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two cats

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Wednesday, December 7th

8:23 kenma wake up


8:24 i’m at school, kuroo. stop texting me


8:26 no this is important

8:26 akaashi is visiting us??

8:27 he somehow managed to stay w one of the RAs and was all ‘this is cuz i’m interested in the university’ but ???


8:30 what’s wrong with that?


8:31 y aren’t u here

8:32 if he’s visiting how come ur not

8:40 kenma??


8:45 kuroo i’m in class


8:46 ok so reply to me n i’ll leave u alone


8:50 keiji had a class trip. his parents are letting him stay for three extra days, so that’s why he’s with you guys.  i figured he would’ve told you.


8:51 wait u knew?


8:52 yes. maybe he just wanted to surprise koutarou


8:53 oh

8:53 omg that’s rly cute actually


8:55 can i focus on class now?


8:56 yeah ok get good grades




4:35 Image attached.

4:35 i saw this and she reminded me of you


7:39 sorry i had practice!!

7:40 what is that omg


7:49 it’s a cat that was outside my house


8:00 aw kenma she’s cute

8:01 u think i’m cute don’t u >:)


8:02 she wouldn’t go away so now she’s staying with me, i guess. she really likes my bed. i gave her some milk too.


8:03 hey don’t ignore me

8:10 ugh, fine

8:11 what did u name her?


8:12 kuro


8:12 …

8:12 wow so funny, name the black cat kuro, haha, kuro from neko-ma, hahaha. so funny.


8:13 i’m kidding

8:14 i named her tubbs


8:14 isn’t that the rly fat cat from that app u play


8:15 yes


8:15 ur unbelievable




10:21 kenma omg something just happened


10:21 love live


10:22 kenma i’m srs this is important

10:23 fINE


10:35 ok what is it?


10:36 that took FOREVER


10:36 kuroo


10:37 ok ok so bokuto was tryn get akaashi a gift right?? like a late bday gift?


10:37 ok


10:37 right and he got akaashi this rly dumb stuffed owl thing?? like imo it’s p cute but only bc i can tell it truly captures bo’s personality yknow but like it’s a shitty gift for a normal person

10:38 r u following


10:39 please continue


10:40 ok so he put the owl next to akaashi’s bag while we were at practice and he left this note

10:40 smthn like ‘i think ur a hoot’

10:41 smthn dumb like that


10:42 that does sound like koutarou


10:43 ikr?? so cute

10:43 but anyways so after practice

10:43 bo n i are hiding in one of the shower stalls so we can see akaashi when he opens the gift right? n so we’re hiding and then he comes in and sees the owl and reads the note

10:44 AND THEN



10:45 kuroo, is he okay?


10:46 I DON’T KNOW

10:47 bo n i didn’t know what to do so we just stayed hiding in the shower stall

10:47 eventually he left

10:47 but like idk what to do now and bo is freaking out??? like he’s here and he thinks he totally fucked things up w akaashi and he’s probably gonna start crying and then i’ll start crying and omg kenma i need help can you text akaashi pls pls i’ll buy you a new game


10:48 i want fallout 4


10:48 ok i’ll get u fallout 4 pls just text akaashi

10:49 n then let me know what happened


10:50 ok

11:32 so


11:33 omg what happened

11:34 kenma respond


11:36 keiji…really likes owl puns?

11:36 he really likes owl puns, kuroo. i don’t know what to do with this information


11:37 wait

11:37 what? u mean…?


11:37 keiji cried because he was happy

11:38 he thinks koutarou is really charming?


11:39 WHAT




11:41 he’s right next to you

11:41 you guys are right down the hall

11:42 you could’ve talked to keiji yourselves


11:43 no??

11:44 wait

11:44 wait we could’ve

11:44 kenma y didn’t u tell me this


11:45 i really want fallout 4


11:46 ur a little shit yknow that?


11:47 a deal is a deal


11:48 y am i friends w u

11:48 i could’ve made so many friends w these good looks

11:48 all u do is play video games

11:49 i could’ve had it good, man


11:50 you did try to make more friends

11:51 too bad, i guess


11:55 so inconsiderate

11:56 bo is happy btw

11:57 he accidentally knocked a picture off the wall bc he ran into the wall when he was dancing around but that’s ok bc he nailed it w his dream guy


11:58 i thought you were his dream guy


11:59 that’s different

11:59 we’re friends 4 lyfe

11:59 akaashi’s like his husband 4 life

12:00 there’s a difference


12:01 oh?

12:01 you do have friends then

12:02 guess i was wrong


12:03 aw u can be nice sometimes, that’s reassuring

12:04 tho ur my best friend

12:04 i don’t rank my friends but ur just always part of my life so ur like, idk, higher than a friend

12:04 u don’t even have the same ranking

12:05 good morning btw


12:06 good morning


12:07 u have class tmrw kenma u should sleep


12:09 it’s ok


12:09 no it’s not srsly kenma sleep

12:10 you have to pass ur classes to graduate yknow


12:11 i’m fine kuroo


12:12 kenma if u don’t sleep i won’t buy u fallout 4


12:13 you have to buy it anyways

12:13 it was a deal

12:14 kuroo we made a deal

12:16 kuroo please


12:17 yeah yeah ok i’m still getting it but u rly should sleep

12:17 pls?


