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Fairy Tales of Hogwarts

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Once upon a time, there was a Princess with beautiful long hair, trapped in a tower by an Evil Witch.

The one who saved her was not a Prince, was not a Knight, was not a Man, but a Simple Boy who wished for Happiness.

In the Estate of Corona, a certain girl with beautiful blond hair was excitedly packing her belongings. An older boy watched her with bemusement on his face. “I know you are excited Rapunzel, but I just don't see why you started packing weeks before your letter even come. Do you even know what you need?” He said, picking up a rope from the floor. Why would you even need a rope for school?

“It's okay! Merida already told me what to bring!” She smiled brightly, trying to—is that his knife?!

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Goldie! What did I told you about taking my stuff?” The boy snatched the whittling knife from her hand. He winced slightly when he realized that she might get cut when he handled it so roughly like that. Thankfully it didn't seem like her hand was bleeding.

“But Eugene!”

“No buts Blondie! You don't need knives for school!”

“Merida said we need it for Adventures!” Rapunzel whined. “With capital A!”

“I don't care if it's written with capital A or B or C! Your dad would kill me if I let you do that!”

At the word 'kill', the young girl's eyes started to widen in horror. “No! No he won't kill you! I won't let him!”

Realizing his mistake, Eugene hang his knife on his belt and awkwardly patted her head. “Hey, hey, it's okay! Of course he won't kill me! It's just an expression...”

Rapunzel sniffled, “It's an awful expression.”

Eugene shrugged, “Don't look at me, I'm not the one who created it.” Rapunzel stopped sniffling, but she still looked down. “What's wrong?”

 “I wish you can come with me Eugene...”

The boy sighed, “We talked about this Rapunzel, I'm a squib, squib can't do magic—Oof!” Suddenly, Rapunzel pulled him into a tight hug, taking him by surprise.

“Don't worry! I will find a way for you to do magic!”

 It was an innocent, childish promise. Eugene didn't have the heart to tell her that it's impossible. Not only because that would crush her spirit but also because inside, he also wished for it to be possible. “Thank you.” The older boy hugged back, not knowing that his simple gratitude will shape her future.



Once upon a time there was a Girl with a Brave Heart and she was made of Fire.

But she was shackled by duty and longed for freedom.

Because a trapped fire was a dead fire.

 Elinor glared at her daughter. Said daughter didn't look ashamed of what she just did. In fact, she looks proud. “Merida! You are not supposed to play Quidditch with the boys!”

“Why not?” The girl frowned in confusion. “I beat them all!”

“Exactly.” Elinor said sternly. “Boys doesn't like it when girls beat them.”


The woman sighed. She knelt down so their eyes were on the same level. “Merida.” Elinor gently put her hand on her daughter's shoulder. “Honey, it's important for our future that at least one of those boys like you. Now, it's hard to explain since you are still young, but you need someone to support you in the future.”

“I can support myself! I'm strong! Father said so!” She beamed with another flash of pride on her face. Elinor just smiled sadly in a way that said 'Oh child...' and left with a stern warning about Quidditch and another 'When you are older you will understand'.

Three years later she did understandd what her mother was trying to tell her when she was eight. She will prove her wrong. She was strong and she didn't need any boys with cooties to support her. She will ace everything in school and be famous and do adventures with Rapunzel (and Eugene too maybe, if Rapunzel wanted) and her mother would stop trying to set up a playdate for her.



Once upon a time, there was a Snow Child who was invisible to everyone.

Then The King of Winter noticed him, and made the child his son.

The Snow Child was very happy, and he was eager to spread his happiness to everyone.

 After a heart-felt—and slightly embarrassing- goodbye, Jack finally boarded the Hogwarts Express. He carried his staff on his back, something unusual to see for a student, let alone a first year. Actually, even for a full-pledged wizard, it was still unusual to see a magic staff. Jack was enjoying the attention he got. “Hey, can I sit here? Everywhere else is full.” He flashed his winning smile, expecting himself to enjoy the train ride. Except the only person in the compartment was actually someone he wanted to avoid.

 “Why, of course Jack, do come in.” Uncle Pitch's crooked smile was not inviting at all. Jack still can't believe he's related to Uncle Sandy and Seraphina.

“Yea, on second thought...” He slowly backed away.

“Sit Jack, let us talk about that one time you played with Mr. Phil's project yes?”

 This was going to be a loooooong ride.



Once upon a time, there was a Viking who was different from the others.

He was weak and scrawny, he didn't fit in.

So to prove himself, he went to a Magic Castle to kill a Dragon.


 Hiccup—his name wasn't really Hiccup though! It was just a silly nickname that got stuck!- smiled as Rapunzel got sorted into the House she wanted. He met her and Merida on the train ride, they shared a compartment. Rapunzel was really nice and helpful, telling him about stuff that he didn't learn from his mother's books. And Merida was... well, Rapunzel convinced him that she was nice, just having a bad day.


Well, that was fast.  The hat was still hovering on Merida's head when it chose her house. He guessed her claim as a True Gryffindor was true.

The next person who was going to be sorted took everyone's attention. Perhaps it was his staff or his snow white hair or both. It took a while for The Hat to sort him—Hiccup swore he heard it trying to hold back a laughter- before it finally yelled, “Slytherin!” The Snake House—or The House of Dark Wizards as Merida called them- clapped while the Gryffindors booed. “Nice chatting with you boy!” The Hat exclaimed. The boy winked at it before running to his table.

Finally, after what seemed to be forever, it was Hiccup's turn. “Haddock, Harold.” Hiccup's face reddened as his peers stifled a giggle at his last name. Yea, Haddock, named like the fish, funny. He sat on the stool and The Hat was placed on his head.

“Don't worry my boy, every House has its own advantages.” Said The Hat before placing him in, “Hufflepuff!”

Oh, of course he got sorted into Hufflepuff, the House for the misfits. Bet The Hat just said that assurance out of pity. His Dad would be disappointed he didn't get into Gryffindor like Mom.


And so, The Princess, The Fire Girl, The Snow Child, and The Misfit Viking all arrived in the Magic Castle, for different reasons, and separated from the start. And yet, this was only the start of something Grand.