coming from the morgue, but from the maternity ward. It was at that moment that her confusion began to lift.

"It can't be," Hope spoke quietly to herself.

Hope had spent immeasurable years searching for her one true love. Her soulmate. She was destined to this existence somewhere between living and dead until they were united. After coming up fruitless for so many years, Hope had given up the idea of ever finding the human who would allow her to find peace. She had resigned herself to this fate. After all, no other guardian she had encountered had needed to wait this long to find their soulmate.

Her footsteps stilled as she reached room number five at the end of the hall. Inside, there was silence.

For aching seconds, Hope listened in the doorway until she heard a soft cry coming from behind the curtain in the room. At the sound, her heart jumped. She couldn't contain her pace as she flew into the room. Opening the curtain, and peering down into the crib, Hope gasped. She was met with the soft, warm eyes of a newborn baby.

Hope's eyes flickered from the newborn down to the nameplate at the edge of the crib.

"Kelley O'Hara," Hope whispered.