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How It All Started

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Chapter 1: How it all started

His body pins mine against the wall and his mouth covers mine. Hands, fingers, and tongues are everywhere. There is nothing better than sex after a hectic week and knowing that this is wrong, oh so wrong. But I can’t make it a sick way I know this is meant to be, and that she doesn’t belong with him. You might be thinking why I didn’t realize this sooner- well, the truth is, I didn’t plan to fall in love with him. Clothes are strewn about the room as our tongues fight for dominance. 
“I want on top.” He growls. 
“Not if I can help it.” I pant back.
“Fight you for it.” He replies, and before I can say ‘deal’ he’s inside me and I am distracted.
“what? No teasing today?” I manage to gasp. 
“it’s been too long.” He replies mid groan.
It worked. I managed to distract him. As I flip us over I grind myself against him and I fuse my mouth to his. 
This isn’t the first time.


It all started on the train ride to Hogwarts at the beginning of this year. I realized that somewhere along the line I fell in love with James Potter. The problem? He has a girlfriend.

She’s pretty; okay well gorgeous really, with long straight black hair and ocean blue eyes- nothing compared to my unruly red hair and emerald green eyes, but more of a girl for Sirius or Remus. Did I mention that she’s an intelligent Ravenclaw? And that she loves to party and have a good time? Oh, and to top it all off, she loves Quidditch.

Over the years James and I have had our disagreements but at the end of sixth year he apologized and after writing through the summer we became friends, and strangely enough, we were both appointed Heads this year.

So anyways, back to the situation at hand. I was sitting in the Marauder compartment after our first ever Heads meeting which went quite well, talking with Remus and Alice while Sirius and Peter were playing exploding snap when in strolls James with Gabrielle Steele. None of us thought anything of it when James invited her to sit with us. That is, until I noticed him whispering in her ear and her stealing kisses.

Alice gives me a questioning look as I lean forward to Remus.

“Remus,” I whisper.

“Yes Lily?”

“What’s with James and Gabrielle?” I frown.

“I have no idea; he never mentioned having a girlfriend. I thought he was still chasing after you- especially after you’ve been so close.”

“Oh” I contemplated that for a moment- then:

“Sirius!” I whisper, trying to ignore the whispers and giggles of the two people sitting to the left of me.

“Yes Lily flower?”

“Surely James told you about his endeavours.”

Sirius shakes his head. “Sorry Lily, he never said a word. Like Remus, I thought he still wanted you. But hey, this is good isn’t it? Now you’re free from his attempts at a date, and we’re free of his complaints.” He pauses for a moment, “Wait, you don’t fancy him now do you?” he asks, dropping his voice.

Before I can answer, James interrupts. “What are you guys whispering about over there?” Nice of him to notice, I think bitterly. I look him square in the eyes and say “Oh, you know, the usual, helping Remus, Sirius, and Peter plan pranks” before turning my head, flipping my hair over my shoulder and discreetly nodding my head yes at Sirius. Alice catches this and snickers as I give Sirius a ‘tell-him-and-you’ll-never-have-children’ look.


That night after the welcome feast, and meeting with Dumbledore about our new Head duties, James and I head off to find our head’s dorm. Once I am settled in, I make my way to our shared common room, and exhausted I flop on the love seat in front of the fire. Shortly, James dashes down the stairs and dives onto the love seat crushing me into the cushions.

For a moment I am stunned. James Potter has a girlfriend; and now he’s straddling me. And Merlin he smells delicious! His hazel eyes bore into mine, and I am drowning in the pools of chocolate gold. He leans in, and just as our mouths are about to meet he seems to come to his senses and pulls back abruptly.

“I-I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking” he stammers. He’s running his hand through his hair; something I would love to do.

I examine him for a moment contemplating all that just happened.

“Don’t worry about it. It was an accident.” I say, unsure if it was or not. Personally it seemed more like a lapse in judgement. He is silent and looking at the floor.

“James?” I ask unsure.

“Yeah?” he slowly brings his gaze to meet mine.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were dating Gabrielle?”

“I guess it never really occurred to me, I mean we’re friends now, right? And I figure if we’re friends, then we can date whoever and move on from our past. And I suppose that the guys will be relieved not to hear me go on and on.” He shrugs chuckling faintly.

“Yeah, I guess.” I say, attempting a smile which I’m sure comes out more like a grimace. “She’s perfect for you. Anyways, I’m going to go up to bed- classes start tomorrow.”

“Good night Lily.” He answers as I make my way to my room. And before I close my door I swear I hear him say;

“You’re the one who’s perfect for me.”