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[vid] Strangers

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don't leave me here to rust
don't let me turn to dust

Song: Don't Go To Strangers by JJ Cale
Source: Andromeda

password: strangers

Random notes:
This is somewhat of an experimental narrative for me and I've been working on it off and on for some time. It began when I was trying to combine a prompt of 'talking to strangers' and 'black and white' while focusing on these three characters because I felt they each had a distrust of strangers, and at times of each other which wasn't always clear. IDK, their relationship is murky and grey and rather fascinating to me.
Anyway, the result is a vid with footage only from season 5's episode 'The Test' in which the story I have here is more about how the trio relies on each other outside of Dylan instead of because of him.
The stranger tries to drive a wedge between them and is unsuccessful. Instead of the stranger teaching them a lesson, they show him that the truth is not always black & white.
I don't know. I should write the fic to accompany this someday. Or maybe someone will?
I may have also developed a slight OT3 for these three after making this.