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You Are Sans Now (NSFW route)

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There is a strange feeling in your whole body. Your head spins. Soft light flickers and your vision is blurry.

Slowly coming to your senses you find yourself in a strange snowy forest. You could have sworn you weren’t here just a second ago, but... where were you? You don't remember.

You look around.

There is not much to look at, just a bunch of snow and tall pine trees standing like walls on both sides of a snowy path. Then you notice some sort of building and decide to check it. The feeling that everything around you seems familiar and yet new at the same time won’t let you go.

After giving a circle around the strange box you peek inside. It seems like no one's there, only bottles of various condiments scattered on the floor and shelves. You reach your hand out to grab one of the bottles when you realize.

It’s not your hand.

The hand itself, complete with fingers, looks hard, white and a bit glossy. Just like... bones. You freak out, jerking your hands up to stare at them with horror.

'How could that happen!?' panicked thoughts fill your mind. You don't feel any pain, which is not surprising, since there is no flesh, but that still doesn’t make any sense.

"What the hell is going on?" you mumble to yourself, freezing at the sound of your voice. It’s not your voice either. Really deep, rumbly and also... somewhat familiar?

You begin to search yourself for any other weird changes. And oh, do you find them.

Looking down, your legs also consist only of bones if you can judge by seeing them right below the shorts. Touching your head reveals that it's hard and smooth, lacking any hair or ears, with an array of big teeth instead of lips and your eyes... well, apparently they’re just empty eye sockets now.

Your mind rushes like a mountain river on steroids, refusing to generate anything but curses.

'Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What the fuck!? Do I really turn into a freaking skeleton? Is this a joke? Is this a dream?' You're shivering, filling with dread at the sound of your own rattling bones.

Then one sneaky thought comes to your fevering mind. Something about this situation. How familiar it is. The scenery, the condiments, the clothing you’re wearing, the fact that you are a skeleton…'No way! No way in hell! Can I be...? Can I really be...'

"SANS!" you turn around and jerk your head up, staring and not believing your eyes.

Looming above you is no one else but The Great Papyrus himself, alive and in the flesh, except not really... fleshy.

"Ah... Hah... H-hey," you manage to stutter.

"I CAME TO CHECK UP ON YOU, BROTHER! GLAD TO SEE YOU NOT SLEEPING ON THE JOB... THIS IS PROGRESS! " he rambles loudly as you stare at him with uncertainty. You really don't know what to do.

"PROGRESS TOW... WAIT." he looks at you with a glimpse of something you can only assume is worry. "ARE YOU FEELING ALRIGHT? IT APPEARS YOU ARE SHAKING..."

"Ha... No, it's nothing, b... bro. J-just tired, that's all." Papyrus gives you a doubtful look.

"What? Do I look... rattled ?" you wink, recalling a lame pun you’ve heard a thousand times by now.

Apparently Papyrus heard it just as often, as he groans and shakes his head.

"IT IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER!" he insists, laying a hand on your shoulder. "CAN I HELP IN ANY WAY?"

The caring look that this skeleton gives you is squeezing your heart into a puppy juice.

'Damn... Papyrus. You are the sweetest thing ever, aren't you?' You think to yourself, yet you can't spill the beans, at least not now.

"Well, I do feel... unusual. Maybe it’s coz I didn't get my nap." And you hadn't even lied.

"IS THAT SO?" The tall skeleton scratched his chin for a second. "WELL. MAYBE... MAYBE YOU DO NEED A NAP AFTER ALL. SHOULD YOU, PROBABLY, COME HOME EARLIER TODAY?"

"Wow, YOU telling me to slack off my job?" You are genuinely surprised.

"NO! I MEAN... YES... I GUESS I AM." The poor guy looks conflicted. "BUT THIS IS ONLY BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT YOU, BROTHER!"

"Uhh, sure, bro... Appreciate it," you mumble shyly.


You sigh in relief and after few seconds you burst.