12:18 ok


12:19 i’ll talk 2 u tmrw

12:20 goodnight


12:21 goodnight




Thursday, December 8th

6:19 i have a question


7:45 sorry i was at practice

7:46 but what is it?

7:46 u don’t have to tell me when u have a question yknow, u can just ask


7:49 am i pretty?

7:52 that was weird. i’m sorry

7:55 we can forget that


7:56 wait, no

7:57 i was thinking

7:57 what made u ask that question?


7:58 someone called me pretty today and it confused me


7:59 well i mean mayb it’s usually used 4 girls but it can apply to guys too

8:01 a girl called you pretty??


8:02 a boy


8:03 oh

8:03 like…a compliment or?


8:04 he asked me out

8:04 but i was confused why he’d call me pretty. because i’m not really special or anything, you know?


8:05 whoa whoa whoa wait

8:05 first of all ur beautiful

8:05 and second of all what did you say??


8:06 what?


8:06 he asked you out?? what did you tell him?


8:07 i said i’d think about it


8:08 oh


8:10 oh?


8:11 no, nothing. so u like him?


8:12 i mean, he’s nice. but i’m not really…i don’t know


8:13 you’re straight?


8:14 no


8:15 oh


8:15 but i don’t know. no one has ever liked me.  it’s weird. i don’t like to go out that much, and i don’t think i’d be good for a person, especially because he likes to go out and talk with people and i wouldn’t be able to keep up with that. i can’t make someone like that happy


8:16 i like to go out and talk with people


8:17 but you’re different


8:18 no, i like to go out and talk w people, just like whoever he is, and u make me happy, even if u don’t come w me bc i know you’ll still b there if i wanna call or txt u. just bc u don’t like going out doesn’t mean u can’t make someone rly rly happy


8:19 what are you trying to tell me?


8:20 oh

8:25 maybe u should say yes. go out w him. if ur even considering it, then it might make u happy too

8:26 u deserve to b happy too


8:27 so do you


8:28 hey, what does that mean?


8:29 i don’t know. maybe you should follow your own advice too, then.


8:30 what?


8:32 i know you’re not exactly unpopular with the university girls. and guys, too, i’m not dumb.  but you never go out with any of them.  i know because you would tell me if you did.  but you don’t, and i know volleyball isn’t taking up that much of your time, so i think maybe you should take your own advice and find yourself happiness too


8:35 haha don’t b dumb

8:36 i’m happy, i have u and bo and sawamura and even that kusokawa


8:37 you have friends


8:38 yeah, and???

8:39 what’s ur point kenma


8:40 nothing


8:41 kenma i’m srs don’t b flaky on me just this once


8:42 i think you should live a little


8:43 oh n ur the one telling me this??

8:44 have u seen urself kenma


8:45 yes but at least i’m making /new/ friends, kuroo


8:50 you’re making new friends?


8:51 yes


8:52 so i’m just some deadbeat sticking around w a high school student huh


8:53 that’s not what i’m saying


8:53 well kenma u won’t tell me what you ARE saying so what am i supposed to take from this??

8:54 ur movin on, u have dates and new friends, and i’m just some idiot who’s annoying u?


8:55 no


8:56 just fuckin talk to me, then

8:57 eleven years of this shit n u still won’t even tell me what’s on ur mind


8:59 i do talk with you


9:01 yeah but it’s always some bullshit psychoanalysis of me

9:02 u never tell me how u feel about things

9:02 it’s always just me trying to guess


9:03 i’m sorry


9:10 i know

9:11 me too

9:11 i’m not tryin to start a fight


9:12 i know


9:13 i wanna talk w u face-to-face again, yknow?

9:14 miss seein u

9:14 being able to tease u about ur nose plastered to ur psp


9:15 my hair’s grown out too

9:16 you can tease me about that when we see each other again


9:17 how much longer until ur break?


9:18 a little less than two weeks


9:19 too long


9:19 i can’t just leave school


9:20 yeah but

9:21 i can


9:22 don’t be stupid. you have your finals in just over a month. if you leave school, you won’t study, and then you’ll fail


9:23 i could study w u, just like we used to


9:24 but you wouldn’t, you’d be too busy catching up with people you missed and probably making my mom an apple pie and doing whatever else just to avoid studying


9:25 shit

9:25 u know me too well

9:26 what a weakness

9:26 i can’t let kusokawa-chan find out


9:27 i’ll see you in two weeks, okay?


9:28 yeah

9:30 bo just realized he has nothing to wear on his date w akaashi (woohoo) so i gtg help him find something presentable at the store so i’ll ttyl


9:31 alright, i’m going to go to bed early because i have a test tomorrow, so i’ll be sleeping when you get back, probably.  goodnight


9:32 goodnight kenma




12:35 ik ur asleep but if u rly think that guy will mayb make u happy then pls say yes to him. i want u to be happy.




