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Thursday Night:

@sg1weddingtimer: T minus 44 hours! #sg1wedding

@legalalien: FINALLY. Wheels down DC. Get me off this plane.
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@blewupasun: @legalalien btw @cshaft is picking you up from the airport

@legalalien: @blewupasun where are you?
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@blewupasun: @legalalien Felger blew something up. I’ll be there tonight.

@legalalien:@blewupasun YOU’RE STILL IN COLORADO?!?!
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@blewupasun: @legalalien there’s a ship in orbit; I’ll beam there as soon as this is dealt with.

@stillalive: An Air Force general, a Jaffa leader, and a Tok’ra high council member walked into the bar.

@legalalien: I had to spent 3 hours next to someone who wouldn’t shut up about alpaca farming and @blewupasun gets to casually BEAM ACROSS THE COUNTRY
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@legalalien: @spacepirate vala omg what are you doing, do I need to explain Twitter to you again?

@blewupasun: @stillalive is this the beginning of a joke or something that actually happened?

@stillalive: @blewupasun actually happened.

@blewupasun: @stillalive this is getting more and more ridiculous. cc: @2Ls
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@blewupasun: @legalalien you at least got peanuts.

@spacepirate: @legalalien yes

@cshaft: @legalalien Black Range Rover, @spacepirate in the front seat. Pretty oblivious.

@cshaft: @legalalien OBVIOUS. I meant obvious. Dammit, autocorrect.

@legalalien: @cshaft @spacepirate getting off the plane now, be there in ten.

@legalalien: @blewupasun I saved a pack for you. See if you get any now. :p
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@spacepirate: @legalalien I meant the favorite that time, that was good.

@blewupasun: @legalalien :(

@stillalive: @blewupasun stop tweeting Cassie and get here. Your fiancee is getting out of hand.

@2Ls: @stillalive @blewupasun am not.

@stillalive: @2Ls @blewupasun are too.

@2Ls: @stillalive @blewupasun am not.

@stillalive: @2Ls @blewupasun are too.

@blewupasun: @2Ls @stillalive ENOUGH.

@tealc: @2Ls @stillalive shall I confiscate your phones?
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@cshaft: @blewupasun @2Ls packaging acquired. On our way back to the hotel.

@blewupasun: @cshaft Thank you.

@legalalien: @blewupasun @cshaft packaging? Really?

@cshaft: @legalalien @blewupasun I'm going to kill my phone.


Friday Morning, Ungodly Early

@sg1weddingtimer: T minus 38 hours! #sg1wedding

@blewupasun: @legalalien panic mode.

@legalalien: @blewupasun calm down you’ve married him before

@legalalien: @blewupasun btw are you here yet?

@blewupasun: @legalalien not intentionally.

@blewupasun: @legalalien yes, finally. Felger’s not allowed in the lab again for a month.

@legalalien: @tealc please tell @blewupasun that you won’t let her trip so I can go back to sleep.

@tealc: @blewupasun I will not let you fall, Samantha.

@blewupasun: @tealc thank you

@tealc: @blewupasun you are welcome

@legalalien: @blewupasun if you want, I’ll trip you at the rehearsal so you can get it out of your system.

@weaponizedlemon: pics or it didn’t happen RT @legalalien: @blewupasun if you want, I’ll trip you at the rehearsal so you can get it out of your system.
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@blewupasun: @weaponizedlemon NOT FUNNY JOHN

@legalalien: @weaponizedlemon omg dying

@spacepirate: @legalalien @weaponizedlemon @blewupasun @tealc some of us are trying to slEEP BE QUIET

@stillalive: @spacepirate you know you can specify quiet hours on your phone, right?

@officialSGC: Pictures of this weekend’s wedding will be on our Flickr photostream as soon as they’ve been cleared by National Security. #sg1wedding

@2Ls: @legalalien can I thumbs down a tweet?

@legalalien: @2Ls no that’s reddit

@earthgate: RT if you're excited for #sg1wedding! Let's get trending!

Friday Morning, Reasonable

@sg1weddingtimer: T minus 32 hours! #sg1wedding

@alphasitegate: Another day another unscheduled offworld activation. Hope we’re not getting invaded. I always get hit by people with terrible aim. It hurts.

@earthgate: @alphasitegate I know that feel, bro.

@hipsterDHD: I was getting hit by staff weapons before it was cool.

@2Ls: @blewupasun I’m missing socks.

@blewupasun: @2Ls Jack I’m in the shower. In the bathroom right next to you.