"Oh. My. GOD. It really was Papyrus. It really was real Papyrus! And he is the most adorable guy ever!!" You take your time to fangirl for a bit. You hadn't ever dreamt of meeting him, but now you are! And on top of that?

You are Sans now! Or you are inside of his body... Whatever it is, it's really cool.

...or is it?

You frown. This situation is so completely bizarre you don't even know how you’re supposed to react to it. You aren't even sure it's real.

At this thought you try to pinch your cheek and, to your surprise, succeed. The cheekbone is actually somewhat flexible, adding even more strangeness to everything that is already so crazy. You even felt pain, yet you didn't wake up. You can't decide if that's a bad or a good thing.

'Guess I really don't have any other choices, but to a take a role of Sans for now.' With that thought you proceed down the path, following the bright silhouette in the distance.

You don't feel any discomfort, even though it's probably freezing cold and your short legs are not entirely covered by fabric. You don't question it, it's probably some skeleton magic anyway.

You let your mind flow and analyze the situation that have you found yourself in. 'So, it's pretty obvious now that I'm inside of Undertale... Ha! Couldn't see THAT coming.' You smile at that thought.

Undertale… The game you adore so much. The game that slowly made you fall in love with it, consuming your life even after you finished it. You remember stashing lots of fanart, reading fanfiction, discussing theories with your friends. You know pretty much everything about the game, even though you played it only once.

Thinking about it, you do remember an awful lot about Undertale, but... what else do you remember? You try to concentrate, but your head starts to hurt. You are even forced to stop to catch your breath.

A terrifying conclusion pulsates in your mind. There is nothing. Your memories are as good as empty. You can't recall anything about your friends or family, even though you are fairly certain you have them. Or had them. No voices or faces to imagine in your head. No names or addresses to hang on to. And even more so…

You can't even remember your own name.

'Why is this happening? What should I do? What CAN I do!?' There are so many questions with no visible answers.

'Breathe... breathe... calm down...' You don't even care if skeletons can breathe or not. You just stand there, catching chill air with an open mouth, not unlike a fish on a beach. It helped, so that's something.

You sigh. No use in just standing here and panicking. Better keep moving and maybe, hopefully, you will find some answers soon.

The smell of pine needles and crunching of the snow is soothing you as you travel through the forest. The somewhat meditating atmosphere slowly calms you down.

You pass Papyrus’ cardboard checkpoint and then checkpoint of Doggo, who didn't show his head, probably recognizing Sans' smell.

You go past puzzles and traps. Some are deactivated, some are yet to be built the way you remember them, some you have to solve to progress, but there are no problems with that. If anything, sliding on ice is actually pretty fun.

While solving one of the puzzles you saw Dogamy and Dogaressa wave to you from the distance. You wave back, but they didn't come closer. Maybe they're busy.

Eventually you made your way to the bridge to Snowdin. It’s when you noticed the view opening from the cliff.

"Whoa!" you can't help but gasp, as the scenery in front of you is stunning. Nothing comparable to simple pixelated graphics.

Stretching far and wide, as far as foggy darkness allows you to see, lies calm, snow covered forest, with a shimmering frozen river in the middle of it. Dark green complements white and blue so perfectly that you feel a strike of inspiration. For a moment you wish that you could take a photo, or even better, draw a picture it.

This place sure is beautiful.

"F-freeze!" Someone shouts, startling you out of your thoughts. "Ha-ha! Got you, Sans!"

You turn around to look at the one who spooked you and saw Snowdrake standing there with a pleased look on his face.

"Y-yeah... Heh. Nice one, kiddo." you decide to play along. "I jumped out of my skin. "

Snowdrake walks off mumbling something about not calling him kid, but you notice he still liked your joke and the praise he received from you. And you’re just glad that you don't have organs right now, or you would have suffered from a heart attack.

Finally, the bridge is crossed and here you are! The Snowdin town!

Such a lovely and cozy place with all kinds of cute folk, but as much you want to wander around for a bit you hate to make Papyrus wait, so you quickly stroll through the town. Some monsters greet you on your way to the skeleton brothers’ house and you just nod back.

