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Visitor Paradox

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Desmond enjoys the company of Edward when they sleep together, and he knows that Edward enjoys it too. Two cold, lonely people who found warmth from one another. And then more drunk than usual Edward had to go and kiss him. Which changed everything because next thing Desmond knows Edward was in the shower with him and slowly but surely there lives became entangled with each other in ways they never thought possible. Until now.

Now, Desmond is sleeping in the hotel room, his friends nearby in the next room. They had kept the door open tonight as the sweltering heat of the city hit the area and of course, Desmond’s room had no openable windows and terrible A/C flow. He groaned tiredly, his arm hitting his forehead as he rolled onto his back only to hit the body of another person. He already knew it was Edward judging by the distinct smell of rum and sea water. It may have been way too hot to cuddle but that didn’t stop him from shifting closer. How the hell had his life gotten so weird? It’s odd enough to grow up with a father like William, being thrown in Assassin versus Templar the second he could walk. Most of his life was spent either strapped in the Animus experiencing his Ancestors lives- or actually seeing them outside of the Animus which made it even more weird. “The Bleeding Effect” they called it, but he could feel it was something more even if he didn’t admit it to himself yet. Edward went and dropped an arm over his waist, holding him closely.

“You smell like flowers” he mumbled, voice husky with sleep.

“Do you like it? I never knew Lavender could smell so good” Desmond replied, looking up at Edward. He breathed in deeply, his forehead touching Desmond’s hair.

“Yes.” he said after a moment. “It’s new, I like it” Desmond felt exposed, letting someone this close to him. But it quickly fell away when Edward held him closer as he drifted off to sleep. At least someone cared for him.


“Oh my GOD!” came a surprised shout from somewhere in the room. Desmond immediately recognized it as Rebecca’s and sat up.

“What, what is it! What’s going- are you hurt?” Desmond said rushed out, sitting up to looking at what the hell was going on.

She immediately covered her eyes and turned around. “Really, Desmond? You couldn’t have closed the door or something? Shaun and I are in the next room!” she shrieked.

Desmond looked next to him. Edward was still lying fast asleep and shirtless next to him, but she couldn’t see him. He checked to make sure he was still wearing his own clothes. Yup okay, still there. What was she going on about?

“Uh, Becca, what are you talking about? It’s just me” He said slowly.

She turned to look at him, and gestured to the other man sleeping beside him. “Are you going to explain why you’ve suddenly decided to sleep with someone without closing a door between us?” Desmond looked at Edward, and back to Becca, then again to Edward.

“Wait, what? How can- You can see him?” Desmond asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I can see a rather shirtless man right next to you. Are you okay? You weren’t drugged last night were you?” Her face became very concerned as she stepped towards him.

Desmond shook his head and rubbed his eyes. Maybe he was hallucinating all of this and Edward wasn’t really there. He’d be furious to know another man that wasn’t Ezio or one of the other visitors had shared a bed with him. When he opened his eyes the image of Edward was still there and so was Becca, now looking very concerned at him. He poked Edward, before shoving him a couple of times as he grumpily woke up.

“Ugh, it’s too early Des, can’t a man have his sleep?” he said, opening his eyes halfway and then seeing Becca standing in the room.

“Uh Edward…” Desmond said, looking right at him.

His face became very confused. “Why are you addressing me with a friend in the room? Does she know about visitors because otherwise you’re looking insane right now” he smiled, looking at Desmond.

“What does he mean by visitors, Desmond what the hell is going on? I don’t care who you sleep with but you’re mentioning me not being able to see him when I very clearly can, I’m becoming really worried for your well-being.”

Edward’s smile disappeared for a second, looking at Rebecca with interest. “Well this is turning out very interesting, indeed” he said, sitting up. Desmond was just glad he kept his pants on this time. Oh god, no don't think about the third shower incidence now. He sighed.

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on anymore! How the hell can she see you?! All these years and just NOW other people can see the visitors?” Desmond yelled, throwing his hands up.

“Wait, years? How long has this been going on?” Becca asked, standing over the bed now.

“Maybe you should explain the visitations to her, Des. I mean Kidd took it very well, she loves meeting you lot!” Desmond sighed, motioning for Becca to take a seat. She pulled up a chair next to the bed, more so on Desmond’s side.

“Alright so, you know how we thought that all the weird references and talking to themselves was just an Animus glitch? And then they called it the bleeding effect and that I was just hallucinating everything? Well that’s not exactly… That’s not how it went.” Desmond took a deep breath, looking at Edward briefly. He put a comforting hand on his knee, urging him to continue.

“All the assassin’s I’ve played as, including Haytham, have met and we... well we visit one another. Sometimes I suddenly find myself a top a building, Ezio balancing on the spire next to me. Or suddenly find myself hunting with Connor. But when you visit someone, no one else can see you. That’s why I was so shocked that you could see Edward because he visited me last night and normally, it just looks like I’m talking to myself” he explained, trying to register anything on his best friends face.

She sat in silence for a moment before looking between the two of them. “So that’s what I’ve been hearing? You just randomly having conversations with no one when really, you were talking to these visitors. Which by the way, who, exactly?” She asked, taking this way better than Desmond could have hoped for.

“Well that’s the weird part. That’s why it’s not The Bleeding Effect because some of the visitors are people I’ve never experienced in the Animus before. So far it’s been Altair, Ezio, Connor, and Haytham. But Edward here, and Aveline and Shay… I’ve never even heard of them until I visited them or they visited me.”

“Alright.” she nodded. Desmond looked at her like she had changed into a squid.

“Alright? Alright! I’ve just told you I can see and hear and touch with people who died centuries ago and you’re telling me ‘alright’?!”

A cough came from behind him as Edward stood up, walking around to Becca. He put a hand on her shoulder and noticed Desmond wasn’t doing it.

“Well I will give you this one Des, this is weird.” He stated, putting his hand back.

“Edward what are you doing?” he asked.

“I can touch her, and it isn’t you who is doing it. See?” Edward replied, putting his hand back on Becca’s shoulder. Desmond looking down, his own two arms moving of his own ability, and not in sync to the other’s.

Becca moved herself over as Edwards hand dropped to his side again. “This is weird, like really weird. I can believe the whole ‘visiting each other at random times’ thing, but this? Edward Kenway died in 1735. his body can’t just appear in 2015! These visits must end, surely it’s just some glitch in whatever is causing this.” She reasoned, getting up and walking around the room.

“We never know how long the visits might last. Sometimes they last a mere few minutes, other times it’s hours. I’ve only visited once where it lasted more than a day.” Desmond said.

“Ah yes” Edward remembered fondly, “That’s the time we sailed to a small island not far from Nassau, spent the day having all types of fun” he winked, looking at Desmond playfully.

“Right. Well- whatever is going on, people can see Edward and Shaun’s gonna be up here any minute now to take us to the van” Rebecca explained, moving to the doorway. “Desmond just give him some of your clothes and try not to stand out. We need to head downtown to investigate more Templar stuff on a deadline.” She emphasized deadline before walking out of the room and leaving them to it.