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Sam lifts her hair away from her ear. "You are my sunshine…" he sings, holding back a smile.

"Go away," Lissa mutters, and pulls the pillow over her head.

"…My only sunshine…" he continues, unruffled.

"I hate you," she says, fervently, from underneath the down.

"…You make me happy when skies are grey…"

She lifts one side of the pillow and glares out at him. "I will kick you to the sky if you don't stop."

"…You'll never know, dear, how much I love you…"

She turns over and looks balefully at him through a tangle of burnished-bronze hair. "That's right, because I will kill you."

"…Please don't take my sunshine away."

She reaches up and yanks both his arms; she's got the element of surprise, and he tumbles, startled, onto the bed. She pushes him onto his side, settles the covers around them both, and buries her face in his chest.

"You did say you'd go," he reminds her.

"Not at six in the damn morning." After a moment, she relents. "Wake me up at eight, and we'll go hike and commune with nature. I'll even wear a tie-dyed shirt."

"You know I'd never ask you to do a terrible thing like that."

"Good," she says, "because I'm pretty sure I don't actually own one."

Leg over his hip, she sleeps.