Friday, December 9th

4:50 how was ur test


5:01 passable


5:02 ok good




8:31 kenma i’m bored talk 2 me


8:32 i’m playing a game. talk to koutarou


8:32 he’s on his date w akaashi

8:35 kenma pls

8:35 i’m dying


8:40 go out somewhere. go to a party or something. you love parties.


8:41 oh

8:41 omg it’s friday

8:42 ok i’ll go out thank u




10:46 kennma!!!

10:46 heyy gues wat

10:47 !!!


10:48 am i imagining things or is your spelling even worse than its usual?


10:50 guss who i jus saw!

10:51 ur not guessin!!

10:51 ken ma!


10:52 who, kuroo?


10:53 ur not fun omg

10:54 bad guessr but its tsukishshjja!! from karsssno. hes here lol

10:55 idk y hes herre but! he is!


10:56 that’s nice

10:57 you’re enjoying the party, i assume.


10:58 yea!!

10:58 waitt thats not tsukkk its just a tall guy :///


10:58 maybe you should enjoy the party more and let me go play my game.


11:00 ok!




12:24 oh no ugh i did NOTT WANa c that

12:24 kenma i got hom e n gues wat!


12:25 i’m really not in the mood to guess again


12:26 ok but akaashii n bo were gettin it on n i!! idk wat 2 do!! im freakin out kenma what do i do


12:27 they were what?


12:28 idk exactlyy but there was nott a lot o clothes!! in my dorm room!


12:30 oh. well, the date went well.


12:31 kenma!


12:32 can’t you go ask daichi if you can stay the night?


12:33 butt hes in the other dorm n its so cold

12:34 i dont wanna go outside knma


12:35 maybe keiji and koutarou will be done soon?

12:35 i’m not exactly sure how to help you. this is a weird situation, kuroo.


12:36 y dont u call me tettsuruo


12:37 you didn’t even spell your name right


12:38 kenma im srs

12:39 u call them by their first naems n not me?

12:40 u nvr hav


12:42 kuroo you’re drunk


12:43 ok and??

12:43 im also cold n wanna sleep but bo is currently FUCKIN HIS SETTER




12:45 you two are only one year older than keiji. it’s not that big of a deal.


12:46 yea but thats like bo n u!!

12:47 like excus me?? no one gets 2 touch u!


12:48 kuroo please just go find somewhere to sleep. it’s one in the morning, you can’t just stay in the hallway


12:49 did u say yes 2 tht guy? the one who asked u out? bc ill hurt him if he touches u bad or does smthn mean or makes u sad

12:50 no one gets to hurt you


12:56 i called daichi. he’s coming to get you, and he’s bringing a coat. you should text me when you get back to his place, okay?


12:57 did u say yes


12:58 text me when you get there.




1:11 daichhi is nice


1:12 warm?


1:13 yes

1:14 my head will hurt tmrw


1:15 i know. drink water. i’ll talk to you tomorrow.


1:16 ok. im sorry. goodnihgt


1:25 goodnight tetsurou




Saturday, December 10th

11:30 are you alive?


11:35 i rly hate myself


11:36 i’ll take that as a yes. are you drinking lots of water? did you eat?


11:37 u r like the last person who should be mothering me rn

11:38 i spent all morning w sawamura

11:38 he’s such a DAD omg


11:40 just trying to care


11:41 ik i’m sorry

11:42 i had like 8 gallons of water which made me have 2 get up n piss like 20 times this morning

11:43 n sawamura brought back some bagels after his morning classes

11:43 who tf actually takes morning classes

11:44 sawamura’s a fuckin 45yo man i s2g


11:45 at least he let you sleep in his dorm


11:47 ik

11:47 he’s gr8

11:48 but wow bo i’m happy 4 u n all but thx so much for the warning


11:50 keiji must be happy


11:51 what do u mean


11:52 he was really excited to visit koutarou. he talked about it a lot, actually. the second years are all either really confused or really annoyed.


11:53 holy shit

11:54 wow so both of em r whipped


11:55 you act like that’s a bad thing


11:56 it’s not!! it’s v cute. i’m happy 4 them.


11:57 me too




5:56 omg i thought of a joke

5:57 so a woodpecker goes to visit an owl n he says ‘knock knock’

5:59 (u hav to go next)


6:03 who’s there?


6:04 HAHA


6:05 i got u so good

6:05 tell me how my ass tastes


6:06 you should tell koutarou that one. he might actually laugh


6:07 first of all, mean

6:08 second of all, i already did n he almost died cuz he laughed n then he fell off his bed n almost hit his head on the dresser


6:10 is he okay?


6:11 ye u know bo, he’s got a skull made of iron apparently


6:12 i need to talk to you later, if that’s alright


6:15 wat is this oddity!!

6:15 is kenma busy?


6:17 yes


6:18 wow hav fun w whatever ur doing ;))))

6:18 ur probably grocery shopping cuz ur mom made u go out but

6:18 have fun!!




1:34 i think i messed up