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The Three Days Before Christmas

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"I'll name it 'First Christmas on Novus'," Eli said. "That has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

Camile frowned slightly. "You do realize - "

"Yes. Yes, I do. But, come on. Do you really think anyone's going to mind?"

"We could give it an entirely new name, you know," Brody said. "I mean, hey. New planet, new holidays."

"O-kay. By which I mean: no. I really don't think so."


three days to Christmas winter holiday of choice

"We've decided to celebrate Christmas - sorry. Let me try that again. Yes, yes, fine. I'm going to edit out that first part later. Nerves, you know. Big day. Well, three days before a big day. Whatever.


Ahem. So. We've decided to celebrate the winter holiday of your choice a bit early this year. Although, of course, we can't actually know when Christmas is, exactly, being on a different planet with no access to anything more advanced than a wristwatch.


Mine broke four months ago, by the way. Would be nice if Santa brought me a new one. Not holding my breath, obviously, but hey. You never know.


I do know, actually."


"It's a Christmas tree if I say it's a Christmas tree."

Eli eyed Camile. Camile arched an eyebrow.

"You're not going to say it's not a Christmas tree? Winter holiday of choice tree?"

"I'll help you make some decorations," Camile said. "Good job, Chloe."


"On the third day before Christmas, Santa brought us a Christmas tree. Or, well, Chloe did, anyway. Well, Matt was the one to actually carry it home, but hey. Team effort. It's nice.


Not just the tree, I mean. We. Us. Things have been pretty rough for a while, but guess what? We made it. We're awesome. Mom, I wish you were here."


"All I'm saying is: we don't even know how long a year is."


"So how can we know when it's December?"


"So I guess I lied when I say my watch broke four months ago. Sorry. I didn't mean to.


We didn't manage to save the still, obviously, but there's a rumor some people are working on something like it. No coffee, yet, although we do have something that is almost entirely but not completely unlike tea. Yes, I am making a Douglas Adams reference here. I guess whoever gets to see this maybe won't even know who he is, but still. Maybe you do. Maybe you laughed, just now.


I thought I'd miss coffee more."


two days to Christmas winter holiday of choice

"How does it taste?"


"Oh, come on. You're letting Greer do the tasting? That man likes everything!"

"That man can hear you just fine over here."

"So? I mean, it wasn't an insult, was it?"

"Kind of sounded like one."


"No. Nonono. See this? Kino. You throw that at me, some of it might get on the kino."

"I'd call that an acceptable risk."


"On the second day before Christmas, Santa brought us experiments in baking. Seriously, it's like everyone is either baking or mixing up dough. We found some stuff that's kind of like sugar. A lot of it, actually. Except nobody brought a recipe book or something like that, so there's a lot of trial and error. A bit more error than trial, maybe.


You know what the odds are of finding a planet that's this close to Earth? With trees and pines and herbs and - well, they're really, really small. Astronomically small. It sort of makes you wonder.


God, or alien intervention?


Does it matter?"


"If it's aliens, they might come back."

"Only if we build it first."

"Build what?"

"It's a movie reference. You know: 'build it, and they will come'?"

"What movie?"

"Seriously? You've never seen it?"

"Maybe I have."

"It's a total classic."

"You forgot its name."

"... Yeah."


one day to Christmas winter holiday of choice

"On the last day before Christmas, Santa brought us snow.


Okay, so we kind of already had that. I used to hate it, you know? Back home. It always turned into this grey, slushie stuff, and it would make it pretty much impossible to go anywhere like a normal human being without arriving feeling like a human icicle.


We've all changed, I guess. For the better. Destiny brought us together.


I meant the ship, not - but maybe a bit of that, too, you know? Does that make me sound pretentious? I guess it does."


"Does this suit make me look fat?"

"You're Santa. You're supposed to be fat."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."


"Presents. Tricky. I mean, it's not as if you can go to the mall or something. My family - well, Mom's family usually just sent cards. Easier than coming over, I guess. So most of the time, it was just her and me. Remember that watch I mentioned? She got it for me. Two years ago. I think I got her a book. Or maybe stuff for knitting. I used to love this scarf she made for me.


People shouldn't be by themselves at Christmas.


Or ever. Everyone should have someone. You know, as a friend. I think that's important, that you have someone to talk to. To share things with. The good and the bad."


"At least we don't need to worry about the Grinch. You think he's still out there?"

"The - oh. You mean Rush."

"That's a bit harsh, don't you think?"

"You're right. After all, the Grinch turned out all nice and warm and fuzzy in the end."

"He'd hate it here."

"You don't know that. Look at us. You ask me, two years ago, where I'd like to spend Christmas, you think I'd have said: 'oh, a deserted planet, billions of lightyears from home, with no idea how I'm ever going to get home sounds just fine'?"

"This is home now."

"If the ship survived - "


"I'm just saying: it's possible."

"Guys. Can we just - "

"I'm grateful for what we have found here."

"Amen to that, lieutenant. Amen to that."