@2Ls: @blewupasun still missing socks. Isn’t that bad for your phone?

@blewupasun: @2Ls waterproof case. Socks you need for tomorrow or just socks?

@2Ls: @blewupasun for tomorrow :(

@stillalive: @blewupasun I’ll take care of this @2Ls.

@blewupasun: @stillalive thank you.

@stillalive: wondering why a grown man can't remember socks when they're on his packing list. I mean, glad to be Best Man.

@legalalien: hey @blewupasun: @spacepirate and I are going on a mission for an emergency kit. You want anything in it besides advil hairspray and gum?

@blewupasun: @legalalien @spacepirate bandaids. Also that pack of peanuts.

@legalalien: @blewupasun fine, you can have the peanuts.
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@legalalien: I’m going to trip over someone important and start an interstellar incident

@blewupasun: @legalalien STOP SAYING THE WORD “TRIP.”


@spacepirate: @legalalien +10 for the first spotting of Hayes #diplomatbingo

@genoneill: @cfraiser1 let me know if HWC hasn’t seized your Instagram account by Monday. I'll need to talk to some people about doing their jobs.

@sarcasticMALP: Hey look, it’s another planet that looks just like British Columbia!

@alphasitegate: False alarm! Last-minute wedding guests taking the required detour.

Friday Evening, After Rehearsal Dinner

@sg1weddingtimer: T minus 21 hours! By this time tomorrow, they'll be married! #sg1wedding

@sarcasticMALP: Oh, rehearsal dinner pictures on @officialSGC’s photostream. It’s okay, I didn’t want to be invited to #sg1wedding anyway.

@hipsterDHD: @sarcasticMALP not my scene. Too many people have heard of it.

@weaponizedlemon: @legalalien did you trip her?

@legalalien: @weaponizedlemon no :( @tealc made me promise not to
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@blewupasun: @weaponizedlemon HEY @legalalien

@weaponizedlemon: @blewupasun Atlantis has been kinda boring since you left, this is entertainment.

@spacepirate: RT @UndeadApophis brb shining my mothership, gotta arrive in style #sg1wedding

@earthgate: Since I played such a big role in @genoneill and @colsamcarter even knowing each other, I think I should at least get a dance. #sg1wedding

@colsamcarter: @earthgate I’ll hug you when I get back to Colorado Springs.

@earthgate: OMG! You’re my favorite, you know RT @colsamcarter: @earthgate I’ll hug you when I get back to Colorado Springs.
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@cshaft: Is it bad that I want to see Bra’tac and the CJCS get into a fight?

@stillalive: @cshaft I hope not; I have money riding on that.

@cshaft: @stillalive Bra’tac, right?

@stillalive: @cshaft of course
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Saturday, Late Morning

@sg1weddingtimer: T minus 9 hours! #sg1wedding

@drunkUAV: hungover. never playing that drinking game with you people again.

@colsamcarter: @drunkUAV serves you right.

@hipsterDHD: @drunkUAV I have PBR if you and @sarcasticMALP want to come over and watch the livestream.

@2Ls: found my socks! @blewupasun @stillalive

@blewupasun: @2Ls this is Cassie. I’ve confiscated Sam’s phone for the day. But I’ll pass the message along.

@legalalien: @2Ls she's making faces at you.
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@cshaft: who’s behind these alien bingo cards?

@spacepirate: @cshaft me! #diplomatbingo

@cshaft: @spacepirate can I have a new one? I can’t win, mine has a bunch of people who aren’t even here.

@tealc: @cshaft you may have mine.

@cshaft: @tealc yours doesn’t have the SGC’s entire UN liaison team on it, does it? They’re still in quarantine.

@tealc: @cshaft it does not. The Secretary of State is not here, however, and he is strategically located on my card.

@cshaft: @tealc I’ll take it.

@spacepirate: @cshaft @tealc YOU’RE CHEATING

@cshaft: @spacepirate YOU KNEW THEY WERE IN QUARANTINE
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@alphasitegate: @earthgate are you ready for this?

@earthgate: @alphasitegate I’m getting teary already. My babies. I’ve seen them go through so much.

@genoneill: @earthgate we’ll bring you some cake.

@earthgate: @genoneill and blue jello?

@genoneill: @earthgate and blue jello.
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Saturday, Evening

@sg1weddingtimer: T minus 15 minutes! Get your livestream ready! #sg1wedding

@blewupasun: finally. Got my phone back from @legalalien.

@2Ls: hey @blewupasun

@blewupasun: @2Ls yes?

@2Ls: @blewupasun let’s get married :)
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