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Moon Watching

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The moon was not full.

It was a thick waxing slice that illuminated the night, casting the shadows long, but not deep enough to hide the more terrible creatures from a travelers gaze.

Not that the one alone on this night wasn’t nervously looking anyway. He had seen what lived in shadows and knew that they would often come out of the black darkness to live in the grey.

The young author had made a mistake. He had not taken into account the long walk to the next settlement with his late start to the day. He knew from the directions that the last inn keeper had given him that he had at the very least another four hours to walk.

“Is it really worth it? To get to the town just in time for morning?” He wondered aloud, his voice quieting the sounds of the night for a bare moment before they came back at a volume, not to be out done by this trespaser.

The young author walked for a bit more before he heard the welcoming sounds of a brook, just off the path. He paused for a moment in his journey to regard himself.

His knees were dirty from falling in the mud, and he knew that he stank of sweat from the hot days travel. A heat that had only barely abated with the disapperance of the sun. He nodded his head as he strayed off the path and towards the brook, the moon light still guiding his way.

Once he found the brook he made quick work of his clothes, stripped down to his loin cloth and after a pause removing that as well. No one else would be on these roads at night, right?

He scrubbed with quickly with a rock before laying them out on the grass to dry, he then stood in the shallow water and took handfuls of the cold liquid and splashed them onto his body. He made quick work of himself before climbing onto a rock to wait out the night. He looked down at his still wet chest and the water droplets that caught in his public hair.

“It’s not like there’s anyone around right?” He muttered before taking himself in hand and visualising the bodies of lusious women.

He thought of long black hair, full lips, cold slanted eyes. He thought of large breasts, thin waists, cury hips.

His cock gave a few interested twitches but barely thickened despite his hand’s efforts.

The author huffed before once more taking a glance around the area and then bringing a hand to his mouth. He inserted two of his fingers into his mouth, loudly sucking them and slathering them with spit from his tongue before bringing them down to his ass.
He paused before inserting them. He shifted himself to his knees, leaning forward toward the rushing water. He caught his own gaze in the reflection off the water before he screwed his eyes shut and pressed a single finger inside of his anus. It was tight, and a little painful, but he knew from experiance that it would soon fade.

He breathed deeply through his nose, his mouth in a grimace, as he slowly curled and thrust the finger inside of him. The pain began to disappear and his cock was thickening with intrest at this new activity. He quickly added his other finger inside of him while his other hand left the rock and grabbed his cock instead.

It was only a few more moments before the author flinched from a movement the fingers inside of him had made, a slow stream of precum ooozing out of the reddening head as his strokes and thrusts quickened. Soon he was flinching and grimacing every few seconds. The lanky muscles in his arms and legs twitching as his fingers curled inside of him and his cock made a puddle on the rock below.

He was close. He was so close! He spread the fingers inside of him, opening him up to the humid night air to allow a third unslicked finger to press inside. The pain from this insertion made him whimper but it only raised his arousal higher.

Soon he could only tighten a hand around the head of his penis, thumb quickly rubbing over his opening, spreading his precum over the glands as he thrust into the air his other hand forcing his fingers as deeply into himself as he spread and curled them inside of himself.

It was so much! It was too much! But it wasn’t making him CUM.

The sound of a bell, clear and sweet rang over the noise of the babbling brook, making the young author seize up. His hand clenched tight around his cock, and his buttocks bare down tightly on his fingers, pressing them savagely into his prostate. His vison flooded with white.

The author finally came with a whimper, his balls tightening and his penis throbbing as the white liquid arched into the air, falling on and around the author as he slowly fell backwards onto his awkwardly bent arm, his fingers still buried and twitching, brushing against the sensitive spot, inside of him.


“Quite the show we got wouldn’t you say?” Purred the woman in the tree, sitting hidden in the shadows cast by the moon light.

“Didn’t know the little writter had it in him! Or I guess wanted it in him really!” Chuckled the large man a branch below her.

“Nothing to add?” The woman sweetly asked their third compainion who sat hunkered and small. He was as close to the light cast by the moon, and as such, as close to the recoving young man as he could. His large eyes nearly glowed as he fingered the small bell in his hands, barely blinking as he watched the young man shiver and jolt as he pulled his fingers out of his ass.

“ . . . no. Nothing to add.” Never had the small man been so thankful that he wore loose clothes and walked with a hunch.

The waxing moon seemed to grow fatter above them all. The trio settling themselves comfortably in the tree they had chosen to spend the night in, and the young man taking another quick dip in the water before putting on his still damp loin cloth to help diminish the temptation of his own pleasure.

He refused to wonder about the visions of wide toothy mouths and long fingered manly hands that had danced through his head, or how he still craved to have something a bit thicker inside of him. He definatly did not wonder about the bell he had though he heard, and what it would have meant if it had been real.

Or why the idea of the trickster really being here, of watching him, had gotten him to cum faster then any woman he had ever slept with.