Reaching your destination, you raise your hand to open the door, but hesitated for a bit, eyeing your bony palm.

How are you suppose to explain Papyrus what happened? Should you even? If he is anything like the in game character, he probably wouldn't even notice any changes, not if you play Sans’ role well enough. And judging by his first real impression, he is pretty much the same as you know him, but would it be fair to him? His brother... well... his consciousness is gone and replaced by yours. If it's permanent, Papyrus has to know...

You feel guilt tugging on your chest. Whatever caused this body switch it probably wasn't your fault, yet you can't be sure because you don't even remember anything important about you, aside from the fact that you were a human before.

'It does not matter whose fault it was.' You shake your head and made a mental promise that you will do something about it anyway. For your sake and for sake of the skeleton brothers.

Luckily the door isn't locked and you enter reluctantly.

The house is relatively clean and comfortable, aside from an infamous single sock with a series of notes on it and a trail of smoke.

'Wait what? Smoke!?' You turn your head in the direction of happening disaster.

Of course, Papyrus is already on the kitchen making spaghetti a la Undyne, just like he promised you earlier. You decided to intervene.

"Uhh... Papyrus, don't you think it's done already?" You shuffle to the tall skeleton's side and peek at the reeking pot.

"OH, I SEE YOU HAVE ARRIVED!" He seems to notice you only now, as furious stirring took all of his concentration. The next moment Papyrus turns off the heat and puts away his spoon.  "AND JUST IN TIME TO TASTE THE FOOD WHILE IT'S FRESH!"

He takes a plate from one of the shelves and puts some burnt, blackened spaghetti on it. It makes an unpleasant splosh sound. "WOULD YOU LIKE THE SAUCE OR..."

"Ketchup," you quickly interrupt him. It's probably rude, but you can't help it. "Ketchup, please."


The tall brother hands you the plate and a bottle of ketchup, and just looks at you patiently, waiting for you to start to eat.

He stares at you with such innocent look, how are you supposed to say no to this face? And you are curious anyway. Even if not cooked exactly right, it's still monster food and you are a magical skeleton now, how any of this works? Look like it's time to find out!

You cover all of the spaghetti with a thick layer of ketchup and pick up some with a fork. Gingerly you shove it in past your teeth and immediately try to swallow the food, but you can't do it. Instead of going forward, the spaghetti starts to dissolve right inside of your mouth, bringing in the taste and some weird feeling. It feels like it's filling your whole body with energy. Yet you can't really concentrate on the energy aspect, as the flavor overwrites all of your senses with a horrible, horrible taste.

"SO..." Papyrus still awaits your response. "WHAT DO YOU SAY?"

You give him a few nods, desperately trying to not show any sign of disgust on your face. "S'good bro. You have really... outdone yourself."

The shine of happiness coming from Papyrus' face is blinding. "BUT OF COURSE! I, THE GREAT CHEF PAPYRUS, IS BOUND TO GET BETTER EVERY DAY!"

"SAY. DO YOU FEEL ANY BETTER?" Again that worried look on his face.

"Yeah. Thanks. I think... I'll go upstairs and take that nap, alright?" You turn your head to look upstairs for a moment.

"YOU DON'T... DON'T WANT TO TALK, DO YOU?" he asks, suddenly looking a bit nervous.

"N-no... Why do you ask?" You start to feel nervous too. Is he on to something?


Sadly, you don’t think so. You aren't ready to upset Paps like this. You just don't have the guts for it.

'Hah... Sans would like that pun,' you think bitterly.

"It's okay Papyrus." You reach out and pat tall skeleton's shoulder. "You are a great pal."

He just sighs again.

"No worries, alright? Everything going tibia fine" you wink at Paps, giving, hopefully, reassuring smile.

With that you turn around and go upstairs, chuckling half-heartedly at the grumbling noises behind you.

