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Return of the Wayward Father

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Why do I always let my sisters drag me into situations like this? I should be at home, in bed sleeping, but no I am going to a themed party of our own house. That is so beyond stupid in my mind, but Phoebe and Piper are psyched about it and I really shouldn't bring their moods down should I? "Prue, hurry up or we are going to be late!" Phoebe called up. I inwardly groaned as I headed downstairs from the bathroom. I linked my arms with Piper and Phoebe, and we headed out for our destination.

My sisters must have sensed my hesitancy to go, and Piper prodded me, "Prue you need to loosen up a little bit, we are going to a party." As my sisters already know, I despise being at parties for almost any length of time, but I just tried to play cool with it.

"You know we could throw a party and charge admission. It would be a great way to get some more cash." Phoebe wise cracked.

Before I could even stop myself I snapped, "Or you could just get a job." I didn't mean to be so hard on her, but it is just the maternal instinct I have, to get in her into something besides just the witch thing. I have tried to be nicer considering, we are now the almighty Charmed Ones. We opened the door and went inside the already crammed packed house.

"Well if it isn't the actual Halliwell sisters. I think we did a pretty good job re-doing the house," Marshall said as his brother Fritz came in with a pack of beers. I shook my head and put on a clearly fake smile, and tried to be friendly.

"It does look like the manor," I lied through my teeth.

"I'll say, but I think we'd know it a lot better than we do." Phoebe said smiling. Marshall must've heard someone call his name, since he politely excused himself. Time for me to get out of here. "I came, I was perky, and now all I want to do is lay my head on my pillow." They smiled, and I could clearly see that they had planned something for me to get my mind off of work.

"Prue, it would seem rude if you just left abruptly, why not stay for awhile?" Piper suggested. Phoebe went up on her toes, and her wide smile, got even broader.

"What a co-inky-dink! It's Andy," My head instantly whipped around and I saw Andy coming in from the front door. Andy, my high school sweetheart, and now current boyfriend, but ever since getting into our little destiny I have been really avoiding him.

"Phoebe you didn't-,"

"Well since your fingers weren't doing the walking, mine had to," Phoebe then turned back to Andy and called his name.

"Phoebe, Piper no," but before I could get out anything they slipped into the crowd. I am so going to kill them later for this. I quickly composed myself mentally for trying to brush Andy off again and get home to bed. I turned around and smiled which I hope was a dazzling smile and he smiled back.

"Hey Prue,"

"Hi," I tried to position myself closer to the door without drawing attention. "We're working on their subtlety,"

"And then you will try to end world hunger?" Andy bantered, smiling. "You know, I really wasn't going to bring this up, but I have tickets for a Warriors game, but you are probably not interested-,"

"I guess they couldn't do any worse than last year, the Lakers totally creamed them." I said, surprising him.

"I'm impressed, so is that a yes?" Crap. I tried so hard not to bite my lip to come up with an excuse to get out of it.

"I umm-," I tried to think of something but only came up with the lame, "a thing" I could clearly see the sadness and was that a hurt look on his face.

"A thing?" Andy asked clearly stung. Have I rejected him that much? Thank god Fritz came over.

"Your friends with a cop right?" He asked parking tickets in hand. I pointed to Andy, and started to inch over to the door.

"I only deal in homicide and robbery-," Andy started and then he noticed me slowly heading for the door.

"Gotta go," I said and I zoomed out of there, leaving Andy calling my name. Being a witch sucks so much.

Piper and Phoebe sighed underneath their breaths as they watched their oldest sister jet out of the manor without a proper good bye to Andy.

"Perhaps I should go over and say something to Andy." Phoebe said.

Piper quickly made a grab at her younger sister's arm. "Don't you dare Phoebe." She frowned darkly. "You are only going to make this situation even worse for Prue. You don't want Prue angry again do you."

Phoebe rolled her eyes. "No. Prue can sure hold a grudge." She looked around her to make sure that no one could hear her. "With us being witches and the Charmed Ones we can't afford to be at each other throats."

"No we can't." Piper sighed and than plastered on a smile as someone waved to her from across the room. "How about we get into the groove and enjoy this party."

"I'm in a partying mood." Phoebe linked arms with Piper and the two sisters started to mingle among their friends and hoping to make new friends this evening.


I jogged towards the house and I noticed the door was open a crack. "Phoebe," I mutter automatically blaming her for leaving the door open. God, it is not that hard to lock the door. I threw my purse onto the coat rack and bent down to un-sling my sandals and that is when I noticed a big dog glaring at me, venom in its eyes. I mentally focused on the door to unlock itself with my telekinesis and I sprinted out the door and saw the dog fly over my head.

I ran back into the house and closed and locked the door. What the hell that dog was doing here? I checked the house to see if there was anything missing and when I went upstairs I saw huge claw marks on the attic door. Thank God I locked it, but it was nearly thrown off its hinges. I went downstairs and grabbed the house phone and called Andy.

"Tradue," he answered.

"Hey Andy," I said, "Could you come over real quick? A dog got into the house and I need an extra pair of hands to see how the dog got in."

"Are you hurt?"

"No, the dog left as I opened the door,"

"I'll be over in a minute." He hung up and I went to the attic to see if the Book of Shadows was still there, and thankfully it was. The doorbell rang and I bounded down the stairs and opened the door to see Andy there.

"I couldn't see any other way the dog got in, except if the front door was open, and I am assuming Phoebs left it open." Andy searched the house to find a wide open window and paw marks on the curtains. He closed it and turned to Prue.

