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i am a good good boy

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Jimin and Jeongguk. An epic love. The ideal couple. Jimin was short and soft in all the ways Jeongguk was tall and hard. The stuff of dramas, Taehyung supposed.

Until recently.

Taehyung had been fostering suspicions regarding the nature of his best friend’s relationship for a while now. He knew it couldn’t be considered normal behaviour to be so invested in his friend's sex life but his Detective Conan lifestyle was a product of his own shameless attraction and (mostly) their tempting actions.

It all began last year on Jimin’s 26th birthday wherein taking his position as BFF with gravitas, Taehyung had orchestrated an extreme houseparty at his apartment. Approximately six hours into the event he was well and truly pissed off cocktails and shots. In hindsight, he guesses the rum Seokjin had bought back from a holiday in Jamaica (that he had slurped off Jimin’s stomach after pushing him onto the coffee table in the middle of his living room) was really to blame. The two men escaped to Taehyung’s rooftop garden which had been barred off from the party guests (because god forbid he found cigarette butts, alcohol, vomit, chicken wings, panties or cum in his geraniums) where in the middle of frantically pledging to extend their friendship contract to the end of time, it happened.

Taehyung was staring into Jimin’s eyes which seemed beautifully clear unlike his own bleary red gaze when his brain decided to fuck over his conscious nervous system. As far as drunk kisses go, it was pretty spectacular. Tongues and teeth clashed, hands grappling at each other’s shoulders and waist (but no further down, small mercies) and it was a solid three minutes before either of them had the sense to pull back. After a session of breathy laughter in which Taehyung still couldn’t raise his eyes from Jimin’s thick lips wet with his saliva, Jimin confessed his love once more and dragged them both back into the fray of his party.

Approximately twelve hours later, when the party was over and Taehyung had woken up, the despair hit. He had kissed Jimin. His cute best friend. His very un-single very cute best friend who was currently pottering about his home, tidying up before his boyfriend came to collect him.

The doorbell buzzed.

“Jimin-ah! Jimin-ah”

Responding quickly to the wails, Jimin sprinted up the spiral of stairs to find his bestfriend gripping his blankets in what appeared to be...terror?

He tried his best to keep his smile down.

“Are you okay, TaeTae? Feeling sick? I tidied up as much as I could but I can ask Kookie to stay and help us finish it?”

Gosh, what a lucky man he was to be friends with this beautiful person.

“No no, Jeongguk’s been working all night, go home and celebrate your birthday with him”

No way did he want to see Jeon Jeongguk, son of the general commissioner of the KNPA and a rising SWAT officer after shoving his tongue down his boyfriend’s throat. He’d pass, thanks.

Jimin seemed to have forgotten all about the fiasco of last night and Taehyung sent him on his oblivious merry way (after an appropriate amount of cuddles), promising to catch up with the two of them soon.

However, since childhood, Taehyung had never been one to lie or keep his feeling under wraps because he was awful at it. So it surprised no one that less than two weeks later when he’d been invited over to dinner at Jeongguk and Jimin’s, that he came clean. He’d also never been quite so good with timing either which only dawned on him after he stuttered his sordid secret to Jeongguk, a man trained in assault, as he held a paring knife.

Jimin didn’t like the skins on his apples, Taehyung’s brain supplied, and hopefully he likes me with all my organs where they should be.

Thankfully, Jeongguk just laughed at him. His turmoil was clearly comical to the arsehole.

“I know, hyung. You thought Jimin hadn’t told me? He was gushing about it for like two days afterwards.”

Despite being a fair bit taller and significantly more muscular than Taehyung, Jeongguk suddenly seemed to be looking at up at him through his eyelashes in a rather demure manner, “He didn’t want to freak you out.”

Gushing? Freak him out?

A decade of friendship later, Taehyung suspected he had Jimin all wrong.




Since that revelation, Taehyung found himself more attuned to their behaviour around him.

For example -

In honour of securing a lead role in a new historical drama, Taehyung hosted yet another party to get to know his cast members before filming began. His own friends had been invited and before he knew it, his home was a hive, people buzzing around every room and on every surface.

Jeongguk had never been the most tolerant person, especially around the extroverted celebrities Taehyung, and in turn Jimin, mixed with, tending to get irritable when in large crowds for social events. So when Taehyung saw them staring at him across the room before leaving hand in hand to his bedroom upstairs, he just figured Jeongguk needed some down time.

He followed them a little while later, getting bored without either of the men for him to annoy in his tipsy state. The sliding door to his room was maybe two inches open and as he couldn’t hear voices, he decided to peer inside, you know, to make sure he wasn’t interrupting an intimate moment.

And with the way his luck works out, he obviously was.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jimin had Jeongguk kneeling on the floor between his legs cradling his head in his lap. Jimin petted Jeongguk’s hair firmly, a sight Taehyung was familiar with. Whenever Jeongguk would join them after a hectic night on Seoul’s streets, Jimin’s first move was to bring the taller man’s head down to his shoulders in a hug and stroke his hair and neck.

However, when Jeongguk rose from behind Jimin’s arm this time, he didn’t have a soft smile on his face, he had Jimin’s cock in his mouth.

Taehyung’s jaw unhinged in shock as a fully clothed Jeongguk pulled his head back, letting Jimin’s dripping cock slip out of his mouth with a squelch.