Standing there, in front of Sans' room, you have to admit that you are pretty excited about visiting it. You never had the chance to see it, but you have heard a lot about it. You fumble through jacket pockets and find a few keys in there. Picking a random one you try to unlock the room, but failed. You pick another one and, much to your relief, the door opens.

You are greeted by the distinct smell of unwashed socks and other unpleasant aromas. Not something you were hoping for, but what can you do?

Right in front of you stands a treadmill. 'Why does Sans have it anyway?'

To your left lies a pile of socks and to your right swirls a tornado with all kind of trash captured in it. ‘Sans is weird... All of the monsters are, for that matter.’

You look around a bit more, throw Sans' jacket on the treadmill and open a window for some fresh air to flow. The huge ball of sheets doesn’t amuse you and you just kick it on the floor, flopping onto the old mattress after that.

It's hard to believe that you are actually in a skeleton brothers’ house of all places.

Come to think of it, you had never been really interested in skeletons in the first place. They looked kinda cool to you, but eerie at the same time. Yet, since you played Undertale and set your foot in its fandom your opinion on skeletons made a huge, weird flip. Now not only you find them interesting and even cute, but you think that Sans in particular is really, really... hot.

You notice glowing right below your eye sockets and giggle as you realize that you're blushing. The deep voice that comes out of your mouth turns you on even more.

'This is stupid,' you think to yourself.

'This is not right.' You look around, like you’re wish for someone to stop you, but you’re alone in Sans' room.

And curiosity overwhelms you.

Mentally cursing your dirty mind, you pull off Sans' shirt, exposing thick, white bones. You can’t not believe your eyes and once again you wonder if it's all just a strange dream.

Questioning your sanity you slide one of the boney fingers down the ribcage and draw in a shuddering breath. You felt the touch and even more so, it felt good.

"Sensitive bones..." you whisper in awe. "Fucking sensitive bones... It just can't be real... can it?"

You explore some more, poking fingers here and there, amused and flustered at the sensation. You have never felt anything like it. You may or not may not have touched your skin like this before, but it sure wasn't the same feeling.

And then you start to notice that his bones are not really white. Covered in dirt and spots of various colors they looked more grey than white, like they haven't been cleaned in ages.

Looks like Sans' condition is not far better than the condition of his room. He doesn't really look after himself.

Suddenly you came back to your senses and feel ashamed of yourself. It’s not your body, it's the body of someone you’ve come to think of as a friend and you can't do this to him. You’d better stop before it becomes even more awkward.

You quickly put back Sans' shirt and start to think.

"Why am I here? And in Sans’ body of all the... bodies I could posses? Why am I not in Frisk's body? Wouldn’t it be more logical for me to be in a human body?" You rub your borrowed face in frustration.

There is no visible logic in this entire situation. And also no sign of Sans. You are really worried about him and you can only assume that his mind is in your body now. Hopefully Sans would be calm enough to not cause any harm to your relatives. You wish you could remember them.

"What would Sans do in this situation?" You sigh and think about it for a bit. Then you realize that you have no idea. This situation goes way beyond your knowledge about him. Not that you have much. You aren't even sure if this reality is exactly like the game or...

Your thought ends abruptly as you freeze in shock. A single word is looming above you like a ton of bricks.


You feel drops of sweat sliding down your skull. Are you really stuck in the same situation as in-game Sans? Will Frisk come here and start to befriend and\or kill everyone, including you? Repeating time again and again and again...  Will you forget everything each time? Or, even worse, remember all of those tedious horrors? Arguably, a fate worse than death.

An anxious and panicking mess, you curl up on the mattress, afraid and lost in unsettling thoughts. It is at least the third time you have freaked out in the last few hours. Today is not your day for sure, and there is a huge probability to be stuck in this day forever.

You never thought you will become Sans. But now you’re not only trapped within his body, but also have the same feelings inside of your mind.

Homesickness strikes you suddenly. You don't remember your home, but you really want to be there right now. To be human again. To be the normal and boring person you are sure you were.

With all of this on your mind you don't notice how the lights begin to dim as the room goes dark and you drift off to the merciful land of sleep.