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Five more minutes

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- Usami, do you think you can move just a bit close, i cold.


- Komiya, just, I have lunch plans, with your mother and we already slept trough the alarm.


- But, you promised a hole weekend to me, you can take your word back.


-Just come with me,you need eating too and I think your mother will like to have you there.


- Will you make pancakes for me? I can leave the house without breakfast.


- You want to eat breakfast to get out and have lunch?... fine, if your mother make some crazy request for me just because I got there late, you will be doing it.


- Just, cuddle me for five more minutes and we cans skip breakfast.


- Better behave or I will tell her and you will end up in one of those awful party's of hers.


- You are so mean, Usami. And you know, maybe you can punished me if I be a bad boy.


-Stop the perviness Komiya.


- You love my perviness, Usami.


-Fine! And let’s go, I stayed for ten minutes, that means you get to open the restaurant Monday morning.


-Fine, fine, but you will have to take the shower with me or I will pin you to bed and you will never get to the restaurant for your date with mother.


- Let me go, Komiya!




-Fine, no sex for you.


-You are holding sex out, but you love sex with me. Ow, you are blushing, that’s so cute.




-Yeah, yeah. Let’s go.


- Ok, I won’t the sex, just promised not to kiss me like that in front of your mother.


- You demand, and I obey.


- Right, just move.