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Angel flu

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It was quite a normal day up in heaven. The younger angels were playing tag in the gardens and the older ones were busy working. The atmosphere in itself was peaceful. The only difference was that the four archangels were missing. True, it was quite normal of them, being busy with their important jobs, but today was not one of those days. Today was different. While normally you would see them at some point during the day, today they were not to be seen anywhere. They all resided in one single room, out of sight from the other angels. That is, in the second oldest archangel's, Lucifer's, room.

The Morning Star himself was lying on the large, soft bed, surrounded by a blanket. The other three were standing in the middle of the room, talking quietly.

"I feel cold!" Lucifer suddenly moaned from the bed, making the other three look at him.

Raphael rolled his eyed at him. "You have two blankets wrapped around you, so stop complaining", he said, annoyed at his brother's whining. The other's only answer was another moan. Michael sighted at that and turned towards Gabriel, who pretended not to notice him.

"Gabriel", Michael said after a while of silence, "What were the two of you doing before he got sick?" he asked, looking sternly at his youngest brother, knowing he was not completely innocent in this. Gabriel adopted an innocent look, smiling up at Michael, who was not impressed. Both Michael and Raphael stared at him until he finally broke into a grin. Between the happy smile the two could still see the worried glance he flashed at his favorite brother, who lay quietly on the bed.

"We went to Earth", he started slowly, "and there was this white stuff covering the ground that Dad calls snow. It was cold and really, really wet! And Luci threw some at me and-" Gabriel stopped as he saw the look his two brothers were giving him. "It was fun tho!" He grinned playfully as the other two continued to stare at him, wondering if he had finally lost it.

Gabriel's smile froze as he saw the scowl that appeared on Michael's face. His eyes widened as he took a wary step back. "Ummh... I- I've got work to do now though. Ya know, Dad calling! Soo~... See ya!" Gabriel stumbled through the words, before flying off as fast as he possibly could. He was NOT going to stay and be stuck with a sick archangel.

Michael groaned, turning towards the other two. Raphael was glaring at the spot Gabriel had stood in just moments ago. "Raphael don't you dare go anywhere. I am not staying here alone with him," Michael said before the other could say or do anything. Sighting tiredly, Michael turned to look at the pale archangel lying on the bed. He raised an eyebrow at Lucifer, who was staring at the same spot as Raphael, looking absolutely horrified.

"He left me with you two?" Lucifer said quietly, voice down because of the flu. This was going to be a long day, Michael thought to himself, sighting again as he stared between his two brothers.