Jeongguk strained his neck to look up at Jimin and panted lowly, knocking his head into Jimin’s small hand, asking for something that Jimin seemed to understand because within a split second Jimin grabbed a tight fistful of hair and Jeongguk sank back down.

The sight was made all the more obscene by the fact he couldn’t see anymore flesh except for what was revealed from the front of Jimin’s boxers when his boyfriend slurped off his dick slightly.

It proved hard to focus on anything for too long, Taehyung’s eyes jumped from the long lines of Jeongguk’s body to Jimin’s head thrown back with his bottom lip wet and gripped tightly between his teeth as he began to fuck his dick up into his boyfriend’s mouth. That in particular prompted memories of their own kiss, the image rushing back as a punch of heat in his lower belly.

Jimin soon started whimpering, his movements becoming more jerky and Taehyung just knew he was close to coming. Not daring to even breathe too heavily as he leant one arm on the wall, Taehyung grabbed his cock from where it was fattening up underneath his jeans. When he saw his sweet, cuddly Jimin tug on Jeongguk’s thick black hair from the roots, he swore he could feel his dick dripping into his boxers.

“Come on, we have to get back to TaeTae,” Jimin breathed into the room and dropped his head downwards to stare at Jeongguk.

Apparently inspired by this, Taehyung saw Jeongguk’s cheeks hollow and had to hold back a moan at how tight his hot mouth must have felt around Jimin’s swollen dick.

With every sloppy sound coming from Jeongguk’s mouth, Taehyung tightened his hold on his dick as if that would stop it from twitching and drooling precum all over the place. It must have been far too long since he’d given or received a good dicking judging by how damp his crotch felt just from watching his friend give a blowjob.

Leaning in a fraction closer to the opening, his eyes traced over Jeongguk’s face which was beginning to show a pink flush on his cheeks from his efforts. Watching Jeongguk pull off Jimin’s dick once more until only the head was resting between his lips drew him closer in anticipation.

Taehyung vaguely noticed that Jeongguk hadn’t moved his hands from where they lay limp beside his folded legs the entire time.

The entire experience was so surreal, it hadn’t fully sunken in that he was (quite inappropriately) watching his closest friends have sex and not some live action porn for his entertainment.

Until Jeongguk dug the pointed tip of his tongue hard into the sopping wet slit of Jimin’s dick and at the same time looked directly into Taehyung’s eyes. His dark slanted eyes were amused as Taehyung’s own widened impossibly at being caught. It was too late to retreat now when he saw Jeongguk’s eyes flicker down to glimpse at where Taehyung was rubbing between his legs.

Taehyung shivered and struggled to regulate his breathing, wondering offhandedly if this is what cardiac arrest felt like. Jimin sensed the lapse in attention he was getting and opened his eyes, giving Jeongguk’s hair another pull.

It was embarrassing at how hard Taehyung was grinding into his hand and even more embarrassing when he came in his boxers with a gasp at -

“Come on, Kookie, you’re such a good boy”

Jeongguk’s hooded eyes that were trained on his squeezed shut as he stopped playing with the tip of Jimin’s cock, moaned loudly and went back down on him completely.

and he clumsily ran away.



Or there was last week when he did his routine harassment call to see what time Jimin and Jeongguk would be turning up to the club.

“I’m so sorry, Tae. Jeongguk’s just feeling a bit...under the weather. I think it’d be best if we stayed at home”

Okay, now Taehyung knew he was being lied too. Jeongguk was possibly the healthiest man he knew, with his habit of attempting to coerce everybody to join his 5:30am gym routine, he was sure the younger hadn’t been sick in all the years they’d known each other. To make the situation all the more suspicious, Taehyung could hear laboured breathing in the background from Jimin’s side, deeps grunts fragmenting it every so often.

Taehyung had a sudden surge of bravery.

“Is that...w-what is that, Jiminie?”

Jimin only sounded all the more chipper from where he was sat clenching on Jeongguk’s cock, who was restrained to their bed with a vibrating prostate massager up his ass and a ring around his cock, “What’s what?”

“All that noise on your side, sounds like dog or a bear or something.”

“Oh haha, that noise. Jeongukkie, TaeTae says you sound just like a dog,” Jimin’s voice was teasing and it was answered with a whine that immediately exposed what was really going on.

“He’s just whining about being ill, you’ve embarrassed him now.”

Embarrassed Jeongguk? Jimin should have been more concerned about how he was feeling right now, Taehyung thought.

In the silence that followed, Jimin kept talking.

“Hey, you’re so noisy, Kookie. Say sorry to TaeTae for being so loud.”

Not realising just what that meant, Taehyung nearly screamed when Jeongguk’s voice stuttered through the line, deep and clear.

“S-sorry for being noisy. I’m just feeling a bit funny tonight.”

Instead of screeching into the club because they were clearly fucking or something while talking to him on the phone , the actor did the next best thing and babbled out some words vaguely similar to Korean before hanging up the phone, saying goodbye as he passed Hoseok on the dance floor and heading home to trade his bottle of beer for a bottle of lube and his fist.


In hindsight, maybe parties were the problem here. Taehyung didn’t know if he wanted to try his luck and throw another right now or hightail back to Daegu and join a monastery to save his poor dick the pain.