"Looks like it wasn't Phoebe after all," he said, tone clipped. "Prue, why did you leave? Did I do something wrong to make you mad at me?" Wow, he is blaming himself for this? Maybe Phoebe was right, and I should just give Andy a chance.

"Andy, you did not do anything to make me mad. I was just going through something, and it is just not a problem anymore." I did hope that was enough for him not to be depressed anymore. "So, about the Warriors game, you still want me to go?" He smiled and planted a kiss on my forehead.

"I wouldn't want to take anyone else." I walked him to the door and kissed him goodnight. I left a note for Phoebe and Piper, and I went to my room, and went to bed.


"Come on you party animal." Piper groaned as she tightened her hold on her younger sister's waist to keep her from tipping over.

"Why do we have to go Pip. The party was just starting to get fun." Phoebe slightly slurred her words. She had way to much to drink while she was busy trying to be the party girl that everyone knew she was before she left for New York to search for Victor Bennett; her and her sister's father.

"You have to job hunt to mower remember." Piper stated firmly as the two sisters arrived in the street to cross to their own residence.

"Aww don't be like Prue; Piper. You are the fun sister. The sister who is always on my side protecting me from mean old stick in the mud Prue." Phoebe's words finally slurred more as her vision began to get even more hazy than it was in the closed up cramped up manor.

"Phoebe …." Piper said in a warning voice.

"Oh come on Pip; Prue is all ready fast asleep like a good little girl that she is. She has an early day at the stuffy museum that she calls work now." Phoebe foot hit the edge of the side walk suddenly and she fell forward causing Piper to fall with her.

Piper hit the sidewalk and succeeded in scraping her hand and her knees because she didn't have enough time to stop her fall. She bit her lips as tears came to her eyes.

"Aww shit; Piper I'm sorry." Phoebe cried suddenly as she turned to look at her sister who was on the ground next to her. "I didn't mean it."

Piper bit her lips from the angry response that she wanted to shout at her sister when she heard the sincerity in her sister's drunk voice. She slowly got to her feet and helped her younger sister up with her raw scraped hands. "It's ok Phoebe. I'm used to it after all."

Phoebe wrapped her arms around her sister's back and pulled Piper into a hug. "I'm so sorry Piper I didn't mean to hurt you. I would never hurt you on purpose you know that don't you. You are the best sister that there ever good. Prue too. But Prue is more my mother figure than a sister. I don't ever want to hurt you ever again. Please tell me you forgive me Piper." Phoebe cried heart breaking tears.

Piper tightened her hold on her younger sister and whispered. "I always forgive you Phoebe. I always love you no matter what." Piper held her sister to her for several minutes until Phoebe had calmed down. She pulled away. "Come on let's get inside and get to bed."

"What about our cuts?" Phoebe meekly said.

"I'll clean us both up and than I'll get you nice and snuggled into bed." Piper wrapped her right hand around her sister's waist once again and together they made their way up the steps that led to the front porch of the Halliwell manor.

The young man who looked to be in his mid twenty's and had blond hair and blue eyes stood back and watched the two sister's make their way up and into their home. He had wanted to rush over and help the sisters up; but he knew that it wasn't time to make his presence in the Halliwell sister's lives known yet. So instead he had stood back and watched as the older of the two sisters comforted the younger.


"Come on in to the kitchen and I'll clean you up Phoebe." Piper led the way into the spacious kitchen and watched as Phoebe took a seat at the kitchen table. She walked over to the cabinet where the Halliwell's kept the down stairs first aid kit. She grabbed a bowel of warm water. She walked over to the table and sat down in the chair that was closets to her sister. "Now this going to sting a bit." She said as she gently brought the wash clothe to Phoebe's right hand.

Phoebe winced as the warm water and soap hit her raw skin. Tears of pain and the liquor rolled down her eyes. But she stayed murmured as Piper gently tended to her. This wasn't the first time that Piper had tended to her in this fashion. And Phoebe knew it wouldn't be the last.

Piper hummed a soft lull bye that she had sang to Phoebe when Phoebe was a baby. She quickly was finished tending to her little sister. She quickly tended to her own wounds and couldn't keep the pain off her face but she made sure that she had her head ducked so Phoebe wouldn't see. She finally was finished and quickly brought the used water over to the sink and dumped it out. She put the first aid back and went into the laundry room that led to the door to the back yard and put the wet wash clothe on the washer to be washed the following day.

"Come on Phoebe time to get you to bed." Piper helped her now very tired and drunk sister out of the chair and gently led the way out of the kitchen turning off the light on their way out. They passed the table and Piper quickly grabbed the note that Prue had left them and managed to fold it and put it down her dress. She would read it after she got Phoebe settled.

Once the sisters got into Phoebe's room Piper got Phoebe to sit down on her bed and Piper gently helped her sister out of her clothes into her silk night grown. She gently pulled back her sister's covers and helped her sister into her bed. She covered Phoebe up and bent down and kissed her sisters forehead. "Night Phoebe; I love you."

"Are you going to tell Prue?" Phoebe murmured opening her eyes slightly.

"Only if she asks how we got hurt." Piper softly said. "I'll make sure not to come down to mower until Prue leaves." She gently brushed the hair off of Phoebe's forehead.

"Thank you." Phoebe closed her eyes. "Love you Piper."

"Love you to Phoebe." Piper noticed her sister's deep breathing and knew her sister was finally asleep. She reached down and pulled out Prue's note. She read what her older sister had written with a deep frown on her face. She got off the bed and walked out of Phoebe's room to go to her own. "This information can wait until to mower evening."

Piper reached her room and got ready for bed and quickly fell into a slightly troubled sleep.